11/17/01 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: at this time I will be here. I will be talking to you, explaining the Eternal Divine Path, and the new Revelation that has unified all humanity and religions.

For the first time, after a long time, humanity can see there is One God, One Humanity, and One Earth. They should come together and praise Him, understand history and creation and how, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, And That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

Everyone meditate on that and realize that their goal is to be(come) Divine, not to fight with each other, not to destroy each other, not to create wars, destruction, death, and all the problems that we have on earth but to create an environment that every person progresses physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest possible.

That is where our teaching is based. It is based on the Eternal Divine Path. It is based on The Greatest Sign. And it is based on explaining how each religion of the world is a part of a greater truth.

That is why we go ahead every week at this time and explain what is The Greatest Sign, what is the Eternal Divine Path, how do we claim that God has sent a Revelation that unifies all of these religions. That is when we direct you to go to our website.

The very first thing you see on our website is The Greatest Sign. It forms from the big bang, or the beginning of the creation and then it evolves to the rest of The Greatest Sign that explains why each religion of the world is a part of a greater truth.

When we look at the Mystical Paths, we can see Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any teaching that teaches, Know Thyself, falls into the very first sign at the bottom of The Greatest Sign, the I-Ching. That means awaken your spiritual forces, to meditate, to know thyself, Be still and know that I am God. So it covers all Mystical Paths no matter where they are, what they are called, and who follows them. If the base is to know thyself that is the Mystical Paths.

Now some people say that that is all there is to it. You just meditate. You become like a drop of water and fall into the ocean of God. That is the goal of life, to reach Nirvana, to reach God head and Pure Consciousness through meditation and the awakening of your spiritual forces.

But, of course, we go ahead, read the Bible and the Scriptures sent by God and He says, No. If you do that and you think that you have made it and all that, I will not accept you and I will spue you out of my mouth, in Revelation, Chapter 3.

If you read THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, our Scripture, it clearly says that is not the way. That is possible that that is done but that is not the way. But, after you awaken your spiritual forces you have to direct it toward the creation of the Communities of Light. That is when the Old Testament comes in.

If you study the Old Testament, in the whole Old Testament, God is trying to find a people, the Children of Israel, as chosen people who will follow Him and His Laws. Therefore, the creation of these communities based on God is very important in Gods Revelation and Path.

That is when you direct your spiritual forces that you awaken, toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is based on Gods Law, accepting God as the King or the leader of the community, and bringing His Laws into your communities. That is when we can see that after the awakening of your spiritual forces, or the Mystical Paths, is the time to direct your energy toward the creation of the communities.

Reach to your own communities, reach to your own families. Teach them about the Eternal Divine Path. Teach them about the Revelation of the unification of all religions. Teach them how God sent all the religions and takes them away from the narrowness of one religion on earth. That is the beginning of the creation of the Communities of Light, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path.

So, you direct the energy you awaken in your spiritual practices, toward the creation of an environment that everyone can have their physiological and safety needs provide. The rest is directed toward self-realization and God.

So, we can see that the Old Testament, or the Hebrew religion is also included in The Greatest Sign. It covers the Old Testament, which is talking about the tribes of Israel, or the Communities of Light. God wanted these tribes to follow Him, to accept Him as King, to accept Him as

Why does He want to do that? Why does He want to be King? Does He need our praise and all of that? No. He really does not need any of those. The only reason He wants us to do that, is by doing that we can completely wrap ourselves in a spiritual thing and be able to overcome the Maya, or the attraction of the external world. The only way you can do that is by completely wrapping yourself to God and completely be directed to Him.

So, what does baptism mean? Baptism really means to turn around, 180 degrees. You turn around to what? You turn around about the worldly things, toward God. When you are in Communities of Light and there are always Satsangs (Discourse), and talk about God is going on, of course, you are wrapping yourself in God more often.

That is why many Scriptures have forbidden idle talk. Why? It is because idle talk brings you to the lower chakras and it brings you to the lower level of consciousness. But, if there is an environment that talks about God all the time, Satsang going on, then you become in a higher level. And that is why God wants those Communities of Light to be created so people can wrap themselves up in that consciousness instead of worldly consciousness that pulls you down all the time to your lower nature.

So we can see in the second step, not only are you helping the community to be created, also the community helps you to progress in a greater degree in your spiritual path. So, the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now we want to create the Communities of Light. Can we create Communities of Light by saying, OK, what is this community going to give to me? What is in it for me alone? and be selfish about our desires and wants only.

That is when the concept of sacrifice comes in. You cannot create the Communities of Light if everyone wants what they want, they are full of desires, wants, and they can create a pull toward one individual, or each individual. That is going to tear the community down. That is not a Communities of Light.

In the Community of Light, you sacrifice the ego. Ego becomes less and less but God becomes more and more. So you become Godly and you manifest Godly qualities. One of them is sacrificing and the ability to share, to give, to give to the community.

That is where the New Testament comes in. Christ was the symbol of sacrifice. He went all the way to the cross for his ideal, which was his teaching, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That covers the New Testament and Christianity.

Of course, the rest of the Bible, to the Revelation, is from the disciples, but we go to the very source of the teaching, which is the Master himself. In the Revelation, of course, God gives the last part of the Bible as the conclusion of the Bible. That is where the Seven Seals are revealed to humanity and God says, I am going to send Seven Seals, Seven Revelations to man. That is exactly what this Mission reveals to humanity, the Seven Seals of the Revelation, unifies them, and opens the book that is sealed with the Seven Seals in chapter five of the Revelation.

This makes the fulfillment of the prophecies that, When the Seventh Angel comes the mystery of God will be finished. And, indeed, the Mission of Maitreya has finished and revealed the mystery of God to humanity. Now we can see the whole picture of what God was trying to do in the last 12,000 years.

Then, of course, after you sacrifice a lot, you try to create Communities of Light, and nothing happens, you become very depressed and say, I am putting so much effort. Why are the communities not coming up? Or, they start happening and the communities start popping up all over the world. Suddenly you say, WOW, look at me. I am doing such a great job. I am such a wonderful being that I am doing all those things. And you create a big ego.

The moment you create a big ego, what happens? You get cut off from God. You are completely cutting yourself off from Gods Grace. That is what fallen from Eden and being thrown out of the garden means. It means that you are disconnected from the Grace of God and you cannot receive His Grace.

Therefore, the next step is to surrender and submit to God. Surrendering means that you do your job, you do your sacrifice, you try to create the Communities of Light, you do your best but you say, God, the result is Yours, it is not mine. It is Your Plan. It is Your work. It is Your teaching. The result of Yours. So, you completely give the result of God.

Even greater than surrendering is submission. Submission means that you let God do things through you, work through you, work toward the Communities of Light, and the creation of the Communities of Light.

If God is doing it through you, is He going to do a perfect job? Yes, because God is perfect. If God is perfect then He is going to do a perfect job.

If you are doing something and it is not perfect, you cannot say, Oh, it is God coming through me. That is a misuse of the teaching because if God is doing it, it is perfect.

So the more you let God come through, the more perfect a job you do. That is actually the goal of the spiritual progress, to become one with God, to become a complete channel, a complete oneness with God. That is where really, every spiritual person wants to be. Therefore, submission really means achieving the highest spiritual realization and goal, and realizing that God is working through you.

If He is working through you, are you doing anything? No. Therefore, you are not attached to the result. With not being attached to the result, surrendering the result to God, or submitting to God, you completely overcome any depression or elation of the ego, you become completely free to do the work, go to the next project, and the next project.

That is because you are not going to wait for the result. You are just going to leave that to God. You can just continue your work without being depressed, or anything like that.

That is where the concept of Islam, which comes from the root Tasleim, comes in. That is when the Fourth Seal is in our teaching. That is surrendering and submission to God and freedom from the attachment to the result of your action.

Of course, by this time, you have awakened your spiritual forces, you are trying to create the Communities of Light, you are sacrificing for it and sharing with them, and trying to create a wonderful community. Then you surrender and submit your results to God.

But, you are doing it for a very special place, for a very small part, or a very small portion of the universe. So, you become again attached to that little place, or community, or nation, or even earth. Then again, you fall because you try to protect only that small place and are not concerned for the rest of the universe.

That is when the concept of universalism comes in. That is when you expand your consciousness and say, I am living in the universe. My nation, my country, my community is the whole universe. God is my Father and Mother. I am free and I belong to every part of the universe. Every being is a struggling being to come to the higher consciousness and progress in their spiritual journey.

Therefore, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and you become concerned for every being in the universe to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. With this, of course, you become free absolutely to become a wonderful, fantastic, spiritual being.

That is because you awakened your spiritual forces, you are working for the Communities of Light, you sacrifice, you submit and surrender to God, and you become a universalist. Of course, the universalist teaching and message came from the teaching of a group called the Bahais, from Bab and Bahaullah. That is what the message is that you have to become a universalist.

Of course, they are the Fifth Seal in The Greatest Sign. Even in the fifth level of the spiritual progress it is related to ether. Some people can even do Astral projection, go and meet these wonderful beings, and receive this great teaching. They think they have made it, they are at the end of their spiritual progress. But, there are still two more steps to go. So, they should not become trapped in that level but progress in a greater degree to the next step where they become dynamic spiritual beings.

Now, after you have gone through these five steps, if you go and start helping humanity to realize this teaching, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, then you are really an Elect.

That is what all the Scriptures in the world are talking about, the Elects. My elect, they will inherit the earth. They will be the ones that come and will create My Kingdom. They are the ones that I have chosen and they will bring the Kingdom on Earth.

That is where we are calling here to the Elects to come, gather together, to bring Gods Kingdom to Earth, and to bring peace, tranquility, and oneness to humanity.

Therefore, the Sixth Seal is the seal of the Elects, which we call Paravipras. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. It means going beyond intellect but becoming intelligent, which is greater than intellect. Intellect analyzes without intuition. Intelligence analyzes with intuition and connection to the Spirit.

Therefore, they meditate (they awaken their spiritual forces), they direct that energy to create the Communities of Light, they sacrifice for it, they surrender and submit to God, and they become universalists. Also they engage themselves in the creation of the Communities of Light, in the Mission, in the preaching of this teaching all over the world to the end of it, and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

These are the future leaders of humanity who will help humanity to see their way out of this mess that they have created on earth, and we can see the result of it. Either they are blowing each other up, or they are warring, destroying, and creating a lot of suffering for everyone. So, neither of these is right.

We have to create a world that every child will be protected and grown physically, mentally, and spiritually. Believe me, if we can do that, the human is going to progress in every level in a greater degree.

How many great minds are being used for creating war machines, or creating..? How many great minds, even right now in Afghanistan are being killed, or destroyed? We do not know exactly how many people could have been great beings or great things that they could have given humanity a greater degree of reaching to space.

Another salvation of man is to reach to space and bring greater basic material to humanity so that the standard of living of every child, man, and woman becomes in a greater degree so that we do not have to fight for a little energy that we have on earth. There is infinite energy available in the universe if we tap into it and know how to use them.

So, we are just like that bird. There is a bird that sits by the lake. He does not drink the water because he is afraid if he drinks the water he might drink the whole thing, the lake is going to dry out, and he is going to die of thirst. But, he dies of thirst anyway because he does not want that to happen.

It is just like us. We are connected to infinite energy in the universe but we are fighting for a little oil here or a little oil there, or a little energy on earth. But, if we can tap ourselves to that energy of the universe we will have infinite energy and we do not need to fight over a small little thing like that.

So we have to again expand our consciousness to realize that we have great opportunity here but unless the Kingdom comes, unless humanity realizes they are all one, unless we can bring the Kingdom, we cannot use all the great minds that humanity has for us on earth to bring them together and create a wonderful earth for everyone.

So this is the Vision of the Mission of Maitreya. This the place you are called to examine yourself to see if you awaken your spiritual forces, you want to meditate, you want to see yourself squarely

Seeing yourself is the scariest thing you can do. You are the bravest person even if you close your eyes and say, I want to meditate. The moment you do that, you have to face yourself. You have to see what part of you is greedy, what part of you wants to be domineering, what part of you wants to be praised, instead of God being praise, and all that thing.

So, it is a pretty scary thing. That is why a lot of people do not even want to close their eyes and meditate. Some people do not even want to stop talking because they have to look at themselves when they are quiet and they want to be meditative.

So, if you are brave enough to close your eyes and meditate, then the next step is to direct that energy that you create by your realization, toward the Communities of Light. Create communities based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Sacrifice for it. It is not, What is in it for me. What is in it for me, but, What is good for the community. Then, of course, surrender and submit. Surrender the result to God, or submit to God and let Him do the work for you.

If submission is harder than surrendering, if you forgot to submit, then surrender the result to God. Just remember, Oh, I forgot to submit. I thought I am the doer. OK God, I forgot. Sorry. I surrender the result to You.

So, you free yourself and become a universalist. You shatter all the narrowness of the mind of our belonging to a small part of the universe. We belong to the whole universe. Let that be your home.

With this you then come and try to create the Communities of Light and become a Paravipra, become an Elect. If you do that, then you will be a part of the great evolutionary step that humans are going through.

Eventually, after they hit the bottom, they kill each other for a long time, and realize that this is not the way, they will come and say, OK, what is the way.

They created the League of Nations. It did not work. They created the United Nations. It did not work. The only thing that is going to work is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on the Communities of Light.

So, you have been given the teachings. That is usually, when we say, We are done with you. When you receive the Revelation, when you receive the Message, now it is up to you to decide what are you going to do with it.

If you want to go ahead and become a part of it, do it. If you do not, then we leave you to God. But, look into it. Go to our website and prove the Spirit for yourself. Our teaching is for you to prove what we say is the truth.

We do not have to prove anything. We had to prove it to ourselves that we are correct in what we say and it is great. It is up to you now to see if what we say is correct and the truth.

I am done with explaining The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. If you have any questions now, you can raise your hand and we will go ahead from there.

Of course, we had another meeting last night and I talked there also for a long time. That is why you see that I am a little hoarse today. But we will finish this Satsang together. If you have a question, again, go ahead.

Go ahead Khaled. [He had to restart]

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Hello, Maitreya, nice to see you again. Nice to hear you again. I would like to ask you, did Jesus have a blood line, or was Jesus with his miraculous birth, does that mean that he did not have a blood line and that was the end of the chosen ones for the Jews? What is you opinion on this? Thank you.

Maitreya: Well, that is interesting that you ask this question now because that is the revelation that was given to me that when Jacob, or Israel, divided the inheritance, he gave the Sceptre to Judah and the birthright, or possession of the worldly territory, to Joseph.

Joseph, of course, later on moves out of Israel, or north kingdom, and comes to the north, Europe, and the United States. Actually, if you read the book of Mormons they say that they were the children of Joseph. Therefore, they inherited Europe and the United States. The Sceptre, or kingly spiritual domination, or the Messiah, Sceptre, was given to Judah. If you look at Chapter 49 of Genesis that is where Israel separates these two and gives the Sceptre to Judah, which Christ came from the tribe of Judah.

The Tribe of Judah were supposed to be the ones that every king of Israel would come from, and they did. David was from the Tribe of Judah and all his children and also of course, Christ. In that Chapter when Jacob gave the Sceptre to Judah he also said that the Kingdom will be with him until the Shiloh comes. Of course, Shiloh is the Messiah, or Christ, and he came.

Actually, at the end of his teaching, in the New Testament, he clearly said to the people in the temple that the kingdom will be taken away from you and will be given to another nation.

So that sounds like that was the end of that prophecy and after that no one should have come from the House of David because Christ was from the House of David, he was the Messiah, and he fulfilled that. He also told to the temple that the Kingdom will be taken away and given to another nation.

But, recently, for the last couple of weeks, we have been in touch with some energy and people who have been explaining to us how my ancestry also connects to David, Adam, Abraham, and all of that.

It sound like when Christ was saying that the kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another nation, probably, he was referring to the Children of Ishmael as another nation. And that is when, after Prophet Muhammed, really no great Prophet really came from the Children of Ishmael. But we can see that Bab and Bahaullah both also are connected to David and also are connected all the way to Abraham.

So, it sound like the prophecy has been for when Christ came for that time being the Sceptre will be given to another nation and after that it again returns back to the Children of Israel.

In that sense, Christ did fulfill that prophecy. Prophet Muhammed, of course, was from the Children of Ishmael. He also fulfilled the promises that God gave to Abraham, which is the father of Ishmael. Also by the coming of Christ, he fulfilled the promises given to Abraham to his son Isaac and therefore both fulfilled that.

But it seems like after Prophet Muhammed again the prophecy returned back to the Children of Abraham and the Midian background. So, in this sense Bab was from both the Children of Ishmael and Abraham. And Bahaullah was also the same.

Apparently, according to these people, the people who are working on my genealogy, I am also connected to that ancestry.

About the Immaculate Conception, there is a Of course, it has been miraculous. And if something is a miracle you can explain it many ways but still it is miraculous. But was Christ a son of God, physically God came and made him?

We know that God does not have a physical body He is Consciousness and, therefore, He cannot really do that. That is why Prophet Muhammed also was against the idea of God comes down and really makes a child with a woman.

That is what separates Christians and Moslems. Christians, of course, say it physically happened. But, God is a Spirit how can that happen physically. But, spiritually He can miraculously create a child because He can do whatever He wants.

He created us in the first place anyway. Where did we come from? We came from somewhere. That first beginning is a miraculous conception, isnt it? So, if that is a miraculous conception therefore, He can make again the miraculous conception.

Of course, some people believe that he really was the child of Joseph. They say, If he is not the child of Joseph then there is a contradiction. If God created him without Joseph then how can he be a child of David, or a descendant of David

He cannot be the descendant of David because he is the Son of God, he was created miraculously. He was not created by the physical connection to David. And if Joseph made him, then how could it be miraculous?

But, can God take the physical part of Joseph and miraculously create the child in the womb of Mary without any connection? Well, He can. We believe that He might create the same kind of genetic background as Joseph had and create him miraculously.

So, it is a topic that is very controversial. It can be looked at many, many different ways. And, it is not that important. The most important is what was the message of Christ. What did he give? The message is important.

Why do we call him, messenger? Messenger means that he has a message. Now if we get so wrapped up into the messenger to see were his eyes blue, or black, or white, or red, or this and that And, did he come from this background or that background.

Of course, Christ was a descendent of David and that was the fulfillment of the Prophecy. Now let us get on with the message, what did he say? What did he bring to humanity?

So those controversial things we try to minimize in the Mission. We do not want to argue with the people about really was it miraculous or wasnt it miraculous, or was he the Son of God or he was not. It is a very personal opinions. But at the end we have to all go to the message each messenger brought and that is what the Eternal Divine Path is.

What is the message of Christ? That was sacrifice.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot, Maitreya. I was so excited trying to see you. I just came from my work and I tried to hurry up to get home just to listen to you. I am excited that I get the opportunity to hear you and talk to you. I already heard a lot of teaching of the Mission.

I was excited about you years ago because we have heard years ago about the coming of Maitreya. But, we never saw any Maitreya coming, until I found the of you saying Maitreya is already here. Now, I would like to ask something, about the teaching of reincarnation.

The teaching of reincarnation, you cannot find it really clearly in Islam, or Christianity, or in the Bahai Faith. In the teaching of Bahaullah, in the teaching of Bab, there is nothing about the teaching of reincarnation. Suddenly Abdul Baha discussed reincarnation and he said that it is not necessary. He said such things like that, that it is. All is perfect. All that is in the station of God came from the same source and we can understand them. There is no clear teaching about reincarnation in the teaching of Jesus Christ, in the teaching of Muhammed, in the teaching of Bahais, in the teachings . But, the same teaching you can find very clear in the teaching of Buddha or Krishna or other thoughts in the Hindu tradition. Thanks a lot.

Maitreya: A very good question, Khaled, very good.

In Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the Bahai teachings, we call them the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teaching, those teaching are emphasizing different points than the Mystical Paths that only the Mission of Maitreya added to other teachings as valid revelations from God.

That is why, actually in the Bahai teaching they have some problem explaining how they are going to unify Buddhists and Hindus with the Bahai teaching, which is mostly based in the Christian, Judeo, Islamic base. They have a problem with that. We do not because we also explain in The Greatest Sign as the First Seal.

But, saying that there is no reference to reincarnation, you can find that very clearly in the Bible when they talk about John the Baptist to be Elijah. Elijah died, or was taken away hundreds of years before John the Baptist came. And John the Baptist came through the womb of Elizabeth. If he is Elijah and he came through the womb of a women and now he is John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ who was prophesied to come, where did he come from?

There is no way to explain it correctly but to realize that he was the reincarnation of Elijah. Therefore, you can see that it is strongly in the Bible. Although they strongly tried to destroy the concept of reincarnation in the Bible, that one they were not able to take away.

So we can see reincarnation actually is in the Bible. It used to be more in the Bible but the intellectual priests tried to destroy as much of it as possible. That is because if you believe in reincarnation, it is very hard to really mislead you the way that most of the priests and intellectual spiritualists have done in many religions and created the priest class that tells you what to do and what not to do and that they are the only people who are connected to God. That is because you will say, Well, I will learn my lesson in many lifetimes. I have learned some in some lifetime and I will continue to go ahead and learn.

Another point is, if God is just, He gives you one lifetime, and He puts you in a place that you have no chance to know Him or to spiritually progress, can He judge you? See, He cannot because He did not give you enough chances. He put you in a place that you had no chance to progress and suddenly He says, OK, go to hell.

Hello, I did not have any chance to do anything. How can you judge me?

So we can see also reincarnation explains the justness and justice of God.

Another evidence is regression, by hypnotizing people, and they regress in their lives. Some people start talking in a language they have never even heard in this lifetime. They start talking about the events that happened thirty, forty years before they were reincarnated. They went, they checked, and it was exactly as they said. How did they know that?

So there is a lot of evidence there that completely supports the concept of reincarnation. Of course, as you meditate more and more, and you go deeper into yourself you also will realize many, many things.

Or, deja vu. What does deja vu mean? It means I see some things that I have been there, but I have never been there. I know I have been here, but I have never been there in this lifetime. Why? Maybe you have in a previous lifetime sometime?

So we can see again, that also supports reincarnation.

Eventually, of course, it is a personal decision to realize that reincarnation exists, or not. If you meditate and realize it then you have no doubt about it.

But it is in the Bible. Also in the Koran Muhammed says, God can do whatever He wants. God is an able God. Can He reincarnate? Of course, He can. He is an able God. He can do whatever He wants.

So we can see also in the Koran, although it does not say it is reincarnation, it alludes to it that God can raise you if He wants. So, we can see that you can also connect that to Islam.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot. About Sai Baba and other Avatars from India. In the last 20 years, 25 years they proclaim their own selves as the promised Avatar, or the promised Maitreya, or the promised one who will come to establish world peace and will bring the whole of humanity to unit.

I have friends who follow and now not only Sai Baba but other Avatars. I guess you know them. I just want to ask you, what does really these people original was real Avatars or just false prophets? Thanks.

Maitreya: Well, the Bible clearly says that many will come in my name and will claim that they are the one who was promised. How do we know who is the correct one? That is the question that every person should ask themselves before they follow anyone.

Then we can see God is very smart. God is very thorough in what He does.

[[[end of side 1]]]

individual comes. No Prophet ever came who did not fulfill many prophecies. Also when they come, they teach according to the Word of God, based on the Word of God, and based on the teachings in the Scriptures, which are not changed. Of course, there are a lot of changes in Scriptures, but their teachings are based on those words.

Therefore, to know who is the correct one, who does not know, who is not, you have to be very discerning. You have to study. You have to test the spirit and realize that this person fulfilled the prophecies of God, what he said is based on Gods Word and Scripture, and what he is doing is the fulfillment for everyone. Also, is the Spirit the Spirit of God behind them, and is he manifesting exactly what God said they will manifest. So it has to be told who he is, how he is going to come, what is his mission, and how his mission will manifest.

So you have not to follow the little miracles that they perform because little miracles are the birthright of every human and what they can do you can do in a greater degree. So, look at the prophecies. Look at the teaching. Is it based on the Word of God and has God prophesied that they will come? Then you have a great grip on reality and truth, and you will not be misled.

Go ahead MentorSays.

Mentor Says: Thank you, Maitreya. Due respect to you. I would like to ask a question that is very similar to the one the previous person asked. Is there any difference between the Mission of Maitreya and Sahaja Yoga?

I will looking at Maitreya it is almost very similar. and self realization and .

Maitreya: MentorSays, you broke up badly here. We could not completely understand what you were saying. What we did understand, is that basically, you are saying, Is our teaching the same as some other group. I do not know what group you are talking about but I probably can go ahead and answer your question anyway because it does not make any difference what group you are talking about.

This Revelation and teaching has not been on earth for at least the last 12,000 years. Again if there is any group having a similar teaching

First of all, know about our teaching and you will realize that it is not similar for sure because no teaching has covered all the religions of the world, opened the Seven Seals, opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and fulfilled so many prophecies. So, we can see that it is impossible.

Also, if it were similar, has the person who brought it fulfilled the prophecies of his coming? Really, is what they are saying based on the Word of God. Then decide which one is the correct one.

Even if it is similar, you should not follow a person who has not fulfilled all the prophecies and the Word of God because still they might have just gone to our website and picked up some of this, put it together and said, Hey, look at this, we are similar. We unified all the religions of the world. That is again not from God but it is their man-made thinking. It has not completely come from Gods Spirit.

So again, be careful from the false prophets and teachers and those who claim to have things. Test their spirits. See if they have fulfilled the prophecies and if their word is based on the Word of God.

If not, run away, fast, as fast as you can, because it does not have the Spirit of God. Whatever does not have the Spirit of God will not manifest great fruits. Whatever has the Spirit of God will manifest great truths.

There are other things out there. People come to us and say, Oh, your teaching is like such and such. It is not. One problem is that you probably do not know our teaching in a very deep level.

Another one is that maybe you are attached to a teaching. Some people come from Moslem background and they say, Oh, it is just, Muhammed said all of these things. He did not. It is different.

Or, a Bahai comes or whatever. We have heard this before many times. So the answer is, it is not similar. It has never been on earth for the last 12,000 years. If you go on a deeper level you will see.

Even if you find something similar, if the person who brought it has not fulfilled the prophecies, it is not based on God, run away, because it is not from God.

Ours, we have no doubt, is completely from God and is the last Revelation to humanity.

Go ahead, Mehrave.

Mahrave: Thank you, Maitreya. I am from Iran, the same place you were. I have been looking your Mission. I cannot accomplish because my English. I am very interested to know more about it, how can you help me?

Maitreya: All right, Mehrave. Well, welcome to our Mission. I am glad you came. I can talk Persian with you but probably I should not because no one else would understand what we are talking about. But you are welcome.

Why dont you write to me? If you go to our website and ask for sending questions I will receive your questions. And maybe we could come together sometime to a very protected room and I can explain it to you in Persian. Actually, you sound very much like my nephew when you talk. He sounds very similar to you.

But, also, you broke up very badly here. We could not hear you very well. So, if no one minds, I will just talk to him a little in Persian here and then we can go from there. [talking together a few minutes in Persian]

Well, we just talked that we are going to go to a room together with Mehrave. He says that his English is not good. So we are going to do that.

Go ahead Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot. My English also is not so good. But, I do my best because I do not know if you can speak Arabic or not. But if you can . Sometimes I said this to the guys in the room. Maitreya exact information about our religion and . Why it is that you are fair, is because someone like Sai Baba himself, for example came not to established a new religion but everyone is free to practice his own religion anywhere he like. And you do not have to give up your own religion to follow me. That is what he says. But actually, in fact, the disciples have given up their own religion and become groups of Sai Baba to worship him. And I just sometimes, it is not really fair for man, and fair for his disciples that he is saying that he is not coming to establish a new religion. But, actually, in fact, he is establishing a new religion, some kind of religion, or cult.

What I do respect much is what you said honestly that you are establishing a new religion with certain rules, certain prayers and such things like that. I do respect this honesty.

Who is Maitreya? Is it a God who reincarnated or, is it a high soul who is reincarnated to earth? Do I have to worship Maitreya? How do I have to look to Maitreya?

Maitreya: Your English is very good, Khaled. You are speaking just fine. Well, about Sai Baba and all those teachings, I have a similar experience, probably, myself. The only spiritual organization I joined in was Ananda Marga, which their sign is in the Sixth Seal. The part of the teaching that was most important for the Mission was the concept of Paravipras, or Sadvipras, or Elects that we took it and it is in The Greatest Sign.

They are also claiming that they are not trying to convert you to anything, but really most of the teaching was Hinduism, which was OK with me. I learned a lot about Hinduism through them and if they had not taught me that I would not have known as much as I do.

But, in this Mission we say that you can keep your religion for a while. You can say, OK I can But, if you study our teaching and realize our teaching, you realize your religion, actually, in a greater degree. You become a better Jew. You become a better Moslem. You become a better Hindu. You become a better Buddhist. You become a better Bahai.

But, when you learn about other religions in The Greatest Sign, it is just like being in a bottle and releasing you to the universe. You cannot go back to the bottle. You have realized something even greater than your little bottle that you were living in. Therefore, you have no choice but to expand yourself and become a new being.

Actually, I do not think it is a new religion but it is the base of Gods Will for humanity. It is the basic, or it is the original religion of God to humanity and, therefore, it expands you and you have no choice but to shed the old religions away.

Actually, eventually, we are hoping that all the old religions will be abolished after the Mission of Maitreya comes, and they all will become Divines. That is what we in the Mission of Maitreya are called, Divines. We are not called Moslems. We are not called Jews. We are not called Hindus, or Buddhists.

We are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path. And when you follow It you become Divine. So, in a sense you are correct. It is a new dawn for humanity. It is an evolutionary step that we are going to go through, and we claim that it is a new religion for humans to come and join us.

So there is no facade or covering here in the Mission of Maitreya. When you join the Mission of Maitreya, we do not want you to leave your religion but expand yourself to the greater thing that we offer you.

In that sense, you are absolutely correct. We do not cover that. This is a new thing for humanity. Every man and woman has to prove it for themselves. They have to realize that God did say that He is going to send Seven Seals, that God said that there was going to be a book sealed with the Seven Seals, that God said that eventually, at the end time, which is the old age and the coming of the new age, is going to come. God said that in this time those spirits that have progressed to the higher level will come, join this new teaching, and will become the new human of the coming age.

So, this is a great evolutionary step for humanity that has come to humanity. Those who listen to it, join to the Communities of Light will be the survivors and the coming of the Kingdom. Those who still fight, kill each other, and destroy, either eventually are going to destroy themselves completely or they are going to reach a point and say, Well, we better go and join the Mission of Maitreya and become a part of this great Revelation and the coming of the Kingdom.

That is because there is no other way to unify humanity. Moslems have been trying to unify humanity for the last one thousand, thirteen hundred years. God said that they are only going to cover one fourth of the earth, and they already did. It is in the Bible. God says that the Fourth Seal is going to cover only one fourth of the earth. And, they have done it. They are finished.

Christians are not going to be able to convert everyone to Christianity. They have been trying for two thousand years. Jews cannot do that. They have been trying for five thousand years. And the Bahais have been trying for one hundred and fifty years. Good luck to them but we have seen that already they are breaking up all over the place and their religion has been splintered into many, many things and there are a lot of problems with them. And, God said it is not perfect.

So, we can see that there is no other way. This is the only way. There is no way to get there(?).

Your question about am I God, or am I, you are following a man? That is the question that the Christians and Moslems have been struggling with for the last thousand years. Christians say that Christ was God and we are following God. Moslems say, No. He was a Prophet, just like Prophet Muhammed who was just a man and he was a Prophet. And, they have been struggling with this question for a thousand years.

Now here is the answer. As we can see even at the time of Christ when Christ was saying, I am the only way. No one goes to the Father but through me, he was connected to God and they were one. And, then, two days later someone calls him great Master or good Rabbi and Christ said, I am not good. God is Good.

What happened? Two days ago you were saying you are the only way, you and the Father are one. And, now you are saying you are not even good.

The answer is very clear. When he was connected to God, when he was giving the word of God and God was coming through him, he was connected with God and they were one. Therefore, when I give the Satsang here, you hear the Word of God, and God comes through and He is the one that is giving you this Revelation and Truth.

When he was not in that state and connected, he was a man. He was a regular person that he did not even feel he was good. So you can see there are two sides of that person. When they are connected, they and God are one. When they are not connected, they are regular men.

The same thing with Prophet Muhammed. Prophet Muhammed said, I am just a plain warner, a plain human. I am just a man. I am not God. I am not the Messiah, or the Son of God or anything. At the same time in the Koran it says, Listen to him. The words he says are My Word.

So what does that mean? That means that God is talking through Prophet Muhammed to humanity and Prophet Muhammed and God are one. Prophet Muhammeds Word and Gods Word is the same thing.

Isnt that what Christ was saying, The Father and I are one? You can see that also you can probably call Prophet Muhammed, Messiah because he and the Father were one when the words were uttered from his mouth and God was coming through.

So we can see that when they are connected, when I am connected, when I give Satsang, when I talk about God, the Father and I are one. You can believe that you are talking to God. But when I am down from my chair and I am a regular person, I am just a regular human like Prophet Muhammed.

So, we can see that we even solve that problem between the Christians and Moslems and have explained what that means.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot. I think I feel the same way, when I try to explain myself this story. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the way you answer and appreciate the way you take. It is just great. It is a reasonable great opportunity to talk to you and some stuff for you.

Very important, well not that important, but three things. The first thing is about worship of idols like what the Catholics do in church, or Hindus do in temples, or Buddhism or certain other religions. How do you look at that? That is the first thing.

The second thing is about keeping the Sabbaths and the Holy Days of the Prophets of the Torah. By myself, I like this tradition. I like the and I like the tradition of the Torah I was not born in a Jewish family but I certainly I Why did you choose the Sabbaths and the Holy Days of the tradition of the Prophets of the Torah?

The third thing, how did you start the Mission? How did you start the Mission and what do you have to do as good disciples of the Mission?

And, maybe the last thing, do you have any books, which are translated into Arabic?

Maitreya: The first question, you are asking about the idols, right? Actually, we believe that you have to be connected only to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. We call Him FINE, in the abbreviation of Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal. That is the only acceptable connection.

You cannot even give a name to God in our teaching, no form, no visibility, no name: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the only God that unifies. That is the only God that unifies humanity.

The moment you give Him a name, the moment you give Him a shape, the moment you give Him form, it will separate man from man. My statues have different kinds of eyes than yours, therefore, my god is different than yours. My God is called this, your God is called that. Therefore, we are separated, My God has this kind of form, your God has that kind of form.

We even do not believe in a mediator as the teacher, or prophet, or guru, or anything between you and God. You can go to God directly. You are made in Gods image and, therefore, if you worship God in the Spirit (which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal) you will realize and recognize Him.

You can get assistance from other teachers. You can get assistance from the Scriptures. Also, if a teacher is not saying things that are not according to the Scriptures, run away.

So, your best source is really the Word of God, the Scriptures, and also to understand the Scriptures you need the last Revelation, which tells you which part is correct and which part is not correct and what they mean. So, therefore, really your best source is the Holies Of The Holies, THOTH, The Last Testament.

Do not even listen to my disciples. I love them but go to THOTH. Go directly to THOTH.

So, I am here to connect you to God. I am not here to connect you to myself. I do not say be disrespectful to me [laughing] but I am not here to connect you to myself. I am here to connect you to God. I am here to connect the whole of humanity to God.

Therefore, in order to connect humanity to God, we have to get rid of the idols. We have to get rid of the dogmas. We have to get rid of anything that separates us from God and creates divisions between man and man.

Therefore, just forget about the gurus. Just throw them out, out of the window. Forget about any Priest, or Mullah, or Rabbi, throw them out. Probably if they hear what I say here all of them will get upset with me but that is the way it is. Only take advice of the teachers who connect you to God.

Even if the teacher connects you to himself, run away. Run away very fast. That is your path to God to destroy anything that comes between you and God. Even if I became in your way and I am not connecting you to God, throw me away too.

In this sense, no idols, no teachers who connect you to themselves, nothing that comes between you and God.

I hope that makes sense to you.

The next question was why do we keep the Holy Days of the Bible? It is because God said that you have to keep it forever and ever and that is what we should have been doing. That is the only place in the Scripture, besides one part in the Koran that talks about killing of sheep once every year. Otherwise, that is the only place that God completely reveals His Holy Days and says that you have to keep them forever. So, nothing can change it. It has been forever. That should be kept and it is going to be kept forever.

Also, we are trying to unify humanity, right? If we want to unify humanity and we listen to every holiday and Holy Day of every culture and every religion then we are going to have 365 days of holidays. So we have somehow to cut somewhere and say, We all accept this. This is the Word of God. He said it. He said to keep it forever and it makes sense. They are wonderful. They are beautiful. They are based on great things. And, therefore, we accept that as the Holy Days of God.

The third question: How do you start with the Mission? There is a place in the website that says what a new comer can do. You can join that for a while if you want.

But eventually, the process is that if you realize this is really from God, and you have no doubt in your mind, no doubt whatsoever, and you said, Yes, Maitreya is correct, this is the last Revelation of God, it unifies all religions, fulfills all the prophecies. I have no choice but to join Maitreya in this great endeavor, then you send the Mission an e-mail. There are a lot of places that you can send e-mails to the Mission on the website. You have to say that you have no choice, there is no other way for you but the Mission of Maitreya and the Eternal Divine Path.

That is your covenant with me. Then you have a covenant with me to be in the Mission and help the Mission to progress.

If you are not there yet, you can go to the website. There is a place that says what a new comer can do. But if you are there and you have reached a point that you really, really have no choice, you realize that this is it, then send me an e-mail and we will work from there on.

And, is there any book in Arabic? No there is not. We do not have anything in Arabic. We would love to have it in Arabic. Actually, we would love to see our website at least being translated to Spanish, Arabic, and other languages. Of course, if we can get it translated into Spanish, Arabic, probably the Far East, Chinese, Thai, and all that, we would cover a lot of humanity and they could go to the website and read our teaching according to their languages.

So, no, we do not have it. But, we would love, if you want to translate anything in Arabic that would be great.

So I hope this answers your questions, some of them.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: From my understanding, to be connected means being in a state of perfection where you are one with God (?). Where you pick up crystal clear . If Jesus, Moses, and Muhammed were all connected, and now you are connected then why is there a need..? What was missing? Why is there a need to, what was missing, what was lacking? And also is there any revelation of this in the Koran? Did Prophet Muhammed say anything about someone like you coming along? Thank you very much.

Maitreya: Well, being connected to God has many levels. Some people are connected to do a small little task the best they can. And they do it perfect when they are connected. Some people are connected to do greater tasks and are perfect in what they do. So, get God connected to each person according to their capacity.

The person who is a floor sweeper and cannot be a great CO of a company, God does not connect to that person in that level, but connects to him as he or she sweeps the floor the most beautifully you have ever seen. That is perfection.

The CO who is connected to God will run his company in a very Godly way. He will do a perfect job that will help humanity and him at the same time.

Moses, Prophet Muhammed, and other beings also were connected according to their mission and the revelation that they were supposed to come and bring to humanity. Therefore, perfection does not mean that if you are connected, you know everything God has to offer, and you will know everything at the same time.

Perfection means you are perfect in your capacity in what you have been created to do. Therefore, Prophet Muhammed reveals very clearly in the Koran, The Table Spread, verse 15. O you people of the book! Surely our message has come to you to clarify for you most of what you used to conceal of the book, and pass over a good deal.

So, we can see that Prophet Muhammed did not reveal the whole portion. If he passed over a good deal, then he did not finish revealing everything to humanity and therefore, there has to be other revealers who come that will reveal the rest of what he did not reveal to you.

Then, of course, Bab and Bahaullah came. There is a story that Bahaullah wrote a lot of writings and then told his secretary to throw them away and into the river because he felt that humanity was not ready for what he had received.

But, we do not say that we have covered a portion of it. We say we cover everything that God has to reveal to humanity. Also, we did not throw anything away from our teachings, or Revelation.

Also, we have to go with the prophecies. God said that there were going to be seven churches, seven revelations, Seven Seals will be revealed to humanity.

Prophet Muhammed never, ever claimed he was the Seventh Angel, or that he revealed the whole thing. So we can see that again that is another sign that there is going to be another revealer come after.

Again, Islam says, God can do whatever He wants. He is an able God. Actually, if He wants He can raise a Prophet in every village, if He wants.

Of course, you can say that Prophet Muhammed said that he was the Khatem of ambia (?). Of course, that again goes to the discussion of, Is it really Khatem or Khatam?

Khatem means the end. Khatam means the seal. Again, the explanation of the Mission explains what it means. Both are correct. He is the Khatem as he brought the highest spiritual realization. Being surrendered and submissive to God is the highest spiritual realization. Therefore, he finished the spiritual aspect of Gods revelation.

He is Khatam. If you look at The Greatest Sign, the seal of Islam is like a seal of a ring at the top of The Greatest Sign, which is round. So we can see again that it is explained to humanity that he was both.

So, we can see clearly that Prophet Muhammed could not be the last revealer of all revelation, but he was the last revealer of the highest spiritual realization. And, also, he is at the top of The Greatest Sign.

So, we can see everything points to the coming of the Seventh Seal, the Revelation that will reveal all the religions. Again, another thing, Islam did not really cover the Mystical Paths to humanity, like Hinduism and Buddhism. And, that is why Sufism evolved in Islam as a Mystical Path.

Then, of course, there is a great friction between Sufis and orthodox Moslems. Moslems really do not want to accept Sufis as legitimate Moslems because the Sufis claim that they are God sometimes.

It is just like that Sufi jumped and said, Annallah(?), I am God. They stoned him. So we can see that Islam, again, is a part of Gods revelation, is a part of His Plan, but there is more to come.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot. I hope you do not mind because I have so many questions. I am so excited to see you, talk to you, and just try to use the opportunity to get some answer for things going on in my head. I hope you do not mind. And thanks a lot for your open heart. If you do not mind, I will go on. Thanks a lot.

I would like to ask about marriage and sexuality. First of all, I would like to ask you to give me a blessing to find the right partner of my life. Up to now I did not really find someone for which I can say she would be a right partner for my life.

From here comes the question, how we can find the right partner for our lives, a right wife for a man and a right husband for a woman?

And I understood that in the marriage relationship it is advised to keep sexuality only for the sake of making children and not for enjoyment. Is that your point of view?

Again, I would like to ask you for a blessing for my work and find a right partner for my life. Thank a lot.

Maitreya: About my blessing, May God guide you to the Path He wants you to follow.

But, if you read our teachings, there are two paths for every individual, marriage and to become a sannysin or renunciate.

If you find a woman who you feel that you have a lot in common with, she is spiritual, she is chaste, and she is very Godly, you can marry each other, bring beautiful children to the world, create a household that becomes a center of the beauty of God and all His Revelation and teachings, and help other people also to become Godly, that would be great. That is what every man and woman should do. They have to find clean and chaste partners to marry and create an environment that everyone is invited and also guided to the higher level.

Create Communities of Light. Actually, Communities of Light are based on six couples. Six married couples, a man and a women who create the base of the Communities of Light.

So marriage is very important in Gods Plan because marriage is actually a part of dissolving your ego and becoming more Godly. That is because you do not think about yourself all the time but you think also about your partner, about your family, about your children, and about the community. So, it expands your ego to become not self-centered but other centered more and more.

If you cannot marry, if you cannot find a partner, if you cannot find a woman who has those qualities If just you cannot find a partner, the next step is to say, OK, maybe God has called me to become his absolute servant and absolute worker. I am not going to waste my time for the rest of my life looking for a partner but I will dedicate my life to His Work and will become a sannysin. Therefore, I do not have any wife, any children. I do not have much great sexual desire so I can control it easily, so I can go and serve God completely without any attachment to anything.

Again, that is also our ego to Gods ego or to Gods work and you are free from self-centeredness, egotism, depression, and probably eventually suicide. That is because you feel so lonely and alone, and nothing is connected to you, or you are not connected to anything. So, you absolutely free yourself from all of that.

So there are two paths for every person to follow. Either you become a married person and create an environment for everyone to join you, or you dedicate your life to God. Those are the only two options in the Mission of Maitreya. You do not have any other options there.

If you find a woman, she qualifies and you qualify, and you really find out that you are spiritually attracted to each other and you can become a great couples together for God, then go ahead, marry her and let her marry you. Enjoy each others company, enjoy each others mental discussion, ability, and everything physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can enjoy yourself in a greater degree.

About sexual relationship to have only children, that is the purpose of sex. That is the purpose that God created it. But, of course, He created it as being joyful for humanity too. That is why we see so many sexual connotations go on in the society and present.

Actually, the whole universe is a sexual organ. It creates, recreates, and destroys. Actually, in sex there is a creation and destruction at the same time.

It is not a physical thing, it is an ethereal connection between a man and a woman. That is why if sex is being performed without commitment that is when it becomes adultery and fornication, creates a very confusing energy in the society, and brings destruction.

That is why marriage brings that commitment between the couples and therefore that confusion and destruction becomes minimized. Actually, it becomes a blessing because there is commitment between the couples, and their relationship is not superficial and based on not being committed to each other. Not only does it not create confusion, it creates great unity in the community.

And, should we have only sexual relationships just for creating children. Well, first of you, you never know if you are going to have a child when you have a relationship. Therefore, you cannot say it is only for that.

But, there are two ways you can approach the sexual relationship. One is if two of you realize that each of you is a part of God and therefore God makes love with God. Therefore your relationship is not based only in the lower level of physical relationship but in a higher level of seeing your partner as a part of God, therefore, God makes love with God. Therefore, you are in a very high level of consciousness even in the process of love making. Therefore, that becomes again another way of bringing God between yourself and creating a relationship based on God instead of a complete physical relationship.

But, if you have only a physical relationship with your wife and you are not in that higher level, probably the only way is to make children. You have a relationship to make children. But, if you can bring your consciousness in that higher level, it can be used for a greater unification between the two and unity.

So, it depends. It depends on where you are. Do you have a partner? Can you?

First of all, how old are you? If you are over 25 years old and are still looking for a partner, probably you should consider and say, Maybe there is none for me and I should dedicate myself to God and His Work. But if you are 15, 16 even 20 years old, you are still looking, and you have a feeling that there is someone out there for you, then go ahead and look another three or four more years. But, after that, eventually, you have to realize, OK, the time is up. I had better dedicate myself to God instead of wasting my time looking for another partner.

So, you can see that there are many, many ways to look at it. One thing you will find in the Mission, our teaching is based on the time, place, and people involved. According to the time, place, and people the decisions will be different.

Go ahead Khaled.

[[[end of side 2 of tape]]]

Khaled: About Communities of Light. Is there any kind of danger that the Communities of Light can create some kind of cult? Because if you bring six families with each other who are living in the same neighborhood, or the same street, or the same whole community with a sudden idea that is suddenly different about the outside world, the individuals in the Communities of Light can be some kind of cult and bring many dangers because it brings some people from different backgrounds. What is the guarantee now that these people are not going to do bad to each other. Or, someone who plays the role of the leader of a cult and they can have . I say that because of the experience of clusters or other religious communities of much sexual misusing and misunderstanding and many things bad happened.

But, how can we prevent the Communities of Light to become some kind of cult, or wrong things to happen that can bring damage to the Mission? Thanks

Maitreya: Well, hopefully, those people who are going to join us are the Elects and they are high spiritual beings. They will not misuse their situation.

Second, Communities of Light are not really six couples. That is the first unit of the community. When six couples come together that becomes one unit. Then they can accept other couples until there are another six couples with them and then they split to two. They become two units of community. They can accept more couples to come and join them. Each time they become twelve couples they split to six-couples communities.

Also, it depends on the time, place, and the people involved. It does not have to be living in one house, but they can. The house is given how they can do it. So you can see, that each time the six couples becomes twelve couples, a new unit of community will be formed.

Eventually, twelve of such people become the first level of the Communities of Light. Then twelve of twelve of them become the second level of the Communities of Light. And the twelve of the twelve of the twelve, around 2,000 people, become a Community of Light.

That unit of community, six couples, cannot become a cult because it is not a closed community. It is an open community to accept other couples to the community. Then when it grows to that point that they can split, they become two units of community and they expand themselves outward. Eventually, they become 2,000 humans, which becomes the Community of Light.

They have children. Then they can have schools. They can have a community center and things can be created for them, and even invite the neighbors and the people around them to come join them, read the Revelation, read the teaching, and understand what this is all about. Maybe they even join them, they even become a greater community, and all of that.

Actually, if you read our system, the whole system, the whole Kingdom of heaven is based on the Communities of Light. So we are not an inverted organization that we fall in on ourselves to become a cult. Also, a cult usually evolves around a personal person.

As I told you, I am not here to connect you to myself. I do not want you to be connected to myself. I want you to be connected to God. Of course, my disciples connect you to me and I connect you to God.

But if I connect you to myself and this organization becomes an inverted organization, us and them, then that is when you create a cult and say, Oh, we are spiritual. We are great and they are all sinners out there. We have nothing to do with them. And, eventually, they become so fallen in on themselves that eventually they commit suicide or become a cult, and become a small number.

This is not for a small number. This is for the whole of hu-manity. It is for the whole earth. It is based on Gods Words, and based on the Revelations that God has given to us to humanity.

God is preparing humanity to come and join this Revelation. And they have no choice. Therefore, it is not really based on creating a cult and it is not a cult but it is based on the Word of God.

Communities cannot become a cult because they are instructed to expand. Six couple have to accept other couples. When they are twelve, they expand. When twelve of such people are created, they created the level of the community. Then when twelve of the twelve is created, the third level.

Then they have enough people to create their own school, their own facilities, and even reach out to the community around them. So it is a very evolved process. If you read THOTH you will see that it is not just the twelve people but it is based on the Communities of Light, and the whole kingdom will be based in those communities.

The Communities of Light are the communities who follow the Eternal Divine Path. You cannot create twelve people and say, Well, we are Communities of Light. No, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. In the Eternal Divine Path you medi-tate, you get married, you create children, you bring the children up in the greatest way, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path in order to become a part of the communities, the communities called the Communities of Light. If you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, that community is not a Community of Light, it is just a community. And if they make a mistake, it has nothing to do with me and the Mission because they are not following my teaching.

You cannot blame me for someone misusing the teaching. That is because I told you that the only way you can become a community is based on the Eternal Divine Path. And, in the Eternal Divine Path, misuse, and everything that you mention will not occur. If it did then it is your community, it is not based on the Mission and our teaching.

So, I hope that makes sense to you, Khaled.

OK, if there are not other questions, we are almost close to our time anyway. I will give you a couple of minutes. If you have a question, raise your hand, and we will go ahead and answer. Otherwise, we will close the room at this time.

Sometimes we just meditate all together. We can do that for fifteen minutes. Or, anytime you have a question, go ahead and raise your hand.

Go ahead Khaled.

Khaled: I have someone who would like to ask you some things.

Radin: I had a question for a long time. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? For who? For what?

Maitreya: OK, that is a very basic question. Every human should ask themselves, Why are we here? Why have we been created? Of course, if you read THOTH, that clearly tells us why we have been created and why we are here.

We have a mantra. It is called the Universal Mantra of the Mission. It is Haree Om Shrii Hung, it means The Goal Of The Life Is to Be(come) Divine. Om Nam Kevalam means, that Divinity or OM, the original sound of the universe, is Everything. Therefore, the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine.

Who is the most Divine in the universe? It is God. Therefore, the goal of the life is to manifest Gods qualities. That Divinity, or God, is everything. Therefore, the goal of the life is to become Divine. How do you become Divine? You become Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path.

That is why the people in the Mission are called Divines because they at least try to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and the Eternal Divine Path is the salvation, individually and collectively, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, when you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces you realize that you and the Father, and God have a relationship or can be One. Then when you direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light you become a co-creator with the Word of God, which in the beginning, God came to help the whole universe to reach back to Godhood. And, therefore, you become co-creator. And, when you sacrifice, you sacrifice your ego. Therefore, you can connect to God easily. When you surrender and submit to God you become one with Him. And when you become a universalist you shatter every narrowness of the mind and, therefore, you reach the goal of the life which is to become an Elect, or One with God, or Divine. Eventually, you will become one with God and return to the Godhead that you have come from and you have forgotten that you have come from there.

So, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, in the simplest way. And how to become Divine, is the Eternal Divine Path that has been given to humanity now to follow. This is the way back to Godhood. This is goal of the life.

Go ahead Khaled.

Radin: It is Radin again, Maitreya. I have another question. It is about me. Every human being has a Soul, right? So why should we kill another Soul to satisfy ourself because God made animals, human beings. Animals also have a Soul, right? So why do we eat meat. We kill another Soul to satisfy ourselves? Why is that?

Maitreya: They should not. We should not kill each other. We should not kill humans. We should create an environment That is another goal of the Mission, to create the Communities of Light all over the world, to create a world that every man, woman, child, boy, girl, will have the opportunity to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest they can, and we create an earth that is peaceful and no aggression, destruction, or war will be there.

As it has been prophesied the lion and the lamb will lie at the same place with each other. The way to that is the unification of all religions, bringing a system to humanity that they can create the Communities of Light and eventually a system from the people, for the people, and by the people, will emerge from these Communities of Light.

That will cover everyone. And no man, or woman, or child, will be abused, will be killed, will be destroyed for any reason but we will live together peacefully. And we will reach to space for greater resources so we will not fight over resources either.

You also asked that why do we eat meat because the animals also have Souls. Well, being vegetarian is recommended but God also gave us flesh and He said replenish and subdue the earth. Therefore, if you eat meat and you do not have any guilty conscience that is not a sin, it is not a great sin.

But, being vegetarian is recommended. You are correct. More and more people should start becoming vegetarian. But the consciousness of the human in a higher degree

In truth, no one has a Soul because we are a part of God. When you say, Soul, we separate ourselves from God and say, I am a separate Soul from Him. In reality, we are all connected to the consciousness of God and therefore we do not have any Soul but we are all a part of Gods Consciousness and One.

It is a very hard concept to grasp. Actually, if you read the book, Upanishads, the whole book talks about how Atman and atman are one and God and man is the same thing. Or, in Persian, it say Hod and Hoda, it comes from the same root. It is the same thing. There is no separation.

Then, of course, should we defend ourselves if someone attacked us, and maybe even kill them? Then you come to the discussion between Arjuna and Krishna that Arjuna did not want to fight because he felt that fighting would destroy his family and all of that.

So we can see that he goes through the whole thing that, yes, defending yourself is advisable and all of that. So, we can see that there are situation that you can do those things if you are the correct one and you are defending yourself.

Eating meat, as I said, it is not a great sin. The humans are in higher consciousness. The animals are in lower consciousness. Actually, some animals almost were created that humans have food from them. But, if you can stay vegetarian, great. That is beautiful. That is the best way to go.

But, if you cannot, then you should not blame other people if they eat meat. Hopefully, one day we will eat meat as little as possible.

Go ahead, The One And Only.

The_One_And_The_Only_4: Can someone type up what Maitreya said was in The Surah 74:15.

Maitreya: OK, someone is going to type that verse for you on the text. I think Mission 777 is going to type it so you can see what exactly the verses are. It is The Table Spread verse 15. OK, well, we found it, it is The Table Spread, Surah 5, verse 15.

Go ahead, John.

John: I had to give myself the microphone back [laughter]. I do not know what happened there, I got red dotted. I was just trying to clarify this. Surah 74:15 is Surah the Cloaked One. And, Surah 5 is Surah, The Table Spread. In other words, they are different. Surah 5:15 is what Maitreya was referring to.

Maitreya: They just handed me a piece of paper that said, verse 15. So, it is the Table Spread, verse 15. Surah 5:15.

Well, The One and The Only found it. He has seen it and you can read it there on the screen.

To the room, you can stay and talk to the rest of the people in the Mission. You can stay and ask them questions. They will answer you. We will see you next week. I hope you enjoyed it. Go to website, test the spirit, and know God has brought you the last Revelation to humanity. Come join, help, and let us get the Mission to every corner on earth that they may bring the peace and unity to humanity and His Kingdom on earth.


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