Satsang (Discourse) 07/07/01 With



Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas monthly Satsang. As usual, welcome to Gods Revelation and the Last Testament for humanity. We are here to again confirm that Gods last Revelation has come to humanity, and we are all invited to come, join, and do His Will. That is the greatest thing an Elect can do.

Everyone is invited and welcome to this Revelation and this New Wine. We are looking for the Elects, those who are called for this Mission and are willing to work as Paravipras.

As it is explained in THOTH who a Paravipra is, I think by now everyone knows what we mean by Paravipra. They are the ones who ceaselessly work for His Will, never tire, and will work at whatever is needed to get His Mission done.

As usual, I will go ahead and ask, is anyone new here in the audience who has never heard about The Greatest Sign, or anyone who has heard about it but wants to hear it explained one more time? If anyone new is here, go ahead and let me know.

That is the first order of business every monthly Satsang because that is what we are commissioned to give, The Greatest Sign and this new Revelation, to every human individual on earth. At least they have to hear it once. So, if there is any new person, or anyone who wants It to be repeated, let us hear from you [silence]. Apparently everyone knows about The Greatest Sign, they have heard about It, they have read about It, and they know what It stands for.

The Greatest Sign represents the unification of all the religions of the world. It reveals the Eternal Divine Path. It confirms the station of each Prophet before this Revelation, unifies them all together, and It reveals how the Kingdom of God can come to humanity. Since there is no new person, I am open for any questions you have about the Mission, about the Revelation, or about anything that you have in your mind about what we do. Go ahead, and I will be here answering the questions, if God is willing.

Audience: Maitreya-ji, I have been wondering to ask you if you could speak somewhat on repentance, on how to repent?

Maitreya: That is a very good topic. Repentance is when we learn our lessons. Really, repentance means that, I have done all these things, I never reached anywhere with them, and now I am done with them. What the world offered me, I went for, and anything that God said, Do not do it, I did it, and it did not feel good. It made my life miserable, confused, and unhappy. I eventually learned my lessons, and now I am at a point that I really realize that what God says, You shall not do, is not for Him but it is for me to gain the peace of mind, the Oneness with God, and the realization that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

To be(come) Divine means to follow Gods Commandments, Gods Way, Gods Revelations, and Gods Words. So, if you reach that point, you reach a point of turning around, being baptized. Really being baptized means that, I repent of being worldly and of the world. I want to turn around, become Godly, and do Gods work.

Again, repentance means that, I repent from my own will but follow Gods Will. I will stop being so willful and saying, I know better than God does. It is an attitude. It is something that you really reach a point that you want to turn around and not be worldly.

You realize that you have done something that was not very good in the past, and you do not want to do that again. Or, it feels very heavy on your heart and you want to take that heaviness away from your heart. So, in that place you fall on your knees, you go to the prayer mood, and you talk heart-to-heart to God.

You do not need a mediator to repent, or to confess your sin to, because you have access to God yourself. You can go to God directly and fall on your knees, and with all your heart open to God say, God, please listen. I have done these things. I have not been a good girl, or I have not been a good boy.

Isnt that what they say to the priest, in confession?

Audience: They say, Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Maitreya: So you say, Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, not in a shallow way but deep within yourself, and you open to the Spirit of God and confess to Him. You do not need a priest or anyone to confess to. You can confess to God directly because God is always with you. He is the closest to you than even the most famous priest you can ever know.

So you repent. You say with complete conviction that what you did was wrong, I am sorry. I did a bad thing. If it is something in the past that you can do nothing about, just let God know that you are not going to do it again. That is it, you have had enough of those kinds of things that were done in the past, and you will cleanse yourself and let Gods Spirit cleanse you in repentance.

Repentance is not just a word, but in the cleanliness of the heart, the cleanliness of the body, the cleanliness of the environment, and the cleanliness of your spirit, you let that thing that makes you do actions that are not Godly to dissolve itself in the Spirit of God. That is when the real repentance comes. You let the Spirit of God come into your Spirit and take that thing away, and dissolve that heaviness or whatever you want to repent of.

Actually, repentance is an act of baptism. Baptism is an act of turning around, to become Godly and pure.

But it is not something that you can go to the priest, confess, and next week come and confess again, and again, and again. It is something that you really mean it. You have really reached a point that you want to overcome it and not have it done any more. You repent with all your heart, your mind, and your spirit. You cleanse yourself, and you let God cleanse you from that desire or whatever you are repenting of.

So, it is reaching to the end of a period or time. It is reaching to the point that you realize that it is not good, it was not good, and it has to go. It is not something that you repent every week or every month from it. It is reaching a point of turning around and cleansing, and letting God come through you.

The Mission has given you many tools for that: meditation, Satsang, service, and coming to the reading of THOTH. The more you come to those services, the more you reach to the point that you want to repent and eliminate those things that are not good in your life.

The more you resist coming to the services and wrapping yourself into the Mission, the longer those little things are going to linger in your life, and your repentance is going to be a repetition of the same thing.

After awhile it loses its meaning. You repent every week from the same thing, and after awhile it becomes a business, or a routine: I am going to go do whatever I want, and then at the end of the week I am going to come and confess to the priest so I am out of this so I can go do it again. That is not repentance.

Repentance is that you do it once. You have reached to the end of that period, and you say, OK, I am done with it, God. Please take this away from me. And you really mean it, and it is not going to happen again.

Of course, if it happened, you meditate on it. As I have said many times, those dark forces, those dark creatures in our Souls or in our spirits, are hiding in the darkest places in our Souls or spirits. You have to meditate on them. Look at your life. What is happening? Why are these things happening to you, or why do you do them? What is the reason? What is the deeper reason that makes you do something that is not holy and Godly?

As you meditate on them, little by little, and keep them in the Light, those creatures cannot live in the Light. They can live only in the darkness. The more you put Light in your body, the more you meditate and let God fill you, the less they have a place to hide. If you keep the Light on for a long time, they die. That is repentance.

Repentance means that you really destroyed one of those creatures in you, and that one of the creatures is dead. You dissolved it; you are rid of it.

That is why meditation in Sanskrit is called Sadhana. Sadhana means struggle. Struggle means you look at yourself and you work on yourself.

Some people cannot stop being busy because they do not want to look at themselves. They always want to do things and make trouble for themselves or get the work done or this and that, because the moment they stop creating problems for themselves, they have to look at themselves. They do not want to do that. That is scary.

The scariest thing is facing yourself. If you can face yourself, you are a brave person. You are a Paravipra, and you really want to know yourself.

Who wants to know themselves? Everyone wants to know everyone else, and they know everyone elses problems. But when you tell them, How about you? they say, I do not know myself.

Then if you do not know yourself, and you do not know your own problems, how can you ever even criticize someone else? That is actually what Christ was saying, Take the stone out of your eye first, and then you can throw the first stone.

Look at yourself: Know thyself first. Look at your problems. Look at your being and know yourself first, then you can say, These people also have problems.

Then you have even more compassion for them, and you say, "Oh, you remember how many problems you had? Then, not only you do not criticize them, you try to help them. They also look at themselves, repent, turn around, and become baptized.

So it again goes back to, Know thyself. The more you know yourself, the more you face your problems. The more you try to cover up your own problems, try to be tricky about your own troubles, and try to not see them, the more you are not repentant, not baptized, and are not facing God but you are facing the world. You do not really want to face your fears. You do not want to face your problems. You do not want to face the things that you have to see yourself.

The spiritual path is not the path of the weak or of the people who do not want to face themselves. The spiritual path is the path of the brave. You are brave even to want to be here in the Mission and to know thyself.

That is because if you do not know yourself, then you cannot become a Paravipra. You cannot even follow the Eternal Divine Path. You are going to be in a bar drinking alcohol and thinking, Yes, I am going to rid myself of my problems by drinking a few more drinks. Or, being somewhere else doing crazy things that the people do, and they think they know themselves and think their lives are great and perfect.

But when the party stops, who are they going to look at? Again, they are going to look at themselves. What are they going to do? They are going to go to an even bigger party, for more sensual attraction, and more things that do not let them see themselves. So all the people you can see, 99% of humanity, really do all those things not to see themselves.

If you know yourself, if you meditate, if you keep those creatures in the Light, eventually those creatures are going to be dissolved. So, fill yourself with the Light of God.

If you repent, repent by letting Him come to you, to your spirit, and cleanse you, to take that thing away from you. Then you will feel freer. You will feel more flowing. You will be more beautiful. You will love your life better because God is in you. Really, God is doing it through you, and all those crazy things that make you do the things that you do not want, are going to fall off.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Yes, Maitreya, that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much.

Maitreya: OK, is there another question?

Question: Well, along that same line, I have a question about repentance for a crime, a crime that has been done to others where society would punish the person.

There was this story about a man who was on death row because he had murdered someone. He was going to be executed, and he was eventually executed because that was his punishment. But he was actually very repentant. He had changed. He was not like the usual prisoner. He was reading the Bible, was teaching others, and was very helpful. He had expressed many times that he was repentant of having done that horrendous crime.

Yet, he was still executed. Is that correct?

Maitreya: That is a good question. It is something that the society really has to meditate on and see what the best way to handle these situations is.

Actually, capital punishment is mostly for the people other than the person who is punished with death. The idea is that if the criminals know that they are going to be killed, when there is a possibility of doing different crimes, they are going to think twice and three times or four times before doing it, because they know in the end, if they are caught, is going to be death. A lot of people are very afraid of the death punishment. They do not mind probably being in prison for twenty years or something like that. So that is why they used to hang a criminal right in the middle of the city and invite everyone to come and look to see how terrible that was. That set an example for other people to behave themselves in the society.

But if you can educate the society in a way that the crime rate goes down, or in the Communities of Light, that the criminals do not even have the opportunity to do that, that is something that the society can take up and think about.

Most probably it is going to be case by case, that in one case maybe it is desirable to let the person continue although he has done a heinous crime if he or she really is helpful, repentant, and actually has become a kind of asset to the society. But at the same time, who knows how repentant he really is? Maybe it is just a show to get away with being prosecuted. So it is a very hard thing to make a decision about.

Another way to look at it is that he had done the crime. He had killed someone. And the law says that if you kill, you should be killed. So should we go over that and say, No, in this case we should not do it because he is really repentant?

It is an issue that most probably should follow the law, what has been written about that crime. But in one case, if society is trying to help a person who really is repentant and helpful, maybe they could bend the law a little bit.

Audience: I know if it was my child who was murdered (and it was a child that was murdered) and this person was let go, I could not accept that. I do not think that would be fair.

I remember hearing you say at one time, that if a person is executed because they murdered someone or did a terrible crime, in their next lifetime they would remember that lesson, and so they probably would not repeat it.

Audience: I think another good thing about our system and MountZion and Zion is that the judges will be so connected to God that they will help in situations like these. They will have more of a foresight to know what to do, I would think, than the judges now.

Maitreya: Yes, well, you have to have compassion, but also you have to have compassion for the victim. There is a trend to have a lot of compassion for the criminal, but no one has compassion for the person who was victimized.

As we teach, justice is more important than the law itself. If a law does not bring justice, then the law has become more important than the justice in the situation. So, as was mentioned, what about the mother of that child? Doesnt she have any right to say in this matter how terrible she felt when her child was killed?

Probably we have to have the Communities of Light first. We have to create a just society first, and then have the very strong laws to protect this set-up. The judges, as was mentioned, will be connected to God. They will meditate, and they will awaken their spiritual forces. They will not easily let the criminals go free.

But in a specific case, the judges may meditate and come up with the idea that, Well, maybe in this case we can give this person another chance. If they are truly just judges, the decisions are correct, and everyone accepts the decision, then it is possible to say, OK. We can go with that decision. But as I said, this is only if the justice is created on earth.

The reason the laws that were brought with Moses and Prophet Muhammad are so hard to implement is because we do not have just societies. And the judges are not connected to God. The judges are sold to the king and the power in that time. So how can they be just toward such a person?

If we can create a just society first, if we can create the Communities of Light first, if we can create a system that comes from the people, by the people, and for the people, and judges come from the people who are just and they are so respected that their decisions are truly respected by everyone, then if they, with all that, decide that such a person needs another chance, that is OK.

But if they come up with the same idea, No, he did the crime, he needs the punishment, that is justice. There is the person who had been criminalized and victimized; therefore, they are not going to give him another chance. He is going to be punished, and the punishment is going to be severe because the next lifetime he is going to remember, I do not want to go through that again. That was terrible. That is something that they are going to feel in their Soul, and they are going to be prevented from doing the crime again.

Audience: I wonder if another part of the problem in our corrupt society, because it is corrupt, is the time element. In our system, the time element of punishing someone after they have done a crime is going to be quicker. With our present society it can go to ten or fifteen years. This is a different person now than the person who committed the crime way back there.

So it pulls on the emotions of the people and separates them: Who is for, who is against. But it is partly because of this time element that it goes on and on and on, instead of doing it right away.

Maitreya: That is another good point, the humans base most of their decisions on their emotions, not on the logic, the correct effect that those decisions have on the society, or on Gods Plan. As we said, there are a lot of things that God has said that our societies are not following at all. They are actually opposing what God said.

Go and say, I have a religion and I am godly, and they will look at you, Oh, one of those. It is just like, Oh, you are stupid. You are no good. It is because they say, Our will, not Gods Will.

It is true that in our system, justice is much quicker because people in the Communities of Light are more connected, and their environment is in such a way that the crime usually will not happen. That is because people live together, and people are closer. There is someone always there witnessing what is happening in the environment.

They are not all leaving their houses and going to work, and the houses are left empty. Nowadays, in this society, the children come home and no one is there. Someone intrudes and misuses them, or sometimes kills them, etc. And there is no witness. They do not know what happened.

In our system, it is not like that. There will always be a couple of people who are present in the community, and they will witness whatever is happening. When there is a witness and an adult or a couple of people are around, crimes do not happen as often because criminals love secrecy. Criminals love to do something when no one is around.

Criminals do not believe in God. They believe in people. So if people are around, they will not do it. They will not say, Oh, no, no, no. I am not going to do it because God is going to see me anyway because He is present, and He is going to witness what I am doing.

So human laws are instituted for creating secure and safe societies. That is the base of it. You can say, Oh, no, we do not have to kill the criminals. They created bad karma, and it is going to catch up with them. We believe in karma so we do not have to have any laws at all because God has already a Law, and that is going to do that to them if they are criminals. Is that correct? Is that the way it should be, and we should do nothing about it?

That is not the correct way to handle criminals. God also sent Laws for the society. Moses and Prophet Muhammad brought those Laws to us, how to handle different situations. If we create just societies, as the Communities of Light will bring the just society, then we can go and see what Gods Laws are, see that they have been sent to us through Prophets, and implement those Laws in the society. Then that society is going to be very peaceful.

Even with the imperfect use of the Laws that Prophet Muhammad brought, there is more security in the Moslem countries, people are freer, and there are fewer criminals than in the countries that are not following those Laws. I am not saying it is perfect, but I am saying that even with the little way they are using them there are fewer crimes in many other countries than we can find in the countries that are not following those Laws.

We can see that we need Laws for the society to protect the Communities of Light, to protect the society, for justness, etc. So the Law of Karma is correct. They are going to be punished anyway, but at the same time society needs to implement the Laws to bring security and safety to it.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Yes.

Maitreya: Of course, the human can discuss the Laws, discuss Gods Revelations and Laws, and adapt them for different situations. A little flexibility is there.

For instance, they say if someone steals something, you have to cut off one of their fingers or something like that. But did he steal bread because he needed it? Maybe his family was starving. Or maybe the society created such an environment that he did not have anything to eat. Should we follow that law in a society that is not just and he needed that, he had no choice? No.

Lets create a society where everyone has their minimum physiological and safety needs taken care of, at least the minimum things they need, and then if he goes and steals, there is something wrong with him. So the Laws of God can be implemented in a just society, but not in a situation that the need overwhelms the criminal.

Are there any other questions?

Audience: Maitreya, one of your quotes on repentance, one of my favorites, is that, Repentance is the beginning of healing.

Maitreya: Yes, very good. It is. It is because, why are we sick? Why are we unhappy? Why are we not Godly? It is because we have heavy things that we have done in our lives, and they are on our shoulders. Our expectations, our desires, our everything that is earthly makes us sick, makes us not to be happy. We repent, and it means one burden is less, and we start being healed.

Question: Maitreya-ji, speaking of healing, you talk about putting the light on those creatures, or those junks inside of us, etc. When I do that, I visualize this light coming into me, filling me, and filling those dark places. Then I was thinking also putting that light is also doing all the things, using the tools recommended in the Mission. Is there anything else that you would share that would be part of putting that light on yourself to dissolve those junks?

Maitreya: When we meditate, what is the process of meditation? When we go to the center of the universe, and we let Gods Energy enter our bodies and fill them up, the more God fills us up, and the less of us is going to be there. The less of us is going to be there, the more God is going to be in us.

So that is the whole process of, Not my will but Thy Will be done. Or, as Saint Frances said, The Christ increases in me and I decrease. The whole idea is that the less of us that remains in us, the less ego, the less me, me, me, me, is left, the more we realize that we are just an instrument of God here to do His Will and I have no will but His Will through me, and the more of God there will be in us.

Just filling yourself with the light without knowing that it is God, is not going to help much as that light is going to leave you because your ego is going to come in and push it out. But if you realize that Light is God, and you let God stay with you, His Will is really manifesting through you, and you are less and He is more. Then that Light is going to fill you up more and more, and those creatures are going to leave because the creatures love ego.

That is the only thing God hates. Ego is the only thing God hates. God does not hate anything else. Ego, of course, is the umbrella that we put on our heads and separate ourselves from God. That really is a delusion, an illusion.

Ego is an illusion that, Oh, look at me, I am so great here. I do all those things. I am progressing. I am doing this wonderful thing for the Mission. I am the doer. I spend so much time doing things for the Mission, and all of that. You get a big ego to yourself and say, Oh, I should not spend this much for the Mission. I should spend something for myself. Then you do it, and what happens? You again become self-centered, egoistical, etc.

So letting God come through means going through the process of the meditation that we have, the structure of going to the center of the universe, letting God fill you up, letting His Will be done, coming back, and knowing, Good will to men and peace on earth. You become an instrument of peace for other people, create the Communities of Light, bring justice to humanity, create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and bring His Kingdom to earth.

You have to get out of yourself, of those small little things of the life that you think, Oh, they are so important. The most important thing is the Vision.

If you have seen the Vision of the Mission, that is your Vision. It is finished. I am done with you. That is your Vision. I do not have to be after you and push you to do this and to do that for the Mission. You have to be self-motivated and say, Yes. I want to do this. This is the Vision that I want to see manifested. How can I help in this process of the Mission?

If you do not do it, then I just have to say, OK. Maybe I have to wait for the people who really see the Vision. Maybe you have not really seen the Vision. That is why it is so important to see the Vision of the Mission. Then those gurus and the little teachers here and there, and your connection and attachment to them, just fall away because this Vision is like a big beacon of Light!

What happens if you have a big fantastic light? What happens if the sun comes to earth? Do you think we can see these small lights any more in this room? It is going to be so bright that the other lights will completely vanish with this.

The Vision of the Mission is like that, and it should be like that. When you see that Vision, all other little lights, your problems, and everything else should just fall away. You want to fill yourself with Light. That is what it is. The Vision of the Mission is going to fill you with Light, heal you, and push all those creatures away.

So that is what you have to really see, that Vision. If you saw that Vision, then little things just do not make any sense any more and you let them go.

It is just like Christ said, The Kingdom is like a land with a great treasure in it. When you find that land with that treasure, what do you do? You sell everything else, and you make as much money as possible to go to buy that piece of land because that piece of land has the greatest treasure you ever can imagine.

If you reach a point that you realize that anything else in life, your education, your gurus, your teachers, your health, etc., are not important, but the Vision is important, then you gain your health, you gain your education, and you gain the greatest teaching you will ever have. That is because God has given you everything you need to create great bodies and a healthy lifestyle.

It is just like good food, air, and sun. And then fasting every Saturday, it really cleanses your body and brings health to you, etc. So God has already given everything to us for a healthy body, a strong mentality or intellect, and spiritual progress. Anything else is just like a speck compared to what God has given us.

So just filling up with the light is not enough, but realize that that is really God filling you up and healing you. He is the One who has to fill you up more and more, as you become less and less. Then someday you open your mouth and jewels of wisdom come out of it, and you say, I like that. I want to do that. I want those jewels that come from God. I do not want to let my ego come and always sit there and be unhappy as to why I am not getting what I want. Instead I want to say something about God and feel His Spirit come through me, and I feel cleansed, completely free, without any fear, attachments, or desires. Then you will feel the joy of being in Pure Consciousness and being with God.

It is something that the Mission has already given you. The Mission has already revealed to you how you can become free, how you can become completely detached from this world, how you can create Communities of Light, and how you can dedicate your life to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Dedicating your life means that, I forget about myself. I forget about my problems. I forget about my relationships. I forget about the things that are in my way. And very quickly you will be rid of them. Anything that is in your way to this goal, anything that is in your way to become that dedication and that dedicated, you just drop.

That is what I did. God gave me the Revelation. What did I do? I dropped my family. I dropped my culture; I dropped my nation. It was because I found the land with a lot of treasure in it. I did not want any other treasure. I did not want to go and teach business school, or go to my culture, or go to the same place, because God wanted me to stay in this place and preach this Word to this nation and the world.

So that is what you have to recognize and realize, OK. I say I have been called for this. I have a part in this Mission, and God called me. Then what is the hold-up? What is the hang-up? I have been called from the very beginning of my life; therefore, I will drop everything and go for it.

Not with any condition. You do not put conditions on the Mission. You say, I come to the Mission with these conditions. You do not do that. You come to the Mission with no conditions. You say, OK. I come to the Mission. What can I do? I am here, use me.

No, I will come there but only if you do this for me. That does not work. That does not fit into Gods Plan. God needs your unconditional submission and surrendering to Him.

That is what I did. I said, OK. What do you want me to do? He said, Drop the education. Drop the culture. Drop everything. Take your Volkswagen and drive to Denver, Colorado. And that is what I did. I had ten cents in my pocket, and I wanted to do the Mission and change the world. And it happened. God provided.

We have to be that dedicated. Oh, maybe I am more dedicated than other people, and that is why God chose me. Maybe. But you all also have been called for it. You have been asked to come to the Mission. OK, I have been more dedicated but you eventually have to become the same.

Actually we are supposed to have 144,000 Maitreyas on earth so you have to become as dedicated as I am or I try to be.

Just filling yourself with the Light and then to forget about the Mission and go back to where you were, is not going to work. It is more involved. This Mission is a Vision. You have to see that Vision. That is the most important thing.

If you saw the Vision: The unity of religions, the fulfillment of the prophecies, the opening of the Seven Seals, The Greatest Sign, the Eternal Divine Path, and the following of the Eternal Divine Path, which is the awakening of the spiritual forces, meditating, filling yourself with the Light and God, directing your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist, and have that dedication, then you are a Paravipra.

We are supposed to have 144,000 of these Paravipras on earth. That is what we are aiming at, to have these Paravipras manifest themselves to the Mission, to come, join, and be self-motivated, self-starters, people who are intelligent, want the Mission to be done, and put their effort and lives into it.

So, to have that healing power, to have that God with us, is much more involved than just meditating and letting the Light come in. It means repentance. It means cleansing. It means the whole lifestyle.

God-realization is not just going to church on Sundays, or meditating. It is a whole package. The whole package comes in THOTH, and THOTH tells you what to do. It tells us, Awaken your spiritual forces. One of them is to fill yourself with Light. Then, Create Communities of Light. We need to create the Communities of Light. That is the base of our teaching, and that is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If we had the Communities of Light in Florida, for instance, in South Florida, would we have to put this entire burden on just one Center? No, it would be a Community supporting a teacher going there to give a lecture. Or, what if we had a Community in North Florida, or Pennsylvania, or Canada? See? It will make the Mission much easier if we can create the Communities of Light. It will also accelerate the Missions progress and expansion.

As we know, there is a critical point. If we can facilitate the Mission to a critical point on earth, the earth is going to flip to Gods Kingdom.

So again, we have been called for a great purpose here but we have to see the Vision. We have to become one with the Vision.

Does that make sense?

Audience: It makes a lot of sense. Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: You are welcome.


Maitreya: Let us fill ourselves with the Light of God. Let us repent, and cleanse our Souls. Let Him come in to show us the Vision. Let us close our eyes and meditate on these words. Let us be one with the Spirit of THOTH and the teaching. Let us forget all our little lives and submit to the Great Light of God. Let us begin today without any condition to serve Him unconditionally. Let Him fill us; let us go away, that He may come to us in the strongest way possible.

God is One. We are One. We are His Community. We are His Children. We are His Elects. We are brothers and sisters. We are a nation in God. We all could be Maitreya. We are all a part of God, in His Image. Let Him cleanse us. Let us become One with the Vision.


Sal-OM everyone. Have a wonderful Godly month. May God be with you always. Sal-OM.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).