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Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, the Eternal Divine Path. You have come to the Mission that has unified all the religions of the world. All the prophecies have been fulfilled. The only thing left is that we all have been chosen to come together and create the facilitating body to manifest this wonderful Revelation to humanity and eventually establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Your dedication and one-pointedness makes it possible by realizing what a great Calling you have been chosen for.

We meditate, we strengthen our meditation, we try to create the Communities of Light, we sacrifice for the Communities of Light, we surrender and submit, and we become universalists. That makes us Paravipras or Elects. Eventually we will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and bring the Will of God to humanity in all aspects of life.

As usual, I will go ahead and ask if anyone new is here and has not heard about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. I will explain it to them, because every human should hear the Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign at least once.

After we have told them about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path, we leave them to God. It is between them and God. If they take it, realize what a wonderful Revelation it is, and come and help us to establish it, or if they do not, it is between them and God. If they do, that is what Christ said, You know them by their fruit.

You do not want to be that fig tree with a lot of leaves (talk) and no fruit. So if you do not give fruit, then you are like that fig tree. Let us realize this and not be that fig tree; let us stop having a lot of leaves, but give a lot of fruit.

We can have some leaves, we need some leaves, but even those leaves should be talk about God, His Revelation, and His Kingdom.

If there is someone in the room who has not heard about The Greatest Sign or the Eternal Divine Path, let us know and we will explain it before we go to the questions. [silence]

OK, it sounds like everyone has heard about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path, so we will go to the first question that has been sent to the Mission. The question is going to be a little long but we will talk about it after it is finished. Let us go ahead and read it.

Question: Sal-OM, Maitreya-ji. As a devotee of the Mission of Maitreya for many years, and having been given every possible step to become purified, striving to do the Will of God, and living a Godly life, I know that the Path, Eternal Divine Path, is a continuing journey having to be lived on a day-to-day basis. Not living at the Mission or another Community of Light or with anyone who also follows the Path, the discipline and supportive fellowship on a day-to-day basis can at times become very weak. In addition to the Internet activities available, what recommendations, if any, do you give us that can help to create the strength when one feels weak, the direction when one feels scattered, and the energy when one feels the loss of hope and when one feels down?

I know that this all has to do with the ego but is there any additional information you can share with us that can help us to lift the ego out of the way so that we can see your Message unobstructed by our own little selves?

Is the only way to live this Path to walk away from everything, everyone, and join up with the Mission, or to begin a life away from what is now known and start a Community of Light somewhere, anywhere?

I have thought about it, and then I begin to feel like I would be walking away from Gods children who also are loved by Him but not walking the same Path. I happen to have many small children involved in my family as well, and they are wonderful and need guidance desperately.

The world is full of people walking different paths, and the Mission offers this wonderful Eternal Divine Path. It is truly the only way to God, or is it the only fastest way to God, and does it matter to the individual if there is a time element involved? If we are eternal and we all return to God, but not at the same time, what is the importance of that individually? We are given every opportunity and sometimes I have felt stressed because of my lack of faster movement on this Path. Should we feel judged when we miss activities due to other family involvements that are apparently important in our lives, or do we just put every one else aside and do the Mission only?

It may seem easier for some and harder for others like myself with large families. I feel much struggle with this. I want to struggle with God, not against Him. I love the Mission and I love to be at the activities as often as I can, and I also love my family and feel a part of my family life is being together for dinner, things that consider children, etc., in my life.

So as you can tell, I am feeling pulled in both directions, and I feel love for everyone. I know God is everywhere and in all people and places. I understand my disassociation from others when there are activities or things that I am not in agreement with but I try to understand and let go and keep the Mission teachings in my mind. There are times when I can share them, and there are times when I cannot. Is this wrong? Should I be able to share them with everyone without the fear of condemnation or belittlement?

Actually, I believe it is partly due to a fear that I am never secure enough in my studies. That must be my biggest problem, the insecurity due to lack of knowledge and due to lack of time spent studying.

My meditations, I find hard to discipline myself twice daily on a regular basis. I do not know why. Sometimes they are so good (God) and other times I cannot seem to get them in. They are always easier when I am with the Mission activities so that seems to be an answer right there. But during the day it is harder.

I pray the Lords Prayer, I hum Haree Om, I chant my mantra, I say The Reminder many times during the day, but do not do much meditating in the day. Is that as important?

Thank you, Maitreya-ji, for your revered insight and wisdom.

Maitreya: The question is long. Actually it is more than one question. I feel that most of the separate questions have already been answered in many Satsangs. But there is a thread in the whole question that stands out, the struggle of an individual to be with the Mission and at the same time be with the world.

Probably that thread in the question is the most important part of it, because the individual questions you can find answers to in the Satsangs given before. But it is that struggle, that probably everyone has the same struggle in their Path right now, being with the Mission and being in the world.

Really, we have never preached or advocated that you should leave your families, your wives, your husbands, and your children, come and join the Mission, stay here in the Center, and be with us all the time. The whole idea is that you cannot have two masters. As long as you know who your real master is and you are dedicated, connected, and completely one with God, His Scriptures, and His Revelation, then the rest is a part of the process, not your master.

You cannot have two masters, period. If you have, then either you are going to leave one and go to the other, or you are going to condemn both of them and fall into the world. It is the wisdom of the Spiritual Path that has been given to us through the last 12,000 years. You can find it in the Upanishads, in the Vedas, and in all the Mystical Paths. You can find it in Judaism, in Christianity, in Islam, in Buddhism, in Hinduism and all over the Scriptures that God has sent to us, in the Bahai Faith, Ananda Marga, and from many, many gurus and teachers who have brought great pearls of wisdom.

The sharpest, of course, is Christ. Christ has the sharpest teaching. If you really want to get to the nitty-gritty of it about how to know thyself, Christs teaching is the sharpest with the two-edged sword. He said very clearly that you cannot have two masters.

If your family is still your master and you want God also to be your Master, then what do you become? You become a lukewarm, dont you? That is what a lukewarm means. Lukewarm means, Oh, I want the world, but at the same time I want God. Then what do you become? You neither become Godly nor become worldly because you are not strong in either of them. Then you fall.

What does God say He is going to do with the lukewarm? He is going to "spew you out of His Mouth." Right there in The Revelation, it gives us the idea of what becomes of the lukewarm. So we should not become lukewarm.

Should we reject the family? Should we say, No, no. I am going to go to the Mission, drop everything, and come here? Yes, if you do not have any husband, if you do not have any wife, if you do not have any small children to help them to grow up, if you do not have any attachments.

If your husband or wife is with you and they are going to come with you, great. Both of you can come here and join the Mission. But if you do not have any of those and you say, Well, I do not have any attachments, I can drop everything and come to the Mission and become a part of this Great Endeavor, that is also fine.

That is what I did. Actually, I did have obligations. There were people who were waiting for me to go back, but I was not completely bound with the obligations. So that is what I did. I dropped everything, education, family, nation, nationality, everything else because it is such a wonderful great Revelation. I am an example for you. If you can do it, that is the best thing to do, just drop everything and come.

If you cannot, know who is your Master. Is God your Master? Is your family your master? Is your wife your master? Is your husband your master?

Now if God is your Master, what about your family? Your family is a part of God. So you serve them, you eat with them, and you are with them as a part of Him. You bring God to them. You become compassionate to them. You become loving to them.

But at the same time, do not be apologetic about the Mission, this Revelation and our teaching. If you are apologetic, then you cannot stand firm in what you believe. So you apologize, kind of say, Oh well, so, sorry. If you guys please, let me go to this activity of the Mission? Is that OK with you?

Instead you have to say, This is my belief. This is my faith. This is my life. This is what I am most dedicated to. Therefore, God, the Mission, His Revelation, and His Word are number one. You have to accept that, family, or children, or whatever. This is number one because that is my master. And I love you because of that. I am compassionate toward you because of that. I am willing to share my time and energy with you because of the Mission, because I can bring God to you and that energy to you.

After awhile they will see that you are a wonderful person who they really need to be around because you have such a beautiful energy, and you are bringing a lot of wonderful things to them. Then not only do they not become an obstacle in your path toward the Mission, but they become helpful. They push you toward it. They even might eventually say, I am going to join with you in this wonderful energy that you are bringing to us.

So you see, we have to put our priorities correctly, what is first in our lives? It has been taught before. What is the hierarchy of beings in our lives? Number one is what? It is God. Number two is what? It is the one who takes you to God, the spiritual teacher. Number three is what? It is your parents. And number four is your spouse. That is it. Those are the four beings in your lives that count.

Of course, your spouse or your husband or wife, extend to your children who are entrusted to you for you to raise them up and help them grow up. When they reach the point that they are grown up and are ready to fly, you have to let them go. They are not yours. Even your children are not yours.

Children are entrusted to you to help them to grow up. When they grow up, you have to, like those birds, even help them to fly away. If they flew away and they came back, great, they are yours. You are one. If they stay in the Mission and join us, great. We are one. We have a greater relationship with our children. They become struggling spiritual beings that we travel with. That is a wonderful thing to have together.

Again, the teaching has already been given, What is the priority in your life? If you have two priorities, it is not going to work. You will become a lukewarm. You have no choice. So the strength of your life, the strength of your character, the strength of your commitment, and the strength of your willingness to progress in your spiritual path is to put your priorities correctly: What is first, what is second, and what is third?

Now, if I put God first, does that mean that I have to forget about my parents? Does that mean that I should neglect my wife or husband? Does that mean that I should not take care of my children or my family? We never taught that. Never, ever, did we teach that you should neglect them. But you will commit yourself to them because God said it is a part of your life. It is a part of your life to commit your life to your husband and wife, and to get along.

It is a part of your life to take care of your parents. That is your duty. If you can help them, you have to help them. But if they are in your way between you and God, should you listen to them, or God? You should help them, but if they are in the way, you should go around them and go to God. But love them, help them, and do whatever you can do for them.

If they can take you to God, that is great. They take the place of two beings, the spiritual teacher and parents. That is the greatest! You are lucky to have such parents that not only are they parents, but they also take you to God, which is the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

How do you be(come) Divine? You be(come) Divine by realizing that God is everything. God is always everywhere with you, in you, out of you, etc.

If your parents cannot take you there, then you have to find the One who takes you there. Read the Scriptures. Read the Words of God that have been sent to humanity, and also find the One who takes you to God.

If you find a teacher who connects you to himself or herself, that is a red light. Be warned! Run away as fast as you can from that teacher because he is not a spiritual teacher. OK? He is an ego trip.

Find a teacher to connect you to God, who says, I am here to connect you to God, not to myself. If you become attached to me then you lose sight of your spiritual progress. You are going to praise me instead of realizing who you are. That is the goal. The goal of the life is to know thyself. Know thyself to know God, not your guru or your spiritual teacher or how wonderful he or she is, but who is God, what is behind him or her, which is also within you.

If you decide the teacher connects you to himself, run away as fast as you can. If he connects you to God directly, then realize if what he says is based on the Words of God, the Scriptures. If it is, then say, OK. This is the One who is going to take me. He then becomes the second most important person in your life.

The first one, of course, is God, His Revelations, His Words: awakening of your spiritual forces, creating the Communities of Light, sacrificing for them, surrendering and being submissive, and becoming a universalist. Then you become an Elect. That is what we are trying to create in this Mission. If you are lukewarm, then you are not an Elect, are you? How can you become an Elect?

Have your priorities correct. You cannot have two Gods. You cannot have two masters.

This is the struggle that I know is in your life. You have been in this struggle for the last twenty years. And you have not been able to choose, which one is your master. That is why you have become lukewarm. Then if you are lukewarm, would you be surprised if God said, Well, you are not really doing My Will? You should not be surprised, I know I am lukewarm. I am torn in two different directions.

If you reach an intersection and you do not know if you want to go to the right or left, where are you going to go? You are going to be stuck. You do not know which way to turn. But if you decided to go to the right, have you made the decision? Yes. You turn right, and you continue on your journey. But if you come to the intersection and you do not know where to go, then you will never go anywhere. You are not progressing. You are stuck.

The path of getting unstuck is going back to the Satsangs, going to the Revelation, going to the teachings and saying, Well, how can I become unstuck? Oh, OK, that is what it says, the hierarchy of beings. God is number one. The spiritual teacher is number two. Parents are number three. The spouse is number four.

If my wife says, No, no, do not help your parents, is she a good wife, or husband? Say, I am sorry. I love you but my parents are before you. They are higher in the hierarchy. I have to help them. If your parents say, No, no, do not go to your spiritual teacher, even if you found someone who is going to connect you to God. Do not go. Stay with us and stay with our tradition, should you stay with your parents?

Say, No, parents, I love you, I love you very much. If you ever need my help, if you ever wanted something that I can help you with, I will be there for you, but bye-bye, I have to go. I have come here for a purpose. I have come here to go to God. That is the goal of the life, to be(come) Divine. So you go around your parents and go to God, to the spiritual teacher.

OK, the spiritual teacher says, Worship me. I am wonderful. I am the best thing. I am the cosmic teacher. I am better than Maitreya. I make some ashes so I am a wonderful guy. Or, I make a lot of miracles. I can summon the skies and the powers, I can appear in two places, and I can go from here to there.

That is when you say, So what? Are you going to take me to God or not? I do not care, you can do all these miracles. It does not make a bit of difference to me. Are you going to take me to God? Am I going to be able to get there?

Then he will say, No. I cannot do that but if you want more ashes I can make more ashes for you.

Say, No, sorry. You can keep your ashes. I am going to go somewhere else that takes me to God. And eventually you will find someone who talks about the things that are Scriptural, who fulfills the prophecies, and brings you the greatest Revelation ever that helps you to go to God. Then you say, Ah, that is it! I found the answer. I hit the right button.

Then you can read the Koran. You can read the Bible. You can read the Upanishads. You can read anything you want but at the same time realizing in The Greatest Sign or in THOTH or in the Eternal Divine Path where it falls. So you realize, Oh, I can read all the Scriptures and not become confused any more. What is more important, to work on myself and these teachings, or still hold and hang on to the fuzzy teachings of the New Agers?

I learned that fuzzy thing from Mr. Bush, Fuzzy economy [laughter]. He was talking about, Fuzzy economics or fuzzy accounting.

Or the fuzzy teachings of the New Agers, Oh, there are many paths. Is your path faster than others? means that there are many ways. There are not. The only way is the Eternal Divine Path. Others have some truth in what they say in the ways, but God did not prophesize that those paths are going to come.

Actually that is amazing that after all these years of being with the Mission and hearing these Satsangs that still you are saying, There are many paths. That itself shows that you are hanging on to the little you know instead of letting go of that and saying, Yes, He said this is the only way.

There is no other way. There is no other path. It is not the fastest path; it is the Only Path. There is no fast or slow. This is IT!

So you have to give up those little ego-hanging things and eventually say, OK, I give up. Either you are going to give up to God or you are going to give up to the world. Which one will you give up to so you are not going to have two? You are going to stay lukewarm. You will have to give up one of them.

If you give up to God, you are still going to have your wife/husband, your children, your family, and everything. But if you give up to the world, you lose God. Actually, you lose your family too, and your husband, because you will fall to the lower nature.

After awhile, what do most of the wives and husbands do? They hate each other. They just live with each other because they have a psychological dependency. It is because their marriage is not based on God. Yes, you might stay with your husband but really you do not love your husband or your wife. It is because it is not based on God.

So you have to choose. You have to make that final decision. You have to say, Which way am I going to give up, my own knowledge and ideas and books I have read and the things I have studied, or am I going to listen to THOTH, the Satsangs, and the Revelation, and realize what God has done?

He did not send us this Revelation just from oblivion. He prophesied that it was going to come. He prophesied that these Prophets were going to come.

I am not just another guru sitting here and saying, Oh, do not worry about it, just meditate. You are going to be OK. These are not guru things here. We are talking about a prophesied Revelation that has come after many prophecies, and now it is here.

And we are still hanging onto our little knowledge and egos and things like that? That is fine with me. As I have said, I have explained to you The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. I am done! When I explain to someone The Greatest Sign, I am done with them. If they leave, or if they stay, it is up to them. It is not up to me.

My responsibility is to give you The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path; your responsibility is to understand It. After you understand It, you realize that this is the Revelation that calls you to action. Inaction will destroy your faith. Faith without works is dead.

You can see that everything falls together exactly like a puzzle in the Mission. That is what amazed me when I wrote THOTH and started realizing it more. It is so like a puzzle, it fits everything together so perfectly. If you fall in one part of it, you miss other parts of the puzzle. It is not going to work. It all goes hand-in-hand.

So again, I think I have already given this Satsang. It sounds very familiar to me that I have already talked about these things before, didnt I? You have to eventually make the final decision, My ego, my world, this world, or God. If God, OK, what did God say? He said, I am going to send Seven Revelations, I am going to be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes, and I am going to open a Book sealed with the Seven Seals." All right. That is the God that really exists, and we all read His Scriptures and believe in His Scriptures.

OK, now the Seven Seals are here. The Book has been opened. Am I still going to hang onto my own things? Or am I going to stay firm and say, Sorry world, sorry my family, sorry my children, but I have been called for a great thing. I will be with you but that is Number One. Get it?

If they do not get it, then you have to make a decision. Are you going to stay with them or are you going to say, Sorry, you are not getting it. We are going in two different ways. You are going south. I am going north.

Can you stay together? No. You are going south. I am going north. We cannot. It is just as simple as that. Or are you going to stay in the middle of the south and north, and start fighting the rest of your life which way you should go?

If you can bring them north with you, great. But do not go south with them because if you go south, you are never going to go north.

Meditate on these gems of wisdom and see. Then your life will become much easier. You have a commitment, and you have strength.

When a crisis comes, when a situation changes, or whatever happens around me, I know that the Mission is number one for me no matter what happens. If it is with my wife, if it is with my disciples, if it is with my son, if it is with my family, still the Mission is number one.

Now if I can take some time away from the Mission and help out those people, fine, I will do it. But if they become an interference to do my Mission, then I have to say, Sorry, my Mission is more important. Doesnt that make life much easier? And I do not apologize for this at all because that is the most important thing in my life, truly.

So we are not apologetic. Then we have the strength to tell everyone, This is my life. This is my faith. This is the Revelation I received. I am not lukewarm. I am standing behind my words. Then you will see, Well, even my family starts respecting me more. They are going to be amazed at how strong I am in my faith.

So you have to choose. That is the crux of the matter. If you do not choose, then you will be lukewarm and God said, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth.

Does that make sense? Is there any follow-up question about that?

Audience: Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: You are welcome. OK, let us go to the next question.

Audience: In the Old Testament, it was given that every seven years all the debts would be forgiven. Does that mean that God really does not want a rich class?

Maitreya: That is a good question. In the Old Testament, as the question states, if you had a debt, every seven years that would be wiped out, and you did not have to pay anything for it.

The question is, if that is true, then God does not want people to become rich. But at the same time, in another part of the Bible it says, A measure of wheat for a penny; and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. (Rev. 6:6) which in essence means, do not destroy the rich and give it all to the poor. It sounds like there has to be some people who might have something more and other people who might not have as much as the rich do.

But at the same time we can see the other ideology that advocates that if we let the rich become rich, eventually the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, and it will reach a point that a few people are rich and most of the people are poor. That is when the Shudra revolution or worker revolution usually happens.

That is what the whole Communist ideology is based on, that we have to share everything. Everyone works according to their ability and takes according to their needs. That is their basic teaching.

But we can see that after 70 years, that ideology did not work either. Russia went down the drain. China is a materialistic-business-oriented nation now. Cuba is struggling to make ends meet. That ideology is almost dead.

So what is the answer then? Well, one answer that was working in the past was what God provided in the Bible. Every seven years, if you had debts you did not have to pay them. So the rich would not become as rich if everyone would not have to pay their debts.

Also God did not advocate collecting interest, or usury. So there was no usury. In the Bible, it is prohibited to charge interest. You do not pay any interest for the money you borrow from someone. Therefore, the rich do not become richer.

The wealthy people have money. They lend their money, and they just collect the interest. That is one way to become rich. They do not have to work, and they have all the money they want. That is one way that God tried to cut down the difference between the rich and the poor.

Of course, that is also in Islam. Iran is an Islamic government but they were not able to avoid it. So they charge a service fee. That is what they call it. They do not call it interest. What is the difference? Still the person who has the money and gives the money to the poor can make some money back from lending their own money, and they become richer. It is really interest, no matter what you call it.

So you see, none of them is really working. No one is going to let you go after seven years, especially in this time that we live in.

Should we pass a law that such a thing happens again? No one is going to buy a house. Who can buy a house with a thirty-year mortgage, or even fifteen years, because after seven years the borrower would say, Sorry, I am not going to pay you any more. It has been seven years, and the rest is null and void. So we can see that none of this was practical, and none of it really worked.

What does our teaching teach? We teach about the Paravipras in a system of perpetual cycles of progress toward balance in the universe. So we can see that if the rich become too rich and the business people become too powerful, what do the Paravipras do? The Paravipras very slowly change the rules and regulations in such a way that the distribution of the resources again spreads to more people, and because there is the spread of the resources, the society progresses to the next step. There will be a more equal distribution of the resources and a smaller gap between the rich and the poor.

When it reaches a point that the intellectuals should be encouraged, the Paravipras will pass laws and encourage intellectual manifestation.

If the Ksattriyas or warriors are to be encouraged, the Paravipras will do the same thing for them, or use them to bring the next cycle. That is why it is so important for the Paravipras to be at the top of the society and always balance these imbalances that happen, and bring the balance back to the society.

We do not need to give laws that stop people from paying their debts after seven years. But when the Paravipras realize that a lot of people are becoming poor and a few people are becoming rich, then it is time to again funnel the money back to the masses so that they can use their creative energies to help the society progress to the next higher level. So it was a good law when it came, but it did not work.

It is a good law not to charge usury or interest, but who is not doing it? Very few people say, Here is the money. Go and have whatever you want. Just give it back to me whenever you want. You cannot find that any more. So those laws in the past were not that practical.

But again, our teaching answers that question very easily. That is why we are working on the Paravipras. We are trying to find the Elects. We are trying to find the people who are willing to do the labor, they are willing to be warriors, and they have no fear of condemnation or persecution. They say, This is it. This is my Mission. This is the last Revelation. I have no fear of any one or anything. I am willing to go ahead and preach it to anyone who listens.

You do not have to grab people and try to teach them. If they do not want to listen, fine. Then just leave them alone.

Even at your work, you do not have to insist on preaching the teaching because the people who hired you did not give you money to preach the Mission to the other people. So it is OK in your work environment to be quiet, or to be very discriminating. Use your discriminative mind. If someone is interested, great, tell them about the Mission. If they are not interested, do not waste your time. Go to the people who are interested. But that does not mean to become an escapist and say, Well, no one is interested, therefore, I am not going to do anything. That is the extreme to the other side. Create situations that you are able to reach people.

It is just like the Mission, we created a website. Set up your own website. Go to the universities, start classes, and whatever has been given in, What I Can Do [] and is in the Mission website, because every human should hear about this Revelation at least once. Then they will have no excuse at the end to say, We did not hear about it.

To get back to the question, none of those laws are practical. So we will create the Paravipras, or the Elects, and they eventually will become the heads of the society according to our teachings and system, which come from the Communities of Light. They will prove that they have the abilities to physically engage themselves in doing whatever is necessary to be done, they are not fearful or afraid, and they are brave and willing to bravely go after Souls for this cause. They are those who intellectually have the ability to decipher and understand the teachings, and also they have the business minds, business abilities, and they are not afraid to deal with money and resources, and they can manage them very well. Then such a person is a Paravipra. Of course, they have to also follow the Eternal Divine Path, awaken their spiritual forces, work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, submit and surrender to the Will of God, and become universalists.

Then they become Paravipras. With those abilities, they eventually will emerge. They will have no choice. They will emerge as the facilitating body that will create the Communities of Light all over the world. Eventually the hierarchy of beings from the Communities of Light will emerge, and they will become kind of an alternative to the systems we have on earth. Eventually everyone will see that it is such a wonderful system, and everything will dissolve to one nation or the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Then the Paravipras will watch how the system goes. If the system needs a lot of workers, they will provide the working class and the ability to work hard, and hire a lot of people to do that. If they feel that there is some place that needs to be corrected, they can hire and create warriors or Ksattriyas. If they felt that they need intellectual people for scientific things, they will create them, start universities, teach people, etc. If they need businessmen, they will create a lot of people with MBAs (Master of Business Administration) and such, and they will encourage the businesses. Then when the money is accumulated in the hands of a few people, they will create laws to distribute it back.

See, it goes back just like from the bottom, the business people become powerful, and when the Paravipras distribute the resources back to humanity, then humanity is a little higher in the level of consciousness and material things, so in the next phase there is going to be an even greater bloom of creativity, etc.

So eventually humanity will reach a point that they might even eliminate money. They may not need it any more. They will reach higher consciousness, where everyone shares. At that time, the Communities of Light will be everywhere. If the Communities of Light are everywhere, we really do not need money at all, or very little. It is mostly going to be bartering, sharing, and being together, etc.

We are just a beginning. We are just a bud in this process.

So to answer your question, we really do not need that law any more because our system takes care of it. Does that make sense? OK. Do you have a question?

Question: Yes, I have kind of a follow-up question on that. I guess what you are saying is that the Paravipras will be so well respected that they will be able to manipulate the society to make it more equal and more fair for everyone monetarily. Is that correct?

Maitreya: One of the things that creates respect is incorruptibility. That is one of the characteristics of the Paravipras, that they are incorruptible. Also they emerge from the bottom of the society themselves through the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, twelve people choose one person as their leader. So those twelve people pretty much know each other. It is just like us, we have been living here for the last twelve years or so, and every person knows the other people pretty well. We are all open books to each other.

After awhile in the Communities of Light, in the unit in the Community also, the twelve people will know each other very well. So they will choose the leader, or the leader will emerge. The twelve of them again will come together and have a meeting, and eventually one of them will emerge. With twelve of such twelve people, the third level will emerge.

By the time you are in the third level, you have been a pretty good person. You have a lot of abilities and people know that you are up there. Then from such communities eventually many levels, that in our system have been explained, will emerge. So those people who reach to that point should have been pretty respected that they have been able to emerge in so many levels.

They have shown that they are not complainers. They do not complain about their duties. They do their duties very well. They are intellectually able to do things, and they have leadership abilities. They take charge. They initiate things. They do not just sit there, and someone tells them all the time what to do. They are able to do things by themselves and finish them well.

So such people will eventually emerge and everyone will say, Yes, this person completes things. This person understands the teachings. This person is a good person; he is not corrupt.

Is such a person respectable? I bet he is or she is. They say, Yes, such a person is not flaky. She or he is dedicated. He or she is knowledgeable of the teaching. He or she is fair in their dealings with the other people. Such a person will create respect, and other people will accept him.

Another thing about our system is that half of the income of the government comes from taxes, but the taxes are not mandatory. Other income is from donations from the people. If the people do not respect the head of the society, what do they do? They just do not donate. When they do not donate, what happens? The resources go down. The only taxes they can ask people to pay are the same amount of the donations they can gather. So the more donations they can gather, the more they can ask outside of the system to also pay taxes.

If the donations go down, it means that the head is not respected, and can they tax the people more than what they receive? No. So you can see that there is a checkpoint also about the financial situation of the system.

They cannot just go and be corrupt, and keep asking people for taxes and people say, Well, I have no choice, I have to pay. I know I really do not care about what these people do to my country or to my nation or to the earth, but I have to pay them. In our system that is not true.

If they are not respected, if the people are not willing to give of themselves to the system, the system does not have the ability to raise taxes either. So what happens to them? They fall apart.

Question: One of the big problems in the system that we have right now is that the very rich corporations or rich individuals are able to contribute to a candidate as long as they follow the agenda that that individual or corporation wants. So it is really a way for the rich and powerful groups to influence the government, sometimes in a very unethical way.

But what you are talking about is a donation from the people, not just necessarily from corporations?

Maitreya: Well, what we are talking about is that we will not have any elections per se that corporations will be able to donate to, so that later on they can say, See, now it is pay-back time. We will have elections for only a few people in the system who do not have much of a voice in the beginning. If it was found out that they are not completely pure and good, they are not going to be elected the next time or they are not going to, at least, be elected to the body.

Actually, the whole idea of the government from the people, by the people, and for the people, has never really been manifested even in the United States. That saying really was for our system because, where do the people come from? The people come from the Communities of Light.

Who chooses the first leader? The first leader is chosen by the unit in the Communities of Light. Who are they? They are people. Where does that first leader come from? He comes from the people. Who is going to choose him? It is by the people. And what is he going to do? He is going to do the things for the people.

Is this really happening here, even in the United States? As you just mentioned, really the business people are running the country.

This is when the Paravipras realize, The business people are becoming too powerful. A few people have a lot of money, and they can influence things according to their agendas, etc.

You will not have television ads. You will not have campaigning expenses for your emerging as a leader, so you do not need all that money. You will be living in a community, doing your things, and suddenly everyone says, You are the leader.

Oh, me? Why me?

I do not know but you sound like the best person to lead this community.

OK, he says, All right. I will do it. That is a part of our teaching. That is a part of my belief. That is a part of my faith. I will become your leader. OK. Let us cooperate. Let us see what we need to improve here, who does what, etc. But I have to go and meet with the other twelve leaders in the first level in the community.

He goes to the twelve people and after awhile they say, You are the leader.

He says, Why me? I did not really want to be the leader of my community. He emerges in the second level, and then the third level. Suddenly he goes to the top without even realizing that he wanted to become a leader or anything like that. He was not anxious. He was not really thinking, Oh, I am a great leader, with a big ego. But he emerges as a leader.

Who chose him? The people chose him. So he is a good person that the people chose him.

So you can see that, that again cuts off all the extra money and the donations and the things that the candidates these days have to raise. If they do not, they are not going to be elected.

We do not now have anyone like Abraham Lincoln. He emerged as a great leader, or as a lot of other presidents probably emerged in the past. But right now, whoever has more money is going to win the election because he can create a greater machinery to do that.

So we can see that again in our system, in our teaching, everything is perfect as we have discussed many times. God perfected everything in this Revelation. We can see that it cuts all that junk out of the system. The people emerge from the Communities of Light.

But it is so important in the communities that you follow the Eternal Divine Path because the Eternal Divine Path purifies you. In the Communities of Light, which are based on the Eternal Divine Path, the fantastic good leaders will emerge. They do not need campaign contributions, they are just good leaders. So as we can see, that will be taken care of too. We will create a system based on the people, for the people, and by the people, etc.

Are there any questions, or follow-up? Does anyone have anything to add?

Does anyone understand what I am talking about [laughing]? I am sure you do. That is OK. Go ahead, next question.

Question: This next question has to do with Paravipras also.

When we were discussing in the Chat Room on Thursday, I asked the question, "What does it mean to have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within?"

I asked it just for conversation and to see what others would share and say in response. Then it was suggested that I ask this question in Satsang. Although I had not intended to ask it for Satsang and I knew the answer is in our writings, I thought I would ask anyway because whenever I ask a question at Satsang it always gives us greater insight.

Maitreya: What do you think the Kingdom Of Heaven Within is? [The questioner had one of our booklets handy and was turning to what she had planned to read.] Oh, you read the book [laughter]. I see!

Audience: Well, in case it was turned back to me, which I knew was a possibility [laughter], I have the booklet, Thus Speaks Maitreya on Paravipras. There is a whole section in the booklet that talks about the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. And since what you say would be better than what I could say in my own words, I will just read this.

Maitreya: OK, read it to us.

Audience: [reading from Thus Speaks Maitreya On Paravipras]

The Kingdom Of Heaven Within is when a person finds God in his or her heart. It has nothing to do with any organized religion, philosophy, or external circumstance. It is a personal relationship between a man and God. It is God within the temple of ones body.

There is also a hierarchy in this Kingdom (within). Each person realizes God in a different level (hierarchy) within. Any person in a level above another can teach the person below. That is why we have so many teachers, each with a little knowledge, proclaiming to be teachers, and they do find followers, those who are a little below them.

However, the greatest teacher of all is The Christ (God) who teaches all levels in the hierarchy and each one is a part of His Body.

There is another section, a little bit longer that also has some really good insight.

We have to all realize that each Kingdom is necessary. They are all interrelated. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will not come without the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. The Kingdom of Heaven Within might come, but it is going to be very hard to live on an earth where the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth has not come.

You might be a good person and connect yourself to God. But it is very hard for a good person to live in a society where a lot of people are not good. It is very hard for them, because they are good, but others are not.

So it has to go hand-in-hand. That is why a person who goes through the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path creates the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. And not only are these people good, but they are also effective. They meditate; they do their spiritual practices to be connected to God; they strive to create an environment where the people are good, live together, and create a community. In order to create this community, sacrifice, not being self-centered, is necessary. Even with that, they have to become submissive.

Submission means that you do your best and at the same time you surrender the results to God. The reason we become depressed, the reason we become unhappy, the reason we sometimes become too much elated but then we are depressed after that, is because we are attached to the results of our actions.

When we do something good, we become elated. We just jump all over. Then tomorrow the thing we felt was good doesnt happen the way we want it, and we become completely down. So we go up and down like a roller coaster.

But with surrendering, we say, God, it is really You who is the Doer and the result is also Yours. Better than surrendering is submission. It means God is doing it through us.

So with that were going to become completely free from the results of our actions. Also we will become universalists. Being a universalist means that you believe that there is One God, One Unity in the Spirit, and everything is God. So how can you separate between religions, races, countries, and philosophies? There cant be separation.

After realizing these five steps is when you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you. So not only do you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, but you strive to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven without.

I go to the mountains and meditate. I think I am such a wonderful person; I am meditating all the time. Or I go to my room. Or I go to the beach. I go to whatever place I have, cut myself off from the world, and say, What a wonderful person I am. But then when I encounter society, I find out I was just escaping from truly seeing myself.

It is just like that yogi who was meditating in the mountains for ten years. He thought he was such a wonderful person. He was always happy sitting there meditating, breathing such good air, etc. He thought he was in control of his environment. One day he had to go to town. He had no choice. He went to town. With the first person who pushed him, he became so angry, and he pushed him back.

Suddenly he realized, Wow, what am I doing? I thought I was such a good, wonderful yogi. I thought I was completely in control of myself. With the first push, I became so angry. What is this?

So we believe that the person who wants to create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within has to be in the community, otherwise it is not going to work. We do not believe in escapism. We do not believe in going to the mountains, meditating up there, and saying, Oh, Im such a wonderful yogi. I have all these siddhis (powers) and all those things.

If we can create such people more and more, who have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within and are striving to create the community together, we will eventually connect these communities to one another. That is when we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Maitreya: Very good. So you did your work and your research. Actually, someone was telling me that it is not important what we know, it is important to know where to find it [laughter].

Of course, in the Mission, at least you have to know the Eternal Divine Path. That is the answer: The Kingdom Of Heaven Within is the following of the Eternal Divine Path. That is the way to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces. But you do not have to go to the mountains. You can stay in the Community of Light and do it.

However, it is more difficult now as we do not have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth because we do not have many communities. We have not created the base of the Mission so people can meditate well. We have a lot of work to do right now instead of sitting and meditating, etc.

They will live in the Communities of Light. Meditation without the Communities of Light is going to be very difficult because you are living in a world that is very materialistic, very mayaistic, very dogmatic, very Kali. It is the age of Kali. It is the age of ignorance. So it is very difficult to meditate if you are out there.

That is why we are emphasizing over and over again, creation of the Communities of Light. The more you create the Communities of Light, the easier it is for everyone to meditate. The more you create the Communities of Light, the easier it is to sacrifice, the easier it is to surrender and submit to God, and the easier it is to become a universalist. When you do that, then you awaken your spiritual forces.

Because you live in the community, when you go to the world, the world is not going to affect you. Even in this little community that we have, for the people who go to work, when they come back here, they have a refuge. It is a kind of, they enter into heaven here. They can just shut everything out there, come here, cleanse themselves, and the next day they can go to work much cleaner and more rested.

Most of the people out there do not even have that. They go home. They drink. They watch television. The next day when they come back, they are a wreck. That is why they are so rude.

You can see more and more so many people out there who are so rude, unconcerned, and not polite. That is because their minds are absolutely mush because they eat junk food, they drink junk drink, they watch junk television, and they breathe junk air. What do they become? They become junk after awhile themselves. It is as simple as that.

So that is why again this community, although there are not very many people in it, still is a refuge for a lot of people who go to that world.

The more we create such communities, the easier it will be for people to come because they will have more and more refuge, and they will become calm-minded. Then when they go out there, they can affect their environment, and the environment out there will become calmer. The greater number of these communities there are, the calmer the environment will be, and eventually as you read, the Kingdom Of Heaven will be a state of being of the whole of humanity.

Our Path, or the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, is a steady mind. It becomes neither too elated nor too depressed. That is the Path of the Eternal Divine Path. You awaken your spiritual forces. You work in the community, therefore, you are not in the mountains escaping the world. You are in the world but at the same time you are not in the crazy world. You are in a much calmer world.

Then you sacrifice. You learn not to be self-centered, not always, What is in it for me, for me, for me? but, What is in it for the community? You are not self-centered.

That is one problem of the ego, self-centeredness. The community rubs on you not to be self-centered. For some people it is very difficult. They want to run away. They want to take their egos and say, No, no, I want my little apartment and little place to live. I want my ego. I do not want to share with anyone. I do not want to encounter any problems. I do not want to deal with the difficult people.

There might be difficult people living in the communities. You have to know how to deal with them, how to bend them, how to make them become un-self-centered and not difficult any more. You have to deal with the people, and that is a very hard thing to do for a lot of people. They do not want to deal with the people. They want to go. It is much easier to have an apartment or a house by yourself, live there and say, Oh, I am such a wonderful person. See how wonderful I am.

But at the same time, if you put them with other people they realize, Oh, I am not as wonderful as I thought I was.

So we can see that a lot of purification occurs when you are in a community. After awhile the people are not as nice with you as those in the streets. They tell you right to your face, You have a problem. OK. You have to take care of this problem in the community. You learn and you grow. So Communities of Light are a wonderful teaching environment for us to see ourselves.

Can we see ourselves by ourselves? It is very hard for us to see ourselves but other people can see us. If we are open to the suggestions in the community, after awhile it tells us what we need to work on.

If everyone in the community tells us something, eventually we have to think about it, Maybe they are right. One person can be wrong. Two people can be wrong. Five people can be wrong. Ten people cannot be wrong. So I had better meditate on these problems. Eventually you will overcome those problems, and you will progress.

Eventually you will reach a point that you can sacrifice, you can give of yourself without making a big deal out of it, Oh, I gave so much. I gave so much to the community. You did a little but you think, I did so much in the community. I am giving so much into it.

Other people say, No, no. You did not give that much. Compare what you gave and what we gave. You gave very little. We gave a lot. But at the same time we are not bragging about it or talking about it all the time.

Oh, you say, OK. I am too self-centered that even when I give a little, I think I gave a lot, which is not true. I did not give a lot because other people are giving more than I am giving. So it is a process that is eventually going to help you to reach a point to not be self-centered.

Then, after that, when you are not self-centered, everyone starts praising you for the wonderful things you are doing. Again you develop a big ego and you say, Oh, what a wonderful person I am. I am doing all these good things in the community or for the Mission.

Eventually you realize that you are not the doer. God is doing it through you. You are just an instrument. Then you become neither elated nor down.

If you read the Bhagavad-Gita, that is what Krishna is talking about, a steady mind that neither becomes elated nor becomes depressed, a steady mind that will stay on the course of the work he has been called for. He will be able to accomplish it because nothing affects him, for he knows where he is going.

We know where we are going. We are going toward the Communities of Light. We are going toward the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

However, some people will try to drag you down. That is one of the things about the other egos. Ego loves to drag other egos down to their own level. That is what they do.

So there are a lot of egos out there trying to drag you down, Do not go where you are going. We do not want you to go.

Have you heard about the crayfish? When many crayfish are put in a bowl, it is not covered. Do you know why? The reason is that any time a crayfish tries to crawl out of the bowl, the other crayfish pull him down [laughing]. The others do not want that crayfish to get out of the bowl. It is just their nature.

That is exactly what one problem in the spiritual path is, you have to be worried about the other crayfish not to pull you down.

It is just like ego. Ego loves to pull you down to its own level. If you are a little higher, they will try to take your energy and make you go to their level. If that happens, you go down. They go a little higher. But because their ego cannot maintain that energy, they lose that energy themselves. So both of you are going to go down.

It is also the same thing with idle talk. Idle talk really means, I am going to take your energy because I really need that energy. I do not have it. When you give idle talk, you do not feel very high after that, if you are a high person. If you are a lower person, you feel good because you drain the energy from the other high energy.

So be careful of the crayfish and have a steady mind. The Eternal Divine Path is the Path that makes your mind steady, one-pointed, and focused.

That is what the Kingdom Of Heaven Within is. You awaken your spiritual forces. By meditation, you become more sensitive, really. That is what meditation does.

You live in the Communities of Light.

You sacrifice, you learn not to be self-centered.

You let God do through you, therefore you are neither elated nor depressed. If it does not work, if it was bad, it was your ego. If it was good and perfect, it was God because God is perfect. Therefore, if you did something and you let Him do it through you, it should be perfect. If it is not perfect, you did it. It was your fault. God is perfect. So you are not going to become elated or depressed.

Then you become a universalist. Being a universalist means the universe is your home. God is your Mother and Father, and you are here to do your Fathers work. You do not belong to any nation, any gender, or any place but to the universe. Your nationality is universalism.

Where are you from?

I am from God. Where are you from?

I am from God too.

Oh, OK, we are from the same place. You are not from any specific area in the world.

So that is universalism. You expand your mind. You destroy every narrowness of the mind that keeps you from progressing. I am from this nation. I am from this gender. I am from this race. This is all constricting. It makes your consciousness small.

We have been born in so many different places anyway, Where are you from?

I do not know. Which lifetime are you talking about?

So you can see that it expands your mind. These people have no attachments, no fear, and no constricting ideas. They are surrendered and submissive to God.

God does the work through them. They are ready to sacrifice everything for the communities. They live in the communities, and they meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

Meditation does not mean sitting there all the time and meditating. You might go for a ride. You might do gardening. You might do whatever helps you to calm your mind and start realizing and hearing The Word that we give you in your initiation. When you hear that Word, you know you are connected, you are there.

So this is the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. All these things are given to help you to create that Kingdom Of Heaven Within, to destroy any narrowness of the mind, to destroy the ups and downs of life, to not be self-centered, to be able to stay in the community and learn how to meditate.

If you create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within, then you are a Paravipra, you are an Elect, you are a person who has no choice but to become engaged with the Mission and do the work.

If you are not doing the work, then you are not having the Kingdom Of Heaven Within.


Question: Maitreya, how is it that these Paravipras who have overcome, are classless, and are incorruptible and still that verse says, Hold fast that no man take thy crown? He still could fall back? How is it possible for that to happen?

Maitreya: Yes. Well, until you reach Pure Consciousness there is always a pitfall that you might fall back.

In the Sixth Seal, you meditate for awhile, you stay in the Communities of Light, you sacrifice, you surrender and submit, and you become a universalist. But you have not truly done all of them. You think you have done them but you still have impurities, you still have your ego intact, or, you still have a part of ego at least intact. It is broken down but it is not completely broken down.

You are not completely surrendered and submissive. You still have your own will. You want to do what you want to do. You do not want to do what God wants you to do.

If the residual is still there, or you say, I am a universalist, but I do not like this person, or this place, or these people, again, you are not completely there. Then, you fall because you are not completely pure.

If you are a pure Paravipra, then you really are in Pure Consciousness because when you reach the purity of the Paravipra, what is the next step? You are in Pure Consciousness.

Then you have the ability to decide if you want to go to Pure Consciousness or if you want to stay in the body and help others also to reach Pure Consciousness.

If you decide to go to Pure Consciousness, of course, God is going to send you back. He is not going to say, OK, come in. I am going to keep you. As He said, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth. You think you have reached, but you did not. Such a person becomes an Avatar, a God-man, a person who comes from Pure Consciousness to the body.

A person who decides to stay back in the body and help the people becomes a Sat-guru or a realized person. But a guru is a very misused word. A lot of gurus attach you to themselves. They are false teachers. But if a guru or a spiritual teacher teaches and takes you to God, and his or her teaching is based on the Scriptures of God and the Word of God, then he is a good spiritual teacher. Really "guru" means a spiritual teacher. It is not just an Indian word.

So if you completely made it to become a pure Paravipra, you go to Pure Consciousness, and you do not fall. But if you fall, it means you had some impurities. That is why it says, Watch that no one takes your crown. You are very close to the crown.

What is the crown? The crown is Pure Consciousness. Now, watch it. You might not make it, still there is a pitfall that you become impure and you fall. And that fall is great because you have already created so much power, so much beauty, and so many things. You can misuse those. You can make a little ash and make millions of people follow you, but you lost to go to Pure Consciousness yourself. You have become an obstacle for millions of people to go to Pure Consciousness also because they are connected to what? They are connected to you, who was very close to the crown. You had reached there, you had a lot of power, but you fell.

That is why God sends the Scriptures with the prophecies of how He is going to come, because there are so many false teachers, and there are so many people claiming that they are teachers. But only the One who fulfills the prophecies and brings the Word of God in the purest form is the One who really should be accepted.

So watch out that such a teaching or teacher does not take your crown and connect you to himself or herself. It is a very tricky Path. If it were easy, everyone would reach Pure Consciousness very fast.

Actually when I first became familiar with meditation they used to tell us a story, that God is fifty miles from here. Everyone starts from the zero mile to go to God.

You go a mile, and there is the best food and drink, the most beautiful cuisine you ever wanted. Half of the people become attached to those things. The other half says, No, no, we have to go to God.

The other half goes to the next mile where there are the most beautiful mates you can have. You know, the wonderful eyes, beautiful people, with music, and all the things, including all the food that was in the first mile.

Half of the rest of the travelers stop here. By the time the people reach to the fiftieth mile where God is, only two people make it. One person runs, hugs God, and says, I made it. I am here.

The other one comes, humbly bows down to God, and stays there. God says, Only this one made it.

Even the one who ran and egoistically said, I am here. I am so great, I found You, did not make it. Only the one who humbly bowed down to God and God said, That is the one," made it.

So from the millions of people who start the journey, very few people make it. That is why it is said, Many people are called but few are chosen.

It is all given. It is all there. God has already revealed to humanity how it works. The only thing is that we have to really understand it. When we understand it, then we will see that we have a lot of work to do on ourselves. We have to be careful not to let the other people pull us down, not to let the world affect us, not to fall.

Even in Paraviprahood,we can fall. Even after all that hard work, and we are in Communities of Light, still we might fall.

So the Kingdom Of Heaven Within is following the Eternal Divine Path and recognizing and realizing the Word of God.

Question: My question is about tests. It seems like the idea of being tested is a universal idea. You go to school, and you are tested for what you know. Even in the primitive cultures, you always hear about them being tested to see if they made it to be a man, etc.

So even in the spiritual path, you can expect that you are going to be tested?

Maitreya: Oh yes. Actually, God said, Those I love, I chastise. If He does not love you, why does He chastise you? He does not care. You can do whatever you want. He leaves you alone. You become rich, famous, and have a lot of money, you have a big ego, and you think that you made it. He says, OK, you think you made it, that is fine, go ahead and be whatever. But He says, I will chastise you. I will tell you things you do not want to hear.

Especially when I give Satsangs, God comes through and probably says things that some people do not want to hear, but it is good for them to hear that, it is what God wants them to become. So you are correct, testing is a part of the spiritual progress.

God even tested Abraham, or Christ. He told Abraham to take his son and kill him for Him. If you do that right now, they are going to put you in prison, or the asylum [laughter]. Oh, that guy is crazy. And it is going to be headline news: The man thought God told him to kill his son.

But he took him there, and Abraham passed the test. Actually, after he did that God gave him an unconditional promise. Before that there was always a condition that, If you do this for me, I will do that for you. It was kind of a business type of deal with Abraham, If you leave your parents and go to the land that I will show you, I will make you a great nation

But after he passed that test, which was his final test (because he was so attached to Isaac, and he loved Isaac so much) God said, OK, now I am going to make you many nations and great nations , etc. There was no condition.

Christ went to the desert, and the devil came and told him to make bread, etc.; three tests, which are the symbol of the first three chakras, which is the symbol of Christ and the three seals. He passed the test.

God said, OK, now you passed the test, you can have the Mission that has been provided for you. Now, of course, we know that part of His Mission was to be crucified.

It is just like you have to crucify your lower nature. You have to overcome. You have to get rid of them, get rid of the fuzzy philosophies. Get on with the meat and the gravy of spirituality! Of course, do not eat too much meat [laughter]. That is just an expression. Do not say that Maitreya said that it is OK to eat meat and gravy all the time.

So get to the meat and gravy, which is the Mission of Maitreya, which are these teachings, that God has prophesied. The prophecies are fulfilled. The Seven Seals are opened. Do not just hang onto the past.

There have been Satsangs for the last twenty years. That is a lot of material covered, said, and done. The only thing is that you have to make a decision. You have to say, YES. That is what I want.

That is what the meat and gravy is. I do not want to spend time with these gurus, teachers, and this and that. I want to get to the highest matter of it, the One who has been prophesied for twelve thousand years to come and now is here. Am I still going to sit there lukewarm?

What am I going to do? Am I going to cope up with the lukewarm? Or, can I? I cannot. I have to get with the people who are not lukewarm, they are dedicated, they are one-pointed, they follow the Eternal Divine Path, and they work in the creation of the Communities of Light. They are my brothers. They are in my heart.

That is what all of us have to do. It is twenty years and I have not created any Communities of Light, I had better look at myself. What is wrong with me? I have to do something more. I have to reach (or preach) more.

Of course, there are people who help in many other different levels. They do not have to create Communities of Light. What they are doing for the Mission is as good as creating Communities of Light, which is appreciated. Also we need a supportive group, people who just support the Mission physically, mentally, or spiritually, so we can help the teachers to go around and preach the teaching and spread the Message.

So we need all of the people. But with dedication, making the decision and getting rid of the fuzzy philosophies, all of these are a part of your spiritual progress. Also these Satsangs are tests. When I say things that sometimes might hurt you, it depends on how far you are going to run. Are you going to stay around and say, OK, He says a lot of truth, and I have to look at myself and progress, or, I am going to take my bags and run away? If you take your bags and run away, you failed the test. But if you do not, then you will find beautiful things.

Does that make sense? Does that answer your question?

Question: Yes. But eventually there is a point where there are no more tests because you just are One?

Maitreya: Exactly, that is what happened to Abraham. That is what happened to Christ. They reached a point that God said, Yes, I trust you. I realize that you are dedicated. I realize that you really want to do the Mission. You have realized what is happening here. There is no test.

Actually, you evoke the test yourself. If you are completely dedicated to the Mission and doing the Will of God, there is no test. No matter what they throw at you, it is just going to go right over you. There is no test. You have reached a point that you are absolutely One with God and His Work.

Tests come when you oppose the Will of God. If you do not oppose the Will of God, what is the test? There is not a test; you are there.

It seems our time is up.

We are in the confusion, clouds, caught up together here on earth. What happens when the clouds are come and Christ comes in the clouds? The disciples are going to be lifted from the earth to the clouds.

It is the same thing here. You should be lifted from the world, out of the clouds, and caught into this teaching and the Mission. There is another answer right there. You cannot have both the world and God. So you have to be lifted up out of the earth and those confused worlds.

I wish you all a good (God) month and we will have another Satsang next month. But I will see you all this afternoon at 5:30 PM when we have the beginning of Passover. We are going to have the start of it, and we are all going to see how it is done. So see you then.


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