Satsang (Discourse) 12/22/01




Maitreya:  Sal-OM to everyone.  Sal-OM is the abbreviation of Salute OM, Salam, and Shalom.  It means I pay my salutations to the Divinity within you.  That means that I salute the God in you, so I look at you as the Essence of God.  Therefore, I see you as the Essence of God. 

If every human looks at each other as the essence of God, then we do not look at the race, or color of the skin, or gender, or anything else.  We realize that the other person also is God, is a part of God.  We will not harm the other person either because if we harm other people we are harming God and their essence.

Therefore, we refrain from all the destruction that we can see humanity doing to each other without even thinking twice what we are doing to other people, or killing, or destroying.  We are really destroying God.

They will not create such Karma because they know it is going to come and harm them as well because any action we do there will be reaction.

Therefore, Sal-OM is a much better way to great each other and remind ourselves that we are the essence of God, and also everyone else is the essence of God.

God is everything, therefore, we have to respect everything and everyone, bring the respect and unity to all humanity, stop this separation that exists between human and human, and bring the unity that God is because there is only one thing in the universe and that is God.  Where there is not God, there is ego, separation, and destruction.

The Mission of Maitreya is representative of this unification of all religions, beside the unification of God and humans, and the essence that God represents in the universe.

I am sure everyone realizes that if there is one God why do we have so many religions and separation and destruction?  And, why do we have so many different religions on earth?  Many people have wondered about that.  And many people have tried to unify them with the many different ideas, philosophies, and even revelation.  But, no one ever described why all these religions have come to humanity and that there is a unity between them.  And, now it has been revealed to humanity, what is that unity?  Why did God send so many different religions and separate them from each other.

We can see in our teaching that the reason for it is because, each of these great religions of the world have a specific message, which has come to humanity, and each religion explains that specific message.  When you put all these messages together, you see the whole picture and you see that God has been sending them one by one.  And, now they are put together and are presented to humanity as all from God.  And, they are all unified.

If you study our teachings and this new Revelation to humanity, you will see that there is a sign that has been called The Greatest Sign.  In The Greatest Sign, you will see the Seven Seals, the seven sub-signs in this Greatest Sign.

The first sign if you will look at it, is at the very bottom, is the I-Ching that you can relate to Hinduism and the Far East Philosophies.  This I-Ching is in a horizontal position.  It means not being awakened.

In order to awaken this horizontal I-Ching it is recommended to meditate, to know thyself, “Be still and know that I am God.”  The atman, with the small ‘a,’ is the same as Atman, with the big ‘A.’ 

In Hinduism, The goal is to reach Nirvana.  In Buddhism, it is to realize yourself.  There are many, many other disciplines and techniques in many different paths given to humanity to “know thyself.”  And, the essence of all these teachings, which we call the Mystical Paths, is “know thyself to know God,” the i and the I are the same.  The Essence of God is within every person, therefore, to know thyself, is to know God.

All these disciplines are the Mystical Paths that is the spirit of all religions.  If you study any religion, you find the Prophet or the founder of that religion has been meditating and kept away and eventually they realized their mission themselves, and brought the revelation to humanity.

Moses stays in the desert by himself for a long time.  Christ, is taken to the desert and tempted.  Prophet Muhammed meditates in the cave until he is forty years old.  And, on and on.  So, we can see that the period of being isolated from humanity and isolated by themselves and meditating is a part of realization.

All these Mystical Paths are represented with the I-Ching.  The goal of most of these Mystical Path, or the teaching is that your goal is to reach God, meditate by yourself, and that is it.

We can see in The Greatest Sign that is not the end of it.  The next step is the sign of Solomon, or the Star of David, which is related to the Old Testament.  If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is talking about, God is trying to find a people, the twelve tribes of Israel, who will accept God as their King, and His Rule as the Rule of their communities. 

Therefore, the second step in The Greatest Sign, which we call the Eternal Divine Path, is that we direct this energy, or realization that we gained through our meditation and self-realization, toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path.  The creation of the Communities of Light is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, after we awaken our spiritual forces, we direct our realization and energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  It goes very well also with the teaching of Buddha.  Buddha also talks about Sangha and Darma.  Sangha means community.  And, Darma means the innate nature of each person in the community.  By using each person’s ability in the community, we can create the Communities of Light.

Therefore, the goal of the Mystical Paths is not to just individually reach Pure Consciousness, or Nirvana, or as a drop falling into the ocean, but also creation of the Communities of Light and directing our energy to create the Communities of Light, which is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now, we meditate, we awaken our spiritual forces, we direct our energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  Now what, is that the end of it?

No, we can see that God sends the New Testament.  In the New Testament, Christ sacrifices himself for his ideal.  Therefore, the lesson in the Third Seal is that in order to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, or not being self-centered is necessary.

Sacrifice does not mean going to the cross, but not being self-centered and to be able to give of yourself for the communities to create the Communities of Light.  Therefore, the symbol of the Third Seal, or Christianity, is the symbol of sacrifice.

With awakening of your spiritual forces, directing that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path, and with sacrificing toward the community, we will be able to create the Communities of Light.

Now we sacrifice for a long time, and we will realize that nothing is happening.  What will we become?  We will become depressed because we have done so much work, nothing is happening, and the Communities of Light are not being created.

Therefore, you might become depressed and unhappy why all your work is not giving any fruit.  Or, you might start the Communities of Light, it starts happening, you think you are the doer, you become egoistical and self-centered again, and you fall from The Grace.

That is how you fall from The Grace by being self-centered and forgetting about God.  You think you are the doer.  Therefore, the fourth step in The Greatest Sign, or the Eternal Divine Path, is to surrender the result to God.

So you awaken your spiritual forces, you create the Communities of Light, you sacrifice for them, and when you do the job, you say, “God, the result is Yours.  I am not attached to it.”  Therefore, if the result is good, it is God doing it.  If the result is not good, again, you are not attached, you will continue and you will not become depressed or egoistical.

And, even better than surrendering the result is submission.  Submission means realizing that God is doing it through you.  You are not the doer.  He is the Doer.  And submission, of course, if you are not the doer you will not be attached to the result.  So, you will not have the problem of depression or elation and egotism.

That is the message of Islam.  Islam comes from the word, “tasleim,” to be surrendered and submissive to God.  If we completely realize what is the Will of God and we surrender to that Will, we will be completely free from any attachments.  Therefore, we are completely free from our pitfall of being self-centered and egoistical again.

Of course, to this point, still we might direct all this energy and realization to a very small part of the universe and become narrow minded.  Then is when the next step is necessary.  And, that is the teaching of the Bab and Baha’u’llah, that we can bring the concept of universalism.  The teaching basically, says that all religions are the same.  They are saying the same thing.

Many people compare our teaching with the Baha’i teaching and say, “So you did not bring anything new.  This is also a universal teaching.”  The difference is that the Baha’i teaching says, “All religions are basically the same.”  We say, “No, each revelation that came to us has a specific and a special message for humanity.  And, when we put them together that makes the whole picture to be seen.”  Therefore, that is the difference between our teachings.  But, the Baha’i Teaching is a part of our teaching.  And, that is the concept of universalism.

Therefore, you awaken your spiritual forces, the First Seal.  You direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  You sacrifice for the Communities of Light to create them.  You surrender and submit the result to God, or become a channel for Him.  And you become a universalist. 

Therefore, you shatter all the pitfalls of the spiritual progress, you meditate, you contemplate, you awaken your spiritual forces.  That is the Mystical Paths, which cover Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other teachings that teach, “Know thyself to know God.” 

You direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.  Therefore, you create a good environment for yourself and others in order to be able to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces.

And, the only way the Communities of Light are possible is by sharing the resources.  Humanity should share with each other the resources.  And, sharing is not just a good idea, it is the Law.  And, humanity has to learn to share with each other.  Whatever little they have they should share.  And, eventually, the equity and unity will become in a greater degree, and the difference between lifestyles will not be as much as it is today.  Therefore, they can easily come together, get along, and unify.  Of course, that is the Old Testament.

The next step, of course, is sacrifice, which is the New Testament, or Christianity.  And, the next step is surrender and submission to God.  With that you completely shatter the attachment to the result of your actions.  You will be free.  And, that is Islam. 

And, of course, become universalists, which completely frees you from any bondage, or narrowness of the mind, or separation between human and human or any part of God.  And, you expand your consciousness to cover everyone.  Of course, the Fifth Seal is the Baha’is, the Baha’i teaching.  With these five steps, you become an Elect. 

The Elects are the people you read about in every religion, and every teaching.  Every revelation God talks about, “My Elects.”  Those are the people God is talking about, those who go through the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path.

So you can see that not only is the Eternal Divine Path a Path, not only does it show why this Revelation has come from God to humanity one by one, it also unifies most great religions of the world.  It unifies them together and makes you see for the first time why they have come from one God and they are unified.

Therefore, humanity is unified.  There is no separation between religions.  Each of them is a part of the greater truth.  And, when you put them together you see the whole picture.  Therefore, you can be united as One Earth, One Humanity under One God.  And, that is the goal of the Mission of Maitreya, to give this Message to every human that, with the creation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Of course, such people, the Elects are the future, or the coming of the leaders who we are looking for.  And that is why this PalTalk, the Mission of Maitreya, and all our effort, is to attract and bring these Elects together and, eventually, create an environment that humanity can be united and we stop this destruction that is on earth now.  Of course, these Elects create the Communities of Light, and in the Communities of Light, many people will reach Pure Consciousness, which is the Seventh Seal, in The Greatest Sign

If you have The Greatest Sign in front of you, that you can find in our website, you can see that the bottom seal becomes the same as the center.  That means humans again become in the image of God, and human can manifest God’s Qualities on earth, which are:  compassion, gentleness, unity, beauty, and everything that relates to God and His manifestation.  Therefore, we will have many, many great beings on earth with those qualities and we will bring God and His Kingdom on earth.

That you have heard.  This Revelation has been given to you.  Now you know the latest Revelation of God to humanity.  What you do with it is up to you.  We are done by giving the Message to you, and now it is you who have heard it, you know about it, and you know what is the Will of God.

Now we will go ahead and we will take the questions you have.

Pork N Beans, go ahead.


Pork­_N_Beans:  I guess I say, thank you.  If you invited someone to your home for dinner, you gave an invitation to that individual to break bread with you, when that individual came to you, would you close the door in his face? 

I came into this room in peace.  I came in here with no malice.  I came in here to listen.  Immediately, when I walked through your door, which you made the invitation, you put a red dot on me and you restricted my communication with you, which was nothing more than a thank you for the welcome.

If you want me to accept what you have to say, on the premise of what you say, if you try to control my communication with you, and you expect me to submit to you underneath this dogma, I cannot hear what you are saying as a spiritual man because it is not about God, it is about control.  It is about control of the masses.  It is not about the freedom of God’s Spirit.  And, I am just a little upset because I came to your table and you closed the door in my face as soon as I walked through the door.


Maitreya:  I am glad that you came to our room with peace, and would like to hear the teaching.  The red dotting is not something that you have done and they have red dotted you.  That happens to anyone who enters the room and we do not know them.  They will be red dotted and stay red dotted. 

Unfortunately, that is because of the experience we have had before of people coming in, grabbing the microphone, and they start preaching their own dogmas to the room.  Eventually, we have to red dot them.  Do not take it personally, it has nothing to do with you.  It is something that is done to give the greater ability to the administrators and those who are in the Mission to be able to control the room so we can give this Message in the clearest way possible.

It is not only us, who does that but I have heard other rooms also do the same thing.  When they have a speaker or someone who comes to give a message, everyone will be red dotted, especially those who we do not know who they are, and what kind of reaction they will have in the room.  Therefore, you are welcome to our room and do not take that red dotting personally.  Know that that is something that is done in PalTalk in order to be able to give the message of the speaker in the clearest way possible

I think you should realize that so that would not affect your feeling about the room.  It is nothing personal.  You have not done anything.  We are not saying that you have done something bad.

So, please realize that, relax, hear the Message, and know that you are welcome here.

Go ahead, Khaled.   



Khaled:  Thank you, Lord.  Last Saturday I was asking you about the relationship of Maitreya, and the prophecy that Prophet Muhammed gave about the coming of Al Madhi and the coming back of Jesus Christ.  I told you, that as far as I understood, that Al Madhi was the Bab and the coming back of Christ was Baha’u’llah.  I did ask you, what is the place for Maitreya in the prophecy of Prophet Muhammed.

Just yesterday I remembered a saying from Prophet Muhammed.  He said, “No Mahdi except Esa.”  He talked several times about two different people.  He was talking about Al Madhi and the coming back of Jesus Christ.  And, the other saying for him, he was talking about one person who represent Al Madhi and Christ together.  And, actually, according to the Arabic understanding for the language, what he said was, “No Madhi except Esa.”  There is only one person, who will represent the whole message of Al Madhi.

That is why now I can understand that he was talking also about one person who will be in the same time, Al Madhi and the Christ.  This saying of Prophet Muhammed was rejected for some Islam secular because they could not understand how we can understand the sayings of Prophet Muhammed in the light of the other thing he was talking about, two persons.  And for them he was talking only about one person who will have Al Madhi and the station of Christ in himself.

I hope that I am not wrong for what I have understood.  If I am wrong, maybe you could correct me.  Thank you. 


Maitreya:  Khaled, we understand what you are talking about.  This is the Hadiths, right?  This is not in the Koran?


Khaled:  Yes, Lord, that is right.


Maitreya:  First of all, Bab did fulfill the prophecy of the coming of Medhi?  Also, it seems that not only the prophecies are fulfilled with an individual, the next Prophet or manifestation also represents every other manifestations before them.  Therefore, not only was Bab the ancestor of Prophet Muhammed, but also as we have recently found, I am also the ancestor, or my lineage goes all the way to Prophet Muhammed.

Not only was Christ the son of David and his lineage went all the way to Adam, as we recently found, also my lineage goes to King David and Adam.  Therefore, it seems also Bab was the coming of the Medhi, the same thing also is fulfilled with this vessel.  Therefore, you can say that God’s Revelation kind of has the accumulating effect and every manifestation, manifests the one before that one. 

And, specifically this one, which is supposed to be the last Revelation and unification of all religions, seems to have all the qualities of the manifestation before it.  And, therefore, not only am I the ancestor of Prophet Muhammed, also I am the ancestor of King David, and also the reincarnation of the same Spirit, which came through the previous Seven Revelations.  Therefore, this is the culmination of all the Revelations that have come to humanity to man.

Of course, I am not saying these things to glorify myself, but all these things are happening to glorify God and make people who are looking for God and believing He really exists to realize that if He had prophesied all these things and it has come through, therefore, that is the proof of God’s existence.

Therefore, I have heard a lot of people asking, “How can we prove that God exists?”  Here it is, right in front of you.  God said this thing is going to happen.  God said this thing is going to come to humanity and therefore, it has come.  And, therefore, God exists for sure.  There is no doubt about it.  No one can stay agnostic or atheist any more because they can see that God has said this thing is going to happen, and therefore, it has happened.

Now Prophet Muhammed is talking about the two individuals, the twin Prophets in the beginning, which as you explained are Medhi and Christ, which came in the Baha’i Teaching.  And later on the both spirits will be manifested in one being, which is the Seven Seals, which is the book sealed with the Seven Seals that will be opened, the Seven Seals will be opened and the mystery of God will be finished.

Therefore, that Hadith really fulfills both parts, which he is talking about the two individuals, the twin Prophets, which came in the Baha’i Teaching as Bab and Baha’u’llah.  And, he later on talks about the individual, which will be manifested in one person and, of course, that would be the Seventh Seal and the Revelation that has come to humanity through us.

So you can see that…  Also, it seems confusing in that Hadith from Prophet Muhammed.  Again, with the explanation here, it completely clears it up.  Again, it shows that what Prophet Muhammed was saying has come true and what he was talking about is not confusing any more because the two separate beings that he was talking about were Bab and Baha’u’llah.  When He put them together as individuals is the manifestation of this Revelation to humanity.

Does that make sense to you, Khaled.


Khaled:  Yes, Lord, it does make too much sense for me because I read a lot of explanation for this Hadith and as far as I understood, it made too much confusion between Moslems because they could not understand what that meant.  But, now in the light of your Revelation we can understand exactly what does Prophet Muhammad meant.  Thank you, Lord.


Maitreya:  You are welcome, Khaled.  And, also, as we do not accept anything which is not the words of Christ himself, which are from the disciples, because Christ said that the disciples are not greater than the Master.  Therefore, what he said is the most important thing. 

Also, we accept the word of Prophet Muhammed, which in the purest form, or at least pretty pure form, have come in the Koran.  We accept those as the word of God and the Hadiths, although we do take them as having a lot of truth, we take them as something that have come from other people and they could have some problem in them.

It is just like the Acts and the books that came after the four gospels, which can have some error although they have a lot of truth.  So, the Hadiths are good, but take them with a grain of salt.  Even the Hadiths, you know, there are a lot of different…  But, the one you said, that is the explanation that I gave you.

Go ahead, Khaled.


Khaled:  Thank you, Lord.  What does the understanding of the last Revelation?  And, are there any other manifestations that will come to earth after this last revelation?  Who will come after this Revelation?  What will happen then?  Thank you.


Maitreya:  Well, if you study the Bible, the last book in the Bible, it clearly says that when the Seventh Angel comes the mystery of God will be finished.  It is chapter 10, verse 7.  Also many times it completely shows that when the Seventh Angel comes, or opens the book, or when he pours the contents of the vials, and all that thing, it is done.  It is finished, and it is the last Revelation of God that will come to humanity, and will reveal the whole truth of God to humanity.  We can see that is fulfilled.  The only book that will be opened, and the only time that the whole universe will rejoice is when the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened.  That is in chapter 5 of the Revelation

Therefore, we can see that the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and all this Revelation have come to humanity to make it very clear that when the Seventh One came, the Seventh One will not keep anything from humanity, and will reveal everything to humanity.  It will be finishing the Revelation of God.  Therefore, the mystery of God is finished with this Revelation, and the whole truth has been given to humanity.

Will other manifestations come?  No.  There will not be another manifestation, unless this teaching will be corrupted and another teacher is necessary to come and explain this again, and again to humanity.

There will be Great Souls coming to humanity for sure, they will explain this teaching, and they will explain it according to the situations that will arise in the future.  God is flexible.  He will adopt this teaching to every future situation.

Therefore, Great Souls will come.  Great Souls are on earth.  And, some of them even make the mistake that they are the Prophet, or they are the Christ, they are the person who has the Revelation, and they are the ones that everyone has to listen to.  And they do not realize that they are the Great Souls who have come here to serve this Mission.

Therefore, no, there will not be another manifestation after this one.  This is the Seventh Seal the Revealer of the whole truth to humanity.

Go ahead, Makam.


Makam:  Thank you very much, Maitreya.  Very true.  Very true that other Elect people will think that they are Christ because they will be      everyone thinks that their own experience is the best.

Maitreya, my question is this:  Is it true that when Jesus comes back, he is going to reveal the meaning of S-L-M, and the revelation of that, the full meaning of that, will be the absolute truth of God?  Is that true?


Maitreya:  Yes, that is true.  Actually, it has already been done.  It is the initiation that the Mission of Maitreya gives to humanity.  And, it reveals the meaning of those words.  That is a part of the Divine Name, or the Greatest Name that the Baha’is are also waiting to be revealed to them.

The Greatest Name includes those three words in it.  It is more than those three words.  And, those three words are a part of that name that only will be given to the Elects.  That means those who are dedicated to the Mission completely, and they have realized that this is the Revelation from God. 

It is the last Revelation to humanity.  It explains all the teaching before it and now also reveals the name of God, which is not utterable in the external world. 

That is why in the Old Testament, no one could utter the name of God.  That was considered as taking the name of God in vain.  If you would have done it actually, they would have stoned you.  They would kill you for saying the name outwardly because it is not something that you can say outwardly.  It is impossible.  Anyone who says the real name of God is this:  Jehova, Yehweh, Yeshua, this and that, those are not the real correct vibration.

Actually, the name of God is the vibration that all the creation has been created from.  That is the Holy Name.  And, those three words that Prophet Muhammed uttered and Moslems are still thinking and looking for the meaning of them is the name of the Lord. 

That is the Holy Name or the Word that is revealed to the Elects, to those who are completely dedicated to the Mission and will ask for initiation.  They will be initiated to that Word.  But, the Word itself is more than those three words that the Moslems know about.

So yes, he will reveal the name of God to the people who are ready for it.  And, as the people become more and more pure they can hear the Word within themselves.  That Word is powerful, it is wonderful.  It is something that when you hear it you have no doubt God truly exists, is with you, and within you all the time.

So what you say is also true, has been fulfilled, is here, and is waiting for those who are also realizing this is the teaching of God and there is no other Revelation on earth for them but this unifying Revelation.

When I saw the Mission, when I received the Mission, I realized that I had no choice but to start this and give it to humanity, therefore, it is required also for those who want to be a part of the Mission to realize that they have no choice but to be in this Mission and be a part of it.  Therefore, they will receive these Words as initiation.  I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Juniper.


Juniper:  I would like to know your thoughts on Jesus Christ and why you think that he is here.  Thank you.


Maitreya:  Of course, his name never was Jesus.  As you know there is no “J” in Hebrew.  I know a lot of people say it is a transliteration of the name Yeshuah.  Of course, no one really could explain to me how Yeshuah has transfer to Jesus.  But, that is not important. 

The most important thing is that he is Christ.  He is the Son of God.  And, Son of God means, he who is in the image of God and manifests God’s qualities.

As we can see, even before the flood of Noah there were sons of God.  And, there were more than one, there were many of them.  There were sons of God.  And, some of them came to earth and took daughters of man and, therefore, there were son of God even before that.

Many of the people in the Old Testament walked with God and God took them.  That means that they did not die, they became a son of God.

In the beginning, man was in the image of God.  Adam was in the image of God.  He was male and female.  Therefore, he was a Son of God.  At the end of the Bible also, it promises whoever overcometh becomes my son and God becomes his Father. 

Therefore, Christ was in the image of God.  And all the Prophets are in the image of God at the time they manifest God’s qualities and bring His Words to humanity in the purest form.  In that moment, they are Christ, they are the Son of God, they are One with God, and there is no other way to God but they, because their Words are the Words of God.

As we can see Christ himself claims, and declares that he is the way and the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through him.  In that moment, he is one with the Spirit of God, and he is God, indeed.  All the Prophets, in that state, when they are one with God, are God.  There is no separation or difference between them.

Another time someone called Christ, “Good Rabbi.”  He rebuked the person and said, “Why are you calling me good?  The only good is God.”  We can say, what happened is that a couple of days ago you were the only way, there was no separation between you and the Father, and no one goes to the Father but through you, and now you are saying you are not even good.

We can see that in the moment the Spirit of God is not upon him.  He is a regular man.  He is a regular person.  He is just another man.  So, therefore, he is not in the image of God, he is not the way.

Therefore, we can clearly see that that is the way of God.  God chooses from men.  His Spirit comes through those men to humanity, and those men become the mouthpiece of God for the human to know what is the Will of God.  That is because God does not come on earth that easily. 

Some people reach some very small part of God, manifest that part, and they think that they know God.  But, the only people who manifest God in the greatest degree are the manifestations that are prophesied to come for a long time.  Then that person is chosen, he will be taken away from humanity, he will go through a period of purification and meditation.  Eventually, he comes to humanity and says, “Humanity, I have a message for you, it is from God.  And, when I give that message, the Father and I are One, and I am the Son of God.  I am Divine.  And there is no separation between us.”

Krishna said that same thing.  Krishna, in the Bhagava-Gita said, “I am God.  I am the manifestation of the Divine, the Supreme Being, and whatever I say is the truth.”

The same thing as Prophet Muhammed, in the Koran said, “Listen to the Prophet.  Whatever he said is my Word.”  But, Prophet Muhammed said, of course, “I am just a plain Prophet,” and, therefore, he is not God.”  But, really what he is talking about is when he is not connected to God, he is not God.  But, the other part, in the Koran says, you have to listen to the Prophet.  He is God in the moment because whatever he says is, “My Word.”

So, we can see that you can call Prophet Muhammed the Son of God as well.  In that moment, he is the Way, and the Truth, and no one goes to the Father but through him.  That is true for Bab, for Baha’u’llah, for all the manifestations that God sent to us.

Therefore, Christ was the Son of God.  Christ was God in those moments.  And with this explanation, really, God has never been completely manifest on earth, twenty-four hours a day, all their lives.  But, at the same time they do manifest God at the moments they are connected to God and they are giving the Word of God to humanity.

So, Christ is the Son of God.  Christ is Christ, Christus, Chrishna, Charisma.  God is with him and, therefore, we accept him as the Son of God.  Not in the sense of being conceived by God and Mary, but in the sense of his manifesting God’s qualities to humanity.

Was Mary a virgin and had him as a son when she was a virgin?  Being pregnant while you are a virgin is not a unique phenomena.  In history, we have seen many, many times this has happened, that a virgin is being pregnant, and delivers a child when they are a virgin.

Of course, that was the Will of God.  God wanted it to happen and, that also we accept as a miracle.  So, Christ also fulfilled that part.  So, Christ fulfilled the prophecies for his coming.  But, he is also a part of the Eternal Divine Path, a part of God’s Revelation, a part of this unifying Revelation that God has sent to humanity.

I hope that makes sense to you.  If you are open to it, it should make a lot of sense.  And, you can see, now this explains why Christ was the Son of God, and came to man.

And, also, Christ released The Grace.  Christ came to release The Grace that was taken away from man at the time of the Garden of Eden.  That is why, his followers were saved by Grace, to this point.  From now on, of course, anyone who follows the Eternal Divine Path will receive the same Grace that the followers of Christ had before.

Go ahead, Juniper.


Juniper:  My belief is in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. 

Can you please explain where Muhammed fits into it?


Maitreya:  The question:  Christ was the Son of God, how about Muhammed?  Prophet Muhammed also was the Son of God, the same thing.  Of course, he never claimed that he was a Son of God because his revelation, his message, and his mission was different than Christ’s.  He brought a more social aspect to humanity.  He brought the Law of God, which became the Shariah.

But when God says, “Listen to my Prophet.  Whatever the Prophet says is whatever I say,” that is absolutely the same thing as the Father and Prophet Muhammed are one.  Whatever Prophet Muhammed is saying is from God.  So we can see also he was Christ.

Therefore, there is no difference between Prophet Muhammed, Christ, Bab, Baha’u’llah, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.  All are the Prophets God has sent to humanity. 

Actually, by the time of Prophet Muhammed there had been 144,000 of them.  Of course, a few added after that, which are Bab, Baha’u’llah, Baba, and now this teaching and this Revelation.

So, we can see that there have been many, many Prophets and all of them had the Spirit of God in them.  Of course, some of them had the Spirit in a greater degree, some of them had the Spirit in a lesser degree. 

Some of them needed to heal people so that the people would believe in them.  Some of them had to bring the miracle of the Revelation, like the Koran and THOTH.  That is enough for those who are ready for these Revelations to see the truth in them and say, “Yes, this is from God.”  And, therefore, they do not need to be healed, or miracles to be given to them.

Especially, Christ said, “What good does it make if I heal you?  If the unclean spirit leaves you, he goes and invites seven more vicious than itself, and they come to you.  And, the state of the man is going to be worse than it was before.”  So the answer is, you have to learn how to heal yourself.  If you do that then that unclean spirit will not return to you. 

So there is no separation.  There is no differentiation in the Mission of Maitreya between any Prophets.  Some of them had some abilities others did not.  All of them said the same thing, that they are the way, the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through them.

Go ahead, Juniper.


Juniper:  I just cannot believe that anyone goes to the Father but by Jesus. 

And, can you tell me, where did you get your knowledge?  Thank you.


Maitreya:  Now I understand where you are coming from, Juniper.  Probably you are a very strong Christian, and we appreciate you being that.  That is great.  Christ was a great teacher, a great Prophet, and he came to humanity to bring a great revelation to them. 

Probably most of your belief and your knowledge comes from Paul.  And he has made Christ something absolutely different than what Christ was.  Paul was a disciple.  He was not even a close disciple of Christ.  But, he felt that he had a mission and that he had been chosen to preach Christianity.

But Christ himself said, even his disciples, even his close disciples, are not greater than he.  So, if they are not greater than him, do not even listen to them.  You have to listen to Christ completely and directly, and learn from him what the truth is. 

That is why we believe that if you really want to become a good Christian you should only read the red writings in the Bible, which are directly from Christ, and believe on those.  As I said, Christ said, “I am the way, and the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through me.”  But, he meant in that moment, in that revelation.  In that period that he came as the manifestation of Christ to humanity.

As I said, you can hear the same thing in the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna said the same thing, “No one goes to the Father but through me.”  In the Koran God said, “Listen to the Prophet.  Whatever he says are my Words.  Listen to him.”  Therefore, in an indirect way also Prophet Muhammed is saying the same thing, “No one goes to the Father but through Prophet Muhammed.”  In that moment, in that place, in that revelation, in that truth that had come to humanity, which purified the revelations before him. 

Christ came to purify Judaism, the teaching before him.  Prophet Muhammed came to clarify and purify the revelation before him.  Bab and Baha’u’llah came to purify the revelation before them.

And, now this Revelation has purified all the religions of the world and has explained all the problems many religions have together, purified them, and has brought the truth to humanity.  Again, and again, we see the same thing, “No one goes to the Father but through,” this teaching.  And, “The Father and I are one.” 

THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies) is the Word of God.  It has come through this vessel to humanity, and I am the proof of God’s existence. 

If anyone wants to know if God exists, God said He will do and send all these Revelations.  He did.  He said He will unify them.  He did.  He said there will be a book sealed with the Seven Seals, it will be opened, and when it will be opened the whole universe will rejoice.  It has. 

Therefore, God exists.  I am here to glorify God.  Actually, this is the glory of God that has come to humanity in the form of the Revelation and the teaching. 

And, now I am telling everyone, do not stay in one religion.  You do not belong to any one specific religion.  If you do, you will stay narrow.  You will not see the whole plan.  You will not see the whole truth.  You will not go to God because in order to go to God is to overcome your religions, your narrow understandings.  Come to the expanded Revelation of the unification of all religions, realize that God is one, and all these revelations have come to you from God through the manifestation, through the Prophets.

Come join this new Revelation and realize that you are a part of us.  We love what you have.  You have had a lot of truth.  But take the dogma out of it.  And, that is what this Mission does, it takes the dogmas out of the religions and gives you a Path.  The Path that has no dogma.

If you follow it, you will see benefit.  If you do not follow, you will not see the benefit.  You do not have to believe in anything.  Well, not quite.  You have to believe that God exists, these are God’s Revelations, and God sent all these Revelations.  But, at the same time, the ultimate test is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.  And, that Path will take you to God and expand you.

So, Christ came.  He was from God.  He fulfilled the prophecies.  He gave the message.  His message was sacrifice. 

He also was prophesied to gather the people.  He gathered the people in the West as his disciples, which are the children of the House of Israel.  He also released The Grace to humanity.

So, he did come.  He is the Son of God, as is Prophet Muhammed and all manifestations.  And, he did what he was supposed to do.

Go ahead, Khaled.


Khaled:  Thank you, Lord, I want to ask you about three things.  About who is the promised son from Abraham, which he was preparing to sacrifice his own son?  According to Judaism and Christianity, it was Isaac.  According to what people understand from the Islamic teaching, it was supposed to be Ishmael.

The second thing, about what Apostle Paul wrote against the Law of Kosher.  And what he wrote as the Law of the Sabbath and the Holy Days            he was against Kosher    and the Law of the Holy Days.  What is your       about that.

The third thing is about      teaching of Islam about Christianity about reincarnation.         Reincarnation very clear    also        but just Islam and Christianity.  Moslems deny the Law of reincarnation or being      exact        deny reincarnation.


Maitreya:  OK Khaled, you had a lot of questions here.  People wrote it down, and also they could not understand some parts of it. 

Your first questions is that the Moslems say that it was Ishmael who Abraham was going to sacrifice, not Isaac.  You are asking if that is true or not.  Is that our first question?


Khaled:  Yes, Lord, it was.


Maitreya:  Remember the Bible has been changed many times.  A lot of human ideas have crept into it.  Actually, even after that it has been translated twenty-seven times.  And, if you know, anytime a translation has been given, some part of that teaching or writing will be lost.  There is no way you can translate something from another language and not lose a part of it.  That is because not all the languages express the words exactly the same way, or is their meaning the same.

But, the most important thing, as is explained in THOTH, when that sacrifice was given to Abraham, God stopped him.  And, that was the symbolic meaning of the change from the human sacrifice to the animal sacrifice.  The human sacrifice had become to look upon as being too cruel to do that.  There is a possibility that also might happen to Ishmael.  And God also probably demanded both sons to be slaughtered.  Then when Abraham approached to do that, God stopped them.

In the Bible, it also makes it very clear that after Abraham stopped sacrificing his sons, God gave the unconditional promise to him that there would be many nations come from Isaac.  And He already had promised Ishmael that a nation will come from him.  Therefore, it was not necessary to repeat it over, there in the Bible any more.

And, especially in the Bible, after the promise given to Abram for his son who was Ishmael.  There were two promises.  There was the material possession, or territory and the Sceptre, or the spiritual domination and kingly spiritual domination, which was the Messiah, or the Prophet, which was the promise given to both of them as Abram for his son, Ishmael, and as Abraham for his son Isaac.  Abram means father of one nation.  Abraham means father of many nations.

Therefore, we can see that that prophecy was also fulfilled.  From Ishmael came one nation, which are the Arabs.  And the promises given to Abraham for Isaac,      twelve tribes of Israel.  And eventually those twelve tribes were split to two, the Southern Kingdom, which was Judah, Benjamin and the Levite with them, and the ten lost tribes of the Northern Kingdom, which eventually were pushed out of that area toward the North, to Russia, and eventually Europe and the United States.  So, they became many nations.

The promise given to Isaac was fulfilled through the many nations in Europe and the United States.  And, the Arabs came eventually and took over Spain.  They lived there for 200 years.  They had a lot of children.  That is why a lot of Spanish people have Arabic names, and even their language is influence with Arabic.

They moved from Spain and took South American.  And, therefore, you can see the South Americans have Arabic Nation blood in them and Europe and North American people have the blood of the Children of Isaac.  And, they meet in New Mexico, which is on the border of South America and North America.

He also promised Israel a nation and many nations.  The nation was the United Kingdom, and the many nations was the United States of America.  So we can see all of this has been explained in THOTH. God told that these things were going to happen, and they happened.

Prophet Muhammed said that Ishmael was the person who was supposed to be sacrificed by Abraham, therefore, that was also true.  So the conclusion is, God probably demanded Abraham to sacrifice both of them.  And, he went and proceeded to do that and then God stopped him.

And after that, because Abraham was the completely surrendered one to God and His Will to the point of even sacrificing his own children for God, therefore, God completely trusted in his faith and oneness with Him, and Abraham became one of the greatest Prophets ever been and he became the father of all nations. 

You can see the Hebrew-Christian-Islamic-Baha’i teaching all comes from Abraham.  He became the father of many, many nations and religions on earth, included in our teaching.

So, the conclusion is probably the command was for both of them to be sacrificed and God stopped him.  I hope it makes sense to you.

Your next question was about the Law of Sabbath.  Apparently, we did not understand what you meant.  Can you repeat that?


Khaled:  Yes, Lord.  Excuse my bad English.  Well, I think about what Paul              against the Law of Holy Days and what he wrote against the Law of Kosher                        and what   the difference     what you think what we celebrate.  How can we understand that in the light of our Revelation.  Thank you.


Maitreya:  The Law of Sabbath, God created the world in six days and the seventh day He rested.  He told the Hebrews to keep the seventh day holy.  And, His seventh day was Saturday.  They kept it holy for a long time.

The reason for Paul’s logic was that Christ was raised on the first day, on Sunday, therefore, we have to change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.  Of course he was a Jew himself and he was prosecuted very hardly after he converted to Christianity and started teaching Christ.  Therefore, he became very unhappy with the Jews and Hebrews and, therefore, he tried to change many things to distinguish himself from the Jewish people. 

Especially, in the role that he was preaching, there was some historical facts that Jewish people opposed the Roman Empire and, therefore, the sentiment toward the Jewish people became against…  The Romans became against Jewish people and their sentiment was, of course, toward the Christians, which also were following everything Jewish because Christ was a Jew.  Therefore, Paul felt that the more he distinguished his sect from the Jewish people, it was going to be easier for them to live in that environment. 

Of course, Sunday, also, is the day of Sun for the Roman Empire.  And, they celebrated the sun on that day.  Therefore, as we know, when Rome became Christianized and became Christians, they also brought a lot of their pagan ideas into Christianity and they changed a lot of thing to what they already had. 

It is like their celebration of Christmas at that time.  And even in the Bible it says, cutting the tree and putting ornaments on it is the tradition of man, and the tradition of man is in vain, and all that.  So, it is in the Bible that you should not be doing that.

In the Bible, Christ said that he would stay three days and three nights in the belly of the earth.  And if we believe what a lot of people believe, “He was crucified on Friday,” there is no way that he could raise on Sunday.  That is because three days and three nights is going to be sometime on Monday evening.  So, he could not raise on Sunday.

The truth is that that Sabbath that he was crucified before was a yearly Sabbath, which was a Wednesday.  He was crucified on Wednesday night and he raised on Saturday night.  So really, he was raised on Saturday, not Sunday.  Again, it is explained in THOTH how it is.  Therefore, God never changed the day of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

When Prophet Muhammed came, he also accepted the Jewish Sabbath in the Arab area in the beginning.  But, later on, after they realize that he was not going to make them preferred over the rest of the people living there, they rejected him.  And, Prophet Muhammed also received a revelation to change the Sabbath to Friday.  Therefore, Sabbath for the Moslems changed to Friday. 

But, in reality there are two Sabbaths on Saturday because that is what God revealed to the Hebrews and demanded in part of His Command, that you keep the Sabbath Holy.  And, therefore, in the Mission of Maitreya, we accept that Christ was raised on Saturday and that God did demand Saturday to be the Holy Day.

Also eventually, we are hoping that we will have three day of rest, Friday, which Prophet Muhammed brought, Saturday, which God demanded, and Sunday, which the Christians believe to be.  So on Friday you can do the worldly things and get a lot of worldly things to be done.  Saturday you rest.  And, Sunday you celebrate.  Hopefully, if we get to a place that the human does not have to work more than four days a week.

I hope that makes sense. 

The next questions is, “Why is there no mention of reincarnation in Islam and Christianity, and why it is very clear in Hinduism and Buddhism?”

Hinduism and Buddhism are the Mystical Paths.  Actually, in every Mystical Path, most of them have the idea of reincarnation presented in them because the people who meditated realized that it is impossible to accept God as just, without giving humans many opportunities.

If someone came, was born in a very harsh environment, never heard about this Revelation, and he was a Cannibal in some African tribe who ate humans and he died, is that fair to kill them and send him to hell because he just followed the tradition?  Or, if they had been born again, and again, and again, in many reincarnations, and God gave them opportunities to redeem themselves and they did not hear and listen and they hung onto their dogmas, traditions, and beliefs, and God eventually said, “Well, I gave you that many opportunities.  You did not take my advice and Revelations from my Prophets.  You went your own way, you accepted your tradition and your belief that were the dogma, and you did not progress.  Therefore, I will reincarnate someone else instead of you who will progress and come back to Me in a faster way and I will wait for you for later on.”

So we can see the justness of God cannot be explained clearly unless there is reincarnation accepted that we have been given many chances, and God has guided us toward the truth.  If we will not listen to it for a long time, therefore, God has all the right to say, “I am not going to reincarnate you any more because you are not listening.  I am going to reincarnate another being or consciousness that will progress faster.”

Then we can clearly see this, the reincarnation, in the Bible, in the New Testament.  It is very clearly apparent there.  A lot of people do not want to see it, a lot of people argue about it, a lot of people try to twist it to different ways.  But how can you explain that John the Baptist came from the womb of a woman, and he is Elijah? 

Elijah died a couple of hundred years ago.  Or, he was taken away from the earth.  Then, he came as John the Baptist from the womb of a woman and was born as a human.

The only way you can really explain it without twisting the truth and trying to fit the universe into a bottle, is that he was reincarnated.  He was the reincarnation of Elijah.

          And, Christ very clearly said, he was, “John the Baptist is Elijah.”  So, we can see that you can find reincarnation, although the church tried to take every reference of reincarnation out of the Bible.  That is because if you believe you are reincarnated many, many lifetimes, it is harder to control you, as a person, because you will say, “Well, I have to go find my truth and my way with the Word of God.  I am not going to listen to you, preacher.  I am going to listen to God because I have been here many times.  Who knows, maybe I have been here more than you have been here, preacher, or rabbi, or mullah, or thing.  So, I probably have more right to go to God than you do.”  Therefore, it is very hard to control them.  And, therefore, they tried to take the reincarnation out.  But, they did not take this one out.  They could not because God is smarter than them.

As Prophet Muhammed said, “They scheme against Me, but God is the greater schemer.”  Again, God puts that reincarnation of Elijah to come as John the Baptist and now we can see reincarnation right there in the Bible for us all to see.

So, we can see that the Bible does have the reincarnation.  Now, why Islam does not have it?  In Islam, Prophet Muhammed also says what?  “God can do whatever he wants.  He is an able God.”

If he is an able God, can He reincarnate?  He sure can.  And, also, he says that, “They will die and God can raise them.”  If He can raise them, He can also reincarnate.  Therefore, He is an able God.  Therefore, He reincarnates.

Now, why is the emphasis not as much as the Buddhists and Hinduism?  It is because Buddhism, Hinduism, the Mystical Paths, have been kept separate from the revelation of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Baha’i Teaching because that was not a part of the emphasis in those revelations.  So, God kept that part of His Truth in only the Mystical Paths, which is mostly Hinduism and Buddhism.  Now He again put them all together. 

Actually, that is interesting because even the Baha’is do not emphasis reincarnation and the Mystical Paths.  And, that shows again that is not perfect.  As many Baha’is might claim that it is perfect, and it came from them.

Actually, that is one of the problems Baha’is have with the Buddhists.  The Buddhists were saying, “Where are we in the Baha’i teaching?”  And, the Hindus, “Where do we fit in, in the Baha’i teaching?”  Most of the Baha’is could not explain why Baha’u’llah did not include them as much. 

In this Revelation, even the Mystical Path is included.  It is in the Bible, reincarnation is in the Bible.

Prophet Muhammed said it is possible.  Actually, the Sufis, which is the Islamic Mystics, believe in reincarnation.  They understand that without reincarnation it is impossible to explain God’s creation.

And, with reincarnation you can see that God is just.

I think that was all the questions you had, Khaled.  I hope that that all makes sense.  If it does not, you can follow up.  Or, if anyone else had a question, go ahead.

Go ahead, Juniper.


Juniper:      who you are.  I also think that Jesus is the Son of God.  Can you tell me     Muhammed was the Son of God also.  God had one Son, he was also sinless.  Muhammed        can you explain that, Maitreya?


Maitreya:  That is something that Christians…  The last time I heard, the Christians said she was seven.  Now, of course, it is six.  It sounds like it is going down every couple of months [laughing].  But the truth about Aiesha was that she was    bethrothed to Prophet Muhammed when she was very young, but the marriage was not consummated until she was much older than that.  I think it was 12 or 13.

We can see, even in the West, we have many girls who are getting pregnant when they are 12 or 13 years old.  So, they are ready for a relationships.  And, of course, they are not even married.  But, if they get married then they are going to be prosecuted on that level.  So, we can see that a girl, 12 or 13 years old, is ready for marriage.

And that was also the cultural acceptance in that time that the woman can be married at that age.  But, Prophet Muhammed did not consummate the marriage until Aiesha was much older.  Therefore, this is a misconception that Christians keep repeating and calling Prophet a pedophile, and all of that. 

This is just another man-made story and it is not true.  Therefore, you have to correct that part of your understanding of Prophet Muhammed.  He never married a seven-year old girl.  Even in that culture, it was not accepted for a girl to be married at that age.  Therefore, that is not correct. 

Also, Prophet Muhammed fulfilled the prophecies that had been given.  Also in The Revelation it talks about the Seven Seals and the Seven Angels.  All of them are related to the Seven Prophets who would come to humanity. 

Also, even in the Bible itself, it clearly says that God gave two promises:  One to Abram, and the son of Abram was Ishmael.  And, then God changed the name of Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.  Sarai means princess and Sarah means our princess, more than one. 

Therefore, Abram was of one nation.  Abraham was of many nations.  And, then God promised Abraham a son by the name of Isaac.  Then God promised the same promises that He gave to Abram to Abraham.

To Abram, God gave the promise of a land with endless borders, and many people that their number could not be counted.  Then he changed the name Abram to Abraham and gave the promises to Isaac that they would also become a great nation, and then later on many nations.

So we can see, even in that point, God knew there were going to be two Prophets, two Messiahs.  Two manifestations will come, one from Abram, which was Prophet Muhammed, and one from Abraham, which was Christ. 

So, even if that can be understood by Christians and Moslems, they would realize that both of these beings had been promised by God to come to humanity.  And, therefore, the Christians will accept Prophet Muhammed and the Revelation that he brought to the Children of Ishmael and they will not fight with each other and try to destroy one another, or make everyone Christian, or make everyone Moslem. 

They will not be able to do that.  It is not prophesied.  It is not given to any one religion to convert everyone to the other religion.  It will not happen.  They will suffer.  They will be killed.  They will be destroyed.  And, the separation will bring great suffering and tribulation to humanity.

Actually, now as we speak, we are heading toward that tribulation and destruction for humanity.  And, the only religion, the only teaching that will unify all of them together is the teaching of the Seven Seals and the book that was sealed with the Seven Seals.

Therefore, we can see, even before Christ or Prophet Muhammed came, God already said there was going to be two Prophets come, one from Ishmael, and one from Isaac.  And, therefore, Prophet Muhammed has all the right to be a Prophet, and sinless, and the Son of God, as Christ was. 

And, therefore, you have to overcome your dogmas.  You have to stop listening to Paul or anyone else, or even your preacher.  Go to the words of Christ.  Go and read THOTH, and see how God said all these things will come from Him. 

And, stop calling the Prophet of God a pedophile.  That is a great sin.  It is karma.  That is something will come and stay on you.  Especially after this is explained to you now, and you know there is not such a thing as many people say.

Go ahead, ihavadream.


ihavadream:  Thank you.  I want to        a tad out of the density of the physical and ask a question concerning our divine nature. 

I am a meditator.  I am wondering…  I am struggling with something on a        emotional nature.  And, I am wondering, even through all my connections with       as I call it, God, and my meditation, I am still struggling with manifesting the totality of my divine nature.  And I am wondering how I can    through what it is I am struggling with because at times         what it may be.  So, I am wondering how I can clarify this to my consciousness and then release it?  Do you have an answer to that?


Maitreya:  I sure do.  Well, meditation, if you read our teaching you will realize that meditation is not the only way.  Actually, it is not the final way either.  But, the Eternal Divine Path is.  The Eternal Divine Path is more than meditation.  It is creating the qualities of God within yourself, which are compassion, forgiveness, beauty, purity, love, and everything that is not self-centered.

Those who just meditate, might become self-centered, will become selfish and might not reach out to other people and humanity, and will be destroyed, the falling on themselves.

  Therefore, the next step in your path will be to direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, or, at least serving other people instead of only being concerned about your own personal progress.

By being concerned with other people, you will come out of yourself.  Therefore, the lower nature, by itself, will be rising up without you meditating on it all the time and being concerned about it.

After that, of course, sacrifice to create such an environment that other people can progress in it.  In this, you again, go away from self-centeredness, and selfishness, and you will become more other-people centered. 

You try to create a good environment, first for your family.  Create a good environment that in the family they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. 

If you are married, you become one with your partner, in God, and bring God to your relationship so that you both progress together and become one.  That is because that is the only way couples can become one with each other, to be one with God. 

You never can become one with the other person because you never can become one in the physical body.  There are always going to be problems if you concentrate on each other’s physical bodies.  But, instead of concentrating on the physical bodies, if you both become one with God, you will become One.  If you are married, your marriage should be based on God.  That unity will come after that.

Then, of course, reach out to your immediate community, to your family, and then community.  And, then, according to your capacity, reach as many people as you can so that you can bring them to the better-ness of their lives.  So, you become a manifestation or a channel for God’s Qualities.

Then, of course, after that, surrender and submit the result to God and let God come through you and do the work.  Therefore, you are again not thinking about yourself, but you are thinking, “What is the Will of God for me.”  So, you will absolutely overcome any attachment to the result of your actions.

And, then become a universalist.  Realize, the universe is your home.  God is your Father and Mother.  And, the rest of the universe is the struggling manifestation toward the Pure Consciousness.  You shatter any narrowness of the mind.  You expand yourself.  And, you surely will overcome your emotional problem, or any spiritual problem that you might have. 

Therefore, you become an Elect.  You will become a chosen person.  You will have overcome all the narrowness of the mind, the attachment to the results, selfishness and self-centeredness, and you will create an environment where not only you will progress, but also all the others will progress.  You meditate and therefore, your progress to oneness and overcoming any pitfalls in your spiritual path are guaranteed.

Therefore, the Eternal Divine Path is the way to overcome your pitfalls and progress toward God the fastest way possible.  So I recommend that you read our teaching, understand the Eternal Divine Path and follow them.  And, you will report to us very soon that you indeed have progressed greatly.

I hope that answered your question.

Are there any other questions?  I saw some hands up, but they are down.  If you have a question, go ahead.  I will give you a couple of minutes.


Ihavadream:  Thank you.


Maitreya:  You are welcome.  All thanks go to God.  [silence]

I will explain this one more time.  If you are red dotted, do not take it personally.  It has nothing to do with a personal thing.  We want you to listen to this Revelation.  If you have a question, raise your hand.  Your red dot will be taken away from you and you can ask your question.  We also ask for most of the people, not to type.  Those who type here are the people who have been here before.  They know the teaching and they are given the opportunity to answer some questions. 

Therefore, it is not something personal.  If you are here in this room for the first time, I suppose, and we have had people who have come to this room, have grabbed the mic, and they have done things that made us do this.  It is not the only room to do that.

Other rooms, when they have speakers, do the same thing.  The idea is that you have come here to learn about our teaching and listen to this Revelation.  Therefore, we want you to mostly listen.  We do not want you to type or grab the mic.  Therefore, do not take this personally.  You are invited and welcome to this room.  Do not feel bad about it.  Therefore, go ahead, if you have a question, just raise your hand and we will answer your questions.

Go ahead, ihavadream.


Ihavadream:  I invite you to come to Las Angeles, the City of Angels, and make a center.  I will help you.  I am open to it.  And, I am waiting.


Maitreya:  [laughing]  Very good.  I appreciate that, ihava-dream.  If you want to start a center in the Las Angeles area, we would love to have a center there where you are.  I am pretty much committed where I am at.  Also, God has guided me to stay in this area.  As I said, it is a connection between North America and South America, which are the children of Ishmael and the children of Isaac. 

But, if you want to start a center in Las Angeles, we have the teachers who do travel and can go to the area.  You can set up some lectures for them.  Of course, we require that they will be accommodated for their stay there. And, also, accommodated for their transportation to your area.

If anyone wants them to come to your area that is the requirement, they should be provided for their stay there and for their transportation expenses.  They will come there.

If you want to start something, you can send me an e-mail and we can talk about how we can do that.  That is one of the things… 

The first step in doing that is, we ask people to become a contact.  A contact person is a person who contacts people to the Mission.  They can become a simple contact point, or they can start setting up some meditation together with the people in their area, and join the PalTalk with our services that we have everyday.  And, go from there.

In this Mission, you can just love the Mission and keep it to yourself, or you can go all the way and dedicate your life 100% to this Revelation.  Or, stay between all of them.

But, even if there is enough interest in the Las Angeles area and they invited me to come over, that I will do.  I will come over if there is enough Souls that will benefit from my presence in your area. 

Therefore, I think the best way to start this is to become a contact for the Mission, invite a teacher there, start the center, start the Communities of Light, attract other people, and if eventually they want me to be there, the same requirement.  You have to provide me with the transportation, and a place to stay and be with your guys in Las Angeles.

So, I appreciate your invitation but I decline coming to Las Angeles.  But, there are other ways to spread this Message.

I hope this makes sense to you, ihavadream.

If you want to send the Mission an e-mail, just send .  It will come to the Mission and we can go from there.


Ihavadream:  [Maitreya reading from text but most not audible]  Yes.  Sure.  The manifestation…


Maitreya:  Again, this is the Revelation of the Seven Seals.  Humanity is called to come, to unify.  It purifies all religions.  It purifies all the Revelation of God and brings it to the Essence of what God has been trying to accomplish for humanity.  The Essence of God’s Revelation is the Eternal Divine Path.  It is a Path.  It has no dogma.  The base of it is the creation of the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light, is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. 

Therefore, those who have been called, those who have been chosen, those who feel that God calls upon them to do His Will, those who have been born to be with the Mission, should see this and see the truth, the beauty, and the wonder in it, and will utter with great joy that God truly exists, He is the most Splendid, and He is present in our lives.

But, He has given us the free will to choose Him, which is the dogma, which is none.  But, this is the time of sundering of the Elects and those who will not come to the kingdom. 

So there is the invitation to the wedding of the Christ and the Revelation of God, and you are all invited.  But, come with the proper clothing, with your best clothes, and with purity come and join this. 

Become a contact person.  Read our teaching.  Realize what has come to you, and rejoice that God, indeed, has come to humanity again, is Revealing His Revelation to them, and inviting them to come and create the Kingdom.

We know that the time of the Kali Yoga is over.  It is the time of the Golden Age, of the coming of the Godly Revelation, and the following of the Eternal Divine Path.  Many, many millions and millions will reach Pure Consciousness and their goal.  Therefore, take this Revelation and this teaching to your heart, realize that God, indeed, has come to you, and has invited you to come and guide humanity to a greater degree.

I think my time is almost up.  I will give you one more minute.  If you have other questions go ahead.  Otherwise, I will then say, Sal-OM to everyone and have a good week. 

Spread the Message.  Reach everyone.  Bring everyone.  I would like every human to hear this Revelation and this Message at least once.  Therefore, bring them and let them hear it.  Leave them to God after that.  Do not be attached to the result.  If they are chosen, if they are the Elects, if they are called for it, they will see it.  They will be for it. 

But, if they are negative about it and they do not see the truth, I feel very sorry about that, but that is where God wants them and they will not see the truth.  But, many will.

So many will be called, few are ready to accept.

I will give you one more minutes and then I will leave you to God.

Sal-OM everyone.  Have a Godly week.  See you next week.  Sal-OM.

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