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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Satsang. It is good to have all of you here with us.

May our numbers grow very, very large, huge, big [laughter], the whole earth, the whole universewhile we are at it, why not? The whole universe comes together with us. The greater the number, the more energy and power there is to do Gods Work. Right now our numbers are not huge, but many things are happening and a lot of things are done. A lot of projects are going on.

As usual the question is, is there any new person in the audience that we should explain The Greatest Sign to? They have the priority in these Satsangs, because these Satsangs are taking place to spread the Message to humanity. If there is any new person, let us know. Speak up, so we can explain The Greatest Sign first before we start with the other questions and other things that we are doing here. [silence]

There are members here today who have not been with us for some time. It is good to have you with us, and I hope you enjoy the Satsang today. This is the place to be because this is the full manifestation of Gods Revelation. Many things have been proven that what we have here is for the whole of humanity, and the whole of humanity should come and learn about this Revelation. So being here is a great blessing, and this Revelation is a great Blessing to all of us.

We will then go to the questions that have been sent to the Mission.

Question: In Universe And Man, Tablet One, verses 18 and 19, it says that outgoing prana becomes heedless desire, and ingoing prana becomes will. How can we keep the prana moving inward, and prevent it from going outward?

Maitreya: Yes, that is a part of the book Universe And Man in THOTH. That is probably the hardest book to fathom and understand. It has a lot of information and beautiful explanations in it. If you understand them, you really understand the whole universe and how it works, how God has created it, how different levels of consciousnesses are in the universe, where God is, where the unconscious mind is, etc.

Prana is really the energy, the raja guna, in the universe. The universe has seven levels or worlds. The first level is the manifested world, the crudest part of the universe. It is just like tama guna. The first level is tama, is manifested, is the universe, and is the crudest part of the world.

The second level, after tama, is raja. Raja is energy, which creates the second level of the universe, which is the pranic state. Or, prana is the energy that brings the life-force to the universe.

The third level is the mental, or the satvic energy, which is the decision-making process of the universe.

It is just like, the tama is the Chitta, which forms what we see. We see the microphone. The Chitta, or crudest part, forms the picture of the microphone. But it does not know anything about what it is. So raja guna is energy. It takes the message, microphone, and sends it to the satva. Satva recognizes it and says, Microphone.

The only thing the Chitta, or the crudest part of the mind does, is to keep the form from the external world. If there were no raja or prana, there would not be any movement, and there would not be any energy in the universe. The movement or the electricity (electricity is kind of a raja energy), takes it and puts it to the intelligent part of the brain, and the intelligent part of the brain says, It is a microphone. Now, what are we going to do with it?

So the decision comes. If you give it to a two, three, or four-month old child, he puts it in his mouth. If you give it to an older child who does not know what it is, he might break it. But if you give it to a singer, he says, Oh, I am going to sing in it. So depending upon your intelligence and your consciousness, you use that instrument according to where your consciousness is.

It is the same thing in life. We go into the world. It is external to us. We see things. Chitta takes the form. Raja sends it to the intelligence, and the intelligence says, What are we going to do with it?

If you are in a lower consciousness, you will make the decision based on the lower consciousness. If a beggar sees you he says, Oh, how can I get more money out of this person? If a thief sees you, he says, I will pick the pocket of this person. But if a Godly person sees you, he says, How can I help this person to connect to God? So it depends upon your consciousness. That is how the decisions will be made.

We can see that the tama guna creates the external world, or the manifested world, or our bodies. Raja guna becomes prana. Now with the tama guna, we see the external world. With raja guna, energy, we feel, How are we going to use this energy? Are we going to externalize it, and chase our desires, wants, and worldly things? Then it becomes what? The very energy that can be directed internally and used to guide us to the higher things starts guiding us outwardly.

The more energy we let out, outwardly, and direct to the world, the more this energy becomes desires, temptations, our wants, and we want to fulfill our sensual desires. That makes us go more and more to Maya. After awhile our energy becomes completely concentrated on what is in the external out there that we can accomplish or have.

The second level in the world is the pranic world, which is energy. It depends on how you use it, according to your consciousness. And the third one is the lower mental world. We use that to accomplish what is needed in the external world or manifested world. If we are becoming very good at it, if we are absolutely tamasic, what are we going to do? The only thing we really desire is the fulfillment of our physiological and safety needs. That is the only thing.

It is just like, what was the first thing Christ was tempted with? It was to, Make this stone bread. That is the first desire of man, Where is my next bread, next food, and next shelter going to come from?

The next temptation was to tempt God. It means that you doubt the power of God. Actually, some people say that God does not even exist, because they are so worldly that they really do not want to know that God exists. So the temptation comes, which is the second level, which is pranic, which is energy.

Energy creates temptation. So your whole mind and energy is going to go toward the heedless fulfillment of your desires. Your energy is going outwardly to the world. But you do not have much intelligence of how to manage the desires. You want them but you do not know how to get them.

The third level is the lower mental world. You use that energy toward the external world but you become wiser and wiser about how to fulfill those desires. You become a successful person in the external world, and your desires are fulfilled because your lower mental world has developed in such a way that you can use the energy to accomplish things that the external world offers. You become a successful person: You become a lawyer, you become a doctor, you become a politician, etc. You know how to make more money and fulfill your desires. But still you are going externally.

If you go a little higher, by going to the higher mental world, which directs your energy now from your third chakra to the higher chakras, to the fourth chakra, to the fifth chakra, and to the sixth chakra, with the higher energy, you start using your intelligence in understanding, Why am I here? Where am I going? What is this life about? Why was I created? Is it that I only eat, drink, sleep, make children, and die? Is that the goal of my life? Is that all this universe is created for, and I have been here for only this reason?

That is when your higher mental level starts questioning the reasons for your life. This is when you withdraw from the external world and you go toward the internal world. So your energy no longer is heedlessly going toward the outwardly things but toward the greater inside questions and inside Calling that is urging you for something greater than just mundane life.

That is when your energy starts being directed from the external world to the internal world, and heedless desires become wisdom. You become a seeker. You start going more away from Maya. You look for something greater than heedless desires and the external world. So you start using the higher mental world. And because of that, you become attracted to knowing the reason for life and being here. Eventually you say, Well, there could be some Creator somewhere that has created me and put me here for a reason.

You start asking, Do I have a reason to be here? Of course, everyone asks this question at least once in his life. But when your energy is going out, you ask it very little, maybe a couple of times in your life, or a very few times. Even when you ask it, you do not really want to know the answer because the answer might interfere with your desires for the external world.

We can see that it says, Many will be called but few will be chosen. Why few? It is because most of the other ones are directing their energy outwardly. They want the world. They want their desires to be fulfilled. They have some wants and some reasons that the external world becomes very important to them.

So when you go to the higher mental world, you start going more inside and probably become more meditative. You start meditating and awakening your spiritual forces to the higher chakras. The first time you reach the fourth chakra, you experience the unconditional love and beauty of not being attached, being yourself, and finding your own self as being so beautiful as it is.

Then you go to the higher level, the fifth level, which is beyond this world. You gain a lot of knowledge of how the creation works and how the universe is working so beautifully. You find something even more beautiful than what the external world offers you.

So the luster of the external world just vanishes away. Actually you do not want it as much any more because it does not have any attraction for you. That is because you found something more beautiful.

It is just like Christ said, The kingdom is like a jewel. When you find the property that that jewel is buried in, what do you do? You sell all your other wealth to buy that property, because you know that jewel is buried in that land. That is exactly what happens if you really hit the higher mental world and then go beyond the higher mental world to the absolute to the fifth level of creation, or your being reaches beyond the sheaths, which separate you from the rest of the universe.

So when you reach there, you are still under the influence of the external world. The three gunas are still dominating you.

You go to the higher level. In the sixth level, you are absolutely in control of the three gunas and the world, and they are not going to affect you any more at all. That is when you experience being touched by God. You actually become one with God. You can feel His Presence and the Oneness with Him. But, you are still in the body. At the seventh level, you reach liberation or Oneness completely with God.

If there were no energy in the universe, would there be any movement? No. What is our will? Our will is how to use the energy that God has given to us, isnt it? Or is it, My will is to have a very nice house. What do I do now, because that is my will?

Will really is the way we use to fulfill our desires. You use your will to fulfill your desires. If my will is to have a beautiful house, then I will use my energy toward that goal, for what I want. What is my will? Is it something external? Yes, it is something external. I want something out there that I am going to put my will and energy into.

Are you thinking about God when you are putting your effort into working hard, making money, and putting it away, going for the mortgage, and getting all that? No. You are always thinking about that desire out there.

If my goal is to have the most beautiful family, what am I going to do? I have to secure a job, work hard to buy a place to live, and spend my time and energy to have a beautiful family. Sometimes at the end it does not work because the family falls apart.

Now if I put my energy toward God and the creation of the Communities of Light, if I bring like-minded people together and we are able to share with each other, can we have a beautiful house? It is much easier, isnt it? There are more resources coming in from many people together, and I can easily have a beautiful house without spending the rest of my life just having a beautiful house.

It is the same thing for having a family. If the family is living in a unit of a Community of Light and the family is supported by the community it is not only one couple but there are six couples or even more the whole Community of Light is supporting each family. Will those families stay together easier, and will they become more very good families, or is it easier if two people try to make a good family in the ocean of Maya?

So we can see again it depends on where your consciousness is and where your energy is going. If your energy is just for yourself and thinking about yourself and worldly things, and that is what you want, that is going to become heedless desires, temptation, and work. Then probably you are never going to fulfill what your desires are.

The problem with desires is that when you fulfill one, what happens? It is going to be replaced with another one because you are going outwardly. Your energy is going outwardly.

If one of them is fulfilled, are you going to be satisfied? No. You will not. Your energy is going that way, therefore, it will be replaced with another one, with another one, with another one, and it is going to be a heedless, unending quest for fulfilling something that is called Maya, illusion. It is not going to be fulfilled.

Also what happens? Desires are directed to sensual wants, sensual gratification. Does sensual gratification ever satisfy anyone? Have you ever heard anyone say, I have had enough of sensual desires, I really am fulfilled, I am done with them? No, you will not. And it becomes worse and worse.

Just look at the world since the 1940s and 1950s. They are going toward more and more sensual things. Are their sensual desires fulfilled? Or are they finding new ways to fulfill their sensual desires? It has become worse, trying to fulfill their desires. So it means that they are never going to be satisfied. Why not?

If I have what I want right now, isnt that enough? Some people say, If I had this and that and that, I would be fine, I would be satisfied. No, you would not because when you have those things, you want more. You want something, and then you want to add to it, and you become more attached to more things.

The reason is that we are really longing for limitlessness. We are created to be limitless but we are trying to replace that limitlessness with the desires of limited things in the external world. So we want to fulfill that limitlessness with something limited, and it is never going to happen. It is never going to work.

The best thing is to close your eyes, start meditating, and start awakening your spiritual forces. With directing that energy, that want, that desire, from the external world and sensual things, to the internal world and Godly things, you will fulfill your desires for sensual things according to Gods Laws.

For instance, sexual desires can be fulfilled through a nice marriage. Pure couples can come together and create children, make a family, and at the same time make it Godly. The sensual desires are not important in their relationship, but the Godly set-up of creating the community, creating the family, and creating an environment that fulfills good for everyone, therefore, makes it Godly.

Another example is food. Live in the Communities of Light. Cook beautiful food together, share it, eat it together, and enjoy it. At the same time it is not something that will become a heedless desire that becomes completely insatiable.

God does not say, Do not use the external world. God says, Make it Godly. Make it spiritual. When you make it spiritual, you have more time also to direct the energy from the external world to the internal world, to the higher mental world, and make that will great for progress in your spiritual life.

So we can see that how we can use the energy, where our focus is, is affecting our lives and our progress to the higher things. If you read Universe And Man and continue reading it, probably it shows a little bit of how, if the energy is externalized, it becomes heedless desires.

Actually, you can just look at atomic energy. You can use the atomic energy for good things, grow things and bring beautiful things to the earth and humanity. You also can use atomic energy to blow up the whole earth, fifty times. It is the same energy. It is the same prana. It is the same thing. You can direct it externally and the energy becomes desires, attachments, and temptation. You can internalize it, and it becomes wisdom, higher thoughts, and progress.

In THOTH it says, when the prana goes outwardly it becomes heedless desires, and you are never going to be fulfilled. That is why we say, close your eyes and go through your desires in your meditation. When you have a desire for the external world, meditate on it. What is going to happen? I want this, I want it bad, I want it now, I want it for myself, and I do not want to share it either. All right, go ahead, close your eyes, and meditate. You have fulfilled it, OK, now what?

A lot of people desire to have companionship, to be with other people. If I buy a nice house and have a lot of money, I am going to have a lot of friends. And they earn those things. Actually they lose many friends and a lot of things because they become so snobby. You see, the things you gain to fulfill other desires sometimes actually backfire.

That is when you close your eyes, you go through it, and you create wisdom in your meditation. You realize, No, really, I do not want that. That is not going to help me in my spiritual progress and higher things.

So internalize your energy, bring it back from the world into yourself, and meditate on it. If you have a desire, go through it in your meditation. That is a Tantric way of fulfilling your desire without the side effects of going externally.

Does that make sense?

John: Yes. Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: All right! What is the next question?

Question: In the Bhagavad-Gita chapter 8, verse 1, Arjuna asks what are the over-soul, over-being, and over-divinity. I could not understand Krishnas answer. Can you explain these things and how they relate to the Missions teaching?

Maitreya: Where did you get those verses from, John, which Bhagavad-Gita?

John: The translation I have. Would you like me to read it?

Maitreya: No, only if you remember which translation. It is not the Haree Krishna Bhagavad-Gita, is it?

John: No. I also have one of those I was given

Audience: in the airport? [laughter]

Maitreya: The best Bhagavad-Gita that I found, with the closest true translation, was the one translated by Juan Mascaro. I found that the book from Penguin Classics is the best translation of the Bhagavad-Gita that they have made. That is why we use it in the Mission. Let us read the sentences that you just quoted from the translation by Juan Mascaro. That makes it much clearer.

Reader: Here is that verse from the Penguin Classics: Who is Brahman? Who is Atman? And what is karma, Spirit Supreme? What is the kingdom of the earth? And what is the kingdom of Light?

Who offers the sacrifice in the body? How is the offering made? And when the time to go comes, how do those whose soul is in harmony know thee?

Maitreya: So, as you can see here, it is not talking about the over-soul and all of that in your question. It is talking about the Atman, the Supreme, and karma. It is really talking about, Who is God, what is the Self, and how does the karma work here?

The Supreme, or Brahman, is God Himself. We believe that It is the consciousness and the three gunas in the universe. It is everywhere and all over the universe.

There are two levels of God, the manifested state and the unmanifested state. The unmanifested state is absolutely in a blissful state of being, and in the manifested state, is in the higher mental world or the sixth chakra, which is also engaged in managing the universe.

That is what the Supreme, or Brahman, is. It means the God that has control of the universe and is within every individual. When He is within every individual, that becomes atman, or self. So the Supreme is Brahman, God in the manifested world. He is in control of everything. He is the One who knows the smallest fish in the ocean and what it is doing, what it is going to eat, and what is going to happen to it.

The Self, or over-soul, is Atman, which is in every one of us, which is the same as Brahman or God Himself. Karma is action or the force in the universe that we use to manifest or do things, and because of that we create a reaction in our Souls. That reaction is the samskara that stays with our Souls. Because of our actions, we create the reactions, which become the Law of Karma.

If we do an action that is not according to Gods Laws of the universe, we are going against the Laws. So we create karma, which we have to learn the lesson not to go against the Laws of the universe. These things are what Krishna goes on to answer Arjuna in the whole chapter about how the Self is the same as God, the atman with a small a is the same as Atman with a big A, and the self with the small s is the Self with the big S.

That goes very well with the other Scriptures. The Bible says, Know thyself to know God. Or, in every culture they say that, Know thyself to know God. Why is my knowing self equal with knowing God? It is because self is what? It is God. If you know yourself, what do you know? You know the Self, which is the same as God, so you know God.

Every Scripture is again talking about the same thing. There is no difference between the Scriptures and Gods Revelation. The Scriptures say the same thing, the self is the Self, God and Atman are One, know thyself to know God, and do the actions, which are according to Gods Laws, according to the universal set-up.

The Ten Commandments are a part of the universal set-up. The Fifteen Commandments are a part of the universal set-up. Not going against the things that have been said are according to the Universal Laws, makes us more Godly, more in control, and gives us greater willpower in our lives. As we were just talking about, the more we become heedless and are attracted to Maya, the less we are going to follow the Godly Way, the less we are going to follow the Laws of the Universe. The less we follow the Laws of the Universe, the more we are going to be out of control, unhappy, and destroyed.

So that is what Krishna and Arjuna are talking about in this chapter. They are talking about God, self, how the self creates karma, how karma affects the individual, and how following the Laws of the Universe is going to bring the human in a greater degree to knowing self and God.

That goes very well with the Missions teachings too. We believe that God is everything, the self is a part of God, and knowing thyself is knowing God. But we say, Knowing thyself is accelerated in the Communities of Light.

We do not recommend that you go to the mountains and isolate yourself from the rest of the universe so that you can know thyself. No, we believe that the Communities of Light accelerate the process more than going to the mountains and meditating by yourself.

In that sense, our teaching is different than Hinduism that teaches, Separate yourself. I do not think the teaching was like that in the beginning. The followers of the teacher went and lived in the forest. Some of them were naked, ate bird food, and tried to deny everything, deny their bodies, deny their senses absolutely, and maybe they could know themselves.

How many of them did? We find out that it did not really work. If you are completely attracted to the world and go to the external world, you will see that that is not going to work either. So what works? The middle path works.

What is the middle path? The middle path is the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light is the middle path. You reasonably satisfy your physiological and safety needs but you have to withdraw from the external world and your desires that you have so much. You think they are normal, but they are not. So you can just withdraw from those things that are not recommended. And more and more you know thyself. The more you know the atman, the more you know God.

So the Mission actually is very much related to the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita. If you read the Bhagavad-Gita and then you read the Bible, the New Testament, you will see the similarity of what Krishna was talking about and what Christ was saying. They are very similar to each other.

Of course, we know that Christ went to Persia, India, and Tibet. Probably he was very familiar with the Bhagavad-Gita, their teachings, and the relationship between God and atman. When he came back to Jerusalem, he was not just a regular Jew but he was also a mystical person who had all this knowledge with him.

When he said, The Father and I are One, he really said that atman and Atman are the same thing. My self and God are the same thing.

You can see even in his teaching he showed that he was aware of the mystical part, the teaching of Hinduism, etc. Of course, he also knew about the teaching of Judaism and the Old Testament. So he not only knew about Hinduism but he knew about other teachings too. Also of course, he was the Messiah, and he came to further the teaching to a greater degree.

Now we also believe in this, that the self and God are the same thing, Know thyself, Be still and know that I am God. And God is everything. He is the Supreme. We are the self or atman. We can know Him by knowing ourselves. And we do believe in karma although we teach and explain it a little differently.

We do not believe that karma is something set, and it is going to bother you for many lifetimes. We believe that after you learn your lessons, the karma is going to go away, and you are going to be fine. So the karma is there for you to learn your lessons. When you learn your lessons, there is no karma left.

The Bhagavad-Gita is a beautiful book. It has a lot of truth and wonderful things in it but I have found out that some parts of it seem to have been influenced and changed with human interference. Actually, I started writing a commentary on it. I wrote a commentary for three chapters and then I reached a point that I realized that some parts are not really true. The things in it have been changed and influenced by some carnal minds.

Audience: Like the caste system?

Maitreya: Yes, the caste system, etc.

So even when you are reading the Bhagavad-Gita, read it with a grain of salt. Again compare it with THOTH. The whole thing comes back to, is what it says, in THOTH or not? We do not believe that there is a caste system, as this person is untouchable, but the Bhagavad-Gita goes on talking about untouchables, etc.

However, the rest of it has a lot of beautiful teachings. We can use them in our realization of what THOTH is talking about when we say, Meditate and awaken your spiritual forces.

What does it mean, awakening of your spiritual forces? You can find a lot of that in the Bhagavad-Gita. You can find a lot of that in the Upanishads, in other Indian philosophies or Buddhist philosophies or any other Mystical Path about how to know thyself. But always be careful. Always take them with a grain of salt and compare them with THOTH. Really is it in THOTH, or not? Hopefully we will not create a caste system, because we do also talk about the Ksattriyas, Shudras, Brahmins, etc. But it should not become a base for the caste system.

All right! Does that make sense? Is there any follow-up question for that?

John: No, thank you. No follow-up question.

Maitreya: Then lets go to the third question.

Question: In THOTH it says that in the beginning, the operative powers of the three gunas were not released. Does this mean that in the beginning the universe did not have the capacity of creativity, knowledge, ability, and remembrance?

Maitreya: That is a very good question. It had the potential of creativity but it did not have the memory, the ability to do, or the ability to make a decision. It was a state of Be-ness, a state of absolute equilibrium and balance. That state is the state of Blissfulness and just Being without the kind of awareness that we are talking about in the external world. It is a state of unexplainable, of being, and no desire is left even to want to do anything or create anything.

That is why in Hinduism they say that the cycle of creation is: creation, and then Brahman goes to sleep. It is just like He is tired, so the creation collapses, and Brahman goes to sleep.

In the state of sleep, do you have the ability of being creative? Yes, you do. Do you have the ability of memory? Yes, you do, but you are not using it. It is just like being in a dormant state. You have the potential.

For instance, if a stone is over there sitting at the top of the mountain, it has a potential energy. If you push that stone down the mountain, it becomes very powerful. If anything is in front of it, it will be smashed to nothingness.

As long as the stone is at the top of the mountain, is not falling, and is going nowhere, it is just like being dormant. It does not have any potential of doing any harm or anything like that. It is just sitting there. It is the same state of being that it has the potential of being awakened and it has the potential of creation, creativity, being able to make decisions, remembering, and creating the universe.

But it does not want to. It does not even have a desire. Actually there is no desire in it. That is the state of desirelessness. If there is no desire, how can you create?

You have to have a desire to create a car before you start figuring out how to create a car. If you do not have any desire to create a car, are you going to become a carmaker?

If you have a desire to paint something, the desire first comes. Then you say, Oh, I have to go buy the brush and buy the paint. Now, what kind of subject do I want to paint? See, you put the effort into it.

If you do not have any desire to paint, do you paint? No. Do you have the ability to paint? Of course you do. Anyone can buy the brush and paint. Of course, you might not paint as well as Michelangelo or Picasso, but you can paint. You have the ability. You have the potential to do it. But there is no desire to do it; therefore, it is not going to happen.

It is the same thing when eventually this creation reaches a point that the original energy is exhausted, and it goes back to that state of desirelessness.

Remember what created the universe. The first reason for creation was that the desire arose in the consciousness of the universe. That desire brought imbalance to the whole equilibrium in the universe and caused the big bang or the beginning of creation. So the whole reason for creation was based on that original desire.

That is exactly what makes humans heedless. It is desire, isnt it? They have a desire for this, they have desire for that, and on and on. That is what keeps them going toward Maya because the desires awaken more potential in them to go to Maya.

So the first thing that was created was, I know. Before that, He did not have to know. He did not have any desire to know. He did not need to know. He was in the state of absolute Bliss, Beingness, and equilibrium, so He did not have to know.

Then the next one was, I do. In the state before that, there was no desire to do. He was absolutely desireless of wanting to do anything.

Then, the creation went on to create the manifestation of ether, which became memory and action. Then he said, I remember. I just awoke. Or, I have the memory of being here. I have ability. I have creativity. I have the desire. The whole universe started going away from a state of equilibrium to more and more toward becoming more mundane, gross, and the creation and the universe. Suddenly the whole universe was created.

That desire, of course, created many different consciousnesses. Each consciousness had their own desires and their own wants. They started splitting into an uncountable number of unit consciousnesses, and this created chaos. That is why in the Bible it says, In the beginning, the darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved over the waters.

What is darkness? Darkness is chaos; it is something that is not controllable. The light is not there anymore. It became so gross, so desirous, and so away from equilibrium that the light absolutely lost its original being and became darkness.

Before that, that being was not even aware of what darkness was. But in the beginning he realized, There is darkness; there is chaos. There is something wrong with this picture.

Therefore, he moved to bring everything under control again. And, of course, he realized that helping each unit consciousness back to the Body was hard work. They would not listen. They had their own ideas.

Just look at the earth. Each individual has their own will, their own desires, and their own wants. They want to go their own way and do their things for their own way, the way they want to do them. God has been sending Prophets and Revelations, and all of them say the same thing, Turn around. Be baptized. Forget about the world. Come back to Me.

How many people listen? Even those people who say, Yes, we want to listen, then turn around and go back to the world. The world gets them because of their desires, wants, etc.

So in meditation we also should become less and less desirous for the external world, and more and more become that equilibrium without wanting to reach too much of Maya and be completely destroyed by it. That is because when Maya comes and our desires arise, we go toward our desires and God becomes less and less important. To return back home becomes less important because you have a lot of things to do right now and going home is not your priority. Doing other things is more your priority.

Of course, the eventual conclusion is that if you create a nice environment for people that encourages them to go back home more and more, it is going to help. That is where the idea of the Communities of Light comes in.

If you want to awaken your spiritual forces by yourself, if you want to go home by yourself, it is harder because the ocean of Maya is going to just grab you and say, No. You cannot do it. You are wrong. You are the only person. You do not have any other person thinking like you or supporting you. But the Communities of Light create an environment of support for those who want to go back home.

Actually that is the purpose of the Communities of Light, to create an environment where everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, and work on going home. If you are in the community and you are trying to entice the community to the Maya and bringing Mayaistic things into it, you are not part of the Communities of Light. You are opposing the Communities of Light to go where they are supposed to go.

Then, of course, with creating such an environment, you have to sacrifice. You cannot say, What is in it for me only? If you do that, then you are going to feel out of the community. You are not connected with the community. You are not going to be part of the community.

The community might reject you. You might reject the community. Eventually you will say, Well, this is not going to work for me, and again you are going to fall into Maya. But when you are in the community, you can easily turn around and go toward God and advance in your spiritual progress.

Of course, the next step is to do the Will of God. What is the Will of God for me? What was I created here for? Let it be, not my will but Your Will.

If you say, Oh, no. I do not agree with Gods Will. That is OK if God wants it this way, but my will is different than Gods Will, what are you saying? You are saying, I do not want to listen to Gods Will. You want to listen to your own will.

Of course, this can be misused. Some teacher might come here and say, This is the Will of God, but really it is the will of the teacher. That is why many religions have been created. A lot of teachers in those religions brought their will into those religions and presented that as the Will of God.

It is just like the Brahmins came and said, There is going to be a caste system. These people I do not like; they are untouchable.

In Judaism, the rabbi became the head of the community. The rabbi said, This is the way it is, so the Jewish people said, Yes, that is the Will of God. But really it was not the Will of God.

Or in Christianity, fathers and brothers say the way it is, and Christians said, Oh, OK. That is the way it is. That is the Will of God.

Or in Islam, the Mullahs came, and they said to the people, This is the way it should be. But that was not what Prophet Muhammad said or God said. We can see that it can be misused, following the Will of God.

In the Mission, what is the Will of God? In the Mission the Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path. It is very simple. The rest of it is really the icing on the cake.

The rest is to bring you to this realization that the goal of your life is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and that is the Will of God. So you awaken your spiritual forces, etc.

And then, of course, you have to become a universalist. You cannot say, I love God but I do not like this race, or that gender, or this part of the universe, or You cannot do that because God is everything.

There is a purpose for everything that God created. He would not have created them if there were no purpose for them. So that is when you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and free yourself from all those problems.

What is the goal of all those things? The goal is to go back home, to return to the equilibrium, to return to the desirelessness, and to bring the universe back to that state.

But that state does not mean that it does not have the potential of being creative. It has the potential, but the potential is dormant. There is no desire to create. There is no desire to be awakened. There is no desire to know. There is no desire to remember. There is no desire to be anything else but in that state of absolute absorption into Self and Oneness with the rest of the universe.

We cannot say that it did not have any creative force or that it was not there because still it is going to be consciousness and the three gunas. But the three gunas are in the equilibrium level, and the consciousness is absolutely free. It has the potential but it does not have the desire to do anything with it.

So, in one sense, you are correct. Before the creation, there was no memory, there was no action, and there was no decision-making process. It was in a state of being-ness, to be.

We can go back to Shakespeare, To be or not to be, that is the question. If you are, that means you are right there in the moment. That is why some teachers say, Self-realization comes when you are in the moment, you are in this second, neither in the past, nor in the future. It is what is happening right here and now, it is that moment of realization.

But the moment you say here and now, what happens? The here and now is past; it is gone. You are not there any more. So the only way you can recognize and realize that state before the creation is to be that state. And the only way you can get to that state is through your meditation.

You cannot recognize infinity until you experience infinity. Then you do not question it, you know it exists. But intellectually it is impossible to explain it. Many gurus, teachers, and other people try to explain what God is, or what Pure Consciousness is. That is why most of them say, It is a state of the unexplainable.

State means what? State means it exists. It is a Being. It is there, but I cannot explain it to you unless you experience it. The moment you experience it, you know it is true but you cannot explain it to another person. It is the state of the unexplainable.

That is why the only thing God can do is to give you the Path, the way to go there, the way to reach that state. It is up to you to go there to reach that state. But according to our teachings, do not hurry. It is going to be harder for you to do it by yourself. Even if you do it by yourself, what is the goal of the universe? It is to bring the equilibrium back to where it was.

If you try to get there by yourself, do you think God is going to say, It is OK, come in? He will say, No. Go back. We have a lot of work to do. All these unit consciousnesses are out there, and they are lost. Go back and help them out. You cannot come in yet. You are going to come back after you have helped a lot of people back to the state.

So the whole goal of the universe is to go back to the state that it was, to become desireless, to that state of desirelessness. That is why this creation is created. That is what we have to teach humanity that they have to create the Communities of Light so that we can create less desireful people and more great teachers and great beings who like to spend their time and energy to help others so all the universe goes back to where it was, as fast as possible.

That is the goal of the life, to return to God. Every religion, every great teacher, says the same thing, Your goal is to return to Father, to Godhood, to God, and to become One with Him.

Does that make sense?

John: Yes, Maitreya, that makes sense, but I have a follow-up question.

Maitreya: Go ahead, John.

John: Why was the original desire released, the raja guna, why was that done?

Maitreya: Well, it is in the Universal Mind, it is in His Mind. It has the potential of desiring. So as long as there is a potential of something, it might happen.

That stone at the top of the mountain has the potential of falling and causing a lot of destruction. Or, Mt. St. Helene can blow up and destroy all the mountains around it. As long as that potential is not released, as long as Mt. St. Helene and the power inside of it are contained, nothing will happen. Everything is there. But the moment the pressure comes to the point that it cannot contain it anymore, suddenly the mountain blows up.

Just imagine that Mt. St. Helene, before blowing up, is like a consciousness in the state of desirelessness but somehow the pressure reaches a point that Mt. St. Helene blows up. The potential is released, and destruction comes.

Now imagine that the state of desirelessness exists for billions and trillions of years, and suddenly it reaches a point that the potential of desiring is released or awakened or somehow becomes alive in that consciousness. The moment that happens, a new creation is going to start. The desire is so strong that, that consciousness has no choice but to release it.

That release of the desire creates a new cycle, unless that part that has been released realizes that he does not want to have that desire any more, and the whole universe again becomes desireless to return to where it was before.

If there is a potential in anything, there is a possibility that it will eventually go out of equilibrium, use that potential, and create a situation for fulfilling that desire.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Mind-stretching.

Maitreya: Yes, it is mind-stretching as was said. Are there any more questions?

Audience: Maitreya, that desire, though, was a Godly desire, right? It was to help all the lost unit consciousnesses. It was not like a heedless desire. Is that correct?

Maitreya: Well, that is the real question, What was that first desire? That we have to go to the beginning of the creation as to what that desire was.

Audience: And another question is, if you overcome, might there still be desires? You can picture a point where you overcome, and there are absolutely no desires. Does that mean that there might be a desire that comes up again?

Maitreya: Well, even if you have become desireless, the only thing you are doing is you are realizing that desire is no good. That is a type of realization that kind of defuses your desires. It is not something that you cannot desire.

Even the greatest yogi, or this realized person, can awaken their desires and become a person full of desires. But they will not do it because they know that desire is not good for them. It is not something that they have not destroyed, but something that they have defused and brought equilibrium in their being.

So if that equilibrium changes and goes out of the way it is, it can happen. There are some examples of spiritual teachers who fell. They started something with a good idea and good intentions, but later on, they fell.

Some of the preachers in the last couple of years, probably they started with good intentions and then later on we find them in bad situations that shows that there were still some impurities. So they had the potential. In the beginning they were more in equilibrium, but they had the potential to fall. And they fell.

Audience: If you are trying to achieve desirelessness, wouldnt you have a desire to have no desires [laughter]?

Maitreya: All right! That is another mind-stretching question, a desire of not having a desire. Actually, you do not desire to become desireless, but you meditate on your desires and go through them, or realize that they are not good. That by itself makes you desireless, because you realize that what you are going to do is not going to help you to go where you want to go, or progress, or be, and it is not good, so you just let it go.

Also it depends on how clean your chakras are. The more you meditate, purify, and cleanse yourself, the more the desires will dissolve by themselves. As we talked about the little creatures, that as we put the light on them for a long time, they will just completely become destroyed by themselves.

So really there is no desire of being desireless, but you go through the process and the desires fall off by themselves.

Audience: I can imagine desire being directed to a higher cause in the manifested world but can there be a desire in an unmanifested universe?

Maitreya: Maybe the first desire was to create. That is a question that I would probably have to meditate on for a long time to come up with, what was the original desire that arose in the universe that for the first time, somehow, that state of absolute absorption lost its equilibrium? And because it lost its equilibrium, the forces were released, and those forces took over the consciousness.

Maybe the first desire was, I am too lonely? Or, Am I here only by myself? Or, Who am I? What am I doing here? Somehow, you can even say, maybe the beginning was not the first desire but the disturbance of the equilibrium in the universe. And because the equilibrium fell, the first consciousnesses started being crudified with the forces. It started snowballing and eventually reached to the awakening of, Oh, I know. I do. I have done, and the beginning of the creation started.

But at the same time the consciousness realized that he has the ability to control it and bring it back to where it used to be.

So those questions and going back to the beginning of creation are very mind-stretching questions. They are good to think about, meditate, and try to figure them out but you have to go to the beginning of the creation to see what was that desire. As I said, most probably the equilibrium was disturbed, and then the desires arose.

Audience: Well, I also had a question about creativity. Where does that come from? I think when you look in the animal world, it seems like humans are the only ones who have that incredible intense (is it a desire?) to create, to make things. You do not see it really in any other animals. In chimpanzees or monkeys, you do not see that. You see them doing a little bit but not like the human. Is that a part of us that is similar, we are made in the image of God, and God created and that is from Him? Is it a chakra thing? Is it a lower chakra? Is it a higher chakra? Is it a desire?

Maitreya: Well, I do not think animals are absolutely void of creativity. They do have creativity in them but probably it is not as expanded as human creativity.

Actually in Islam, Prophet Muhammad said that when God created humans, He said, Tabarekollah Ahsanol Khaleghin. It means, the highest congratulations of this creation. It means it was the crown of the creation. It was the crown of what He eventually accomplished by creating man, because man is the only being who is in the image of God.

We cannot see that the Bible says that the dog is in the image of God or the cat is in the image of God, or even the horse or the chimpanzee is in the image of God. But He said, Man is in the image of God.

So, in a sense we are created the most potent being, at least in the creation we are aware of. We have the potential to become Godly and have God consciousness in us. As we said, God has the potential of creating. He has the ability to be very creative.

So if we are in His image, therefore, we have a lot of potential to create and be creative, actually to be a co-creator with God, and then create things that God can be very proud of what we have done.

There is no other animal, no other being, at least as far as we know, that has accomplished on earth as the human has. We have accomplished in many levels, in the intellectual, in the physical, in the mental, and in the spiritual levels. We have brought a lot of creativity to the earth and our environment. Probably we are the most successful animal on earth, if you look at us as a part of the animal kingdom.

We should have something very special in us that we are able to do things that other animals do not have or cannot accomplish. And we do, we have the potential of being One with God and in His Image, especially before we were split into male and female. So probably we had even more potential before God split man and woman or male and female into two parts.

Now we can become more potential if we realize that we are a part of each other and bring that creativity together as collective beings on earth. Instead of fighting with each other and seeing the separation among ourselves, we need to see the collectivity, the completeness, the complimentary things that we are all together, and how we can complete and make ourselves more perfect by realizing that we are a part of the greater body. The potential of creativity is going to be amazingly higher than the human ever experienced or has seen.

So we have not yet really realized our potential. We have been individuals who have been very creative. In our creativity, we are very separated from the collective help of everyone else. Now if we can overcome that and see the unity on earth and humanity and everything here, then we can see that our creative energy has not even met one tenth of a percent of what it could be.

We still have a long way to go to really manifest what God has created in us. Probably, who knows, maybe we can come to a point to create a machine that people can just sit underneath and they can go to Pure Consciousness right away. It would just cleanse their chakras and make them go right to the higher self and realize God in a much faster way. It would be just like we make instant coffee instead of brewing it, we could have an instant realization to the higher self, etc.

So we can be very creative. The human has a lot of potential. We are only using 8-10% of our brains. What happened to that other 90%? 90% is still dormant. We have not been using it very well. Just imagine if we made that using 25%, 30% of our brain.

Are we really only this physical body, or are we going to progress in a greater degree to a more glorified body? But this is the beginning of a great leap to come for humanity. So this is not the end at all.

Again we are not an apocalyptic-teaching Mission at all. We are not at the end at all. We are at the beginning of the release of great potential for humanity. We, each of us, are a part of it to bring it to that point.

But as long as humans are separated, they are fighting each other, they are destroying each other, and they are so narrow in their understanding of the universe, it cannot occur. For instance they say, We do not have enough resources. It is just laughable. How can you not have enough resources? There are infinite resources out there in the universe waiting for the human to tap into. But we are so narrow in our vision that we just see black oil, or electricity created by atomic reactors, or things like that. However, there is infinite energy out there.

It reminds me of a bird that sits in front of a large lake, and she does not drink the water of the lake. The reason is that she is afraid that if she drinks from the lake, it might dry out. She dies of thirst because she is afraid that it might dry out. But if she had the vision, she would know that the water is going to come back from the sky, and it is going to rain. The lake is never going to dry out, and she can drink to her hearts content.

So we can see that when our vision becomes very small, we will suffer. That is why one of the teachings is that your ideology and goal is very important in your life. That really means your vision. Your vision should be expanded.

We are here trying to create a new man, a new society, and a new human. Do not lower your vision to, I am going to work and this is all there is. I do not like this work, and I am stuck here. No, you are helping to create the new man, the new society.

All of us need a greater vision here that we have to bring to humanity to expand them, to release them of their small visions that bring so much destruction to humanity. They are fighting, destroying each other, bombing each other, etc. If they can expand their consciousnesses, then they will not see each other as enemies but they will see each other as potential complimentary parts of the human race.

We have to stretch our vision. We have to stretch our viewpoint and work on ourselves but at the same time know that we are a part of a greater truth that has come to humanity. Humanity is on the brink of breaking to a great release of their potential. But as long as we are concentrating only on earth, only on our race, only on our religion, only on our nation, or only on our culture, we are going to be at each others throats for another hundred, two hundred, or a thousand years.

That is why God sent this Mission, why God sent this Vision, Give it to humanity. Let them expand their vision. Let them expand their views. Let them come to see that they are not contradictory to each other, but they are complimentary to each other.

Each culture has something to offer. Each culture is beautiful. Each culture has to enrich our culture, instead of saying, Oh, no, I want my culture. I do not want your culture. Your culture is bad. You are no good. You are inferior to me and I am going to bomb you, or destroy you, or do ethnic cleansing. The concept of ethnic cleansing means that they are dirty or, There is something wrong with them that I have to cleanse them of something.

With that kind of thinking, it means narrow vision, tunnel vision. You have not expanded your vision to see, Oh, maybe they have something good that I can use. Maybe I can look a little deeper to see that they have something that will enrich even my culture to a greater degree.

With this realization, we can overcome our fears, our desires, our feelings of inferiority, and our getting stuck in a small place and realize, Yes, I am doing a great thing here. I am bringing humanity to a release of a great energy.

As we create more and more Communities of Light, that mundanity should also be lifted up from all of us who are stuck in working or being in a small place of society and feeling to be no one or anything. We will then be able to feel, Yes, I am doing a great thing here, I am a part of the human progress and the expansion of the Vision.

So I hope all of us will expand our Vision. Do not let the world get you. Let THOTH get you. Let God get you, but not the world that tries to tell you that you are no good, you are small, you are nothing, and all that. You are great. You are doing a great job.

This Vision is wonderful, and humanity has greater potential than where they are. That is what we have to teach them. That is what we have to awaken them to. A hundred years from now, if we can create many Communities of Light and release this energy, the human is going to be somewhere that they have never even imagined possible.

Just imagine what we have done in the last fifty years. We came from the horse and buggy to space travel in fifty years. I was seven years old when it started. So we can see that if we could have done that for all these problems we have on earth, imagine what we could do if we did not have these problems on earth and the energy was going toward the progress in physiological and safety needs, and spiritual progress.

After a while we will know from the very childhood, what is the child good at? What is his or her potential? How can we nurture that potential for every child, every child on earth, and in the universe? This would be not only on earth, but also for the whole universe. Every child should be able to be nurtured and his potential on earth be recognized, encouraged, and allowed to bloom.

If we can do that, imagine how many talented children are going to be out there to help the scientific field, or the spiritual progress, or the physical world, or the legal progress, or the medical field, and everything that has progressed up to this point.

Medicine has reached such a point that they have drugs for almost everything, and it is really miraculous what they can do. There is almost a cure for cancer now, etc. Actually, we should not have cancer in the first place. According to our teachings and in the Communities of Light, and with the proper diet, meditation, etc., that should stop there.

For instance, the teaching about yin and yang, that some people call acidity and alkalinity. It is the same thing. It is the realization of bringing balance in our diets. Our diet here in the United States is not very balanced. We eat too many acidic things, such as coffee, meat, and sugar, etc. After awhile we have acidic bodies, and that is the base of cancer. If we can go back to a more alkaline, or a more balanced diet, or a yin and yang balance, we are going to have greater health.

So humans have progressed a lot but they have a lot more potential. Each of us is a part of a great movement, which is not really a revolution but is an evolution. We are evolutionary people. We are here to teach, and our teaching should hit their hearts and make them desirous to be a part of us.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Maitreya, I was talking to a lady. She asked about our Path and if we become perfect by following this Path. I answered her, and now I think that maybe my answer was wrong. I actually said, No. That is why I am asking you about this because I want to make sure that I learn from this whole situation so that if I was wrong, I can get it right in the future.

I answered that for a couple of reasons, thinking that to become absolutely perfect, I did not feel that maybe you could do that within the body, for one thing, because I understand that there is some karma left, even in the highest being. Also I knew we could not become completely one as God is, which is everything, and He is Perfect. There was another one, but I do not really remember what that was. So I would like to hear your thinking on this as far as clarifying my understanding of this for the future.

Maitreya: Well, if you get to a point where you have a little karma left, you are pretty perfect. In any standard of human beings that they can compare you with regular humans, you have pretty much made it to a very good state of being. You are a person that your concentration, feeling, and life is toward the creation of the Communities of Light, bringing other people to the Path, awakening your spiritual forces, sacrificing, surrendering and being submissive, and becoming a universalist. You are a pretty perfect person.

You might have some karma left. You might have a son to enroll in a school and help him reach a point of independence, and after releasing him, you might have a wife that you live with and are one with. But at the same time, those things are secondary to your Mission and what you have done. Actually, your son and wife are there for you and love you because you have a Mission, etc.

If we can consider being as perfect as we can, following the Eternal Divine Path and creating the Communities of Light, most humans would probably say, This is pretty good and pretty high.

If you reach a point that you become completely desireless and you have no karma left, you do not stay in your body. You go to that state that it was. Again, according to our teachings, even when you reach there, God is not going to let you go in. He is going to send you back and say, Go back.

That is why we are probably going to be the last people in the universe to enter that state because we decided to come back and become teachers, helping the awakening of the spiritual forces in other people, teaching these things, and returning again and again.

So the question of, if we will become perfect, you can answer that we will become as perfect as possible in the body.

Audience: That is essentially what I said to her, that by following our Path you could become more and more perfect. But I guess I was saying that maybe you would not become completely perfect. I guess I felt like maybe she was asking, Do we become that perfect, like the son of God?

Maitreya: Yes, you do become a son of God. But being a son of God does not mean that you are not here. Actually, you become a son of God because if you reach a point that you reach Pure Consciousness and never return, God and you are One. There is no separation of God and the son of God.

But as long as you are in the body, you can be the son of God, let God come through you, do the perfect things, and at the same time stay in the body and be a son of God. So you do become a son of God, and you become almost as perfect as humanly possible.

So if the question is, Do you become perfect, say, To follow the Eternal Divine Path completely, there is no other Path that makes you as perfect as the Eternal Divine Path will make you.

Audience: Isnt it given in Gods Scriptures, in the Bible, that, Be perfect as your Father is in heaven? Didnt Christ teach that, so it is right in the Scriptures?

Maitreya: Exactly! So be perfect as your Father is. That means that you have the ability. God will let you become as perfect as possible. But, of course, you become as perfect as the Father is in the sense that you will go to the Father.

But you come back as an Avatar. As a perfect person returned to earth, you need some kind of attachment to keep you in the body. Otherwise you would not stay in the body. You would just absolutely leave. That God does not want you to do.

God wants you to be here and do His Will. Therefore, you might have something still here but it is not really your karma. It is something that was created to just keep you in your body, to stay here where you are. So you can become perfect in the human body with a very little karma left for you.

So the answer to that lady is, As perfect as humanly possible. And yes, you can become a son of God. You can become in the image of the Father because God said you can, and we say you can. [a little meditation]

It is twelve oclock. I hope you all enjoyed the Satsang. Meditate on these Satsangs. We have many others from before, and a lot of questions have been answered. Many of these answers have also been transcribed. We have them here. You can contact us and say, What was the answer to that question? Probably we can send the answers to you.

That is my job here. I hope the answers are things that make sense to all of you. If they do not make sense, you can always follow-up and eventually reach a point where it makes sense to all of us. This is the time to give all the answers, which make sense so that humanity does not have anything that they can say, We do not know the answer to that. Then we can say, Yes, you do. The answer was given in such and such a tape. God gave us the answer.

Eventually, when we finish with the answers, we have to get on with the work. That is what the Mission is all about. You know them by their fruit. So I am waiting for a lot of fruit to manifest.

God Bless you and be with you, and have a Godly month. See you all next month. Sal-OM!

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