10/05/01 Open-House Satsang (Discourse) By


At The Feast Of Tabernacles


Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya conference room or chat room. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. We are here to present the Mission to humanity and to talk about the Revelation of the Mission of Maitreya.

This is the time of the Feast of Tabernacles, when the Hebrews used to believe that the Spirit of God comes to earth and brings joy and Grace to humanity. Actually, that was when they expected the Messiah to come, in that time of the Feast of Tabernacles.

That was the final Feast of the year, of the seven Feasts. If you go to Leviticus, chapter 23 in the Old Testament, it talks about the seven Holy Days, or the Feasts, or the Holy Days, which the last one of that year was the Feast of Tabernacles.

So, that is why every time we have the Feast of Tabernacles, the energy is very high. Everyone who comes to the Feast feels the energy and the Presence of God. Now imagine if every human on earth is going to celebrate the Feast. The whole earth is going to be lifted up to the highest consciousness.

We are going toward that goal but, of course, humanity is not ready yet for accepting the unity of all religions and humanity as One.

The Mission of Maitreya is the fulfillment of the prophecies that eventually a Revelation will come that will unify all humanity.

Every major religion on earth has prophesied that eventually the Kingdom Of God On Earth will come, that humans will reach a point that they will put their swords away, that the war-monger mentality will not be there, that the peace will come to humanity, and that eventually we are going to have God as the King, the Ruler, and the accepted Law Maker to human beings.

Of course, if we look at the religions, the separation, and the destruction that has been brought to humanity for the last 6,000 years, we would be very skeptical and say, How is it possible? There have been 1,400 wars for religious reasons among humans, and each time they fought for religions, they brought a lot of destruction to humanity, and never has peace come.

But, the fantastic thing about our teaching is that it reveals that God said He was going to do things in the last 6,000 years, and He did them. Therefore, if you read our teaching, very simply you can see, Well, whenever God said He was going to do something, He did it. Therefore, He said the peace will come on earth and He will bring the peace on earth.

Now we have come here and we claim, Yes, we are here to bring that peace. We are the forerunners of the peace on earth and the goodwill to men. Some people say, Good Luck. People have been trying to bring the peace on earth for the last 6,000 years and it has not happened. How is that possible?

Then we say, Look, these things God said He was going to do, and He did them. Now He has proven in the Mission that it is the last Revelation because the prophecies are fulfilled, according to what God said He was going to do and bring. Those prophecies, of course, are the yardstick for all of us to know who is saying the truth and who is not saying the truth, who is a false prophet and who is not a false Prophet.

Of course, some people come to us and say that there are going to be many false prophets at the end of the world. That is true. But, one of them is the one that God sent. Everyone who comes is not a false prophet; One of them is the correct one.

Now, how do we know who is the correct one and who is the false prophet? God said, I tell you the prophecies. I foretell how He is going to come. If that person came and He fulfilled all those prophecies, and then I gave Him the unification of all religions, and he says that He is My Mouthpiece, therefore, you have found Him.

It is interesting, it says that if they tell you, Go, he is in the mountains, do not go. If he is in the city, do not go. You do not have to come here. You are right there, and you are hearing the words that are the fulfillment of the prophecies and Gods Revelation to all of us.

Therefore, you can go ahead to our website and look at the prophecies. The prophecies are fulfilled with this Mission and this Revelation. No other Prophet ever fulfilled as many prophecies as fulfilled in this Mission and Revelation. Then after you have read them and understood them, you will say, Yes, this is the One.

And these prophecies are not the ones I found and said, Here it is, I fulfilled this, I fulfilled that. No. They were found by other people who came and told us, You fulfilled all these things. And we said, Oh, OK, great!

Then our faith is even greater in what we do, because it is from God. Or, maybe God wanted that to be done. Because if the third person comes and says, This is the person, it is more credible than my saying, Yes, I am that person. It might seem a little egoistical there, but there is no ego. If I am giving this Satsang, God is giving it through me. I am just a vessel for Gods Will here for all of us.

So go read the prophecies to see if they are fulfilled. Test the spirit. Then read the Word of God. He said that there are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, and that there is going to be a book sealed with the Seven Seals. Never, ever, I have said this many times, in any event in the Scriptures did the whole universe rejoice but when the book that was sealed with the Seven Seals was opened. So, therefore, that is our miracle in this Mission.

We teach you how to heal yourself this time, because as Christ said, If I heal you, what good does it do? You have not learned how to heal yourself. I can throw the spirit out of you, and that spirit is going to go and find seven more vicious spirits than itself. They will come, see that the house is clean and say, Good, Christ is not around either, I can go in. This person does not know how to block me out of his spirit. And the state of that person is going to be worse than it was before.

So, in the Mission you learn how to heal yourself. Many techniques have been given to you to heal yourself without needing someone else to heal you.

So, this time the miracle is the book called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. That is the book that was sealed with the Seven Seals and has been brought to humanity to tell them, Look, each of your religions is true. There is some truth in each. But they are just a part of the truth. They are not the whole picture.

The example I always refer to is the very famous story about the five blind men and the elephant. Each blind man held one part of the elephant. The one who had the trunk said, It looks like a hose.

The one who had the tail said, No, it looks like a snake.

The one who had the tusk said, No, it is very smooth and very hard to the touch.

And the one who had the leg said, No, it looks like a cylinder.

Each of them had a part of the elephant and they were fighting with each other, No, it looks like this, or No, it looks like that.

Then a man with the eyes came and said, Look, you are right. Yes, it looks like a cylinder, it has a tusk, it has a trunk, it has a tail, it has an ear like a leaf. But, each of the parts is not an elephant. You have to put the whole thing together and add probably the body, the top, the eyes, and the rest of the elephant together and say, This is the elephant.

That is interesting, there are five blind men and there are five steps in the Eternal Divine Path [laughter]. That is a connection.

That is exactly what God revealed to us, that no truth is the final truth until the Seventh Angel comes, which means, until the seventh Revelation comes. Before that, everyone was just revealing a part of the truth.

That is proved everywhere. Every Prophet in the Old Testament always foretold that another one was going to come. When Christ came, even Christ said, The kingdom will be taken away from you. Prophet Muhammed came and said, I did not reveal the whole thing to you. Bab came and said, Yes, there is going to be Mustaghath, or he who will be manifested, will come.

We say, No. This is it, finished, this is the last one. No one is going to come after this. Either you understand what Gods Plan is now, or you are going to miss it.

Of course, if humanity realizes that today, and comes together, we will not have this war that we are going toward. We are not going to have the destruction that is going to come to us.

If they all understand that there is One World, One Humanity, under One God, and come and listen to our teachings, they do not have to have fights, war, and destruction, and all the things on the earth. Of course, unfortunately, we know, we can just see, even in this little work that we are doing right now in the Internet, there are a lot of people who are adamant that they are right, they are the people who are right. Apparently, they have to go through a period before they realize that they have no choice but to realize that there is One God, One World, and One Humanity, and come together.

The teaching is very simple. It has five steps and two results.

The first step is to awaken your spiritual forces, Know thyself to know God. That covers all Mystical Paths, which includes: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala in Judaism, saints in Christianity, and Sufism in Islam. So, that covers every aspect of the Mystical Paths.

The Mystical Paths are so vast, and each individual has their own way of awakening their spiritual forces. Some people meditate. Some people go for long drives. Some people go fishing in the mountains. They have a way to calm their minds. But, that is what the Mystical Paths are.

It is the spirit of the teaching. If you do not understand the Mystical Paths, you do not understand what Christ was talking about. You do not understand the mystical part of religions.

The second step, after you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, is what? Do you just say, Oh, I am OK. I am up there, and I do not care about anyone else? God says, No.

That is when He revealed the Old Testament. In the whole Old Testament you will see that God was trying to find a community, which He called the twelve tribes of Israel, who accept God as their King and follow the Laws of God.

So we can see the next step in the spiritual path is the creation of the Communities of Light. That is what we call those communities.

Actually, Israel means the Children of Light. If you are in the Communities of Light, you are a Child of Light. So, you have to be in the Communities of Light to be a Child of Light. And the Children of Israel or the Children of Light are not a race. They are not a religion. Anyone who follows the Eternal Divine Path is the Child of Light.

Then, of course, to create such communities you have to sacrifice in the community. You cannot be in the community and say, What is in it for me only? I am a very selfish person. The only thing I want here is, What am I going to get out of this? If you do that, again the ego comes in, and ego means separation, destruction, and all of that.

So, the next step is sacrifice. Who brought sacrifice? Who was the most symbolic of sacrificing even himself all the way to the cross for his ideal? It was Christ.

Of course, if you read our teachings, there is more to it. He released The Grace and all of that. The Grace was taken away at the time of Adam and Eve. But, his message was sacrifice. You have to sacrifice in the communities in order to create the Communities of Light.

Now you sacrifice a lot, but nothing happens. Then what? You become depressed. You say, I work so hard and nothing is happening. Or, you start working to create communities, and everything starts happening, and you say, Oh, look at me! I am such a great spiritual teacher that everyone follows me and starts creating the communities. Look at me, I am so great!

That is when the concept of surrendering comes in. Surrendering means, I do the work but surrender the result to God. That means I am not attached to it.

I do my work. I do my best. If it happens, Great, that was God doing through me. If it does not happen, Maybe I am making some mistakes? I should look at myself to see what I am doing that is not working, get rid of them and do the things that work.

So, you improve yourself. You become more perfect. As Christ said, Be perfect as your Father. That is the process of perfection. You make a mistake. You sit back, meditate on it, and then say, Well, what was the mistake? Why is it not happening? Why is it not working OK?

And then you see, It is more me than God coming through me. So, that is what the mistake is.

Would God make a mistake if He comes through? God does not make mistakes. He is perfect. How can He make mistakes?

So, if you let Him come through you perfectly, you should not make mistakes. As long as you make mistakes, what is there? Your ego is coming through. You are doing it. You are not letting God come through. You become rigid. You become attached to the work. You say, It is I who do. I am good at it.

Or, if it did not happen, you become depressed and say, Oh, oh, I did wrong. I am so sorry I did wrong.

Do not be sorry, just learn from your lesson. Do not be so harsh on yourself. Just say, OK, it was a mistake. What was in me that made the mistake? Then you improve yourself as you learn your lesson and go ahead. And, that is surrendering the result of your action.

Even greater than surrendering the result is being submissive and saying, OK God, you do through me. As Saint Frances said, I die in Christ, and Christ is more in me and I am less in there.

So, as God becomes more and more in you and you become less and less and less and less, eventually, you are not there any more so God comes through all the time. You become the teacher of the man. You can go and talk about the Revelation of God. You understand THOTH perfectly, and you say, That makes sense. I love this.

It is just, Nothing made sense in my life. But now when I read this and understand this, it makes sense because it really, truly frees me from my ego, frees me from my destructive tendencies, frees me from my subconscious mind, which was always telling me what to, what not to do, and how bad I was. It completely made me depressed.

If you go through the path of surrendering the result, eventually you reach a point that you let God do it through you. You are flowing all the time. You are dancing in the Spirit of God, and you come through without realizing God is doing through you.

Whatever you do becomes perfect. And everyone starts praising you and saying, Oh, you are so perfect, everything you do is so good, everything you do comes out OK. Then you think, I am not doing anything. I am just enjoying it. I am just watching this thing happen.

It is just like that saying that you are at the top of the bridge, and you see the river going under it. You are not attached to the river. The life goes on and on in front of you. You watch it like a movie and you say, Wow, it is fantastic.

It is just like the things that the Hindus say, God is the observer. He is the witness entity. He watches you all the time. He knows exactly what you do. If you let Him do through you, then you become the observer. God does the work through you. Now you can sit back and observe things happening. That is submission.

Submission means to let God do the work through you. Therefore, the fourth step is surrendering and submission. That is exactly what Islam means. Islam comes from the word Tasleim. It means to be surrendered and submissive to God.

If you are surrendered to God and you let God do through you, what happens? You become One with Him. Isnt that the goal of spirituality, to become one with God and become perfect as the Father in heaven?

Of course, we have to realize that Judaism is different than Jews. Hinduism is different than Hindus. Buddhism is different than Buddhists. Christianity is different than Christians. Islam is different than Moslems. If we realize that, we do not blame Islam or God on His Revelation. We blame the dogmas that people follow. The dogmas create destruction and all the separation that we have.

Now, I surrender and submit myself to God. I do my work in my environment, my home, my family, or even in my community, or in my country, and I am very attached to it. That is it, My home, my community, my country. Then what am I doing? I am separating myself from everything else around me, arent I?

But, God is everything, so how can you separate anything? Then you have to expand your consciousness. Say, No. I am the child of the universe. The universe is my home. God is my Father and Mother, and I am here to do His Will.

If there is any separation, anything separating from anything else, it does not express the Spirit of God. That is because God is everything. The moment you separate something from something in the universe, you fall. You are not expressing the Spirit of God.

Therefore, we can see that the next step is universalism. You have to become a universalist. You expand and destroy any narrowness of the mind, such as, My family, my community, my country," even "my earth." No. You are a child of earth that you have to expand your consciousness.

Even if someone suffers on planet Jupiter, if there is someone there, you have to feel the pain of those people. That is why universalism brings more sharing between humanity, and eventually unification comes with feeling the pain of the whole earth instead of feeling our own pain only.

Then after you become a universalist, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind. In fact, that is when narrowness of the mind comes in, when our consciousness becomes small, My religion, my this, and my that.

So with following these five steps, if you awaken your spiritual forces, if you direct them to create the Communities of Light, if you sacrifice for the Communities of Light, if you surrender and submit what you do for the Communities of Light, and become a universalist, that is what God in every Scripture calls, My Elect. That is how you become an Elect of God. You become a Child of God. That is the Sixth Seal.

Actually, the theme of this Feast is the Sixth Seal. Of course, next year it will be the Seventh Seal. Then, we go to the First Seal, Second Seal, Third Seal, and on and on. So every year we pick up one of the seals as the theme of that Feast.

So, in the Sixth Seal, you become an Elect. You become a person who meditates, awakens their spiritual forces, directs all their energy to create the Communities of Light, sacrifices for them, surrenders and submits the result to God, or lets God come through, and becomes a universalist and shatters all narrowness of the mind.

You become a universalist, and you become a leader of man. You become a Divine. Of course, such people are going to teach the rest of humanity this teaching.

As you see, the awakening of the spiritual forces was all the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, as we explained. The Second Seal is the Old Testament, where God is trying to find a community that accepts Him as God. The third is the New Testament. The Third Seal is sacrifice. The Fourth Seal is Islam, submission and surrendering. The Fifth Seal is the Bahais. And the Sixth Seal, of course, is the Baba. We explained a couple of days ago how it evolved to that seal.

So you can see that with all the Mystical Paths, the Old Testament the Hebrews, the New Testament Christians, the Koran Moslems, the Bahais, and the people in Ananda Marga, the Six Seals are unified. That covers probably 99% of humanity and all can be unified.

We are hoping they listen to us. We are hoping they come tomorrow and say, Yes, Maitreya, you make sense. Let us get on with it. Let us spread this everywhere and then unify all these people, and end this craziness on earth.

But, we are not naive to believe that. We can say, We are going to wait. We are just going to call the Elects to ourselves and wait for humanity to go through this craziness they are going to go through. They are going to go through the tribulation that God said is going to come on earth.

But, you are going to be caught with the Mission, with the Christ, on earth. We are not against anyone. We are not for anyone. We are for God. That is what we are going to do, we are going to just wait for them to go through this craziness they are going to go through.

When they had World War I, they had the World Court in Europe to take care of the problems between nations. That did not work. Then they had World War II, and they created the United Nations. They probably thought that it was going to solve the problems. It did not.

Now it sounds like they need another world war. After they come out of it, they will say, OK Maitreya, all right maybe you have something there. We are now ready to listen. But if they listen today, we can have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth now.

This is our teaching. Of course, any time I explain the teaching, it comes out differently. Probably I have explained it hundreds of thousands of times, and each time it is explained differently. That is our teaching and the base of our teaching.

You now know what this Revelation is. Now we leave you to God, whatever you want to do with it.

We are not attached. We are not a cult. We do not even keep people here in the Mission. If they want to leave, we say, Fine. Bye-bye. Have a good life. So, it is not a cult. It is the understanding that each individual goes and finds out what it really means, how all the prophecies are fulfilled, and how we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So now we will go ahead and answer any questions there might be. Is there anyone with his or her hand up?

One thing here, this is the room for the Mission of Maitreya. We ask everyone to stay on that topic. We appreciate that. As I said, do not type any preaching. Do not speak any preaching here.

We know about your religions. We know about your teaching. We know about Hinduism. We know about Buddhism. We know about the Cabbala. We know about Sufism. We know about the Saints in Christianity. We know about the Old Testament, New Testament, Islam, and Bahai. We know all your teachings. We have read them. We have meditated on them.

All the members in the Mission are encouraged to know all about these religions. They know the truth of your religion, and they know your dogmas.

What you believe, mostly we believe, is your dogma. Do not come and preach your dogmas to us. Come here to learn about the Mission of Maitreya.

If you are not interested in the Mission of Maitreya, go to a room that talks about your dogmas and you feel good about it. But, if you come here, this is our church, this is our place, and please respect it. Please be on the topic: talk about the Mission. If you are not interested, please leave and go somewhere that serves your interest.

We do not come to your rooms to preach our preaching. We are just calling the Elects to come together. If you are not an Elect, if you are a fundamentalist in anything, do not come here.

We are not apologetic about our teaching, because we know our teaching is true. So please stay on topic.

If you have a question, go ahead.

Audience: There is a question on the screen. Is someone channeling Maitreya?

Maitreya: We are just channeling God. There is only the Spirit of God on earth and all the universe. There should not be any medium between you and God. You have the ability to connect to God directly. You do not need a channel to channel anyone for you.

That is when the problem starts in many religions. That is when people become dogmatic because they listen to their Priests. They listen to their Rabbis. They listen to their Brahmins. They listen to their Mullahs. In every religion, they have a channel, something between themselves and God.

I am here to tell you, do not. Do not listen to your preacher. Do not listen to your Mullah. Do not listen to your, anyone, but understand THOTH and the teaching of the Mission, and then confirm it with God directly.

You do not need a medium. God said that you can have a direct relationship with Me. That is what the human ego has created to disconnect you from God.

Then we have the Brotherhood of Light that do the same thing. They have Master M, Maitreya, and this and that. And then people say they channel, Maitreya. How many people channel Maitreya on earth? And each of them say different things.

What kind of Maitreya is it? He changes his mind every time someone channels him? [laughter] Dont you ask that to yourself, How come this channel says differently than the other channel when they channel the same person?

You do not need channels. Get rid of them. Go to God directly. You even do not need me. I am just here to give you the Message. You should not even become attached to me and my body and say, Maitreya said that, therefore, I am not going to think. I am just going to let Maitreya think for me.

God gave you a brain. Why did God give you a brain if He wanted just robots to follow the teachers? Get rid of the teachers. I like that book, If You Saw The Buddha, Kill Him. Why? It does not really mean kill him. Do not come and kill me here [laughter]. But, it means that Buddha just gave you the message.

Do not listen to your friends. Do not listen to your colleagues. Do not listen to the things that people tell you. Use your brain. Use your understanding. God gave your intelligence. God gave you hands and feet. Why?

Read THOTH, the greatest Revelation that has ever come to humanity. And then think about it. Test the Spirit.

So, those who are following the channels or trying to understand God through other people, are going to make mistakes. They are going to fall into the traps of the spirit and ego.

One thing also, you can know who is a false prophet. A false prophet is the person who connects you to themselves. They tell you, You have no power. Come to me. I will guide you, you poor little thing. You do not have any brain or any ability to do it for yourself. I am going to do it for you. OK? But you have to give me a couple thousand dollars. Call me on this 800 phone number and I will charge you that much money every minute, and this and that. All of them are false prophets. They are telling you, You do not know. You cannot know. You do not have the ability to know.

But God says what? Search, knock, and you will find it. Why? If I search, knock, and ask, Am I going to find it? That is what God is telling you. You do not need anyone. You can do it yourself.

So here, in this Mission, we are channeling no one. We are giving you the highest Revelation from God based on the Scriptures, based on His Revelations, and we are asking you to go, study, and become an independent searcher. Search, ask, knock and you will find it.

And, you can do it in our website, go there, and search it. That is what we are asking everyone. When you have searched it and found it, if you found something there that you did not understand, come here and ask. We would be more than glad to answer you.

But, do not come here to preach and to tell us, Why dont you have this one? Why dont you have communion just like we have in our church? Why dont you drink wine with the bread like we do? Or, why dont you do the Namaste, or the prayer five times a day?

It is because this is the New Wine. You cannot put it in the old skin. You are trying to put something the size of the universe into a bottle of your belief in your religions. So expand yourself! This is a new way of understanding. I am trying to free you from all those bondages, the bondages of the religions, the bondages of the churches, the bondages of the priests, the bondages of the channels, the bondages of the psychics, etc.

These are all bondages you are in. Free yourself from them. You do not need them. God is with you. Connect yourself to Him directly. These are the bondages that are put on you by the preachers and the teachers.

I hope eventually our teachers will not become the same as the teachers in other religions who connect people to themselves instead of connecting them to God. I like our teachers to connect people to the Mission, and the Mission connects them to God. Do not become an obstacle in the path of God.

It is just like, they are the bridge between you and God. But, you become so wrapped up in looking at the bridge that you say, Oh, such a beautiful bridge it is. Look at that. He is so good, intellectually so fantastic, and he talks so wonderfully. He is terrific. Eventually, you become so bogged down with the bridge that you never go over it. You are going to be staying on the bridge for the rest of your life. The goal is not reached.

So, no, we are not channeling Maitreya. Maitreya is here Himself and He is channeling God directly to you. We do not have any medium between us. And I tell you to go to God directly, through your meditation, through your spiritual practices in the Mission. Purify yourself, and one day come to me and say, Maitreya, you were right, that is much better than any other channel, or teacher, or anyone who told me what to do and where to go. Then we are brothers and sisters, and we will work together to manifest this Mission.

Isaiah34: I was just going to say that we should all take this guys advice, use our heads, use the brains that God gives us, and not listen to human authority. And not take the teaching of this false prophet.

Maitreya: He is right. If I am a false prophet, you should not listen to me. That is why we are asking you to go to the website, test the spirit, read the fulfillment of the prophecies, and then decide for yourself. Do not listen to this person either, OK? [laughing].

I am asking you to prove it for yourself. As long as you have not proved it to yourself, when you come into this room, do not preach. When you prove it to yourself, come here, and then we will talk about it.

Cog: Well, you said to go to the website and test the spirit and I have already been to the website and did not really read THOTH, but I read the prophecies and all of those things.

Now in the Bible it says to test the spirits to see if they are from God. Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. Every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not from God, is the anti-Christ. So, that is the test. And, also it says that every knee will bow, in heaven, on the earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

You need to do that. You need to bend your knees and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Maitreya: Well, we do acknowledge that Christ came as a person 2,000 years ago.

Of course, you keep saying Jesus. There is no J in Hebrew. And no one calls him Jesus but the western world. That is an abbreviation for Jay (in Sanscrit, Jay means victory), and Zeus, which means, victory to Zeus. So really, when you say Jesus, you are saying, Victory to Zeus. You are not acknowledging the Messiah who came 2,000 years ago as Christ.

Actually, you are the one who is the false prophet, and you are the one who is teaching falsely. You do not even know what his name is, and then you claim you are following the Messiah, which his name never was Jesus, and the Bible says that you are saved by his name.

But, we believe in the Christ that his earthly name was Esa and his spiritual name cannot be pronounced, as we have taught in our teaching. So cleanse your eyes and take the beam out of your eyes first before coming here and trying to judge the Revelation, the greatest Revelation that has come to humanity. Just look at yourself first.

That completely shows that you have not read our teaching, you have not been in our website, and you do not know what our teaching is, because we do acknowledge Christ. We do acknowledge that he came in the flesh. We do acknowledge that he is the Son of God.

Whoever does not believe that he is the Son of God is the false prophet. We do believe he is the Son of God. So, you do not know our teachings. We do acknowledge Christ.

This teaching is the New Wine in the New Skin. It is the truth that is going to fall to some people and flourish. And, some people are never going to get it because they are so full of their own dogmas, and their cups are filled. No matter what I say, they just keep their own little dogmas and they will not let this get in.

So, please go and take care of your children. Go to our website and read about it. Then when you understand it, come and ask questions.

John: Sal-OM Maitreya. We have a question here in the chat room. It says, What part of The Revelation does Maitreya fulfill?

Maitreya: The Mission fulfills The Revelation of the coming of the Seven Seals and the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals. It is called, The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament. The Holiest Of The Holies is abbreviated to THOTH. It has nothing to do with the Egyptian god or anything. It is an abbreviation. Of course, it is kind of playing on the words at the same time, but really it has nothing to do with Thoth in Egyptian Mysticism. So do not take that as the Egyptian god, but it means The Holiest Of The Holies.

It has been prophesied to come in every religion that there is going to be a Scripture that every sentence in that Scripture you can write 1,000 books about. If you read THOTH and you understand it, you will realize, Oh, I can write a book just about one sentence. And, people will write about each sentence, 1,000 books.

This is the one that has been prophesied to come in Chapter 5 of The Revelation, the book that no one can open but the son of God, Christ. So, if you realize that then you will realize what we are presenting here to humanity.

So, it is up to you to see that. I am not saying even who I am or what I am. No claim here. I want you to claim it after you realize what it says and what it is.

Also prophecies, you can go to the website and see all the prophecies are fulfilled up to this point: The Hindu prophecies, the Buddhist prophecies, the Christian prophecies, the Hebrew prophecies, the Moslem prophecies, etc. This is the time. This is the end time.

Hello humans! Wake up! This is the end time. This is time to get together. You are going to blow yourselves up fifty times over, with the amount of bombs you have. When you blow yourself up once, why do you need another forty-nine bombs to blow yourself up?

Go ahead, I am not here to change your minds. Go ahead and blow yourselves up. That is fine.

I am just giving you another alternative. I am saying this is what God wants and what has to be done.

So what prophecies are fulfilled? Again, go to the website, read our teaching. God said there is going to be Seven Seals, seven churches. Those are the seven revelations that have come to humanity.

If you look at The Greatest Sign, there are Seven Seals in there, and each seal represents one religion or more that has come to humanity. Therefore, the Seven Seals or the Seven Revelations have come here, and this, we claim, is the seventh one, the last one, the last dispensation from God. After this, the Kingdom Of Heaven will come on earth after humans go through this craziness that they have chosen to go through.

Hopefully, by the year 2017, a lot of humans will realize that their way is full of dogmas, holes, destruction, and that they have no choice but to realize that there is One World, One Humanity, under One God. That is when the Kingdom Of Heaven comes.

So, a lot of prophecy is fulfilled here and that should be your yardstick for just going to the website and studying those prophecies. After that, read our teachings. If you have a question on any of them, please come here and ask us. I am very open to it. But do not come here and tell us things. We already know about your dogmas. We know about channeling. We know about the brotherhood of light. We know about Master M and this and that. We know all those things. Do not come and tell us. We already know. Why do you want to preach something we already know? Come here and learn about the New Wine. So if you go to our website, you will see many of the prophecies fulfilled.

I hope I answered your question. If you have a follow-up question, go ahead.

Lou: How does one sing your mantra?

Maitreya: We have a universal mantra, which is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. That connects to your breathing. When you sit in meditation, you can sit in a very comfortable place. If you like, you can sit on a chair, or you can sit in the lotus pose. But, do not lie down, as you are going to fall asleep. Sit somewhere comfortable but not so comfortable that it makes you fall asleep because that is another trick of the mind if you are meditating. The first thing you feel is, Oh, I am so sleepy, I want to go to bed. I cannot do the meditation.

The best pose, of course, is the lotus pose. The reason for it is, first of all, it is harder to sit. It is kind of a yoga posture. It makes some of your muscles stay in a very tight and stretched position.

That is actually what yoga means. Yoga means to stretch and release. So, when you are sitting in the lotus pose, it stretches those muscles and awakens your chakras in a better way. Also, it does not let you fall asleep because you are not leaning on anything. If you fall asleep, you will fall over and wake up. So, do not put your back on something because then you are going to fall asleep.

When you have a nice position, sit straight, your back straight, and your neck straight. Then very slowly start breathing in and concentrating on your breathing. Breathe in very deeply, yoga breathing, if you have heard about it. You will feel your stomach come up. When you breathe very deeply, your stomach comes up, then the middle part of your body comes up, and then your shoulders move a little higher. That is the best breathing.

Breathing is really one of the most important things in your meditation. If you are not in good pure air, if you do not breathe very deeply, you cannot meditate very deeply.

So after you get that one and you start breathing very deeply, then concentrate on your breathing and meditate. Breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung. Breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam.

Think about the meaning: Haree Om Shrii Hung means: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. Divine, of course, means to become perfect as God.

Om Nam Kevalam means: God Is Everything. There is nothing where God is not there. Some people ask me, Where is God? I cannot feel Him. Look at your hand. Look at your eyes. Look at everywhere.

God is everything! God is everywhere! There is nothing that God is not, therefore, God is also you. He is closer to you than you ever could be close to yourself.

Therefore, you meditate, Haree Om Shrii Hung. Breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung. There is a silence; there is stillness between breathing in and breathing out. Breathe in and recognize that silence. Haree Om Shrii Hung, breathe in. Before you breathe out, there is a silence. Listen to that silence. That silence is God.

That is what it says, Be silent and know that I am God. Recognize that stillness, and then breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam. God Is Everything. Then there is another stillness between breathing out and breathing in. Recognize that stillness again, which is one with God.

Then breathe in again, Haree Om Shrii Hung. Stillness. Breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam. Stillness. Recognize that stillness. That stillness is the most important part in your meditation.

That is our Universal Mantra. It is given to everyone. No one is excluded. If you want to meditate, go ahead and meditate on, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. It is twice as powerful as the mantra, Om Mani Padam Hung, which a Buddhist monk wrote a book about and explains how powerful that mantra is.

But with Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, as you see, there are two times of the same kind of energy, even higher than Om Mani Padam Hung, that comes to you and it awakens your spiritual forces even in a greater degree.

So, this is our Universal Mantra. You breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung. But, breathe deeply, and recognize the stillness. Breathe out Om Nam Kevalam, God Is Everything. Stillness. Breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung. Recognize the stillness. Breathe out Om Nam Kevalam, and recognize the stillness.

Lou: It is very difficult for me to sit in a lotus position.

Maitreya: Yes, right [laughter]. I know, Lou. That is a problem with a lot of people, especially in the West. We sit on the chair from the very childhood, so we never train our legs to bend down beneath us. We are not used to sitting in a lotus position with bent legs.

That is why we recommend that everyone also does yoga postures, work on their body, and loosen their joints. I was very surprised to hear that the firemen in New York used to go to yoga classes. That was very interesting to see that there are fireman classes that you can go, join, and learn how to do yoga.

Of course, we have a book here that has fantastic yoga postures. You could probably buy it from an organization called Ananda Marga. You probably can go to their website, or get in touch with them, and ask them for their yoga book. It is very well written. It is very helpful to the people who want to do yoga by themselves or want to teach yoga. We have that manual here, which is very helpful.

We have not created any yoga book yet for the Mission, but we recommend that one. That was the one that I became familiar with when I started my spiritual journey and eventually recognized that there is a wonderful Mission that God gave me. It made so much sense to me that I dropped everything and started this Mission.

Of course, a lot of people now recognize it and love it as much as I do. And, of course, a lot of people do not. But, hopefully the numbers will increase as we go on.

So, you can order that book, or you can join a class, or if you know yoga, if you have a yoga book, you can do it by yourself. That should loosen up your joints. And if you cannot sit in a lotus pose or it is too difficult to get there, as I said, just sit as comfortably as possible, wherever it is comfortable. But it should not be that comfortable that it makes you fall asleep.

So, it is not really necessary to sit in the lotus pose. That is the goal.

Tiverius: What about Sant-Mat?

Maitreya: Well, there are many paths out there that they claim are from God. Probably we have to know more about exactly what he says.

But, we believe that no matter who, where, or what has come to humanity, it is a part of our teachings because it covers the Mystical Paths and all the religions. No matter who or what they are, they are a part of It. Again, I will give you the general idea of how you can find if it is from God or not.

If Mat, or whatever the name is, or the teacher, is connecting you to God, has he fulfilled the prophecies? Has he opened the Seven Seals? Has he opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals? If he has and he has more truth than I have, I will come and follow him. But if he does not have as much truth, then why follow someone who is not the last Revelation of God and who has not fulfilled all the prophecies that God has given?

Why do you want to follow someone who is not Scriptural or is not based on Gods foretelling of his coming? We do not know too much about them. We do not know about all the little paths in India. There are hundreds and thousands of gurus there that they have things, but we do not know exactly about them.

This is inclusive of all the teachings. We do not believe in individuals to come, teach you, and connect you to themselves. So, this is the time for the gurus, for the mullahs, for the priests, for the rabbis, to all fall away, and for us to connect humanity directly to God.

If you do not tell us much about them, we do not know about them so I cannot help you. I just can give you a general idea of how we feel about those teachers.

Tiverius: Thank you.

Maitreya: You are quite welcome.

Audience: In THOTH, The Revelation Of The Revelation, we find, And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. (Revelation 19:20)

And then THOTH continues: The truth will be revealed even to the kings and those who have not understood it. The beast will be taken away, so the tools that make the people fall into Maya will be taken away from them. They will be burned, and the people will no longer have those tools, the things that attract humanity to the Mayaistic and egoistic pursuance.

Through tribulation and the spiritual powers of the Saints, this will happen. The beast (desires and attachments) will be taken away from humanity by the Elects.

And then in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, we find in Tablet 2, verse 14 it says, They exploited the masses by their system of administration, ideas and religious superstitions. They created classes, psychological fears, differentiated races from each other, and separated man from man by teaching binding religious doctrines. With these tools, they demobilized the masses and kept them in ignorance and then exploited them far beyond the Kssattriyas.

The question is, could you speak about these tools, what they are beyond what is said above, and how it will happen that the beast will be taken away so that the tools that make the people fall into Maya will be taken away from them? It seems to me that the teaching that Maitreya has brought to earth in THOTH, has already started to take away the tools that have bound them.

Maitreya: The question is that in Revelation, in chapter 12, it talks about the beast and the woman who comes and eventually that he tries to destroy the truth that Christ brings to humanity. It fights back and tries to destroy the Revelation that comes through to him.

We saw some of these things just tonight. Today some people have come to this room and have tried to change things around, change our mind, or call us a false prophet. Even some people say that Maitreya is anti-Christ. Didnt they call Christ the anti-Christ also?

But, they did not listen to his revelation or the prophecies that he fulfilled. With no justification, they called him anti-Christ, even before they knew what his teaching was, how he had fulfilled the prophecies, and what he said was pure and was from God.

So, we can see that the world is going to fight back because the world is in delusion. The world is in denial. The world has forgotten about God.

Actually, if you say God, people look at you, Are you stupid or something? Oh, you are one of those. It is just like if you know God or you are Godly, you have to be stupid to believe in such a thing.

They called him anything but God. They avoided that. You can see, in the last twenty years it became even worse. Everything ungodly is now Godly. And, anyone who follows God is looked down upon. So, we can see that it is getting even worse than before. Of course, the Scriptures tell us that that is going to happen.

Every time a new Revelation comes to earth, that is exactly what happens. It is going to be a sundering between those people who are Godly and those who are not Godly.

Those who are Godly come and hear my words, and they say, Yes, He makes sense. That is beautiful. That is what I was looking for all of my life.

We saw even a couple of people in this room who came and said, Yes, I was looking for this all of my life. Now I found it. Of course, some people come here and try to disturb our room and take over and all of that. That is the hand of the devil, or the beast that is still trying to hang onto what power he has. He is even getting worse.

People are becoming more sensual. If you are not like them, they look at you like, Why arent you like this? They come to this room and tell us about their way of thinking.

So these are the tools of the human, sensuality, egotism, attachments, desires, and trying to be God themselves. Of course, as I said, God is within you. You and God are one.

But you did not create the universe. There is only one God with a big G, who created the universe. Yes, you can manifest Gods qualities. You can realize His qualities, and become like Him, with gentleness, compassion, strength, and the power of discrimination. All of these are the beautiful qualities of God.

Yes, you can become a god with a small g when you manifest the qualities of God. You cannot just say, I am God because I am one with God. But, my life is miserable. I am not compassionate. I am rude. I am destructive. I do not know anything about all these wonderful qualities of God, but I am god. No, you are not. You are in the Path of becoming god, if you realize Gods qualities as manifested.

So, we can see that there are a lot of false teachings, false prophets, and false understandings on earth. And that is the purification, all of them. That is what, as we purify people more and more, and more and more people let God come through them instead of being egoistical, they will realize that God is intelligent.

He is the most intelligent being in the universe. He is not dumb that listens to the dogmas and says to the preachers, OK, yes, if you do not go to the church, your Soul is going to be dark and you are going to go to hell.

Christ said, Your body is your temple. You do not need to go anywhere. Just close your eyes and go to your church right there. You have your church with you all the time. You do not have to go to any church.

And actually, your Soul is going to be even cleaner than that preacher who is trying to get you to the church by fear. If I follow a teaching by fear, then that teaching is bad. You are not going to progress a bit.

So, we can see that all those tools are the tools of the ego, the tools of attachments, desires, and fears that the world gets us. The world makes us not to free ourselves and say, No. I am an individual son of God. I am here to let His Spirit come through me. I am not afraid of anything. I do not belong to any portion of this universe but to the universe itself. My Father is God. My Mother is God. I am a child of God, and that is who I am. I do not belong to this country or that country, or this race, or that nation, or that religion, but I am a free Soul.

This teaching is taking those tools away from them. That is why they are so adamant to stop this because it is purifying them.

How many priests, teachers, and false prophets are out there? God said in the Old Testament, God is the only judge. How many people came to this room and judged us? Are they God that they are judging us? If they read their Scriptures, understood the Scriptures, and knew their Scriptures, they should say, OK. I leave you to God.

They should leave us to God. And if we are false prophets, God is going to punish us and destroy us. But if we are from God, who are they to judge us?

We can see that there are a lot of false prophets and misunderstandings, a lot of pushy people that their egos are so inflated that they can see nothing else but their own little world. That is why they come here, they say things, and they try to do things.

And that is why we are in a mess in this world. We have to get rid of ego, which is the only problem on earth. Ego is the problem. Ego is the umbrella we have over our heads and we are not letting the Grace of God come through. Let the ego go. That is the real tool of the beast. That is what we are telling humanity to get rid of. Get rid of your ego. Let God come through. Let Him be the one who does the things through you. Would your ego still be there and say, Oh, I am such a great guy, my religion is the best religion, or, I am going to separate this from that? We can see that it is the tool of the beast, ego, and we are taking it away.

As more and more people drop their priests, drop their churches, drop their crutches that those churches give them, and purify, the more they are going to be free and become the sons of God. And earth will become, little by little, a better place for all of us.

So yes, we can say that you are right. The process has started. We have already purified some of the members of the earth, and some of them have a hard time still to get the Mission to their complete understanding of what we have told them. There is still some ego left, their attachments come up, and they cannot completely get rid of them, but we are patient. We will sit here and wait for them until eventually one day they say, Yes, I am free, Maitreya, thank you, that you just connected me to God directly. I do not need to be attached to anything else. I have no ego. I am here just to serve the Mission with the purest consciousness that could ever exist in humanity.

So, we can see that to answer your question, Yes, the beast is trying to stop us. The beast is trying to hold onto their worldly thing and keep the human in their lower natures.

But one of the things about the beast or ego is that it is very stupid. It is so stupid because after a while it self-destructs.

It is just like egos come, come, come, and come, and eventually the war starts and people start fighting with each other. At the end of the war, everyone forgets why they started the war in the first place. The reason for it completely vanishes. And then everyone says, What am I doing here? Why am I killing the other people? Then they start becoming very upset about the whole thing and humanity starts thinking, This is not the way. This is destruction. I do not want to kill other humans.

It is going to stay in your consciousness. When you shoot someone and that person dies, no matter who he or she is, you are not going to forget that. It is not something you can get out of your consciousness.

That is why we are not a revolutionary movement. We are an evolutionary movement. God said it is going to happen. We are going to wait. We are going to just preach this. We are going to let everyone know about this purification. We are going to let humanity know about this teaching.

We only connect with the Elects, those who have been called, those who know in their lives that, Yes, I have come here for a reason, for a purpose. I have known this from childhood that I have come for this purpose. Now Maitreya makes sense to me. I want to be with Him. I want to be with this Mission. I want to work for this Mission. I want to go and learn more about this Mission. I want to preach this Mission. I want to reach out to others. I want to create Communities of Light. I want to be a leader of humans and eventually, little by little, everyone is going to come.

Unfortunately, as it has been prophesied, maybe thousands of millions of people might die before that happens. We wish it would not happen that way but apparently, as we said, humanity is not completely ready. But, the process has started. It is the process of sundering.

We will sunder. Sunder means separating. Even just in this room, we separate those people who wanted to preach and those who wanted to learn. Those who wanted to preach are sundered. They are kicked out. They are somewhere in the oblivion.

But, those who are here, hopefully, are listening and saying, Yes, that makes sense.

Did that answer your question?

Ananda Ma: Yes, it does.

Maitreya: If there is any other questions, please raise your hand. We have explained to you what the Mission is all about. It is the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path. The result of it is the creation of the Elects and the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

In the Communities of Light, everyone has time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. Communities of Light consist of twelve units of twelve, or six couples. Of those six couples in that unit, even if ten of them go to work, two of them can stay in the community and take care of the house and the problems in the house. So, everyone has time to meditate.

As it increases more and more, life becomes easier. You are going to have more time to meditate and do whatever needs to be done.

These days people say, I do not have time for anything. I just go to work, come back home, eat, and I am so tired that I have to go to bed. I do not have time to meditate. They are right. It is a very, very bad situation for a lot of people. If they do not work, they lose their house, they lose their car, and they lose their whole life.

What is the description of slavery? Slavery means you do not have any choice but to go to work [laughing].

So, in the Communities of Light, we see that that is not going to happen. It is going to help them to be much more meditative and have a better environment in which to live.

Also, the people live together. It is not a human way of living, one or two persons living in one apartment by themselves. That is not natural.

It is just like this week we are together. Isnt that nicer, all the people together helping each other and all of that? We can see that solves the problem of physiological and safety needs. They have been taken care of because you help each other, the resources come in, are shared, and it greatly simplifies life.

The only thing left is to become Divine. Those are the three levels of human existence: physiological and safety needs to be taken care of, and then is to become Divine.

We have an Essay on, The Theory of Maslow, in THOTH that shows that belongingness and being someone in the group will be taken care of in the community anyway because you all belong to a group. And you will excel if you are a part of the community.

So please read our THOTH and if you have a question, come back. We would love to answer you. I have been giving Satsang for the last twenty-some years. We have a lot of tapes and writings that have answered a lot of questions. So far we have been silent, except to the group, the small group. But now we are reaching to humanity through this room.

Everyone who wants to know about the Mission is absolutely welcome. It is just like a church. Be respectful about our teaching, about our room, and come to ask questions.

We will end the Satsang here. I wish all of you a good week. I will be here again on Sunday night at the same time. If you would like, you can come back and be with us. If you know anyone who would be interested in our teaching also and is a Divine, an Elect, please bring them with you. Let them know that God has sent a new Revelation to humanity and we are looking for the Elects.


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