Satsang (Discourse) 03/03/01 With


Maitreya: Good morning everyone, this is Maitreya, and the Mission of Maitreya Satsang. I hope all of you had a good month and have read THOTH, meditated, participated in the Mission activities in the conference room, and enjoyed everything that God has provided for us. All those things that are given through the Mission are very important for all of us, to make us focus on God.

Every time you decide to come to the conference room and participate in any activity, it is like a baptism. You have to turn around from the world, come here to the conference room, and be with the Mission and God.

As usual, I am going to ask if there are any new people in the audience who have not heard about The Greatest Sign, or who would like to hear it again. That is our Message, and we would like everyone to hear it at least once in this lifetime. That explanation is a call to everyone to come and see that the religions are unified, and we explain why they have come.

There is only one God and all these Revelations have come from One Source. There is no separation between humanity, and so this Message is very important to be given to every person. If there is any new person who has not heard about The Greatest Sign, let us know. [silence] Apparently, there is no new person who does not know about The Greatest Sign and who has not heard about it.

Who follows The Greatest Sign? It is the greatest people. That is how you know them. You know them by their fruit. You know them by being great.

And, who are the greatest? It is the Elects, the ones who have been called to follow The Greatest Sign and to follow the greatest Path. Spirituality is not a pathless Path. God has a specific Path for humanity to follow. The Eternal Divine Path is the fastest Path.

If there are no other items to discuss, we will go right to the questions. We have a lot of questions today. Go ahead with the first question.


Question: Are the Buddhist states of Para-Nirvana and Nirvana similar to the two stages of Pure Consciousness explained in THOTH in the sixth and seventh stages of the Eternal Divine Path?


Maitreya: The question is, are Para-Nirvana and Nirvana the same as the two stages of Pure Consciousness that we explain in THOTH? Those stages, I suppose, refer to the stages that we have described. One stage is that you reach Pure Consciousness in a lifetime and you decide to stay and help others. So usually, they are called perfect Masters, or Sat Gurus. The other stage is when you reach Pure Consciousness and then come back the next lifetime, or you are sent back to earth after that lifetime, and you come back as an Avatar, or a great teacher.

In THOTH, we have two more stages, which are the stages of the First Begotten Son, and God Himself. So there are more stages explained in THOTH. But, if the reference is to those two stages, then the similarity is that Nirvana is the stage that a person reaches, but decides to return and help the rest of the struggling beings to reach that state of being-ness, Never born, never dies, never been destroyed. It is a state of calmness and oneness, which in Buddhism they call, Nirvana, and in Hinduism they call, Like a drop falling into the ocean, so the drop becomes the ocean, and you reach the goal.

So we can see there is a similarity between Hinduism and Buddhism. Actually, there are a lot of similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Buddhists try very hard to distinguish themselves from the Hindus. That is why they use different terminology. But, if you really understand what they are talking about, they are saying almost the same thing as Hinduism says in the highest level.

That is why again, Buddhism is a part of the Mystical Paths. In Buddhism, Para-Nirvana is the Nirvana that you reach and you never return. You decide that your salvation is more important than anyone elses, and you pursue only your own salvation. So you reach there, you stay there, and you never come back.

In that regard, we do not agree with that concept, because in the Bible it says that if you think that you have reached a state that you do not need anything, You are neither warm, nor cold, you think you are rich, etc., what does God say He is going to do? He says, I am going to spue you out of My Mouth.

So, what the Bible says is that, even when you reach Pure Consciousness, when you reach the highest state of realization, if you are not concerned for the salvation of the whole universe, the rest of the universe, what is going to happen to you? You are going to be forced, actually, to come to the body.

Therefore, in this sense, our teaching does not agree with Buddhism. Then you might say, Well then, we disagree with Buddha. Well, we have to see what Buddha really taught.

Which Buddhism are we talking about? Are we talking about the Cannon Buddhism that believes in the Maha-Nirvana? And, actually, their whole belief is based on, Your salvation is the most important thing. You do not have to worry about anyone else but yourself.

Or, are we talking about Tibetan Buddhism that talks about the Bodhisatvas? The Bodhisatvas are the Buddhists whose concern is to help the whole universe to reach Nirvana, or to a stage that we call Pure Consciousness. And, in that sense, they agree more with what God said in THOTH and in the Bible that, your salvation depends upon the salvation of the whole universe.

You cannot just reach Pure Consciousness or Para-Nirvana and say, I made it. I do not care about the rest of the universe. I can reach salvation without following the Eternal Divine Path.

If you look at The Greatest Sign, the First Seal is the awakening of the spiritual forces. Then it goes to the Lotustica, Pure Consciousness. It is almost like saying, Yes, it is possible to reach Pure Consciousness without going to the other steps. That is because the first logo in the bottom contains: the First Seal, awakening of your spiritual forces and the Seventh Seal, Pure Consciousness.

Is it possible? Yes it is. But God says, What am I going to do with you when you reach that state? I am going to spue you out of my mouth. No, I am not going to accept you in.

So, we can see that the concept of Para-Nirvana is a man-made concept. Also it is possible, as I said, it is not impossible that you can selfishly go to the mountains, meditate your whole life, eat bird food, deny yourself all the fleshly things, and eventually reach there as many Hindus and Buddhists have tried, and maybe some of them have even made it.

But, will they stay there? That is the question. The answer is, No. Buddha reached Nirvana. How many people reached Nirvana after him? We can see that the path of going to Pure Consciousness by yourself, although it is possible, is not permanent. You will be sent back to help the rest of the universe in the Path. So, those two stages of Nirvana and Para-Nirvana are the same, but the explanation of them is not the same, in the Mission and in Buddhism.

That is why God sent the Eternal Divine Path and is telling humanity that that is the best way to reach Pure Consciousness. Yes, meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, but you do not have to go to the mountains. You do not have to deny everything in life and become completely extreme in your progress to Pure Consciousness. It even says, Do not worry about it.

Meditate, try to awaken your spiritual forces, and then create the Communities of Light. That is the next step.

In creating the Communities of Light, what do you become? You become a Bodhisattva. You become a person who wants to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness.

In the Communities of Light, you learn to sacrifice, not being self-centered. If you are in the community and you are self-centered, are you in the Eternal Divine Path, or are you in delusion?

Then you have to sit back, meditate, and say, Oh, I am in delusion. Someone else created the Community of Light, I entered it, but I am not helping it. I am not getting on with it. I am not meditating on it, and I have to get on with that part of it. So you surrender and submit to the Will of God, What is the Will of God for me? What is it that God created me to be here for? What are my abilities, my responsibilities, etc.?

Then you can accept that Will, The Will of God for me is just to sweep this floor. That is great. That is all I can do. And, that is great for me. I will accept it.

Gods Will for me is to teach The Greatest Sign. I am very good at it. I do not put my own ideas and teaching into it, but I put whatever God sent to humanity through THOTH. I will teach that to humanity and let them know that, that is what I do.

Then, of course, I am not attached to my gender. I am not attached to my place. I am not attached to my nationality. I am not attached even to this earth. I am a universalist. Such a person becomes an Elect.

Suddenly one day you see that you have no attachments, you are free, you have no desires, you are completely dedicated to what you are doing, and, you are in Pure Consciousness. You do not even have to forego all the amenities of life that God provided for us. Therefore, in the middle of the community and in the middle of society, many people will reach Pure Consciousness.

So you go, and you come back. The next lifetime, it is easier, it is much more joyful and interesting. Instead of being unhappy, miserable, etc., you see right through the life, and very early in age you say, That is it. I am not interested in the worldly things. I am going to go and help the Communities of Light, again.

Search for Buddhism in the Internet. How many different ideas are there? How many different explanations are given? Some of them say, There is no Soul. In one class of Buddhism they say, There is no Soul, and in another class of Buddhism they say, There is a Soul.

In one branch of Buddhism they say, There is no God. In another branch they say, There is a God. So which one is really Buddhism? Did Buddha really say that? Is this what Buddha taught? Which one is his?

We can again see that we have to go back to the prophecies fulfilled. Buddhism is no longer what Buddha taught. Therefore, the coming of the Maitreya is eminent and should be now, because Buddhas teaching is no longer what Buddha brought to humanity.

It is just like Christianity, which one is Christianity? Is it the Baptists, or the Protestants, or how many branches? There are 3,000 branches of Christianity. Which one is what Christ taught?

It is like this in all religions. Which one is Islam? Is it Shiah? Is it Sunni? Is it the Seven Immamies? Again, you can see that it has been split to pieces, and each of them has their own idea of what Gods Truth is.

That is why it is so important in the Mission that we do not create branches. It is so important in the Mission that the focus is on the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is not a dogma. The Eternal Divine Path does not create branches. The Eternal Divine Path is a Path. Either you follow It, or you do not. If you follow It, you are following what THOTH brought to humanity.

So we can see again that when you study Buddhism, you have to, as usual, be careful to study to see if it has been split into many branches, many ideas, or many ways of explaining Buddhas words. But, the real teaching of the Buddha is exactly what we are teaching here.

He never said that there is no God. He just was sick of the Brahmins who made the many gods into such a big thing, and then sat on Gods chair and said, Well, these people are the only ones who can reach God. So really, What we say, God says. And we say that you are no good, you are untouchable. These people, oh, they are rich and give us money. The business people, they are good. Intellectuals, yes, they are helpful, so they are OK. But because you are poor, miserable, and you are not helping us financially or whatever, you are untouchable. So, they created such a miserable society that Buddha came and said, No. I do not want that God.

That was exactly what I said when I was a child. I said, Show me God. The God you are talking about, I have no idea what you are saying. It just does not make sense that He is sitting up there and is always angry, and whatever you do, you are going to go to hell, and He is very wrathful. They could not show me God.

That is exactly what Buddha said. He said, Your God is no God. Now Buddhists say that he said there is no God. He never said there was no God. He just said, This god is not God. There is not the god that the Brahmins are creating for their followers.

So, Buddhism talks about God. Buddha also taught the same thing, The Atman, the Self, Know thyself, Awaken your spiritual forces. Buddha taught Sangha and Darma. Darma means your innate nature, or what God has created you to be, and, Sangha means community.

That is exactly Communities of Light, isnt it? If each person finds his or her own talents and brings them to the community, what are we going to have? We are going to have a lot of talented people in the community who are participating, each person helping a little bit, the community becoming a wonderful and very joyful place where everyone lives without too much pressure from the outside world.

The more communities we create, the easier the life will become. The more we are helpful to each other, the more we will be helped, and it will be easier to live.

Therefore, we can see that Buddha said also, Darma and Sangha, communities and the innate nature of each person. So, he also taught what we teach. If you find something in Buddhism that is not according to THOTH, or our teaching, it is man-made.

Even in Buddhism, the first time they put in writing the teachings of Buddha was 500 years later. We can see that Christianity, or the teaching of Christ, was written down 170 years later. And, we can see how much they have changed it, how many things they have brought into it.

Now 2,500 years after Buddha was on earth, how much of the true teaching was preserved? Probably when Buddha came, he had a small group somewhere in North India, and they spread out. They told the words to other people. And, those people said them to other people, and this generation to the next generation.

I do not know if anyone has played the game Telephone. Usually they play it in school. There are 15 or 20 children there. The first child says something in the ear of the next person. Then that child says it to the second. The second says it to the third, and then the fourth says it to the next one, etc. By the time it reaches to the last child, it has nothing to do with what the first person said!

Now imagine that telephone play happened for 500 years, and then the last person said, I know what the first person said. That is what his teaching was. That is what he said. So, we can see that it changes.

It has never been in any other Revelation that the teacher himself came, wrote it down, put it on the Internet, made a website, and said, That is what I said, OK? That is the teaching.

That is why I am so adamant that all of you understand the teaching. I do not want you to teach your own teachings. It is not that I love my own words. It is because that is how Gods Word is.

I want you to read THOTH, come to the Satsangs, come to the meditation, come to The Reminder, come to the reading of THOTH. Those are all a part of your spiritual path and progress. If you are not doing all of them, then you cannot be my disciple.

You cannot say, Oh, I love your teaching, but I am not going to come to your Reminder, follow the reading of THOTH, etc. They are a part of the things that I require you to follow and do, because I want you to start teaching my teaching.

It is not just throwing out good words and saying, Oh, see what pretty words I say? Pretty words are just pretty words. As it has been said, Talk does not cook the rice.

It sounds like people who say pretty words have a hard time to manifest their pretty words. If the pretty words do not come to the manifestation, then what good are they? He did not say that you know them by their pretty words. God said, You know them by their fruit. It is OK to know pretty words and use them, but fruit is more important.

So answering this question in essence, is, yes, those two stages are the same but the understanding of them is not. So, the Bodhisatvas are more important than reaching Nirvana and escaping the delusion and suffering of the world by yourself. And, as THOTH says, it is impossible to stay there. You cannot reach Pure Consciousness, you cannot reach Nirvana, by yourself.

If you do, then you will be sent to an even more miserable situation that you have no way of even knowing that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. And, you will be miserable. Read the Bible, it is right there in chapter 3 of The Revelation.

In THOTH it is explained what it means to be spued out of the mouth of God. It means that we have no choice. We have to get on with the Eternal Divine Path. We have to get on with the Communities of Light, if we want to progress spiritually.

If you do not want to progress spiritually, then that is your choice. Either you are not going to be born the next lifetime, or it is going to take you many lifetimes. And, you are wasting your time now that the opportunity has been given to you and this Revelation has come to you. Now you are still not progressing and getting on with it.

It is your choice. You choose your way. God chooses His Way. If your way and Gods Way are the same, then you are in synchrony with the Universal Mind, and you will progress. If you go away from it, then this opportunity of having this body might not be offered to you in the next lifetime.

It is not a threat. It is, but [laughing] you have to realize again that the Eternal Divine Path is the shortest Path to Pure Consciousness, and you cannot reach Pure Consciousness selfishly.

Does that make sense?


Questioner: Yes. Thank you, Maitreya.


Maitreya: OK. Let us go to the next question.


Question: How often should one fast, and when and how?


Maitreya: Fasting also can be overdone, like everything else. One can usually fast with water for around thirty or forty days continuously and still stay alive. But that is an extreme fast that we occasionally hear about. The Bible shows that when Christ went to the desert, he fasted for forty days and forty nights. Eventually, he received the Revelation, overcame the first three chakras, became Christ, and returned to preach to humanity.

I used to fast a lot when I started the meditation and yoga, before I received the teachings. It is a wonderful practice. It cleanses your body and Soul. It promotes greater health in the body, and your mind becomes very clear. You become connected, your senses become quiet, and your mind becomes quiet. It becomes a meditative state. So it is a very powerful and recommended practice.

It is good to fast a long fast, at least a three or four day fast once in awhile, at least once a year. You decide when you can do it. No time has been set for that. But, we do fast on Saturdays. It brings a kind of rhythm to our lives.

You may eat a lot of food and junk food during the week. On the weekend, you let your body relax and cleanse itself. If you are in the Communities of Light and you eat good food, you are not eating junk food, Coke, candy, ice cream, and whatever they offer you out there that most of our young peoples diets today are evolved around. It is really a concern, because when they grow up they are going to have a lot of medical problems. Their diets are really not good.

You can see sometimes in these fast food convenience stores, these people come, and they are just full of sugar. They drink a big glass of soda, they buy another cup, 44oz, and they think that is going to quench their thirst. Actually, Coke and those things make you thirstier because they dehydrate you. Instead, a pure glass of water is much better than those kinds of drinks because they burn up. Sugar burns up.

What do you think sugar and Coke uses to burn up? It is going to use water. It heats up your body so you become dehydrated so you think you need more to drink. You drink more Coke, and you add to the problem. So a nice fresh glass of water is better than anything that is full of sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

Even if they eat all those things, if they at least fast on Sabbath, they will let their bodies eliminate some of the junk that they put in their bodies during the week. However, if you eat well in the Communities of Light, that is even better. When the fast time comes, you are naturally going to fast without any headache or any problem because your body is in such a good shape.

If your body is toxic and you start fasting, what is the body going to try to do? It is going to try to eliminate those toxins. That is why the people become nauseated and develop headaches, and they say, I cannot fast. Whenever I fast, I become nauseated. But, continue, it is OK, you are going to feel nauseated, and you are going to have a headache, but in the long run when you fast many times and regularly, eventually, you are going to overcome it.

Fasting is a wonderful practice, and if you follow it every week on Saturdays it becomes a routine, it becomes easier, and your body becomes synchronized with the weekly practice of fasting so you become a much healthier person. It brings a lot of wonderful effects to our bodies.

Then also we recommend fasting on the first moon and the full moon, eleven days after the first moon, and eleven days after the full moon. Those days are optional. If you feel that you would like to fast more than only on the Sabbath, that is also recommended. You can do that without any ill effect on you, your body, or your life.

Also, it is helpful if you can do a long fast, three or four days, at least once a year. We have some people here who do that just before the Feast of Tabernacles, so they prepare themselves for the Feast. That is probably a good practice. By the time the Feast comes, their bodies are relaxed, rested, and ready to receive The Grace. Also, they have a lot of good food to eat in the Feast because they cook good food during that period.

But, do not overdo it. Do not fast one month, forty days, or even fast more than five days without water. If you are going to fast more than three or four days, fast with water, take water but no food. That way you are not going to become dehydrated and you are going to be able to fast for a long period of time because the body starts using the extra fat and things that it has been putting away.

There is a lot of fat in the kind of food that is offered here in this culture. So, fasting once in awhile helps us to put away that fat that we take in and the body does not have time to burn. That is why we create fat in our bodies.

The body says, What can I do with this? This person eats all this fatty food, then drives the car, sits behind the desk, and does not move around much. He never gives me any opportunity to burn all these fatty things that come to me. So what am I going to do? OK, I am going to put it this way, I am going to put it in this part of the body, I am going to put it as a reserve. Maybe one day he will stop eating so much fat.

But we keep eating more fat, so the body says, OK, I do not have time, I will put it in the face, put it in the thighs, I will put it in the arms, [laughter] and eventually we create a lot of fat in our bodies.

That is why exercise goes with a part of our teaching. Exercise, movement, moving around, and all that makes fat to burn up. Yoga stimulates the chakras and the hormonal system, and it helps to accelerate the metabolism, so that burns up the fat.

That is another reason why we store fat in our old age, because our metabolism slows down and the body does not have enough activity. So your activity, your intake of fat, the food you eat, and everything, affects the shape of your body, your lifestyle, your health, etc.

In the Communities of Light, we have to create an environment that people can exercise, move around, and engage in activities, and they can burn their fat.

It does not need a lot of room, such as going to a gym or anything like that. Just go for a walk. Go back and do some gardening and all that little work you can do around the home. That is going to help.

And fasting helps. It is after you become spiritual that you start to realize that fasting is very important.

But do not overdo it. What has been given really is very effective. If you fast Saturdays, if you fast the full moon and the first moon, especially for people who are not married, it is usually enough. On the full moon, especially, the effect of the moon is that it pulls the liquid of the body up to the brain. That is because, how much of our bodies are water? They are approximately 70% water.

What does the moon do to the ocean? It causes tides. So it is the same thing. It affects us the same way. It pulls the liquid, which we mostly are liquid, toward our brains. What happens when there is a lot of water and blood in the brain? It is overactive. It works more actively than usual.

That is why usually crime goes up during the full moons. The people are not as effective, and their minds are not as calm as usually they are.

So, if you fast during the full moon, what are you going to do? Actually, it is like you are creating a vacuum in the rest of your body, and it pulls the liquid from your brain. It has the opposite effect of the moon. So, the moon does not affect you as much as it would if you were not fasting.

The first moon also has the same effect because it is at the other side of the earth. So it has some effect on the body. And, fast eleven days after the full moon and eleven days after the first moon.

How often to fast? If you fast eight times a month and once in awhile a long fast, that is pretty much enough for anyone who wants to be healthy and burn all the fat.

If you follow the Missions recommendations, I think you are pretty much safe in your approach to fasting. Of course, if you feel like fasting a long time, as I said, you can fast three or four days without food. But if you are doing more than that, at least take water.

Does that make sense?

OK. I am sure it makes sense. So let us go to the next question.


Question: The Bible says that Esa was the Only Begotten Son of God. And the Koran says that God did not have a son. But, the Koran does confirm that Esa was the Messiah. Could you please clarify these points?


Maitreya: This explanation of the Messiah, the Son of God, Prophets, and how they explain what Prophet Muhammad said and what Christ said, probably is one of the points that has created a lot of friction between the Moslems and the Christians.

Christians say, Well, Esa was the Son of God. Muhammad was not, so, our Prophet is better than your Prophet. Or, We have the Messiah; you have a Prophet. The Messiah was the Son of God. The Prophet was just a Messenger, even we do not know if he was a Prophet because he was not Christs second coming.

So there is a lot of misunderstanding about the interpretation of this matter. But, as we explain in THOTH and in our other Satsangs, the concept of Messiah really means the Spirit of God comes to earth.

Well, really, the Spirit of God is always on earth. He never leaves. It is the Spirit that is already in everything. There is nowhere that He is not. But, how can He manifest Himself in the most effective way? His Spirit is always there, giving Satsang, is with us, and is trying to give us the Eternal Divine Path and the unification of the religions. But, are we listening? No, we are not listening.

Now, how can He manifest Himself on earth? He needs a human body. That is the only way He can have a mouth, He can have hands, He can have legs, He can walk, He can talk the way we can understand it, etc.

So, His Spirit comes through that body, and that body manifests on earth and becomes His Representative. That is what the concept of Messiah is. The Messiah means The Anointed One. And, The Anointed One means the person who has been chosen for a specific function.

So, the Messiah is also called the Son of God because, what is the Son? The Son is in the image of the Father.

When God created Adam, was Adam in the image of God? That is what the Bible says, Adam was in the image of God. He was His Son. The Son of God is in the image of God; he is a duplicate of Him.

He brings His Words to humanity. Now, what does the Prophet do? Was Prophet Muhammad the Spirit of God on earth who brought the Words of God to humanity? Therefore, can we call Prophet Muhammad also a Messiah? Or, can we call Esa also a Prophet? So, these are the words that have the same meaning, and they explain the same thing, that Gods Spirit comes to man.

In reality, Prophet Muhammad was Christ because he also was the Spirit of God on earth, and he was the Son of God. He was a Messiah.

Was Bab a Messiah? Was he the Spirit of God who came to earth, or Bahaullah, or Moses, Abraham, Krishna, Shiva, or Buddha? They were all the same thing, God manifesting Himself on earth to humanity.

So, if we understand this explanation, we can see that there are no differences between what Christians say and what Moslems say. Prophet Muhammad was the Messiah; he was the Son of God. He was the only way in that time when he brought the teachings. All of them are talking about the same thing. This explanation completely unifies again and solves these problems between Christians and Moslems.

If we expand that one to the other religions, also their Prophets, their Messiahs, their teachers, is the same thing. When Krishna came, what was he? He came as the Spirit of God on earth. Of course, the Bhagavad-Gita explains it much better than probably other religions that, I am God come to earth to guide you to destroy the ungodly and bring the Godly back to humanity.

That is exactly what we are trying to do here, to destroy the ungodly and bring the Godliness on earth. Therefore, with this we can see that there is a logical explanation for that controversy between the Moslems and Christians.

Prophet Muhammad said, God does not have any son. Some Christians take it to mean that he was saying that Christ was not the Son of God. What he was saying was that God does not create a child like regular humans, come here and have a relationship with a woman, and they have a child. That concept is the concept that Prophet Muhammad was against, and, God is revealing, No, I did not make a child as Christ.

Then when Christ said, I am the Son of God, he did not mean that a son, as humans understand it, that was made through a sexual relationship. He was the manifestation of God on earth; therefore he was in His image. They were duplicates of each other. Therefore, he was the Son of God.

Of course, some Christians believe that he actually, physically, was His Son. That is the concept that Prophet Muhammad was opposing in the Koran. He was not opposing the idea that Christ was in the image of God, that Christ was the Prophet of God.

For instance, Christ said, No one goes to the Father but through me. Prophet Muhammad said, Listen to My Prophet and whatever he says. Arent they the same thing? No one goes to the Father but through me, and, Whatever Prophet Muhammad says is what I say, and listen to him. It is the same thing. Whatever My Prophet says, or the Messiah says, or the Son of God says, is from Me. He does not make anything up of himself. Therefore, follow what he says.

Krishna said the same thing that, You cannot go to the Godhead but by listening to me. Did not the Bab and Bahaullah and all, say the same thing? They said the same thing. They are all saying the same thing in that station, in that level, that they brought the Revelation. And they were correct. In that time, in the Revelation, in that period, what they said was the way. There was no other way.

Now we are saying, Look, all of them were the way but each of them were a part of a greater way that manifests the whole teaching of each of them, unifies them together, and shows the whole path. So with this explanation, with throwing away the dogmas, we can say that God never contradicts Himself. Never does He reveal anything that is contradictive.

But we have to realize what He meant. What is the meaning of the Son of God? What is the meaning of the Messiah? What is the meaning of the Prophet? They are the same thing.

Gods Spirit comes to earth, and He needs a body. He prophesies this body is going to come. When He prophesies that this body is going to come, He probably sends the same Spirit, the same Soul, the same being, that He has used many times.

If I have someone who teaches the Mission very well, and I have an invitation for someone to go and teach somewhere in South Africa (which actually we have, there is a tribe there, and they are asking us when Maitreya is going to come to their tribe, as they are waiting for Maitreya to come), do I send my best teacher? I will. I recognize this person as a good teacher. The Spirit of God is with him or with her, and they are going to do a good job. Therefore, I say, OK, so and so, I would like you to go and teach.

But if they are busy, if they are trying to make money, etc., and they say, No, no, I do not have time for you right now, I have to do this and that, then what should I do? Then I do not have anyone to send there.

That is why we need the teachers who are dedicated to the Mission, and they are very good. We can send them out to preach and teach. So He sends the same being over and over again. God says, He does a good job. Go back again.

So God prophesies. He says such a thing is going to come. And when that time comes, He fulfills the prophecies. He sends that person. But the Spirit behind that person is God. That is the most important part. That person is a man, but the Spirit is behind him.

That is why in one part of the Bible, Christ said, I am one with God, the Father and I are one, and at another time, when one person came and called him, Good rabbi, he said, There is no one good but God. Isnt that a contradiction there?

Why? If the Father and you are one, you should be a good rabbi. But, you can see that at one time he was not connected, and he was just a plain rabbi. We can see that he was a man. Another time he was connected, and God and him were One.

Prophet Muhammad denied anything as oneness with God. He said, I am a plain Prophet. Oh, OK, if he was a plain Prophet, why in another sentence did he say, Whatever he says [meaning whatever Prophet Muhammad says] is whatever I say. Follow him. Doesnt that mean, The Father and I are one? So, we can again see there that he was a man but the Spirit behind him was God.

However, he has to be prophesied to come. If someone has not fulfilled the prophecies, it is not he. Impossible. He is an imposter. He is not going to do it.

That is why we are here again, and we are called for this. We are here to see that the prophecies are fulfilled. If the prophecies are fulfilled and you are called, then what is the most important thing in our lives? Nothing is more important than to get on with the Mission, to participate in the Mission, to create the Communities of Light, to dedicate our lives to this, and stop complaining at all, whatsoever.

That is because if there is something we can do in the highest possible in our lives, we should do it. Just accept and become One. Become one community, cyber-community, oneness, helping each other, connecting with each other, talking with each other, bringing the energy higher and higher, and creating those teachers who can go and reach out to humanity.

The concept of the Son of God, Messiah, Prophet, etc., is all the same. So Prophet Muhammad was not opposing the idea that Christ was a Prophet, that Christ was the Messiah. Actually in the Koran he is called, Esa the Messiah, Issa Mahsseh, etc. But Prophet Muhammad was opposing the idea that he was physically made from a relationship between God and Mary. He said, God does not do that. He cannot. He does not have any body anyway. He is a Spirit. That is what Prophet Muhammad was opposing.

Prophet Muhammad, according to our explanation, also was the Messiah, was the Son of God. So was Esa a Prophet. So we can see that this explanation, again, solves this problem, unifies those two religions, and destroys any misunderstanding between them.

Does it make sense, or is there any follow up? Is there any problem with the explanation? [silence)

OK, next question.


Brad: I have a question concerning, when you talk about Buddha and Esa both having the Spirit of God behind them, was the difference that Esa had a Darma or purpose to open the Third Seal?


Maitreya: Yes. Buddha was the Manifestation that came for the reformation of the Hindu religion. As I said, Hinduism had become so engrossed in a power trip, the caste system, and created such a society that was absolutely destructive to humans, physically, mentally, and spiritually, that God had to come and destroy those concepts.

That is why Buddha came and said, Do not worry about God, and Brahma, and this and that. Progress yourself. Concentrate on knowing thyself. It was revolutionary to the Hindu way of thinking that, No, we are the Brahmins, you are the Ksattriyas, you are the Vaeshyas, you are the Shudras, and you are the untouchables. We are the Brahmins, we are the highest class in the society, and everyone listens to us. If you do not, God is going to bring the brimstone and fire and destroy you. You have to listen to what we say. It destroyed the human spirit in Hinduism.

Buddha came and said, No, do not worry about it. You do not have to worry about God. Worry about yourself. Meditate. You will reach Nirvana. He even changed the word God and all of that to Nirvana. He brought a new concept. That is why a lot of people started to follow him, because he started making sense to them.

Therefore, Buddhism was a reformed Revelation for Hinduism. Of course, Buddhists would not accept that. It is just like, probably the Spanish people would not accept that they have a lot of Arab blood in them. Or, the Christians would not accept that Christ was not really a physical Son of God. Those are the dogmas that man has created. But, in reality, Hinduism and Buddhism are close to each other. You cannot separate them from each other.

Buddha was the reformist who came to reform Hinduism to a truer Hinduism, or spiritual or Mystical Path. He also brought a great crystallization of the teaching of Buddhism in the Seven-Fold Path, etc.

You can say that Buddhism had a different Darma than Christ. His teaching is a part of the Mystical Paths. But, Christ came to reveal a new Seal to humanity, the Third Seal.

That is why Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the Mystical Paths fall into the First Seal, and Christs teaching falls to a separate Seal.

Does that make sense?


Brad: Yes, it does. Each manifestation has its own purpose in The Greatest Sign.


Maitreya: Exactly. It does. But, one manifestation might have a purpose related to one sign. It is just like Saint Francis of Assisi, who came and brought great revolutionary ideas. But, he did not bring a new sign. Actually, he was Christ himself, who came to earth to further purify Christianity. Also he was a great teacher, he was a great manifestation, but he did not bring a new sign. He reformed Christianity to a greater degree, and Christians became even more purified. It was the same thing as Buddha. Buddha came and purified Hinduism.


Question: Can you explain the meaning of the surah, The Light in the Koran, 24:35? It reads, Allah is the light of the heavens and of the earth. The similitude of his light is a nitch wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is, as it were, a shining star. The lamp is kindled from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow forth of itself, though no fire touched it. Light upon light, Allah guided unto His Light whom he will, and Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories. For Allah is Knower of all things.


Maitreya: Moses also saw God in a burning bush. He said that this was a fire that had no smoke, but it burned constantly and never ceased to burn. Well, now Prophet Muhammad said also, it is a light that is on the tree, it burns, and you can see it in the East and in the West, wherever you are, etc.

So, he said it in a story. Should we also say it in a story in this Revelation? We have to explain what the previous Prophets meant. We have to again clarify and explain something that was a mystery to this point.

Now what could it be that burns, it is on a tree, and has the explanation that was just read from the Koran? The explanation goes back to the Mystical Paths where many people talk about the third eye.

If you study the third eye and you listen to the explanation of it, it has to open. Sometimes when it opens, you can see some things that you usually do not see. It is an eye that resides in every man.

That is exactly what it is. The third eye is in your meditation. When you go to higher meditation, you will see an eye in your third eye area. It is bright. It is like an eye. It burns with no fire or any smoke. It is in everyone. You can see it in the East. You can see it in the West. You can see it in space. It does not matter where you are, it does not belong to any direction.

Where is it located? What does our nervous system look like? Doesnt it look like a tree, an upside down tree? The branches go to the earth, and the root of it is in our brain. So really, we are an upside down tree. That is why it has been said that, The world is like an upside down tree. The more you climb it, the more you go away from God and the more you go to the world.

Arent our senses like climbing? The more we climb our senses, what happens to us? The more we go to the world, the more we fall. So, our nervous system is like a tree. Our brain is like the root of the tree, and our third eye is at the top of the tree.

When you meditate and you reach a point that you open your third eye and you see that light, that bright light, you will understand the meaning of those sentences, that God is within you. God is that burning bush that is within each person, and Moses opened his eyes and saw that burning bush.

It was not up in the mountains. Maybe he was in the mountains and meditating, and he thought he saw it outside of himself. In truth and reality, it was within him. He opened his third eye, and he saw the brightness of the third eye.

Some people become so attracted to the third eye that they forget about everything else, and that is all they want to do. That is why meditation can become kind of a trap sometimes, because you might have wonderful experiences that become more important to you than anything else.

But Moses did not sit on the mountain and say, Oh, I am going to stay with this light for the rest of my life and not go and help the Children of Israel go away from Egypt [which means world], and take them to the promised land [which means Pure Consciousness]. He did not. He came down the mountain and said, I saw the burning bush. But it was not the goal of his life, to just sit down and look at the burning bush.

There are even techniques that you can use to see that light in your meditation. There is an organization that teaches that technique. Of course, you do not see the brightness of the third eye as strong and powerfully as it really is, which is really a burning bush, a wonderful light, but you might experience it a little bit.

If you put your index finger on your third eye and your thumb and middle finger over your eyes, and squeeze your eyes toward your third eye, if you do it often, you will see a light there. Can you see the light? That is the technique that can be used to see your third eye. Your index finger on your third eye, your thumb and middle finger to the two sides of your eyes, and squeeze them toward your third eye. If you are a good meditator and in higher consciousness, you should see a big eye. This is called the third eye.

But, it is not important. It is not the goal of the life to see the third eye. If you meditate enough, if you do the practice of the meditation we gave you, eventually one day, you will see it without doing the technique, and it will surprise you.

I remember the first time I saw it in this lifetime. It was when I was in school. I was doing something for one of my professors, and I just felt that my eyes kind of needed to be scratched or something. I pushed them together, without knowing the technique, and I saw the light. I said, What was that?

It is a wonderful light. It is beautiful. When you see it, it actually looks like an eye.

So anyway, it is a wonderful eye, it looks like an eye, and it has a bright light in the middle and the dark around it. Sometimes the bright in the middle becomes dark, and the round becomes light. It is a beautiful eye.

The human did not used to have the two eyes at all. We only had that eye. That is why we could see the spiritual things much clearer.

But, at the same time, it can be destructive. If you use your third eye for gaining powers and all those things, you might hurt yourself and other people. That is why God closed it. It is going to be opened for a lot of people now, and a lot more people will see the third eye and will realize that really, these two eyes are the artificial eyes. Our real eye is something within, which sees much more than that. But at the same time, we should not use them for unspiritual reasons, to gain powers, etc.

When Prophet Muhammad was talking about that light, he was talking about this light within each person. Doesnt the Bible say, The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not? How many people really know that light exists within them? They do not know, because they are in darkness.

So we can see that even Prophet Muhammad was revealing this to them, but in a mysterious, allegorical, story-like way. Now the truth, has been given to us, what that verse means.

Humanity again is given the truth, and nothing is left a mystery for you. You have to give this to the rest of humanity because the mystery of God is finished. Those who listen will come to us and be with us. Those who do not, I am afraid are not going to be incarnated for a long time.

Does that make sense?


Questioner: Yes, Maitreya, that made sense.


Maitreya: OK, let us go to the next question.


Question: What is the true meaning of the Kalki Avatar expected by the Hindus?


Maitreya: The Kalki Avatar is the last Avatar of the Hindu religion. They expect him to come, purify all the religions on earth, destroy all the bad people, and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Or, they expect him to create a purified earth according to their teaching.

So the Kalki Avatar is the tenth Avatar in the Hindu religion, and the conclusion is that Maitreya is the Kalki Avatar. When Maitreya comes, he is really the same as what the Hindus are also expecting.

So the Buddhists and Hindus apparently agree on one thing. When the fifth Buddha comes, he is the same as the Kalki Avatar. You can go to the Internet and search for Kalki Avatar. You will find a bunch of people claiming that they are the Kalki Avatar. They are all over the United States, in India, in Tibet, here and there. Of course, you have to ask them, Did you fulfill the prophecy? Did you come up with everything that God said is going to come? Have you unified humanity, etc.?

If you read their teaching, you will see that as everyone else, they are preaching that basically all religions are the same, we have to come together, we have to become one, etc. But we can see that our teaching is unique in that it does not say that all religions are the same. It says that each religion had a specific message for humanity, and on and on. All of you know that.

So in essence, it confirms the same thing. What are Moslems waiting for? They are waiting for the Mahdi to come as the person who will purify their religion.

What are Christians waiting for? They are waiting for the Messiah to come again to purify their religion.

The Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come and purify their religion.

So all of them, as our website shows, are talking about the same Revelation, the same thing. As it has been understood very deeply by all of us, the Message is more important than the Messenger.

When the Messenger becomes more important than the Message, what happens to that religion or that revelation? It does not mean that you should be disrespectful to the Messenger, not like him, etc. But, the Messenger is important because of the Message.

That is because the Messenger is the person who brought the Message that confirms, first, that God exists. That is very important. Most of humanity does not believe that God exists. They really do not.

Second, the Message is important. The Message is the Eternal Divine Path, the unification of the religions.

Third, the Kalki Avatar, the Messiah, the Madhi, the Revelations like this, do not come along easily. So, we can see that a lot of people claim they are all these things, but they are not.

Fourth, we should not become attached to the person. Just go to these websites, they are all attached to this person, He is Sai Baba. He is this. He is that. He is the manifestation of God. But, what is the teaching? What is the Message? So, they are into the worshipping of the image instead of what God is trying to say to humanity.

Again we can say, the Message is important. That is what we have to understand. The coming of such a Message and such Beings are very rare. And, when they come, they connect you to God.

That is why it is so important for humanity to be told, Do not be attached to anyone, to any image, to any person, but to God. It is going to bring unification to humanity. Then all these people are not separated because of these little gurus all over the place, but all of them are connected to God.

That is why I say, if someone comes and says, Krishna Murti was the Maitreya, OK fine. But, you are attached to Krishna Murti. You are not connected to God.

So we have to connect humanity to God. That is what unifies them, not creating teachers, separation, branches, etc., which separate humans from humans. The only thing that unifies is God. The only Path is the Eternal Divine Path. There is no separation. There are not branches in the Mission of Maitreya, and we should not create any. It will be very destructive if we even try.

So the Kalki Avatar is the last Avatar of the Hindu religion. It is just like every other religion also believes that there is going to be a last Revelation that will bring the whole Truth of God together. We can see that now the whole Truth has come together.

We have to take this Good News and spread it all over the earth. We have to reach out. We have to not stay where we are. We have to take this Message to everyone, start this teaching going, and make this Mission going.

So move. Get on with it. Get on with the work. It is revealed here. And it is something that makes sense.

Let us connect humanity to God, directly. Let us go beyond this separation of the branches and the gurus and all of this. There is only One God. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. And that is the most important thing. The rest of the teachings are man-made.

Does it make sense?


Questioner: Yes, thank you, Maitreya.


Maitreya: OK, if it makes sense, let us go to the next one.


Question: In THOTH, Essays 1, Tablet 13, The Base of History and Dating, it mentions Shiva. Who was Shiva really? Can you please elaborate?


Maitreya: Well, we just talked about the ten Avatars of the Hindu religion. They include Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, and all the Great Beings in that religion that they counted to ten.

Shiva was also one of them. He was a teacher that eventually his teaching has evolved into the Tantra teaching. In the West, they mostly relate the teaching of Tantra to the sexual relationships, etc. But it is not that at all. It is a path of destroying any attachments or desires by confronting them directly and completely overcoming them, instead of being afraid of them and putting them on the back burner.

That is why the path of Tantra is a very direct path that usually the person is put in the situations that they have to face their fears, attachments, and desires. If they do not fall, they progress. If they fall, they never make it.

Shiva is always depicted as sitting in the meditation pose with skulls and a snake around his neck. He meditated in the graveyards and in strange places. There is very little known about exactly what kind of Avatar he was. So there are a lot of fears and stories that have been taught about his dark part in Hinduism. However, they are symbolic meanings.

His path was the path of directly facing your spiritual problems, overcoming them, and actually reaching a point of not being affected, even while in the crudest environment. For instance, you should be able to go to the worst place, but not be affected because you are in control of your senses.

So they were afraid of him, and many stories were about him because he did not preach that you should avoid a bad environment, but being in a bad environment, you should overcome.

He did not preach to go to the mountains, meditate, and be afraid of the society. Instead, he probably said to go and stay with the drunks, or warmongers, or whatever bad qualities that some people might have had, and be able to change them, be able to affect them, instead of being affected by them. That is a hard path to follow.

A lot of people do not have the ability, the power, or the strength, to resist the pulls of the world and the things that it has. Therefore, in Tantra you become more powerful in your environment. You are able to affect the environment, instead of the environment being able to affect you.

That is why the path of Tantra is two paths, the higher path and the lower path. The higher path is the one that you reach a point that you do not become affected. The lower path, that is mostly followed in the West, is the sexual part of Tantra. Even that was a practice to reach a higher path, by being able to overcome even sexual desires and not being a slave of them by staying in the position that you could control yourself.

So Shivas teachings were not preventing you from engaging in worldly activities, or the things that are not accepted in other paths. But the end result is supposed to be the same thing. You overcome that desire; you overcome that attachment, by going through it.

In our teaching we say, Go through it in your meditation. You really do not have to act on it. Go through it in your meditation, I have such a desire.

Shiva was the founder of the Tantric Path. The Tantric Path is the path of going through the emotions, going through the desires, and going through the attachments, but at the same time staying detached from them so eventually you realize how empty they are at the end. They are not the ultimate fulfillment in life.

In our teaching, however, you do not have to go through them. You can go through them through your meditation, as I talked about many times. You do not have to actually practice your attachments or desires, but meditate on them and see, If I go through this desire, then what?

In that sense, you are completely detached from it. You go through it, and at the end you realize, Hum, that was not that great either. So, that desire or attachment will eventually go away, and you are going to be free from it. As you are free from any attachment or desire, you are freer and freer in a greater degree.

So, there is the regular Mystical Path of meditation, denial, and the ability to destroy your desires and attachments, and there is the Tantric way of confronting your desires and going through them without attachment, and overcoming them.

And the third way, which is our way, is to go through it in your meditation. If you can overcome it, great, do it. If you cannot, go through it in your meditation. Meditate on it, OK, I have this desire. What fulfills my desire? What is that desire that is affecting me? Go through it in your meditation. At the end, you will say, That was not really great either. That is not really what I am here for. It is not the ultimate. Little by little, those desires and attachments will just go away.

Does that make sense?


Questioner: Yes, thank you, Maitreya.


Maitreya: Those were the questions from our friends in Kansas. I hope all of the answers make sense to you. If you have any other questions, go ahead, or anything you want to talk about. Otherwise, we are going to be here another fifteen minutes.


John: Sal-OM, Maitreya. My friend Nathan has a question.


Maitreya: OK Nathan, go ahead.


Nathan: Hi, Maitreya. My question is this: John and I were discussing the importance of the epistles. We need to know the significance of the epistles of the New Testament, and how should we regard them?


Maitreya: Paul was a teacher who came after Christ. He was not really a disciple. He was not initiated by Christ. He had a strong Jewish background, and he had a lot of his own ideas. He brought a lot of those ideas into his teachings.

So approach his teachings and those letters, and actually, all the supplemental books of the New Testament after the four gospels and up to The Revelation, with a grain of salt. You have to really be careful, what part is from God and is according to Gods teachings and Christs teachings, and what is made by the disciples and other people, who wrote those books?

So, the safest approach is to accept those red parts of the New Testament, which are the direct quotes of Christ. As I said, we have to take everything, which is not in THOTH, with a grain of salt. We have to be careful about them.

Paul had some truth. He said some truth in those supplemental books, and he said wonderful things. But there are things he said, which are not what Christ said.

Anything that is in THOTH, and is explained from the Bible, take it as the Word of God. Anything that is not in THOTH, it might have some truth, but you have to be careful about it.

That is especially true about Acts, etc. They have a lot of things in them that were created by the desire of the disciples and the people who came after Christ to make it the way they really wanted it to be.

God never inspired me to write any commentary on those supplemental books. However, He revealed very clearly that some of the things that Paul said, are not correct.

So again, it goes with your discretion and discriminating mind. If you are in doubt, send it to me. Or, bring it as a question, and we can discuss it here and see if it is from God or not.

The most important thing is to not create division. The Eternal Divine Path is really our teachings. The rest of it is the icing on the cake. So, if you understand that, it absolutely frees us from any confusion, or misunderstanding, or any misleading that might occur.

If you talk to Christians, they mostly quote Paul. They quote Paul more than Christ himself. You do not see them quote many of the red text from Christ, but they quote Paul. His teaching is very attractive. It is very attractive to the human ego because it makes you feel better than anyone else.

Anytime a teaching makes you feel better or superior to other people, it is man-made, because there is no superiority between humans. All humans are made equal. The difference is how better they follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If they are doing that, they are great. I do not care what they call themselves. They can call themselves anything they want. I call them, Divines.

So, if you understand these points, it really helps us to clarify this confusion that might occur. And also it unifies humanity more, because we understand Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Bab, Moses, Abraham, Adam, and Noah, all with the same Spirit, the same Beings, the same Revelation. They are Revealers to humanity, and therefore, I do not believe that any religion is greater than any other religion, any Prophet is greater than any other Prophet, and no revelation is greater than any other revelation. Each of them has their own part or place in Gods Plan.

Of course, the teaching and revelation of Christ was the most direct revelation. It was short, right to the point, and cut to the problems.

If you read the New Testament and you read the Bhagavad-Gita, you will see so much similarity between the two. Krishnas and Christs teachings are amazingly similar.

All of them are great Scriptures. The Bhagavad-Gita is a great Scripture in Hinduism, and the New Testament is a great Scripture in Christianity. But, the point is still, all the Revealers of God are equal, and the only way we can unify humanity is the Eternal Divine Path, fulfillment of the prophecies, and the Revelation of the unity.

Does that make sense?


Nathan: Yes, that makes very good sense. Thank you, Maitreya.


Maitreya: All right.


Shakti: Maitreya, it is Shakti. I have a question.


Maitreya: OK, Shakti, go ahead.


Shakti: You wrote commentaries in THOTH, on Matthew and John. Are there any other books in the New Testament that would be suggested reading? Also, did Paul write anything else other than The Acts in the New Testament?


Maitreya: Well, the question is that, Do we have any other commentaries on the New Testament, besides Matthew and John? Matthew, Mark and Luke are almost the same. If you write a commentary on Matthew, it will be almost the same as a commentary on Mark and Luke, a little different, but not much.

The only different one, really, is John. John wrote in a more mystical way of the experience in Christ, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word It was very important for that to be explained, what the Word meant.

Again, I was never inspired, or really wanted to write any commentaries on anything else from the Gospels. But, just when this question came up, I realized that really when you write a commentary on Matthew, you almost have the other two. The only different one is John.

As I said, the supplemental books of the New Testament after the gospels and before The Revelation, have a lot of man-made ideas. The only other book left was The Revelation, which we have a complete commentary on the whole of The Revelation.

So, in a sense, what Christ taught and brought to humanity is covered in Matthew, John, and the book of The Revelation, which is the conclusion of the Bible. So, The Revelation really concludes the Bible and makes the book complete.

Genesis is the introduction. The rest is what happened until the time of Christ. Then The Revelation comes and says, There are four more to come. So, the Bible, and the rest of them, are going to be separate Scriptures, which they are.

But, did Paul write anything else beside Acts? Yes, apparently he wrote the letters to the Romans, etc. They are all in that section of the Bible.

Does that make sense to you? Did it answer your question?


Shakti: Yes, Maitreya, it does. It would be very helpful when speaking to Christians about your teaching. Thank you so much.


Maitreya: Again, as usual, I will stay silent for one minute. If there is anything else you want to bring up, bring it up. Otherwise, that will be our monthly Satsang. [silence]

OK, then I will leave you all in Gods Hands. Have a good month. Maybe we should call Maitreya, The Avatar of Explanation [laughter].

Sal-OM. See you next month.

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