11/10/01 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: This is our Cyber Church and room. We will be discussing the Mission and the Revelation of the unification of all the religions that God has sent to humanity. He has already fulfilled all the promises and all the Revelations that He has given to humanity to this point. This is the end time.

This is the time of unification and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. As He has promised, He will unify all religions together and send to every human the new Revelation that explains the teachings and what God has been doing for the last 12,000 years.

Our teaching explains the creation and history. Creation started with the imbalance in the universe, or God consciousness. After this imbalance, there was chaos in the universe that God wanted to bring back to the harmony, unity, and oneness, in Gods consciousness.

That is when He sent His Spirit to the world. The Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path that we will explain, and he came back to God. That is when God said, And there was light.

So, God saw that the light was good, that the Eternal Divine Path leads to oneness with God and return to the Consciousness, the unity, the harmony, and a state of be-ness. That Path became the Path that every being has to go through to return to God. That Path has been known to the first beings that God created.

Of course, in the state of darkness that the universe was in, it was very hard to help the unit consciousnesses reach Pure Consciousness, or return to God. That is why He created the creation.

The creation started with the material world, the five elements in the universe: ether, air, fire, liquid factor, and earth (or solid factor). So, the whole universe has five elements of the solid factor, liquid, fire, air, and ether. Everything has been created from these elements. And, God created everything from His own Body.

God cannot go to the convenience store at the end of the road and say, I am going to buy these things and create something. So, He had to use the material He had, which was His Body and create the universe. That is why God is everything.

You cannot separate any part of God from another part. If you say this part is good and this part is not good, then you are separating God, which is everything, and you are creating a delusion of separation.

If you are in the delusion of separation, then you create different religions, different dogmas, different ways to separate man from man, human from human, and the universe from the universe. But if you see that God is everything, then you realize that, How can I be different from another person? or, How can this religion separate itself from another religions? or, How can these people separate themselves from other people? That is because you can see that God is everything. Those delusions of separation will be shattered completely, and you will see that you are a part of the whole.

Therefore, God created the universe, and eventually He created man. Man was in the image of God. He was male and female. He had the consciousness, and he had the ability to return to Godhead and become one, or reach Pure Consciousness.

Of course, there were many steps in the evolutionary process that happened. We know that man fell. God told him, If you do this thing, this thing, and this thing, you will be happy and you will reach Pure Consciousness. If you do not do them, you will become self-centered, selfish, your ego comes in, and you will fall.

As explained in the book of Genesis, they fell. They did not follow Gods Laws. They did not follow what God told them not to do. That is symbolized by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

And, that is when man says, I know what is good for me, I know better than God what is good and what is evil, instead of listening to His Words and Scriptures and saying, OK, God created me and who knows better than the Creator?

It is just like a mechanic or a designer of a car. The designer knows exactly what is in the engine, what will hurt the engine, what will help the engine, etc. That is why they recommend that you change your oil once in awhile. Then you say, No, no, I am not going to do it. I know better than the mechanic how the engine works. And, you might ruin your engine.

That is exactly what God did. God sent the Laws to humanity and said, If you follow these things, you are going to be happy, and you will reach higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness. If you do not, of course, you will suffer.

This evolutionary process continued until 12,000 years ago, when man became the man that we know now. We have two eyes. Our third eyes were closed. What we see is the external world, and we take it as the truth.

But, there is a greater truth in Spirit that the two eyes cannot see. That is why we recommend that humans start worshipping God in Spirit, worshipping God in meditation, and realizing that you have to go to God directly by yourself.

You cannot rely on a preacher. You cannot rely on the father, or mullah, or lama, or anything. God has given you the ability to go to Him directly and recognize Him.

That is what the Mission of Maitreya does. It directs you to God. I am not here to be worshipped. I am not here that you bow down in front of me and worship me. If you do that, then I become an obstacle in your way to God.

If you worship your Prophet, if you worship your Messiah, if you worship anyone, if you worship your guru, if you worship anyone else but God, then he or she is in your way. Go to God directly.

The way to go to Him directly, of course, is THOTH and our teachings. The Scripture teaches you how to follow the Eternal Divine Path and when you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will reach God.

Of course, 12,000 years ago, after the new man was created, God gave the first Prophet, who was Noah, the teaching of the awakening of the spiritual forces, which is the Mystical Paths, which eventually branched into Hinduism, Buddhism, the Cabala, Mystical Christianity, the Sufis, and many other Mystical Paths that are all over the world. The base of their teaching is, Be still and know that I am God. Know thyself to know God.

It means to meditate, to realize who you are, your weaknesses, your strengths, your prejudices, your fears, your attachments, and your belief in a religion instead of the truth. All those things are to awaken your spiritual forces and for you to realize that you cannot believe in anything anyone says or teaches, but you must search, knock, and find the truth. If you really search, if you really ask questions of what God meant to create this creation, the door will be opened to you, and it will be revealed to you.

And, now, with the Revelation of the Holiest Of The Holies, this possibility even in a greater degree is available to humanity. That is because only now the mystery of God has finished. And, by you understanding our teachings, you will understand your religion even in a greater degree, and you will realize where your beliefs fall in the Plan of God.

Then, of course, you open yourself to other religions, expand yourself, and realize that you cannot separate yourself from anyone else, or anyone from anyone else because God is everything, and even all the religions have been sent to humanity by God.

So the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces: meditating, understanding yourself, be still and know that God is within you, etc. As Christ said, There is going to be a time that you will worship God in Spirit, not in Jerusalem, not in a mosque, not in a church, or a Synagogue, but in the Spirit which is within yourself. You have to go within yourself and see the Spirit, which is God, which is one with Him.

Therefore, that is the first step. And, some religions say that is the last step, You just meditate and reach Pure Consciousness, or you become one with God, or you reach Nirvana, and that is it. So, you do not have to worry about anyone else but yourself.

However, in the Bible God clearly says that this is not true. And if you do that, as it says in Revelation chapter 3, He will spue you out of His mouth. It means that you will be sent here again and again until you learn the Eternal Divine Path.

The second step in the Eternal Divine Path is the creation of the Communities of Light. Therefore, you meditate, you try to understand yourself, to mystically progress. But, that is not the end of it. You then have to direct that energy to spread this Message to every human.

That is why we say that every human should listen, or hear this Message, at least once. And, that is why I repeat it every time in my Satsangs on Saturdays because there are new people who should hear it.

Then you try to create Communities of Light. Communities of Light are based on the six couples in the community. This becomes twelve. Twelve of such units become the second level. And, twelve of the twelve of the twelve of these, around 2,000 people, become one Community of Light. Communities of Light are made up of the people who come together to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

If you study the Old Testament in the Bible, the whole theme of the Old Testament is that God wants to choose a people as His people. They will accept God as their King, and they become the Children of God, or the Children of Light, or the Israelites. Who the Israelites are, or the Children of God, or the Elected Ones, we will explain later.

So, the whole Old Testament is about God trying to create the twelve tribes of Israel which are the communities, the Communities of Light. God wanted to create the Communities of Light.

Of course, we know that that was not the end of it because God said that when the Shiloh comes, the period for the Old Testament and the Children of Israel was going to finish. The next Prophet who came was Christ. Christ was prophesied to come, and he came to set up the third part of the Eternal Divine Path. That was sacrifice.

In order to create the Communities of Light, you cannot say, What is in it for me, what is in it for me? all the time. If you say that, it is impossible to create the Communities of Light. That is why sacrifice is necessary. Sacrifice means not being self-centered. It means to live in a Community of Light and put the well being of the community ahead of your own self-interests. Of course, the community, in return, will help you to have your physiological and safety needs provided, and help you to meditate and know thyself, which is the first step. Then you direct, even in a greater degree, energy toward the Communities of Light and you sacrifice more.

Sacrifice was the teaching of Christ. Christ came to set the example of sacrifice. He went all the way to the cross for his ideal and did not hesitate. Well, he hesitated a little bit. But, he did eventually accept Gods Will and went all the way to the cross. And, that is the symbol that Christ set for humanity. He also released The Grace.

So, the third step in the Eternal Divine Path is sacrifice, and that is related to Christianity and Christ.

Now if you sacrifice for a long time and nothing occurs, what happens? You become very depressed, and you say, Well, I am putting so much effort. I have been giving Satsang for twenty years, and very few really understand what I am talking about. Then you become depressed.

If you start putting some effort on these people, they start progressing, and Communities of Light start popping up all over the world, then you say, Wow, look at me! I am the greatest thing that ever happened to humanity! You become a big ego that this is you who is doing this. That is where the fourth step in the Eternal Divine Path comes in: surrendering the result of your action to God.

That means, I do my best. I give the Satsang. I give the teaching. I give this Mission to humanity. The result is Gods. It is not my Mission. I did not know that I was going to receive such a wonderful Revelation and bring it to humanity. I was just like everyone else, living a regular life. Suddenly, God said, Here, this is the Revelation. Give it to humanity. And, it made so much sense to me. Before that, nothing made sense as much as this did.

And, that is why I love this Mission because it makes so much sense. If you have the smallest light in you, you will see great things in the Mission.

Therefore, the fourth step is to surrender the result to God. It is to say, I did all these things. If the result is not good, probably, I am not doing something right. I will examine myself, and I will try to do better. If it is not happening, then I say, God, thank you. The result is Yours, I am not attached to it. So, I will go ahead and continue with the Mission.

Later on, he realized that even greater than surrendering is submission. That means you always let God do the actions through you. I am not giving this Satsang. God is giving the Satsang. I am just a vessel here letting Him come through. Therefore, if I am not doing anything, how can I be attached to the result of my action? So, I am free.

That is, of course, absolutely related to Islam. Islam comes from the word tasleim, which means to be surrendered and submissive to God. So, with this you completely eliminate any depression or any feeling of superiority. God is doing everything through you. You are free. You are doing your best, and then leave the result to God or let God come through.

If God comes through you completely, you will do a perfect job because God is perfect. If you say, I am doing all these things. It is not perfect but I am letting God come through, you had better think a little deeper about how much you are really letting God come through.

God is perfect. If you let God really, really come through, you will do the perfect job. If it is not perfect, then back off, meditate, and say, I should probably think about this a little more. Maybe I am not completely letting God come through. Then, of course, also examine your actions to see where you are going wrong. And you will become more and more perfect, because God is perfect. Therefore, you let God come through you.

You are forgiven for what you have done before, up to this point. When you come to the Mission, all your sins are forgiven. From now on you have to progress. So do not hang up into what bad you did before. It is OK. You can forget about those and say, God has forgiven me.

From now on, you will let God come through, and you will try to become perfect. As Christ said, Be perfect as the Father in heaven. If you let God come through, you will be perfect.

Of course, if you really, really let God come through you, the Father and you are One. God is absolutely coming through and, therefore, that is the highest spiritual realization because that is the goal, to become one with God.

Of course, with all these things you do, still you might be attached to a small part of the universe, to your culture, to your gender, to the earth even. The next step is to become a universalist and say, I belong to the universe. I am a person, my home is the universe, my father and mother are God, and everything else in it are my brothers, sisters, and struggling beings to reach higher consciousness.

Therefore, with that you also shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and you become completely free of any narrowness that might exist in you or in your life or your mind or your spirit. You become free, you become a universalist, and you shatter all those things.

So these are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path: awakening of your spiritual forces (the First Seal); creation of the Communities of Light is to begin to direct any energy or realization you gain toward the creation of these communities; sacrifice means not to be self-centered but being community centered; surrendering and submission to God means to surrender the result to God or even greater than that to let God come through; and becoming a universalist. With these five steps, you will shatter all the pitfalls in the spiritual path. and you will become an Elect.

That is what the Elects means. That is really what the Children of Israel means. That is, the Children of Israel means the Children of Light. The people who follow the five steps become the Children of Light. They become the Elects, which is the sixth seal. These are the ones that we are looking for, and they will help humanity to reach higher consciousness and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth which is based on the Communities of Light.

That last seal is this unification, the coming of the Kingdom, and the opening of the Seventh Seal, which is the Mission of Maitreya. And, you are here to learn from them.

Please do not preach here in this room. If you have a question about the Mission, you are welcome to come and ask your questions. We welcome any questions about the Mission, about the teaching. Our website has been posted here many times. Go to the website, read about it, know about it more, and then if you have a question, you are welcome to come and ask us.

So, this is our Church and we appreciate your respect and your understanding that we would like you to stay on the topic which is the Mission of Maitreya.

Go ahead, Moin.

Moin: I have been in this room for only two weeks. Shakti and Ananda Ma have given me some insight about your Mission, and I have been to your website.

Now you have started by saying that you can go to God directly. And, on the other hand what I see in your Mission is the unification of all the religions. Thereby you speak about Moslems, Hebrews, Jesus, Muhammed, and Bahaullah. [Sounds like either an echo or two speaking at once]. What I do not understand, if you are unifying all the religions, it is mentioned very clearly in the Koran that Jesus was neither killed, nor crucified, he was raised to the heavens. It negates what is in the Bible because the Bible in the Koran is more the word of God. He is saying the revelation from Paul, Paul is the self-appointed disciple of Christ. So how do you explain about this?

Maitreya: If I understand the question, the question is that Christ really was not crucified. Our speakers have created a background noise so sometimes we could not hear you well.

The question was not understood very well here. Could you repeat the question in the simplest way possible? Are you saying that we are saying that Christ was not crucified or that the Koran says that Christ was not crucified?

Moin: What I want to ask you is that you preach the unification of all the religions, but on the other hand you just now mentioned that you can go to God directly. It means we do not need to follow Maitreya for the unification of any religions, or what do you mean exactly?

Maitreya: Do I understand the question that you are asking? That, because I said you can go directly to God, you do not need unification? I do not see the conflict between the two.

Or do you mean that you do not need to come to me to be unified? No, you do not need to come to me to be unified. But I am a coordinator in the process of unification. Although you do not have to come to me to be to be unified, but I have the first fruit of this Revelation and I know the best how it can be implemented and eventually manifested. Therefore, in the practical part of it, probably, it needs some coordination and organization.

We have already given humanity how it can be done and will be done. In that organization, the head of the organization is called the Eldest. And, we are going to be having a facilitating body in the beginning until the whole hierarchy will emerge from the very bottom of the society, or the people.

Actually, this is the first time really that the saying, from the people, by the people, and for the people, will be manifested. This organization will be that. But, until that system is implemented completely, I probably will direct the facilitating body to create that hierarchy from the bottom of the society.

So in that sense, I am needed. But, in the sense of going to God, probably you should read THOTH and you should listen to the Satsangs. What I say when I am in the Spirit is the Word of God. So, you should follow it. You cannot just go by yourself.

It is just like, you want to become a doctor in chemistry, but you say, Oh, I am going to do it by myself. I am not going to go to kindergarten. I am not going to go to the first grade and second grade, get my diploma, go to the university, get my bachelor degree, masters degree, and my doctorate. I am going to do it by myself.

You might make it. You might. But, the possibility of you becoming a doctor of chemistry by yourself is very slim. That is why God sent these teachers and this Revelation to humanity, to tell them what is the guide, what is the way to go there. So by yourself you probably will become lost somewhere in the Path, but by listening to THOTH, and by listening to the Revelations that came to you, you will go there.

However, if THOTH does not make sense, if I do not make sense, if I say something that is not based on Gods Revelations and teachings, you should not accept it. But everything we say here, everything in our teaching, is based on Gods Words and therefore it is Gods Words and you should listen.

The Mission is a package. You cannot just say, Well, I like the teaching but I do not like the teacher. Or, you say, Oh, I like the teacher but I do not like the teaching. Or, I just like this part of it, I do not like the other part. It is the whole package that comes together, which you have to follow and understand.

I do not want you to worship me. I do not want you to lose your common sense because you are so wrapped up in me and start worshipping me. Just like those gurus that they have in India or the fathers, or brothers in Christianity, the mullahs in Islam, or rabbis in Judaism. They have become obstacles in the way of people to go to God. They are telling people what to do and what is the truth, and the people take them as the truth, and they do not search for themselves to find the truth.

Therefore, I do not want you to worship me, but you have to realize that what I brought is the truth and it makes sense, and follow them. If you want, of course, you respect me because God has chosen this vessel to come through, not respect me as a person, as a body, but the Spirit behind it, the Spirit that has sent this to you.

So, if you do not respect God, you cannot understand Him either.

Go ahead, Parrot.

Parrot: Thank you, Maitreya. I notice that you are using the word God. What do you mean by God? Did you experience God? And how could the contents of the website www.maitreya.org help anyone to know God?

Maitreya: The concept of God is the Creator, or the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. That is what God is. The concept of God is the Pure Consciousness, the consciousness that is in everything. The concept of God is the Consciousness and the three gunas: tama, raja, and satva, which everything has been created from and has the Consciousness, which is the Father and the creative force or Prakrti, which is the Mother. And, that is why God is Father/Mother God. He is everything. He has created everything and is the Witness Entity in the universe. Therefore, He is God because He created it.

But, you and I also can become in the image of God, but we have not created anything. Therefore, the concept of God is very vast. It is something that really the only way you can know It is by direct experience.

People have been trying to explain God for thousands of years but they have not succeeded because the concept is beyond the human mind and beyond human words. It is something that has to be experienced before you can say, Oh, that is what they meant by God.

He is infinite. He is endless. He is everything. He is everywhere. So, that is the concept that we refer to. He is unexplainable, but at the same time explainable because It is everything. So, that concept is the concept of God.

Go ahead, Parrot.

Parrot: Thank you, Maitreya. That means that you have not experienced the Spirit of God, right? So what about all the religions, you said they failed to explain God. So how can you, after comparing all the religions, how can you explain God? Please tell me that.

Maitreya: No, I did not say that I did not experience God. I said, It is not explainable. Even those who experience God cannot explain It because He is unexplainable. The only way you can know and be sure is the direct experience that you have yourself. If you have not experienced It, you do not know. But if you experienced It, you cannot come and say, I can explain It.

It is unexplainable. It is a state of consciousness. It is something beyond the human mind. Mind is a creation, still is a creation. God just IS. That is why anything you put in front of Him, it becomes It. He is compassion. He is love. He is also destruction. If something had to be replaced, He has to destroy the old one and replace it with the new.

Therefore, as I said, experiencing God is different than being able to explain it.

Go ahead, Lois.

Lois: I was just wondering, do you agree that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, and that no one, no one can come to the Father but through Jesus?

Maitreya: First of all, his name never was Jesus. There is no j in Hebrew. You are saved by his name, which is not utterable in this external world. Also, every Prophet who comes says the same thing. You can only go to the Father through me. And, without me, you will not be able to go to God.

That is what Christ said. That is what Krishna said. That is what Muhammed said. That is what every Prophet said. And, that is what we say here, You cannot not go to God but by understanding our teaching.

What do they mean when Prophet Muhammed said, Listen when God says through Muhammed, Listen to My Prophet. What he says are My Words. It means that you cannot come to Me but through what Prophet Muhammed says. What all of them were really saying is that you have to understand the message. You have to understand the teaching. You have to understand Christ and what he taught.

It is not that you go to Christ by just saying, Jesus, Jesus, which is not his name, and you are going to go there. No. You have to understand what he taught, what he came for. He came here for a mission, for a reason. He had a message.

No one can understand any of the messages of any of the religions that came to humanity until this point, until they understand our teaching, which unifies them and explains them. Therefore, no Christian, no Jew, no Hindu, no Buddhist, no Moslem, none of them have the truth until the Seventh Angel comes, and everyone who has anyone that they believe in just has a very small portion of a greater truth which is The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path.

The only way you can understand your religion and other religions is through our teachings. That is exactly what we are saying here, as was said before -- you will not understand God unless you understand our teaching. Even after that, you have to experience God directly by yourself.

Go ahead. Parrot.

Parrot: So your Mission is to explain the Unexplainable? That is what your Mission is?

Maitreya: No, my Mission is to unify all the religions of the world, bring the last Revelation from God, open the Seven Seals, open the book sealed with the Seven Seals, guide humanity to become unified, and create the Communities of Light, create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, so you can meditate and experience God directly. That is the Mission of Maitreya. That is why we are here.

The only thing we can show you is the way. You are the person who walks it. If you do not walk it, you will not reap the benefit. That is why the Mission of Maitreya is not a dogmatic teaching. It is a Path. It is not a religion in a sense of a religion, which teaches you a bunch of dogmas. It is a Path. The Eternal Divine Path that I just explained at the beginning of the Satsang, or this teaching, that if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, then you will reap the benefits. If you do not, you will not.

The goal is to create an environment that you can meditate and realize God directly by yourself.

Go ahead, InnerMan.

InnerMan: You spoke of Jesus as if he was just a Prophet as other men were Prophets. I am asking you, directly in relationship to who you believe Jesus is, I understand you call him Esa, but do you believe that he is, was God? Do you believe he was the Father in the flesh? And, if not, could you be a little bit more specific?

Then I have a second follow-up question in regards to the Seven Seals and who it is that can open them. I am assuming that you have lead people to believe that you are the one who has opened the Seven Seals, and I would like for you a follow-up question in reference to that, in reference to his identity and your identity. And, I will be back in a moment to ask that question of who Christ is or Esa as you call him.

Maitreya: It has been explained many times here what was the relationship between Christ, God, how he was the Son of God, and also the Messiah. We can see that Christ at one time said, The Father and I are one. No one can go to the Father but through me. In another place, we can see that someone came and called him, Good Rabbi, and he said, Why call me good? Only good is God. Then you should wonder, what happened?

In one place, he said that, The Father and I are one and no one goes to the Father but through me, and in another place, he said that he is not even good. What happened? If he is always God and God is with him, why was there that separation that God is good that he was not good?

So, we can see that the explanation is simple. Whenever Gods Spirit was on Christ, whenever He would come through and Christ was a channel for God, he and the Father were one. That is when he was adamant that, no one goes to the Father but through him. It is the same thing for every Prophet.

Moses usually was a regular man, walked around, and took care of the business of the tribe of Israel. But suddenly he came up and yelled at the Israelites, Oh Israel, listen to me. You should do that just like God was talking through him and they were one.

It is the same thing with Prophet Muhammed. Prophet Muhammed came and was a regular person living a regular life. Suddenly he went to the mosque and started preaching the Word of God. God came through and revealed the Koran, which is the Word of God. The Father and he were one, and no one went to the Father but through him. He was the Messiah. He was the Son of God. He was the Spirit of God on earth.

So did Bab and many other Prophets do the same thing. The problem is that you listen to Paul and the supplemental books of Acts, etc. The only place in the Bible that is accepted in the Mission of Maitreya is the red words of Christ himself in the four gospels.

We do not believe Paul was the mouthpiece of Christ. I am not saying he did not have some truth. He had some truth, but he was not the mouthpiece of Christ.

Also, Christ himself said that the disciples are never greater than the Master. Why do the majority of the Christians follow mostly Paul instead of following the words of Christ himself? Christ himself said that the Master is greater than any disciple. So, you are not following the Master himself but the people who were disciples.

So there are a lot of things that you have to realize and understand about our teaching, and then you will have greater understanding of what we are talking about here.

Again as other people directed you, InnerMan, go to the Mission website, read our teachings, understand what we are talking about, and then come here and we can discuss these things. Otherwise, you are going to throw at us your Christian dogmas, which we already know about.

We know about Christianity. We know about Islam. We know about Hinduism. We know about Buddhism. We know about Judaism. We know about the Bahai Faith. We know all your religions. We know your dogmas. We know your philosophy. We know your understandings.

It is up to you, and now it is the time for you to realize the last Revelation of God, and understand what our teaching is. Then, if you want to discuss it with us, great, come here and let us discuss it.

Go ahead, Lois.

Lois: I just wanted to say that in Hebrew they call Jesus, Yahsuah as there is no J in Hebrew.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask you, first, are you unifying all the religions of the world, and if so, did you know that in the Bible it predicts that there will be a son of perdition or anti-Christ who will unite all the religions of the world?

Maitreya: OK, can you tell us where in the Bible it says this?

Lois: You studied the Bible. You said you studied every religion. Dont you know where that is?

Maitreya: No, I dont. Im asking you.

Lois: It is in there. I cant tell you exactly where. But it is in there.

Maitreya: Well, that is why I am asking you, because I know the Bible, and there is not such a thing in the Bible, OK?

Actually the Bible says that the Elects will come and they will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. What does that mean? Does it mean that they are not going to unify everyone to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? It means that they will unify humanity under One God, One Humanity, and One Earth.

All right. That is again your dogma. Your preacher told you that. You do not even know where it is. Then you just repeat, like a parrot, that this is what the son of perdition is going to do. It is not going to be like that.

The anti-Christ has been on earth all along. That is the Maya. That is the attraction to this external world and these intellectualized religions that you all believe in, which are all wrong and will never take you to God.

Now the Path has come to you to take you to God. It is just like what they did to Christ, Muhammed, and everyone else who brought the truth to them. They attacked them. They stoned them. They killed them. Then they changed their teaching to whatever they wanted to.

That is why God created this Internet, so I can say these things. You have no choice but to listen or leave, OK?

There is no such thing in the Bible. Actually, the Bible predicts that God will unify humanity, God will bring the truth to man, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth. And bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the Path, and the way, is given. Our Mission is the way. There is no other way.

And we are not anti-Christ. Anti-Christ is Maya, is the attraction of the external world. It is the wrong teachings and dogmas that many people follow.

Go ahead, Parrot.

Parrot: Thank you, Maitreya. Let me repeat my previous question. You are saying that God is Unexplainable and I am a person who is explainable. If you know the Unexplainable, you also become automatically unexplainable. So, if the Mission is the unexplainable, the unexplainable thing is explaining about the unexplainable thing. It is completely wrong.

What else is your Mission?

Maitreya: I did not say the Mission is unexplainable. I just told you that the Missions mission is to help you to realize the Unexplainable. That is why there is an Eternal Divine Path, which shatters all the narrowness of the mind and frees you from the attachment of your work, which is really the Karma Yoga, which is you doing the job and leaving the result to God. Also it teaches you to sacrifice, not to be self-centered, not to be egoistical, and to create the Communities of Light, which are the base for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It is these Communities which will create an environment that teaches you from the very childhood to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, realize God, realize creation, and eventually become connected to God.

That is where the goal is. Actually, the goal is to realize God with direct experience. So, when you have that, then I do not have to explain it to you. I did not say that the goal of the Mission is to explain God. I never said that, did I? Did I say that the goal of the Mission is to explain God? No. We do not explain God.

We try to. We try to explain Him as much as we could, but it is impossible to explain the Unexplainable with the words. That is why the Mission shows the Path to that realization, the creation of the Communities of Light, bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, unification, and creating an environment that helps you to realize God yourself.

Go ahead, Karlus.

Karlus: Well, thank you. Something that I am in complete agreement with you is that after Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the rest was written by Paul, who was not an apostle. I do not really put a whole lot of credence on it, although I do put a little bit of educated thought into his writings. But, when I go back and I look at the book of John, you can tell that historically it was written much later than the other books. And a lot of the religions that have been forming around Jesus have taken its effect in Johns writing of that book.

I would love to hear some impression on that. But, that is not what we are here to talk about, I guess.

Maitreya: Well actually, that is a part of our teachings. Every religion has been influenced by man. They have brought a lot of dogmas and pagan teachings into Gods teachings. No religion is completely immune from this phenomenon. You are absolutely right; the teachings of Christ are only those red parts of the four gospels. Even the gospel itself was written 170 years after Christ. God knows what else has been added to it. Of course, the parts that have been explained in THOTH are pure and the explanations are very purely explained what Christ meant in those words.

I usually go ahead and give the example of the game that is called, Telephone. If you have ten or fifteen people, and you say a word to the first person, and then the second, and then the third, by the time it comes to the tenth or fifteenth person, the wording is absolutely different than what it was in the beginning.

So, it is not only the Bible that has been influenced. It was influenced greatly by the teaching that was followed, before it was accepted in Rome. And many things have been explained in THOTH, how the Roman Culture influenced it, etc. Although Rome accepted Christ, or Christianity, and it became the countrys religion, it kept a lot of previous things that they were following.

Also, as Christ said, Paul could not be as great as he was. Christ was the Messiah. He was sent by God. He had the message for humanity.

If you read our teachings, you will understand that God promised both Isaac and Ishmael that a Prophet or a scepter would come from them. If Christians just accept that and realize that God promised a Prophet both to Ishmael and Isaac, then they have no choice but to say, OK, Christ was one of them. The next had to be Prophet Muhammed because God also gave that promise to Ishmael. Therefore, they would accept Prophet Muhammed at least as the Prophet who came after Christ.

Again, our book is eye opening. The Holiest Of The Holies is the explanation of all the religions. It really opens your eye to the truth, and to what God has been doing for humanity. And, no other Revelation ever has been written down, published, and put in the Internet. We are trying to keep it pure.

Even my disciples, when they want to answer some people, I ask them to check with me because I have seen how these things change in the course of time and how even disciples love to change my words, the Prophets words. I love them. They are great people. But at the same time I sometimes have to be very, very careful of what they say.

Even a couple of weeks ago one of my disciples was saying things in the Internet that was not completely my teaching. And, also they make mistakes. I love them, and they are great, but the disciples can make mistakes.

God is the first person who knows the truth. The second is the Prophet who brings it. So, he has the right to be very careful with it.

Hopefully, this teaching will stay as pure as possible because it has already been written down, it has already been put in the Internet, and we are trying to keep it as pure as possible. But, it has happened throughout history that people do love to change the word of God.

Go ahead, Parrot.

Parrot: Thank you, Maitreya. You said that it is impossible to explain the unexplainable. You are not right. www.maitreya.org contains only words and some images of the ancient teachings from India. So, you are also trying to explain the unexplainable with words, which is impossible. Right? How do you react if I tell you that you are trying to deceive people by trying to explain the unexplainable with words?

Are you deceiving people like this, or how do you react?

Maitreya: I react very calmly [laughter], and I say that you are wrong. And, I say that you have your opinion, and if you find our teachings are deceiving then go your way. Do not come tell me that I am deceiving people. Go your way and leave us to God, and we will leave you to God.

We are sure we are not deceiving anyone. Our teaching is based on Gods Word. Our teaching is backed up with the prophecies fulfilled. Our teaching has come at the correct time, and the timing has come for this teaching, which humanity needs so badly.

It is not an ego trip. I am not here to make money out of this. Actually, I have not taken one penny of the money that comes to the Mission. So, it is not here to make money, or an ego trip.

I have to tell you that you are absolutely wrong. It is you, you have to prove it yourself, that this teaching is correct, and on the website, and the prophecies are fulfilled. The Seven Seals are opened. The religions are unified. And any other religion, person, or teacher, on the earth, is wrong, absolutely wrong, to this point. The only person, the only teaching that is right, is the Mission of Maitreya, and our teaching. Everyone else should come here, read it, learn it, and understand it.

Do not judge us. We do not need your judgment. We believe in God and His judgment. So please, stop judging. If you believe that I am a charlatan, then keep it to yourself and go away. OK?

Those who know me and understand the teaching know that I am not. So, we do not accept whatever you gave us. And, what-ever someone gives to them and they do not accept, returns to them right back. So, do not send anything negative here. I am not going to accept that. All the negativity you send me, back to you.

Go ahead, Karlus.

Karlus: I wish to apologize. It was only just about two weeks ago that I stumbled across Maitreyas group and I have been asking a lot of questions. I have been told that if I come on Saturday morning that Maitreya would be here to speak personally. I have come in this morning and five or six times already I have been red-dotted. I have not even said a word yet. I have been typing in messages.

I believe that there is something happening. What it is I am not sure yet and I am looking for answers in this group. So I kind of take a little bit of offence to the fact that I type something in and it says, What you typed has been red-dotted by the room, and you have not even seen what I have typed yet.

Oh, to keep order in the room is OK and I do not think I am getting out of order. If I get out of order, please tell me I am doing so and I will do my best efforts to stop doing that. But I just feel kind of funny that I came in and I was red-dotted. I got to talk once before and now I am talking again but everything I type in the room does not get typed in the room.

Maitreya: OK, Karlus. Do not take the red-dotting personally. The people who are red-dotted are the people who are new to the Mission and we do not know them. It has happened before that some people just walk into the Mission room and grab the microphone and start yelling, cursing, and saying bad things that are not allowed in this room. Or, they type things that are not according to our teaching. The text place has been reserved for the people who are supporting my Satsang. They actually explain what I say. If you also type it is going to become very confusing. That is why everyones microphone and typing has been taken away from them. Do not take it personally. It is for everyone who is new to the room and we do not know them. That is what is going to happen to them. If you prove yourself that you are a part of the Mission, and you are a good person and you are not disruptive, you will not be red-dotted.

So please do not type there if it is not about the Mission. If you have a question, go to the microphone. The microphone is open to everyone. You will be given a chance to talk. So please do not take it personally. That is why we have done it. It is for order. It is for keeping the room pure and on topic.

Go ahead, Parrot.

Parrot: Sorry if I offended you because the question that I have is because of your sentence that you said it is impossible to explain the unexplainable with words. And, since you do not have any answer for my question, and you laughed. Do you think that is correct? Please explain that one because if one cannot explain the unexplainable with the words what is the use of the website www.maitreya.org? It is nothing but words. Please do not laugh at me again. Please.

Maitreya: OK, Parrot. I was not laughing at you. I am laughing about the words that are so out of a personal judgmental way of saying to someone, you are a charlatan, before even knowing him or understanding the teaching, coming here and accusing people that are not what you say.

The laughing is for that reason. It is so amazing to us, at least to me, that you come here and have that kind of mentality that would judge us and tell me that I am a charlatan. And I am explaining to you, it is the third time I am telling you, this is the last time I am telling you, the Mission is not here to explain God. God cannot be explained. The only way you can explain It is through a personal, direct experience.

The Mission is to fulfill the prophecies, unify humanity, and bring the Kingdom so that you can meditate and realize God, so you know what all those explanations mean.

Before that, all those explanations are just intellectual understandings that might help you toward realizing God. But the ultimate realization is a personal, direct relationship with God.

So, understand what I am saying. If you keep repeating yourself, then I might just say, Oh forget it. I am not going to answer that any more. So, do not let your personal feelings come in. I was not laughing at you. I was laughing that you are so wrong, that it is just laughable. That is what it was.

Go ahead, Radah.

Radah: Sal-OM Maitreya. I am with a friend of mine here in Quebec. Her name is Louise, and she wants to learn more about the Path. She wants to hear more about the Path to the realization of God, please.

Maitreya: All right. The Path is called, the Eternal Divine Path. The reason it is called Eternal is because it started in eternity. It is Divine because it leads to Divinity. And, it is called a Path because it is a Path. It is the way. That means it is going to take you somewhere.

If you sit here and the way is a bridge between this world and the spiritual world, and I am in the beginning of the bridge and I say, Look, this is the bridge that takes you to the spiritual world, and you say, WOW, such beautiful eyes you have! Such a tall person you are. Your hair is great. You say beautiful things, and I love what you say. You are the son of God but I cannot be the son of God. You are a Christ, and this and that, you are going to become so wrapped up in me that you are never going to pass over the bridge to the other side.

That is what all the other religions and Prophets have become to their followers. They are so wrapped up in the Prophet that they forgot what the message was.

So, the Message here is the Eternal Divine Path. I am here to show you the Eternal Divine Path, which is the salvation of humanity, physically, mentally, and spiritually, individually and collectively.

The Eternal Divine Path, simply put, is awakening your spiritual forces, which is related to any technique or the way that has been given in the many Mystical Paths, which includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufis, and many other teachings that basically say, Know thyself, to know thyself is to know God. Atman with the small a is the same as Atman, as God. God and you are one. There is no separation. The reason you feel separated is because of your ego that you are having over your head, and you separate yourself from God.

Of course, some religions say that is the end of it. If you realize God and you are one, then you have reached the goal. But in our teaching God says, No, no. That is the beginning of the journey. That is when you direct your energy toward the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The beginning, the first step, was to awaken your spiritual forces. Creation of the Communities of Light, which is related to the Old Testament, is the second step. In the Old Testament, God was trying to find a people who are called the Children of Israel or the Children of Light to create the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribe really means a community.

He wanted them to accept God as their King and Ruler because His rules are good for humanity, for man. He knows man. He created man. He knows Himself, therefore He knows man. Therefore, He said, These are the Laws. If you follow them, you will reach Me. Of course, at that time, the consciousness was low. Most of the things were symbolically given to them, as sacrificing animals, etc. Actually, that was pretty good. That is because before that they used to sacrifice humans.

That is why sacrificing Isaac was not such a big thing for Abraham, because everyone was sacrificing humans. Then God said, No, that is finished. You do not have to sacrifice humans any more. Now it is time to sacrifice animals. So, He changed the theme of sacrificing humans to sacrificing animals. But, anyway, that is besidesthe point.

The point is that the Old Testament is based on the Communities of Light, and God is trying to create or choose a people who follow Gods teaching. Of course, as Jacob prophesied, after the Shiloh, or the Messiah comes, that is going to be finished and done. That is what Christ did. Christ finished that prophecy and period.

But in order to create Communities of Light, what do we have to do? If everyone in the community says, What is in it for me? What is in it for me, do you think that this community is going to prosper? Do you think that community is going to become a Community of Light? No, it will not.

The next step is to sacrifice. Sacrifice means not to be self-centered. It means to be community-centered, to try to stay in the community, to try to help the community, to try to be in the community, to try not to be self-centered. It is not, What is in it for me alone, but, What is in it for the community?

That is what Christ came to set an example for humanity: sacrifice. He went all the way to the cross for his ideal. He sacrificed himself for his fellow man, for humanity. He released The Grace.

Actually, he was the sacrificial lamb, which finished sacrificing even animals any more but sacrificing the ego. All the sacrifices really were the symbol of sacrificing the ego. Therefore, he finished sacrificing even animals so you do not need to sacrifice the lamb, etc, because Christ died for that reason to stop all that. So we can see the symbol of Christianity or Christ is sacrifice.

But, now you are sacrificing a lot for the community and nothing happens. No community is formed, no one joins, and no one creates the community. What happens? You become depressed. You say, Oh, look at this. I am doing all these things, and nothing is happening. And, you become depressed.

Or, if you do all the sacrifice and the communities start happening, you say, Look at that! It is me who created this community. We can see that most of the people who succeed to create communities, or religious sects, or orders, become so egoistical. You can see the example of it in some of these preachers. They fall. They are found with prostitutes, or this or that. It is because they say, Oh, I am so invincible. I am a person who is so great that no one can touch me any more. And, that is when the fall comes.

So the next step is surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means that, I do my best. I do the greatest sacrifice I can, but I am not going to be attached to the result. I am doing all these things for God. I am not doing them for myself, therefore, I surrender the results to God and say, I did all these things. The result is yours, God. I am just going to go to the next project. I am not going to sit here and wait to see if the result is going to come up or not. I will just do it, leave it, go, and whatever happens is up to God.

Even greater than surrendering, of course, is submission. If you and God are one, let God do it through you. Does God do a perfect job? Yes, He does. He is perfect, therefore, you will do perfect.

If you are not doing perfect, then you have to sit back and say, What am I doing wrong? Maybe I am not letting all God come through. Maybe my ego is still there that prevents me from doing a perfect job.

So, if you let God come through you will be perfect, and you will do a perfect job. And, you are not going to be attached to the result because God is doing it through you. With that, you overcome the attachment to the result of your actions. That frees you to go ahead and go to many projects.

Now, in this, of course, surrendering and submission is the message of Islam. Islam comes from the word tasleim, which means being surrendered and submissive to God. Therefore, if you are not attached to the result of your actions, you are free.

Now you might say, I will help you only if you are a Moslem, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or you are South American, or Peruvian, or this or that. You are narrowing yourself to a very small portion of the universe. Still you are separating God from God. That narrowness, of course, creates prejudice, separation, and the suffering that we are experiencing right now on earth. That is because everyone is separate from everyone else. Only our interests are more important. That is when the suffering starts.

That is why universalism comes in when you reach a point that you say, The whole universe is my home. God is my Father and Mother. And I have no gender because I am both male and female because God is male and female. Therefore, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and you are free.

These are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path: awakening of your spiritual forces, which is the Mystical Paths; creation of the Communities of Light, Old Testament; sacrifice New Testament; surrendering and submission to God, Islam; and becoming a universalist, the Bahai teaching.

As I said, it is a Path. Either you follow it, or you do not. If you follow it, you will receive the benefit. If you do not, even I cannot help you, even God cannot help you.

It has been given to you. God says that is what you have to do. Of course, if Gods Grace is with you, you will follow it. Gods Grace makes everything possible.

So, if you follow these five steps, you go to the sixth step, which we call, Paravipras, or the Elects, that all the religions of the world are talking about the Elects. The Elects are the people that God has chosen as His Children, as His sons and daughters, and they accept God as their Father and Mother, as their King. They will follow His Laws, which is the darma of everything, the innate nature of everything. You follow the innate nature.

What is the innate nature of this computer? The innate nature of this computer is to let me talk to you. If it does not do that, what am I going to do with it? I am going to throw it in the garbage [laughing]. It is going to go to hell. That is how it works.

So, the Elects are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and create an environment Listen, Parrot, that is a good place for you to realize. They create an environment that the people awaken their spiritual forces and eventually return to God and experience the unexplainable.

We are not here to explain the unexplainable. We are here to create an environment that every individual can go to the place that they can experience the unexplainable.

Even then, they are not going to stay there. God is going to send them back to the Communities of Light, to the earth, to humanity, to our teaching, to help even more people to go there.

I hope that answers your friends question. If you have any follow-up, Radah, go ahead.

Radah: Thank you very much, Maitreya.

Maitreya: OK then, Parrot, go ahead.

Parrot: Thank you, Maitreya. So you said your Mission is not to explain the unexplainable. That means you have nothing to do with God. You are the website, right? That is what I understood. Because I am a seeker. I am seeking God. But you said it is impossible to explain the unexplainable. So, I think there is no point in staying here or reading your books. Bye all. Thank you.

Maitreya: Well, I did not get all the words you said, but it is your choice if you want to leave. We wish you good luck and we leave you to God. But, we are telling you that this is the greatest Revelation that has ever come to humanity, and if you miss it, you miss big.

But, I am not going to insist on it. It is up to you to prove it to yourself.

Go ahead, Karlus.

Karlus: Yes, I thank you, Maitreya. I did not realize that it was you that was using the name Joseph on there.

What he has just said, you said that you do not wish to explain something. Now, I myself have been studying the Urantia books for about 15 years. Much of the book says there are things that we cannot explain to you. Humankind is not ready for the explanations. So, you have to wait and grow a little more so that you can understand what the explanations are. You would not understand them if we told you right now.

And I am kind of wondering, Maitreya, when I heard your name, is it kind of a different pronunciation of the name Mithras, which I believe is a Greek pronunciation of a man who lived in Iran approximately at the same time as Jesus? And I have been told that it is. I am asking you personally though, is it a pronunciation of Mithras?

Maitreya: Well, you are correct on the things that are not explainable. Even if sometime we explained the unexplainable, if you have not experienced it, it does not make any difference because you might even become more confused because the unexplainable can be very confusing.

About the name Maitreya, there are many, many theories about where the name came from. One of them is that the Zoroastrian religion predicted the coming of a savior of the world and that he would be born from a virgin and save the world.

You can see the similarity between that saying and the teaching of Christianity that Christ was born from a virgin and he is the savior of the world. We know that Mithraism became a very powerful sect all over the world at the time of the Roman Empire. Actually, some people believe that if Christianity had not come to the West and taken over, actually the West would have been followers of Mithra.

However, when Christ came, as I said, although they accepted Christ, they chose to follow a lot of the previous beliefs. Even the timing of the day, the weekly names, and most of the feasts and holidays that we have, all were in place even before Christianity came to the Roman Empire. And, they continued those without even changing to the way that the Jewish people had it, because Christ was a Jew after all. So, we can see that there is a lot of influence that is in Christianity.

One theory is that although Mithraism spread to the west of Iran, to India and China, at that time the Buddhists became a very strong sect and religion in that area. They also realized that probably their teaching was not going to unify all of humanity. Their teaching was not going to be the one that would do it. They liked the idea of the savior, the coming of Mithra, and they incorporated the idea into their religion. That is, of course, an intellectual explanation.

The other explanation is that the Buddha did prophesy that Maitreya would come 2,500 years after his dispensation. That is exactly where we are. We are exactly 2,500 years after Buddha.

And, in the teaching of Zoroastrian, it was predicted that such a person was going to come around 1,200 years after the Prophet of the Muslims, of the Arabs. Again, this is the time for its coming or 1,200 years after Islam came to humanity.

So we can see many ways to look at it, but I do not know about the person you are talking about who came at the same time that Christ came, in Iran. I have never heard that before. I know that Mithra was the savior that the Zoroastrian religion has predicted to come at the end time, and he is the savior of the world.

You can go ahead and explain a little bit about that person, I have never heard that before.

Go ahead, Karlus.

Karlus: I happened upon a room, and they were asking about your teachings. They were talking about your teachings and I found them to have some similarity to something that I had been studying. I have been studying for almost twenty years about the same thing. And, I am wondering, could you give me an answer on this? Have you ever read the Urantia Book?

Maitreya: I have looked at the book. I did not read the whole thing. I found it a little cumbersome for my tastes. I saw that there are a lot of hierarchies between hierarchies over hierarchies, and I do not believe in hierarchies. I believe that every man can go to God directly. He does not need the hierarchies in heaven to help him out.

So, I have to say that I do not know everything about the book, but I did look through it. Actually, we had the book for a while. I do not know what happened to it. I do not think we have it any more. But, we did have it in our library.

We have a library here, which has the books of almost every religion. So to answer your question, no, I have not read the whole book, but the parts that I looked at, it seems to me that there are too many hierarchies. You can go ahead and explain it to me if that is true or not.

Karlus: Well, the teachings of the book are very down to earth. They teach of the order of Melchizedek, which was the original priesthood. You can see that I typed that in text. And, in the Bible it is mentioned in Genesis 14, verse 18, and it is also mentioned in the end of Hebrews chapter 7 and into chapter 8 for a further explanation of what the priesthood is. But no, I am a priest of the Order of Melchizedek. And, I seek out truth within the world. And I hear you telling truth. If I heard you telling lies, I would leave the room. So I am staying. For the moment, I have not heard you tell any lies. That much you have my blessing, my son, my friend.

Maitreya: All right, father [laughing]. Well, that is interesting because the word Melchizedek has been repeated in the whole Bible only two or three times. It has not been repeated many times, and God never really said that you should follow Melchizedek. Although it seems he was the high priest at that time, you should follow God.

Paul said that he was the first priest and all of that. And, again, if you agree with me, and you did, that Paul was not the most reliable source to go to, you have to really think very carefully about your choice of Melchizedek as the priest order, or the first priest of God. I think the first Priest of God was the First Begotten Son of God, or was Christ, and he came as the Messiah again and again and that is how God works.

If you are a real seeker, you have to really look into the order of Melchizedek in a deeper level and see, Is it really the word of God that you have to follow the order of Melchizedek, or does the word of God say differently? So, I know you are saying you are a priest of Melchizedek. But see if really Melchizedek is the person you want to be the priest of, or Gods words are a little different than what you think it is.

I know it is very hard for the people who believe something to come here and I try to tell them that what they believe maybe needs some examination, but believe me, I have your welfare in my mind. I am not trying to put your beliefs down. I am not trying to put anyones belief down.

When I received this teaching, it was so fantastic that I believe everyone should really examine whatever he or she has and compare it with what we have here.

Go ahead, Karlus.

Karlus: I really do appreciate your concern, that perhaps my teaching that I am studying needs some examination. I have been studying for many, many years to come to the conclusions that I have. I have been talking to your administrators over the last two weeks. And, I have said that I would like to get to know you personally and have a very personal conversation at some time, maybe over the Internet, maybe over the telephone. Maybe I can come to where you live, or you can come to where I live. But, I think that we have a combined destiny that if we put them together we will know something that is very strong.

I believe that my destiny is to tear down the Catholic Church and create a one-world church for all people.

Maitreya: Well, Karlus you can talk to me here in front of everyone. I have nothing to hide from anyone. I am an open book. And, there is nothing secret here in this Mission. Everything is open to everyone. So, if you want to go ahead and bring the conversation here while we are here, that would be just fine. We can discuss what is in your mind. Maybe you do have a mission.

You are absolutely correct, this is the Revelation that ends all other revelations and will create a one-world church, or religion, or teaching. If you want to be a part of it, and it has been revealed to you that that is what you should do, I would be more than glad to discuss it with you.

OK, Red Tulip, go ahead.

Red Tulip: So far this is my first day to listen to you. I agree with what Karlus said that so far you have spoken the truth. Earlier there was a lady that questioned about the anti-Christ and the final perdition. I wanted to ask you, you may have already said it, do you believe that Jesus came in the flesh? And that Jesus is the Son of God? Is that what you believe?

Maitreya: Yes, Red Tulip. We believe Christ came in the flesh and that is, he was the Messiah, he was the Mouthpiece of God. He brought the revelation of sacrifice in the Eternal Divine Path. He was the Third Seal.

If you study the teaching of Christ, you will find that there are a lot of threes in them: Three days in the belly of the world. Three cock crows. Three falls. He was tempted three times. There are many, many threes.

Actually, one Feast of Tabernacles everyone sat around the table and tried to find out how many threes Christ taught, or symbols, came with him. There were many. They found what, around 15 or 20 of them? So, you can see that the three is very important in his mission, and he was the Third Seal.

I am flattered that you see that I have some truth here. The people in the Mission know that I do not, I cannot, lie. If I say something, I probably mean it.

We appreciate that God has come to earth again and brought the truth to everyone.

OK Karlus, go ahead.

Karlus: Well, JosephE, Maitreya, whatever name you are going by, you tempted me here. You said to me go ahead and tell you what it is that I want to talk about. I normally do not talk about this. I have been thinking about it for thirty years, and I normally keep it to myself.

It involves the Catholic Church. Now, I was never brought up Catholic, I was a Protestant. But, something I became aware of and I would appreciate, Joseph, if you would type in a yes or no if you are aware of these things.

There was a woman and her three children in 1917(?) who saw visions of the Virgin Mary at a place called Fatima in Portugal. Type in yes or no if you are aware of these things. I do not see anything typed yet. OK.

Anyway, two of the three children died within a year. The one whose name is Lucile DelSantos still lives on, and she wrote three messages to be given to the Pope of different ages. The first two messages were read in the 1940s. She said that the third message, the last message, would either be written at the time of her death, or in 1960, whichever came first.

Now I have spent my whole life studying this.

Maitryea: Sorry, Karlus, I red-dotted you. I have heard that. I have been told your ideas about that letter, that they have not opened it, and it is a secret, etc.

I have to say my answer was already given to you. This is not important. It is not that important what is in this letter. If it is in this letter that the destruction of the Catholic Church will come, so it will. It is not something to be concerned about.

Here is the greater Revelation that has come to you that unifies all the religions of the world.

The Catholic Church will eventually fall apart because its time is gone. It is up, as the time of the Jewish people was up, as the time of the other people came up. And, I do not know why you are so concerned and obsessed with this letter.

Can you just forget it, read our teaching, and come and let us unify humanity instead? Go ahead if you have any follow-up but do not go through the story. I know the story.

Go ahead, Red Tulip.

Red Tulip: I was just going to add to what I said earlier that that question of that lady, we are required by Scripture, to test the spirit and to see if there are any false prophets in the world. Because it was told that there would be many of them.

When I asked you, Is Jesus the son of God and he came in the flesh, in I John 4:15 it says, Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwells in him and he in God. That is all I wanted to add and that I felt that what I know so far that I feel like you are teaching the truth, and I agree with it.

Maitreya: Thank you, Red Tulip. Actually, that is interesting that there are other Maitreyas who believe that he built his body and all that, and they say that Maitreya overshadowed him. In a sense, they do not believe that Christ was the Son of God. And, we do believe that. That sentence is correct. If you believe that he was the Son of God, you have a good grip of the reality of it.

We appreciate that you see the truth in this teaching. I hope you go to our website, read more, understand what we are teaching, and then if you decided that this is the last Revelation of God, come and join us and put your talents into the creation of the Communities of Light, and the coming of the Kingdom.

All right. It sounds like there are not other questions here, and we are almost at the end of our Satsang. I will give you a couple of minutes.

OK Karlus, go ahead.

Karlus: A very serious question for you, Maitreya, are you the king of the coming kingdom? Is that what you are saying by what you just said?

Maitreya: Is it a trick question? [laughing] Well, if you read our system, you will see that the final head of the kingdom will emerge from the bottom of the society. It is up to you to realize who I am. It is not up to me to prove it to you. It is up to you to prove it to yourself. If you can prove it to yourself, then you know in your heart who I am. And, if you do not prove it to yourself, it does not matter how much I tell you who I am.

So really, the question is mute because it is everyones individual realization to see the prophecies, to see the teaching, to see the fulfillment of Gods Revelation, the coming of this teaching of humanity, who can open the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and come to your own conclusion.

If you concluded anything fine, it is your conclusion. And, if you did not come to any conclusion, again it is your prerogative.

It is up to you, each individual, to go to our website, to read our teaching to see the prophecies, to see the unification of the religions, to see the Word of God, and if you see some truth in what I say, then what is in the website is also the truth.

Go ahead, Karlus, but please be brief. Thank you.

Karlus: It is an ongoing thing, prophecy and revelation are something that continue. They continue throughout your life. You and I both are continuously being given visions of things that should happen, and we have to figure out ways to make them happen.

I would ask you please, Joseph, I call you by Joseph your name is up there, please feel free to send me a personal message with an e-mail address or something and I can contact you directly and we can converse without the other people hearing what we have to say. We can talk directly. I mean, it is not that I am afraid of them but we could carry on a more personal conversation. I think that would be a wise thing.

I have been looking my entire life for someone to talk to about the things that I know. I think you might be that person. Give yourself a chance, brother. I do not mean to sound too funny about that, but I like to think we are all humans, and we are all part of the same planet. Some of us are just on a different mission.

Maitreya: OK Karlus, anything you have to say, you have to say it here. That is where I discuss things. I do not discuss private things.

Go ahead, Brother Frank.

BroFrank: Yes, My Lord, Maitreya. Praise be unto God for you. Could you, Sir, tell me something about your Persian roots? It is my understand that you are a descendent to the Persian Kings, Nadir Shah, possible back to Zoroaster. Do you know, or can you share more about your roots with us?

Maitreya: Yes, Bro Frank. The Revelation and the Message was so great that I thought that if anyone heard it they would say, Wow, that is great. He really is from God, because it makes sense. There is so much truth in It.

I was not really concerned about my life, where I was from, or the prophecies, or my genealogy, or anything like that at all. Even the prophecies have been found by other people and brought to the Mission, and they said, Hey, did you know this and this, and that it matches exactly you or this and that?

So about my genealogy, the only thing I remember is my parents were talking about that we are descendants of Nadir Shah. Well, they had a village in that providence called Shahrasar in the providence of Taleghan, which is around two or three hours drive north of Tehran. There was a very tall kind of a hill. They said that actually, they built that as a lookout place, that when you stayed there you could see miles and miles if people were coming close to the village or not. That is one of things that they had built, and that is why they had that place. And, that is all I know about my genealogy.

Now, if someone wants to go and study my genealogy and see where I end up, as I said, it is not important any more because as we discussed, in the time of Jacob when he gave the prophecy of the kingship to Judah, he also said, Until the Shiloh comes. So trying to connect the other teachers after Christ to Judah, which King David was from the tribe of Judah, is no longer necessary. He said it. It is in the Bible, right in chapter 49. When he gave the kingship to Judah he said, Until the Shiloh, which means the Messiah, comes. And, then Messiah was Christ. And, he was from the tribe of Judah.

So, I am personally not that interested in that part of my life. But if someone wants to go research, that would be fine. It is up to you guys to go ahead and do it. But, that is all I know, that we are from the King Nadir. And that was also the word of mouth. There is not something written down or that anyone researched it.

So there is a possibility that it might go all the way to Zoroaster or whatever, because we are in the north of Iran and Zoroaster was from the north of Iran. So, the possibility is there. But is that true or not? According to the prophecies and the word of God, that is not something that I really am emphasizing.

Go ahead, cog.

Cog: Thanks. Well, I was wondering kind of on the same lines if you had any Jewish roots. And, I wanted to make a comment about, I thought it was a really interesting vision that your mother had or the dream when she was pregnant with you as sitting on a lion, and that the lion was her son. Anyway, I wanted to know if you knew of any Jewish roots, and I think it could be a good thing to check out your heritage or your descent.

Maitreya: Go ahead, Cog. It is fine with me [laughing]. You can go and research about that if you want. But to me, the most important thing is the Message. The most important point is that the Word of God said that the kingdom will stay with Judah until the Shiloh comes. So, after Christ, Prophet Mohammed was not from King David. Prophet Mohammed was an Arab. He was from Ishmael.

So, if we look for the genealogy, then are we going to reject Prophet Mohammed? Or, we say, No, he was a Prophet of God, and he brought the revelation of surrendering and submission.

But, you never know, maybe God has a plan for someone to go and look at my genealogy, and say, This is another proof. I do not need any proof. And, those people who believe in me do not need proof either. But, if you need proof and you want to make my case even stronger, great. But, I do not need any proof. I never needed any proof because the Revelation is so great. It is so wonderful that that is good enough for me.

But, you go ahead if you want to do that.

Go ahead, Karlus, but please be brief. And, say anything you want in front of everyone.

Karlus: I did come in here. I waited for two weeks. I tried last Saturday to talk to you, and PalTalk was down being fixed and I am back this week. Seriously, the things that I do want to talk to you about, you say talk to you about them in the room. I tried to, and I have been red dotted a few times for doing so. I think it would be better if we had personal communication, as brothers, brothers in God, got together and talked about the things. Because I do not want to frighten your people away that are in your room. I do not want to scare them at all. But, I think that there is something that you and I need to talk about. And, I think it goes much further than what we are talking about here.

Maitreya: Go ahead, BroFrank.

BroFrank: Yes, thank you my Lord. I come from a religion that requires me to prove all things. Yet I know in my heart that you are that same Spirit that I see, read about as my Lord Jesus, that same Spirit that I see in Prophet Muhammed, Bab, and Bahaullah. There is no question in my mind that you are who you say you are, for I see that same light and hear that same Blessed Light emanating from you, Sir.

But there is that command to prove all things in Scripture. And there is a blessed Scripture in Psalms 89 that promises us that there will always, always be a flesh and blood King on the throne, on that Davidic throne that was exiled to Persia and flourished under King Cyrus. I cannot help but believe that you are a continuation of that.

That would prove intellectually, for many I know, that you are indeed the Promised One, although I know intuitively that you are. My concern is for those others who need this proof, not for myself.

Maitreya: Great Brother Frank. I hope that I see millions and billions like you, those who have realized what is happening here in this Mission, come together, and create the Communities of Light. Let us bring Gods Kingdom, bring peace on earth, let us make God come through the head of the hierarchy, which is the the idea of the king. The king is the one that is connected to God directly. And, he brings his spirit to his subjects. Therefore, because God is perfect, He never makes mistakes.

If God makes mistakes, if your king makes mistakes, if the head of the state makes mistakes, therefore, they are not connected to God and, therefore, they have lost the connection. And when the head is sick, as it says in the Scriptures, the body will also be sick. It is so important that the head is not sick.

About my genealogy, maybe God has some plan for someone to go, study, and find out. And I said maybe you would find something that will have great bearing for those who are still hanging onto that philosophy.

As you have realized, this teaching is a great teaching. It makes sense. It is beautiful. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies, and it is from God. If you realize that, then the next step for you is to send me an e-mail and tell me that you have no choice but to be in this Mission. From there on, you will be a part of this Mission with the rest of the people who are with us.

Then I hope we will have 144,000 Elects and we all will eventually, after humanity goes through these wars and tribulation and destruction, realize that God is the only way, and the Mission has His Words.

Sal-Om everyone. I will leave you on that note. I will see you next week if the PalTalk is not down.


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