Satsang (Discourse) 12/29/01




Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang and Room, our Cyber Church. I hope you are here to learn about the Mission and what we have here to offer you. As you might know, this is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the unification of all religions.

This Mission has been prophesied to come to humanity. In all religions of the world, it has been talked about that one day the Kingdom of God will come on earth. Now each religion thinks that they will bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

Jews says that they are the Elected Ones, and they are the ones who will bring the Kingdom on earth. Christians say that they are the only way. Moslems say that they have the last word. The Bahais say that, We are the last manifestation. Of course, when we go to Gods Word and Revelations, we see that He has a different Plan, and that He will culminate His Revelation after the Revelation of the Seven Seals, or after the Seventh Angel comes.

There in Scripture, He clearly says that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes, He will reveal the truth to humanity, and God is no longer a mystery. So far, up to this point, God has been a mystery.

Therefore, anyone who says that they have the truth, they have the answer, they have the revelation, they have the religion, it is not the whole picture of the truth, but is a part of the truth and is not complete. And God said that it will only be completed when the Seventh Angel comes, when the Seven Seals are opened.

This Mission has opened the Seven Seals and fulfilled the prophecies that God has said would be fulfilled by the Seventh Angel. Also, many other things that are based on the Word of God are fulfilled in this Mission and through this vessel.

Then how could this Revelation and this vessel be anything but from God when it fulfills the things that God has said will be fulfilled through this Revelation? Therefore, those who say otherwise and try to bring negativity to the Mission, are doing it to themselves, and unfortunately they will suffer for creating negativity toward something that is Godly.

I pray that God will be merciful to them and I say, God, forgive them, they know not what they do. That is because they think that they are correct, when their Scripture says that no truth, no revelation, no religion, no teaching will be perfect until the Seventh Angel comes, and it is then that the mystery of God will be finished.

If they had even the slightest Spirit of Truth in them and they wanted to know the truth, with realizing that the prophecies are fulfilled, the book with the Seven Seals is opened, the Seven Revelations of God are unified, and the Seven Seals are revealed to humanity, they would have no choice but to say, Yes, these are the Words of God. Therefore, we accept this as Gods Revelation. If they do not, of course, this is the time of sundering because this is the time of the end. God said that at the end there would be a sundering between the chaff and the wheat. I hope they realize this and become wheat instead of becoming the chaff and will take this Revelation seriously. They will take this Revelation, at least as something to look into.

Go to our website, read what has been revealed, study it, and ask questions. Be very diligent in finding out what it says and that you may forget about your dogmas, your own understandings, what the preachers tell you, or what the tradition has brought to you, but say, I am the seeker of the truth and I want to know, what is this Maitreya talking about? Is he really the anti-Christ as many people come and tell me he is, or does he really fulfill the prophecies that the Word of God said he would? If he is fulfilling what God said he would fulfill, how can he be the anti-Christ and not the truth?

So, I am very concerned for these people and I hope they will realize that they are doing it to their own peril. Hopefully they will realize this and come, or at least as I said, will consider to go to search, knock, ask questions, and the door will be opened to them. If they just rely on their own understandings, their own narrow realizations, I am afraid they are going against the Will of God, and they will be hurting themselves in the long run.

Also, those who bring negativity and are opposing us and trying to say we are not good, what is wrong here? Why do not they just realize that if they have the truth, they should be filled up. If I have the truth, I am not worried about anything in the universe. If I am saved, then I am saved. That is it! Even if the devil comes to me, I am saved. I am not afraid of anti-Christ of anything. I will go my way and say, I leave you, anti-Christ, to God, and I will go to God.

Well, is it possible that they are not really sure that they are saved, and their God is not really the God of the Bible, The Revelation, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? They have to ask themselves, Why are we opposing everyone on the earth? If we are secure in our revelation, in our teaching, in our God, therefore, who cares who is what and what is who? The most important thing is that we have the truth, we are saved, and God is with us.

That is exactly what the Mission and the people in it feel, God is with us. We are not afraid of anyone. We do not go and open a room and tell them that they are the devil, or they are a cult, or this and that.

Who is a cult anyway? A cult is an organization that the prophet or the personality becomes more important than the message. Hey, what religions, or organizations, do that, that their prophet is becoming more important than the message of the prophet? Hmmm, let us think about it.

Who is the most important, the person who brings the message, or the message? If I had a message to bring from one country to another country, and I go to the head of the state there and say, Worship me. I am not going to give you the message, am I a good messenger? I did not give the message to them. Actually, I am depriving them from the message, which came from God.

So, think about your religions. Think about the tradition. Think about what your preachers have taught you and realize that in order to go to God, you do not need a medium. You have to go to God directly. God is closer to you than yourself and, therefore, this Mission, which does not bring and teach that the Messenger is greater than the Message, is not a cult. It cannot be.

Actually, I do not care. Do you want to walk out of this Mission tomorrow? Bye, bye. It is not something I am going to brainwash you and keep you in the Mission, not a bit. I am not interested if you are not interested.

If you are not interested in God, I am not interested in you. It is very simple. And, when you are here, you are here by your own will, and you can walk away anytime you want. It is not something that we will push on you.

So, tell these people that they should meditate on these things. You at least should know about us first before you jump to the conclusions. As Christ said, Take the beam out of your eyes first before you can judge others, or even Maitreya.

As I said, I pray for them and tell God, God, they know not what they do, because all the things in this Mission are Godly. Everything we say is based on the Scriptures. Everything we do is pure; at least we try to make it all as pure as possible.

So let them know that, please, they should study us, test the Spirit, and then judge. Even then, do not judge, because you still have a beam in your eye. Let God who is Pure judge between us.

You go your way, and we go our way, and let God decide who is the correct one. If you do not, then I am afraid you are creating a very bad karma and you surely will fall into great ignorance, which is really the fire of hell.

We will go ahead. I guess there are a couple of people in here new. We will go ahead and explain our teaching to them.

Our teaching is based on the Sign that we call, The Greatest Sign. If you go to our website, which I can see that someone has posted the URL there for you, click on that. When you enter there, you might see a pop-up window. Just say, OK. It is just something that is related to the java applet there. So just go ahead and click, OK.

There you will see The Greatest Sign. It is animated. You will see a dot and then the formation of The Greatest Sign to the I-Ching, then the Lotustica, and on and on.

The basic teaching is very simple. It is based on a Path, which has five steps in it. The first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces, which is the I-Ching at the very bottom.

The very sign in the middle, if you are looking at it, is a representation of God, which expands and spins out into the universe. It was when that happened that the balance in the universe was disturbed, and there was chaos. That is exactly where the Bible starts, when the darkness was on the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep and brought those consciousnesses, which were in darkness, under His control, etc.

When that chaos was there, the Spirit of God moved into the darkness and went through a Path, which we call, the Eternal Divine Path. That Path was the one that the Spirit of God went through and eventually reached back to Godhood. That is what God saw, the light. And the light was good, and God blessed it, and on and on.

As you can see, that light is different than the lights that God created later as the sun and the moon. That was the light of the Christ that had reached to Godhood.

Therefore, that Path became the Eternal Divine Path. And, in the last 12,000 years, God has been sending each part of the Eternal Divine Path as a separate religion.

The First Seal was revealed by Noah. Of course, it is much more detailed. I am going through it very quickly here. You can read our Scripture, which is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. It will explain it to you in much more detail. You can download the whole Revelation from the website free of any charge. You can just read it, understand it, and if you have any questions, then you are welcome to come here and ask them.

Therefore, the first step was the awakening of the spiritual forces, which covers all the Mystical Paths. The first Mystical Path that came to humanity was through Noah. That is when the humans third eye was closed.

Noah taught them how to meditate and eventually those teachings came as the many mystical teachings in the world. The base of the mystical teaching is, Know thyself, to know God, or as the Bible says, Be still, and know that I am God. All those mystical teachings say the same thing, that if you become still, you will know that God is already within you.

You do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to go to the church, or mosque, or synagogue, or temple. Your body is the Temple of God. Your body contains the self, which is the same as God, which is the Self with a big S.

The Mystical Paths include Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala (the Mystical part of Judaism), the Saints in Christianity, the Sufis in Islam, and many other disciplines that include knowing thyself, meditating, chanting, dancing, and all those things that help in the process.

In the Mystical Paths they say, That is it, you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, you reach Pure Consciousness, and like a drop of water, you fall into the ocean. You become one with God. That is the goal of spiritual progress.

But, we can see that God brought another revelation to humanity, the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God was trying to find a people, the twelve tribes of Israel, who accept God as their King and His Laws as the Laws of their communities.

Therefore, the next step is the creation of the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path and Gods Laws.

So, the first step in the Path is to awaken your spiritual forces, to know thyself. The second step is to direct this energy to create the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light are the communities based on God and His Spirit.

The Old Testament is based on the sign that is called the Sign of Solomon, or the Star of David. The triangle downward is the Spirit of God coming to man, and the triangle upward is the hierarchy on earth.

The triangle upward always shows the hierarchy. The top is the president, and on and on. In the Seal of Soloman, of course, it is the hierarchy of the Elects and Gods people. The triangle downward is the Spirit of God. So, a correct Godly organization is the organization with the triangle upward with the Spirit of God in it. If you take the Spirit of God out, that organization is no longer Godly.

Therefore, we can see that the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is to direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, where the opportunities will be given to everyone to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. These are the three parts of the human that they have to progress in, in a very balanced way. If you progress only physically, your mind and your spirit are not going to be strong. If you progress only mentally, you become mentally strong but physically your body cannot carry out your mental ability. If you become spiritually strong, you might become an escapist, forsake the world, and will not put effort into the world.

Those three levels of the human being, physical, mental, and spiritual, have to progress together. In the Communities of Light, that opportunity will be given to everyone. So, the second level in the Eternal Divine Path, the creation of the Communities of Light, is Judaism, is the Old Testament.

In order to create such communities, sacrifice is necessary. You cannot create Communities of Light where everyone says, What is in it for me, what is in it for me, only. Sacrifice has been shown to humanity by Christ.

Christ came and sacrificed himself all the way to the cross. Therefore, he set an example for humanity that sacrifice, or not being self-centered, is necessary.

He had two other missions also. He gathered the people as was prophesied he would, and he released The Grace back to humanity after it was taken away at the time of the Garden of Eden. Therefore, those who have been following Christ, or Christians, really truly have been saved by Grace.

That Grace is now released to humanity. Those who believe that they can win Gods Grace will receive it freely because The Grace has been released to every person. It does not belong only to Christians. Those who believe in the Mission, the Eternal Divine Path, and this Revelation, will receive The Grace.

Therefore, one of the missions of Christ was to show that in order to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. Without sacrifice, there are no Communities of Light.

Now you sacrifice and you want to create the communities. It does not happen. You become very discouraged, unhappy, and you become depressed. You say, Why do I do all these things, it is not happening?

Or, you do things, and it happens. The Communities of Light pop up all over the world. You become elated and say, Look, I am great. I am doing all this by myself, and you become egoistical.

The moment you become egoistical, what happens? That is exactly what cuts off The Grace between you and God. Ego is the umbrella that we all have on the top of our heads, and we cut off The Grace. The moment you have ego, Grace is gone, no matter whom you follow, or what you believe. If you have ego, that is it, you are disconnected from The Grace.

Therefore, in order to be able to neither become depressed nor become elated and egoistical, the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is surrendering the result to God. That means, I do my best, I try to follow the Eternal Divine Path, I sacrifice, I try to create the Communities of Light, but I surrender the result to God. I say, OK, I did the work, but the result is Gods. I am not going to be attached to the result.

Of course, greater than surrendering is submission. You always concentrate that God is doing this through you. You are not the doer. If you are not the doer, therefore, you cannot be attached to the result of your action.

If I am not giving this Satsang, if I am just letting God come through and my word comes to you, if it is going to affect you if you see the truth in it or not, it is up to God. It is not up to me. I am not doing anything. I am just sitting here and letting God come and give this truth to you because He chose this vessel to do this.

He is a Spirit. He cannot just come here and say, I am here. Even if He says it, you cannot see Him. Therefore, He needs a body to come to humanity, and that is exactly who is giving this Satsang. It is He coming through.

If you become submissive to God and let God come through you all the time, you will not be attached to the result. You will be free from attachments, egotism, depression, and all of that.

So, the third step was Christianity. The fourth step was surrendering and submission, which is the very essence of Islam. Islam comes from the word, Tasleim. It means to be surrendered and submissive to God. With being surrendered and submissive to God, we are not going to be attached to the results of our actions, and we are free to do Gods Will without attachments. Therefore, we will not become depressed, and all the result of that.

Until this point, we might become narrow in our approach. We might just like to direct our attention only to, My community, my city, my state, my country, or my earth. The next step in the Eternal Divine Path is to become a universalist. It means that God is my Father and Mother, the universe is my home, and the rest of humanity, creatures, and beings in the universe are the struggling beings with me. They are my brothers and sisters.

Therefore with universalism, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind. You look at every human as a spirit and an essence of God in them. You do not see color, you do not see gender, you do not see any separation between them, and then you will be free from any narrowness of the mind.

Universalism is the message of the Bahais. Bab and Bahaullah brought the teaching that the religions are basically the same, we are all the children of God, and we have to realize that there is only one God, one humanity, and we have to come together as His children.

Those are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path: awakening of your spiritual forces, directing your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to Gods Will, and becoming a universalist.

If you go through those five steps truly, you will become an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal. That is where all the Scriptures are talking about, My Elect will inherit the earth, will bring My Kingdom to earth. That is what we are looking for here. That is why we are here, to call the Elects.

As I said, it is the time for sundering. The Elects are going to come and gather to the Mission, including those also who want to be Elects but maybe are not the Elects. The others will be sundered, as they are the chaff. They also, of course, we leave to God. God can do whatever with them. We do not know what is His Plan. But He said He is going to gather them together and throw them to the lake of fire.

Now what is the lake of fire? That is a very interesting question you can ask. What is the lake of fire? The lake of fire is ignorance. Ignorance is whatever you think is your understanding of Gods Plan and it does not include the Eternal Divine Path. That is from ignorance. It means that is before the Seventh Angel. And, whatever is before the Seventh Angel is not perfect.

Ignorance means having a little truth and thinking you have the whole truth. That is really what ignorance means. And, that is the most dangerous thing, to know a little truth and not know the whole truth.

Of course, the Elects are the people who will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, create the Communities of Light, implement the Eternal Divine Path, accelerate human progress to the greatest degree possible, and bring the Golden Age that many, many people know is coming.

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahais call it, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Buddhists and Hindus call it, the Golden Age.

We can see all these things are fulfilled. Everything shows that this is the time.

As Christ said, When you see the weather is fair and the sky is red, you know there is going to be some rain. That is exactly what is happening right now. Every sign says, Yes, this is true, and what we have here is from God.

We hope that you see this clearly as many have already seen. Blessed are those whose hearts are pure and innocent, and they can see it like children. Like Christ said, I pray to the Father that children can see this so clearly, yet those who have big intellects and big understandings of themselves, cannot see. And, that amazes me very much.

So, this is our teaching. This is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the unification of the religions. All are welcome to go to our website, read it, understand it, and ask questions. If you saw the truth, then you are a part of us. If you do not see the truth, we leave you to God.

So, now we will go to the questions. Go ahead, Dire Wolf. But, please stay on the topic and do not preach here. Stay on the topic about the Mission. We appreciate that. Go ahead.

The Dire Wolf: Yes, actually, I have a question for you this morning, and then I have a follow-up question. And, I am not here to preach anything at all.

I was wondering what has been revealed to you about the classical orthodox view of the trinity, and, if you could possibly explain the trinity to me, if there is one. And, then being in its completeness, if that would be all right, after that I have a follow-up question.

Maitreya: Sure, Dire Wolf. We have explained many times in the Mission about the trinity and why there is really unity, there is no separation between them. God is both male and female, but at the same time, He is beyond both of them.

Therefore, the male part of God we call consciousness. It is the logic of the universe. The logic of the universe is the consciousness and that is called, Father. The creative force, or three gunas in our teaching, is the Mother, which also is The Holy Ghost, and which brings the Revelation to the Prophets, and also is present in the universe and creates everything and all things. Actually, that is also The Word, the creative force behind all things that all things have been created by.

Therefore, asyou can see, there is Father, and the creative force, which is The Holy Ghost, and they are one. You cannot separate them. It is like two sides of the same piece of paper. You cannot cut the paper and say, OK, I can separate one side from the other. It is absolutely impossible to separate them. Father and Mother are one. Father and The Holy Ghost, God and The Holy Ghost, are one.

Now, God, the Father and The Holy Ghost, or the Father and Mother, are Spirit. I should not say are, because It is really Is, because It is one, there is no separation. It is a Spirit and therefore, It cannot manifest Itself to humanity. Therefore, He needs a body, He needs a person, He needs an individual that can manifest that Spirit through himself.

Usually God will prophesy for a long, long time before that individual comes. Those prophecies have been given for the coming of Christ. That prophecy was given for the coming of Prophet Muhammed. The prophecy was given for the coming of Bab and Bahaullah. And the prophecy is also given for the coming of this Revelation.

When that person, who eventually God decides to send to humanity, comes, that person manifests that Spirit of God through himself to humanity, and he becomes the Son. That is what the Son means. The Son brings the perfection.

Also, as God said in Revelation chapter 23, those who will overcome will become my sons. If we believe that God came to Mary and made a son, how about these other sons that He says, If they overcome, they will be My sons? Is God going to be going with other women and make more sons? Or, did He really mean that whoever overcometh will become My Sons?

What does that mean? It means, Those whose spirit and My Spirit, become one. As Christ said, you should become perfect as the Father in heaven. If you become perfect as the Father, you become a Son of God.

Therefore, Christ was a channel (not a channel in a sense that the New Agers talk about), a revealer, a receiver of the revelation from The Holy Ghost and God, and he brought this to humanity. Therefore, he was a Son of God.

He and all the Prophets who have that ability to do that, are the Sons of God. At the time that they come and they give the Revelation, they bring the perfect Revelation to humanity. Only those who have fulfilled the prophecy of God and the Scriptures have this ability to bring the purest form of the Revelation from God, not anyone else.

That is why the Scripture and the Word of God, which comes to us, are so important. And, how do we know if that Scripture is true and the teacher is the correct one?

Has he fulfilled the prophecy? Has he been foretold to come? If he has, and what he says is based on the Scriptures, therefore, it is from God, and we have to accept him as the Prophet of God and a Son. Therefore, you can see how that explanation makes sense.

So, the Father is the consciousness. The Holy Ghost is the creative force. And they come through the Son. But when the Son is revealing this Revelation and is One with the Father and the Creative Force or The Holy Ghost, they are One. There is no separation. Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost are One.

So also there are three apparent separate things in the universe, but in reality there is no separation. As I said, you, yourself, and God are one. You are already one with God. There is no separation.

That is the delusion that a lot of people have, No, God is up there somewhere sitting on a throne, I am down here, and we are separated. That is not true at all. God is closer to you than yourself. You are the same thing and one.

So, the Son, when he brings the revelation to humanity, and the Father, and The Holy Ghost are one. Therefore, there is no separation. There is no trinity in the sense of separate things. They are one.

Also, it is true, you can say there is only one God, so there is no trinity. That is because there is no separation between these three. They are all One.

I hope this makes sense to you. Go ahead with your follow-up.

The Dire Wolf: Now considering that you did say, if I am correct, that there is no trinity, would you consider then the Trinitarian belief, or teaching, or tradition, to be hieratical and against God? In other words, since it is not a truth, or not a reality, as you have expressed it is not, would that be something that, say, of a teaching or believing in would be damnable for?

Maitreya: OK Dire Wolf. I did not say that there are not three, or that is not true. As everything in the Mission, we explain everything that will make sense to both sides.

Those who say there is only one God are correct, because consciousness and the creative force, or The Holy Ghost, and the Son are One. There is no separation. But, there are three parts of God, or the Messiah, or the Son of God.

He has to manifest the Spirit of God, which is consciousness and The Holy Ghost. But, consciousness and The Holy Ghost is nothing that you can separate from each other. It is absolutely necessary for them to be together, and they are.

Therefore, although there is consciousness and the creative force, but there is not such a thing that you can take and say, Here is consciousness, and here is the creative force. They are separate. They cannot be.

When they manifest through the Son, they become Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. Which they are correct, they can say that. But, in reality there is no separation. Therefore, those who believe in the trinity have to realize that in the trinity there is no separation. It is only one.

Those who believe there is only one God, have to realize that God has the consciousness and the creative forces, and they come through the Son. So it can be looked at as three, but that three is not something that you can separate and say, They are separate beings or things.

Try to understand what I am saying. Do not interpret it the way you want to hear it. If you hear it correctly, I did not say they are wrong. The trinity people are not wrong. The unity people are not wrong either. As many things in the Mission, if you hear the explanation you will see that, Both are right.

It is just like the Moslems say that Prophet Muhammed is the last Prophet. He is the Khatem of the Prophets. The Bahais say, No, he was the Khatam, the crown, or the seal, of the Prophets.

We say, You are both right. He was the last Prophet in the sense that he revealed the highest spiritual realization, surrendering and submission to the Will of God. And, he is the seal of the Prophets because if you look at The Greatest Sign, Islam is at the very top of The Greatest Sign. So, both are correct.

If they cannot hear it and say, No, you are saying, if they believe he is the seal of the Prophets, they are not correct, they did not listen carefully. If they listened, they would say, Oh, well, it makes sense.

So what Maitreya is saying here, and what God revealed 1,300 years ago to Prophet Muhammed as Khatem (which can be said Khatem or Khatam, the last Prophet or the seal of the Prophets) is correct. And, God meant both of them.

So is the trinity and unity. God can be looked at as the Father, The Holy Ghost, and come through the Son. So, the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. But, at the same time, there is no separation.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: You talked about sacrifice. And the Messiah that is supposed to come is supposed to rebuild the Temple, at least that is from the Jewish standpoint. As I was thinking about that, and then Esa is the Christ, or Esa as you use, that would not be acceptable to Judaism. And, there was another part of the question. I will let you answer those and then I will come back with that part.

Maitreya: Cog, I do not think that anyone got the question here completely, what you mean. You are saying, when the Messiah comes he is supposed to build the Temple. And if he doesnt, the Jewish people will not accept him? Is that the question?

Cog: Yes, Judaism says that the Messiah will rebuild the temple. And, you talked about sacrifice. What sort of sacrifice are you talking about, do you mean for the Mission? I had the other part of the question, but I did not write it down.

Maitreya: That is OK. Just think about it and write it down while I am answering your question.

Well actually, we do have a Temple that includes all the religions of the world and unifies them in one building, as a Temple. Each door will have a door for each religion to enter. When they enter, at the very center they are one. There is no separation between them.

We have people in the Mission who are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and even Bahais. But, they do not call each other by these categories. They all believe that they are not these anymore. They are just the children of God. And they are getting along just fine. They are not at each others throats or trying to kill each other. This is the peace. This is the foretelling of the coming of the peace on earth.

About the Temple, I hope one day we can build our Temple in Jerusalem and eventually, every religion can come to Jerusalem as an international city and each person can enter their religion from that side. There is the wailing wall, the Jewish area. There is a Christian area, a Moslem area, and a Bahai area in that city.

So if we can make a kind of Temple that connects all of them, and then in the center they can all come and see, God said He is going to send this Revelation and unify them, and really there is no separation between them, and if each of them understands what was the Message God was sending to them, they will realize that they are brothers and sisters. They should get along, share whatever they have, and would not fight as they are doing. If they continue fighting, of course, I am afraid we will have a lot of suffering that will come to humanity.

If humanity accepted our teaching today (that I doubt they will) but if they accepted this today, we will have peace tomorrow. However, there is a lot of destructive energy on earth, a lot of ego, a lot of competition, and also a lot of belief that is based on political maneuvering and all of that, that they just cannot accept our teaching and say, Yes, it make sense.

But God said His Kingdom will come, so His Kingdom will. Unfortunately, however, it sounds like humanity has to go through a very rough time before that comes about.

So, indeed, the Mission will build a Temple, eventually, in Jerusalem. But not according to the Jews, not according to the Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, but according to God.

Then the Jewish people will realize, Yes, maybe they have some truth. Yes, when the Messiah comes, when the Revealer of the Seven Seals comes, when the last Revelation comes, the Temple will be built but it will include everyone on earth.

If they do not accept it, they are going to go ahead and fight with Moslems. The Moslems are going to fight with Christians. The Christians are going to fight with Hindus and Buddhists. And, the mess we have on our hands will continue as it is.

So the prophecy is fulfilled. There is a Temple that God has given to humanity to be built. It is ready to go. I am hoping that eventually we will build many of them all over the world, and humanity will come, join, and see that they are one.

What kind of sacrifice? Sacrifice depends upon your ability, your mission, your dedication, and your want. How long, how much, do you want to sacrifice?

You can sacrifice by just coming to the Mission room twice a day and do your prayer with us. That is a sacrifice. You could be doing something else. You could do something else that you like to do. But, you might have to drag yourself from the world and come to this room.

That is what those rituals are for, your ability to drag yourself away from the world and say, I am not going to let the world get me. I want to go towards God, come here, and be with Godly people. That is one sacrifice you can do. That is sacrifice.

You can go all the way, dedicate yourself to the Mission as some people have, become a teacher, or supporter of the center, or a contact. The greater your sacrifice and your ability to see the Mission, the beauty of it, and how much you want to do for God, the closer you will come to God. It is as simple as that.

If you want to keep your will and your life the way you want it, of course, you will have your will and your life, but you will not be closer to God. The more you sacrifice, the more you follow the Eternal Divine Path, the closer you will come to the Spirit.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Thanks. Will this all be fulfilled in your lifetime? Will the Mission be realized while we are still alive? And, also, the other one was a comment on what Dire Wolf was saying about the trinity. You talked about The Holy Spirit. That Jesus said the comforter, that was to come, I should say The Holy Spirit, that you said before that it was Muhammed. So, would you verify that, because before you just said in another Satsang that it was Muhammed that was the one who was Khatam and not The Holy Spirit. But, now it sounds like you are saying the other, opposite, about The Holy Spirit.

Maitreya: Your first question, will the Mission be realized while I am still alive? We believe in reincarnation. I have promised to my disciples and organization that I shall return. So killing me, or doing anything like that, is not going to work. It is not going to help.

I am going to come back and say, Here I am, with the Seven Seals and the Revelation and the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, the arrangement has been made that when I leave my body, my disciples and those who are in the Mission will be looking for me to return and continue what we are doing.

So, it is not a Mission that will end by me leaving my body. It is an open-ended Mission, and we will continue this until the formation of the hierarchy from the Communities of Light, and the coming of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Then I can leave my body peacefully and not return because then I do not have to be here. The Communities of Light have been created, the Kingdom Of Heaven is on earth, and therefore I do not have to come back. Then, of course, I will return each time that set-up will not work and my presence is needed.

So, will it happen in my lifetime or not? It does not make any difference to the Mission because we know that no one dies. You cannot kill anyone. The spirit is forever. It is impossible to kill or destroy the spirit.

As the Bhagavad-Gita says, He who kills and the person who thinks he is killed, both are in ignorance, because you cannot kill the spirit. It moves on and lives on.

Therefore, the end of the Mission is not by me leaving my body. This Mission is a continual Mission. Not only I, but my disciples also, and those who are in the Mission, when they leave their bodies, they are going to return. And each time they return, a few more people will be added to it, and added to it, and added to it, until eventually, we will reach a point that everyone will realize that God is One. There is One Religion, One Humanity, under One God, and therefore, we have to bring His Kingdom on earth.

I hope that answers your question about the organization and when it is going to be fulfilled. It will eventually be fulfilled. God said it would be fulfilled, so it will.

Your next question about The Holy Spirit... I did not say that The Holy Spirit is Prophet Muhammed. That is what the Moslems say. Probably you have heard it in another room and you thought that was me who said that. It has never been said here, or in our teaching, or in THOTH, ever, anywhere in the whole world, that we said that the comforter is Prophet Muhammed.

That is the Moslem understanding of the comforter. Our belief of why Prophet Muhammed is a part of the Eternal Divine Path, is based mostly on the promises that God gave to Abram and Abraham.

Abram was the father of Ishmael, and his wife (or the person that Ishmael was conceived with) was Hagar. Therefore, all the promises He gave for Abram were for Ishmael. He gave the promise of the scepter, which is the kingly spiritual domination, and He gave the birthright, or the physical or worldly possession. He fulfilled both of them. He gave a land, which was without end, not with a beginning or an end.

The children of Ishmael are, of course, the Arabs who eventually covered all the way from Saudi Arabia to part of the Middle East, to North Africa, to Spain, and from Spain to South America. So, you can see that God gave them a big, huge chunk of real estate on earth.

Then God changed the name of Abram to Abraham and then He said, not only is your name going to be Abraham, also your wifes name is going to be Sarah, instead of Sarai. Sarai means princess. Sarah means our princess. So, it is more than one.

Then God gave the promises for Isaac, and later on to Jacob, because Jacob received both the birthright and the kingly scepter. God promised Isaac many, many nations, which later on they became the Children of Israel. The Children of Israel later on were divided into two nations, the southern nation, or Jews, and the northern nation, or the House of Israel.

Actually, the first time in the Bible, the first time you read the name Jews, is when they were in a war with the House of Israel, in the Northern Kingdom, which they were from the same tribes. Later on the House of Israel, the northern tribes, were taken away and were scattered. According to our teaching, they ended up in the north side, close to the Caspian Sea, and eventually, Russia, Europe, England, and the United States.

So you can see that God also gave the Children of Isaac a very big area until the United States and this Mission came right in the border of North America and South America, which are the Children of Israel and the Children of Ishmael.

Because God gave the promise of the scepter, or Messiah, or the Prophet, to both Ishmael and Isaac, therefore, both Christ and Prophet Muhammed had been promised to Abraham and Abram to come. Therefore, it clearly shows that God meant to send both Prophets.

If Jews, Christians, and Moslems just understand this part, we have united half of humanity together. It is right there in your Bible. Go read it.

He promised first to Abram, the same material possession and scepter. Then He promised to Isaac the same thing. So that is the reason we believe that God promised Prophet Muhammed will come as the Prophet and not, because Christ said the comforter will come.

What that means is, you can have the interpretation as the Moslems have it, that he meant Prophet Muhammed as the comforter. Prophet Muhammed as the one who bring a new revelation to comfort The Elects (all Prophets do that). Because of this they (Muslims) believe that Muhammed was the One Christ predicted to come (since he came after Christ).

Or, you can say that He meant when later on The Holy Ghost came over the disciples, and that is what he meant by the comforter.

So, it is up to you, you can interpret it either way. But, none of them is that important. The most important is what is the message of Christ, and it was sacrifice.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Well, you mentioned Aiesha, she was one of Muhammeds wives. I believe she was only 9 years old when he married her, which today that is consider child molestation. Also, he had many wives. How do you rectify the standing of the Mission, which is marriage with one man, one woman, to religions with polygamy, and then also with Muhammed, he is a Prophet, having married a woman, or a girl, at the age of 9? How do you rectify that?

Maitreya: Well, if we are going according to your understanding, then we have to forget about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob also. All of them married more than one wife, and they were polygamists. We should just put them all in prison, and tell them they were no good.

Therefore, it is a cultural thing that you believe that there should be one wife and one husband. Even in this culture, the Mormons do not believe in that, at least they did not for a while.

Polygamy has been with us all through history. Even in this culture, in the United States, many men have a mistress and they pay for it. They rent an apartment or something for their mistress while they have wives.

Also, it was a matter of making a lot more children. If there is one man and many wives, you can make many children. But, if there is one woman and many husbands, still you are not going to have as many children as the other way around.

So it is a cultural understanding, something that has been taught to you, to believe that polygamy is evil. As I said, if that is evil, then Abraham was evil, and Isaac was evil, because all of them had more than one wife. There is a story that even Christ had more than one wife, Mary and Martha, as they are mentioned many times in the Bible. So we have to examine our understandings with the reality of the world, and also realize that there are some things that we have learned in our culture that we believe is correct.

Of course, the best way for a marriage is that it should be a man and a woman, and they should stay together, be faithful, and base their lives on God, as our teaching emphasizes. But, polygamy has been with humanity all along. It has never been considered by God as evil. But, He says that the best way is one man and one woman.

Now Aiesha was a child of one of Prophet Muhammeds close disciples. He wished that they be married. Although she was young when they were betrothed together, the marriage was not consummated until later on.

In those cultures, unless the woman receives her first monthly period, she is not accepted as a woman. When that happens, she is considered as mature and able to marry. Therefore, I believe that also probably happened in that case, and they did not consummate their marriage until she was around thirteen or fourteen years old.

So again that is a misconception, something that I have seen a lot of Christians write in the many rooms, Hey, he was a child molester. He was a pedophile, and all of that. That is a big sin that you call the Prophet of God a pedophile, and that is a big karma.

Therefore, think, meditate, understand, realize, and see that God said both Prophet Muhammed and Christ will come as the Prophet of God, and do not just accept anything you hear. Especially after you heard my explanation, you should realize that that is a big sin to call the Prophet of God a pedophile.

Also, it is based on your cultural understanding, not on Gods point of view. God never, ever said that polygamy is evil.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Thank you. I got that from an Islamic chat room [laughing]. No one could answer that one. Gosh, now I lost my question. I am sorry. I got my mind on that and now I lost my question. And, I know it was a good one. I will have to raise my hand next time.

Maitreya: OK, we have around forty more minutes left in our Satsang room. We can finish it here, or we can meditate, and if anyone has a question, you can raise your hand. While we are in the meditation, if something came to your mind that you would like to know the answer and would like to ask it, go ahead.

OK Cog, go ahead again.

Cog: It is about the Law of God that came on Mt. Sinai. Moses was never considered higher than the message, which was the Law, the Ten Commandments. You know, you should not have any other Gods before me. I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not make unto thee graven images. You should keep the Sabbath day Holy. You should not take the name of the Lord your God your in vain. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not commit murder. Thou shalt not bear false witness, shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, thy neighbors house, or any kind of thing.

So how do you keep these Ten Commandments and teach your disciples to keep the Commandments? For, you know, these are everlasting covenants that the Lord God has made with not only Israel but with the whole world because the Law came from Mt. Sinai for everyone. And, all the laws that we have are based upon the Commandments. How do you keep these Commandments?

Maitreya: Actually, in reality, it was the Fifteen Commandments, not Ten Commandments. Five of them were broken before they reached the Children of Israel.

That is what we have, the Fifteen Commandments. Those are probably the only Laws that were brought to humanity through the Mission in a more direct way. Other things, in a very spiritual way, have been given to humanity. They were given to humanity to follow.

Humanity has the free will. It is a good thing, and it is a bad thing. It is a good thing because you have to choose to go to God. Everything in the universe follows Gods Way. A flower cannot say, No, I am not going to grow as God wants me to grow. I am going to grow in a different way. Or, a cat says, I am going to go and marry a dog. It cannot. It just does not happen.

But, humans have the ability to choose their way. That is what is such a wonderful thing about humans. They decide to go to God. That is why the human is such a wonderful being. God gave them the free will. Now they choose to go to God.

Which is better? An animal, which has no free will, they have to obey God, or the one who has the free will and says, No, I am going to come to You? Of course, the one who has the free will and still chooses to go to God and follow His Words instead of following his or her desires.

So we can see that free will is given to humanity, and that is why the Ten Commandments or the Fifteen Commandments were given. They say, Do these things as your Lords Commandments. Well, do you love your Lord so much that you will say, I will listen to Him? Or, do you say, Well, maybe I will not listen completely. I will listen fifty percent.

Fifty percent makes you a lukewarm. And, God said, I do not like lukewarms. He likes 100% dedicated people who completely dedicate their lives and beings toward Him. It is just as Christ said, Love your God with all your heart, mind, and being, then you will go to Him.

But Christ did not say that he would make you to love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. It is up to you to decide to do that. It is the same thing for the Fifteen Commandments or the Ten Commandments. God has given them to you. Do you want to follow them or not?

One person said, I realized the beauty of the Ten Commandments after I started following them. See how they make life wonderful, easy, beautiful, and fantastic.

So, these Laws are actually not for God. They are for you and me. If we follow them, we will reap the fruit and beauty of them. The Eternal Divine Path is not for God. It is for you and me. If we follow it, if we walk it, we will reap of beauty of it.

So, the free will is given to you. That is why I said, This is not a cult. I respect your free will. But, your free will, by choosing the wrong path, has consequences. You can go to the brink of the cliff and say, Well, I choose to just jump over the cliff. I am going to tell you that if you jump, you are going to be hurt. You might be killed. You might break all your bones. But, eventually, if you decide to do it, no one can prevent you from doing it.

So, the human has the free will, but God gives you the result of your free will. If you choose not to go to God, you will fall into Maya, to the world. And you will be drowned into the world, and you will suffer because of it. But you choose to do it. God already told you not to go that way.

It is like you tell a little child, If you touch the stove, you are going to get burned. But he chooses to touch the stove. Will he be burned? He has the ability. We told him not to do that but he chose to follow that and he fell.

Therefore, the Commandments, the Eternal Divine Path, the Revelation, all these, came to humanity. God also gave humans the free will to follow it, or not. Your choosing will result in what you reap.

If you follow God 100%, you will not create any karma, you will not create any sin. If you will follow the Ten Commandments, you will receive The Grace, which makes it so easy to follow Gods Laws. Most people have a problem to follow Gods Laws because they are not in The Grace.

Actually, Grace is the Law. There is no separation. If you have The Grace, you follow the Law, no problem. If you do not have The Grace, the Law is so difficult to do and follow.

That is why some people say, Christ came and he brought The Grace, we do not need the Law. That is not correct, absolutely not. If you have The Grace, you absolutely will not break the Law because in Grace, you are in Law, and in Law, you will receive The Grace.

So there is no separation between the two. If you want to receive The Grace, you have to follow Gods Ten Commandments and Fifteen Commandments, and His Laws.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou 346: Sal-OM Maitreya. This is the reading from THOTH, page 558, concerning the subconscious mind. I think that in the third paragraph, The goal is to eradicate that part. How does one eradicate that part?

Maitreya: Well, through meditation, through realization Many times, I have talked about the dark creatures in our beings. These dark creatures have the control over our lives. They tell us what to do.

It is just like the explanation of Krishnas chariot with five wild horses connected to it. These wild horses are pulling the chariot in different directions, and the driver in the chariot has no control, while God is sitting behind the driver, just looking, and smiling that, why the driver cannot control the horses.

That is exactly how most peoples lives are. They are controlled with these senses, which externally pulls them toward the external world, touch, taste, sight, and all these senses. It is just like wild horses, they are pulling us toward the external world.

The part that tells us how to use these senses is our subconscious mind, which is the place of the karma from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, which we store in the subconscious mind. Therefore, the subconscious mind tells us how to react and work in the external world.

How you can eradicate this subconscious mind is by knowing yourself, by gaining control over your senses, by following the Commandments of God, and by not accepting whatever the senses tell you to do. The fastest way, of course, is the Eternal Divine Path. You meditate in the Communities of Light. You direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. Therefore, you live with a couple of other people.

It is very easy if you live in an apartment, if you live in your house with your wife or your husband and children, than living in a Community of Light with five other couples, or more people around you. After awhile those people see right through you. They know you inside and out. They will let you know what your problems are. Therefore, you will progress much faster.

One thing in the Communities of Light is that each person should help the other people to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. So your progress will accelerate a hundred times when you are in the communities.

I used to tell a story about a yogi who was at the top of the mountain and meditating by himself. At the top of the mountain, he thought that he was a great yogi, that he had realized all these things. He was so calm. He was so collected. He was so wonderful. When anyone came, he smiled at them, helped them, and all of that.

One day he had to go to town. He had no choice. He went to town, and the first person who pushed him, he became very angry. He suddenly pushed the other person back and said, What are you doing? I am a great yogi.

Suddenly he realized, Wow, what happened to me? What happened to that calm mind and all of that? He had lost it.

The reason was that it is easy to be at the top of the mountain and think you are great. But come and live in a community. Then you suddenly see, What is this junk coming out of me? I had no idea about that!

So you can see that Communities of Light is not just living together. It is a very accelerating process of seeing yourself. The more you see of yourself, the less subconscious mind has power over you, because you become aware of those forces that tell you to do things that you really do not want to do, and you feel bad about them after you do them. The more you know yourself, the more you gain control over your subconscious mind and become closer to God, which is the unconscious mind, therefore, you become the self and the unconscious mind. There is no subconscious between. That subconscious mind is the real problem, the real ego, the real thing that causes humanity to go astray and creates habits.

Another way to dissolve the subconscious mind is to look at your habits, look at your life. You will see there is going to be a pattern that is going to happen over, and over, and over again.

I am sure you have heard someone say, If I leave this area and go somewhere else, I am going to be OK. I just hate this area. This is the problem. They go to another area. A couple of months later, they hate that area too. What happened? You said that if you leave the first area, you will be OK.

No, the problem is that you took the baggage with you when you left one area to go to another area. That was your subconscious mind. It was not the area. It was not the place you lived. It was you. You are taking it with you [laughing]. It has nothing to do with other people around you, or where you are.

It is inside you. You are the problem. The environment is not the problem. Do not blame anyone else. Learn yourself. If there is a problem, you are the problem.

So, that is the subconscious mind. A lot of humans look for getting rid of the subconsciousness everywhere else but within themselves. They blame everyone else. They see everyone is against them.

Some people even become paranoid, and they think that everyone is plotting against them. They really believe this. But really no one is plotting against them. They are plotting against themselves. Therefore, meditation, awareness, realization, reading Satsangs, living in the Communities of Light, desiring to know yourself, and also breaking the habits will dissolve the subconscious mind.

You can see that some people involve themselves in bad relationships all the time. They say, OK if I can get out of this bad relationship, the next one is going to be OK. The next one turns out to be the same thing over again and dj vu. Their whole life actually is a dj vu. It happens over and over. If you become more aware of these patterns in your life, more and more you realize, Yes, look at that. I am doing the same thing over and over.

There is a book, I think it is called Self Analysis, that is very helpful. It is a psychological book. It talks about dreams. If you dream something, wake up, write it down, and then analyze it. You can break it down.

That is because dreams are three kinds. Some dreams are nonsense. If you eat too much and you sleep, you might have a nonsense dream. It has no meaning. There are dreams that are from the subconscious mind. Those dreams are trying to give you a message. They are trying to tell you, That is how you solve your problems.

So psychology is also a part of the Mission, and we do not throw it away. If you analyze your dreams, little by little, if you understand what the message is, you might see these patterns in your life and eventually overcome them.

Some people probably are shy. Why am I shy? Yes, I was shy yesterday when I was talking to these people. Oh yes, two days ago, a month ago, six months ago, a year, two years, and ten years ago. Suddenly you realize that there is a pattern in your life. You have been shy all your life. Why?

You go deeper and deeper and you realize it could be from this life. It could be from the previous life. You have been put down from childhood, so you became shy and you do not have confidence, or whatever.

There are many ways to understand your subconscious mind. Probably the best way is to use all these techniques together. Also, put light on this subconscious mind with these creatures that control your life.

These creatures, this subconscious mind, have been in control of your life all along to this point. Suddenly you close your eyes, you start meditating, you try to understand your subconscious mind, and you try to overcome it. Do you think they will let go easily? No, they say, We have been in control. Why do you want the control? What was wrong with you? We are the creatures that control your life.

That is when you say, No, I am the boss, I am not going to let you control my life. Know thyself, shed light on the bad habits, and little by little, you will succeed. It might take time, but you will success.

The fastest way is the Eternal Divine Path. Believe me, the answer to all human problems is the Eternal Divine Path. God was sending this to humanity step-by-step in all religions. Now we have discussed it here in the Mission. Anything we looked at, any problem in the society, personal or impersonal, can be resolved with the Eternal Divine Path and the realization of this wonderful Revelation that God has sent to humanity.

Of course, we believe also that psychology will help. But the greatest is the deeper level by meditation and realizing that some of the problems are not coming only from your childhood in this lifetime but are coming from the karma from your previous lifetimes.

I hope that makes sense to you, Lou.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Would you talk about the Eternal Divine Path, what is it exactly?

Then I wanted you to comment about reincarnation here, not that I believe it. Everyone would be a polygamist if it was true.

I hope you do not get lost in my train of thinking which is kind of sporadic because I only have this much time on the mic. There is a Catholic mystic, Saint Theresa of Babbala, and she talked about diamonds with all these beasts around the outside and her journey within to find God within her. Anyway, I wanted to make a comment about that, which is similar to what you are saying. Have you read her?

Maitreya: Cog, I thought you had been in our room many times. I have explained the Eternal Divine Path. Ma, and other people in the room during the week explained the Eternal Divine Path. Are you listening [laughing]?

The Eternal Divine Path is based on The Greatest Sign. It is the five steps: awakening of your spiritual forces, directing the energy to create the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist. The first, awakening of your spiritual forces, is all the Mystical Paths, which includes all the paths that teach, Know thyself to know God, and Be still and know that I am God. This includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufism, and any other path that teaches to meditate and know thyself. Actually, just my explanation about the creatures is a way to know thyself. That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

The next is the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on creation of the communities, or the tribes of Israel, which accept God as their God and follow His Laws.

To create such a community, sacrifice is necessary. That was the message of Christ, to sacrifice, not being self-centered, not saying, What is in it for me, all the time.

And then the next step is surrendering and submission to God. This is the ability to surrender the result to God so that you are not attached to the result, or submission, which means God is doing it through you. So you are free from the result anyway, which is Islam.

The next step is universalism, shattering all the narrowness of the mind and directing all your energy, teaching, and effort toward the whole universe. Therefore, you are not narrow with any ism, or separating any part of the universe from anything else. That is the teaching of Bab and Bahaullah.

With going through these five steps, which is the Eternal Divine Path Remember, the Eternal Divine Path is five steps. I just explained it to you. I hope you got it this time.

You can go to our website. We have told you many times, Go to our website. It is all explained there. You will learn a lot there. Do that, and you will be blessed with the teaching, and you will know what the Eternal Divine Path is.

If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, then you become an Elect. That is what God is trying to say in His Scriptures that, My Elect will inherit the earth. And He talks about His Elects all the time.

If you want to be an Elect, follow the Eternal Divine Path. Realize that all these religions have come from the same God. Do not stay a Catholic for the rest of your life because that is no longer accepted. The accepted Path is the Eternal Divine Path and the Revelation is the Revelation of all religions and the unification.

I hope that makes sense.

We have someone here who has a question.

Go ahead.

Audience: Maitreya-ji, I just had a question about stubbornness. One thing I have notice about everyone who becomes involved with the Mission, is that we are so stubborn. All of us are really stubborn. And, even in the Old Testament, it talks about, My people are stiff-necked. But, how can we turn that stubborn tendency to be more positive for the Mission? Is there something good in being stubborn [laughter]?

Maitreya: I guess being stubborn is a part of the spirit of pioneers. If you are a pioneer, you have to be stubborn. Just imagine the people who first came to this country, if they were not stubborn, did not have perseverance, and would not give up easily, could they have succeeded? If they had given up with the first Indian attack, or with the first problem in the forests, or with the creation of the communities, cutting trees, and building houses, roads, and all of that, they would not have come and prospered.

So being a pioneer involves being stubborn. Probably if you are a coward, if you are not stubborn, you would not be here, and also as you have mentioned, God said, My people are peculiar people. And [laughter] we indeed are peculiar, because we are not the norm. We did not accept our parents religions and say, Oh, OK.

If we had accepted our parents religions, I would be a Moslem, you would be a Christian, she would be a Jew, and probably our son would be something else, and all that. So, we can see that that we all have not accepted the norm. Actually, the Elects are a peculiar people. They are not in the norm of the regular 9 to 5 mode.

They have a great feeling that they have a Mission. They have come here for a reason. It is not just a regular life to come here to eat, sleep, make children, and die. You would not be satisfied with that.

Not that something is wrong with that. That is what 99% of humans do. They come, they eat, they make children, and then they die. They are very happy and satisfied. They are doing a good job, and that is what they were created for. That is fine!

If you come here for a reason, for a mission, you know that you are not going to be satisfied with the regular life. You will be attracted to search, to look, to understand, and eventually hit to the Mission of Maitreya and say, Ah, that makes sense. That is what I was meant for!

Actually, you already know our teaching when you come to the Mission. That is why it is said, The Master comes when you already know. For many lifetimes you have been a Jew, you have been a Christian, you have been a Hindu, you have been a Buddhist, so you cannot just mold yourself in one religion.

They come and tell you that God is called Allah. He is up there, and He is angry all the time. You ask yourself, Why? Why is He up there? Why is He not down here? Why? You just keep asking questions. You are not satisfied. Eventually you say, Well, probably there is no such thing as God because even those people who say they are Moslem, or believe in Allah, are not really following their teaching as good as they preach, as their religion says they should. Most of them do not know what their religions really are.

Then you just reject God and say, Probably He does not exist, and you become an atheist or something like that.

Of course, if God wants you, He gets you as He got me, or probably got all of us. So we can see that, yes, Gods people are peculiar, they are stubborn, and they will not give up easily. We have seen that when every religion came, the followers, especially the first ones, were very stubborn, very one-pointed, and very strong.

So you are absolutely right. How can we make that stubbornness for the Mission? Probably bring a little Grace to it and meditate on The Grace of God. Be stubborn, but gracefully be stubborn.

Be a gracefully stubborn person. I do not know what that means [laughter] but probably you can bring more Grace into our teaching. Let humanity know that we are wonderful people. We love them, and our example may become a great inspiration for them. They will realize, Yes, maybe my religion is not as great as I thought it was. Maybe these people have something that we do not. And they will desire to join Gods Work.

Does that make sense?

Audience: Yes.

Maitreya: Go ahead, Lou.

Lou 346: My wife wants to know the ethnic background of Abraham, the Hebrews, and Esa and his disciples.

Maitreya: Actually, Abraham was a Persian. He lived in South Iraq and that was under the influence of the Persian Empire. The Persians themselves are a group that came from Europe. They are the race of Aryans that are well known.

Of course, Hitler used that as an excuse for his way. But the truth is that they came from Europe, and they became two branches. One of them went to north India, and one came from the northwest of Iran, entered Persia, and eventually traveled all the way to the south and Iraq.

They mixed with the natives, who were darker skinned people. So that is why the Middle Eastern people have a darker complexion than white but not as dark as blacks. And in India also, if you look at north India, the Indians are whiter there, and the southern Indians are darker.

We know that the continent of India was separated from Africa, went underneath the continent of Asia and pushed it up. All the mountains of the Himalayans were created because of that.

So the people who came with that piece of land were blacks. And then the Aryans came at the north of India, and they mixed with the blacks. One of their leaders was Shiva, who married an Aryan woman who was white, and they created a new race and religion there.

The branch of the Aryans, who came from Europe and went to Iran, later on founded a new religion by the name, Zoroastrian, and its founder was Zoroaster. Actually, Zoroaster seems to be the first Prophet who brought the concepts of one God, and good and evil, to humanity. He also predicted that good and evil were going to fight to the end. At the end, good would prevail and evil would be destroyed.

Later on, there was a concept of the coming of the Messiah. One branch of the Zoroastrians became Mithraism. The idea of the Mithra is the one who would come and be born from a virgin, and he would be the savior of the world. So you can see a similarity between that idea and Christianity right there, that Christ was born from a virgin, and he is the savior of the world, and all that.

Later on, in south Iraq, Abraham founded Judaism, or the Hebrew religion. He was Persian. And you can see the amazingly close similarity between his teaching and the Zoroastrian religion.

Later on, Assyria carried the Jews from the land and brought them to Iraq. Then the Persian Empire conquered Iraq and the Assyrians, and the Persian Empire already knew that those people were from Persia.

That is why Cyrus brought them to Iran, helped them a lot, made them actually very prominent citizens in Iran, and eventually helped them to build a temple in Jerusalem. So that completely shows that Cyrus knew that the Jewish people were Persian.

Abraham also had Ishmael. Therefore, both Hebrews and Arabs have Persian blood in them. Christ was from the Jewish background; therefore, you can see even Christ had some Persian blood in him.

Later on, from the coming of the Hebrews to Iran, my ancestors evolved from King David to Nadir Shah. I am from the tribe of Judah. So that is another prophecy fulfilled that this teacher, or this Revelation, would come from that ancestry.

Actually, this Revelation is the accumulation of all the previous prophecies and has fulfilled every prophecy that every religion was expecting for their teacher to fulfill. Therefore, this is fulfilled also. My ancestry is from King David and Adam. Also my ancestry goes to Prophet Muhammed. Therefore, that is also fulfilled for the Moslems that are waiting for this to come from Prophet Muhammed.

So Abraham, as I previously said, had Persian blood, and was Persian. Also, Christ was from the same ancestry.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Well, there is a blood test that you can take if there are 12 DNA markers that will prove without doubt your ancestry of Jewish ancestry. But you need to have a blood test taken for about $250 that will identify you by your DNA exactly.

I wanted to ask, what was the covenant that you are going to make with the world? I guess it was my understanding that you talked about a covenant that you make with your disciples. What is the covenant? And, that Divine Seal, is that a part of the covenant? Please understand I have my own understanding of things. Maybe I do not like the things the Mission talks about, but it is interesting to come here and I appreciate your answering my questions and putting up with me, even though you bounced me for a long time and banned me. I appreciate your letting me back. I guess that is all I have to say.

Maitreya: Well, if your question were not so scattered, Cog, it would be much easier and faster to be answered.

About the blood test and finding that your ancestry is Jewish, I am not sure that the study that has been done is correct and the people who did it really were unbiased in the way they did it. So, I do not have too much faith in that.

I communicated about it to the people who have done this DNA testing and I asked them a couple of questions. They could not answer these questions. And the people who have done it are people who really wanted to believe what they came up with. There are studies. You have to be very careful about these studies that they come up with conclusions that they already have made up their minds the way it should be, and that is the way it will be.

About my covenant with my disciples, I had no choice when I received the Mission. I had to start the Mission. I had to do it. I had to drop everything, my life, my job, my education, my background, my nationality, my religion, and everything. If you read that lecture, How He Became Maitreya that one of the people here gave about how I became Maitreya, I had only ten cents in my pocket, and I did not even have a visa to stay in this country, and on and on. You can read that, how it happened. But, still, I did not have any choice.

So those who come to the Mission, see the Revelation is correct, see the prophecies are fulfilled, eventually realize it is from God, and know they have a mission, they will realize that they have no choice also but to be in this Mission and do the Will of God. And they will let me know that, Yes, it is my Mission also, and that they have no choice. And, they will make a covenant with me. That exchange will become a covenant between them and me, and they will become a part of the Mission. They become my brothers and co-workers, and we will start working together toward the establishment of the Kingdom. So, that is how it works.

Usually most of the people who come here, from their childhood knew that they have a mission to do. They have talked to God that, Yes, I want to do Your mission, I love You, and all of that. They have no choice. They are not narrowed. They do not like any specific religion or dogma. But they want the truth, they found it, and they say, Yes, that is it.

Go ahead, Izy.

Izy 103: Does Maitreya sin?

Maitreya: No, Maitreya does not sin. He is sinless. He has been sinless. He will be sinless forever. Therefore, you cannot say Maitreya sins at all. No, no, he does not sin, especially when God comes through. And even when God does not come through, Maitreya does not sin.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Maitreya, could I have clarification on the Shiva thing. You said Shiva married an Aryan. Was she black and female?

Maitreya: No. Shiva was a native of India. He had the dark skin. He was black. He used to meditate. Most of the people who meditated went to the rooms, and they were very comfortable or they were in places. He would go to the graveyards and actually put the skulls around himself or have a necklace of skulls. So, he was very mysterious.

He is the founder of Tantra meditation and Tantra Yoga in India. Tantra yoga still is shrouded with mystery and a lot of mystical realizations. Even in the West, it reached a point that they think Tantra means sexual relationship. That is the only thing they have seen in Tantra. However, that is not what the meaning of Tantra is. Tantra is the ability to stay in the middle of the controversy and destruction and not be affected by it at all.

So we can see that is absolutely different than what they teach in the West about Tantra meditation. Shiva was the founder of that path.

He was actually a prince. He married an Aryan woman. Marriage between a native Indian and an Aryan who came from Europe was very rare, because their culture was so different. Then it seems like it was the first marriage between the two cultures that occurred through Shiva. That created a new trend in India. Eventually, the two races mixed and made northern India, which is whiter, and southern India, which is darker skinned.

I hope that answered your question.

Go ahead, Ya Sahibuz Zaman. Are you the Medhi, Ya Sahibuz Zaman?

Ya Sahibuz Zaman: [he wrote in text] I have many questions. No microphone here. Usually I do not get answers to my questions here, and I get red-dotted anyway. But here is the question.

Maitreya: OK, YaSahibuz Zaman. I heard you have a lot of questions and they never end or something. The people are telling me that you have endless questions. Go ahead. Anyway, we are out of time, but go ahead and ask your question.

Ya Sahibuz Zaman: Not everyone can be him.

Maitreya: Not everyone can be whom? Do you mean, not everyone can be the Messiah, Muhammed, or, not everyone can be whom?

Ya Sahibuz Zaman: Bahaullah said there would not be any more prophets after him for up to 1,000 years. How do you explain that?

I cannot be Medhi.

Maitreya: All right. John, do you want to answer him about the Bahai teaching?

John: Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM everyone.

If we look in the Kitab-I-Aqdas,the Kitab-I-Iqan, and in Gleanings, I believe that what you are referring to is the verse about the 1,000 years. But, if we look also in the writings of Abdul Baha himself, he explains in one part about the thousand years. And, he says that it does not have anything to do with the Universal Manifestation.

That is on page 56 of Some Answered Questions, and Selections from the Writings of Abdul Baha. So, someone asked the question about the 1,000 years and he said, It has nothing to do with the Universal Manifestation. It has nothing to do with it. Then if you look again on page 56 of Some Answered Questions, when he is speaking about the Seventh Angel, he says, The Seventh Angel will come. He will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On

Earth, and he will be a Divine and Universal Manifestation.

So even at this level, the 1,000 years does not pertain to a Universal Manifestation. And, if we know our Scriptures, we know that the Seventh Angel is going to come and be that (a Universal Manifestation). If we understand the Mission and Its teachings, Well sure, this is the Seventh Angel. This is the one who reveals all there is. It brings THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, which is also on page 56 of Some Answered Questions, the Seventh Angel will bring the Holiest Of The Holies.

So, we can say, Yes. OK, so this does not have to deal with the Universal Manifestation and his coming. But, instead we can look at the Missions understanding of it and we can see that it deals with the period after Maitreya. So, this is very much coherent with the teaching of the Bahai Faith there as well. And, no way is there a contradiction.

Maitreya: Very good. That is your answer, Ya Sahibuz Zaman. John is the person who is expert in the prophecies. And he has brought a lot of prophecies to the Mission, so he knows what he is talking about. I am not the expert in the prophecies.

I did not find these prophecies. The disciples and other people found them. John brought these prophecies even before he knew about the Mission at all. So that is why he answered the question.

My answer to you is the same. It was not for Bahaullah. It was for this Mission. If you can see that, you will see in that the next 1,000 years, even more than that, there will not be any other great Manifestation but this is the last Manifestation for a long, long time.

Go ahead, ihavadream.

Ihavadream: Sal-OM everyone. As I am sitting here listening, Im humbling my heart as best as I can. There are a few things that bother me. And, please, with all due respect I respect you, although there is one thing that is getting me right in the pit of my stomach. And, that is the fact that you say you are sinless. I heard that as I was making coffee. And, no one here is sinless. No one is perfect, from my understanding. And, you are yet claiming that.

You are still subject to ego while you are on this earth and in a physical vehicle. And, I am witness to that. I have seen a lot of comings and goings of people who call themselves a Messiah. I am fearful that you are falling into the pit of ego. And, I want to hear your response to this. Understand that I am aware of many things as well as you may be aware of many things. And, this is not the first that I have heard of an Eternal Divine Path. You have many truths, although I do see a pitfall here. What do you have to say about that?

Maitreya: I hope you do not feel that you are sinless either and you do not have any ego. If you believe that you have an ego, then how can you judge me? You have not overcome, and you are not pure, and you have not taken the beam out of your own eyes. How can you come and judge me that I am wrong?

Is God sinful? Can He sin? When I am here, sitting here and giving Satsang, He is talking, and He is sinless. And, He cannot sin. If you are unhappy that I say I am sinless, because you see the body, the human sitting here, and you accuse me, but you do not realize that it is the Spirit behind the body who is talking and also the person who asked that question, I knew what his next question would be: That Christ is sinless and he is the only way, and I am the false prophet. Therefore, I am blocking his next question that would be a waste of time. So the answer to that question had many, many aspects to it and you saw only one, a human saying he is sinless.

Realize what is happening here. And, also, if you accept who I am, then you will realize the answer was perfect as it was. I can give you a credential of my claim here, why I claim what I claim. My credential is a very long one.

I was being guided to this Vision and the whole of my life has been based to come to this Vision. I received this Vision in the Bahai Temple. I received the Revelation after that. The teaching alone was enough for me to say, Yes, that makes sense.

I was not looking for any prophecy to come from my claim and what I say is to be true. Of course, later on the prophecies started trickling in little by little. Then one disciple said that she would like to put them together. She studied many things and found many, many prophecies. I said, Well, that is enough. We have every prophecy.

Then two years later, suddenly John, the gentleman who just talked, came around and said there are more prophecies fulfilled. A month, or two months ago, our beloved Brother Frank came and asked me if I am connected to King David or not. I said, Well, that does not matter. That is fulfilled with Christ. And I really meant it.

Then he went and he found, Yes. My genealogy goes to King David. And without he knowing it, he also realized that my genealogy also goes to Prophet Muhammad.

So, this individual sitting here talking to you is very, very unique. It is impossible to create an individual like this and say, Oh, it is just by chance. It is not by chance. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies. It is the uniqueness of Gods choosing this vessel to come here and preach to humanity the Revelation of God.

Are you the person who fulfilled any prophecy who can see many things and compare yourself to this Revelation? You have to look at this thing and say, Oh, is there any truth in them?

Therefore, you can see that I have all the right to claim what I claim. And, therefore, it is the fulfillment of Gods prophecy. This is the last Revelation.

Now a person, a Christian, comes here and says, Are you sinless?

Yes, when I sit here and I talk about God, God is sinless and has not sinned. And, the Father and I are one, and no one goes to the Father but through me. Would they understand that? Probably not. I know the next question they have. Therefore, it is just a waste of time to go into detail that it has nothing to do with this teaching, etc.

There are a lot of Pharisees and Sadducees you know coming along here. And, also a lot of negative things are rising from the same Sadducees and Pharisees that were there 2,000 years ago.

Therefore, you cannot just come and judge me because there is much, much more into it than meets the eye. All right?

So, in truth, the Spirit behind me, God, is sinless, and He is the Savior. He has never sinned. He is Pure, and He is the Way.

I hope that makes sense to you. So, be a little patient. Be a little deeper. Meditate, and see the spirit behind the question and the Spirit behind the man. If you see that, then it is much easier for you.

OK, I will give you one more chance, Ya Sahibuz Zaman. You keep just telling me I should answer the question. I should not do anything I do not want to. OK? I told John to answer you and that was your answer.

Stay on the topic of the Mission and type your questions. Go ahead.

Ya Sahibuz Zaman: You are the prophet, you should know. As the Bab explained the Surah of Joseph in the Koran, he did not ask any one else to explain, now you explain what was the prophecy about the end time according to Imam Muhammed Bagher from The Holy Koran, which he said look in the Koran. Look for what? Please tell us since all the Messengers have the same Knowledge. And, do you read Arabic?

Maitreya: I am not going to go through every little prophecy with the obscure people and explain to you what it was. If you want to tell us what it was and you want the meaning of it, I can go ahead and give you the meaning. But, I am not going to go ahead and explain something that you have found. People have done that before here. We told them it is not going to fly here.

If you want to go ahead and say what is the prophecy or the saying, I might go ahead and explain it to you, but just typing that there, just does not make any sense.

Tell us what the prophecy is. I will tell you what it means. If it is big or small, it does not make any difference.

Go ahead, Cog.

Cog: Yes, thanks, Maitreya. Well, Jesus said, There is no other way to the Father but by me. You could say that there is no other way to the Father but by the Christ, which you believe that you are the reincarnated Christ, the Spirit of God manifested on earth. That is why you are saying that you are not a sinner because you believe, well, the Scripture says, for one thing, it is impossible for God to lie, and God cannot sin.

Do you believe that you are always God manifested on the earth so that you never can sin, period? What is your belief of who you really are?

And then another thing, Jesus said, You must be born again or you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But I figure that you probably mean reincarnated. But Jesus said, You must be born from above and not from below, not from earthly parents but born of God to be Children of God, by new birth through The Holy Spirit. So, what is your thinking on what Jesus said, and what is believed by the church?

Maitreya: OK Cog. I have to direct you to the website. Go there and read our teaching. You are asking the same questions over and over that have been answered many times. We have told you many times to go there and your questions would be answered. You are repeating the questions that have already been answered a hundred times. Please go there and read there, and you will receive your answers.

All the answers have been given. If you can just overcome your belief about your Christian background, then you might see something. But, if you do not go to the website, and you want to come here and repeat the same thing over and over It just does not make sense.

Go ahead, Mantrik.

Mantrik: Maitreya, do you have any other job other than this? Are you working for your food and clothing?

Maitreya: Well, that is none of your business, Parrot, if I work for my food and clothing. As Christ said, The worker is worthy of his wage. You have come back here again and are trying to say these things.

Our time is up. Thanks for coming. I hope you receive some blessing of this Satsang. I will be here next week. Please, go to our website again. Read our teaching. Understand what we are talking about, and then come with the questions about the teaching, what this Revelation is all about, how it has unified humanity, and is here to bring the peace on earth and the Kingdom Of Heaven to humanity.


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