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Maitreya: Good morning everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang. I hope you had a nice month, did Gods work, rested, meditated, and enjoyed the life while doing Gods Mission and learning how wonderful it is to do Gods work and the joy it brings to you.

As usual, if there is anyone in the audience who is a new person, we can go over The Greatest Sign for you, because everyone on the earth should hear about The Greatest Sign at least once. This is really the first step in our Mission, to let everyone hear about The Greatest Sign and our teachings.

As everyone knows, we have a teacher in Florida. We received beautiful feedback from Tahirah that he did very well.

If our effort just makes one person hear about The Greatest Sign, our effort has given fruit. Also the exercise of doing this together, learning, experiencing how it is done, and becoming more efficient in it is good enough and worth the effort and the energy we put into it. I think many good things came out of the whole process, and everyone learned a lot.

Also, we learned the joy of the group working together toward the goal to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and that itself, the process itself, is a great lesson and a great journey together. Hopefully one day all of you will become one in mind, spirit, and purpose. Then we can create a great Mission, a Community, and a body that is One, where there is no gender, nationality, color, but one Mission, one God, one Earth, one humanity. We will become One and just shatter all the narrowness of the mind and love one another as God loves us.

One thing I noticed is that this cooperation and work together brings greater unity to people and humanity. That is a big job, so for a long time we are going to be doing this. There are a lot of projects and ways that we can cooperate and bring this unity and joy for a long time. Even after the Kingdom is established, the Paravipras have to watch the society and be always ready to intervene and let the human progress in a greater degree.

It sounds like with him going there, there is a bad storm, almost a hurricane. It sounds like the same thing; any time the Mission goes to Florida there is a lot of rain. Even the time we had the Feast of Tabernacles in Florida, there was a hurricane that was coming to the land when we were there. It never became very strong, but there was a threat that it would be severe.

No matter what the weather does, the Mission goes on. When things like that happen, it means the Mission is doing something good [laughter]. God is testing to see our resolve, how much we want to put in to do His Work. As He said, He does not like lukewarms. So that is why He puts us in tests to see, are we going to do His work or are we afraid of rain, tornado, hurricane, problems, things like that? Are we going to concentrate on Him, or are we going to concentrate on the problems in our lives and our surroundings?

If we concentrate on Him, the problems just vanish, and they are not there anymore. Also, we have to look at where we live. We are living in a society that is not supporting what we teach.

We do not even bring up our children the way God wants us to. Then how do we expect them to become Godly and do Gods Will? We have to see the whole picture, where we came from and what kind of environment we live in.

If we raise our children Godly, we tell them that they should follow the Ten Commandments and be Godly. We cannot blame God for everything. We need to see how the many things in their lives affect them.

That is why the goal is to concentrate for the future, to see what are we trying to bring to humanity. It is not to live now, but to live now with the projection of our expectations and our goal in the future, what we are trying to accomplish. So, we concentrate on God.

I am glad that John did not back up for having that hurricane in Florida, and he went on with his Mission. I am sure that he is going to be just fine tonight. We are looking forward to hearing what happened.

If you have any questions out there, put them down on the paper, and send them to us. We are going to go ahead with the questions present here that were already sent to the Mission.

Question: I was wondering if the military would be necessary after the KOHOE was established? I know that the warrior class will still exist, but would they be better suited for other jobs if there is the KOHOE, such as policing, firefighting, etc? Also, maybe it would still be necessary, if someone should decide to rebel against the KOHOE at some point? So, I was just wondering if there was a plan for military use?

Maitreya: The question is about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), do we need a police force?

As we study in THOTH, there are four classes of humans. There are actually five, but four are the ones who are mostly participating in the society. They are the Shudras (workers), Ksattriyas (warriors), Vipras (intellectuals), and Vaeshyas (businessmen).

As it is explained in THOTH, there is a period for each of them, when they dominate the society. That domination is when one class becomes the most important class in the society, and they have the power and dominating position.

As THOTH says, the Shudra class started even before the flood of Noah. It started when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Before that, they did not have to till the ground. As I have said, everything was provided for them, and the Grace of God was with them.

God told them what to do and what not to do. He told them, Thou shalt not do this, and, Do that. Like most humans these days, they said, No, the Ten Commandments are outdated, and we should not follow them. We should do whatever we want. We know better than God does. We believe in this Prophet or that person, and that is enough. We are going to go to heaven.

But are they? Look at their lives. Are their lives really peaceful? Are their lives really Godly? Are their lives really together? We can see that what they say and what we can see in their lives is completely two different things. So we can say that that does not work. What they say is really ego talking, not Godly. It is not something that is really manifesting in their lives.

If really what you teach, preach, and live works, you should have a peaceful life. You should have the right life. You should have a beautiful environment where everyone says, Yes, this is a beautiful place. I would love to come and be with you. If you cannot create that, then you cannot say, My philosophy is correct.

That is what happened to Adam and Eve also. God said, I created you. I know what is good for you. I know how you can be happy. Do not do those things.

He put some Laws for them to follow, and by following those Laws they would not fall from The Grace. But they did not listen to God. Not eating of the tree of good and evil really means, I think what is good and evil. I am not going to listen to God. I can make up my mind.

It is just like watching television, or reading, etc. Everyone tells you what is good for you and what is right. They are the teachers, and they tell you, You should do this if you want to be But no one says that what God says is good for you.

So, a lot of false teachers and false prophets are all over the place, in radio, on television, and in the papers. Everyone is trying to tell you what is right and what is wrong. But no one is saying what God said is right and what is wrong.

Adam and Eve said the same thing, We know better than Him what is good for us. And God said, Oh yeah? All right, I am going to just withdraw My Grace to see how you are going to do. That is when they fell from The Grace, and they had to till the ground to have their food available to them.

So, the Shudra era should have really started when God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. Then they became Shudras. They became workers. They had to work hard. They had to put a lot of physical work and things into the ground to be able to gain their physiological and safety needs.

Later on, after the flood of Noah, we see that Nimrod became the king, and the Ksattriyan era started. The Ksattriyans are authoritative. They are the warrior class. They like to gain the power and domination by waging wars. They become policemen and firefighters. They are the people who like to overcome by force, by the ability to create armies and bring their subjects under their control. Of course, the good ones are benevolent. They help their subjects, they bring peace to their subjects, and they fight for them and defend them.

So, do we really need the Ksattriyan mentality when the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth comes? That is the question.

As has been explained, Paravipras have the characteristics of all the four classes. They can work like a laborer if it is needed. They are courageous. They are ready to become a leader like a Ksattriya and fight if it is necessary.

Like an intellectual, they have the ability to understand the intellectual part of life: science, math, physics, how the society works, and how the labor, capital, and land come together and start to help the businesses to expand. This includes all that nitty-gritty of the intellectual things that the intellectual people know about and create economical studies about, including science, sociology, and everything else that helps them to understand the environment.

Also, they are shrewd like a businessman. They have the ability to start businesses to bring the capital, production, and labor together and make it work.

But at the same time, they are Godly. That is the most important part of the Paravipras. They not only have the abilities of these four classes, but also they are incorruptible. They will not be persuaded by wealth, power, and everything else that humanity so craves.

That craving brings confusion to them, and they forget why they have been chosen for a position and why they are the leaders of the society. They think they have to hoard wealth for themselves. If possible, just take from the society, and keep it for ourselves, and they forget why they are in that position.

But Paravipras are not like that. That is because they meditate, they awaken their spiritual forces, and they know they have to create the Communities of Light, to sacrifice, to surrender and submit to God, and to become universalists. So, a Paravipra is really an Elect. It is the Sixth Seal, the people who have reached the Sixth Seal.

Now, of course, the Paravipras help the cyclical movement of the social progress, or social movements, to go from one phase to the next one. At least in the beginning, even when the Kingdom comes, we will need the police force. We will need people who will be able to be used to put down the bad elements in the society. So that is one reason that we need the Ksattriyan class.

Even in the Kingdom, there might be some fires. Or, there might be some fires in the trees, the jungles, and the forests. So we might need some firefighters. We might need that kind of person.

Also, when it comes time to change from the Vaeshyan era or the business-oriented era, everyone in that era becomes workers. It is just like today. Even if you go to college and become educated, where do you get a job? You have to go to a company or business place and apply for a job. They evaluate you, and then they hire you. You become a wage earner.

Really, you are a worker. You are a Shudra. You do not have the ability to use your creativity the way you want to. You have to use your intellect the way that company or that organization wants you to use it.

If you have a Shudran mentality, what do you become? You become a security guard in a place. So you can see that in the Vaeshyan era, everyone becomes a worker, everyone becomes a wage earner, and each person loses their ability to become free and to use their creativity the way they want to.

It is at that time that everyone becomes Shudras, and the Vaeshyans become the dominating force of the society. Then Paravipras will start loosening up the accumulated wealth in the hands of the few and spread the wealth again in a more equal way to the society. By doing that, the creative minds of the Vipras will be released, and the Shudras and Vaeshyas will become freer to help their subjects to do whatever they need to do, and again the cycle will start over.

But if in the Vaeshyan era the change does not come in the smooth way that the Paravipras can facilitate, then usually a revolution will occur because a few people will have most of the wealth, and the rest of the people will become Shudras and very unhappy.

We can see that unhappiness in a lot of people even today because they feel their lives are just like workers. They have to wake up in the morning, run to work, work the whole day, and they are completely at the mercy of whoever hired them.

Again, Paravipras might need a force to force the situation to change. So they need Ksattriyas to help them to establish that environment.

We can see that even in the era of Paravipras, the Ksattriyan class, or all the classes, is necessary. Of course, if we reach a point that we have a balance and we can do these things in a smooth way, the Ksattriyan class will become less and less important, and they will become a very small minority. And so, the encouragement will be to become mostly intellectual.

With the progress of the technology also, we will need fewer and fewer workers. We can see that a lot of things are done with robots, computers, and bulldozers. You would probably need a hundred workers to do what a bulldozer does in a day. So, you can see that a lot of workers are not needed any more.

The Ksattriyan class also will become less and less needed because we do not need too many police persons, or because people will become good and we do not need to have a revolution or leaders to revolt against the system. So the encouragement will become intellectual encouragement and spiritual, or Vaeshyan class, encouragement.

Even the workers, eventually, and the Ksattriyas, will be encouraged to become increasingly intellectual and business-oriented. The whole society is going to be(come) in a higher level. This will accelerate the progress of society even in a greater degree.

So, the Ksattriyan class is still needed, especially in the beginning. When we reach a point that the society falls apart and the people are not going to follow our recommendations for society, again society will create the classes.

Even the social living of humans is created by God. He made even that automatic. So if the society falls, again we are going to have a lot of laborers, and the Ksattriyan class is going to be created. As we said, in the Vaeshyan era everyone is going to become Shudras. But the intellectuals and Ksattriyans cannot stand it for long. Even an intellectual will create the Ksattriyan mentality. So we can have a lot of Ksattriyans created in that era.

That is why usually the revolution starts, and people revolt against the oppression of one class. You can see that even if we do not create the Kingdom Of Heaven, the process is going to continue.

God really does not need us. He does not need us to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. His Kingdom, in a way, is going to happen but the difference is that in that case there is going to be a revolution, there is going to be suffering, and there is going to be destruction.

Have you ever heard of any bloodless revolution? There have been very few bloodless revolutions. Usually they are pretty bloody. When the revolution happens, the people are killed, and it is not a very good sight.

Also, revolution starts from the bottom of the society. That is why they have to bring the top of the society down by force to bring a new system. But in our system the Paravipras are at the top of the society. So, that is why they can smoothly change from one era to the next without a revolution but in an evolutionary process.

Evolution is not bloody. Evolution is very smooth.

If people in the universities or people who understand this or who are interested in this concept realize this teaching, they will see how they can make human society much less violent and how to help these cyclical movements come and go without destruction, bloodshed, and all of that.

We can see that again our teaching brings a greater degree of peace and niceness to humanity, if you want to put it that way.

So the answer to that question is, Yes, we need the Ksattriyan class, but if we reach a point of balance that the Ksattriyan class is not needed as much, as the laborers are not going to be needed as much (but we might still need them), when we reach a point that the Vaeshyan class is very powerful, the Ksattriyan class will be created by itself.

Yes, we need the Ksattriyan class. Actually, we need all the classes, and all the classes will evolve, even if the Paravipras do not help the next class to come and take over.

Question: Another thing with Paravipras, how will they guide society and move through the cycles? Will it be by passing legislation, restricting a class to allow the next, or what will be the method? Thank you.

Maitreya: All of the above and more [laughter].

As we said, Paravipras really are the people who are going to fill the body of the hierarchy, the leaders and the Brahmins (mostly the leaders), the people who emerge from the bottom of the society. When they emerge from the bottom of the society, what were they doing in those communities? They were probably sweeping the floors, tending the garden, bringing in the water, taking care of the roof, and small little things like the Shudras.

So, they are familiar with how to do these things because they live in the Communities of Light. Therefore, a part of the communities is the mundane things that have to be done. A wall might need to be fixed. A garden might have to be tended. A floor might have to be swept. So, they learn how to be a Shudra.

Also probably, they are courageous people who even consider to come to the Communities of Light, go against the society, live in the society and the communities, and stand the opposition of the society to their lifestyle, which is different than them.

The society tells you, Be yourself. Be number one. Do not worry about anyone else.

But you say, No, I want to meditate, and awaken my spiritual forces. I want to be in a community that I am just a part of it. I want to sacrifice.

Sacrifice, society says, what are you talking about, sacrifice? You do not have to sacrifice. Just obtain as much as you want for yourself.

So they are pretty courageous people who even consider coming to live in the community.

A Paravipra will emerge as a leader of the community. They are chosen as the person that the rest of the community accepts as the leader. Then they are accepted in the second level, third level, and fourth level. So, they should have a good intellect and the ability to understand the process, the people, and all of that. They also have the intellectual ability, and hopefully they are also going to be business-oriented and know how to take care of business matters.

They have the qualities of the four classes, and also, they have to have the ability to not be corruptible. So, when they reach to the higher level of the leadership, they will not use their position to fill up their own pocket instead of using their ability to lead the society and help the transformation of class domination.

Because they have all these abilities and they emerge from the society, hopefully, they are the Paravipras. They are the people whom God has chosen.

Also, it is in this time that the Paravipras will emerge. They were in the process of being created. Now they have been created and are here. We can see more and more people will be coming forward. We will see that ability of expanding the Mission, attracting the Paravipras, and creating the Communities of Light. That is the goal, to create the Communities of Light so that the Paravipras can emerge from them.

Now they have all these qualities, for what? Why do they need all these qualities? They are the leaders from the society so they create the hierarchy.

At the very top of the hierarchy is the Eldest. The Eldest at the top of the hierarchy has almost absolute power. He can even change the legislation. He can throw out the legislative laws created by the houses. But at the same time, people have the ability to pull him down if he is not doing his job. So, it is not absolute power without any checks or balances.

When the Paravipras meditate and they see that the society is going toward decay, that is when they act. As I said, social cyclical movements come from the Shudras. When do the Shudras have the domination in society?

Well, before the flood of Noah, everyone was a Shudra. After the flood of Noah, God created the four classes of society. Before that, everyone did not have any hierarchy or anything, they just lived. Actually, before the flood of Noah, the human was more in touch with the spiritual world than with the physical world. The physical world was not that physical.

That is why the Shamans in Australia believe that the dream world is more real than the real world. They say that what we see is not as real as the dream world.

Before the flood of Noah, you could say that most of the humans were in a more spiritual world. That is why after the flood of Noah, God closed our third eyes. Most of the peoples third eyes are not open. They cannot see the reality in the spiritual world because their third eyes are closed.

They believe that they are their physical bodies. Their physical world is the only reality there is. They do not have any concept of spirituality, or the world behind this physical world. This physical world to them is the real world.

However, the real world really is the spiritual world that most of the people are not even aware of.

So why were the four classes created? It is because these four classes are necessary to make the society also self-sustaining. As we said, God created the universe self-sustaining. To the people before Noah, it was not self-sustaining. There were only Shudras. They were mostly in the spiritual world, and they had the spiritual power. They even could extract the life form from other plants or animals and use it for rejuvenation, and it became a more selfish way of prolonging their own lives, etc.

God closed that ability and made humans into four classes so He made the process, even in social movements and progress, also self-sustaining.

As I said, if we do not bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, do you think these cyclical movements are not going to happen? Still they are going to happen, but the only difference is there is going to be violence. It would be happening in a very violent way.

So after the flood of Noah, we can see that suddenly we have kings. Before the flood of Noah, was there was any mention of the kings? No. It was never said that there was a king, there was a Nimrod who was a mighty king. We did not have those because they did not have those abilities. They did not yet have the classes in society.

We can see that the Shudran era finished when the chiefs and the heads of the communities and eventually Nimrod came to the scene, and it continued to Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was the zenith, the very top that the Ksattriyan class reached.

So the Ksattriyan class came to its highest level at the time of Nebuchadnezzar. That is why he had that dream, the dream of the statue with the head of gold.

Daniel told him, King, you are the head. You are the gold part of the statue. It means that the Ksattriyan era was in the highest level in his era.

Then, eventually the feet with the iron and clay. But, in the iron and clay suddenly it changed from metal to clay. Clay is more flexible. It is not as harsh and inflexible. That is when the era of the intellectuals started. That eventually came to its highest level at the time of the Renaissance.

The Renaissance brought the intellectual ability. The great philosophers in Greece came and brought the intellectual things like Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and all those people who brought a lot of intellectual ability to humanity.

The next era was the era of the Vaeshyas, which with their Industrial Revolution brought the Vaeshyan class to the scene. Then, of course, with Marx and Engel came the idea of thesis and antithesis, that the thesis is anything in this universe that has an antithesis, no matter what. If you push the wall, your thesis wall becomes the antithesis pushing back. Everything has something against it.

So they came to the idea of the workers as the thesis, and the businessmen become the antithesis. Eventually a few people become very rich and a lot of people become poor, and then the workers revolt against the rich. That is when the worker revolution happens. After that, of course, the social system comes and eventually is going to end up in communism, which they thought was the ideal society. No one had any ownership. Everything belonged to the government, and everyone worked according to their abilities and took according to their needs.

Of course, we saw what happened to communism after seventy years. It did not work.

Where is Russia going? It is going toward intellectuals taking over and becoming business people. It is becoming a business-oriented society.

The United States and the West took another path. They said, OK, all right, we will take your idea but we do not let the wealth come to the hands of the few. So, they tried by social laws to spread the resources more evenly to the people. But it did not last very long.

After seventy years again we can see that their theory was, in a sense, correct, a few becoming rich and a lot of people being just workers. So it became a Vaeshyan era in this society. In Russia, the second era of Vaeshyans is emerging.

Here is when the Paravipras see, Oh, right. Right now Russia needs to go toward the intellectual era, learn how to use the resources, and create the business-oriented era. In other places, they might need to go to the other phase, to spread the wealth again to a more even way, to release the creativity, etc.

So, we can see that by looking at the history and THOTH, and how God explains in it how these social movements happened up to this point, we can see very clearly that what we are saying makes sense again even on a social level.

Social movements and cyclical movements are not just a theory. They already have a historical base, and in history it happened.

How can we fix this then? Are we going to go on like this forever?

What happened when the Shudra revolution happened in Russia? For a very short period of time, there was chaos and destruction, and the Shudra class took over. There was a lot of killing and bloodshed.

What did they have to do? They had to create the army or some Ksattriyan class to calm the people and bring order to the Shudra domination, which was destructive. When they did that, that lasted for how long? It lasted for seventy years.

Most of the Russian power was really the army. They took over Eastern Europe, they ruled the country with an iron hand, and they were of a very Ksattriyan mentality.

We can see in that system, what was wrong with the Ksattriyan ability. That was the Ksattriyan era. They dominated Russia for seventy years. And eventually it did not work.

They eventually realized that they needed to become more business-oriented. They needed the intellectuals to take over, to bring more freedom and individuality, and all those things that the intellectuals love. So the next era now in Russia emerged.

The moment the intellectuals came, what did they do? They like individuality, sensuality, to spend money for themselves, and all that. And they encouraged the Vaeshyan or business-oriented group. The business, of course, became stronger. We will see Russia pretty soon is going to become very business-oriented.

Even in China, they are encouraging Western investment and becoming more and more business-oriented. What is going to happen if they continue like this? Eventually there is going to be a worker revolution in every Vaeshyan era if they do not pass the laws that spread the wealth back in a more even level.

So that is where the role of the Paravipras comes in. They will see these things are happening, and by passing laws, by enacting legislation, by creating wealth, by economical help, by diverting the wealth in a more equal way, they will prevent the Shudra revolution.

There was a question here about who brought the concept of cyclical movements to humanity. It was Baba, in Ananda Marga, who brought the concept of the cyclical movements and social movements, but he never explained it as we do in THOTH that before the flood of Noah there were no such classes and after the flood of Noah, the new human and the classes were created.

Of course, Baba never explained Daniel and the statue, the head of gold, the breast of silver, the brass stomach, the iron legs, and the feet of iron mixed with clay. Also, he never explained the historical facts of the emergence of the Ksattriyan class, the intellectual class, and the Vaeshyan class as THOTH explains it. Also the guiding lights that THOTH gives to the leaders for the future are not explained.

It is kind of, he was just like a forerunner. If I had never been in contact with Ananda Marga, I would never have known about that. That is why Baba is so important in our teaching, and he is considered as one sign. Of course, he was revealed as one sign but he also brought a lot of truth to humanity and THOTH.

As to the question of, What is the role of Paravipras here, what do they do? the answer is: The role of Paravipras is to smooth the transition of one period to another period so that we have smooth-sailing, in a sense, for the human and the society. This would occur instead of having a revolution, instead of having people become revolutionaries who oppose the government and eventually a great fight and destruction between them occurs that forces the revolution to take over.

But, as we have seen, even those revolutions do not stay very long because they only support one class. That class again becomes the dominating force and again the people, those who are not in that class, will not like it. A period of opposition to it occurs, or eventually they take over, and they become the dominating class.

The whole idea of the Paravipras is to smooth out the transition from one dominating class to another dominating class. As THOTH explains, each time this happens the transition from one cyclical movement to another becomes smoother and closer to the balanced state of the human society. Eventually we will reach a point that society does not go up and down anymore but becomes a completely balanced society between all these classes.

Now, how do they do that? How are the Paravipras able to do that? As we said, Paravipras are the people who are the hierarchy. They create the hierarchy. They create the body of the leaders, and they create the judges and the Brahmins. Eventually they become the body of Elders, and then The Eldest emerges from them.

The Elder body has a lot of power, a lot of say in the society. So they can see where the society is going. Even if the legislative body passed a bill or something that is not according to the social movement in that time, they can change it to something that is more according to that social movement. Also they can guide, they can teach, and they can bring great awareness about these social movements to the society so that even the legislative body can be guided to help those transitions.

Of course, if nothing happened, hopefully, The Eldest is connected to God and meditates, and even knows exactly what is going on in the society, and he can guide the society toward the next cycle.

If they cannot, then we do not have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We do not have the Paravipras. We do not have the correct hierarchy, and the social movements are going to happen naturally, which is happening now. Of course, there is going to be again destruction, revolt, and all of that.

So the role of the Paravipras is to understand Gods Way of doing things and help it to happen in a smooth way. If they need to use the Ksattriyas, they might. They might sometimes have to change things by force. But, of course, they use the force not to destroy but to bring about the necessary change.

So you can see that they have a lot of flexibility. It is not something that you can predict what is going to happen in the future but in that time, the Paravipras know what should be done, and they will do it. We can see that the role of the Paravipras is very, very important.

Actually, we are not Paravipras, or we are not even trying to create Paravipras. We are trying to create the facilitating body. We will facilitate for the system to come about.

All right. We have a follow-up question, I guess.

Audience: Well, a question about, if you notice that you do have the tendencies of a Ksattriya or Vaeshya, etc., should you be encouraged to develop other qualities? I know you said this many times, you are not trying to encourage a caste system or encourage separation by these things. This is just to help us to understand ourselves?

Maitreya: Yes, that is a good assumption. Actually, as the society becomes smoother and smoother, more and more people will create the ability of all the classes, and the number of Paravipras will increase more and more. Hopefully, as I said, each time the cyclical movement happens, the variation will become smaller and come closer and closer to the balanced state.

Eventually we will have a balanced society. That is the ideal society, when everything is in balance.

As we said, the technology is going to take over the mundane work. So more and more we are not going to need Shudras. Still probably, we are going to sweep our floors, unless we have a machine to sweep the floors for us. Or, we will mow the lawn, or a few small things, put the screws in the wall with a screwdriver or a special screwdriver, which is an easier way to do it. Even today, they have screwdrivers that are much easier to use than twenty years ago when you had to really work hard. Now they have a machine that puts the screws into the wall.

So it becomes easier for the Shudras. As we said, if the people become higher consciousness and they are not violent, then criminals will learn to help to know themselves, calm their minds, and not to be criminals. Who knows, you can create a machine probably to bring you to the higher consciousness and calm criminals down, or create the ability to change the criminals behavior. So there are a lot of possibilities in the future that we cannot even imagine what is going to happen.

But the base of it is to encourage society to become a balanced society. So there will be fewer workers, and there will be less of the Ksattriyan class. Mostly it is going to be intellectuals, and we encourage even intellectuals to become more spiritual. Vaeshyas actually are intellectuals who direct their intellect toward the hoarding of the wealth and physical things. We can teach them to meditate and realize that they cannot take it to the grave. When you die, you are going to leave everything here. Why are you so greedy?

Also if the physiological and safety needs of everyone are provided and you know that when you are old you do not have to worry about how you are going to live (you are not going to be in the street, someone is going to take care of you in the Communities of Light or society), people do not have to be worried about their IRAs, their investments in the stock market, how much money they are going to have when they retire, if they will have enough to live on, and all of that.

So those fears that exist now are going to be much less, and hopefully, eventually, are going to be eliminated. We will have the society where the people live here and now. That is going to take care of a lot of problems that society has today.

More and more people will create all the characteristics, as you mentioned, but probably we will still have people who have the better ability to become business people. We are going to have a genius people who love to think about the universe and how the quantum physics works. They might even change the quantum physics theory to something else that makes more sense intellectually.

They might prove God exists by intellectual explanation. Actually, intellectually you can say that the probability that God exists is greater than everything happening by chance. Everything happening by chance is impossible, at least statistically, or from a mathematical point of view. But, that there was Someone who did guide this to happen the way it happened, makes more sense. That possibility is greater than the other way around.

So we can see that intellectuals also will reach a spiritual understanding in a greater degree, and a lot of them have. For example, even Einstein talked about that there is an Intelligence behind all this world.

Humanity is going toward that ability, and eventually everyone will become more spiritual in a better sense than to become dogmatic, Because my parents, or my society told me I have to believe in these dogmas, then I am going to believe in them, and if anyone opposes them I am going to chop their heads off! It is not going to be like that.

I believe in God because it makes sense. If God did not make sense, I would not believe in Him.

You can see that He created the universe self-sustaining. He created the society self-sustaining. Who did it? He said He was going to send these Prophets and this Revelation, and He did. He has accomplished all those things and made everything self-sustaining for us.

He creates a fruit, which is full of minerals and energy for humans. Where did the energy, minerals, and things come from? They come from the earth. We cannot eat the earth. If He had left us eating the earth, we would not be able to obtain our nutrition. He created the fruit, the vegetables, and all those wonderful things that we eat. Remember that God has created them for our enjoyment and for nourishment and life-giving things. Eat it, and remember that God has done it. So we become Godly in this way, and remember Him all the time.

We can see. Who gave us eyes? God gave us eyes. That is the greater realization and God-understanding than, No, if you do not believe in such and such a thing, you are going to go to hell. But, I have no idea what I am eating, who gave me this body, who gave these eyes to me and created such a wonderful world for me to be in.

This is a greater realization of God that comes in every moment of our lives and everything we see. We see Gods hand in it. So we always are with God. We always praise Him for what He has done for us. We understand His Wonder and Beauty He has brought to humanity.

If we can bring this to humanity, more and more we are going to have more Godly people with higher realization of God-realization. Then they would not do what God says, Do not do, anymore. They would follow the Ten Commandments, and they are going to follow the Fifteen Commandments because that is what God said to know Him in a greater degree.

So, this is our job. You have a great job here to do, and you have to concentrate on what you are doing. You have to see the Vision again. You have to see what God has sent to us and how we are responsible to take this to humanity and make them also see this.

We are not here to get mundane in our mundane little lives that we think, Oh, that is the most important thing, my little life. No. Your little life is a speck in comparison to this Vision and what God has given to you. So get over it. Get over your little things.

Remember, do not ask what God can do for you but what you can do for God. Of course, that is Kennedys saying in another way, but I borrowed it from him because it makes sense. It is true, remember how what you did to this point affected where you are at. Now change it. Change it in Gods Way so actually your future, next lifetime, is going to be a better life.

So we can see that all these things again are our responsibility to bring to humanity, to educate them, to bring a greater faith, not by dogmas but bringing them to see God in everything they do.

Even when you sit to eat and you look at the food as Gods Blessings that gives you nourishment, God brought those minerals into that fruit, into that vegetable, into that water you drink, and the fruit you eat. Who brought those things together for you so that it nourishes your body so that you can have a strong body and use it for Gods Purpose?

Do not be unaware of Gods doings. Become aware. That is what awareness is. That is what meditation is, to become more aware of things. When you become more aware, then anything you do becomes Godly, and you see Gods Hand in that. And that is greater faith.

All our rituals are not just to do them automatically but doing them and realizing the words: I pay my salutations to the Divine Father I pay my salutations to the Divine Father, God, and on and on.

So, become more aware of yourself. Become more aware of what you do. Become more aware of the Mission. Become more aware of life, of Gods Hand in everything.

If we can bring this awareness to most of humanity, are we going to have better people? Will they steal? Will they kill? Will they become destructive tendencies in the government, or in the society? Having the awareness of God and bringing it to humanity is going to solve 99% of our problems because they will see that what they do is going to affect them.

God really exists. He really did make this universe self-sustaining. He did make the society self-sustaining. He does really exist, and He says I should not do these things. If I do those things, what happens to me? I am going to be thrown out of the Garden of Eden, which means His Grace. So what am I seeking? I am seeking His Grace, self-realization, and seeing Gods Hand.

See, this is the most important part of the future society, this awareness of God, acceptance of God, and realization of God, seeing His Hand in everything and realizing that you are just a speck in His Kingdom. But, a great speck, because you are a part of God, and you are One with Him.

So with that realization, you see God in everything, and you put your life in a Godly Way. You are a part of God, therefore, you will make a conscious decision to be a good person. You will make a conscious decision not to go against Gods Laws, because if you go against Gods Laws, who is going to get hurt? Is God going to be hurt? He does not care what we do. But, He knows it is not good for us. We lose that awareness.

The moment you steal, what is going to happen? You are afraid, are you going to be caught or not? Are you thinking about God? No. You are thinking about, Am I going to be caught or not?

When you lie, the moment you lie you say, Am I going to be caught? I lied, or something like that. So you see, you lose the awareness of being aware of God. You become aware of self, of protection. But, you do not need protection if you are honest. There is nothing to protect.

Or, some people talk about privacy. Why do we need so much privacy? If we are honest, if we are upright, if we are completely open, and if we do not do anything wrong, we do not need that much privacy.

My life is an open book, come here and look at it. There is nothing in it to hide. There is no fear of anyone coming and looking.

I am not talking about privacy, having a room and being by yourself or meditating. I am talking about too much fear of other people to know about us. Why are you afraid for people to know about you? I have nothing to hide. Come here, you can know anything you want.

So, you can see that our system is based on social movements but the most important thing in it is to create honest people, to create Godly people, to create people who follow the Ten Commandments, the Fifteen Commandments, meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and eventually create the people who are good solid honest people in the society.

In that case, a businessman deals in a very honest way. He says, I bought this for this amount. I need to make a living. If I put this much profit in it, I will make a decent living. Here I will sell it to you for this much. It is not, How can I get the most money out of the other person? and all of that.

But, of course, again human nature is there. We are still dealing with human nature, which is greedy, which is dishonest, which sometimes wants everything for themselves and only thinks about, What am I going to obtain out of this myself? instead of, How can I give something to other people?

That is why Paravipras have to let the cyclical movements happen naturally, because of human nature. But as they happen in the future, it will become closer and closer to the balanced society, which we just explained, that the businessmen are honest, the intellectual people are creative, there is less Ksattriyan class needed, and probably the laborers (the Shudra class) is almost going to be eliminated because of the technology.

In the end, we are going to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Actually, that is when the Kingdom comes, and human nature eventually will change to the Godly nature.

Question: What is the significance in God revealing in THOTH that Baba had the key of David [THOTH, Revelation of The Revelation, Tablet 8:1]? Didnt the Messiah always have the key of David?

Maitreya: Well, if we look at the center of The Greatest Sign, the Second Seal, and the Sixth Seal, all of them have the key of David, or the Kingdom.

The center sign of David, or sign of Solomon, is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. That is the largest, biggest kingdom in the universe. That is already established. We know that God is in control.

We just explained it. He created the universe self-sustaining. He does not have to interfere. If you make karma, you pay for it. It is as simple as that. No one can get away from it. And it has been self-sustaining.

It is just like a program in the computer. You push a button and something happens. And it is consistent, it always happens.

When you do karma, you pay for it. When God said, Thou shalt not do this, He really meant it. It is not a matter of discussion, or intellectual analysis, or sitting there and talking about it. No, maybe He really did not mean that, He meant that. No, He really meant it.

He said, Thou shalt not do this. And you have to tell your children too, You shall not do fornication. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shall not There is no discussion about it.

Did you tell your children that? Did you teach them? Did you insist on it? Did you tell them they shall not do that? Then when they did it, do not run to God and say, Hey, he is doing it or she is doing it, come and help me.

You were the responsible person to do it. You are the person who has to teach your children not to do those things, and the children should have listened to you. And society should back the parents to be able to teach the children the right way.

It is not to tell them that the children should look like a rock star or this and that, and, If it feels good to you, do it. God did not say that, did He? Did He say, If it feels good, do it? No. He said, Thou shall not do this.

That was the end of the discussion. He even did not discuss it with you. He did not say, Oh, let us discuss it to see if it is a good idea or not. He said, No, you should not do it. That is the end of the story! So that is Kingdom.

Anything that I say you do not have to do. That is the good thing about this teaching and my Mission. I am saying these things. You do not have to do them. It does not bother me.

I was reading in the Internet about some people who are trying to create the communities. One of the things they came up with is that most of them became very bitter after doing this for a long time, and they were not able to create the communities they thought they could.

One of them was saying that he went to that community, and there was a bitter sixty-year-old man there. Someone else said that if you had tried to create the community, you would be bitter by the time you were sixty too, because it is such hard work, people do not listen to you, and on and on.

I thought, well, I am fifty some years old. I am not bitter [laughing]. I have been trying to create a community for twenty years, probably I should be bitter too. Then I realized that the reason I am not bitter is that when God revealed this Revelation, He said, Do not be attached to the result.

Those people are attached to the result of their actions. They want to see the community formed, and they are attached to the result of their actions. That is why they eventually became bitter because they did not get what they wanted, or what they envisioned to get.

It is the same thing about this Satsang and teaching, you do not have to do it. When I say that God said, Thou shalt not do this, He meant it. You might say, Oh, he is preaching fire and brimstone and all of that like a regular preacher.

But in my case, I do not insist on it. You do not have to do it. But, I am telling you that there is no discussion about the Law of Karma. God said it, and anyone who goes against it is going to break.

You cannot break the Law of God. You will break yourself against it. That is the difference in our teaching and other teachings. We give you choice. Go ahead, do it. But, we tell you what is going to happen to you, no matter how much you discuss about it. That is what we have to teach humanity.

Humanity eventually has to realize that their actions have a consequence. They have to take the responsibility. They have to discipline themselves. They have to meditate on these things and overcome anything that is not valid. It is as simple as that. No matter what the society says, no matter what the whole world says, you will not follow what is not Godly.

If we can make more people like that, if we can create Communities of Light based on these Laws that God has sent us, eventually we will flip the trend from where it is going, which is to hell, to where it should go, to heaven. That is where we are trying to take people, to heaven. But, they want to go to hell.

Can I turn them around and take them to heaven by force? I cannot. Even if I could, I will not. It is just that we have to grow up. We have to come to the point to realize that, It is my responsibility.

Maitreyas responsibility is to tell us what is the truth and guide us to it. But, it is our responsibility to walk it.

So again, we see how these things work. It is a wonderful thing that God created. And He gave us choice where we do not really have a choice. He created it self-sustaining, that is the way it is going to happen. That is the way society is going to go. That is what the cyclical movements are.

No matter if the Paravipras come, if we create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth or not, He is the King. He is guiding it all with His self-sustaining way.

We can see that the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven is already established. Those who have reached to the Kingdom In Heaven, follow Gods Laws. They do not go against them no matter what the environment tells them.

That is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. And the Communities of Light is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Usually in management, they have only one hierarchy upward, and that is all they have. That means the hierarchy for the organization, the society, and everything.

But, what is the triangle downward? You wonder, if the hierarchy is upward all the time, why does God have the triangle downward too? The triangle downward is the Spirit of God in the hierarchy.

Again, we were talking about the creation of the hierarchy. If even our hierarchy loses touch with God, especially if The Eldest loses touch with God, what is going to happen? That is why the capstone of the hierarchy that we have is separated from the rest of the hierarchy.

The Eldest is in the capstone, isnt he? He is supposed to be connected to God. If the rest is connected too, great. The more people who are connected to God, the better. All of us should be connected to God. We all should see this clearly.

If The Eldest is also disconnected, what happens to the capstone? The capstone is at the top. The rest of the hierarchy is separated from the capstone. So no one is connected. Are we going to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? No, we cannot. The Spirit of God is no longer in the hierarchy.

That is why I said that the most important thing in our society is to bring God into it, to bring God into every level in our lives. In our work, in our eating, in anything we do, we bring God into it. If we do not, then we are disconnected. The society is disconnected. Your children are disconnected. You are disconnected. Your husband/wife is disconnected. That society is going to fall apart.

Of course, it starts from the family. The father no longer is the father. The mother is no longer a mother. The children are not children. The grandparents are not grandparents, and on and on. The way God created it to be is not there any more. That society is in trouble no matter how powerful it is. We have to go back to Gods Way, which is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven.

Also in the Sixth Seal we can see the Kingdom of Heaven Within. How do we create the Kingdom of Heaven Within? Who has the Kingdom of Heaven Within? It is the Paravipras, the Elects.

How do you become an Elect? You become an Elect by following the Eternal Divine Path.

It so beautifully falls all together, in The Greatest Sign: awakening of our spiritual forces (that is, meditation, concentration, chanting, dancing, and whatever helps you to awaken your spiritual forces, know thyself to know God). But, is that enough?

He says, No. Create the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. This is where the hierarchy comes from. That is from where our whole system, that we just explained, will evolve. But, is being in the communities enough? No.

You have to sacrifice for them. You have to become selfless, forget about being human but become Godly, selflessness instead of self-centeredness.

Then surrender and be submissive to God. What is the Will of God for me? Why am I based in this society, in this community, in this movement?

Another thing, the Mission is a movement. It is not just a teaching. If it was just a teaching, we would have been a spacey kind of teaching, Do not worry about it, just meditate, and you are going to be OK. That is a teaching. That is not a movement.

We would not need computers. We would not need teachers. We would not need the things we need to make this Mission move. If it were just a teaching, we would not need resources. We would not need to have the 10% of your income (tithes) so we can move this Mission.

It is a movement. A movement needs resources. That is another thing that we all have to realize, the Mission is not just a teaching, it is a movement, and a movement needs resources to move it.

You see, movement, it means moving. Movement needs energy; it needs something to make it move. So we can see that we need these resources because it is a movement.

Then, of course, you become a universalist. When you succeed, what do you have? You have the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. You create the Kingdom within yourself.

That is why all those three signs have the Star of David or the Sign of Solomon in them. Each of them is related to the Kingdom: The Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and the Kingdom Of Heaven Within You. That is why Babas sign has the Kingdom symbol in it.

If you look at any teaching, or any teacher, or any Prophet, or any Messiah, they always talk about the community. There is not one teacher or God-sent Messenger who did not talk about the community.

In Buddhism, there was Sangha and Darma. In Hinduism, they talk about marriage (wife and husband), community, and how to pray and do morning prayers. In Judaism, they even talk about the tribes, the twelve tribes of Israel. In Christianity, they have the Christian community. In Islam, there is the Ummah or a community itself, and on and on.

So we can see the community is always talked about but no one ever came up with such a crystallized explanation of how you can create Communities of Light, which is the base of the Kingdom and our teaching. And because each of them talks about the Kingdom, they have that Kingdom of God in them. The Kingdom of Heaven (in the middle of The Greatest Sign), the Kingdom on Earth (second sign), and the Kingdom Within (sixth sign and is the rising sun, which eventually makes you better understand the teaching).

Question: In THOTH, Holiest 1, Tablet 18, page 26, Only when a human finds his other part will he become perfect [verse 4]. And they were separated from each other and each was something less than the image of God. Only when these two parts join each other either on the material plane or on the spiritual plane can they become perfect again [verse 6].

What happens if our other part is not following the Eternal Divine Path or if he or she does not want to hear about God?

Maitreya: Well, this is a topic that we have talked about many times and explained many times in our Satsangs. It is a very complicated subject as we have talked about.

First of all, your other part might not even be in the body. Second, your other part might be in the body but they have chosen another path many lifetimes. You have become completely separated from each other.

Another one is that you might not have another part at all. You might be perfect, as God created you as one in this lifetime to not want another part.

Another way is that your other part is God Himself. So really, that is what sannyasins mostly become, their other part is God. They have no need for another part on this earth because they have become perfect as they are. They can completely realize that nothing really satisfies them out of themselves and what they have been created to do, which is Gods work. So it is very hard to really say who is your other part anyway.

That is when the concept of arranged marriages came out in the beginning. When the Communities of Light are created and in those communities children are grown up together, little by little it will easily prove who really matches with who. That was the base in those societies for having the arranged marriages. It was because young people themselves became attracted to each other, sometimes not wisely. They cannot see as wisely in a deeper level what that relationship can bring to them.

But the elders were supposed to be more observant and wiser than the young men and women, so they could tell them what was best. Of course, the question was, were they really wise? The assumption is that the elder people are wiser than the younger people, but what if they are not?

We can see that a lot of elements are involved to know who is your other part. How do you know the one you think is your other part is really your other part? Did God guide you to that person and told you that he or she is your other part? Or, is it your desire that makes you think that she or he is your other part? Or, is it your desire, that you chose that person because they fulfilled a part of you that you needed to be fulfilled?

Also, look at your life, Did I find my other part? Usually you find your other part early in your life. By thirty, if you did not find your other part, you can pretty much assume that you had better become a sannyasin and your other part is not there anymore.

Or, you tried a couple of marriages, and it did not work. Which one was my other part, the first marriage, the second marriage, the third marriage, or the tenth marriage? Or, the first girlfriend or boyfriend, the second, the third, or the tenth? Eventually, you have to realize that something is not completely falling into its place. You are not supposed to have a hundred marriages and ten thousand boyfriends or girlfriends, and at the same time say, Oh, maybe this one is the correct one.

Also, we are living in a society that it is very hard to find your other part. The teaching is not based on Gods way, and the attraction is mostly physical or mental. It is not spiritual.

But in the Communities of Light, the attraction is mostly spiritual. There are not too many selfish things going on as it is now. Today, you marry someone for six months, or you live with them for six months, and after six months you tell them, You do not understand me. You go your way.

Hey, I am not supposed to understand you. I am supposed to understand myself. Of course, I do not understand you because I do not understand myself first. Know thyself. God never said, Know your partner. Did He say, Know thy partner to know God? He never said that. He said, Know thyself.

Of course, if you know yourself, you know your partner. The human is human. They have the same problems, the same abilities, the same desires, and the same attachments. So, when you know yourself, you know your partner.

With all that, if you know yourself you actually have everyone as your partner. Two people can marry. They can marry each other even if they are not each others flame.

So when THOTH is talking about that they were not perfect, it is talking about the regular people who come here and are not perfect, are not spiritual, are not thinking about God, and do not want anything to do with the Mission, Its realization, and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They are just some regular people out there who feel very disconnected from God and feel imperfect. They do not have any vision, they do not have any mission, and they do not have any calling in their lives. But they are regular people that the only thing they are interested in is, How can I find my other part, get married, have children, live, and die?

The people who are in the Mission and who are called for such a great teaching and Revelation, however, should be higher than the regular people who are only thinking about, Where is my other part? They will dedicate their lives to the Vision, and the rest is not important to them.

If they are such high people for sure, the other part is high too. The other part cannot be low, not thinking about God, the Mission, and the Vision that God has given to them. Because they are such high people, they will affect their other part to become high as well, and they have been together for many lifetimes. So their other part also will become very high toward them.

If they do not, then you have to look at your life and meditate and say, Why? Why is it that I am attracted to the Mission and my partner is not? Maybe you are not each others part. Maybe you chose that other part for other reasons, which are not completely based on Gods reasons, such as physical attraction, mental attraction, financial reasons, comfort, your desire to have things that he or she has, etc. Or you did not go for it because God said that really he or she is your other part.

So that sentence is based on a lot of assumptions. And it is based on a Godly way. It is based on you really being connected to yourself, you knowing yourself, and then God puts another person in your path and you, just like magnets, hook up with each other. Or, you see a Godly reason to hook up with each other.

In my case, I did not think I was ever going to marry because I never thought I was a marrying person. I had too many interesting things going around in my life to spend my life just fulfilling a life, a married life. But I had no choice. God put me in a situation that I had no choice. Then He gave a vision to Sarah-ji about me. She saw me in her third eye. It just happened. And it worked fine. She is my best friend, and I love her very much.

Is she my other part? I always felt I did not have any other part but that is great that she is such a great lady that God put in front of me. And we are very happy with each other. Are you happy? [Sarah-ji is nodding yes, and there was laughter]

So you can see that you do not force the issue. You do not look for it. You do not go out of your way to find your other part. But if it happened, if God gave you the ability, and you found such a person that you can become one with, that is great, especially if you have a purpose.

If your other part is taking you away from God and your purpose, then you have to think very hard and twice. Actually, you have to let that other part go because they are an obstacle, they are not helpful.

That is why I love Sarah-ji, she is not an obstacle in my path, most of the time [laughter]. But if she is, or if she ever will be, I have to let her go because no matter what, God is number one.

God has to be number one in your life. Then you will be surprised. You might find someone who really comes to you and becomes your partner. And they are not against what you do.

So it is again a personal decision. If you do not, then you become split, you become lukewarm, because then you have two masters, you have God and your partner. Which one are you going to listen to? Either you become a lukewarm or you have to leave one, go to another, or, go to one and then go to the other one, and go back and forth. When you go back and forth, what happens to you again? You become lukewarm because you do not really belong to any of them.

If you find someone who really thinks they are your partner, just give them the Message. If they came to your way and Gods Way, then that is great. But if they are not going to listen to you, again, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to force them? Even I cannot force them, or force anyone to become Godly. I can just guide them. I can just give the Message, and tell them about God and how His universe works.

It is up to you to guide yourself and say, Yes. What Maitreya says makes sense. If I do not follow what he says, I will create karma and I am going to suffer for it. I am going to live a lot of lifetimes in the future with a lot of suffering in it.

That is another answer about the society, the less people create karma, the less society will have karma to pay. That is another thing that makes the society more perfect, if people create less karma. They do not lie. They do not steal. They do not do the things that they do.

So again, it is a decision. First of all, Is that other person really my other part? How do you know? Are you that high? Are you connected to God completely that you can say for sure, Yes, I know. He or she is my other part. If you are that sure, then give the Message to him or her, and let us see if they come to you. If they are really your partner and you are that high, they should. Just like that [snapping fingers] they should say, Yes! I love this. It makes sense.

And that is how the people are called for this Mission. They read this Mission once, and they say, Yes! This makes sense. I want to be a part of it.

Then if they came to you, great. If they did not, then again you have to think twice. Which one do I want, God or my partner? Is my partner as strong in me as God is? Then you are lost. You have another master.

Or, God is more important to me, and this person is not. With all the things that I thought he or she is my partner, he or she is not because if I am that high, I am connected to this Mission, the highest realization, the highest Revelation ever, and I am called for this Mission and my partner is absolutely different than I am, he is very low, then how could it be? Therefore, I made a mistake. It is not my partner. So if you are high, if you are in the Mission, if you find someone who is not in the Mission, you have to think twice to see which one you have to choose.

Partners are very important. They are very powerful. Your partner is a very powerful person in your life. They can make your life miserable. They can make you forget about God, because you love them and you want to please them. Or, they can help you. They can help you to go to God and to become one with each other.

Be very careful about what you take from THOTH as something that you feel is what fulfills your own desire. THOTH is talking about the highest things. THOTH is talking about the people who really know each other and know themselves. When it happens, they know for sure that is the Will of God, Not my will but His Will be done.

So pull yourself up to that level. If you are there, and you find someone who is one with you and who can help you in your spiritual progress, great. But if they are taking you away from God

Again, it is your decision. I am not going to force it on you. It is your decision to say which one you want.

Hopefully, we will all become great people that our own desires do not change the meaning of the teaching in THOTH, and we will see THOTH and Its Words exactly as they are meant to be, not as our desires want them to be.

As I said, those words are for regular people who are here for a little small life, just to find a partner and maybe evolve. In this Mission, you have to have such a high Vision that nothing, nothing at all, should sway you from being one-pointed toward this Mission.

Our time is up, and if you have any questions, send them to the Mission for next month. I wish you all well and a Godly month. The next Satsang is going to be next month before the Feast of Tabernacles. I hope all of you have made up your minds to be here for the Feast. If you are not here, I hope you keep it wherever you are. Sal-OM.

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