12/08/01 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Good morning, welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Satsang. This is our Cyber Church. You will hear the greatest Revelation that has come to humanity for the last twelve thousand years. We ask you to treat our room as our church and respect it, as we respect anyone elses room on PalTalk or anywhere else.

You have been red-dotted. It does not mean that you have done anything. It is just to keep the order in the room. Do not take it personally. It is just a measure, because we have had people come to the room who have not behaved very nicely. Those who are not red-dotted are the members of the Mission or the people who will type while the Satsang is going on.

We will go through our teachings. We know about all the religions of the world. So, we ask you not to preach to us your teachings or dogmas, because we already know about all of them. It is not really going to help. It is not going to change our minds. And it is not going to be really helpful because we already know what the other religions on earth teach.

I hope that you have come here to learn from us and from the Mission and what the Missions teaching is. Your questions are welcome, the questions about the teaching and the relationship between your religions or beliefs with the Missions teaching.

The Missions teaching is the unification of all the religions on earth. It has been prophesied to come. It has been foretold that eventually a teaching will come on earth that will unify humanity. You can see that we truly need the unification and understanding between religions, the realization that there is only One God, and that all these revelations and religions have come from the one Source. You can call It God, you can call It whatever you want to name it.

We call Him, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, because He really does not have any name or any form or any visibility. Anything that has a form, has a name, or has visibility, is not the ultimate and will create disunity. Only the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal will create unity. Anything else will separate human from human, and it is from ego, it is not from Spirit.

Therefore, the only thing that is taught here in the Mission that we have to avoid, is ego. Ego is the problem. Ego is the separative element in the universe. Ego means being separated from God. When you are separated from God, you are separated from each other. When you are united with each other and united with God, you are one with each other.

So, all of humanity has to see this, that the spark of God is in every human, in every being. Therefore, we have to create an environment on earth that no man, no woman, no child, no girl, no boy will suffer at all. Even if one individual suffers on earth, then the Kingdom is not here yet.

So, we have to create such an environment. Such an environment will come through the creation of the Communities of Light. That is what the aim of the Mission is, to create Communities of Light. And, the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path has five steps and two results. First of all, let me recommend that if you want to see our teachings, go to our website: www.maitreya.org and there you can see a Sign that forms itself. That Sign is called The Greatest Sign. And, our teaching is based on that Sign. The Eternal Divine Path also is revealed in that Sign. Therefore, if you want to follow the teaching that I am going to explain right now, after some introduction, it will be easier for you to see the steps that I will explain on that screen.

The Greatest Sign includes all the religions of the world, all the major religions of the world that were revealed to humanity. As we have explained many times, all these religions are a part of a greater truth. Each religion has a part of the truth and when you put all of them together, you see the whole picture. That is why no one religion on earth has the whole truth, but they have a partial truth of the whole vision.

We have explained it many times like the five blind men and the elephant. Each blind man held a part of the elephant and said, "I have the truth." Then the five blind persons started fighting with each other and saying, "I have the truth." The other ones said, "No, I have the truth."

Then a person with sight came and said, "Look, all of you are correct. You have one part of the truth. Now if you want to see the whole picture, the truth is that the elephant is everything that you thought it is, plus more."

So, that is really what the Mission of Maitreya is bringing: the unity and showing that the whole vision is including everyone else. The teaching is toward the creation of the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. And, the Eternal Divine Path unifies all the religions together.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path, if you are in that page on our website, is the I-Ching at the very bottom of the Sign. I am not going to go through the creation and all of that. I am just going to go through the Path. But if you want to read about how the rest of The Greatest Sign evolves, you can read in our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament and that will explain how the big bang started and how eventually it evolved to the Lotustica, the Sign in the center. Then the Spirit of God moved and His Spirit came to the creation, went through the Eternal Divine Path, and that is when God said, "And there was light." And God said, The light was good. That is when it was realized what the Eternal Divine Path is.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces. How do we awaken our spiritual forces? There are many, many techniques and many, many paths that have been given to humanity. Usually these paths are called, the Mystical Paths, he paths that basically say, "Know thyself to know God."

If you know yourself, you will know God, because the Self and God are the same. You can go to Hinduism, and you can see that the entire Upanishads are talking about the atman (with the small a) is the same as Atman (with the big A). The whole idea is realizing that, "Yes, that oneness is really the truth." If you realize that, then not only do you know yourself, you know God.

That idea is presented also in Buddhism, in Hinduism, in Cabbala, in Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and many, many other religions or disciplines on earth that have the same idea, "Know thyself to know God." How do you know yourself? You know yourself by concentration, by meditation, by contemplation, by realizing yourself and seeing the patterns in your life, and seeing how usually the same pattern happens over and over. Eventually, you start to know yourself a little bit more. As you know yourself, you start to awaken your spiritual forces, and you become more familiar with yourself.

However, that is not the goal. That is where these Mystical Paths stop and say that the goal is to know thyself, you know yourself, and that is the goal.

But God said, "No. There is another step after you meditate and you awaken your spiritual forces. And, that is to create the Communities of Light, to direct that realization to also help other people to realize themselves, and also attract like-minded people to you and gather them, gather the spiritual and realized people together in one place, which are called the Communities of Light."

That is what the Old Testament is about. If you read the Old Testament, you will see that God has chosen a people who will accept Him as their King, and they will follow Gods Laws. And the realized person will follow Gods Laws because they and God are One, or at least very close to Him, and they know that what God says is good, and by following Him their happiness is guaranteed. Therefore, they do accept His Laws, which is the Darma, or the nature of the things in the universe. Really, the Law of God is the nature of the creation, what this is created to be.

If you look at the nature of everything and you find the Darma and follow it, therefore, you are following the Laws of God. Of course, we have social laws. Those are created to reinforce the real Godly Law, which is the Darma of the things.

You should not be violent. If you are violent, you will be punished or put in prison. But, really the Darma of humans is non-violence. There should not be violence at all.

So, we can see that we have to create a deeper understanding of the universe and the nature of the things around us and follow them. By doing that, of course, we are following the Laws of God. And, by creating such an environment, we can create the Communities of Light.

In the Old Testament, God chose the twelve tribes of Israel. They were supposed to be the chosen people of God who accept God as their King. Of course, later on they longed for a human king and that iswhen their failing started and all those things we know.

The next step in the Eternal Divine Path is directing your spiritual forces, your understanding, your mind, your physical being, everything you have, toward the creation of these Communities of Light.

Now you are in the Communities of Light. You have attracted a few people around yourself. Now what? In order to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. You cannot create a community without the people in it sacrificing. If everyone says, "What is in it for me?" then they will not be creating Communities of Light.

That is why the sacrifice has been symbolized and given by Christ. Christ sacrificed himself for his ideal. Sacrifice means not being self-centered, overcoming ego, and being able to share and stay in a community, and being able to get along with other people in the community. And that in itself is the greatest spiritual struggle and progress.

Many times I have told the story of this yogi at the top of the mountain meditating by himself, feeling very good about how great he was. Then one day he had to come to the city. He came to the city, and with the first person who pushed him, he became very angry and he pushed back.

He suddenly realized, "What happened? I was such a big yogi up there, so calm-minded, collected, and focused, and suddenly I am here and I am pushing these people around. I am so angry. Where did this anger come from?"

He realized that, "With being in the mountains by myself, really the progress is not as fast as when I am in the middle of the society and dealing with the people." If you can stay in the community, if you can deal with other people and still stay calm, collected, and focused, then you will progress much, much faster. So, a Community of Light is a great place to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Therefore, you have to give up of yourself in the community, sacrifice. Of course, you sacrifice a lot and nothing happens. No community is created. You feel, "What am I doing? Why is it not happening?" And, you will become depressed. Or, you start doing it, it starts happening and you say, "Look at me! I am such a great spiritual teacher and a fantastic realized person," and all that. You become very egoistical and create a big ego.

As we said, the ego is like an umbrella that you are keeping over your head. The moment you have a big ego, that is the end of The Grace. No Grace is there. You are going to cut God from yourself because the moment you put the ego up there, The Grace is cut off. And of course, you are saved by Grace.

Therefore, "What should I do? I awakened my spiritual forces. I tried to create the Communities of Light. I sacrificed for them. What is the next step?"

The first step was the Mystical Paths. The second was the Old Testament. Sacrifice is the New Testament. The next step is surrendering and submission to God. That means, "I sacrifice, and I do my best. I try to be in the community, get along, be calm, and at the same time give of myself. If it did not happen, I surrender the result to God. If it happened, I surrender the result to God."

I say, "OK, I gave this Satsang." It is just as Christ said, probably that is a good example. He said, when he preaches, he gives the Word. Some of them fall on the roadside, and someone is going to trample them and destroy them. Some of the birds come and take them away. Some of them fall on the stones and nothing happens, nothing comes out of it. Then some of them fall in very good ground, and they give great fruit.

So that is what that means It means that he was not attached to the words. He was saying it there. And, whoever picked it up, took it, and ran with it, that was great. He felt those were the people who received the seed, their ground was ready for receiving the seed, and the seed gave great fruit.

And, of course, we know them by their fruit. We know them not by their claims. The Elected Ones are the ones who receive the seed and give great fruit. Therefore, the next step is to do the work but surrender the result to God.

Even greater than surrendering the result is to become submissive. It means to let God do the work through you. As you let God do through you more and more, who is the doer? Are you the doer? No. God is the Doer. If God is the Doer, how can you be attached to something that you have not done? God is the Doer. God did it through you.

And, if God is doing it through you, is He going to do a perfect job? Of course, He is perfect. If He is perfect, He will do a perfect job and, therefore, the perfect job is done. You are not attached to the result because you did not do anything. You are free.

Surrendering and submission come from the word, "Tasleim," which is what Islam comes from. That is really the message of Islam, being surrendered and submissive to God, giving the result to God, and letting God come through you.

Now, you meditate and you awaken your spiritual forces; you try to create the Communities of Light; you sacrifice for them; you learn how to let God come through you, but you are just going to do it for a very small portion in the universe. You are going to do it for your own community, or your city, or your state, or your nation, or even for just the earth. Then you are narrowing yourself to a very small portion and you do not realize that God is everything. No, your endeavors should be toward the whole universe.

That is when the expansion of the mind comes in, and you realize that, God is your Father and your Mother and the universe is your home. You do not belong to any nation, to any race, to any gender, but you are a universalist. You expand yourself, and you see in every person the spark of God and you say, "Yes, he is a part of God. He is my brother and sister. I am not going to separate myself from any individual or any being in the whole universe and create the destructive forces that we can see have been working on earth for the last 12,000 years, and so much suffering, wars, and destruction have come to humanity."

But if we teach our children that God is everything and they belong to the universe, and God is their Father and Mother and everyone in the universe are struggling co-travelers with them, therefore, they will not create such a separative feeling toward everyone else. They will expand their minds and become universalists. That is the message of the Bahai Teaching.

Bab and Bahaullah brought the message of universalism. Of course, their teaching is that every religion basically is the same thing, and they say the same thing. Therefore, they unify them in that way. They thought they had the last revelation.

But, of course, the fifth level of understanding is the ethereal level, which even some people do astral projection or travel in ether, and they think that really they found it and that is the end of the spiritual path. But, there are still two more steps left to go.

If you awaken your spiritual forces, if you direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, if you sacrifice for the Communities of Light, and surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist, then you become an Elect, the Sixth Seal. That is what God is talking about in every Scripture, that He will gather His Elects, the people whom He calls His Children, those who will become the sons of God. They are the ones who will overcome.

Through the process of following the Eternal Divine Path, you will overcome. If you really meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, direct that toward the creation of the Communities of Light (I mean truly, not just imaginary, truly do that), if you sacrifice for the community, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist; you will become a dynamic spiritual being who will overcome everything else for Gods Work.

Therefore, the Elects are the Sixth Seal. I joined only one spiritual path on earth in this lifetime, and that was the Sixth Seal. Of course, later on I received this Revelation, and the Sixth Seal became a part of our teaching. But the Sixth Seal reveals who is an Elect, who is a Paravipra. That is what we call them, Paravipras.

"Para" means beyond. "Vipra" means intellect. Paravipra means beyond intellect. These people are beyond intellect. They have their intellects. They can have intellect but they also have great understanding of God and His Laws, nature, darma of the things, and everything else.

Therefore, the Elects are the ones who God said will gather together and will help to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And that is who we are looking for here. These words are for those whose ground is ready. The seed falls into it, and they say, "Yes, I knew that all religions are the same. I know that there is a thread going through all of them. I know that none of them have all the answers. But I could not put my finger on it. Now, when he says it, I confirm, Oh yes, that makes sense. How can God be One and we have so many religions? There is only One God, One Humanity, One Earth. Why do we have so many religions, differences, destruction, and we are each fighting for our cultures?"

There is only one culture, and that is the culture of God. If we all follow the culture of God, if we all are the children of the same God, if we are universalists, if we expand our minds, if we see every individual as a spark of God, if we expand ourselves, not to be separative and destructive, and get rid of our egos, then we can share with each other, and even reach to space and bring even greater resources to earth. We are all going to have enough to live on, to get along, and create a wonderful earth where God is the head of that earth.

As Ghandi said, "There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed." That is when sharing comes in. Sharing is not a good idea, it is the Law. The more we share with each other, the more we make an equal earth with sharing, then the better place we will have to live on.

So you can see that this Revelation reveals the Mind of God, which was sending these different religions to earth, and brings the reason He was sending them separately. He was prophesying that this Revelation is going to come from these people, the other one is going to come from these people, and this prophecy is going to be fulfilled by a certain individual with such a name, and He did all these.

Again, in many discussions, I have heard the people say, "How do you know that God exists?" Prove to me that God exists. Well, here it is. God said that He as going to do these things, and He did them.

Actually, my very presence here is a sign, is a proof of Gods existence because God said He is going to send this Revelation, He is going to unify them eventually, He will send the Seventh Seal, and the Seventh Seal will be opened to humanity. Therefore, you have no choice but to say, "Yes, God exists." So, that is the answer to people who do not believe in God.

The rest is for the people who have religions, they believe in their own religions, they fight with other religions, and they bring destruction. Now we can say, "Look, your religion is a part of a greater truth. That greater truth is the Eternal Divine Path based on The Greatest Sign, which create the Communities of Light, which the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth."

So, we can see that this Revelation is not a dogma. It is a Path. You either walk it, or you do not. If you walk it, you will see the benefit. If you do not, then do not complain to me because you did not do it.

It is not that if you believe in such and such a name you are going to be saved. No. Of course, there are the prophecies and all of that, and if you believe, that is going to help you. But the ultimate test is, are you going to meditate, are you going to awaken your spiritual forces, are you going to direct those toward the creation of the Communities of Light, are you going to sacrifice for them, are you going to become surrendered and submissive to God, and are you going to become a universalist? These are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path, which unify all the religions of the world and is the answer to the human longing for peace, unity, and salvation.

Therefore, you can see that our claim that we have the greatest Revelation ever is not an empty one. Of course, about why I claim what I claim, you can go and read the prophecies and know what God said.

Do not try to judge me with your own understanding. That is what Adam and Eve tried to do. They tried to say, "We know better than God what is good and evil." Understand how God chooses His Prophets and then base your understanding on that.

Of course, there are many things that point that this is the last Revelation to humanity. Now you have heard it. What you are going to do with it is between you and God. But, if you want to do something about it, go to our website, read about it, understand it, and come here and ask questions about what our teachings are. I would be glad to explain them to you, as would a lot of other people here.

Eventually, after you realize this is truly a fantastic Revelation from One God and the unification of humanity has come, then come and help and preach and reach and let the rest of humanity know and create the Communities of Light, and become a contact for the Mission. Contacts are the first step toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Now I will open the floor for the questions you might have. Please, as I said, we know about your teachings, we know about all the religions on earth. Let us concentrate on the topic, which is the Mission of Maitreya.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thanks a lot, it is big pleasure to talk to you. I just got off from my work to have the opportunity to talk to you. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Thank God that you stay here.

I have a few things to ask about. The first one is about the prophecy of Prophet Muhammed who talked about the coming of Al Medhi and Al Messiah, the coming of Al Medhi and Jesus Christ. And, as I understood from the Bahai writings, Al Medhi was Bab, and Al Messiah was Bahaullah. What I would like to ask is where is, the place of Maitreya in the prophecy of Prophet Muhammed about the coming of Al Medhi, and the coming of Jesus Christ?

The second thing that I would like to ask about is divorce. Is divorce a sin? Are people allowed to divorce? Does that make any difference for them?

The third thing, is there any special requirement for a person who would like to become a member of the Mission? Thanks a lot.

Maitreya: The first question is about the prophecies of Prophet Muhammed and the relationship between Bab, Bahaullah, and Maitreya. Of course, Bab fulfilled most of the prophecies about the coming of the Medhi, and he was the fulfillment of that prophecy. But, as God has revealed to us, his revelation was not perfect.

Therefore, God had to send the twin prophets, which the next one was Bahaullah, the twin of the Bab. Bahaullah tried to correct some of the teachings of Bab and bring a greater unity between his followers. Actually, he tried to water it down, just make it a much calmer revelation, from what Bab brought. That is because Bab brought the revelation that he was adamant that everyone has to become his followers. If they did not, he was going to just chop their heads off, etc. There was pretty strong wording in his revelations.

Therefore, Bahaullah started and put it with a little less strong wording than Babs, and he succeeded to a point. So, you can see that those twin prophets were necessary to come together.

Also Babs followers were almost completely killed away, extinguished in Persia. Therefore, if they had stayed Babis, we in the West never would have heard about them.

So another mission of Bahaullah was to bring the message from Persia to Iraq and eventually to Israel and those areas. Later, his son brought it to the West so that we could hear from that revelation that came from God.

But, as I said, therefore, Babs revelation was not perfect. Also we know that Bahaullah wrote a lot more revelations but he instructed his clerk to destroy them, to throw them into the river, because he said that humanity is not ready for them.

Therefore, he could not be the last Prophet, or the Prophet who brought the whole truth. Other Prophets had to come.

Also in The Revelation, chapter 5, it is talking about the Seven Seals, and the opener of the Seven Seals had to come before the whole truth of God was to be revealed to humanity.

Actually, when the Seventh Angel comes, who is the revealer of the Seven Seals that is when the mystery of God will be finished. If you go to The Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7, again, you can see that the Seventh Angel or the Seventh Revealer has to come.

Therefore, Prophet Muhammed was giving only a part of the coming of the next revelation and the revealer of the Fifth Seal, which was the Bahai teaching. But, later on, of course, the Revealer of the Seventh Seal had to come.

Now, was Bab the Medhi and Bahaullah the Christ? It is the same Spirit. It is the same Spirit that came through Adam. The same Spirit came through Noah, to Moses, to Christ, to Prophet Muhammed, to Bab, to Bahaullah, to Baba, and to Maitreya. It is the same Spirit that has to come to earth and come through a body.

God is a Spirit. God cannot come and say, "Here I am." Even if He came and said, "Here I am," most of the people could not understand Him, see Him, or hear Him, because it is just like a radio station and your radio.

God is the radio station. He is broadcasting His Truth all the time. Now are you on the same channel as He is? That is why He is sending the Truth. His Truth is always there in the universe but the channel, or the radio, or each individual, is busy with the world, they are busy with their egos, they are busy with their lives, they are busy with the things that they do, so they are not in the same station that God is sending the truth.

That is why He needs a body to come so He can manifest Himself through that body. In order that the body comes, usually God prophesies for a long time before such an individual comes. How do you know them? Some people say, "Well, if I hear him, I will know if he is or not." That is not the way to know who the Prophet is, who the Revealer is, who the Messenger is. The way to know if he is the right one or not is to know if he has fulfilled the Prophecies, if he was foretold to come.

Therefore, we can see that Bab was foretold to come. He did manifest and fulfill the prophecies for his coming. Baha'u'llah was foretold to come because he was the twin Prophet and he had to bring the message to the West, and all that. So, we can see that all of that is correct.

The coming of Maitreya also has been prophesied in every religion. If you go to our website, you can see many prophecies. I did not find those prophecies. The teaching was enough for me. When I received this Revelation, it made so much sense that I said, "Everyone will hear it, will accept it, will see the truth in it and will say, 'Yes, that makes sense.'" They will not need anything else besides the truth.

But, of course, later on, other people came, and they found all those prophecies that you can find in our website. Go and read them, see them, and then say, "Yes, God is foretelling that Maitreya would come. Therefore, he is the one and his teaching also makes sense."

For the people who hear our teaching and are ready for it, it makes so much sense to them, and they can see the truth right in them. But if they have a big ego, or they have a lot of dogmas and a lot of things put in their minds, they cannot see it because they have the umbrella and they are not letting it come in.

So, Prophet Muhammed probably did not prophesize for the coming of Maitreya. I do not know, maybe he did. I was not really looking for it. It could be there.

Actually, recently they have found that one of my ancestors also was a Sayyid. So, it sounds like I am from the lineage of Prophet Muhammed also. That should also help the Moslems to consider this Revelation in a deeper level.

All these things have been given to humanity to strengthen their belief and their faith. I hope that answered that question.

Your next question was, "Is divorce a sin?" According to our teachings, there are two kinds of people who are born on earth. For some people, their other part or spouse, is born with them. When they find each other, they become one and they never divorce. If you find your spouse, of course, if you are one, there is no problem to divorce.

Or, you are born and you do not have your other part here, or you are complete by yourself. Then you dedicate your life to the work of God and you become a sannyasin, a renunciate. It is just like a father and sister in Christianity. They dedicate their lives to God.

But, of course, the couples should put their lives based on God and not based on each other, because no human can become one with another. If you look for love from your spouse, or your wife, and your wife is looking for the love and attention from you, therefore, you both do not have it. If you had it, you would not be looking for it.

How can I give you something that I do not have? That is one of the problems between the couples, they look for the love and attention and the things that they need from the other person, and the other person does the same thing, and none of them have the ability to give to the other person. Therefore, they become unhappy with each other.

But, if you put your life on God, God has a lot of Love. He can give it to you. He can give it to her. Then you are not looking at each other but you both are looking at God, and your unity is assured. So, even if you are not from each others part, if the marriage is based on God and your life is based on that premise, you have no choice but to love one another and stay together forever. You will not divorce.

Divorce should be very, very minimal in the society, unless you both made a mistake, or one of you or both of you are having a hard time to put your marriage on God. Or, if there is an infidelity between you, and you do not want to stay with a person who cheated on you and you would rather just divorce and go away from each other.

So, divorce should be very rare, but if the situation is unbearable and it is not helping your physical, mental, or spiritual progress, you have to very carefully consider it, think about it, meditate on it, contemplate on it, and if the eventual decision was, "Yes, it is not going to work," divorce is recommended.

So, it should be very rare, and it should not be taken lightly because the family is the base of the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. If the family is weak, the Communities of Light are not there, and therefore, you cannot bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So, the family structure is the blocks of the society. If you destroy the blocks of the society, that society is not strong, no matter how strong it looks.

Actually, if you look at history, any time a people come to a point that their family structure is destroyed, they will be fall very, very fast, and they will go down the drain no matter how powerful that society looks.

So, the family is the essence, is the very important part of the society, therefore, it should be sanctified, it should be purified, and it should be kept together in the strongest way possible.

The next question is about the special requirements to become a member of the Mission. The answer is, to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

There are many levels in the Mission. You come here, you love the Mission, you love the teaching, and you say, "Yes, he makes a lot of sense. I love it. It is the unification of the religions." But, you do not do anything about it. That is one level.

Another level you say, "Oh, I love it. It is beautiful. I will go and talk with my friends." You go and talk with your friends, and your friends look at you and say, "Are you crazy or something?" And you give up. You say, "OK, it is not going to work." That is another level.

Another level is, you say, "My friends are not ready but there might be other people out there who are ready for this Message." And you reach out in a greater degree.

Of course, you can start meditating on our Universal Mantra, which is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. It means, "The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything." That is a powerful and wonderful mantra, and it is the Universal Mantra. That guides you to what is the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine.

How do you become Divine? You become Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path. That is why we are all called "Divines" in the Mission.

Then if you want to go further, you send me an e-mail and tell me, "I saw the Vision. I saw the Mission. I saw the teaching. I decided that I want to dedicate my life to this. I found out that I have no choice but to follow this Path. This is what I was looking for, that is what I was waiting for. Therefore, I am ready to become a part of the Mission, of the active members in the Mission."

As an active member in the Mission, probably the first step is to become a contact wherever you are. You reach to your environment, the people around you, to the community you live in. The further step is if you find a couple of people interested to create a center there and invite them to come to meditate with you. Invite them to come to the Satsangs, come to the reading of THOTH. Start a room in your own language, if you know a language that you can communicate this to the people who do not know English.

We have a French room in the morning on Saturdays between 7-8:30 AM Mountain Standard Time, and if you are a French speaking person, you can go ahead and talk to Ishvara and Radah there. They will talk to you about the Mission in French.

If you know Arabic, open a room in Arabic. If you know German, start a room in German. So, reach out. Reach out any way you can.

A contact person is the beginning of the creation of the Communities of Light. Then, of course, after you attracted people in the area, you might expand. And, eventually, you might create a Community of Light.

A Community of Light is 12 X 12 X 12. Twelve couples come together. And, when they expand to 12 of the 12, then they become the second level in the community. And then 12 of the 12 units of 12, which is around 1,800 people, becomes one Community of Light.

When the Communities of Light are created all over the earth, then of course, the hierarchy of the Mission will evolve from these communities, and the whole hierarchy of the Mission will manifest on earth. But, right now we are the facilitating body to create that.

So, then you can get married and create the Communities of Light. Or another route is that you say, "I cannot find any partner. And, also, a partner might be distractive in my complete dedication to the Mission. I want to become a sannyasin. I want to completely forget about marriage and all of that. I want to dedicate myself absolutely to the Mission." You become a renunciate or a sannyasin. You become a full-time worker for the Mission.

So, take your pick. Where do you want to be? Do you want to just like the Mission, reach out on your own, and bring people to the Mission? Or, do you want to become a contact person, get married and start the Communities of Light? Or, do you want to become a contact person and eventually decide to become a sannyasin? It is up to you.

Of course, those people who become active members of the Mission, can ask to become initiated. Initiation is the seven-step initiation after using the Universal Mantra. The first step is the introductory initiation. Then there are four levels of The Word, that Holy Word that has not been on earth for the last two thousand years and now has been revealed to the Elects, those people who are dedicated to the Mission. And, the sixth level, very few people will receive, which is the highest initiation.

Again, if you are not an active member, you still can be a part of the Mission. If you are an active member, then you are working with me directly. We become co-workers. I work with you. I help you. You and I become co-workers to spread this Mission.

I hope these answers all make sense to you.

Babyface, go ahead.

Babyface: I appreciate the opportunity to hear your address. I have been listening intently to your opening address. There are a lot of questions that I have for you, Maitreya. However, because of the respect I want to give to other people who have their hands raised up, what I would do if I am allowed to do that, is ask one question, then get off the mic and then raise my hand again, so that other people will not have to wait as long as I had to wait to participate in asking you questions. So, I will do that for the respect of other people who want to also ask you questions.

The first thing that I wanted to ask you is, you mentioned that you are here as the prophecies of the prophecies, as far as the fulfiller, let me put it that way, to unify religions. My question to you is, you made a statement that all religions have a part of the truth. So, if that is the case then that means that there must be errors on the other half. So logically speaking, if you combine them all you will still have errors in it. For it to be complete, you would have to have a purer, cleaner source.

That is like saying, if you want a glass of clean water and everyone offers you glasses of water that are not clean, if you combine all your friends glasses of water, you would have more water, but the purity of the water would not change.

So, the affect on the body would be the same, and the body representing the people, and the affect on the body representing the divisions that dogmas have created in the religious communities. To me people would have to drink of the clean water, especially they would have to stop drinking the dirty, unclean water.

So my first question is, do you agree with that logical thinking that I proposed? If not, can you elaborate on the whole thing? I will release the microphone, and then get back on for my next question after.

Maitreya: There is no claim that other revelations are wrong or have errors in them. As I said, each blind person had a part of the elephant. It was not that they had the wrong person, or they were in error. What they were seeing, to them was the truth, complete, and perfect. But, the problem was that each of them separately did not have the whole truth.

It is just like having a pizza and having different parts of the pizza. Each part of the pizza is a pizza, and you can eat it. But if you want to see the whole pizza rounded and nicely looking on the dish, you have to put these pieces back together. Then you say, "OK. I see much more than one triangular piece of a pizza."

So, the question is not that they were not perfect, or that they had error. Of course, if the Prophet would not let his ego, or his own understanding come in, and would let the Pure God come through, therefore, they would have the perfect revelation to the extent that they have been authorized to reveal.

Some of these Prophets have not been authorized to reveal the whole truth. Actually, there has never been a revelation that has come to humanity through a person who would put it down on paper, print it, put it on a website, and reveal it to humanity as prophesied that every eye shall see it, hear it, and receive it.

So we can see that so far God did not provide all these tools for these Revelations to come to humanity in a complete way, in the way we have it now at this time. So, we can see that it is not a matter of not being perfect, or having error. It is a matter of being a part of a greater truth.

But, if you have a part of the truth, or a part of the book, still you are going to say, "Well, I do not know what the ending of it is." Or, you might imagine what the ending is going to be, because the author did not give you the whole book.

When you use your imagination to end a book, your imagination might not be exactly the same as the author, which in this case is God, would be. That is why the imagination of humanity has run wild, and we have so many dogmas and separation. Each religion says that they have the truth. But, they really have used their imagination to come up with the ending, how the ending is going to be.

The ending is in THOTH. THOTH tells you how the ending is. You have to create the Communities of Light, the Eternal Divine Path, and all of that.

So, we can see that it is not a matter of error. Probably the only place you might see that there might be an error, probably was in the Fifth Seal. That is the only place that God said it is not perfect. That is the only place that says that this Revelation was not perfect.

Prophet Muhammed said that he finished his Revelation. Prophet Muhammed said that he brought what God gave him, to his followers. So, his was perfect according to what he was supposed to bring to humanity. So you have to see how it is not a matter of imperfection, it is a matter of being a part of a greater truth.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thank you very much. I just understood that making a covenant with the station of God who is walking on earth right now, is not a joke. It is not like, "Yes, I am going and I will try. I will say that it is right and I will keep going on, and if I do not like it then I will stop," because it sounds in my ear like a Catholic marriage. You cannot even break it.

And, if the human being knows for himself that he has many weaknesses as a human being, just asking and wondering, really can I keep that commandment, that I really can fulfill everything expected of me, or maybe I will bring damage to the Mission?

Now is the question, how you can be sure, in your inner Soul, that if you come and bring no damage to anyone, and you can, with Gods Grace, keep the commandments of God? Thanks.

Maitreya: Well, when you come to the Mission, of course, we do not expect you to be perfect. It is very reasonable to realize that the person who comes to the Mission does not know too much about the Mission, they do not know about the teachings, and they do not know what they can do or cannot do for the Mission.

But, that should not prevent people from coming to the Mission. It should not prevent people to go to God if they are not perfect or pure. That is because going toward God is the process of perfection. If you sit there and say, "Well, I am not perfect. I cannot go to God. God is perfect. God is pure. Therefore, I should sit there and not go to God." That is not the way it should be done.

But you should say, "Well, I will start going, I will start moving toward God, and in the process, in the Path, in the Way to go there, I probably will be purified," because God is not going to let you in unless you are purified and ready for entering to Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, although you might not be pure and you might not feel like you do not have it perfectly, that should not prevent you from being a part of the Mission. If you really saw the Vision, if you really are Godly, or really want to follow God, you start from where you are. You do not start from where you should be.

So my recommendation is, do not worry about it. Do not even worry about your progress. As I have mentioned many times, it is just like putting a seed in the ground and going every day and taking it out, "Is it growing? Oh, it is not growing," and putting it back in the soil. The next day you do the same thing, "Is it growing?" It does not work that way.

You just put the seed, you love the seed, you see the Vision, you see the truth that has been revealed here, and you say, "Yes, that makes sense. I have been looking for this for all my life. There has to be unity between all these religions. There has to be a thread of unity. If there is One God, why do we have so many religions and why do we have so many dogmas?"

If you saw the Vision, go for it. You do not have to wait a minute. You say, "Yes, I see the Vision. It is the truth."

This Mission is not a joke. It is very serious. It is a very serious Mission here. Of course, we laugh, we joke, we are having fun here while we are doing it but at the same time it is very serious. Humanity needs it. Humanity has to realize that they need it.

God said they need it. God said that this will come. And, it is very serious. Do not take it lightly. Take it very seriously but at the same time, do not let it interfere with your commitment and say, "No, I cannot go because I am not perfect."

So I think you should start walking wherever you are toward that Goal.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Yahoooo.

Yahoooo: Maitreya, good morning. I was on your website, maitreya.org and I found that you also represent the Kalki Avatar. According to Hindu history, or the Puranas, it says that the Kalki Avatar will be carrying a sword, and he will be riding a horse.

Do you carry a sword with you? That is my first question. The next question is, your website also says that Kalki Avatar will be destroying the barbarians and thieves. How are you going to destroy these people on earth? If you want to do that, do you know that it is illegal here? How are you going to face that problem?

Maitreya: Well, probably I should go and buy a sword then because it is said that [laughter].

Well, if you look at the meaning of the sword, King David took the sword out of the stone. And, the symbol of sword has been in Europe. In the case of Attila, Attila also had to find a sword before he would be accepted as the promised one for the barbarians in the north of Europe.

The Kalki Avatar is supposed to carry a sword. What is that sword? Is it a real physical sword, or is it symbolic? If you read in THOTH, in Supplements, there is an essay on King Arthur and the sword. Actually, also the same sword is used as the symbol of the medical field, the caduceus.

What is the sword that all these people are using? You can see the sword means the raising of the kundalini. If you raise the kundalini to the seventh level, you will have the sword of truth in you, in your hand. That is what they are talking about in the Kalki Avatar prophecies.

King Arthur took it from the stone. What is the stone? It is the kundalini, it is asleep in the kundalini. Not everyone can take it away, just the Chosen One. The chosen one can take the sword out of the stone. Therefore, he has the sword of the truth, and he can fight with the truth and the truth comes out of his mouth and destroys the unholy.

So you can see that if you understand the symbolic meaning of the sword, you will see that it is not that hard to realize that that sword can come in the hand, or in the teaching, of the person who has been sent by God.

He rides a horse. Maitreya is also supposed to ride on a white horse. Christ rode the white horse. Even the four horsemen in The Revelation, each of them rode a horse. Did they really ride a horse, or was that a symbolic meaning of what it is?

The white horse always symbolizes the purity of the person who rides it. So, he has to come with purity. If he does not have purity, he cannot manifest God.

If you have the slightest impurity, you have ego. And, if you have ego, you cannot present God in the fullest. And, this is the fullest. This is the last Revelation of God. So, I have to stay pure. I have to be pure. Therefore, I am riding the horse.

So you can see, do not take the word of God just as the words you see. Understand the symbology. And, you can usually do that by seeing the same thing in other cultures, in other revelations, in other teachings, in other religions where they are talking about the same thing, about the sword, about the white horse, etc.

No Prophet, no Revealer, has come riding a horse. Even Prophet Muhammed did not ride a white horse. He rode a white camel. Neither did Krishna, nor Shiva, none of them did that. So, we can see that we have to see the symbolic meaning of what it means.

Am I going to be killing and destroying people? I do not have to. They are going to do it themselves. The warmongers, the terrorists, and all those who are against each other, and in the different religions, are at each others throats. They are killing each other by the thousands every day. The only thing this Revelation will do is reach more people, educate more people, and change a lot of peoples minds. They will realize that they have no choice.

Let these wars go, how long are they going to go? How long are they going to continue? Who is going to win?

You are going to see that no one is going to win. War has no winner. Everyone loses in it. And, those people who cheer, they think they won, but they lose something too.

Any person who starts war and is destructive will lose something. So they eventually have to realize these things and say, "The only way is Maitreyas way. The only way is Gods way. The only way is the Eternal Divine Path, Communities of Light, unification, and the Kingdom."

All these other things are man-made and will be completely destructive and bring more suffering to humanity before they realize that there is One God, One Humanity, on One Earth.

So again, when it says the Kalki Avatar will destroy the thieves and all of that, it is also symbolic.

I do not have to do it. It will be done through the warmongers and the disunity that humanity is following.

Actually, we are caught in the clouds, or destruction and confusion on earth with those people who are called for this Mission. Those who come and join me, they join me in the clouds, which is the earth, which is the destruction on earth. So, we can see that that prophecy also is fulfilled that we are in the clouds. There is confusion, and there is destruction on earth. But we are not affected by it because we come together in peace, unity, and eventually educate everyone to come and see this Vision and become one.

Go ahead, Babyface.

Babyface: I would like to say, first of all that you responded to my first question that I asked you by saying that all religions have part of the truth but no errors. But, you condemn dogmas.

My question to you is, how can you separate dogmas from religion when religion is dogmas? The most popular religions in the west are Judaism and Christianity. And every Christian church has a different belief, a different dogma. So there must be errors in them if all the Christian churches have dogmas, and they all have a different belief, or a different religious interpretation of the Scriptures.

So once again, I would like elaboration with this question, How can religion be looked at as part with no errors when all religions have a different idealism, and they use dogmas as their basic tenant and teaching? Thank you.

Maitreya: Well, apparently, your question in the beginning, I thought you were talking about the error in the Revelation. Now you are talking about the error in religions.

They are two different things. Let us not make a mistake between the religions and the followers. Let us not make a mistake between Christianity and Christians. Let us not make a mistake between Islam and Moslems. Let us not make a mistake between Judaism and Jews, or Hinduism and Hindus. They are absolutely two different things.

If you are talking about the Revelation that the Prophet brought, that is pure. That does not have any error in it. If you are talking about the religion that the people follow after the Prophet brought it, that is absolutely a completely different story, and there is a lot of error in the followers.

The followers have made the dogmas. The Revelation did not have any dogma. The Revelation was pure, the truth, from God, and therefore, was a part of the greater truth that we have brought now.

Now we have purified those Revelations even further, brought the essence of each religion to you, and it has come to you as a Path. Therefore, if you follow the Path, you will see the benefit.

We do not have any dogmas. You do not have to believe in any dogmas. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will reap the benefit. Therefore, it does not have any dogma now. Dogmas are out. Religions are purified.

You do not have to worry about those religions. Those religions, their days are numbered. How long are they going to kill each other? For another ten thousand years? Eventually, they will realize, "Well, there is another alternative." And, we are the alternative to these religions.

There is no dogma in this religion. It is a Path. If you follow it, you reap the benefit. Let us separate religions and the followers. Even in this I always say, although I love the people who follow me, although I love the Divines, but do not even accept their words wholeheartedly if they do not make sense. Come to hear from me directly, or go to THOTH, the book, the Revelation, and find it yourself.

So make that distinction between religion and the Revelation and the followers, and then you will see the dogmas completely vanish. Now they are purified with this Revelation, therefore, do not worry about them. Just follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Go ahead, Yahoooo.

Yahooo: So, Maitreya, you are not going to destroy barbarians and thieves, right? But, you know that it says the Kalki Avatar is going to destroy the barbarians and thieves. So, logically, you are not the Kalki Avatar, right?

Maitreya: Well, that is your opinion, Yahooo. And, I really do not care about peoples opinions. The only thing I care about is what God revealed to me, what is the truth, the Revelation, and the fulfillment of the Prophecies.

You have come here many times. You repeat the same question over, and over, and over, wasting my time, and wasting other peoples time. I gave you the answer. I do not have to destroy anyone or anything. They will destroy themselves.

Yes, when the Kalki Avatar comes, thieves and all those bad people will be destroyed. But, will the Kalki Avatar destroy them himself? Not necessarily. I do not need to, because God will do it for me. I will leave the work of that to Him.

I will preach the Word, attract the Elects, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The rest will fall into their places. I am not worried about them.

I told you it is symbolic. If you want to go ahead and make a big deal of it, that is fine, and that is your problem.

Go ahead, Mentor Says.

Mentor Says: Thank you, Maitreya, good morning. The awakening of the kundalini, how is it manifested in the followers? Can they feel anything?

Maitreya: Well, the awakening of the kundalini happens in different ways. It is a very individual thing. Some people feel it. Some people do not. It comes very gradually to them and eventually they become more flowing, more connected, more beautiful, and they feel God in a greater degree. But some people, when they meditate, have different experiences, like they hear the cricket sound, or the door slamming. Different chakras have different sounds. They see different colors. They experience the joy or disappointment. It depends on how their karma has been in the past and how fast they are progressing and how much they are looking for experience or for understanding and becoming Godly. So, that is why again there is so much confusion about the raising of the kundalini.

We can see that in the Hindu literature, many people have seen it differently in many colors, in many sounds, and in many experiences. Some people have seen the rising of a serpent with seven heads. Some have seen a serpent with a thousand heads. So, you cannot really say exactly that there is one way to experience it.

To answer your question, the best one is the one that helps you to follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize Gods Revelation, understand the unification of humanity, and become an Elect. In that sense, you have risen your kundalini. Not only that but you also dedicated your life to the creation of the Communities of Light, and manifest the egolessness, being surrendered and submissive to God, you are not being attached to the result, and you become a universalist. Therefore, you become an Elect.

So the raising of the kundalini is not the goal of spiritual progress. It will raise by itself gradually in a much more permanent way than just forsaking the society, going to the mountains, being naked, and eating bird food in the jungle, etc.

So again our teaching actually corrects the problem with the Mystical Paths, in which they become escapists. And, escapism, of course, brings destruction to the society and community.

So, I would not be too worried about the awakening of the spiritual forces. Just meditate on the Universal Mantra we gave you, try to become more and more involved with the Eternal Divine Path, and the kundalini will eventually arise.

Mentor Says: In The Eternal Divine Path, sacrifice, surrendering, universalism, the Elects, etc., are they only mental concepts or do the followers actually manifest those qualities?

Maitreya: Those are actual qualities that you have to manifest. They are not something that you just visualize and they are going to happen. You can visualize them if it will help you but that is not the teaching. The teaching is to truly meditate, try to know thyself, awaken your spiritual forces, and then direct those toward the creation of the Communities of Light. You then attract like-minded people in your community and try to create a center or a place that the teaching emanates from it. Attract other people to come, join you, and create the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, you have to sacrifice, and also teach other people in the community that they have to give more into the community than they take. That is because you cannot have a full bucket of water if you put in a little water and take a lot out of it. It will not last. That bucket will dry out.

Of course, stay with Gods Grace and His bounty, but at the same time be logical and create a community that is based on a logical way. The members should be giving more into it than taking from it. And, therefore, the community will prosper, will expand, and they will have enough resources to reach even in a greater degree. These are not just mental concepts.

So you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct that toward the Communities of Light, you sacrifice, surrender and submit, (surrender the result or let God do it through you), and you become a universalist. You have to become a universalist, otherwise you will be narrow in your view.

These are all absolute things you have to do. It is not something that you just sit there and think about it only. Thinking is good, but doing is better. Action is much louder than thought or speech.

So, they are actual qualities.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thank you, Lord. I have a question about the translating of prayers. Because I do not think that will be easy for some people to read the prayers or meditation in the English language. And, now someone who just comes in touch with the teaching, how can he now start praying in another language? I think, can someone who just for reading, and writing, translate the prayers for his own self and start doing the prayer in his own language? Thank you.

Maitreya: We recommend and encourage everyone to learn English, because the Revelation has come in English. You will understand it if you know English. And as you know, whenever you translate anything from one language to another language, you surely will lose a part of the strength of that literature, or in this case, Revelation.

Therefore, we do recommend that everyone learn English. English actually has become a universal language. It is a universal language because it has been influenced with many, many other languages. Actually, it has been influenced with French and Latin. And, of course, French has been influenced with the Arabic language because the Arabic language has influenced the Spanish language. Therefore, you can see that a lot of influence has come to English, and it has become a universal language.

Also, it takes a lot of other words from other cultures. Just in the last fifty years, the words like karma, darma, meditation, and things like that, have come from Sanscrit to English, and it has become a part of the language. Someone talks about, "It is your karma," and everyone understands in general what that means. If you would have said, "It is your karma," fifty years ago, everyone would have said, "What is karma? What are you talking about?" They did not know what karma meant at that time.

Therefore, English has become the base of the universal language for humanity. But, of course, as this language evolves and other people come into it, little-by-little many other influences will come into it, and at the end it is going to be absolutely a different language. But, everyone can talk and understand this language.

We have to have one universal language in order for humanity to be able to communicate. English seems to be chosen by God to be that language. If you go to any country you will find, at least in the hotels, someone speaks English that you can talk with them in English. But, if you go to other places and you want to speak Persian, not everyone speaks Persian.

I am not even attached to my own language because I am a universalist. And, I say that English has been chosen for that reason.

So, we encourage everyone to learn English. French is also very popular, and Spanish. But, English is the one that is all over the world and everyone uses it. So, we would rather people stay with English, but if you want to translate our teaching to another language, that would be fine.

Actually, a part of our teaching has been translated into French. If you go to the French web, if you know French, you can read them there. But, even there we encountered a problem that there is no "greatest" in French. So, The Greatest Sign could not be translated into French. We cannot say The Greatest Sign. You can say "Grand Sign" but not "Greatest Sign."

So, we decided to just leave it as The Greatest Sign (in English) in that language. So if you go to the French website, everything is French, but The Greatest Sign is The Greatest Sign. If you want to understand what The Greatest Sign means, you still have to know some English.

So, the recommendation is that everyone should learn English and become proficient in it. If you want to keep your language and translate THOTH, that is all right, but try to understand and do the prayer in English.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Babyface.

Babyface: Thanks a lot, Maitreya. Basically, I wanted to ask you, you mentioned that there was a miscommunication. Before I start with my question, I wanted to say that my text is disabled and I wanted to know if everyone here who is not a disciple of yours, the text is disabled, or is this basically a Babyface thing? I just wanted to know. Or, maybe someone else, or Shakti or Ananda Ma, could answer that.

The question I wanted to ask you is that, I guess I miscommunicated, we miscommunicated, as far as my first question about you saying earlier about religion is in part and combined together makes a complete whole. You mentioned that that was not what you meant. It was about the message, I guess, the message of every religion is in part and that was a miscommunication. So I said OK, we miscommunicated on that. But you did use the word religion, but I guess it was a miscommunication.

So, my third question in this line is, Is the Bible, according to you, 100% accurate? I also wanted to ask you that. I was speaking with the followers of yours yesterday, that according to them they think that you are the same person as Yeshua, in English, Jesus. So, are you the reincarnation of Yeshua, Jesus, in the English? Meaning are you the same Soul, are you the same person? And if you are, how accurate are the sayings in English, you being the reincarnation of Jesus supposed to have said about you. I would wonder about Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, those things in the red that are supposed to be your actual words. Were those the actual words that you had spoken, or was that a misrepresentation of your words? Thank you.

Maitreya: The first question about the red dotting. We had people who came here and grabbed the mic. And the reason your text does not come in is because you are red-dotted. And, anyone who is red-dotted cannot write text. That is another reason that we red-dot people, because the text is going to scroll up very fast and people start talking with each other, and paying attention to the text instead of paying attention to the Message and Maitreya.

So that is one reason why those people who are red-dotted cannot write. Those who write are usually people who are in the Mission and they are the people who explain some of my teaching when I talk, or when the question comes in, they explain it, and also they give the different ways of saying the things I might miss, etc. So, that is the reason for it. It is nothing that you have done or anything personal. It is just to keep the room focused on the Mission and on the Message, and on the things we teach here.

The other question was about the Revelations, that they were pure. But, of course, the disciples later on brought the dogmas into them, and they became impure.

You ended up with asking if the Bible is all the Word of God. We know that the Bible has been translated at least twenty-seven times before the King James version. Of course, after King James, they have had many translations just in the last ten or twenty years that came up with new versions, etc. And, as I have said, each time you translate a book or put new commentaries on them, something will be missed, something will be added to it, and all of that.

No, I do not believe that every part of the Bible is the Word of God. The guideline that usually I give is, the part I have given commentary on, you can be pretty sure that it is the Word of God and the commentary has been given.

Actually, I do not know if you know about Jeffersons Bible, if you have heard about it or not. Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, even could not believe everything that Christians told him. So, he tried to purify it. He took out everything else out and wrote a Bible, which is called, Jeffersons Bible. He took everything that did not make sense, at least to him, and he pretty much did a good job doing that.

So, if you want to really know what New Testament part is correct, probably that Jefferson's Bible will probably give you a good idea. It takes a lot of parts out.

We do not believe anything after the four gospels to The Revelation. Those are disciples talking. They have some truth. I am not saying that they do not have any truth, OK? The problem with the false prophets or those who misguide humanity is that they give a lot of truth, and even if they give a couple of falsities, that is enough to completely destroy whatever truth they might have or gave.

So, we have to be very careful when we read the Scriptures, especially those that have not been written by the Prophet. And no Scriptures were written by the Prophets but the ones written after Bab. And, even Babs Revelation was lost, and you cannot even find the original Bayan.

In Baha'u'llahs teaching, he did not reveal everything he wrote. He actually destroyed some of them. He had a clerk who did most of the job for him. So, we can see that we have to be very careful.

Even the Koran itself was lost, and there were two versions. And, eventually they settled on the one that we have now.

So the Scriptures are not all the Word of God, but the Bible itself is not completely pure. Just be careful. Just compare it with THOTH, compare it with the Word of God to see, does it make sense or not? If it does not make sense, then man has influenced the book.

But, God is smart. It is just like, they tried to destroy reincarnation from the Bible, completely take it out. Now we can see right in the New Testament, it says that John the Baptist was Elijah. How is that possible? The only explanation is that he was the reincarnation of Elijah. He came from the womb of a woman. Therefore, we can see that even reincarnation is still in the Bible. They tried to change it; they tried to destroy it. They could not get the Word of God out.

God is very smart. As the Koran said, "They plot against God, and God is the best plotter." So, the truth still is there. Most of them have been written in THOTH and revealed to humanity. The rest, just be careful with them.

Go ahead, Babyface.

Babyface: The question that I wanted to ask you, is the salvation plan accurate when it teaches us that we have to believe that Jesus Christ has died on the cross for our sins in order to be saved or born again? So I guess what I am asking, is the Christian interpretation, or salvation plan of being born again: repentance, knowing that you are a sinner, saved by Grace. Are these things that they have added to and are errors, or are these accurate ways to get born again is: to repent, know, believe that Jesus Christ has died on the cross for your sins in order to be saved, or born again. Can you elaborate on this for me? Thank you.

Maitreya: Sure. Well, at the time of the Garden of Eden, the Grace was taken away from humanity. And that is what it means that they were thrown out of Eden, the Garden.

The Garden is when The Grace is with you. When The Grace is with you, you do not have to worry about anything. It is going to come to you by Grace, and your life is going to be easy. Your life is going to be just like in the Garden of Eden. They did not have to till the ground, and they did not have to suffer.

But, they fell. They said, "I know better than God what is good and evil, what is good for me, and what is not good for me." Therefore, God said, "Oh, OK. If you think like that, then you are out of My Grace. Go ahead, decide for yourself, and see how does that feel." And, of course, humanity has been in trouble since.

If you read THOTH, it explains that all those things are symbolic, and all of that. It was the lower nature of man that made them fall, etc.

Now if you go after the Garden of Eden, you will see that God made an elaborate symbolic sacrifice of animals, sacrifice of even humans. Abraham almost killed his son as a sacrifice to God. Of course, that was symbolic that from then on human sacrifice was not acceptable any more, but the sacrifice went to the animals. That was when the Children of Israel came, they did elaborate sacrifice of the sheep, goats, and all of that for every aspect of their lives.

In the time of the Passover, the requirement was that you kill a lamb, and a lamb, which is blameless, with no blemish on it, a perfect one, the one you love the best in your flock. You sacrifice it for God, and you put the blood around the entrance in your house.

That was when God passed them over. He sent Grace to those people and passed over them. Therefore they did not receive the punishment that the rest of the Egyptians received when their first sons were dead.

That transfers to Christ. Christ came as the Lamb of God, the unblemished one, the pure one, the perfect one that God chose as His First Begotten Son. He came, he died on the cross, and his blood was shed. So, what he did was, he finished the period of The Grace being taken from humanity in the Garden of Eden, and it was released to humanity at that time.

That is why anyone who believes this, that Christ was the Son of God, and he came and died for the sin of man which started at the time of Adam, will receive The Grace. You do not have to be Christian. You do not have to claim, "I am Christian," to receive The Grace. You have to realize that that is what happened.

The Grace was taken because the lower nature of man made man fall, and then when Christ came and died on the cross, he really was the Lamb of God whose blood was shed, and no longer those elaborate rituals of killing animals were necessary because he brought The Grace back.

So, in a sense, yes, Christianity has the truth in it. But, it does not mean that anyone who believes in the name of Jesus, which really is not his name, will be saved.

I hope that answers your question.

Go ahead, Babyface.

Babyface: I only have three more questions left, and then I will listen to the rest of the teachings in the room.

I appreciate how polite you have been and how eloquent you have been in your case.

The first question that I would like to ask you, Maitreya, is the Christian concept of hell accurate? You know, the concept that if you do not repent of your sins, because of Adam and Eves sin in the Garden of Eden, that they gave all the world a sinful nature, so to speak.

So, everyone has a sinful nature, unless we repent of our sins and God cleans us out of that, then we are going to hell and burn with Lucifer. Is that correct, or is that an error?

Also, I would like to ask you, when did you know that you were Jesus, and when did you know your Mission for the world? When did you know this growing up?

And, lastly, do you study books like most humans, most people, or do you have the knowledge come to you by Spirit? Or, do you do both?

I appreciate my time with you, Maitreya. That ends my questions, and I will listen to your answers and participate with the rest of the room. Thank you very much for taking the time with me.

Maitreya: Well, about the sinful nature of man. It did not happen after the fall of Adam and Eve. It was with Adam and Eve. If they did not have it, they would not have sinned. So it is something, it is in man from the foundation of the world.

Actually, if you read the Bible, it says what? It says, "The darkness was upon the face of the deep," or the darkness was already there. And, the Spirit of God moved and went through The Eternal Divine Path, and God said, "There was light," and all of that.

So, you can see that when the universe went out of balance, the individual ego evolved, and the whole problem is the ego of the individual person who becomes self-centered, and each person wants to have whatever they want. They want to become God themselves, and they do not want to listen to God who sends the Prophets and Revelations to them. The separation, dogma, and destruction comes to them.

So, the concept that sin started after Adam is false because Adam and Eve fell themselves, therefore, the lower nature of man was with man even before they fell. And that is the reason they fell, actually.

God did not want them to fall. He told them, "Do not do those things, and you will be fine. You will stay in My Grace." But, the lower nature says, "No, do not listen to God, you can become God yourself." That is exactly what a lot of people are teaching these days, that you are God.

That is true, you have the essence of God in you but you have not created the purity of manifesting Gods qualities through you. So the false teaching is, you are god without really manifesting Gods qualities through yourself. And then what do you become? You say you are God, but you have a filthy mind, a filthy life, impurities and all these things, but at the same time you are yelling, "I am God." Are you manifesting compassion, love, purity, and the laws of God? If you do that, then yes, you are manifesting God. So we can see that you can become god (with a small "g"), but you are not god yet.

When Adam and Eve fell, when they did not listen to God, and they wanted to become God themselves. That is when The Grace was taken away. Man fell to the lower nature, and God made them more flesh. Actually, man was not as much flesh as we are now.

So, we can see that when The Grace was taken away, it was taken all the way to the time of Christ, and then The Grace was released.

Is there any hell? Hell is here and now. Hell is the lower nature. Hell is disconnection from God and The Grace. That is where the hell is.

See, if hell is a place that burns you with fire, what is fire? Fire still is an element. It is a manifestation. It is something physical. But, Spirit has no physical tangibility. How can hell be a place? Therefore, hell is a state of mind, and when you fall from The Grace, that is where hell is.

When did I know I had a Mission? Well, I was growing up like everyone else. Of course, I was a very different child, probably. I was more meditative and all that. There is a writing in our website that you can go and read about how I become Maitreya, how I realized all these things, and how the Revelation started coming to me. And eventually, I realized that I had no choice but to do this Mission.

That is why I ask all those who want to come to this Mission to tell me that they have no choice. That is because I did not have any choice. And, if you want to come to this Mission, I do not want you to have any choice besides this Mission.

If you have another choice, go ahead and do your choices, and then come here and say, "I do not have any choice either, just like you," because I did not have any choice. I had to do this Mission. And, then I reached out.

So when I was in this country, I was in school, and things started happening. My name was given to me as Maitreya, and then Vigi Kumar, and my name, of course, was Mohammed Husain. Joseph also was given to me by my wife because I had a cover, it looked like a coat with many colors. Also, I used that as my pen name, and all of that.

So if you want to read about that, go to the website, and read the writing, "How He Became Maitreya," and you can read all about it.

Your question about, Do I study books, or does it all come to me as a Revelation? It is both. Actually, in the beginning it was mostly books. I was reading about different religions, different cultures, Hinduism, Buddhism, mostly actually, Hinduism when I was in Ananda Marga and Baba's teachings and writings. When I was in Mississippi State University, I started reading about other religions in the books in the library.

Nowadays I rarely read. If there is a book, I usually just flip through it, and I know what is in it. It is not that much reading any more.

I hope that answered all your questions.

Go ahead, MentorSays.

MentorSays: Maitreya, as you are claiming you are Christ reincarnated, the founder of Saja Yoga is claiming she is The Holy Ghost. And indeed she is giving the awakening of the kundalini in mass and creating communities of light collectively. What is the difference between you two?

Maitreya: Well, the question is about another group or organization or a person who claims that she awakens the spiritual forces. There are many people out there, there are many teachers, many gurus, many people doing a lot of miracles, making ashes, raising people's kundalini, etc. These are your birthright to know and manifest yourself. God has given every ability. As Christ said, if you have the faith of the mustard seed, you can tell this mountain to go to yonder and it will. Therefore, do not fall for the miracles or claims.

What kind of prophecies has she fulfilled? Where in the Scripture did God say that a woman will come who will raise people's kundalinis and she is The Holy Ghost? So test the spirit, test the person who is claiming these things, to see if she has fulfilled the prophecies.

Did God say such a person would come? No matter what kind of miracles they will do, do not follow them if it is not based on the Scriptures. They will not take you to God. They will not teach you the truth. And no matter what kind of community they create, they are not the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore, I recommend that you be very careful, test the spirit, follow the word of God, the Revelations, the Scriptures, and the prophecies. I hope you will follow this advice.

Even if you want to follow that person, just be careful. And keep this in mind. Ask her, "What kind of prophecy have you fulfilled? Where in the Scripture does it say that such a person will come?" If she cannot answer or there is no such thing, therefore, according to our teaching and our understanding, there is no other teacher who should be accepted but this Revelation, which is the opening of the Seven Seals.

So to answer your question, I have no interest whatsoever in any other teaching or any other person on earth but this Revelation and teachings.

Go ahead, BroFrank.

BroFrank: Yes, thank you, my Lord, Maitreya. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your wisdom and your teaching that we should test the Spirit and be very careful and cautious. I know that the Scripture tell us that we bless those who have not seen and yet believe. Those are blessed. I am afraid that I have been the doubting Thomas and must prove all things.

I heard you mention earlier that you have found that you are indeed the Sayyed, a direct descendant of Muhammed, and indeed you are through Sayyed Muhammad Ali Beg. That is according to your genealogy. We have looked further and by His Grace have connected you to Abbas Khan who is Nadir Shah, who is the son of Muhammad Hasan Beg, which is a direct descendant of the Bab, and a direct descendant of King David. We have learned through history that the word Christ, the English word Christ, is the same as the Greek word Christos, which is the same as the Hebrew word Messiah, which means Christ, which means son of David. And, you are in fact a son of David. There is absolutely no doubt about this. And, I bow to the Divine in you, my Lord. And, thank you very much.

Maitreya: Thank God, Brother Frank. May this also make many other doubting Thomases not doubt any more and realize that it is true. This Revelation has come from God, has fulfilled all the prophecies, even those that I did not expect myself to be fulfilled, which is the one that you have found about the genealogy that goes all the way to King David and Prophet Muhammed. Therefore, that is another sign that this Revelation is true. And, I cannot say anything else but the truth. I hope that everyone also sees that and comes, joins, and spreads this Revelation to every corner of the earth.

Go ahead, Torqi.

Torqi: I heard that Maitreya is about the healer, the Awaited One by each religion according to their beliefs and Holy Scripture. Is it about that, that people of all faiths are waiting for someone to come?

Maitreya: Well, I do not understand your question here. If anyone understands the question, they can come in and tell us exactly what Touqi means.

If you are asking if I claim that I am the fulfiller of all the prophecies and expectations of all religions, well that is what we claim. But you have to prove it to yourself. Go to the website, read about it, see the prophecies are fulfilled, talk to BroFrank too about my genealogy. He is the expert of the Maitreya genealogy in the Mission of Maitreya. So, you can ask him about that. He will tell you what it is.

If you saw that, "Yes, it is the fulfillment of all the prophecies, therefore, you will realize that God really exists, because God said that He is going to send all these religions and also open the Seven Seals, and He did it. Therefore, God exists and this is the fulfillment of all of what God said."

I hope that answered your question. If it does not, go ahead Torqi.

Torqi: I want you to explain Maitreya.

Maitreya: Oh, OK. Torqi wants Maitreya to be explained. Maitreya is the opener of the Seventh Seal, unifier of all religions, fulfillment of all the prophecies, and fulfillment of the expectation for humanity.

As Christ said, "When the sky is red and moisture is in the air, you know it is going to rain." And, when the tribulation and destruction is on the earth, just like this, and the morality has fallen to the lowest it ever was, then we can see that God will come to earth to guide humanity to a higher level. And, that is what Maitreya is.

Torqi: Is it about what I ask, because I cannot hear you.

Maitreya: Well, I am sorry you cannot hear, but I am just going to stop there answering your questions. Go to our website, everything you have to know is there.

Go ahead, Babyface. Please keep it short. We are at the end of our time, and probably we are not going to stay here much longer. But, go ahead, and we will continue for a while.

Babyface: Thanks a lot, Maitreya. I have another question that popped in my head while listening to the dialogue. In Genesis, Chapter 6, verse 4, it speaks about that there were giants in the earth. It also speaks about, in verse 2 that, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took wives of all that they chose."

In some of the research that I have done, it seems to be that there were extraterrestrial experiences throughout civilization. The sun gods were what the Egyptians called them. I have also researched the history of Christianity through Constantine and the Council of Nicene. I just wanted to know, would you agree that not only in the book call The Thirteenth Planet by Zecharias Siskin, who documents the history of the extraterrestrials called I cannot think of what he called them, darn it. But, anyway, do you agree that extraterrestrials have contributed to, or have interfered in the evolution of mankind? Do you have ultimate knowledge of the variety of extraterrestrials that have played a role in the evolution of mankind and those who are negative, who are doing negative things to mankind, like the Lord God Jehovah of the Pleiades. Can you elaborate on that topic? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, the possibility that there is life out there is more than it is not. It is just like the possibility that there is a God who is directing evolution, is greater than if it all happened by chance.

The possibility that there are some beings out there or extraterrestrial beings out there that we do not know about or they are more advanced than us, is there. We have more than a billion suns just in our own solar system, and all of them might have planets. Why not? Why not life evolved in those planets also? Why not life evolved in them even before we were evolved, millions and billions of years ago? So, the possibility is there.

Were there extraterrestrials who came to earth? The book that you mentioned, I think it is called, The Thirteenth Planet, talks about the thirteenth planet comes every 3,600 years. It comes to the solar system and then goes back, and forth.

That is a very interesting book. It makes a lot of sense. But, as you were just explaining, it brings more confusion. There are so many theories, so many ways of explaining the same thing, and at the end, you do not really know what the answer is.

The answer is very simple to me. It is God that has been doing all these things. And how it is done, those are the details. I am not a detail person. I am a general person. I do not like to go into too many details. When you go into the details, as they say, "the devil is in the details," it brings confusion.

The most important thing is that the sons of God fell. They came, and they became very attached to the earth. Also, they were not the same as we are. They were a different kind of human. Their third eyes were open. That is the reason for the flood of Noah. After the flood of Noah, as you can read in THOTH, the man was changed. His third eye was closed. He could not manipulate the forces and powers of nature.

They were so good at manipulating these powers and forces that they extracted the life-force, would rejuvenate the body, and it would last for a long time. That was the misuse of the power and their failing. That is why God did not want to cope up with them any more. That is why He closed our third eyes and left us with two eyes. We just see the external world, and we take it as the reality and the truth. But, in truth, the spiritual reality is much, much greater than this external world that many people accept as the reality.

So, I do not want to go into the detail of it.

Do I believe in extraterrestrials? Well, as I said, the possibility is greater that there are, than that there are not. But if there are any, they will not help us until we grow up ourselves, mature, and reach a point that they can communicate in the same level with us, because we are like little children, still fighting, destroying, killing one another, and have not learned.

Maybe after the creation of the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom of Heaven, when humanity reaches a point that they cooperate and they reach to the stars in a greater degree, will we see them come forward.

It was nice having all of you here. May God Bless all of you. May you have been blessed with this session. May you take this in your Spirit, let it grow, and become a great tree so you can give great fruit to humanity. Reach to everyone, tell them all this teaching. Let them know that God has returned. He has brought the greatest Revelation for humanity for the last 12,000 years.

Sal-OM. See you next week.

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