Satsang (Discourse) 11/24/01




Maitreya: This is Maitreya, of the Mission of Maitreya. Welcome to our Satsang room and our cyber-church. We are going to go over The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path.

We will take your questions after that. If you are red dotted, do not take it personally. We are doing that because while I am giving the explanation about The Greatest Sign, we have had some experiences before that made us to decide to do this. And, during this period you will be red dotted but you will given opportunity to ask questions and you will be un-red-dotted while you are asking the questions. So, do not take that personally.

This is the room of the Mission of Maitreya, so the topic will be the Mission of Maitreya. We have read all the religion of the world, we know about them. We have studied Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai and all of that.

So, if you have a question or something related to the Mission or you want to know where your teaching falls in our teaching and The Greatest Sign you are welcome. But, do not judge us.

Do not come in and tell us that we are this and that. Also, do not come in and preach to us because it does not make any difference to us. We are already done about knowing the other religions. So really, you are wasting your time and wasting our time. So let us follow a few rules here and then we can get along fine and have a very good discussion, why we are here.

If you have ever gone to our web site, the first thing that you will see is an animated Yantra. It evolves itself to The Greatest Sign. If you click on that Yantra, it takes you to the explanation of what it means. If you look at It, you can see immediately many religions that you might recognize, like Judaism, and Christianity. If you are a Moslem, probably you see and you recognize the sign of Islam. If you are a Bahai, or you know about Bahaism, your Bahai Faith, you will see the nine-pointed star of the Bahai teaching.

Of course, most people know about the I-Ching, the Star of David, and the cross. The rest of The Greatest Sign is what was added by the Mission of Maitreya.

We will go through the meaning of all those symbols. What does that mean what we have brought? Some people come here and say, "This is very similar to what I already have. It is something that has already been there."

It is the same thing that Prophet Muhammad said in the Koran. They came and told him, "This is an old story that you are repeating to us." Prophet Muhammad was telling them, No, it is not. It is correcting the old stories. It is bringing a new Revelation. It is bringing a new Message to humanity.

Now we know that Prophet Muhammad was right. He was bringing the message of surrendering and submission. Or, Christ came and the Jewish people said, "No, you are not the one that we expected to come. You are supposed to come this way."

Or, even with Imam, the groups in Judaism were not agreeing themselves as to how he should come and all of that. We see that they do not accept Christ. The Christians and Jews do not accept Prophet Muhammad. Moslems do not accept Bahais.

Of course, it should have happened that way because they were a part of the greater truth. They should have stayed separately so that when they came we know each of them as the different religions.

Then as the revelation says, "When the Seventh Seal comes, when the Seventh Angel comes, he is going to reveal the whole mystery of God. That is what the Mission of Maitreya stands for. It reveals the mystery of God and reveals what each of these religions meant, why God sent all these religions.

Some people say, "Religions killed more people and people killed each other more than for any other reason." The answer really is that it is not the religions that kill the people, it is the dogma in the religions that create such havoc.

Therefore, it has been prophesied that all the religions were going to come separately and then when the Seventh Angel comes they are going to all be put together. That is exactly what happened. That is what God said He is going to do, and that is exactly what has been done.

What is the implication of that? That means that God truly exists, and He is in control. He said He will do this and now we are here and we see, "Yes, He has done it. Therefore, we know that God exists for sure and that we are all here to glorify God, praise Him, and love Him with all our hearts, minds, and spirit so that we can overcome any pitfall in the Path."

Why does God want to be praised? Why does God want to be glorified? Does He need them? Really, does God need to be glorified and praised? No, He does not. It is for us. That if we are focused on God, what are we saving ourselves from? We are saving ourselves from Maya from the external world from all the false teachings and prophets out there that take us away from God.

You can see that in every turn you turn there is a false prophet. Even when you watch your television it tells you that the goal of the life is to buy this, to buy that, to become like this, to become like that. If you look at the religions, you see all the teachings in the false thing. They connect you to your guru, or your statues, or religions, or race, or gender, or this, and that. They are just all pitfalls that you have to overcome. You have to look and say, "No. I do not want to be attracted to these things but I want only God." That is why He demands to be praised and glorified in our hearts so that we can overcome this attraction that the external world presents, and with our two eyes we see, we desire, we follow, and we fall.

So, we can see that all these things have come to humanity to this point for this Revelation that now has come to man. What does this Revelation say? It says that the whole teaching now is given to humanity.

Now, if you look at The Greatest Sign you see it starts from the very dot, which is the beginning of the creation. Before that, of course, God was in the state of Be-ness. He was in an absolute state of be here now and there was no past, no present, and no future, but He just was.

But, because some desire appeared in the universal mind the balance between the forces was disturbed and the first sign of creation, which the scientists call the "big bang," occurs. That dot really means the "big bang," the beginning of the creation.

You see then the I-Ching swirls around and it expands to the Lotustica, which means that the forces go completely out of hand and the whole universe becomes out of balance. That is why the Bible says, The darkness was upon the deep."

Well, God looked and said, "It is in a chaotic situation." Therefore, He sent His Spirit to that darkness and that Spirit went through a Path. He went and because he was the Spirit of God, he started meditating on this situation and looked at the darkness to see, "What is it that makes this darkness go through the imbalance and bring such a chaotic situation into the calm and beautiful universe that was before?"

He realized more and more that these beings had forgotten who they are. They had forgotten that they had come from the Source they have come from God. They started meditating and awakening their spiritual forces.

He meditated and he awakened his spiritual forces, and he started helping a few being around himself.

They started meditating and awakening their spiritual forces. Then they realized, "OK, now I know myself better. I have an Essence. I belong to something. There is a God. I am a part of It. God is everything so I am a part of that God." They started progressing toward going back home.

While they were doing it, they realized that anytime they are together, they are in a good environment they progress. They become one with God much better than before. But whenever they go away from that environment and go to an environment that the people or beings are not Godly, or the darkness is too thick, they forget about God, they fall, and they are not connected anymore.

So the next realization was, a real good environment is necessary. That is when they started creating a better environment and came together, and they started helping each other.

In helping each other, they started sacrificing. When they started sacrificing, they realized that when they are sacrificing and not thinking about themselves all the time, they even feel better and more connected.

But, still they were attached to the result of their actions. They said, "Oh, I am the doer. I am the person doing all the sacrificing, doing all these good things, and helping other people." They became attached to the results and they again fell. They realized that they should not be attached to the results of their actions, but they should do the action and say, "The result is God's."

Even a greater realization came, "Well, actually, if everything is God and I am a part of God, who is the doer anyway? God is the Doer through me." Therefore, they learned to do, to go through doing things but realizing that really it is God doing through them. With that, of course, they and God became one. Because, what is the goal of spirituality. It is to become one with God. When you let God do things through you, you and He will become one.

Of course, God is perfect, therefore, what you do will also be perfect. If you let God come through, and you think you let God come through, but you think, "It is not perfect," you are not letting God come through completely because He is perfect, therefore, He does a perfect job.

Of course, this group became very attached to each other and they said, "Well, we are better than these things that are in the darkness and have no idea what the Path is that they have to follow. They separated themselves from the rest.

Suddenly a realization came to them that, "How can we say they are in the darkness and we are in the light when we say God is everything. If God is everything, those who are in the dark also have a spark of God in them. Therefore, it is our responsibility also to help them to see the light, which is in darkness. Although they are in darkness but the light shineth in it."

Therefore, they realized that they had to help even the darkness, and they became universalists. They realized their home is the universe, their Father and Mother is God, and they are completely free of any narrowness of the mind, therefore, they had to help everyone around them. They became universalists.

With these five steps, awakening your spiritual forces, directing your energy to create the environment that is good for everyone to progress, which we call the Communities of Light, sacrificing for the Communities of Light, becoming surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, and becoming a universalist are the five steps that we call the Eternal Divine Path.

That is all! That is really our teaching. That is it. If you want to be in the Mission of Maitreya that is all you have to know. Awaken your spiritual forces, direct it toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for it (sacrifice means not being self-centered but being community-centered), surrender and submit to God (know what is His Will for you and follow it, do not resist it, do not fight with it. When you realize what Gods Will is for you say, "Yes, God. I am here for you. What is the next step? That is what surrendering and submission means), and you become a universalist. You shatter all narrowness of the mind of mine, thine, gender, and nationality. Even do not belong to earth, belong to the whole universe. Then you will see everyone as your brother and sister and they have a spark of God and light in them and you will help them to realize it and progress.

If you do that, if you really, really follow the Eternal Divine Path, the first five steps, you become an Elect. An Elect is the one that God has been talking about in all the Scriptures. The Elects are the people, are the Children of God. They are the Children of Light. They are the real Israelites. They are the people God has chosen as His people from the foundation of the world, and added to it as the time has gone through. So many of them have progressed before the creation.

So, the Sixth Sign or Seal is the seal of the Elects. These Elects are the people who are dynamic spiritual beings. They will join the Mission of Maitreya. They will gather together. They will create the facilitating body in the Mission of Maitreya. And, they will eventually reach to humanity and create the Communities of Light. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light.

Being in a community or having a community does not mean it is a Community of Light. Communities of Light are the communities, which follow the Eternal Divine Path. If a community is not following the Eternal Divine Path, it is not a Community of Light. If you are in a community and you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, you are not Divine, you are not an Elect.

So, we can see that the teaching is not dogmatic. There is no dogma here. It is just a Path. Either you follow it or you do not. If you follow it, you will see benefit, your community will see the benefit, your city will see the benefit, the nation you are in will see the benefit, and eventually, the whole earth will benefit from the Communities of Light, and will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now you might ask, what does that have to do with the unification of all the religions? It was very hard to help these unit consciousnesses in the unmanifested world. Therefore, He decided to create a more systematic, evolutionary process to help these unit consciousnesses to reach higher consciousness and eventually the goal, Pure Consciousness, oneness with God, Nirvana, whatever you want to call it. The goal is to go back to the state of Be-ness.

Then, He created the creation and He already knew about the Eternal Divine Path because His Spirit went through It in the darkness. He created the universe in such a way that it is very attractive to the lost Souls. And, they take this creation as the reality, as the truth. But, in reality there is a greater truth in the Spirit that most of the people with two eyes do not see unless their third eye is opened. So, He creates the creation.

In the beginning, of course, man was both male and female and then He separated them to man and woman. They were more psychic and ethereal body in the beginning. Then He put the coat of skin on them. And, man became grosser and grosser until in the time of Noah He even closes the third eye and He gives them two eyes of the external world. So, man does not have much spiritual understanding, or power because they misused it before the flood of Noah.

Then He started giving this Path, one by one. Noah knew about the Path, the Eternal Divine Path. He passed it to his children. He taught them meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, which eventually those original teaching came to man as the Mystical Paths.

You can find the Mystical Paths in every religion and every culture. The older religions, they see the Spirit in the trees, they see the Spirit in the water, and they see the Spirit in everything. So, they see God in everything. Of course, they all believe there is a bigger God that some people call, "God," some people call it, "Jehovah," some people call it, "The Great Spirit," some call it by many different names but there is a big God and the other Spirit in everything.

Also, they teach to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, "Know thyself to know God," "Be still and know that I am God," and everything that directs you toward awakening your spiritual forces, all fall into the First Seal, or the Mystical Paths.

But all these Mystical Paths teach you that, that is the goal of the life, meditate and become God and do not worry about anyone else." God says, that is not the truth. You have to create the Communities of Light. You have to direct your energy to create the community, bring like-minded people together, and create an environment that is conducive to your spiritual progress.

Therefore, the second step we can see in the Old Testament. If you read the whole Old Testament, God is trying to find a people who will accept God as their King, follow His rules, and bring God as their Savior, and all of that. So, we can see that in the Old Testament it is really talking about the Communities of Light.

So, we can see that in the Eternal Divine Path, the First Seal covers Buddhism, Hinduism, all the Mystical Paths, Cabbala, Mystical Christians, Sufism, and every other Mystical Path on earth. The second follows the Old Testament, which was trying to create the Communities of Light and, therefore, it brings the Hebrew teaching into our teaching.

Then, of course, sacrifice. What did Christ do? Christ went all the way to the cross for his ideal. Of course, you do not have to go to the cross but if you have to, you have no choice, probably you will say, "I am ready for giving everything for my ideal, the Eternal Divine Path." But, I do not think it is needed to be done.

That is why God created this country. They say that you have the freedom of expression. So you can, by teaching and bringing more people to realize our Path is a Path, and unifies all religions, eventually a lot of people here, and many people all over the world, will join us and we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth very peacefully and nicely by education and in an evolutionary way.

We are not a revolutionary people. We are evolutionary people. This is the evolutionary step that humanity has to take.

So, sacrifice means, not to be self-centered in the community. So, when you are not self-centered you give of yourself to the community and the community prospers and you prosper with the community. It is a two-way street, you give to the community, the community gives to you, and eventually we both progress together.

You sacrifice a lot, nothing happens, you become depressed because you say, "I have done so many things." I gave this Satsang or this teaching, probably ten thousand times for the last twenty years and if nothing happened you become depressed.

Or, it starts happening and you say, "Oh, look at me, such a wonderful person I am giving all this thing and all this thing happening and people coming and all of that."

Both of them mean that you are attached to the results of your actions. It means you think you are the doer. Therefore, you are attached to the results. That is why either you become depressed or your become egoistical.

The next step is to surrender the result to God and say, "OK, God, thank You. It was a great Revelation You gave me. I gave it to the people. The result is not mine, it is Yours. I leave them to You. I am free. I am going to give it, and go away."

Whatever happens, just like Christ said, he throws the seeds and some of them fall on the stone and some fall in the road. Some of them fall on nice good ground and they give fruit. That is what I am looking for. I am looking for those who give fruit.

The people who receive the seed say, "Yes, it makes sense to me. God is One. How can He send all these religions? How can there be so much separation between humanity and all that?"

Of course, my claim is not just based on a good thinker, but is based on all the prophecies and expectations that humanity has for this to come. So all around this is the airtight Mission that has come to humanity that if you really understand it, realize it, see it, read about it, and investigate it, you have no choice. If you have even the slightest light and spirit of God in you and you are a real seeker, you have no choice but to say, "Yes, this is it. I have no choice." Anyway, so the next step means to surrender the result of your action to God.

Even better than that, is to realize that God is doing it through you. You are in the Communities of Light, you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you go to the Communities of Light, you create Communities of Light, you sacrifice for it, and you surrender the result to God or you say, "God is doing this through me. I am sweeping the floor. God is sweeping the floor. I am giving Satsang. God is giving Satsang." "I am in the PalTalk telling people about the Mission of Maitreya. God is doing it through me to the world."

So, you absolutely become detached from the result. That is because if you are not the doer how can you be attached to the result of your actions? You cannot, because you did not do anything. God did it through you. You also overcome being attached to result and becoming egoistical or depressed.

Surrendering and submission is the very meaning of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission to God. So we unified all the Mystical Paths, Judaism or the Hebrews, Christianity, and Islam together in these four steps.

The next step is, still you might become attached to one small part of the universe, your religion, your people, Anyone who is not in my religion is not good, or, one part of the whole universe, or even earth.

The next step is universalism, to know that you are a Child of God, the universe is your home, God is your Father and Mother, and you are here to become a Paravipra, or an Elect, and help to create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore, you do not belong to any narrowness of the mind. You shatter every narrowness of the mind of belongingness to any small group or small place, or gender, or race, or anything.

So, you are a Child of God and shatter all the narrowness of the mind. That is the message of the Bahai teaching. Bahai teaching teaches the universal point of view and brings the expansion of the mind.

So, with these five steps you will become an Elect, which is the sixth seal. That is what God was talking about, the Elects, in His revelations to humanity. These Elects are the people who will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, which is the Seventh Seal.

As you see, when the seal forms at the Seventh Seal, the Seventh Seal and the center seal, which is the representation of God, becomes in each others image.

Of course, the bottom seal is smaller than the center seal because God is the only Being, which is really the creator. We are in His image but we are not God with the big "G." Even when you reach the Seventh Seal, you are god with the small "g." The only God with the big "G," is the center of The Greatest Sign. But, you will become in His image. That is the goal of the life, to be(come) perfect as the Father.

This is our teaching. That is the base of what we teach here. Now if you have any questions you can raise your hand. I will call on you and we will discuss anything in your mind, any questions you have. I will be here for the next hour and a half if there are questions. If there are not, of course, sometimes we meditate and sometimes we just say good-bye.

Now the floor is open. Raise your hands and if you have any questions of any part of the teaching that you did not understand a part of it, or you have something you want to add or anything, go ahead.

Go ahead Spirit In The Wind.

Spirit In The Wind: Thank you. I have one question. My path so far is similar to universalism. I tend toward Wiccan, really. And I was wondering, you say and being one. Are you saying you are doing away with all the other Paths to incorporate a universal faith, or are you actually bringing in all the faiths and honoring each one of them as another way to God?

You are not like trying to like have a melting pot and trying to create another whole new

Am I misunderstanding this?

Maitreya: Well, if you are a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or a Wiccan even, you came from a background that you have those things. Then you read about For instance, Wiccans, read about the Koran, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, and eventually realized that the goal of the life is to become Divine, not to use the energy of the universe for your own gain and power, then you will eventually say, "OK, I will meditate."

Still, Wiccans meditate and they try to awaken their spiritual forces. They come to the energies of the universe and all of that. Then, of course, use that for personal things. But, if you reach that and you say, "God said that you use those powers, those energies, and those things that were given to you toward helping other people, instead of just saying, What is in it for me. What is in it for me," then you can no longer stay in that one narrow point of view of whatever religion or background you come from.

You have no choice but to accept other religions, other people, other teachings, and say, "OK, I am expanded." Can you stay the same person when you are expanded?

It is just like, we have a saying here that there were five blind men. Most of the people know the story. Each of them held a part of the elephant and they cried, "I know what the elephant looks like."

The one who had the ear said, "Well, the elephant looks like a leaf." And he was adamant, he was absolutely sure that is what the elephant looks like.

The other one caught the trunk and said, "No, it looks like a hose. You are absolute wrong." And the one who had the trunk thought he was absolutely right.

Of course, they were all blind so they could not see what they were talking about.

The one who caught the tusk said, "No, no, no. You are all wrong. It is really smooth and nice. It really feels very good and beautiful."

The other one had the leg and said, "No, it is cylindrical and absolutely different than what you say."

The only other had the tail and said, "No, it is like a snake."

Which one was right? Each said, "We are right. We are right."

Then a man with eyes came and said, "Look, you all are right. But, the elephant is more than that, is greater. It has a body, it has a trunk, it has eyes, it has a head, it has a back, it has legs. All of you are having a part of it.

Now after they know that, would they believe what they used to believe before that the elephant is a hose, or a leaf, or a snake? No, they see the elephant. They say, "Oh, OK. I am sorry, we were wrong. It does not look like anything that we thought it was. It is something different."

So, this teaching has brought the whole elephant to humanity. Can they still stay in their ways and say, "No, no. We are right, but we are part of this?" They cannot.

So, we do not insist for you to change. We are not going to push you to change. We are not going to put a sword on your head and say, "Yes, you have to accept this."

It is you who has to research, search, understand, and read. Go to our website, read and understand what we are talking about, discuss with us what we are talking about. Then at the end you will say, "OK. Yes. What I knew is correct. It was a part of what you teach. But, what you teach is more expanded, therefore, I cannot stay where I was.

I am not here to change you. It is you who is going to change yourself.

Go ahead, Guest.

Guest5645: Thank you, Maitreya. I have two questions. Suppose I experienced the truth, or supposed I experienced God. What is next?

And, the next question is, Why God did not choose me to start His Messages. What are the exact qualifications you have other than as human beings. Thank you.

Maitreya: If you have experienced God, then the next step is to create the Communities of Light. That is the whole idea of awakening your spiritual forces, or the Mystical Paths.

In the Mystical Paths, a lot of people thought that is the end of the journey. You meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you become like a drop of water, and you fall into the ocean, which is God. Or, your goal is to become Nirvana and therefore you meditate and eventually you understand the teaching of Buddha and you reach Nirvana.

But, even Buddha himself taught Sangha and Darma. Sangha means community and Darma means innate nature of each person in the community. Therefore, we can see that even he taught the Communities of Light. Of course, he did not teach the Eternal Divine Path.

So after you realize God, if you really, really have seen God, felt Him, become one with Him, and realized Him, therefore, your next step is to direct that energy to create the Communities of Light wherever you are. Whoever is around you bring them to the Eternal Divine Path, teach them the Eternal Divine Path, and bring them together, come together and create the community based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The next step after trying to create Communities of Light is to sacrifice for that community. After you sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, surrender the result to God of whatever you do, realize that God is doing it through you. You are just an instrument in His Hand. Be like clay, let Him form you to whatever He wants you to be formed into.

If you are not clay, when He is trying to change you to something that He wants to do, you might break because you are not soft enough or flexible enough to change to whatever is needed to be done to you.

So, after you are surrendered and submissive to God, become a universalist. Expand your mind to include everyone, see the light in every individual and person, and create an environment that no child will be suffering, no man will be killed, no destruction will come. And eventually, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth that every individual has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, and education and health care is provided to them. The rest they have to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

So, the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine. Everyone has that right, to be(come) Divine. Therefore, realizing God you should be able to follow the Eternal Divine Path with no problem whatsoever. Easily you should be able to join a community. Easily you should be able to sacrifice for the community. Easily you should be able to surrender and submit to God. And easily you should become a universalist. Then you are an Elect.

Then you come and join the Mission of Maitreya and put your effort in a systematic and collective way with everyone else and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is what you should do. And, it should be very easy for you because you have seen God already. And, it is a very, very simple thing if you have seen God because that is what God is and wants to be done.

Now, why God gave this to me and he did not give it to you?

Well, he has to give it to someone, first. He could not give it to everyone because not everyone is probably listening to Him.

God is like a radio station. Your radio has to be in the same station that He is broadcasting. Also, there is more to it. He usually chooses a person for doing that, a body, and He prophesizes the coming of such a body to bring this teaching.

This time he chose this body to come to earth and bring this message to humanity. The body is not important. It is ego if we feel, "Why He did not come to me and came to another person."

If you really realize God is one it does not matter who brought it. What is the message for me, and how I can hear the message, follow It, and become one with It. Therefore, you completely see the truth and surrender and submit to it and become one with it.

The most important is the prophecies of the coming of such a person. He fulfilled those prophecies. Many people were born in Iran. Many people were born in Tehran. But, they did not come to the west to receive a message from God. They did not come at exactly the same period of time that God said such a person would come, in all the religions of the world. They did not fulfill the prophecies.

Of course, recently we have been informed that my genealogy goes to King David, Adam, and all of that. They have pretty much verified that that is true. That is also an expectation that Jews, Christians, and Moslems are waiting for. So, you can see that a person who comes to become a revealer of the Revelation of God will be prophesied, especially this one, which is the last Revelation, fulfills all the prophecies, reveales the whole picture, and the whole elephant, the whole mystery of God.

Therefore, many, many more prophecies and expectations are fulfilled. These are to make humanity realize

My being here is not to glorify me. It is to glorify God. My very being here glorifies God. That is what we have to be doing, not being unhappy, "Why God did not choose me, instead choose someone else?" But, what did God say through this person that fulfills all these prophecies and brought this Message to humanity. Then you will surrender and submit to it and you will say, "Yes. I had some experiences."

A lot of people have a lot of experiences. Actually, even in the United States, there are around 20% of the people who have had some spiritual experience. But 80% of them do not want to have anything to do with them [laughter]. That is because they know if they give in and say, "Yes, yes, it was from God," it means that they have to change their lives. They have to change and become something else. That, most humans do not want. That is because ego does not want you to give up the things that we think that is the real life.

So having an experience with God is not a unique thing. Many people have had experiences. They have felt the Spirit of God in them. But, now God is telling everyone, "Your next step is to start following the Eternal Divine Path."

So again, go to the website, read, and if you accept it, you see, "Yes, God really choose this vessel to bring you this Message," then this is God telling you what He wants to be done. This is God coming through this vessel

As Christ said, "The Father and I are one." When I give the Satsang, God is telling you this is what He wants you to do. Anything else, anyone else, any other religion, any other idea is not completely from God because God said, "Before the Seventh Angel comes, He is a mystery."

So, everyone out there still has a mystery on their hands. The people who do not have a mystery any more are here. We are the only people who do not have a mystery any more.

It is resolved, it is solved, it is revealed, and if you want to know, it is on our website. It is free. You do not have to pay a penny to go and read it and understand the teaching.

But, if we have to print it and send it to you, of course, we charge for it. But, the teaching is free. This Satsang is free. My disciples, all those people who work with the Mission, they are going to give it free. They are not going to charge you a penny. But, if you see this vessel is the one God said is going to bring the teaching, then accept it and learn about the teaching.

I hope it answers your question.

Go ahead, Mehrave.

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Mehrave: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I have a question. But one, I want to ask you please when you answer my question not speak to quickly and please, speak more slowly so I can understand you.

This is my question, Why did God create us?

Maitreya: That is a very good question. If you remember, I was talking about in the beginning everything was in "Be-ness," in a state of complete bliss, oneness, and unity.

God was completely in the state of awareness. It is just like being in a healthy body and suddenly, your body becomes diseased or you find you have a disease in your body or a defect in your body. What would you do?

The first thing you think is, "I should go to a doctor. I should go and get some medicine. I should find a person who knows how to heal me, how to get rid of this sickness."

That is exactly what God felt. His Body, in the beginning was in a state of oneness, unity, and bliss, and suddenly it went out of balance and started going away from God. It became darkness and unit consciousnesses were created.

Each unit consciousness said, "I am separated from this unit consciousness. I am better than this unit consciousness. I have just to protect my own interests, wants, ego, and all of that. So, it created a lot of chaos. And, darkness came to the world.

If you read the Bible, the very first verses in the Bible say, "And the darkness was upon the deep." So, the darkness came to the universe. What should God do?

God wants to bring the diseased part of the body back to its balance, as it used to be. That is why He came to the darkness. He sent His Spirit to the darkness to realize, "What is happening to this darkness? Why did this darkness even separate itself from the main body, which was in such a beautiful state? Why did they even consider themselves separate from the rest of the body?"

Therefore, the Spirit of God comes to that darkness, goes through the Eternal Divine Path, and realizes that the reason that darkness, that part that was separated from the main part, is because they became self-centered.

The desire arose in the mind of God and the desire is what makes people go toward what the desires demand. After you go toward the demand of your desire you have to go to the world to fulfill the desire. Going to the world to fulfill the desire, the Maya, or the attraction of the world will suck you in to itself. And, you fall into the attraction of the world. You will be going away, and more egoistical, and self-centered, and more darkness.

So, he realized that in order to go away from the darkness is to go within. That is what meditation and awakening of your spiritual forces comes from. You go within yourself and you, little-by-little realize who you are, what you are, why you are here, what is the goal of the life, and you feel connected. You will have experiences in your meditation. Eventually you say, "Oh, OK, I am here for a reason, for a purpose.

After he awaken his spiritual forces, he realized that he had to create a good environment or the Communities of Light. Then he realized he had to sacrifice. Then he realized that he had to surrender and submit to God, or your purpose. Then he became a universalist, he became an Elect, and eventually, he returned to God and that is why God said, "And there was light."

God said, "WOW, that is the Path to bring this dark part of the universe back to My body, return them to Me, return them to health. My body is sick." This world is sickness in the body of God. God wants to heal it.

That is why he sends the Messenger. He sent Adam. Adam was the first messenger of God. He came to man in the unmanifested world. Even the creation was not created then. Then, of course, he realized that it is very hard to help the unit consciousnesses in that state of darkness. So, He created the universe and the universe is a state of evolutionary process to return to God.

Evolution is correct. We are not against evolution. We are not against science. Evolution is correct but what is the end of evolution? What is the reason for evolution? Why was evolution created? Or, was it just by chance?

You see, the difference between our evolution and scientists evolution is, it is not by chance. There is a logic behind evolution and the logic is that you eventually will return to God. That is what evolution has been created for, so that you evolve to a greater, higher consciousness.

Minerals have no sensitivity. Plants have sensitivity, they can use. They become a living organism. Then animals, they are even more sensitive. They can move, they can live. Humans can even realize God and even become a god with a small "g."

So we can see the evolutionary process is there. But, where are we going? We are evolving to what? We are evolving to Pure Consciousness, to reach God, to return home, to heal the sick body that has been created in the universe.

So, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. The goal of the life is to return to God. The goal of the life is to go back to where it was.

But, in order to do that, you cannot do it individually. You have to do it collectively.

That is why in this teaching it talks about the Communities of Light. It does not say that you will reach liberation by yourself. Actually, God says that you cannot. He said, "I will spue you out of My mouth." If you want to do it individually by yourself, "I will spue you out of My mouth."

So, the goal of the life is to reach Pure Consciousness and help the rest of the universe also to reach Pure Consciousness.

If we can get this teaching to humanity then humanity realizes they are one. There is one God, one humanity, one earth. We have to create an environment that every individual person, being If we do not we will create Karma, we will create bad seed, and this crazy thing that is happening on earth is going to go on and on: killing, destruction, different opinions, ideas, and cultures.

There is only one culture and that is the culture of God. If humanity will follow that then we are one.

So, we can see that there is Gods Way and Gods Vision, and Gods Creation for us. We are here to return to God. We are here to create Communities of Light. We are here to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth so that we accelerate the evolution of man to go back to God and Its Body, and become one.

I hope it makes sense.

Go ahead, Guest.

Guest5645_a: Thank you for answering my previous two questions. My next question is, if you are absolutely sure that you received the messages from God, why are you calling it as Mission of Maitreya instead of Mission of God?

Maitreya: That is a good question. It is because there are a lot of people out there that are having the Mission of God already. Also, Maitreya has been prophesied to come.

After I received the name Maitreya, I started receiving the Revelation and my life changed. God showed me what should be done. I reached to humanity.

My name is Maitreya, and it is my Mission to bring it to humanity. God is doing through me.

Also, Maitreya is expected by the Buddhists to come. I could have called it the Mission of Muhammad, or the Mission of Joseph. You can call them too. It does not really matter what word the Mission is called. The most important is what is the Message?

Let us not to be nit picking and thinking about little things, bring negativity, and become a faultfinder. Let us see what the Message is.

Does the Message make sense? Is it from God? Does it unify humanity and all the religions together? Does it fulfill the prophecies?

You can call it whatever you want. As long as you get the Message, I do not care. You can call it the Mission of Mouse. But, as long as you can get the Message I am happy with it. It does not make any difference what you can call it.

But, the reason I called it the Mission of Maitreya was because it came through Maitreya. After Maitreya received his name as being Maitreya, he started receiving the Revelation.

It is just a recognition of an organization from other organizations. Really this name does not mean anything.

The most important thing is God, His Revelation, the fulfillment of the prophecies, and the Message. If you can get that one we do not too much struggle to go through with each other and spend time explaining why it is this name and why it is not that name.

I suggest you read our teaching again and start understanding what the Message is instead of being negative about these small little things.

Go ahead, Guest.

Guest5645_a: Thank you. The reason I thought this one is if you see in religions the people started worshiping the order. In India, people are worshipping Krishna. People are worshipping Jesus. People are worshipping . It is possible that at one point of time people will start worshipping you, the name.

So when I read a book and in the book, we do not worship the order, like Hindu, or Christian, or Moslem, or Buddhist People are worshiping the order and that is the main danger. And people are sacrificing .

That is why I am asking, why are you creating one more order to worship? If you say this is the Mission of God, it would be plain.

Maitreya: Yes, well, I can see your point. That is a very good point. I am concerned about that point myself. That is why it has been emphasized over and over that you should not become attached to my body, you should not become attached to my name, and all of that, but, you have to worship the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which we call FINE. That is because this body is going to leave me.

Actually, you should worship the Spirit behind Krishna, which is the same as the Spirit behind Christ. It is the same Spirit behind Shiva, and all of that.

The thing is that humans have two eyes. They see the body. They see the physical thing and they become attached to it. Actually, in the Mission of Maitreya, we teach that you should go to God directly yourself and you should not become attached to any physical form.

That is why, if you know our Reminder, it says, "We surrender ourselves to You." "We submit only to You which is Formless, Nameless, and Invisible." That is the only being that you surrender to, which is Formless, Nameless, and Invisible. Even a name can create separation.

"My God is called Jehovah" or Y'weh. Yours is called Jesus. The other one is called Esa. Another one is called Yweshuwa. Someone called Krishna, or Buddha, or this and that.

So, we are even against worshipping the teachers or even being attached to any teacher. We do not believe in any statue to worship any statue, or any form, or any name. Anything, which relates to your senses, will bring separation between man and man.

Will this happen to this Mission? I have done all I can for it not to happen. It is possible. I am not saying it is impossible. Maybe in 200 years they will say, "Just believe in the name of Maitreya, and you are going to be saved." Of course, it can happen. Because it is the Mission of Maitreya, therefore, it becomes a personality cult.

It is not a cult. It is not a personality cult. It is up to you to go study, research, and understand our teaching and the message. Then at the end say, "Yes, God did it. God brought all these religions, and Maitreya brought the last mystery of God and revealed it to us.

And, because it is the last revelation, it is the revealer of the mystery of God and all the mystery is finished, we are hoping that this will not happen.

More of humanity will be in higher consciousness and our Golden Age is coming. In the Golden Age people will only glorify and worship God. They will forget about the animals, statues, names, teachers, gurus, father, or rabbis.

Actually, a lot of people out there are going to be against me because I am disqualifying them from completely bringing their followers under their thumbs and fight between the different teachers who want to keep their followers under their own little group. That is another source of separation.

So, if you understand our teaching and really follow it, you will see that you do not need any of them. You are free to go to God. You are free to go our web site, to meditate.

But, we have a system, we have a system here that we are trying to create. In that system, you will have an organization and our teaching is that eventually the head of that organization is the person who is always connected to God. If the head of the organization, or the head of the nation, or the head of any place, anything, is not connected to God those people will fall.

It has happened in history. We have seen this happen over and over. Therefore, we need a person that is connected to God to be the head of the organization. In that sense, of course, you can say that I am a little different here.

But getting connected to my body is the wrong thing to do. To believe in my name and you will go to heaven, you will not. You have to awaken your spiritual forces and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

So everything thing has been done to discourage this. But, will it happen? Only God knows. I hope not.

Go ahead Brad.

Brad: Sal-OM everyone. I have a question on Karma. We create Karmas in our past lifetimes and these actions affect this lifetime? I was wondering how the Karmas of the past lifetime find me in this lifetime [laughter].

Maitreya: Of course, if you remember, the Law of Karma has been explained differently in the Mission of Maitreya. Karma is created. You learn your lesson. It is kind of a set up that as long as you have not learned that lesson that Karma will stay with you. But if you learn your lesson, if you meditate and you say, "Ah, that is my problem. I am not really surrendered and submissive to God. I am not really sacrificing. I am really too self-centered to accept what God has called me for, to do what I am supposed to do, and all of that."

If you learn your lesson the Karma is going to be lifted. You have no Karma any more and you are one more step closer to becoming one with God.

But at the time of death, of course, when you leave your body, you have created Karma and this Karma, as Prophet Muhammad explained, looks like a necklace around your neck, which tells you exactly what you did in your life.

So, it is a record in the Akashic record that will stay in the Akashic record. It is just like, you having a file in the army, or in the university you went to. If they want to know what you did in the university, they pick it up and say, so you got all "A's". Great, you are a good student. They send that file to other systems to know who you are.

In the Akashic records they are recorded. But at the time of death you become a Soul, you become completely free of your Karma. But at the time of the rebirth, the moment you are rebirthing that file will be taken out and looked out and say, "OK, this is the person having this Karma and this problem. Where can we put him that he will learn his lesson better in the next lifetime?

Then you will be born in a situation that you will learn your lesson much faster and easier, hopefully. If you learn your lesson, those Karmas are going to be taken away. Your life is going to be easier. You will be freer and you will be in higher consciousness. You will have only a little Karma left.

Of course, if you have no Karma at all you will not be in the body. You are going to be in Pure Consciousness. But, still you will be sent back to help others and God will give you a little Karma just to keep you in the body. So, you come back here. You have a little Karma but you do not have too much of it.

So, the moment it is decided to send you back, at that time it will be decided what is the best way for you to learn the lessons you did not learn in the previous lifetimes. Then you will be put in that situation. That is for the regular people.

Of course, there are people who have a mission to do. They are very high in consciousness. They are very high Souls. They will be put in a way to help the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Their Karma is mostly, realize who they are, why they are here, accept their mission, and follow it. They are not here to really learn much of a lesson but actually teach lessons to other people and guide them to higher things.

So it is not a black and white thing that a lot of people think that the Law of Karma is black and white. You do things, you get the Karma, Samskaras, and that is it. You have to pay all of them to the end and it is absolutely something that you have no escape from.

Karma has just been created for us to learn our lessons. When we learn our lessons, we do not have them any more. They are not forever. They are used to decide where we are going to be reborn. And there are people who do not have Karma, or they have very little, and they come here for a special purpose.

I hope that answers your question. If you have a follow up, go ahead.

If anyone else has a question, please, let me know. [silence]

If we do not have any questions, we can have a collective meditation together (not sure of this wording).

If you have any question, just go ahead and grab the microphone and let us know.

Cog: Does God descend, like having offspring of His own self, that are gods and not humans?

I hope that made sense, I am sorry.

Maitreya: No, Cog. It does not make sense. Can you explain further?

Cog: Well, we have descendents, we have children and we have our ancestry. Does God, the most high, have ancestry or descendent gods that are only god and not human form?

Maitreya: Let me see if this answers your question. God is a Spirit. A Spirit is everything. Everything has come from the Spirit. So how can a Spirit have a child or ancestry?

Ancestry and all those things are human concepts: having a child or children. So, God is everything. There is nothing out of God. How can you have something out of Him and say, This is my child?

Everything is God. Everything is Him. There is nothing out of Him. So how can God have a child.

Maybe I do not understand your question Cog. Go ahead if I do not understand it. But if you understand, if that answers your question

Just think, God is everything and everything is God. God is a Spirit. There is nothing out of Him, how can He have a child?

Cog: I guess I was speaking more family, and God having maybe an origin before our understanding? As a creation. I am sorry if it is not easy to understand.

Where do you say, Maitreya, where God comes from and how did He come to be?

Maitreya: Well, I like the explanation that the Hindu religion has about that. That even God might not know where He came from Himself [laughing].

It is just like, that question is the same question as, "Explain God to me." It is not explainable. It is unexplainable. But, if you experience God, you know that He has been here forever. There is no beginning for Him. God has been here forever and He will be here forever. That is a concept that is very, very hard for humans to understand.

Actually, when I was a child I remember I thought, "OK, the universe finishes somewhere. So when it finishes, when does that finishing finish? Maybe there is a wall or something there? Where does that wall finish? What is behind that wall? Is there another universe? OK. That should finish too. And where does that go? It goes to another wall and that..."

You see? Infinity is something beyond intellect. The human cannot understand infinity. You cannot explain what infinity is.

The same thing as God. What is God? Can I explain it to you? No. I can teach you and show you the way to reach Him, but when you experience It these questions seem so silly to you and that is when you say, "Why did I even think about it?" It is impossible to even think because there is no mind in God. There is no mind. It is absolute oneness and unity. Therefore, it does not think really, it just IS. When something IS, it becomes anything it wants but at the same time Can you explain what IS, is? No you cannot explain IS, is.

It is an experience. You have to recognize That is why we recommend to meditate, to chant, to dance, to pray, and all that so that you eventually, when you are singing and chanting, Haree Om Shrii Hung one day, suddenly you see, "WOW, I am going somewhere." And you say, "Oh, that is what they meant, infinity. Oh, OK. Now I should explain it to everyone what it means." Then you start explaining and everyone looks at you and says, "What," with their mouths open. It is impossible to explain.

So where did God come from? Where was the beginning? You have to experience God then you would not even ask that question because it is not explainable.

What is God? How many people have tried to explain God for the last 12,000 years? How many books have been written? How many wars were fought over God? And then at the end everyone say, "Well, they do not know." So, it is not explainable. God is not explainable but It is experienced. You can experience It.

So, you have to experience God. So when you experience It then you see that, "Oh, OK that is what..."

That is why if it was easy to explain God we would not have any problem, would we? We would not have all these religions, separations, and destruction.

Someone would come and explain It, and everyone would say, "Oh, yeah. OK, I have it." Now we are all one, everyone knows what God is, and that is it. That is the end of it.

So, it is something you have to experience, something that when you experience it you say, "OK, I have no questions. Thank you. My questions are answered."

Mind asks these questions but you have to experience God. That is why we do not claim that we teach you God here. We claim that we show you a Path that you will experience God yourself.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Cog: plain, it is just a little more understandable. I asked the question and John sent me a PM. But isnt that the teaching of the Mission of Maitreya to expose or reveal God in our midst and you are God in person? Not that I believe that, but isnt that the Mission of Maitreya?

Maitreya: Yes, it is the Mission of Maitreya. That is why we teach you to meditate, to go inside. That is the mystery that many religions have forgotten, to meditate and, "Be still and know God." That is another mystery that has been revealed to humanity.

They are at each others throats. The are killing one another and all of that because they do not close their eyes and say, "Yes, there is God. It is within me. So, if it is within me, it is within the Moslems, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus, and all that. Therefore, we are one and we all have to meditate and close our eyes. So, that is the Path to knowing God.

But even if I explain it to you OK, I can explain it to you. God is infinite, formless, nameless, invisible, eternal, has never been born, has never been created. He creates without being created. He is incredible. He is something beyond mind. You have to experience It. Did you understand what God is?

It does not make any difference to you, does it? All of these are words, unless you experience. Take a book, take any book that they explain God to you. And probably you have already read many books about what God is. Did it help you? No. That is the mystery, I am revealing to you. It is not going to help you. Reading those books may guide you but they are not going to help you to realize God.

That is what the Mission of Maitreya is telling you, "This is the mystery of God." The mystery is that the words cannot explain God. I can explain It because I can say, OK, I can claim I have experienced It. Therefore, God is this. Would that help you? No, it will not.

That is why I am telling you that you have to experience It yourself and the way is the Eternal Divine Path and the creation of the Communities of Light. In that community, you will have more time to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and eventually experience God. Then come to the community and say, "Yes, God is infinite. God is everlasting, never was born, ever present." All those big great explanations that have already been done. Then everyone looks at you, What? What are you talking about? That is because they have not experienced It themselves.

That is why intellectualizing God is not going to help anyone. And, that is what the world has been doing to this point. It is intellectualizing God. They are tying to explain Him. You cannot. He is beyond your mind.

How can you explain the theory of evolution to a fish? He is just going to look at you and say, "What, what are you talking about. It is impossible." The fish does not have the brain for quantum physics. He just cannot understand it.

That is exactly what God is. You have to experience It. It does not matter how much I explain God to you, it does not make a bit of difference to you because you have not experienced It yourself. The Path to experience Him is the Eternal Divine Path.

I am showing the way. Are you going to walk it? It is up to you. It is not up to me. I am not going to force you. I am not going to push you. Like I was saying, I can show you the way. You are the person, you are supposed to walk and see it. And, that is the Eternal Divine Path.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: Sal-OM, Maitreya. This has to do with the Spirit of God. Is the Spirit of God, Muhammad? Are those two the same thing? And also, when you make contact with the Spirit of God, or Muhammad, whatever, is it a constant flow of the Spirit inside your body, or is it detached? Does it come once every five years, once every ten years, once every three months, something like that? Are there are gaps in between?

Well, are you with the Holy Spirit right now, for instance? That would answer the question. And, if it is, can you tell us what this Spirit of God, Muhammad, what it tastes like when it makes contact with the physical body?

Maitreya: The first question is if The Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are the same, right?

Makam: Yes, are The Holy Ghost and The Holy Spirit the same thing? And, when you make contact with the Holy Spirit, is it inside you right now, or does it come to you when it needs to come to you, like once every six months, or once every year, or maybe just once in a lifetime. Would you please tell me that? Thank you very much.

Maitreya: Well, The Holy Spirit and The Holy Ghost is the same thing. That is the part that we accept as the female part of the universe, or the Mother God. And, the Logical part or the consciousness is what is called Father. Therefore, there is a Father, Mother God. When they manifest themselves through the body of the person they choose to bring the Revelation of God, that person becomes the Son of God.

Therefore, Father is Logic, Mother is The Holy Ghost, and Prophet Muhammad is the Son of God. Of course, a lot of people say he was just a Prophet. But, He said in the Koran, "Listen to him whatever he says."

Christ brings the Spirit of God or the Logic of God to humanity. Therefore, he becomes the Son of God. It is not a physical son of God that God made through Mary, but because The Holy Ghost comes through, he becomes in the image of God. Son is in the image of God.

Therefore, The Holy Ghost comes as the revealer of the Revelation of God to humanity. It is the Spirit of God, it is the creative force in the universe. And again, with this explanation we can see that we also explain the problem or the discussion that Moslems and Christians had for thousands of years that, "Was Christ the Son? Was Muhammad only a Prophet? Or was Christ a Prophet, and was not the Son of God?"

You can see these are concepts that again are explained here and are unified, and they do not have anything to fight over. That is because God is Logic and the Creative Force. Logic is Father. That is when the Christians pray to the Father, they pray to the Logic of God. And, when they talk about the Mother, or Holy Mother, really they are trying to talk about The Holy Ghost.

Whatever this symbolizes as a physical body, again will create separation. They should realize the real meaning of the Holy Mother, the real meaning of the Logic of God.

The Son, of course, is the chosen one, the anointed one who comes here and has The Holy Ghost with him. He explains the Logic of God and the Revelation of God, which is the Revelation of the Prophets that come to us.

So, anytime I give Satsang, anytime I say the truth, anytime I have to say the truth to someone, it is The Holy Ghost coming through, it is the Spirit of God. And when I sit here in these two hours every week, that is the Spirit of God coming through, talking to you, and revealing the truth that makes sense to a lot of people.

Those whose cups are empty, those whose spirits are ready, those who have prepared their garden or soil, will receive the seeds and this gives a lot of fruit. Those whose cups are full or their soil is not prepared, even might hate it because it hits their ego and they say, "No. I do not believe it. I cannot believe it. What he says makes sense but I do not want to see it." So, they even leave or, it does not give any fruit.

So, we can see that The Holy Ghost is clarification. It comes from the Spirit of God. It brings the truth from the Akashic record.

How does it feel? It feels good [laughter]. It is clear like a bell. It is the moment that you see so clearly that you want to stay in that state forever.

Go ahead Makam.

Makam: Well I will tell you, to be very honest with you, Maitreya, you give some incredible answers. You give some correct answers that are not known to many people on earth. So, you amaze me.

But, there are still some things that you say, like Prophet Muhammad being the Son of God, which I do not agree with because I am a Moslem. But, on the other hand what is more important to me is the truth of everything. And some of the things that you come out with, which I know for a fact

I have half proof of you already, which is very good. So, I have great respect for you. And you might as well

Does it have a physical substance? You see, the questions I am asking you are all the answers that I know myself. So you are clarifying, you are giving me proof, if you like. The Spirit of God, The Holy Ghost, does it have a physical substance? And can you tell me the color of It, please?

Maitreya: First of all, if I say anything that has truth in it, it is the Spirit of God. So, all glory goes to God. I am just a plain vessel revealing this truth to you. Hopefully, as I said, those who are ready will receive it, will incorporate it in their spirit, will understand it, will love it, and will give it to the rest of humanity, and we may create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

You have half proof, I hope you find the rest of it, the whole proof of it. Some people claim that they have all the proof. Actually, I have to tell them, "No, just wait a little bit longer. We get more proof about the whole thing." But they have already said, "No." They have all the proof they want, they need. And that is great. And, I hope you find the rest of it also.

There are experiences that people have, and the reason that they have those experiences is because they need those experiences to believe in God. People see angels. They see angels all over the place and they believe the angels exist.

People go to the ethereal level and they do astral projection. They see beings that teach them about great things, that they come and say, "That is the greatest thing that ever happen to them." Some people see color.

Of course, in meditation and in awakening your spiritual forces, our chakras have different colors. It is in THOTH, you can look at them. It tells you exactly which colors they each have.

They feel the physical presence and touch of another being. They even see another being standing by other people. Or, Prophet Muhammad sees Gabriel as a person. Or, Daniel, in many of his revelations and things that he brings to us, sees an angel come to him. Prophet Muhammad sees an angel.

But, in the final analysis, anything that has form is not the ultimate. The ultimate is the consciousness and the three gunas, which has no physical manifestation at all. It is the Spirit of God and anything that we become attached to that is not that Essence, we still are not at the final stage. So, we have to recognize that God is a Spirit. As Christ said, "We have to worship Spirit in our spirit. And, Spirit has no manifestation at all.

Go ahead Spirit In The Wind.

Spirit In The Wind: Hello again. I want to be frank with you, and I do not mean this in a rude way, but I have a question about I noticed on the web page, actually I just read it one time. But I noticed that there is lot of commercialism, especially selling books and lectures, etc.?

I was wondering, I know people call you the Christ returned, or whatever, I am not sure exactly. But, I do not remember Jesus ever selling pamphlets, or selling books, or making a profit with business, selling things. That just kind of questions me because, of course, I do look for the return of Christ. I do not believe he will be in a human form. I do think that your messages are wonderfully clear and that you are blessed with the Spirit, but as far as Christ, I do not see it yet.

So that is my main question, the commercialism. And, where does this money go? How do you make a living and how much money do you make? I am sorry.

Maitreya: Well, you do not have to buy them, OK? We did not force you to come and buy whatever is in there. Whatever is there is the Revelation and it is free. When you pay for the ink, for the printing, and the telephone, lights, home, computer, connections, you need finances. All right? That is what created this Internet so that we can reach out for this Message.

As I said, do not be a fault finder. Be a truth finder. Anyone can find fault with anyone else. It is so easy. It is so easy to do that.

The things we sell, most of them we are selling either at cost or below cost. And, we even give them away to some people. We promised to send you a book without you paying anything for it. So that is amazing that you are the person complaining about it, a person who is going to be receiving something free.

So, it is just amazing. It sounds like you are trying to get back at me because you are angry instead of seeing the truth. Instead of saying thank you for sending me a book free, you are just trying to find fault.

So, Christ was correct. It has been received free. It has been given free. There is no charge whatsoever. Go to our website and download everything we have with not one penny. Only you have to pay for your connection, of course. We cannot pay for that for you. The rest is free. You can have everything in the website, the Revelation and everything is free. But when we put it in paper and we pay for the ink and all of that, at least we have to have enough resources to do it again over and over and over.

Where does my income come from? Well, if the government wants to look into it, they are welcome to come and look at it. But, I have not taken one penny out of the whole Mission for the last twenty-two years that I have been at it.

So those people who know me, they can judge me. But, you cannot judge because you do not know anything about us. But, do not worry, we are not going to get rich by selling those things in the website for sure.

Go ahead, Makam.

Makam: OK thank you. Just to set the records straight, Spirit In The Wind, I believe that Jesus is here on earth. And I think that Maitreya will agree with me when I say that I also at the moment have not got the expectation that I would want to see from Jesus. But, it must be worth remembering that there is a right time for everything. And Jesus on earth at the moment we will see, I would see, as a very ordinary person.

That is because even in the times of Jesus there were a lot of times when he was a very ordinary person too. He was not always creating miracles. And, there is a right time for them. So, Jesus will come out eventually. I think Maitreya will probably agree with me on that one.

Also, Maitreya, the Spirit of God, The Holy Ghost, which actually connects to what Spirit In The Wind was saying, The Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God inside of us, am I right in saying that there are different quantities. I mean you can have 10%, or 20%, or 50%, or if it is ordered to bring someone from the dead back to life, 100%, different quantities of the Holy Spirit. Am I correct in saying that? It is not like people would see as just one straight line but rather the more quality you receive of the Holy Spirit the more powerful you become.

Is that correct?

Maitreya: Yes, that is a correct assumption and correct saying. But, God never gave His 100% Spirit to anyone, until this point, until this Mission, that reveals the whole truth to humanity.

So yes, some people have some experiences but it is not completely 100%. Even Prophets, who brought the revelation, as we explained, only had a part of the truth, a part of The Holy Ghost, a part of the Eternal Tablet, a part of the Akashic Record. So, the whole truth is not going to come unless God reveals the whole truth through the Seventh Angel. Then, those who have the Spirit of God with them see the whole truth and because they do not have the whole Spirit in them, they have their own ideas. Then when they come here, and they hear my teaching and they love it, they say that there is a lot of truth in it. Still they have their own ideas and they do not want to accept the whole thing.

Then when they do not want to accept the whole thing they have to connect, we have to talk, go back and forth, and eventually they say, "OK what you say makes sense."

Therefore, the degree of how much God reveals to you Everyone has some experience. Everyone has some revelation. Even the people who come to the Mission and see the truth in this teaching, It is revealed to them by The Holy Ghost.

Therefore, The Holy Ghost is in them that they even can see the truth in it. If they did not have The Holy Ghost, as you see some people come here, argue, find faults, and they are not completely seeing. Anything I say goes right over their heads. They say, "Oh, yes, what you say makes sense, but, why do you look like this? Or, why do you sit? Why do you talk? Why do you eat?" All that fault finding that comes in because the flesh is stronger than The Holy Ghost.

So you are absolutely right, there are different levels of The Holy Ghost.

About Jesus being on earth, well, I do not know about Jesus but I know that Esa is on the earth. That is because we do not believe that there is a "j" in Hebrew, and his name never was Jesus. But, his name is Esa. It is the same Spirit as coming through this Mission. It is with us and it has been with us for the last twenty-some years.

Go ahead, The One and Only

The_One_and_Only_4: Why did Muhammad say Jesus is not the Son of God?

Maitreya: Why did Muhammad say that Jesus is not the Son of God? It has been explained many times in the Mission that Prophet Muhammad, when he said Esa is not the Son of God, is referring to, He did not make a child with Mary. It is not a physical son of God.

Christians and those who believe he is the Son of God, believe he is actually physically a son of God. Prophet Muhammad is really objecting to the people who believe he really, physically is a son of God, from Mary.

But if Prophet Muhammad came here and I give my explanation to him, he would say, "Yes, that is OK. It makes sense to me." That is because God is Father, God is the logic in the universe. And, It has another counterpart, God the creative force, which is The Holy Ghost.

Even Prophet Muhammad believed in The Holy Ghost. So The Holy Ghost is the female part of God that some people, even in the west, the New Agers, talk about God is Mother God, or a Goddess. It is not only male. So it is God, Father and God, Mother.

And when He prophesies that Christ would come, that one of his Prophets will come, when he comes, the Spirit of God comes through that Prophet. He becomes the anointed one, Christ. That is when he is called a Son of God.

We can see the Son of God even in the Old Testament. There were Sons of God who came to the daughters of men. And at the end of the Revelation, "Whoever overcometh becomes My Son." They are all the sons of God but they are not created by God; it is not a physical thing. It is not that really, actually, God made them through a woman. That is what Prophet Muhammad is objecting to and telling them, "No. Christ was not a son of God.

But according to our teaching and our explanation, even Prophet Muhammad was a Son of God because he brought the Spirit of God to humanity. God did not go physically and make Prophet Muhammad through his mother. No, he had a father.

Also, if we say Christ was the Son of God, then he was not from the genealogy of King David. And, being from the children of King David was one of the requirements for the Messiah. That is because Judah said, "Shiloh is going to come from the children of King David." And when the Shiloh comes he will gather the people and all of that, in Genesis 49:10.

So, we can see that God is considering those who reach Pure Consciousness and those who bring His Revelations to earth as His Sons. And Prophet Muhammad was not objecting to this explanation, he was objecting as a physical son of God. And he was correct in that. There is no one physically

Actually, everyone is from God: God created everyone. So, in that sense everyone is a son and daughter of God. But, in a sense of He only came unto Mary and make a son, that is incorrect. And, the explanation that we make does answers that question.

Again, this unifies Christians and Moslems in that aspect.

Go ahead Lou.

Lou_346: Yes. Two questions. The first one. When one meditates and when one hears music, should one stop and dance with the music?

Maitreya: Yes, in meditation you will receive a lot of experiences. In the very beginning, you will probably hear the crickets. It sounds like being in a field on a very hot day in the summer, you can hear a lot of insects chirping, and a cricket kind of sound. Later on, you hear other sounds. Sometimes you hear the bang, the banging of the door. Later on, you even hear the flute, or music. That is where the flute of Krishna comes from. And, it is so beautiful that you might get so absorbed to it that you just forget about meditating, and all of that.

If you feel like dancing with it, great, go ahead and dance with it. There is no problem with that. But, do it with the Spirit of the music you hear within.

External music is a manifestation of that internal music, which the internal music is much more beautiful. Actually, when you hear the internal music the external music does not appeal to you as much any more.

You will listen to them once in a while but they are not as beautiful as the internal music.

Go ahead, Lou ask your next question.

Lou_346: The reason why I asked is because someone in meditation was mentioning the name of Gloshmie and they did not know was dancing with and what not.

The second one was, when you experience God in meditation does he reveal a name to you?

Maitreya: The true God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. But He used an energy to create the universe. That energy is the Word. That is why, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."

That energy has a sound that a lot of people try to imitate in the external world. But that sound cannot be uttered, cannot be used and said what it is. There are a lot of words that effect different chakras and awaken them but they are not the highest vibration that exists.

That is why there are a lot of gurus, a lot of people, even the name Allah is a mantra. It is Allah, Elohim, Elah Elaho, Hallelujah, all of them are mantras that effect different chakras.

The people in church say, hallelujah. They feel a kind of joy when they say it. Why? It is because it affects that part of the chakra that has the joy, that part of the brain, or ethereal body.

So in the highest level, God has no name, no form, He is Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal. But, in the external world, there is a vibration that everything has been created from, vibration, which is the word, which some people call Aloho. And, that word was in the beginning, and in the beginning was God and all of that.

The word became flesh. Actually, as we said, God comes to earth as the anointed one, as the chosen person, as the Prophet, as Christ. He comes to reveal His teachings. And, he is really the word that has been created as flesh so he can receive The Holy Ghost in the highest way possible and reveal it to humanity.

That word has not been revealed to humanity for the last 12,000 years. And, now, we are revealing it to the Elects. Those people who are dedicated to the Mission, are a part of the Mission, are Elect, and will dedicate their lives to spread this Mission will be initiated. That initiation reveals this word, which really is within you. You cannot utter it. You cannot give it from one person to another.

I only can give it to you, and only those who I authorize can give it to other people. But when you hear it you know, "Oh, it has already been there. I know it. It has already been there but I never paid any attention to it." It is within you but you cannot utter it. That is if you want to call that the name of God, that is the Holy, the highest name of God.

Even they asked Prophet Muhammad, "How many names does God have?" He said, "There are 3,000 names for God. Humans know 2,999 of them." So, there is one that is the sacred name and holy name.

If you are talking about that, that exists. There are a lot of other names and vibrations that can affect human chakras. But really He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Go ahead, Riff.

Riff55: Does evil exist?

Maitreya: Evil or devil is the lack of God. Evil exists when God does not. Since God is everything, and He exists everywhere, the devil is the illusion of separation from God. When you are separated from God, you fall into Maya, you fall into the external world and its attractions. That is what evil is and the temptation gets you.

The tempter, what is the tempter? The tempter is the external world. The tempter is the ego that becomes attached to the external world.

So the devil or evil is really You are both. You can be in the image of God or you can become evil yourself. The devil and God both exist in you. But, really, the evil is an illusion of separation from God.

Go ahead The One and Only.

The_One_and_Only_4: Did Esa, Christ, have a wife?

Maitreya: Well, there is some speculation that he actually had two wives. He had Mary and Martha as his wives. Some people say he did not. So, that is one of the things that is something that you have to come up with your own conclusion. Did he have a wife or he did not have?

The final conclusion is, who cares. He could have had a wife, or he could not have a wife. He could have done whatever he could have done. He was human. He was a man. And, God came through him as the Spirit of God or The Holy Ghost.

The most important thing is, what did he say? What was his message? Did he come from God? Did he fulfill the prophecies? Did he come to bring a message to humanity? Was he the Messiah? Was he Christ? Yes, he was.

What was his message? His message was sacrifice, not being self-centered, giving of yourself. So, we can see that those questions are human love for discussion and controversy, for bringing different ideas and separation between man and man, and all of that. So, it really does not matter.

There are some writings that, yes, he did have two wives. But, to me the most important is, what was his message.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Yes, Maitreya, in Hinduism the Gloshnie is mentioned a lot as a goddess. What can you tell us about this?

Maitreya: If we understood the question correctly, you are saying that in Hinduism there is a lot of mention of Gloshnie. Well, in Hinduism there is mentioned about a lot of gods [laughing]. So, if you want to go to Gloshnie then you have to go to Shiva, Krishna, Shakti, Ganesa, just, you name it, they got it. So why

As I said, if it has a name, if it has a form, if it has a manifestation, it means problems. It is trouble. It means separation. That is why India is such a fragmented country, everyone is following different gods, different manifestations.

Even who follows Shiva, everyone does not believe what Shiva said. Each group, each village has their own Shiva, there own sect, and their own separation, and they even fight with each other, and all of that.

So let us get with the real God, which unifies: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Anything else is ethereal, physical, will create separation, and separation is the root of destruction.

OK, we are five after twelve. Our time is up. I hope you all have a Godly week. Maybe these words are of some help to you.

Remember, always go to the highest. Do not settle for any mediator but go to the highest, which frees you from any attachment, desires, and destruction.

The rest, for the next half hour, other people are going to be here and answer your questions. I am finished with this session.


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