Satsang (Discourse) 12/15/01




Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. This is Maitreya, and we are having Satsang.

Satsang means, "good company," when people come and talk about God and higher consciousness, and greater things than the mundane things. In this case, of course, we are going to talk about the Mission of Maitreya.

The Mission of Maitreya is the fulfillment of the prophecy that the teaching will come that will unify humanity and all religions together. It will come at the time that humanity will be in dire need of help to unify and realize that there is only One God, One Humanity, and One Earth.

We represent that energy. The explanation is that each religion, which has come to this point, is a part of the greater truth, and when you put all of them together, you will see the whole picture and the whole truth of the Eternal Divine Path. That is what this Path is called.

It has five steps with two results. Therefore, the Seven Seals in the Path show that each of the great religions of the world has one of the seals, and when you put them together, you see that God has been trying to reveal a Path to humanity through these seals.

So, we are going to explain these seals today. Every Saturday the Seven Seals and the Eternal Divine Path will be explained to everyone in the room. Those who have heard it maybe will see it in different ways, because each time it is explained it will be explained differently. Those who are new, of course, will be hearing it for the first time, and hopefully they will understand what has been said, see the truth behind it and say, "Yes, that makes a lot of sense."

Of course, our claim is not based on empty claims. The prophecies have been fulfilled, and it has been foretold that there are going to be Seven Seals and that the book with the Seven Seals will be opened at the end time. If you have even the slightest sense, you will see that it is the time of upheaval, destruction, separation, and hateful reference to each other. Humans are coming to the point that they absolutely are manifesting amazing hatefulness toward each other instead of respecting one another and realizing that the Essence of God is in every human being, and everyone and everything that God created, is a part of Him.

You cannot separate them; you have to realize that God is everything. If you realize that, therefore, you cannot be hateful of anyone. You cannot hate a person. You might hate some of their actions, but still the Essence is in them, and they can realize God.

Of course, humanity has a lot to learn and a lot to unlearn, because every person has their own ideas, their own understanding. They have read, realized, and eventually come to some conclusion, that this is the way God wants things to be. Usually, that is not the way God wants things to be, but that is their own understanding.

Actually, God said that He would be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. If you read Revelation, verse 10:7 that is exactly what God is revealing. Also after the Seven Seals, seven vials, and seven churches is the time of the unification and the realization of what God is, and His mystery will be finished to humanity.

Therefore, no one, not a single Soul on earth, has the whole truth and knows the mystery of God until that Seventh Revelation comes to humanity. And, now, this Seventh Revelation is on earth. You can read this Revelation, read our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, and see what the mystery is, and you will see the whole picture. And, if you have been called for this Mission, you will say, "Yes, that makes sense," and you will be One.

So you have come to a room that if you really study what we offer and what is in our website and in the Scripture, you will see God in a new way, in a new light. It is the new wine. You have to put it in a new skin. You have to empty your cup in order for this to fill in your cup, and you can see, "Yes, that makes sense more than any other religion or philosophy and the things that I know."

Basically, the Eternal Divine Path consists of five steps. The first step is awakening your spiritual forces. That means, meditate, concentrate, and "Be still and know that I am God." That is exactly what God said, "Awaken your spiritual forces."

How can you see God? The only way you can see It is when your mind is still. When you mind is not still and full of desires, attachments, wants, and is turbulent, it is just like a lake, a turbulent lake. Can you see the reflection of the moon? You cannot. It breaks up to thousands and millions of pieces. But, if you calm the lake and make it completely still, suddenly you see the reflection of the moon, or the Divine, in the lake. And you say, "Yes, that is what they were talking about. That is what God is."

I am not here to explain God to you. I can tell you how you can realize God, how you can see God, how you can go to God, but you are the person who has to walk the Path to go there. Therefore, the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is meditation, concentration, prayer, and any technique that can help you to still the mind and see the reflection of God within you.

That covers all the Mystical Paths on earth. There are many, many Mystical Paths that basically teach, "Know thyself to know God," "Be still and know that I am God," that you are God, that God is within you. These, of course, cover Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabala, Mystical Christianity (just like the Saints in Christianity who realize Christ, they die in Christ, and they progress), Sufism in Islam, and many other paths that teach the same thing.

So the first step you see covers all the Mystical Paths. It unifies Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabala, Mystical Christianity, Sufis and every other mystical teaching.

Many mystics say that that is the end of the Path. You meditate, you realize God, you drop like a drop of water into the ocean, you become the ocean, you become one with God, and that is the goal of the life. You do not have to do anything else. That is the goal.

But, of course, in our teaching, God reveals that is not the goal, that is not the end of it. After you meditate and you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct this energy toward the creation of an environment where also other people can meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and reach higher consciousness.

That next step you can find in the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on God is trying to find a people, a community, the twelve tribes of Israel, who are chosen to be His Children, follow His Law, bring His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, bring His Laws on earth, and all of that.

So the second step in the Eternal Divine Path is to create Communities of Light, to create communities, tribes, the communities that are based on God and follow God's Laws. God's Laws are the dharma or the innate nature of everything created.

What is the innate nature of this computer? It is to take my voice, send it to Internet, and come to you. If it does it, then it is doing its dharma. But, if it does not, if it continues not doing it, what do we do with it? We throw it away. We say it is no good. It is not doing its dharma. It will be lost.

So, in the Communities of Light everything will be based on the innate nature of everything. By creation of such communities, of course, more people will share and help each other. Therefore, they will have more time to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and, of course, even help greater in the community, and the community becomes greater in the Spirit and God.

So now, how are we going to create these communities? The Communities of Light are the theme of the Old Testament. Therefore, in the Eternal Divine Path, we bring the Old Testament into the Eternal Divine Path and unify it with the Mystical Paths.

Now, "I want to be in the Communities of Light, I meditate, I would like to create one, now what?" The next step is: sacrifice, not being self-centered. By realizing you should not be self-centered but other-centered in the community, you can bring greater energy into the community. Instead of saying, "What is in it for me?" all the time, saying, "OK, what is in it for me in the community in whole?"

Sacrifice, of course, was the essence of the message of Christ. Christ went all the way to the cross for his ideal. He overcame being self-centered and he sacrificed himself for a great ideal.

Therefore, the next step is the New Testament and Christ's teaching. Some Prophets have more than one mission. Christ also released The Grace. Whoever believes that Christ was the Son of God and he came on earth to bring this message to humanity will receive The Grace that had been released after he came to humanity.

So, the third step in the Eternal Divine Path is sacrifice. The first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces. The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light. The third step is sacrificing for the Communities of Light.

Now we sacrifice and nothing happens. We become depressed. Or, we sacrifice and everything starts happening. We become elated, we become egoistical, and we say, "Well, we are the people who are doing it." The moment, of course, we create ego, ego is like an umbrella we have over our heads, and we will disconnect the shower of The Grace from God. We will be disconnected from him. Now what? I am either going to become depressed or I am going to become egoistical.

The next step is: to surrender the result to God. That means that I do my best, I meditate, I try to awaken my spiritual forces, I join the Communities of Light, or try to start one, and I sacrifice for them, but after I did all this, I surrender the result to God and I say, "OK, I did everything humanly possible in my capacity to follow the Eternal Divine Path. I sacrificed, but the result is yours, God. I am not going to be attached to it."

Even greater than surrendering the result is the submission. Submission means realizing that really God is doing it through you anyway. Who is God? God is everything. Therefore, if I let God do through me, I will not be attached to the result because I have not done anything.

Therefore, with this realization, you completely free yourself from any attachments. Neither will you be egoistical, nor will you be depressed but you continue doing, working, giving, and trying to create the Communities of Light and at the same time be free from attachments. You are surrendered and submissive to God, and that is the message of Islam. Islam means being surrendered and submissive to God.

Therefore, you can see that all the Mystical Paths, Old Testament, New Testament, and Islam have been unified. Now, "I will do all these things and I will concentrate to help only a small part of the universe. I will only help my family, or my community, or my city, or my state, or my nation, or the whole earth." Still that is very narrow.

We have to expand ourselves and become universalists, and realize that the universe is our home, God is our Mother and Father, and we are His children. And, we will direct all these first four steps toward the creation of His Kingdom in the whole universe.

Therefore, we will shatter every ounce of the narrowness of the mind. We become universalists, and we can look at every person in the universe, or every being in the universe, as a part of God. We will not discriminate. We will not separate ourselves, and others, from each other. We will not be hateful or destructive and demonize other people. But, we will look at their essence. And if they are wrong, we will try to correct them and bring them to the Eternal Divine Path, and create the Communities of Light for them also so that they can become a part of God's Plan.

So, by awakening your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming an universalist, you will become an Elect. Of course, universalism, the fifth step, is related to the Baha'i teaching. Bab and Baha'u'llah brought the idea that all religions are basically the same. Therefore, it is one God and one humanity.

Of course, as you see in our teaching, it does not say all religions are the same but it says each religion has a message, and it goes very well with the Scripture that God said there are going to be Seven Seals. So, we can see that our teaching is much more scriptural than any other one on earth.

Therefore, after you go through the five steps, you become an Elect. That is what God was talking about, the Elects, all through every Scripture, that there are going to be Elects. And, the Elects are the people who God loves most.

These Elects are the people who follow the first five steps in the Eternal Divine Path, and that is the sixth seal. These Elects are the people we are looking for. They are the people who have gone through these five steps, or are open to it, see the truth, and realize the beauty of our teaching. They come and say, "Yes, that makes sense. We are chosen for this path. We will humbly accept and do the Will of God."

Of course, many will be called few will be chosen. Those few already know our teaching, love the teaching, understand the teaching, and when they hear it, they say, "Yes, it makes sense." They are not negative. They are not here to tell us that we are wrong or anything like that, but that it is great.

So, these Elects are the coming leaders of humanity. These are the people who will come, create the Communities of Light, and help the Mission start these communities. Eventually, after many communities are created, they will be connected, and we will have peace and everything that humans desire to have on earth, and God's Grace will be with us.

That is the base of our teachings, and that is what the unification of all religions is. Now if you have any questions, go ahead and ask, but please stay on the topic of the Mission of Maitreya. [silence]

If you need more information, you can go to the website and you will learn more. During the weekdays, there are three times that people here will be in the PalTalk. If you have other questions, come and ask them, and they will answer your questions. They will be here from 6:30 to 10:00 in the mornings, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, and from 8:00 to 9:30 PM. You can come at those times and ask your questions. If they cannot answer your questions, of course, they refer it to me. I will be here again next week, and we can talk about it then.

I will give you another minute or two to ask any questions. If you do not have any questions, then we will end the Satsang here until next week, and that will be the end of the Satsang.

Go ahead Khaled.

Khaled: Thank you, Lord. I just want to ask about Karma. Karma is something that we commit by ourselves? Or, is it just as they say in the Arabic-Islamic tradition, something that you have to do it? You have nothing to do with it. You do not create it; it is just God wrote down that you have to do such things. So, you must have this kind of life.

Now again, is Karma something that we create by ourselves?

Thanks, Lord.

Maitreya: Yes, Karma is the action in your lifetime. Actually, in the Koran, if you remember, God said that at the end time, everyone has their deeds like a necklace around their necks, and they will be judged according to what they have done.

Therefore, we can see that even Islam is talking about that your actions will create that necklace. So therefore, you are responsible for what you do.

It is a well-known Law in nature that every action will have a reaction equal with your action and opposite to it. And, the Law of Karma is the same thing. When you do an action, if it is not good, if it is not divine, if it is not holy, if it is not Godly, it will create a bad reaction. If it is a good action, is based on God's teaching, and is based on the Eternal Divine Path, you will be rewarded and it will be positively marked down as something good you have done. That is mostly the Hindu explanation of what Karma means.

But, according to our teaching, Karma is a process of learning. If you do something wrong, of course, you will receive negative energy for it. You have to realize why this negative energy is coming to you, meditate and realize what was done, what action was there that creates this negative energy. When you do positive things, positive comes to you. You meditate and you learn your lesson.

After you learn your lesson, of course, the Karma will be taken away from you and you will no longer have that Karma. Therefore, in our teaching, the explanation is that it is a lesson you have to learn. When the lesson is learned, the Karma will vanish.

That is how Christ healed. He said, "Your sins are forgiven." Karma really means sin. Sin means you do something that is not Godly. Christ said, "Your sins are forgiven." And when he said that, that person was healed. The reason he or she had a problem was because that person had sin, or Karma. And, he forgave him, therefore, he no longer needed to be punished for it.

That is exactly how the explanation is here. The moment you learn the lesson, the moment you are not going to sin anymore, God says, "OK, you learned your lesson, you do not need this Karma any more," and it will be taken away from you.

Go ahead, Kahled.

Khaled: Thank you, Lord. Something else, about giving a name for a new disciple. I understood that the spiritual teacher gives every new disciple a new name. And, I did not get a new name from you, Lord [laughing]. I do not know....

But, something else about celebrating Sabbath. People must work and will have much work after that Friday evening and Saturday morning. Is that breaking the Law of God? Or, how can we understand that, especially if any new disciple who must work on the Sabbaths? What is your advice for that? Thank you, Lord.

Maitreya: About the name, it sounds like you are too attached to it, so you are not going to receive one [laughing].

In reality, names will be given only to those people who ask for initiation and will be accepted to be initiated. Those are the people, as you have done, and the people who are in the Mission have done, who realize that they have no choice. This is the Mission that God sent, this is the last Revelation that came to humanity, it makes a lot of sense, and they are willing to realize that there is no other path, no other way for them but this. Then they will have a covenant with the Mission and me and therefore they will join the Mission and become the disciples.

Then the next step, of course, is they start helping the Mission, and eventually they ask for being initiated. When they ask to be initiated that is when they receive a new name. And, I will give one to anyone who asks for initiation and is accepted to be initiated. At that time, you will receive a new name.

About the Sabbath and you are working? Of course, we are a very small group, a very small movement, a small religion. It is a new wine, in a new skin. We are in a minority. The majority, of course, has their own idea. Their Sabbath is different than ours, and even that is not kept Holy, although it is different.

Therefore, we have to adjust ourselves with where we are and what we do. That is what a part of our teaching is, subjective approach with objective adjustment. That means we strive to go toward the goal that we have set up for ourselves, but we adjust ourselves to the situation we are in. At the same time, we work toward the creation and environment that is based on, and is closer to, the Mission teaching.

Therefore, if you are working on Friday night and Saturdays, that is fine. But, try little by little, to change your situation. Change the schedule or change the timing of your work in a way that you can keep the Sabbath Holy and in whole. That means Friday and Saturday all day, from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, as the Holy Day of God, the seventh day that God stopped working and told us, "Keep the Sabbath, forever." He never changed His Mind.

So just be flexible but work toward the fulfillment of what you have realized in the Mission.

Go ahead, DarrenBrad.

DarrenBrad: I had a question on the vibration of, "Kodosh, Kodosh, Kodosh Adoni, Sabia," which is Hebrew for Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of hosts, one of the divine names in the Jewish tradition. I would like your opinion on this.

Maitreya: Darren your voice was very low. But, if the question is not what I understood, you can come in and repeat it. You just said a mantra, or a power word, and you are asking what I think about it. Is that the question?

DarrenBrad: That is correct. Kodosh, Kodosh, Kodosh, Adoni, Sabia.

Maitreya: Well, it sounds like it is a very powerful mantra. Of course, all those mantras do come from the higher consciousness and greater truth. All of them have raised the energy that will affect your consciousness and your chakras.

At the same time, a lot of these mantras are given to a specific religion, teaching, Prophet, and teacher and, therefore, they carry the energy of that teacher, or that religion, or the people who realized that mantra. That is why now we have a universal mantra, which is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. Haree Om Shrii Hung means, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Om Nam Kevalam means, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

Therefore, this mantra is the most universal mantra, which has come from the universal teaching which covers all the religions of the world, unifies them, and brings them all together. Therefore, it is not Jewish, or Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or any specific mantra.

Actually, we can even see power words in Islam, mostly coming from Hebrew, and the old names that were used by Hebrew communities. So, they have a more universal approach because it covers at least four religions on earth and they have followed the same kind of energy and vibration. But still it does not go far enough to cover also the Mystical Paths, the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal. So, they are good things. They are beautiful. They are very powerful words and you can use them.

But, if you really want to become universal and go beyond just one religion or a group of religions, to the whole Seven Seals, I recommend you try the Universal Mantra to see how that affects you, to see if that is going to also affect you in a way that you start opening up even in the Mystical Paths and other teachings, and go beyond just being a Jew, or a Christian, or a Moslem, or a Hindu.

I was born in a Moslem tradition but I no longer consider myself a Moslem. But, I am a universal person that loves all religions, all people, and all of humanity.

Actually, I believe those who follow the Eternal Divine Path are the best Moslems, the best Hindus, the best Buddhists, the best Jews, the best Christians, and whomever you want to call them. They will follow the exact religions of God.

So I recommend you use the Universal Mantra and see how you can compare that with the mantra that you just told us. That is beautiful. They are OK. But, remember this is the time to go beyond one religion.

I hope that answers your questions.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: I would like to know when and how you first came to the realization that you were Maitreya? If you could give some explanation of what the term, Maitreya means. Are you Maitreya, or is Maitreya something higher than you, like some kind of oversoul, etc? I have not heard you mention anything about Buddhism as yet, and about this world being the wheel of illusion, of Maya. Could you comment on this?

Maitreya: I think there were four questions. Let us go one by one. The first question is, When or how did I realize I am Maitreya?

Of course, I was born as a regular person. Never is it any different with God. All the people who bring a Revelation or a Message to humanity are born from a woman, they grow up as a regular person, and eventually, when they are ripe and come to a special age or stage, they will realize that they have a mission and a message for humanity.

So, I was raised as a regular person. Of course, you can say I was a little more meditative than the regular children around me. Many, many things, of course, happened until I came to the United States for my education.

Here I eventually connected to a group called Ananda Marga and started meditating. After I started meditating for a while, I realized a lot of wonderful things. Actually, after six months of meditation, I started talking about the things that people who have been meditating for twenty years were amazed at the depth of it. They started being very surprised that, how do I know the things I know.

So, it was a kind of an accelerated process or you can see that you have been meditating for many lifetimes. And, then when you come to this lifetime, it is much easier, simpler, and faster to realize things that are hard for some people to realize.

Of course, after awhile I was working toward my education and at the same time meditating and being in Ananda Marga, and I eventually received the name Maitreya, and also the name Vigi Kumar. That is another of my names. When I received the name of Maitreya, of course, I started reading about other religions and all of that.

It is a long, long story. Actually, we had one whole week during a Feast of Tabernacles that that was all we talked about, how I became Maitreya. And, eventually, one of the people in the Mission put it together as, "How He Became Maitreya," in much more detail of how it happened. It is a very long story. But, eventually I reached a point that I realized that I have no choice but to start this Mission.

At that time, I was not an American citizen, or even a resident. At the same time, I was trying to start this Mission. So, it was a pretty interesting period of time. I only had ten cents in my pocket to start the Mission and to spread this Message to humanity.

I recommend that you go to the website. Someone put the URL for that lecture, which is: So, if you click on that, that takes you right into that lecture and you can read all about how I became Maitreya.

The next question is, What does Maitreya mean? Maitreya means compassionate. And, compassionate means the person who loves with the ability to correct others in their path. Not completely love, unconditional love that you do not want to correct people but you just love them. But, compassionate has a greater meaning; it means love with the ability to help and guide other people in their path.

Of course, Maitreya also means friend. It comes from Mita to Mati or something like that from the other religions and the Chinese language. There is one story that the name really evolved from Mithra in the Zoroastrians teachings, and he is expected by the Zorastrians. So it has a lot of implications and meaning. I recommend you read in that lecture about Maitreya and all of that.

Am I overshadowed by a greater being? We do not believe in any greater beings than God, and God is the Spirit of everything. All the Prophets and the people who have come to humanity are connected to that Spirit, to that energy. And, anything between you and God should be ignored. You should go to God directly. And that is who comes through me when I give Satsang. That is the Being that came through all the Prophets and Messengers of God to this point. There is no, nothing, between God and Me.

And there should not be anything between you and God. You have to go right directly to the Source. If a teacher, teaching, guru, or anyone becomes an obstacle in your path to go to God directly, and they are connecting you to themselves, those are the false teachers. Run away very fast.

How does Buddhism fall into our teaching? Of course, Maitreya actually has been prophesied by the Buddha to come 2,500 years after his dispensation, when it has reached a point that it no longer reflects his teachings. That is exactly now, as we know this is 2,500 years after Buddha. Maitreya is supposed to come and purify the Buddhist teaching.

We do not believe that this world is illusion. We believe it is a relative truth. It is not the ultimate, it is not the Essence, therefore, it is here for a purpose, for us to learn our lessons and go back to the Essence, which is Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, the purest form of Buddha's teaching is not that this world is an illusion but to use this world to progress, to learn, and eventually reach the goal, which he called Nirvana, we call Pure Consciousness, other people call it something else. It does not make any difference what you call it, the goal is the same, it is to learn our lessons to overcome the Karma and eventually reach Pure Consciousness, to return to where we have come from, and bring the universe to the balance and equilibrium that it used to be in before this creation, suffering, and destruction.

So, we can see our teaching, in that essence, is very similar to the Buddha. Buddha also talked about Sangha and Darma. Sangha means community. Darma means the innate nature of everything. Therefore, we also teach the same thing.

We work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, Sangha, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path and the innate nature of each person in the community, which is Darma. Therefore, we can see that Buddhism also is included in this teaching. Also of course, Hinduism is a part, because Hinduism is a Mystical Path.

I hope that answers your questions.

If anyone has a follow up, you can come up, raise your hand, and we will go over your questions again.

Go ahead, Khaled.

Khaled: Thank you, Lord. About the destroying of the great Babylon in the book, The Revelation of St. John, he was talking about destroying the great Babylon. Some people understand, and I am one of those people, that the great Babylon, is all the big, great religions and institutions that do bad things in the name of God. St. John was talking about this great city Babylon, that will be destroyed by God through the great leaders over the world.

And actually what has happened in the last two months, sure enough, some things like that could be really happening. Because we see for example, it happened yesterday, or the day before, in Pakistan that they are going to close all religious schools to practice religious fanatic things. Now we see everywhere in the world some kind of Christian war against religious fanatics.

Is that understanding correct, the great Babylon that the angel talked about are the great religious institutions who are using the name of God, or do you have other information for that?

Thank you, Lord.

Maitreya: In order to understand what the Great Babylon is, let us go to the origin of it, how the Great Babylon started, and why it was called, the tower of Babel.

We can see that Nimrod reached a point that he claimed that he was God. Of course, they told him that, "There is another God in the heaven that he claims he is God." Nimrod said "OK, then let us create a tower that goes all the way to the top and kill the one in the heaven. Then I will be the only one left, so I will be God."

We can see the same thing happening in the Garden of Eden, didn't it? God told Adam and Eve not to do a couple of things. He said, "Do not do this. Then you are going to be in heaven. You will receive My Grace. You are going to be in the Garden of Eden."

Then the serpent came and said, "No, you do not need to listen to God. You are God yourselves. You can eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and you are God. You do not need God." there any similarity between what Nimrod was trying to do, and what Adam and Eve were trying to do? Both were trying to become God themselves. They were replacing God with their own ideas, with their own understanding, and saying that, "We do not need God, but we are God."

Therefore, the conclusion is what? Whatever on earth, whoever in earth, is trying to become God and replaces God Himself, that is the Tower of Babylon, and that person is acting like Nimrod, and acting like Adam and Eve. They want to replace God by their own ideas and themselves.

Now, who does it cover? It covers almost 99.99% of humanity. They have their own ideas. They have their own teaching. They have their own understandings, and they say, "No, we know better than God what is good and evil." And therefore, they babble, like Nimrod babbled, like Adam and Eve babbled, like all institutions and religions babble.

How many rooms are in PalTalk? Go to any of them, people are babbling and attacking each other. Some say there is no God at all. The other person says, "No. My God is God. Your God is not God."

"There is God," and the other one says, "No, this God is God. Your God is no good."

And they, of course, kill each other, destroy each other, and they create wars and destruction. Why? It is because each of them wants to be what? They want to be God. They want to replace God by their own power, by their own understanding, by their own religion, by their own sect, etc.

So we can see that the tower of Babylon, or the babbling, is going on, on earth everywhere, in every institution, in every country, in every nation, in every government, and in every religion. Who is not babbling?

We are the only people who are not babbling. We are saying, "Here is the truth. God said all your religions are a part of God. You have to go to God."

You should not even have a mediator between you and God. I am here to tell you, just forget about all the mullahs, the rabbis, the gurus, the fathers, the mothers, and go to God directly.

Every Prophet said, "You can go to God directly." You do not need these people. If these people connect you to the Mission, if these people connect you to God, great. That is great! But, if they are not connecting you to God, or they are connecting you to themselves, they are false prophets. They are babbling.

So, you can see that the Tower of Babylon amazingly covers almost every human on earth. The only people who are not covered are those who understand the Eternal Divine Path, understand our teaching, create the Communities of Light, meditate, realize God, and go back to Him.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: Namaste. I realize I must read the website to maybe get some of the answers to my questions. But, coming directly from you is obviously going to be better.

You talked not long ago about Mystical Paths of various religions. I was just wondering whether you teach a literal stance on the various sacred scripts, or do you teach that they are more an allegory, such as the Garden of Eden? Do you teach that was a literal fall about Adam and Eve? Or, do you think it is more than an allegory?

Maitreya: Well, actually, if you read our teaching, it is explained that it is an allegory. It is a symbolic teaching. Adam and Eve are a representation of the higher and lower natures of man. Adam also is referring to the first man. In truth, it is reference to the higher nature, who is Adam. And, Eve is the lower nature of man. And, the lower nature tempts the higher nature, "Do not listen to God. You are God yourself. If you believe what is good and evil, and you can know what is good and evil for you, you are God yourself and you do not have to listen to Him. You are going to be fine."

And, that is when The Grace was taken away. That is because you create ego. The only problem on earth is ego. That is it! It is that simple.

If everyone overcomes their ego and lets The Grace and the Spirit come through, we will not have any problems. We will see the beauty and the essence of the Creator, of Consciousness, in every human, in every being, and we will say, "Yes. I love that part of everyone, because that is exactly what I have within myself. It is the same as I am. Therefore, I cannot hate anyone. I cannot destroy anyone. I cannot even kill anyone because I am killing the essence of God, I am not letting them progress to their higher nature, and all of that."

So, most of the Scriptures are symbolic. Actually, if everyone could know what it meant, we would not need the Seventh Angel to come, explain it to us, and open the mystery to humanity.

If you read THOTH, our teaching, you will see the meaning of the Garden of Eden. It has nothing to do with the physical woman and the physical man. It has something to do with the nature of humanity. Many, many things are symbolically explained in THOTH, which opens your mind to a greater understanding of all religions and God.

Go ahead, Hanz.

Hanz Franz: I have a question on the Archangel Michael. I am a little bit confused about what happened. I came across a site that says that Archangel Michael was enthroned on April 19, 1995. I was wondering also, what is Archangel Michael's relation to you?

Could you please explain? Thank you very much.

Maitreya: Well, if you believe everything you read in Internet, you are going to be confused for sure [laugher].

Was he enthroned at that time? Well, I do not know, probably you should go back to that website to see why they are saying that.

To us, Archangel Michael is one of the elements in the universe. There are three elements in the universe. There are satva, which is Gabriel, tama, which is Lucifer, and raja, which is Michael. They are not really beings but are the elements in the universe. They are symbolized as angels, and that is what a lot of people believe in, angels. They become completely confused because each angel is different looking, is a different kind of shape, and is saying different things.

It is just like the people who channel different beings. After awhile everyone who channels, channels different beings differently, and the same being says different things to different people. That is when the confusion comes, and that is a part of Babylon. The people babble and bring confusion instead of clarification.

Therefore, let us not be attached to any manifestation. If it is a manifestation, it is not the ultimate. The ultimate has no manifestation. It is Pure Consciousness. It is the pure creative force of God. Everything between this and that purity, even beings in the ethereal level, are not the ultimate. So, do not be attached to them.

The three angels, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael are the three creative forces in the universe and cannot be enthroned. They cannot be put on a throne. The only being who is enthroned is God, and that is Consciousness and the creative forces.

Therefore, I conclude that website is incorrect. So, you can completely come out of it and not to be confused because Archangel Michael is not a being. It is a force, and therefore it cannot be enthroned.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: There are many so-called Masters, or Avatars, such as Satria, Sai Baba, Avida, etc. I was just wondering what your stance is on these other so called masters who claim to be like the cosmic Christ, etc., such as Sai Baba, whether you are an Avatar yourself and what you consider the term Avatar to mean. Sorry, for so many questions.

Maitreya: Well, the powers that are given to humanity and the opening of the Mystical centers are the birthright for every human. Everyone has some powers and some spiritual gifts that are given to them. They might use those as being superior or being different, or being something special because a lot of people do not have all of them themselves, and because a lot of people have not awakened those powers, they will accept such powers as from God and will become their followers. And these people become their gurus, their teachers, their Avatars, their father, their mullah, their rabbi, etc.

The way to understand or to see if these teachers are the true teachers is, do they take you to God or do they connect you to themselves? If they take you to God, then you are free to go to God and you are not attached to them. Of course, you respect them, you love them, and you accept them as a teacher that God sent to you to guide you to Him.

But, if they attached you to themselves and claim to be God, then you have run, as fast as possible, because God never, ever manifested Himself completely, all the time on earth, ever. Even the greater Prophets who come to you, they are connected only at the times they talk about God, and they are the Mouthpiece of God.

No one can claim that they are God. And if they do, they are in your way to the ultimate, which is Pure Consciousness. Therefore, do not accept such a person as a spiritual teacher. They have to connect you to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal, FINE.

Of course, if you accept them as a Prophet, as a Messenger of God, then you have to have more stringent measures to realize and recognize if they are or not. The first question you have to ask them is, "Where in the Scriptures is it prophesied that you will come, with your name and with the station you claim?"

If the prophecy has told that they will come, and the prophecies have been fulfilled through that person, then you have to see, "Do they teach according to the Scriptures?" If they teach something that is not Godly and is not according to God's Word, still they are false teachers and they are in your way.

So, be very, very careful about who you accept as the Prophet from God or the spiritual teacher, and be very stringent in your measure to accept them as such.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Therefore, you have to be very careful who shows you how to be(come) Divine. And, of course, in our teaching whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path will become Divine, because that is the Path of Divinity.

Therefore, the coming of a Prophet, or the coming of a Messenger, is not an event that happens often. We have been having Avatars, gurus, and the people who claim to be God themselves, all through history, in every age, in every generation. But, the coming of a Prophet, a Messenger, does not happen every day.

A century goes by, even actually there were 600 years before Prophet Muhammed came after Christ. Christ came hundreds of years after Moses, Abraham, Adam, and all that. It took 1200 years, before Bab and Baha'u'llah came, after Prophet Muhammed. And, of course, it has been accelerated at this end time.

So, we have to realize whom we are talking about. Are we talking about spiritual teachers? Are we talking about the Prophets and the Messengers? If we are talking about the spiritual teachers, they have to connect you to God. If they do not, they are false teachers. No matter how many miracles they do, do not fall for it.

Making miracles is your birthright to do it yourself. And you can do it. As Christ said, if you have the slightest faith, if you tell this mountain to go yonder, it will. Therefore, you can do it. You do not need to fall for miracles and all of that.

Be very, very careful in understanding who is a true teacher, he who connects you to God, and who is the Prophet or a Messenger from God, he who has fulfilled the prophecies and teaches the word of God.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: ...omnipresence and that we are all God. Could you explain what is in your teachings, how you explain the reason for evil in the world? If nothing exists but God, I mean even in the Bible it says, according to Scripture, God said that He created evil. So why would a living God create evil?

Maitreya: We could not understand the beginning of your sentence. It sounded like you were saying that we are all gods.

If that was the beginning of our sentence, yes, we are all gods with a small 'g.' That only happens when we manifest God's Qualities. Not everyone is God. If they do not manifest God's Qualities, they are disconnected from God's energy and they are not called gods. But, they have the potential of becoming gods, in His image and manifest His Qualities.

Therefore, only those who manifest God's Qualities are gods with a small 'g,' or what the Bible calls the sons of God. Of course, Christ himself also said, Thou are gods. So, we do not disagree that we have the potential to become god but we never can become the Creator.

There is only one Creator, one God with the big "G." We have not created the universe. He created the universe, and He is everything and everywhere.

Now the next question, you are saying, what about evil or the devil? Why is there evil in the world, and why did God create evil? When creation went out of balance, that is when the creation started. When the creation went out of balance, the ego was involved, and ego is the essence of all evil. And evil is the illusion of separation from God. That illusion brings self-centeredness. Self-centeredness brings the attraction to the external world. Attraction to the external world becomes greater self-centeredness and greater delusion. After awhile, we become evil because we take the external world as the only truth, and we start separating ourselves from one another and doing things to each other that are evil and are not Godly.

Therefore, we can see that evil is woven, or is a part, of the creation. It will be with the human as long as they are in their lower natures and they have the illusion of separation from God.

It is not a being that goes around, tempts people, has two horns, and all that, as they have symbolized in many religions. Also, they have symbolized Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer as beings. They are not beings.

Actually, Lucifer is the symbol of tama guna, or the crudifying force. That is exactly what makes the ego and separates man from man because we become crude, we become separated, and we become more flesh. The more flesh we become, the more separate from God we will become, and the more we become separate from God, the more evil we will become.

Therefore, the explanation is, yes it is created by God because God created everything. Since God created everything, it is an Essence, just like the essence of man. It is interwoven with life, it is our lower nature, it is our ego, it is illusion of the separation from God, it is Maya, it is the attraction to the external world, it is temptation, and it is whatever makes us not realize that we are one with God.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Hanz.

Hanz Franz: Thank you very much for answering my other question. You mentioned, Lucifer. My question is, I have read many of the books by David Spangler. I was wondering if you agree with him that Lucifer is an angel of man's evolution. I think you sort of touched on it just now but in a little different way. And that Lucifer is important to the kingdom.

I was wondering if you could explain how Lucifer does fit in, in regards to your teachings. Thank you, so much.

Maitreya: Yes, well, actually, perhaps you know that Lucifer means, "shining star." It becomes a guiding light if you realize that this external world, the attraction and attachment to it, is an illusion, and that the ego is the illusion of separation from God. Maya is the illusion of the separation from God. Then you can know what Lucifer is. And when you know what Lucifer is, you will avoid Lucifer to destroy you and take you away from your spiritual life.

Therefore, the very Lucifer itself becomes a guiding light in your path, and you see the emptiness of the external world and what it offers you. The very external world becomes a guiding light for you, and you can continue on your path toward becoming Pure Consciousness by avoiding the pitfalls of the external world and the offers of Maya. You will evolve in a greater degree. You will become a realized person and see the external world, not as an illusion, but as a relative truth. You will see it is not the ultimate truth.

If you are a seeker, you do not want a relative truth, you want the ultimate truth. You want the essence. You want to become the essence. You want to go toward the essence. And, therefore, you want to avoid those pitfalls in the external world.

You can do that much easier in the Eternal Divine Path. You can do it much easier in the Communities of Light, because in the communities there are a lot of like-minded people like you, who meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. They talk to you, they give Satsang, they talk about God, and they help you in a greater degree in your path, and it accelerates your way to Pure Consciousness.

So, we can see that again, the Eternal Divine Path is the salvation for humanity to overcome Lucifer, or ego, shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and eventually go back.

Actually, we are in a very interesting junction of human evolution. Either we can destroy ourselves with the weapons we have, or we can realize that God is One, all these Revelations have come from Him, all religions are from One Source, and we can unify them now. Then we can even evolve in a greater degree and create an earth that is really a heaven on earth.

So, we can see that we are in an evolutionary junction and knowing Lucifer is greatly helpful in our path.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: I have a couple of questions again. All the religions prophesy about the coming of a new Messiah. Buddhism prophesies about Maitreya. Christianity prophesies about the second coming of Christ. Hinduism prophesies about the coming again of the Kalki Avatar. The Moslem religion talks about the coming of another Prophet.

Now, how do you relate to this, because you take the name Maitreya? I thought the name Maitreya, was basically a Buddhist term. Do you claim that you are the coming, like Christ, or Messiah, of all the different religions all rolled into one?

Maitreya: Yes, Mark, that is it! You are connected to that prophecy. This is the fulfillment of all those expectations.

I was born by the name of Mohammed, which is the expectation by Moslems to come from the Islamic tradition. I was given the name Maitreya, which comes from the Buddhist background and religion.

Actually, I did not like the name Maitreya, because when they gave it to me they said it means compassionate. There were other people who had the names like Ishvara, "the controller of the universe," or Anandamurti, "the statue of Bliss," or Krishna, or this and that. And, I wanted a name that had a better, more powerful meaning.

So, I asked for another name from another teacher, and he gave me the name Vigi Kumar, which means, "young prince," which is the expectation of the coming of the Kalki Avatar according to the Hindus. Of course, later on someone gave me the name Emmanuel, which is also the expectation of the Christians to come.

And, none of these names did I give to myself. They were all given to me, and they fulfill all those expectations from all religions. Also, it unifies all teachings, opens the book sealed with the Seven Seals in the Revelation, and fulfills all the prophecies. Therefore, it leaves no doubt that my claim is legitimate and that this teaching is from the highest Source.

The only place in the Scriptures when the whole universe rejoices is when the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. Now it is opened. It is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. This teaches the Eternal Divine Path. And, therefore, you can see amazing thing happening here on earth now. We are calling on the Elects, those who see this truth and say, "Yes, this makes sense. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies and therefore, it unifies all religions, and every religion has their expectation fulfilled."

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: It seems I am asking all the questions today. Ok, let us concentrate on the Christian prophecies then. What is your teaching regarding the so-called anti-Christ?

Maitreya: Anti-Christ is whatever is not Christ. As we said, the anti-Christ is not accepting Christ and also not bringing God to our lives. It is not following the teaching of God and Scripture, which has come to humanity, falling into Maya and the illusion of the separation from God, and becoming lost.

If you look at the word anti-Christ, the only time it has been used is in the supplemental books of the New Testament. Also, it is mostly in John and Paul's teachings. You can find nowhere in the main Bible that talks about the anti-Christ.

And, even then, it is said that anti-Christ, was even there with them at that time. So it means it is not something that is going to come. It has been with them. It was on the earth even then. It was here even before John and Christ. Therefore, anti-Christ is anything which is not Godly. So, we have to avoid anti-Christ and realize him.

Of course, it symbolizes also a lot of people. Those people who are not following God's Way, God's Will, God's teaching, and Scripture, they are anti-Christ. Therefore, you can see we have many, many anti-Christs on earth. It is not one being.

Anti-Christ actually became much more powerful and more effective since World War II. After the 1940's we see the Maya, or illusion of separation from God, became even stronger. And, many people right now, from the religious point of view, have completely lost their religion. They say, "We are Moslem." "We are Hindu." "We are Buddhist." "We are this and that." But, in reality, if you really go and look at their lives, they do not follow their religion. They do not follow their rituals. They do not follow their Prophet. They follow a very Mayaistic life.

You can see anti-Christ has been much stronger on earth since the 1940's. And, now is the time to bind him, to stop him, and to create an environment where anti-Christ is no more, or as little as possible.

Therefore, that prophecy that anti-Christ will come on earth is already fulfilled and we can see that the ungodly thing on earth is much stronger than ever before. That is why we can read in the Bhagavad-Gita that Krishna says, "Whenever the morality of humanity goes down, and immorality comes, My Spirit will rise on earth and bring humanity back to Me."

This is also the end of the Kali Yoga. The last 12,000 years have been in the Kali period. We are approaching the Golden Age. The Golden Age will be based on the truth of God and not on symbols that many people take as a person, or as a being, or as a reality, because they are so worldly that they see everything worldly and manifested, while they are actually allegory and symbolic.

And, that is what anti-Christ also means. Anti-Christ means anti, against Christ. Christ is whom? Christ is the Consciousness of God on earth. He is the Anointed One who brings God's Spirit to humanity. Anyone who does not accept that Anointed One and who will not listen to the words of that Anointed One, is anti-Christ.

I hope that makes sense. Again, if you have any other questions, raise your hand. I will give you a couple more minutes. If you do not, then we will have our Satsang finish here.

Go ahead, Hanz.

Hanz Franz: Thank you. Yes, I have a question this time about our space brothers, extraterrestrials. I have read in some book, maybe it was David Spangler again, but I think he said something about fundamentalist Christians and those who are not true believers, that they will be removed to another dimension so that the Kingdom will come on the earth. They will be taken out of the way by possibly our space brothers or something like that.

I was wondering what your teaching is on that subject.

Maitreya: My teaching is, read the Word of God, the Bible, the Koran, the Scriptures. Those are what God said is going to happen. Anyone else who comes and teaches anything which is not in the Scriptures, it is their own man-made belief and is not based on a very strong base.

If there are any space brothers, why should they even bother with us? We have a lot of problems ourselves right now on earth, and we have not been able to solve them ourselves. Why do they want to bring us in their fold and create problems for themselves when we have not matured enough to take care of ourselves?

The possibility that there are space brothers or space beings out there is greater than if we say there are not any, because there are billions of stars and suns even in our own galaxy. But, there are thousands and hundreds of thousands, and millions of galaxies all over the universe. If we believe we are the only life form in this vast universe, we have a pretty big ego that we think like that. So, the possibility is greater that there are other beings.

Will they come and help us to go to higher consciousness? It is not Scriptural. I do not go with anything, which is not from God and Scripture. And therefore, I will not accept that unless someone shows me, "Yes, this thing is happening and that is the way it is going to be." So, I will not believe in those things at all. And I do not recommend wasting time for the things that are not Godly.

God already said how He is going to do it. He said there is going to be a Seventh Angel, and there is going to be a book opened with the Seven Seals. The bringing of the Kingdom has already been given in our teaching. We have the system. We have shown how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The only thing really left is for humanity, for the Elects, to come together and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And, that is the way it will be.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: Before I ask my next question, I just wanted to thank you for being here and for answering the questions. My beliefs are extremely close to what I have seen from today's Satsang, from what you teach as well.

Could you tell me, do you claim any kind of supernatural abilities as in being able to project into the higher realms, the Buddhic or the Ardi realms?

Maitreya: If even I could, it will not help you in your Spiritual progress. It really does not make any difference to anyone if someone else can do it. That is not the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The Path to Divinity is the Eternal Divine Path and following the Eternal Divine Path.

The ability to go to the other dimensions is again our birthright. It is given to us to go to other dimensions and have the experiences that many people have had.

Many people have gone to those dimensions by using drugs, LSD, and all of that. What happened to all of them? Have any of them created great new Revelations, or religions, or realization for humanity? Have they solved the human problems on earth?

We can see that going to those realms is not the goal. It does not really make any difference to you even if I can go there or not. The most important thing to us is, "What did God say about these matters? What is His Will? And how can we solve the problems on earth that we so badly need to solve?"

If we do not solve them, of course we will have great wars, and destruction coming to us. The sooner we all come together and solve the problems, the sooner peace, unity, and the Kingdom will come. That is much better than to try to go to the other realms and coming back here, and still we see, "Huh, the problems are still here. They did not go anywhere."

So, God has brought this Revelation to show the creation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. And the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. So therefore, creation of the Communities of Light is the most urgent task of humanity. We should concentrate on that urgent task, instead of being lost in thinking of who goes to what realm, and who does not.

And, even if I do, it does not help you. That is the point. Or, if there are any space brothers, what, are we going to sit here and wait for them to come and rescue us? Or, are we going to mature, grow up, and say, "Let us go ourselves?" If there are space brothers, then we are going to be in equal footing. And, we will say, "OK brothers, come together, let us create a better universe."

The whole thing is to bring you down to earth. Let us come down to earth here and now and see what is the best for humanity. Those things, later on, will come to everyone, and everyone will realize and recognize them.

Actually, the human used to be in the spiritual realm more than the physical body before the flood of Noah. They had the ability to extract life from the universe and rejuvenate the body. That is why they lived for 600 years, 700 years, and 1,000 years.

They misused those powers. The whole reason we do not have those powers is because we misused them. And, because we misused them, God closed our third eyes and gave us the two eyes. The only thing we see is the external world, and we say, "Oh, look, I can see the external world. That is the only reality I understand."

Then after you progress and you reach a point that you are ready, God says, "OK I will open your third eye. You can see a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more, ..."

If we open our eyes or are able to go to the other realm and see the spiritual things, then we will misuse them because we still have ego. That is the whole reason the flood of Noah happened. That is why He created a new man.

Read THOTH, and you will understand more what I am talking about here. Therefore, we see the external world as the only reality. Actually, the spiritual world is more real than this external world but because the human does not have access to that real world, they become attached to anything physical. The spiritual world is even more real than the space brothers. It will help you even more than believing that the space beings will come and help you.

Therefore, we have to progress ourselves. We have to create the Communities of Light. We have to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We have to meditate. We have to get rid of our egos. And, eventually, the spiritual realm will be revealed to all of us and it will become more real to us than this external world.

I hope that makes sense to you, Mark. If there are any other questions, please raise your hand. I will be here another couple of minutes.

Go ahead, Mark.

Mark_111_1: One other question, I guess, before you go, as time is running out, do you claim to have achieved any kind of cosmic consciousness? In order words, how do you know what God's Will is? I mean, are you in direct communication with God so that you know what to teach, and things like that?

Maitreya: Yes. When I come to the Satsang, sit here, and talk, it is God who is talking. The Father and I are one, and there is no other way but me. Therefore, you can see that the cosmic energy is here now on earth and is the one that has come to humanity.

Again, how do I know the will of God? I know by my own realization which is based on the Scriptures. I know by the Revelation that has come through me. I know by the prophecies, which have been fulfilled. And, I know by many, many other signs that have been given in many ways.

Also, when the Revelation comes, when The Holy Ghost comes, then it reveals to you, you have no doubt, the truth that He reveals. If you have the slightest interest in progressing in your consciousness or your spiritual thing, when you hear the truth, it hits you. That is why I am here to hit those who are ready for it.

There are some people that come here who do not even hear me. They start yelling, "You are the anti-Christ," and this and that. They did not hear what I said. They do not have the truth. They are full of their own ideas.

Therefore, it is because of my own certainty, the Scriptures, the prophecies, and the truth that has come to humanity.

Go ahead, Dott.

Dott2ak: I had a spiritual experience. May I type some of it?

Maitreya: Yes. Go ahead.

Dott2ak: I had a spiritual experience with an angel named Maitreya. It was during a rebirthing session. He came and knelt down next to me and blew into my mouth.

Maitreya: Probably it was an ethereal being, and in the ether. It is something called astral projection or astral traveling. And, in the ether you can create anything you think. So, it is your own creation. And, the creative mind is very powerful. That is why those who do astral projection see many beings and have many experiences which have been created by their own minds.

Some people wake up, and they cannot get up. They feel that they have no control over their body and their body is absolutely limp. They cannot move it. They cannot do anything. Suddenly you come back to it and then they can move the body.

That is astral projection. A lot of people are not aware of it and therefore, they do not know what it is.

Dott2ak: I felt that this was important, and I have honored this. The angel was in the next dimension. I was in the body. He came to me.

Maitreya: OK. I got the point. Thank you, Dott. Many people have had these experiences. As I said, this is made by our own minds. Actually, the people who go to the astral projections, some people love it, and it is very beautiful to them. Some people go there, and they become very afraid and fearful and return to their bodies very fast.

The reason is that you take your consciousness with you into that level and you realize and project what you understand. Therefore, if you have a fearful feeling and afraid, your fears will come and be exaggerated, and you can have greater fear. Therefore, you will be very afraid, you will return very fast back to your body, and your experience is not good. But, astral projection and the ethereal level is the fifth level in our teaching.

Many people when they reach there, feel it is so beautiful and they have so many experiences. They see so many beings, that they think they have reached the end of the spiritual path. It is not. You still have two more steps to go. And, that is Pure Consciousness, oneness with God, which even ether does not reach. That is the truth in the Scriptures and our teaching, and they are greater.

Therefore, many people think they know Maitreya, they have seen Maitreya, and Maitreya has been revealed to them, but what they say is not what I say. Therefore, it is their own projection. It is not the Eternal Divine Path.

If they saw me, they will say the same thing that I say. So therefore, know my teaching. And, if you saw Maitreya, if I came to you in the ethereal level, I will tell you the same thing that we are talking here in this room.

Also, you have to realize, Dott, that there is also the possibility that people have experiences, revelations, and they have been told to come to the Mission, to connect to the teachings of the Mission, or to be a part of the Mission. That experience might have been a way to make you become attracted to Maitreya and his movement. So, that is another possibility that you can explore and look into.

Go ahead, Dott. I think you wanted to say something.

Dott2ak: Yes, I thank you for honoring me with your time.

I received the Holy Spirit the night before my son passed over, and I was told that I was going to be able to help people to heal and help them to heal themselves. And then, this experience happened after that, like a few years, maybe 15.

I had grounded before the rebirthing experience. I know about astral travel. I did not go out of my body. The spirit came to me. I did not know anything about Maitreya before that. I did not even know the name. Just so you know that. And, the angel came over. I felt it was an angel. And, everyone in the room knew of the experience that it was quite something. Everyone was crying and so was I. Just so to tell you that.

I came here because I had heard about this room and wanted to hear you speak and to discern for myself in my heart because this is what Holy Spirit told me, that I am discern truth with my heart.

Maitreya: That is great, Dott. It is an experience that is the birthright of every human to experience. The Holy Ghost comes to us according to our ability and our mission. The healing power has been given to every human. If they receive The Grace, they should be able to heal themselves. And, actually, the Mission of Maitreya does not heal you individually but it has come to heal the whole earth. And, this time is related the whole humanity. We teach you how you heal yourself.

It is just like, if you give a man a fish, he will be hungry tomorrow. But, if you teach them how to heal themselves, they do not need any healer any more because they are healers themselves. Everyone becomes their own healer, and they will heal themselves.

That is the goal. And hopefully everyone will become a healer and learn how to heal themselves. Actually, we have seven steps of prerequisites of spiritual life that if you follow you will learn how to heal yourself easily.

About, you did not know about the name Maitreya. Maybe you did not in this lifetime, maybe in previous lifetimes. It is something that maybe has been in your consciousness from before and that is why now it has been revealed to you. So it is not everything we know in this lifetime that are the only things we know. We know a lot of things also.

You said it was in a regression session. They have hypnotized people, and they have started to talk about their previous lifetimes. For instance, some American woman said that she had been a German, around twenty or twenty-five years before, and her name was this. She actually started talking in German in that state. And, she had never learned German in this lifetime. She even did not know how German words were pronounced. So, she started talking in the German language.

And, she said that she had been killed in a fire around twenty years ago. They went and they saw in the paper, yes, there was such a report, such a woman with that name, and all the things that she said, had happened.

So there is a possibility that you might not know it in this lifetime, but probably you might have known it in a previous lifetime.

Go ahead, Dott.

Dott: Thank you. I appreciate that. I do understand about hypnosis. It was a rebirthing class, with a transpersonal hypnotherapist and a counselor. And, I do agree with you that, people have retrieved past life information through regression.

Everything that you have said so far, I know is true in my heart. But, I want to ask you, do you feel that you are the only Maitreya that there is, or do you feel that you are a part of Maitreya?

Maitreya: Well, as I was explaining to another person earlier here, we have to be connected to God directly. Any other manifestation or any other thing on earth, which does not connect us to the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal, is not the ultimate in the manifestation, and therefore is in our way to the goal, which is FINE, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, or Pure Consciousness, or oneness with God. Therefore, I will not be a part of anything which is not directly connected to the FINE, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

The claim here in this Mission is that we have the last Revelation from God. THOTH is the book sealed with the Seven Seals in The Revelation, chapter 5, and the opening of the Seven Seals when the mystery of God will be finished. Therefore, I am not a part of anything but that Ultimate Realization, or Ultimate Manifestation, or Ultimate Essence. You can say that the claim is that there is nothing like what we have here in this Mission. It has not been on earth for at least the last 12,000 years. And, now, it has been revealed to humanity. Everything else is pale in comparison with the light that has come to humanity and through this Mission.

Therefore, I recommend that everyone go to our website and look at our teaching, read The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), and realize what is taught. We are trying to completely connect you to God directly. Therefore, we actually recommend not to be attached to any teacher, to any level, to any alternatives, or any guru, to any rabbi, mullah, or anything but the Essence, the Highest. I am here to connect you to that Essence. I am not here even to connect you to myself.

So therefore, you can see that this is the highest spiritual realization that has come to humanity and is trying to bring the end to the confusion. Anything between you and God, anything between you and that ultimate Essence, will create confusion, separation, and destruction. Therefore, do not be attached to the ethereal beings. Do not be attached to the different levels of consciousness. Do not be attached to the space brothers. Do not be attached to anything, but go to the Highest, which is the teaching of the Mission of Maitreya.

And, I even do not want you to be attached to me. Of course, I hope you respect me. If I am your teacher, accept my words and follow them. But, I do not want you to make me God here and then I become an obstacle in your path to go to Pure Consciousness, or the Ultimate Essence.

So, we can see that in here we are not really that much into anything but you and God. That is it! There is nothing between you and God. Anything in between, just forget it, it is not important. You can just go right to the Highest.

And, where do you find how to go to God? You find this in the Scriptures, in THOTH, by following the Eternal Divine Path, etc. By following the Eternal Divine Path, you will raise your spiritual progress a million-fold, and your kundalini will rise, very slowly, but surely, to make you to become a good person, a superior human in goodness. And, that is what God is. God comes from good. God is good. Whatever is good is God. Whatever is not good is not God, is evil. So, that is really the simple explanation of what is evil and good and God. God is good. If it is good, it is God. If it not good, it is evil, it is not God.

Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Sal-OM, Maitreya. Bill has a question for you.

Bill Hall: Hello, Maitreya. It is so good to hear your voice, your teaching. I want to know more, how do you know an Elect when you see one?

Maitreya: Hi Bill. How are you? It is nice to hear your voice too. I hope you are doing well too, your wife, and everyone there in Florida.

How do we know who is an Elect? As it has given to you to know who is Christ, who is the Son of God, who is the Prophet of God, who is the Messenger of God, it has been given to me also to know what are the Elects.

God told you that you know Christ by the fulfillment of the prophecies, the teaching that is based on God's Word and the Scriptures. He told me, "You know them by their fruits." It is very simple. If you manifest fruit, you are an Elect. If you do not manifest fruit, therefore, I cannot accept you as an Elect and say, "This person loves the Mission, this person likes the Mission, this person would like to reach to humanity but, he manifests nothing." An Elect means absolutely, 100% dedication to the Mission, with the Mission, is in the Mission, is working for the Mission, etc.

I love them. I love even those who are not Elects. They are the Essence of God and a part of God. But, the Elect is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path, who meditates, who awakens their spiritual forces, who puts a lot of effort into the creation of the Communities of Light, and on and on.

Communities of Light mean that people have to come together. They have to come close together, to live close by each other, to share the resources so that they can help in even a greater degree. Then they sacrifice in the community to create a wonderful community. They surrender and submit to God and know what is the Will of God for them.

If the Will of God is just they sweep the floor of the community, "That is the Will of God for me, and I am going to do a good job."

If the Will of God is to become a teacher of the Mission, then you become a teacher of the Mission. If the Will of God is you go and travel all over the world and give the Word to everyone, then that is what you do. So, you have to find the Will of God for you, and surrender and submit to it.

And become a universalist. It means that you shatter all narrowness of the mind, realize that God is your Father and Mother, and the universe is your home.

Such a person will become a Paravipra, which is an Elect. And they will manifest. They will give fruit. And, you know them by their fruit. That is my yardstick. If they give fruit, I see they are the Elects.

You cannot come to the room and say, "I am an Elect. I am an Elect. God told me that I am an Elect." I say, "Good, great. What are you going to manifest? Are you going to manifest His Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? Are you going to manifest anything?"

We have already here many, many Elects in the Mission who have already manifested a lot. And, they are manifesting even a greater degree every day. It is pleasing to see that the manifestation of the Mission is happening. And, hopefully one day we will reach a point that we can reach the whole of humanity and that humanity will see that they are one. There is One Religion, One God, One Truth, One Humanity. We have shared this all together, we live in it peacefully, progress spiritually, and bring the Golden Age to humanity.

Our time is up and I will stop here with the questions. Thanks for coming to the Mission. I enjoyed it. I always enjoy it because the Spirit of God comes through and there is nothing better than being with God and His Spirit and being in the Joy and the Truth that comes through Him. I hope you have seen some truth in our Mission's teaching. Again, we have this room open during the week also. And, read the website. I hope you are one of the Elects and come and manifest and give fruit.

Sal-OM. Sal-OM means, I pay my salutations to the divinity within you all.

See you next week.

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