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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang. As usual, we will to be here for the next two hours, and we will be available for anyone to ask any questions you have or anything that you want to discuss about God and spirituality.

We gave a calling to humanity to come and join us for the dawn of the new Golden Age. Whatever God has given us for our purification and to create the environment that we can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest, we will follow. We are calling the most dedicated to come and join us.

If there is any question, please go ahead.

Ishvara: Maitreya, could you explain your answer about Revelation. This is a great question for me. If we are going one day, not tomorrow but one day, to be sons of God too, it would be very interesting to speak about that again. I mean, the direct relation with God, the contact we can have with Him in our level, of course.

Maitreya: Sure. Yes. Well, you already have the contact with God. There is no separation at all. You are already one with Him because as we have said many times, who are we? We are Self, and Self and God are one. It is the same thing. There is no difference. That is why they say, Know thyself to know God.

There is no difference. There is no separation. There is nothing between Him and us. It is our delusion of separation from Him that makes us think that we are separate from God. And that is the greatest delusion that the human has.

That is why we meditate, to awaken our spiritual forces. We do The Reminder, and we try to do all those exercises and purifications, and eventually we realize, Oh, I am already there.

It is just like, there is the story about a man who was looking for a treasure that he knew his father had. He went out to everywhere in the world and dug all the places to find the treasure. Eventually he became very tired and went home. One day he went into the basement and saw that the treasure was there. So he did not have to go anywhere, all over the world, looking for it. He already had the treasure right where he was living all along, but he was looking for it in the wrong places.

If we realize that God is already within us and is one with us, and there is no separation between us, then we do not have to go and look. That is what most of the people do, dont they? They spend their time and energy to go traveling, go for sports, go to this country, go to that country, go drink, go to the parties, and go here and there. They are looking for what? They are looking for that happiness that they know they are longing to reach. But are they going to find it? Has anyone heard that anyone has become enlightened by doing all those things in their lives?

We can find that we resist the very thing that makes us to reach that happiness and oneness, and that is looking within ourselves, meditating, and realizing that we do not have to go anywhere. We already have the treasure right within ourselves.

So we can see that with realizing that, we are ahead of 99.99% of humanity for what the goal of the life is: It is to be(come) Divine. What does that mean? It means to know God, to realize that we already have God within ourselves, and there is no separation. If you meditate, one day you will realize, Hey, I am not really my body.

That is what the yogis meditated on for thousands of years, and their mantra was, I am not my body. I am not my body. Please do not tell me I am my body. I am not my body. And one day they saw, Really, I am not my body.

Who sees? Who feels? Who understands? Is that your body that sees, feels, and understands? What happens to a dead man? The body is still there. Can he see, feel, and understand? No. He does not anymore. What happened? He was seeing ten minutes ago before he fell down and died.

What sees? What feels? If you can see that, you can see. If you meditate on that, just look at where you are looking. Who is looking? Who is watching? Who is seeing? Who is seeing that camera there? My body is not seeing that camera there. God is seeing that camera. God is talking.

If I were dead, could I talk? No. Who is talking? God is talking through me. But how much can I talk in a higher level or lower level depends upon where my consciousness is.

If my consciousness is crude, all the talk is about taxes, and How can I make better money and put my investments in better places?

If I am in even a lower nature, the conversation is about, Where can I obtain a job? This market is a better place for getting a job. And if you go to the United States, you can get a better job. If you go to a third-world country, it is harder to find a job. That is the first level, physiological and safety needs.

The second level is, Where can we find a party? Where can I go and find the opposite sex and satisfy my second chakra?

The third chakra is, Oh, how can I run for this office, gain more power, prestige, and attention of the people? and all of that. So we can see that it depends on what level you are in.

Are they talking about, I am not my body? It does not even occur to them to say, I am not my body. So that is why the very people who want to know God are ahead of 99.99% of humanity that they even think, Who am I? What am I doing here? and they want to know.

Of course, they are poor in spirit also. They feel the world is too strong, too powerful, and they have no control over anything. And because they are meditative people, the world does not like them that much either. That is why they usually become outcasts or feel not completely right with the world.

So they eventually say, What is this? What am I doing here? and they start meditating and wanting to know. That is why they start searching. Only 1% of humanity wants to know God, and the Path has a lot of pitfalls also. Many times we have talked about them.

Someone comes in the fourth chakra, and they find unconditional love. They say, Oh, God is unconditional love. That is what it is. God is love. That is all there is about God. So they go around and become teachers of the third chakra people and say, God is love. And the third chakra people say, Oh yes. God is love, and we do not have to do anything.

They go a little higher to their fifth chakra, and they gain a lot of knowledge or do astral projection. When they come back, they say, No, God is astral projection. You leave your body and go to the astral body, etc.

The one who goes to the sixth chakra is touched by God, comes back, and says, No, no. It is not only astral projection. It is also siddhis and powers.

Eventually, God sends His Messengers and tells them, No, it is more than that. It is from the smallest thing you do in your life to the highest thing, has to be evolved around spirituality. It is that you are born to be Divine. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. That is why we are here. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, professor, or this or that.

That is fine, if you are a Divine doctor, great. If you are a Divine professor, that is fine. If you are a Divine sweeper of the floor, it is good.

So we can see that Gods Vision is much greater than all these little teachings that come to us. Of course, in order to do that, as we have said many times, God sent the Seven Seals, Seven Revelations to humanity. And each time the Spirit of God brings it to humanity, that Spirit of God is called the First Begotten Son.

What happened in the beginning of the creation? The First Begotten Son went through the Eternal Divine Path and eventually realized that, Oh, God and I are One already. I am from the Spirit of God. There is no separation.

That is why there are humans who will recognize, realize, and become the sons of God, and there is the First Begotten Son of God, who is already One with the Spirit of God, and God, which is everything.

It is a very hard concept to imagine that you become the son of God. But when you become a son of God, you become back one with God. Then the Spirit of God comes to humanity as the Son of God, or the First Begotten Son of God, and God Himself.

But there is no separation. There is not that, here is God, here is the Son of God, and here is you. When you recognize that you are not your body and you see, Yes, the seer, the toucher, the feeler, the recognizer, the speaker, all is God, then you realize, I am not my body. I am one with God. Therefore what the First Begotten Son says, I am one with it. I can understand it. I can see what he is saying, and I recognize the truth that is coming to me.

So then you become what? If Maitreya is the first one who brought this Revelation to you, you become the second Maitreya, the third Maitreya, the fourth Maitreya, and one hundred and forty-four thousand Maitreyas, or millions of Maitreyas come on earth. That is why at the end of our Bath Ideation, the people who do that prayer say, The act of offering, the heat which was used to offer, and the one who offers are all He. All are what? All is God.

So there is no separation. Even your body is a part of God. It is a part of His Consciousness. To recognize that we are not our bodies and we are one with Him, and to follow His Scriptures, makes us to become sons of God.

And if you realize that, liberation is when one day you are sitting there and you recognize that, I am not my body. What sees is He. What feels is He. What talks is He.

That is why when we do something, we say, All thanks go to God, because if I think I am the doer, what am I doing? I am doing that separation again, I am the doer. But when we say, No, God is the Doer through me, there is no separation.

All the purification and techniques, the whole teaching, all the exercises, are to bring us to that point that we say, Yes. I am not the doer. Do not thank me, thank God, that comes through me. I am not doing anything. I am not going to create a big ego that, Oh, I am such a great person.

The moment you do that, you might feel good in that moment. What are you doing, though? You are separating yourself from God. You are separating to recognize that you are not the doer.

If you go on and say, I am getting better now. I am progressing. Look, look, I am progressing, you are not progressing. You are getting closer to where you are supposed to be. That is your birthright to reach that point.

Does that make sense?

Ishvara: Yes, Maitreya. That makes sense.

Maitreya: Yes. Well, being a son of God is not really that difficult. Apparently it is very difficult for the carnal mind to recognize that they are not their bodies and realize that God is One. God is already with you all the time. When you recognize that, then you can see.

Just ask yourself, Who is seeing? Who is doing? Then you realize, Oh, I am not the one, or, I am the one but really He is doing it through me.

Question: Would you mind talking a little bit about Tantra Yoga, what really it is and how it relates to the Sixth Seal?

Maitreya: OK, that is a good question.

Audience: One of the reasons I am asking is because last night I was looking at a Time Magazine that has a cover page about yoga. Then you open it up and it describes different kinds of yoga, and it says that Tantra Yoga is mainly about sex. That is what it says. I do not think that is correct.

Maitreya: No, it is not. It is one of the misconceptions that have been brought to the Western world. Even in India probably a lot of people relate Tantra Yoga or meditation as the sexual relationship only.

Actually, there is a book that talks about the three kinds of Tantra: lower Tantra, middle path, and the higher Tantra. I do not remember who wrote it. I have not even read it, but I heard about it. There is some truth in that.

Tantra means the path of facing your deepest fears and deepest desires, and then overcoming them by going through the process and realizing that, No, that is not it either.

As we said, Tantra Yoga was brought by Shiva. Shiva was known as a very unorthodox teacher. So that is why usually they show him meditating in the graves with a lot of skulls around him. He meditated on death, destruction, and how finite life is, and that everyone is going to eventually end up in the grave. And really this glory and all the ego trips that we go through, we are not going to take with us. Even the wealthiest people and the most powerful people are going to end up as a skull. If you believe you are a body, that is what your glory is; you become a skull in the grave.

That is why the only glory you really have is your spirit. You recognize that you are that glorious Spirit that was never born, will never be destroyed, and will never ever die. So that is what he was doing. He was meditating on all this finiteness of the creation.

He taught to face your fears. He said if you have a lot of sexual desires or things like that, there are two ways: by yoga, meditation, pranayama, and doing a lot of exercises, to overcome them and eventually completely destroy them; and/or, by the use of the path of Tantra.

He said that you go the path of yoga, or you go the path of Tantra. That meant that eventually you could control yourself completely in that desire and overcome it completely.

Has anyone ever told you that they are satisfied of their sensual desires and longings? No. The more you go for your sensual desires, what happens? You want more and more and more. So that is why in the Tantra, sexual practice, even their whole practice, is based on the control of your sexual desires instead of the fulfillment of them. So even that part is not quite as presented in those magazines, like Time Magazine.

But if you are afraid of that situation, the recommendation is to go to the situation, and face it. If you are afraid of a spider, read about spiders and know more about what kind of being it is. At the end you will not be afraid of it. You might actually say, It is a wonderful creature that controls the population of the bugs, and it is actually very helpful for the garden. So eventually you might even like them.

It has been found that a lot of people are afraid of spiders. But most of the spiders are not harmful at all. They are very helpful. So go through it, and face it.

The sexual part of the Tantra path is a very small part of the teaching, and even that has to eventually be overcome. Tantra teachers who had disciples who had problems with their sexual desires recommended, Why dont you just go ahead and go through it?

One thing in the Mission is to marry. Get married, and then if you want to practice the Tantra way, that is fine, go ahead, and do it. It is not to fulfill it, but to control it, to recognize that, That is not it either. That is not going to fulfill the greater longing that I have for infinite happiness, which comes from recognizing my spirit.

So the Tantra path is another way to reach to the same point as the yoga is but it is a more direct approach. Instead of meditating and denying yourself the pleasures of the world, it is to recognize their finiteness. But you have to be a very high person to follow the Tantra Path because it is not to go through it and let the Maya pull you down like everyone else. You actually have to be a very good yogi first before even starting on that path.

That is why it is a very dangerous path. Even in India the people who follow the Tantra path are considered as weird, kind of strange people, because their path is completely different than the yogi path, which is denial, meditation, and overcoming the lower nature. So it is not for everyone. It is a path of amazingly high spiritual people who have a few things to overcome. They can go through it with complete awareness that they are going through that path, not to be bogged down and pulled down to the Maya, but to go through it and realize that, That is not it either.

That is the reason it became very interesting to the carnal mind, those people who say, Oh, Tantra is good. We can fulfill our lower natures and desires through it.

And some people did, and where are they? All of them probably were pulled down to the Maya and completely destroyed. That is why the Tantra path is a very, very dangerous path. And not everyone can follow it.

But if you are very aware of yourself, if you really have complete control over your emotional and physical bodies and your spirit, and you have a few desires left, you can go through them the Godly way. If you have sexual desires, get married, and even then you can realize that it is not the highest.

So Tantra does not mean sex only. But the human mind apparently likes that part a lot, so that is why they say, Oh, that means It is not. It means to face your fears, face your desires, go through them, and at the end realize, Well, that is not it either.

This is why a part of our teaching is to meditate on your desires, on what your desires are. In our teaching, you do not have to go physically through them but you can think about them, meditate on them, go through them in your mind, and at the end realize, Oh, that is not it either. That is not what I am here for. That is not going to make me Divine. That is not going to make me completely overcome whatever I am supposed to overcome.

So that is really the true meaning of the path of Tantra. It does not mean what that Time Magazine said.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Baba taught the Tantra, and the Sixth Seal relates to the concept of Paravipras. How is Tantra related to the Sixth Seal?

Maitreya: As I said, you have to become a very aware person to even consider the path of Tantra. The path of Tantra means to overcome your fears and face your deepest fears.

So really the people who have to go through that are the people in the Sixth Seal. They have awakened their spiritual forces, they work for the creation of the Communities of Light, they sacrifice, they become surrendered and submissive, and they become universalists. Then their path of Tantra is to overcome every fear in their lives, go to the society, and become preachers, become teachers, and become people who have no fear of anything.

As I said, you could put them in the worst environment, but that environment does not affect them. So in a sense we are looking for a Tantric people who have no fear about anything, that they have gone through all those attachments and desires, and now the only thing left for them is to completely be a Paravipra, to be completely fearless.

Fearlessness is a part of our teaching. And how many people are fearless? Many people have a lot of fears. That is why again, in the Mission, eventually we have to come to a point where we can support these people so that they do not have to worry about their physiological and safety needs, so fearlessly they can go and preach the Mission and spread the Word all over the world.

So we can see that the result of going through the Path is to become a person who is very Tantric. As I taught in the beginning of the Mission, Go where fear fears to follow you. It means that you are where even fear cannot reach you. So that is actually the path of a Tantric person.

The Sixth Seal means the person who has really reached the highest Tantric path. They have meditated for many lifetimes.

We have not just started meditating this lifetime. Many of us have probably been yogis up there in the mountains for many lifetimes not eating too much, eating bird food, meditating, and being completely detached from this world. Now we come here. Again we meditate a little bit, and probably we do not need as much meditation anymore as we used to. But we have meditated many times. So now it is easier for us to come here, see the teaching right away, and say, Yes, that makes sense. I love it.

Why are there six billion people out there and not all of them love it, but you love it? Hopefully there are at least a couple of million people in that six billion who will love it also. But we have to reach them. We have to connect the Mission again to the Internet, connect with more people, and have teachers to go, preach, and reach out.

But the sixth level, which the Paravipras are in, is a very high level. We are looking for people who absolutely have overcome these little problems in their lives. They have no other ambition or reason for being here but to do the Will of God, which is to preach the Eternal Divine Path to humanity and bring them also to that level.

So the Tantric path is a beautiful path. It is not for everyone. At the same time it is a very dangerous path. That is why the people who think, Oh, Tantra means sex, are usually the people who are of a very low level of consciousness. They like only that part, and they even do not know what exactly it is, and they are going to fall.

Does that make sense?

[We had a very long meditation here]

Actually I like it very much to come here and have a nice meditation the way we did today. I hope everyone had a good meditation also. If you have any questions, of course, you always can bring them up even in the middle of the meditation. But if you do not have any, I will be here every month for the new people and also for your questions and a good meditation together.

I am not going to just go ahead and talk, and talk, and talk, like the preachers jumping up and down. What do they call it? They say that The Holy Ghost gets to them sometimes [laughter], and they do strange things at the top of the podium.

You all have a good month. See everyone at the next meeting.


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