01/05/02 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Good morning everyone, this is Maitreya. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. This is the room to study Maitreyas teaching and Gods Revelation. We are very glad that you came to our room and are with us. We will be here for the next two hours.

We believe that we have the answers to all your questions, and God has revealed the whole thing in this Revelation that has come to humanity. The Revelation that has come to humanity through this Mission explains the unification of all religions.

If you had ever asked yourself, Why one God and so many religions? you will have your answer here in the Mission. This Mission is very serious. It is not an ego trip, or we are not here to kid you or anything. We are very serious about this Revelation.

Gods Revelation has come to humanity. If you go and study the amount of prophecies that are fulfilled, the Revelation of the opening of the Seven Seals that has been mentioned in the Scriptures that would be coming to humanity, has come. This Mission indeed is the Glory of God, which has come to humanity. And, God again, has come to earth to reveal to humanity that He truly exists.

Actually, many people discuss all the time, Does God really exist or not? And, they do not have the answer. When they come to the Mission and read that He said he will do all these things and He did them, they will not have any doubt that God indeed does exist and He is in the whole universe.

But, He is a Spirit. He cannot just come here and say, Here I am! He needs a body, a channel, someone who can come and bring the Revelation to humanity. Therefore, He prophesies for a long time of the coming of such revelations, and such a person or persons. The Prophets have come to humanity many times. Actually, in the Koran it says there are around 144,000 of them.

But, of course, there are major revealer, like the people who founded great religions of the world. And, of course, there are minor Prophets who have come for a specific reason, like Jonas came just to warn that city that they had to return to God.

Other Prophets like Christ, Moses, Muhammed, and Bab, Bahaullah who have come to found new religions on earth But, this Revelation is the culmination of all revelations before it, and it has also fulfilled all the prophecies that have even been foretold for the Prophets to come.

So if you see the sign, the uniqueness of this Mission, the answers have been given to humanity, all will guide you and will let you know that truly God has come to humanity and this Revelation has come to bring peace, tranquility, unity, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and nothing has been held back from humanity.

So you are very lucky that you found this room, you found God, you found His Revelation. Of course, there are many people who have very little knowledge. Very few want to put effort to find more about the Mission, and they say things that are not true and it will be very bad for them to oppose something, which is Godly.

So, to them, we ask them to go and study our teaching and do not jump to conclusions. As Christ said, Search, knock, and ask, and you will find that this teaching is from God, it has come to humanity to guide them to the oneness that they need so badly, and to bring the justice and unity that everyone wants.

So, now you might ask, What is the Revelation that is so wonderful? The Revelation, if you go to our website, as you enter the website, you will see a Sign that we call, The Greatest Sign, which includes all the religions of the world, and includes also signs from the Buddhist and Hindu teachings and religions.

There has never ever been a revelation that included all previous revelations, including the Mystical Paths. Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai although they brought great revelations, they never really unified or brought the concept of the Mystical Path to the fold.

But, because this is the last Revelation and unification of all the revelations before it, it also includes the Mystical Paths. That includes, of course, all the religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

Now, if you look at that Greatest Sign, of course, it is a blue background in the beginning, and there is a dot. Then it spins to an I-Ching, and opens to the Lotustica, or the Lotus in the middle. Then it continues showing the different signs of the different religions.

The teaching is based on, each religion has come to us with a specific revelation, or point. When you put all of them together, you will see the whole picture. Before the coming of the Seventh Angel, or this Seventh Revelation, each religion had only a part of the truth, not the whole truth, and that is why there has been so much confusion and argument between them.

Now God said, I have sent all of them. And each of them have a great meaning. When you put them all together you will see what is the exact meaning of the whole revelation of each of these religions and what it means when you put them all together.

So, the very I-Ching in the bottom is about the awakening of your spiritual forces. That means meditating, concentrating, chanting, dancing, whatever the Mystical people do to awaken their spiritual forces. That includes all the religions that teach, Know thyself to know God, Be still and know that I am God. And in this category are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala (the Mystical Path of Judaism), Saints in Christianity, and Sufis in Islam, and all other Paths that teach the same thing, Know thyself to know God.

So, we can see that the very first sign unifies all these Mystical Paths together. And, the teaching in these Mystical Paths is that if you awaken your spiritual forces, you eventually merge to God and become One with Him. And, that is the goal of life.

And, God says, That is not enough, you have to direct your energy, after you awaken your spiritual forces, toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Now you can say, What are the Communities of Light? The Communities of Light have been explained in the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is about God is trying to find a people for Himself, which are called the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve tribes of Israel are supposed to accept God as their king, follow His Laws, become His Children and chosen ones.

Therefore, the next step in the Eternal Divine Path in The Greatest Sign, is the creation of the Communities of Light. The whole Greatest Sign, of course, explains the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, the whole Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. And, therefore, the creation of the Communities of Light is the next step in our explanation, which is the Old Testement, or Hebrew revelation and teaching.

We can see in that book, the whole idea is to create the community based on God. Therefore, the next step is, How do you create the Communities of Light?

You want to create the Communities of Light, but what are the Communities of Light? What is the Eternal Divine Path? How can you put these things all together?

The next step is sacrifice is necessary in order to create the Communities of Light. In a community that everyone says, What is in it for me? and, What is in it for me? and you do not want to follow Gods Will, then the separation will start and, of course, it will not become a Community of Light.

Therefore, we can see that the next step is sacrifice. And, that was brought by Christ. Christ went all the way to the cross for his ideal. He was crucified, and said, The greatest thing a man can do is to die for his friends, or his fellowman, or, love your neighbor as yourself.

All those things are to, Do not be self-centered. Do not only think about yourself, Me, me, me, me, all the time. The moment you do that, of course, you are going to become egoistical. The ego is the only thing, actually that disconnects you, or is in your way to receive Gods Grace. Ego is like an umbrella on your head. You can hold that up and The Grace of God will not come to you.

So, we can see that the next step in the Eternal Divine Path, is sacrifice. And, that is Christianity. The New Testament, is also included in this teaching. And, that was one of the messages of Christs teaching, to teach that in order to create the Communities of Light, you should not become self-centered and egoistical.

Now you sacrifice a lot and nothing happens in the community. The Communities of Light are not forming. What happens? You become very discouraged and say, Why am I doing all these things and nothing is happening? That is again ego. It comes in, it depresses you, and you will not be willing to see that it is not really you, who is the doer. God is doing and you should not be attached to it.

God takes His time. Gods timing is different then human timing. Human timing is very short. We want everything now, instantly, instant coffee [laughing]. We want it now. It should be here, now. We cannot wait to brew the coffee.

But, what happens when you brew the coffee and do it very slowly? You have better coffee? It is better coffee than the one Of course, I do not drink coffee myself so it is just an example. That does not mean that I drink coffee.

So, you can see that God takes His time. He brews things. He put them in the heat. When it is ready, he says, OK now it is ready, it can be manifest. And, it will. If it is His Will, it will manifest. If it is not in His Will, it is not up to you and me to judge what is Gods Will and what is not because the only thing He gives us is enough information for us to judge. But, when He brings something and we see it is Godly, then we cannot judge Him because He is God.

It is just like a fish wants to judge a human. Can a fish judge a human? They cannot. They have a very small brain and they live in the water. They do not even know what kind of condition we live in.

So, it is very hard for us to judge God, but He sends all the information we need to be able to choose correctly.

So, when we sacrifice and we become depressed and all of that, it is because we are attached to the result of our actions. We want results. Humans love to see the results. We do things and we want the results right away.

That is why the next step is to surrender the result to God and say, I did my work. I did all this job. But if it is not happening. Or, it is happening, it is Gods result, it does not belong to me.

Or, even greater than surrendering the result is submission. It means that we contemplate that God is doing it through us. He is the real Doer. God is everything. Therefore, He is the Doer. And, if He is the Doer, then who are you to be attached to the result of the things that you have not done anyway. Therefore, you can be free of the attachments, which come from the expectations for the results.

Expect the results but do not be attached to them. I do not mean do not expect any results. Of course, you do things to get the results, but do not be attached to them.

Of course, that is the teaching of Islam. Islam comes from the work, Tasleim. It means to be surrendered and submissive to God. That is the real meaning and the message of Islam, to surrender the result to God, or to realize that God is doing it through you.

In all these four steps: awakening of your spiritual forces, directing the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing, and becoming surrendered and submissive to God, still the narrowness of the mind might exist, and you might direct all your attention to a very small part of the universe. And that narrowness of the mind, of course, also creates suffering.

So, the next step is universalism. Universalism means that you realize that God is everything. He is the Father-Mother God and all the creation is His creation. He is everything in the universe, you cannot separate any part from any other part. The moment you do that, you do not realize God.

Therefore, you cannot say, Well, this religion is good, or that religion is not good, these people are good, these people are evil, separate between religions, genders, races, nationalities, and all that. If you do that, of course, you are separating God from God. You cannot do that. If you do that, you are not seeing that God is everything.

Therefore, we all are brothers and sisters in God and there is no separation between us. And, if you separate anyone then you cannot realize that God is everything.

So, we can see that that next step is the Bahai teaching. Their teaching, basically, says that all religions are the same and they have revealed the same message, therefore, we have to realize the message, what it is. But a lot of people compare us with the Bahai teaching and say, Oh, you are saying the same thing.

No, we do not. We do not say that all the religions are the same. We say, actually, that each religion has a specific message for humanity. And, it is not the same as the Bahai teaching.

The Bahai teaching is a part of Gods Revelation, and the people who brought that religion also fulfilled the prophecies that had been told about them. Therefore, they are legitimate Prophets of God as is Prophet Muhammed who also fulfilled the prophecies. As Christ was the one who fulfilled the prophecies, as Moses and all the other Prophets came with the same background and with the same fulfillment of the prophecies.

So fulfillment of the prophecies is the way that you know if a prophet is correct or not. So not everyone can come and say, Yes, I have a revelation. I know God. I am a teacher. No, you cannot do that. If you follow those people, they are not from God.

The only person who is from God is the one who fulfills the prophecy. If they have not fulfilled the prophecy, run away very fast, and go to the Scriptures and see what God said about the truth. Therefore, we also include the Bahai teaching.

So you can see the Eternal Divine Path, which is the five steps: awakening of your spiritual forces, directing your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light

Of course, the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is so important. The Communities of Light are the focus of this Mission, to create Communities of Light all over the world. Therefore, we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the peace, unity, and tranquility that all of us really want and desire, and no one knows how to do it. This is what God is saying, That is how it is done, by the creation of the Communities of Light.

Then, in Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary, which is Christianity. And, the next step is surrendering and submission of the results, or let God do through us, which is Islam. And become a universalist, which is the Bahai teaching.

Going through those five steps, you become an Elect. You become a son of God. You become a person, a dynamic spiritual force on earth, and you become the new leaders for humanity to guide humanity to the next step of evolution that we are approaching very fast that some people call the Golden Age, some people say the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. No matter what you call it, in that age many people will progress and will reach Pure Consciousness, and will go to the highest level of spiritual realization.

That step, or Elects, is the Sixth Seal that you can see there. Actually, you see that the Sixth Seal is very similar to the Second Seal, or the Star of David. The Star of David means the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Sixth Seal means the Kingdom Of Heaven Within you.

If you see, in the middle of The Greatest Sign, another triangle upward, triangle downward, the Star of David is in the middle. And, that is the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven. So we have the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven already established. We should create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We will do that when many people will create the Kingdom Of Heaven Within themselves, which is the Sixth Seal. And, these people will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and many people will reach Pure Consciousness, or ultimate realization, or the Seventh Seal, which is the Mission of Maitreya and our teaching.

And, you can see in that Sign, the Lotustica opens up and the Seventh Seal becomes in the image of the center of The Greatest Sign. The center of The Greatest Sign is God, therefore, in the Seventh Seal, the Seventh Sign, also becomes in the image of God, as God had created us in the beginning.

But, of course, because we fell, we are no longer in His image. We have to return back to His image again, become One with Him, and manifest God Qualities. That is the base of our teachings. We recommend that all of you go to our website and study our teaching.

This is the call to humanity. It is something very serious. It is really, your Soul is going to be in the Kingdom, or it is not going to be reincarnated? That is as simple as that.

If you understand the teaching, if you are an Elect, if you come and see the teaching and realized, Yes, God is calling to come and join this Revelation and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, then you become an Elect. You will be one of the ones that will be reincarnated in the next lifetimes.

But, if you resist it, you insist, No, it is not true, then you are not going to be an Elect and I am afraid you will not be reincarnated for a long time. You will not reach the fruit that is available to everyone.

So, it is a very serious matter here. Think about it very carefully and realize that this Mission is very serious. It is the last Revelation of God to humanity. The evolutionary process of the next step has come.

This is not an ego trip. I am not on an ego trip at all. I direct you to see the prophecies fulfilled. No other person on earth can claim the prophecies that have come to this Mission. No one can say that they are from the lineage, from the same Prophets. No Prophet ever had both lineages come to them and the teaching.

If you see the teaching and see the Revelation, and see how wonderful it is, you really do not need the rest. But, if you need the rest, go study, you will see it is from God, and you will believe. We will answer all your questions here at the same time.

A few questions cannot be answered: Explain God. I can explain It in very wonderful words but still it is an intellectual way of explaining God.

I can show the way to get to God, and that is the Eternal Divine Path. But, would you get there? It is up to you to walk it or not. It is your choice.

Every human has the choice to accept our teaching, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and reap the truth, or, resist it and say, No, I am not going to do it. Then I cannot help you.

That is the wonder about humanity. They have free will. You have free will to follow God or not to follow God. But, if you want to follow God that is the Path. The Path is the Eternal Divine Path.

I hope all of you have gone to the website, studied our teaching, and that you have a lot of questions related to our teachings, and how it is related to other religions. If you are here to teach or preach your teaching, as it was read in the beginning, it is going to be wasting our time and your time.

So, at this time you can go ahead and raise your hand if you have any questions and we will answer them. Otherwise, we will meditate together and wait until someone has a question. So, the floor is open for any questions you might have.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: The Path that you are teaching is the only one? That kind of disturbs me just a little bit. Am I correct in that statement?

Maitreya: Yes, it is not A lot of people say, Everyone has their own path. And, that is true. There is an individual path that you can find, which will help every individual. But, there is a collective umbrella that everyone can fall into and be a part of and, that is the Eternal Divine Path that we teach here.

You meditate, meditate and awaken your spiritual forces. How do you meditate? It is different for different people. Some people like formal meditation. Some people like to go fishing. Some people like to drive a car. Some people like to garden. So, how you do meditate can be individually designed or followed with each individual person, and they have that choice.

But, after they meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, they direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. The community is very important to create, and bring the base of the Kingdom.

Now, where your room is going to be in the community, what you are going to do in the community, what kind of talent you have you can share into the community, or bring your energy to the community and make it a better community, again is an individual choice. You have the way to do it.

Sacrifice, how much are you going to sacrifice? How much are you willing to give to the community? How much are you willing to participate? These things individually can be followed, but the overall umbrella is the Eternal Divine Path.

After you are in the community and you sacrifice for the community, according to your capacity, then, of course, you have to realize that you are not attached to the result of your actions. You surrender the action to God, or you realize that God is doing it through you.

The Eternal Divine Path helps you individually in your Path. It is the umbrella of who you are. You cannot completely expect everyone to do the same thing and all of that. No, you have your individuality in the collective Eternal Divine Path.

So, it is true that each person has a way to do things, and their lifestyle, and their capacity. But, the Eternal Divine Path is the umbrella over all this.

I hope that makes sense to you. If it does not, go ahead and take the mic and follow up with your question.

Go ahead, Silent.

TheSilentWithin: I want to say it is a pleasure to meet you. I also wanted to say with the teaching but there are basic principles.

My question is that there are 144,000 of us that understand these exact same teachings. I think my questions is that you What I am asking is that you are saying that you are the one who put these all together, but you are not the only one who has put those together, my brother. There are others here as well, which are of the same information, information, and teach the same information. I am just curious to where you stand on that.

Maitreya: Yes, there are 144,000 people who will understand this teaching, see the truth, will come to the Mission, and join me in bringing about the Communities of Light to reach the Communities of Light, and help to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

But, not all of the 144,000 have fulfilled all the prophecies and have the unique situation that God has given me as the focus, the center for these people. And they will see me as their rallying point to come together and bring about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore, these people are the Elects.

Actually, it has been said, the guru comes when you already know. Of course, I am not saying that I am a guru. But, the teacher comes when you already know most of the things he is going to teach you.

That is why the people who are in the Mission, all tell me, From my childhood I was different. I could not stay in my religion. I had a feeling of there are truths in other religions. And, all my family was very upset about it because I could not stay in the dogmas and the religion they taught me. I wanted to know more.

Most of them have been in many religions at the same time, either they were a Christian, they had gone to become a Moslem, and then became Bahai. Or, the were Jews and they were interested to study about Christianity, and they eventually came to the Mission. Or, some of them had the idea that, If there is one God, how can there be so many religions? They were very different then the people around them. And, then when they saw the teaching, it made sense to them.

Actually, that is one of the reasons that I was amazed when I received this Revelation, at how much it makes sense. How logical it is. So, we can even reach the people who are logical, the people who are not emotional. A lot of the present religions on earth are based on emotions, culture, and the tradition of the people. They are born in it. They really have not gone and studied, and researched about their religion.

They do not know much of their religion. The only thing they know is that the preacher told them, This is the way it is, and, they say, Yes, that is the way it is.

Most of the people who come to the Mission, and see the Revelation and love it, are not the followers of the preachers but are the followers of the truth. They are searchers. They have already known many part of the teaching, as you said. But, when they saw this, they said, Oh, yes, this makes sense, and, Maitreya has fulfilled the prophecies, therefore, he is the center of this Revelation.

I am called for this Mission. I have a mission but I have not fulfilled the prophecy. I am here to spread the light, but I am not the light itself. As some of my disciples were telling me that they had been commissioned to spread the light but they do not believe that they are the light themselves. As John the Baptist also said that he is here to spread the light.

But, what is the light? The light is the first revealer of the Revelation, which is connected in a greater degree to the Source.

So if you accept the prophecies, and if you see those prophecies are correct and this person is so unique and the teaching is so true, then you say, OK, I know a lot of what you teach. It makes sense. But, I am here also to spread this truth and wonder, and I would like to become a part of the process.

Then you become brothers. We become co-workers. Then we get together and say, OK, what do you have? What kind of talents do you have? What can you do?

Then we have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, ten Maitreyas, and one hundred Maitreyas. We can have 144,000 Maitreyas on earth. And, we can accomplish this truth, spread it to every corner of the earth, and bring peace and unity to humanity.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead Buffalo.

Buffalo: [laughing] You answered my question before I could ever get it out. Thank you, much.

Maitreya: Isnt that wonderful [laughing]? Actually, there are a lot of question asked, I have heard in other rooms. I wish they would have all come here and we could have answered them because all of them are answered.

There is one questions that has been brought up to me, and they told me a lot of people ask, Does God really exist? That is a question that a lot of people are asking and a lot of discussion has been there. Does God really exist?

Of course, I was born in a Moslem background and their God was something sitting there, is very angry all the time, and doing all those things. So, I rejected Him. But, in this teaching, in this Revelation, you will see that God said He is going to do this thing, He is going to send a Prophet from Ishmael, He is going to send a Prophet from Isaac, and He does it.

He says He is going to open the Seven Seals, a Revelation, a book sealed with the Seven Seals, and the Seventh Angel will come. He has. Does God exist? Can you doubt that now? You cannot.

So you can say, Yes, God exists. God is Consciousness and is with us all the time.

Go ahead, j-f. [He typed his question in the text]

Well, I wish you would come to the microphone. As we said, we are not going to accept any text questions. But it is a good question. I am going to go ahead and accept it this time [laughter].

j-f: If God is everything and the future already existed for God, how come there is free will for humans? Are they out of unity? Please explain.

Maitreya: Well, the future is known to God, to a degree. Free will can affect the future. Therefore, if today, all humanity came to say, Yes, Maitreya, you are right. All these religions have come from the same God. How can we not see that? It is so simple.

There is one God. How can there be so many revelations. Let us do it. We are all going to create Communities of Light tonight. We are going to create a hierarchy from these communities. We are going to have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth tomorrow. That is as simple as it is.

So, the free will of humanity affects the future of how things will manifest and come to be. Therefore, although God knows where He is going, He knows that He is going to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the free will affects His Plans. It is not written in stone. It can be done tomorrow. It might take twenty years.

You have the free will, but you do not have the result. Your free will makes the result what it will be. You have the free will to choose the wrong path. But, where you are going to go is Gods choosing.

God has already shown you the straight path, the straight arrow, where it will go. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, I guarantee your salvation. You will go to God.

If you choose not to follow the Eternal Divine Path, if you choose to hang up into your dogmas, or your tradition, or your religion, or anything that would prevent you from going to God and to follow the Eternal Divine Path, I can guarantee you are not going to go to God.

It is just as simple as that. So, you can see that you have the free will to choose, but the result

Actually, that is the Law of Karma. If everyone is predestined, why do we need the Law of Karma? Everyone should, like a robot, do exactly what God told them to do. The Law of karma is, You have free will. You can choose to be bad. But, when you are bad, do not expect to get good results. Do not expect God to be nice to you.

You have the choice. Therefore, free will shows what the result of your actions is.

Of course, this time is the time of sundering. That is what God said, When the Seventh Angel comes it is the time of sundering. It is finished. The time is done. It is gone.

He has given all of you enough time and lifetimes to correct yourself and come to follow the Eternal Divine Path easily. If you have not, you have reached to this point and you will not do it, therefore, now is the time that your choosing will result to what He has already said.

Either you go to the Kingdom or you go to the other way. Of course, the symbolic is hell. But, the hell really means, ignorance. Ignorance means not to know the Eternal Divine Path, Gods Revelation, unity of all humanity, and that God sent all these Revelations to man.

So, we can see that man has the free will but the result belongs to God. He will choose what happens to you according to your choosing.

We do not believe in predestination. We believe in the closer your come to God, the more you become predestined because you lose your choices.

The further away you are from God, the more choices you have but, of course, you are not close to God. So, you choose your path. It is the way it works.

And, that is what is wonderful about humanity, they have the free will. And if you go to God with the free will then that is wonderful because God say, OK, you had the other choices but you choose Me. And God is very pleased.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: Some version of the Bible, King James, or whatever, when the Angel opens the Seventh Seal it says there is silence in heaven for a half an hour. I know this is symbolic. It is about the only thing I have not been able to get my head around. Has that happened? And, if so, who was it? because I sure must have been asleep when it did happen [laughter].

Maitreya: Well, as I said, only God knows the exact timing of the things that will happen. But, it has happened.

For the last twenty some years, the Mission has been on earth but it has been very silent. And, it was very quiet. It was not reaching out very much but a very few people saw it. Other people came and foretold of the coming of Maitreya in 1982. We did not know about them and they did not know about us.

In 1982, we were the only Maitreya that reached out and put the outreach of the Mission to humanity. We put advertising all over the magazines and places like that. But, very few people showed up. Very few people came and joined us.

The reason was that they were, the people who were called to be the first fruit, and they came and they helped a lot in the Mission. They got a lot of things done. We were in the preparation.

Actually, I thought we were done with the Mission and we were ready to go until two months ago a brother came here and brought more revelation to us that we did not even consider that as a part of this Mission.

So, the Mission is still building up. It has been building for twenty years. Can we say that that twenty years was that half an hour of silence? And, now we are reaching to PalTalk, more people are hearing about us, and that is why we are prosecuted in even a greater degree. And a lot of people come and say many, many things that they said to Christ, and every other Prophet that came to humanity.

There has never been a Prophet that came to humanity that they never persecuted. They were thrown stones at. They were crucified, or shot at. Bab was shot at, and was killed. Christ was crucified. Prophet Muhammed had stones thrown at him.

But, this time God is very smart. He created the Internet so that I can say whatever I want, and they cannot get their hands on me. So that is also prophesy fulfilled that many people will hear him and probably soon They can even see me in my tape that is on the website.

But, they are persecuting and they are saying things that are not true, and not correct. I am very concerned about their Souls.

So answering your question, we believe, maybe As I said, God only knows those answers in a deeper level. But, we believe that that half and hour was that twenty years that we were very quiet. And, we are now reaching out to humanity.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Good afternoon, Maitreya. Sal-OM. In THOTH, in The Revelation, you said that when one overcomes, one would be crowned with twelve powers. What are those twelve powers? Would you please explain?

Maitreya: Well, they are the siddhis, what is called siddhis in the other teachings, especially the Hindu philosophy. There are many, many things. Some can hear for miles. Some can shoot an arrow. Some people can heal. There are many, many manifestations.

Twelve is really the umbrella of those powers. But, we do not emphasize gaining power by meditation. Actually, that is very much discouraged, to meditate for gaining powers. And, even if you gain powers it is good to use them for the good of the community and humanity, and use them only to advance the creation of the Communities of Light and the following of the Eternal Divine Path.

So gaining powers is not the goal of meditation. It is not the goal of this Mission at all. Actually, those people who gain powers

[[end of side 1 of tape]

people to the path that is not from God, and they will fall for that little miracle that that person can do, or that little power that they have, and they will not see the Message. The Message is the Eternal Divine Path and that is what everyone should concentrate on. If in the process they gain power, they should not become attached to it at all.

Actually, I used to tell a story, in the beginning when I started meditating in 1973 or 4. I was in Pennsylvania and I started meditating. After a month or two, I could tell the peoples actions, present, what they did in the past, what they are going to do in the future, how their future was going to be, and all of that.

Of course, at that time, I was a student in a university and I had a lot of friends. They knew me. They would invite me to their gatherings and all of that. And, I started telling them what they did.

So, I became the center of the party, and I loved it. Just all the attention was on me, and all of that. They just said, Yes, how do you know that? I never told this to anyone, and all of that.

So, I enjoyed it immensely that I could do that. But, two months later I lost the power. I was miserable because everyone left, no attention [laughing], and not anything. And, everyone said, It was just all fake, when it was not. My state of being later was even worse than it was before.

And, that was a good lesson for me given that time that, powers are not important and you might misuse the power. And, they do. How many 800 numbers or psychic numbers do you know that you can call and they tell you about things.

Even in the Bible it clearly says, when Saul asked that sorcerer to summon the spirit of Samuel, Samuel was very, very angry for what he did. And, actually, Saul was cursed because But, she had the power to do that. But God said, It is not good.

So, powers are not good. You should not work with the powers at all. If they come to us, fine. Just meditate on them.

Actually, if they come to me again, I just throw them back to the universe and say, Thank you, I do not want power, I want God.

It is just like a little child that is making a lot of noise and is crying. What do you do? You give him a little toy to play with. If he plays with the toy, what happens? The mother goes to do whatever she wants. But, if the child throws the toy away and says, No, I do not want a toy, I want you, what does the mother have to do? The mother has to pick him up, hug him, kiss him, and give him a lot of love, and whatever he wants.

So, that is how it should be with God. If God gave you some power say, No. No thank you. I do not want power. I want You.

So, the powers can become an obstacle in your path to God. And, the goal is not to gain power but to go to God.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: I was reading a book, and it was called, Magdalana. In that book, whatever, I understand that Jesus did not die on the cross and that his body is buried in India. And, the Pope knows of this and so do a lot of other people. Am I way out of line here?

Maitreya: Well, the story about Christs crucifixion is very controversial. They have many stories and beliefs on it, on what happened. Some people say, He was crucified and, of course, he rose. Some people say, He was crucified on Friday and was raised on Sunday morning. Other people say, How can it be?

He said, I am going to be in the earth for three days and three nights. That makes him that he is going to have to come out of the grave on Monday evening, not Sunday morning.

Some people say, Well, he really was crucified in a special Sabbath, which was Wednesday. Therefore, he was completely passed away around 6 PM. Therefore He rose on Saturday at 6.

Rosicrucians say, No, he was not dead at all. He was alive when they brought him down from the cross. And, probably that is the reason that they added in the Bible that someone pieced him and made sure he was dead. After they realized that the Rosicrucians said that, probably someone added that to the Bible, to make sure, Yes, he sure was dead, because the water and the blood came out.

In Islam, Prophet Muhammed said, He was not dead. It seems to them that he was dead. Of course, our explanation was, No one dies. You cannot kill anyone. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, There is no sword that can touch the Soul. The man who kills and the person who is killed, if either one thinks they are killing or they are killed, they are incorrect.

And, also of course, some people say that he was not dead, he went and lived somewhere else for another forty some years after the crucifixion and guided his disciples from where he was. Of course, you say he was probably in India doing that. And, after that he was buried there. So, it is very controversial.

Even some people say, He did not even exist, because there are no historical records of really he existed. Some people say, Yes, it was because some historian had mentioned his name.

And some people say, There is some material in India, in a monastery there that talks about Christ was in India, eventually went to Jerusalem, and was crucified. And the record is there.

So there are a lot of things that are related to him, which is very hard to decipher what was the truth. The truth is that the most important is, what did he teach? What was his message? What did he bring to humanity?

Was he crucified? Wasnt he? Was he dead? Did he go to India, or he went to Palestine, or even came to Europe? Does that really help me in my spiritual progress to God?

The answer is, probably not because it does not make any difference. The most important is, what was his message. And, if we understand his message, the rest just fades away and it is not important to us at all.

But, it is a very, very controversial topic and there are a lot of opinions and ideas about it.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: OK, I stand corrected. I had forgotten, and thanks for reminding me, that it is the teaching that is important, so much as exactly what happened.

Now I understand that the so-called end times, or whatever anyone wants to refer to it as, they are at hand. They are here now. And, the same thing that Lot and his wife, Noah, Moses, Jesus, is all the same thing. It is all the same play with different characters that are ready to accept the same roles, but the play is the same. How does that sound [laughing]?

Maitreya: It does not sound good [laughter]. I guess you have to explain a little bit more what you mean exactly. Can you elaborate on that?

Buffalo: Well, at the end of every age, at the beginning of every age (now I can only tell you as I understand it, as it has been explained to me), there are seven sages that meet, and lay down the plan for the age. Now, for the Aquarian Age that we are stepping into now (I think that we stepped into it quite a long time ago), there are one of two that are chosen to lead the way. Lot and his wife were one. Moses was one. Noah was one, a so-called Savior, which they all deny, which is perfectly acceptable to me. And, I understand that. The play is the same. Most of mankind, or those who are sleeping, in the dark, maysayers, whatever, want him dead, want those leaders dead.

Maitreya: Well, my question is why does God need seven person to make His decisions for Him? This is one of the things probably you will see, if you stay in the Mission, is we believe there is no medium between you and God. There is no kind of beings that make the decisions for Him. God and man, that is it. You have the ability to go to Him directly. And in His Scriptures it clearly says that He will prophecy a person will come, and then that person comes and fulfills that prophecy, and brings a new teaching, or completes the teaching before it.

There are a lot of other explanations, I have not seen those explanations in the Scriptures, but they are made by man. Those explanations appeal to a lot of people, like the book of Urantia. That is one explanation. The hierarchy, the white brotherhood, the brotherhood of light, or the one you just explained, or the Rosicrucians, and many, many, many people have different explanation of how God makes the decisions.

And, they even create separation between man and man. That is because they say, I follow the book of Urantia. My book is better than the people who follow the hierarchy of the white brotherhood.

Therefore, we here, completely go beyond all these explanations and say, No, there is nothing between you and God. You can reach God by meditation and through understanding. God makes His decisions, and He is the person who brings all this revelation.

Also, where does this explanation come from, just like the one you said is not in Scripture? Where in the Scripture does it say that seven people make the decision? These are the explanations that some people with a good imagination have created.

There might be some truth in it. I am not saying it is completely void of truth. But, the most important thing is, again, would that help us? It will not because it again creates separation.

So, in this Mission we try to be as un-separated from one another as possible.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: I did not mean that as a truth and an absolute. As I understand it, as we travel our

Before we get under the group parasol, the group umbrella, or join a group, we are under our own. We travel singular for a while. And on those travels it is as if it is in a school. And maybe at that time I was given that, I was in the spiritual third grade, or the spiritual second grade, I do not know, spiritual kindergarten. You learn these truths first until you can find a greater truth, say in spiritual fourth grade, or fifth grade [laughing]. No, I did not mean that as an absolute, not by any means. It is something I heard a long time ago. It made sense then, just as a learning tool.

Maitreya: Yes, yes, that is great. You make a lot of sense. Of course, there are people in different levels, and they accept a lot of teaching.

It is just like, if you want to become a doctor. You learn a lot of things and at the end you discard them. Then you become a specialist in one field, or there are a lot of things you learn. You might not even ever draw a picture any more after you are a doctor, but you learn how to draw.

That is true, we learn a lot of things in the path that later on we discard. But, as I said, this is the time for sundering. This is the time for the Elects to come. And for the Elects, our teaching just completely overcomes and goes beyond anything.

Anything that separates man from man is not the highest. So, that is probably a good guideline for all of us. If someone is saying a teaching that separates people from people, it is probably not on the level of the doctorate degree. He is in the eighth grade, or ninth grade, or all of that.

So, it is wonderful that all these people are interested in God and His Revelation. But, I think the process has been accelerated in a greater degree. Those who see this, and they have been in this Path

For instance, you heard that and now you hear this and you say, Well, really what I heard before is not as great a truth as this is now. So, you probably can go back and help those who you knew in the past and bring them with you to the higher level.

It is just like Johnathan Livingston Seagull, who found the golden seagulls. Then he said, OK, now I will go back to the regular seagulls and tell them, What you do is not the highest. Come with me I will show you how you can become the master, or eagle, and you can fly faster than many birds or anything.

You are absolutely right. But probably it is good for you, if you accept this teaching, if you see the truth in it, probably you could go back and bring more seagulls to fly with us together and become eagles.

Go ahead, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah: Thank you. In the book of The Revelation, St. John talked about the 144,000 Elected and the people, who washed the old clothes in the blood of the lamb of God. What does he actually mean by that, Washing the old clothes in the blood of the lamb? Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: If you read the Bible, you will see that God created man and woman. Then, of course, man was both male and female. And, then God separated them to men and women. Of course, the attraction to the external world and the Maya, and then temptation, made them not to follow Gods Rule and Gods Laws.

Therefore, the moment they became egoistical and they said, We will become God ourselves, by doing what God said not to do, they fell. And, that falling, of course, we can see it still exists in human existence, human life, society, and the world. People are following the temptation and the Maya, and they have fallen from The Grace.

Still they demand The Grace. But demanding The Grace, you do not get The Grace by demanding It but by following the Laws of God. Therefore, you can see that failing is internal in the human being because the balance of the creation went out of balance and ego evolved. Ego is self-centered and wants everything to themselves. They are not willing to give and, as Christ, become sacrificial.

Therefore, in the Garden of Eden, God took The Grace. And the only way you could appease The Grace back was with the blood.

That is why we can see the symbol of the Passover is to kill a lamb, an unblemished lamb, an innocent lamb, the best lamb you have. You put the blood around the entrance of your home, and, therefore, the disaster will pass you over and it will not touch your home. So, the redemption was with the blood of the lamb.

Then Moses brought an elaborate sacrificial way of washing the sin from the community. And, after Christ came, he was that unblemished Lamb. He sacrificed himself and his blood was shed. That was his mission.

Actually, he did not want to accept the mission in the Garden of Gethsamane, because he felt, God, can you take this cup from me? Of course, he realized right away that that is not the way, he should be surrendered and sacrifice, and surrender to the will of God. And he said, no, Your will be done, not mine. And, he went through the crucifixion.

The crucifixion was symbolic of that lamb was killed and therefore, from then on we can see that no one did a lot of elaborate sacrifices of the lambs any more. It was taken away. And, Christ brought The Grace back to humanity.

Therefore, Christ is the symbol of the return of The Grace to man and those who follow the Law of God will receive The Grace of God easily and in abundance. But, he had to sacrifice.

But, at the end of the time in the Revelation where you are reading, we do not have to do that any more. That is, as I said, God created the Internet so they cannot crucify me. They cannot throw stones at me.

Actually the people who are crucifying me, some people asked them, would you crucify Maitreya if you had your hands on him? No one answered. Probably the answer, if they are silent, means that they would. But, of course, they cannot because, what can you do on a computer?

So, in this time, it is not suppose to be like that. There is not suppose to be any crucifixion, but it is the Kingdom. It is the Children of God who will become the kings on earth and will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So, this time the call is not for blood to be shed but the blood being cleansed from his garment. And he does not need to be crucified as it was before.

So, that is the meaning of that verse. I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Ultiman.

Ultiman: I was told in the room not to be shy, and to ask you questions. So I hope this does not offend anyone because it really is a serious question.

Maybe there are others in the room who may be wondering it as well. I do not really know. But, can you say that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh?

Maitreya: Well, what difference does it make if I tell you that or not? The only thing I can tell you is, go see the prophecies are fulfilled, the Seven Seals are open, the book sealed with the Seven Seals is Revealed, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has returned, the Sayyid from the lineage of Prophet Muhammed is here. The Seven Seals make sense and reveals the Path that God wants us to follow, and it is your guidance.

You come to your own conclusion. Why do I need to tell you, if there is all this?

It is just like they were asking Christ, Are you Christ. He said, Well, when you see in the evening the sky is red, you will see there is going to be rain. When you see the end time is here, all the prophecies are fulfilled, all the Scriptures are fulfilled

That is why I say, go to the website and see what prophecies are fulfilled. Are the Seven Seals are opened? Is all the mystery of God given? Are all the religions unified?

You have to come to the conclusion yourself. It does not make any difference if I say yes or no. If you already made your mind that I am not who I think I am, you will say, OK, no, you are wrong, and you saying what you are saying is correct.

But if you make it yourself, and you come to the conclusion, Oh Yes, look at this. These all are fulfilled. Then you say, Yes, I have no choice. He is the one.

Therefore, again I guide you to make the decision yourself. I got everyone Actually, that is the best Do not listen to me at all. Do not listen to anyone for that matter. Go, search, knock, and ask, and then come to the conclusion.

If you come to the conclusion that, No, he is wrong, great. You go your way and I will go my way, and we will see who is the correct one.

And, that is one of the things that amazes me of these people who come to our room and rudely interrupt us. My thinking is, Why do they do that? If they believe their God is really God, why are they afraid of anything? They should say, OK, I believe in my God and I trust in God. I do not care what anyone says because anything that is not Godly is not going to manifest anyway.

Why do they do that? It is just beyond my comprehension why such people even exist that they come And they say that they are Godly, they are the Children of God, they are the chosen ones. How can they be, if they do not trust their God enough to leave us to God?

So, we leave you to God and you leave us to God. Go and study, and come to your conclusion. And, that is the best way to do this.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: In the explanations of the Prophecies of Daniel, Tablet 5, verse 4, you said that the Could you please explain when he says that. The host of heaven will be cast down and be trampled under.

Maitreya: Well, the host of heaven are God, His Hierarchy, His Revelation, and Truth that is Spirit, is intuition, and is in the Scriptures as have come from God and been given to humanity. Of course, they were partial, every revelation to this point was a part of a greater truth, as we have been talking about all day. But, they had a lot of truth in them until the intellectual domination, around 2,300 years ago came to earth and eventually became the dominating force on earth.

Actually, intellectualism has become a religion by itself. And, there are some people that intellect is superior. Actually, some people call themselves logical men (?). So, that is why they trampled and brought down the Truth of God to earth. And, there-fore, we can see this intellectualization continues to this point.

Again, that is another sign of the end of time. We do not oppose intellectualism but it has a limit. Intellect has a limit. It can go so far. When it gets to the Spirit, it completely cannot go any further.

And, that is why there are great intellectuals, like Einstein. He eventually came to the conclusion that there is an order in the universe. There is something beyond our intellectual understanding of the universe. There is some Spirit there, and therefore, he concluded that intellect is not the ultimate thing on earth.

There are many people who believe the intellect is superior and religions are Of course, I do not blame them because most of the people who follow religions are emotional. They are not very logical many times. And, they just say, You have to have faith in this mission.

Yes, you have to have faith, but at the same time, your faith can be based on intellect and intelligence. As I have said, Do you want to know God exists? God said He is going to do this, and He did. Intellectually and from the intelligent point of view you have to say, I have no choice but to accept that God exists. Now, I do not understand it. Intellectually I am trying to understand God, which, you cannot understand God intellectually. You have to experience God. You have to have a relationship with God. You have to directly know God. You have to That is something that no one can intellectually explain.

How many people try to explain God intellectually and still have not? Someone used to tell me that, if the whole universe became paper, all the trees and everything else became pens, the whole ocean became ink, and if you started writing about who God is, at the end you are finished, all the pens are broken, the oceans are dried, and still you have not even started saying it [laughing].

So intellectually, you cannot explain God. You have to experience God. But, experience, direct experience, is beyond intellect.

And, no one teaches it. Go to any school, do they teach to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, to have a direct relationship with God, and experience Him? No, they do not.

They say, Be logical. That is not logical what you are saying, Oh sit there, meditate, and experience God? What are you talking about? Oh God, Oh, OK, that thing.

The moment you talk about God to someone, some people, especially in the world of education, they say, Oh, you are one of those. You talk about God.

But our teaching is a very intelligent way of explaining God, that exists. Therefore, now that is another thing unified, intellect is unified with Spirit here in the Mission. You can be intellectual but at the same time realize that your intellect has a limit. To this point intellect was bringing the correct intuitional understanding of God down, and that is what that verse means.

Go ahead, Ultiman.

Ultiman: I did not mean to be rude or anything. You asked what purpose would it serve. It is just that I would feel better just to hear you say it. You know what I mean?

The Bible says that, I guess you would be aware of the verse that no spirit not of God can say that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. So, that is all. You would make me, and some other in here feel better, just to hear your say it. I did not mean to be rude, it would just make certain people feel better to hear you say those words.

Maitreya: No, Ultiman, I did not say that you were rude. Not at all. I was not directing that to you at all. I was directing it to other people who come to our room and do those things.

No, no, no, you were very nice, actually. I appreciate the way you brought the question. And, we can discuss it. You come to our room and be nice and bring this discussion. I do not mind at all to discuss it with you at all.

I was talking about the other people who do that. Do not think about I did not have the slightest bad feeling about you at all. So, I am sorry that you thought, I thought that you did something that was not kosher or anything [laughing]. No, actually, it is true. We do believe that Christ came in the flesh. That he was the Son of God. That whenever he was connected to God, he was God.

So actually, we do not fulfill the saying of the New Testament that we do not believe that Christ came in the flesh and therefore, we are anti-Christ.

That verse does not apply to us at all.

And, no, no, I did not think you said anything wrong at all. So I think there is some misunderstanding there. Not at all, I was just talking about some other people who do that.

Go ahead, Ultiman.

Ultiman: That is OK, but just to hear you say those words, Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. So, he did come. It would really make me and maybe some other people feel a lot better just to hear that one sentence. If you reply and just say that one thing, just that one sentence, that would be it. It would just make me, and maybe some other people feel a lot better just to hear those exact words. Just you say it, that one sentence, and that is it.

Maitreya: OK, Esa did come in the flesh. Yes, Christ came in the flesh. He was a man by the name of Esa and he had the Spirit of God in him. He was the Messiah, the Son of God. And, he fulfilled the prophecies of his coming. And, we believe in that 100%, no doubt about it. I hope you feel better now [laughter].

Tec, go ahead.

Tec: Well, if it is God, there is a tribute (?) of God saying that He never changes. Then Christ is God in the flesh. Then I notice that you had mentioned the past tense element about Christ being in the flesh. You seem to denote a time element, but if God never changes and Christ is God in the flesh, then Christ is still himself and God also. Go ahead.

Maitreya: Are we talking about Esa, or are we talking about Christ as God Himself? As I said, if you read our teaching probably that question would have answered very easily. Christ in one time said that he is the way, the truth, no one goes to the Father but through him. And, another time someone called him Good Rabbi, and he rebuked that person and said, No one is good but God.

Hummm, how could that happen? If he is God, how can he say that only God is good and he is not good? Therefore, there is a separation there.

There was another question that someone asked some time ago that, If Christ was God, who was he praying to? He was praying to the Father. There is a separation there. How could it be, that if he is God, then he prays to another third person and therefore, there is a separation between the two?

So, there is a contradiction there, isnt there? One time he is the way, he is the Father, no one goes to the Father but through him, the Father and he are one. Another time he prays to the Father and even says that he is no good and God is good.

To this point, of course, no one has been explaining this very correctly. We have been explaining this for the last twenty years. And, those who are in the Mission know the answer very well. Actually, I can ask one of them and they can tell you exactly what it means and how it is explained.

The explanation is that God is a Spirit. God cannot come to man and say, Here I am. And, even if He comes, probably almost 100% of humans could not hear Him because they are not in the same wavelength and the same level that He is.

That is why He prophesizes of a coming of the Messiah, of the coming of a teaching, of the coming of a Prophet, of the coming of a person with a physical body. He is born from a woman. He is raised like a regular person, but ultimately he manifests Gods revelation to humanity and he fulfills the prophecies that God has given about him.

He is unique. You cannot find anyone else on earth as unique as this person. And, that is how you know that he is the mouthpiece of God. If he is not unique, and he has not fulfilled the prophecies, he cannot claim to have the Word of God for humanity.

And, that is what Christ did, he fulfilled the prophecies. He was unique. But, he was a man, which the Spirit of God came through.

In those moments that the Spirit of God came through him, the Father and he were One. But, in other times that he was a regular person, walking around, and the Spirit of God was not upon him, he was no good. He was just like every other man on earth, as every other man is. They are not good. They are not God. They are not godly. They have a lot of desires, attachments, and all of that.

Of course, he was a very high Soul, for sure, that he was chosen for God to come through him. So, that is very simple. If we are talking about the Christ as a man, there is a time limit, he changes, he dies actually. Ultimately even if he was raised again, he eventually left his body and was a man. But if we are talking about the Christ, the times that God came over him and through him, that God is, Is.

Actually, if you read our teaching again, if you have read our teaching, we say, God Is. If you put anything in front of IS, He becomes. God is compassionate. God is love. God is whatever you put in front of Him, God becomes it.

So God was, is, and will be forever. That God, that Christ in that sense has always been here and will be here forever. And, that is, or God has a Plan, had a Plan to send Seven Revelations to humanity, and each revelation had some part of a greater truth.

Ultimately, these revelations are all going to be put together as one revelation in the book sealed with the Seven Seals. That book now has been opened, and, according to prophecy, No one can open that book but the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

See again, the uniqueness of the revelation, of the prophecy, or Gods saying. If you have the slightest interest in the truth and what God said, that should be enough for you to realize that this vessel, this Revelation, is the truth, what comes out of this mouth is the Word of God, and there is no separation between the Father and I. And no one goes to the God, to the Father, but through me.

So, you can see the same words, the same expression. But, I am a man. I am a man, a regular man. It never happened in the whole of human history, never, ever, a Prophet came that he was not born from flesh, from a woman and did not come the way every Prophet came.

So, we have the truth, and we have the dogmas. Get the dogmas out of the truth, see the truth, and see the Word of God has been fulfilled here and now. Then say, Yes. Then I will forget about my dogma and accept the truth. Then you will see that we are one and we do not have anything to be arguing about.

So, that was the explanation. So how you see the Christ makes the words truth or not.

Go ahead, Ultiman.

Ultiman: I know you said some other things in answer to my question, but I need to hear the exact words, please. Just the one sentence, Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. Just the exact words, just that one sentence. Nothing else. Just, please, those exact words.

Maitreya: No, you will not hear the exact words because his name never was Jesus. The name Jesus I am never going to confess, Jesus came as God. Never. That is because Jesus is the word Je comes from the Sanscrit

[[[end of side 2 of tape]

the Sanscrit is a part of the Hindu-European language. And, Latin comes from the Hindu-European language.

In Sanscrit je means victory. And sus, or the rest of the name comes from the name Zeus. So, whenever you pray in the name of Jesus, actually you are praising Zeus, and you are professing that Zeus comes in the flesh as God. And, that is not correct.

His earthly name was Esa. He was never called Jesus. So, you have to correct yourself first, in his name, before you can confess that he came as the Son of God.

He never came by the name Jesus. The name was changed after many things changed in Christianity. There were many things that had been influenced by the Roman and Nordic teaching, and European teaching before Christ in Christianity. But, the purest form of Christianity has been revealed now in our teaching. Therefore, his name never was Jesus, and I will never, ever, confess that Jesus was the Son of God.

But, if you want to confess that Esa was the Son of God, I will readily do that, because that was his name. Some people call him Yeshua. Actually, Yeshua is the corrupt name, is his sacred name that cannot be pronounced. Yeshua is not his true name either. But, Yeshua is a corrupt name just like Yweh. Yweh is the corrupt name of the name of God. Both Yeshua and Yweh were not his name.

His true sacred name is revealed through the Mission to those people who come, become a part of the Mission and our work and show that they are truly here to manifest Gods qualities and do His Will. They will eventually receive the name of the Father and the Son and will receive The Holy Ghost.

So, his name never was Jesus. And, if you beg me and plead with me, Please say what you want me to say, I do the same thing to you.

Go ahead, study, and see that a lot of things that you believe are dogmas. The truth is that his name was not Jesus. His name was Esa. Get rid of the dogmas and forget about everything but those red writings of Christ. And, read our teaching.

Actually, probably the only Bible I recommend is the Jeffersons Bible. That has gotten rid of a lot of dogma in it. Read the Jeffersons Bible and believe on that. Probably it will be much better for your Soul and for your salvation than believing in things that have no truth in them, and then insisting that other people follow a wrong teaching.

Go ahead, Romus.

Romus: I have a question. It is a funny thing that you just mentioned I have read a little bit about you, your website and everything. And, you want to synthesize the worlds religions. Where does paganism fit into this, if it does at all?

Maitreya: I am not trying to synthesize anything. I am just a revealer of the truth. What I am saying, God has already synthesized it. God already knew that each of these religions are a part of the greater truth.

Where do the pagans fall into this teaching? Pagans also believe in meditation and awakening of your spiritual forces. The only problem is that pagans direct the energy they gain through those practices, toward the world. They direct it externally, instead of internalizing it and bringing internal salvation.

Therefore, they externalize it through gaining the material world. Therefore, my suggestion to them is to direct that energy internally, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and see our teaching.

What you do is OK. Meditation is OK. Incantation for helping the community, in the sense that it is Gods Will, is OK.

But if you replace your will in place of Gods Will, then you are misusing the energy that God has given to you and you are using it to gain worldly, material things, which is not the goal of the life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, and to be(come) Divine means to become Godly, to become compassionate, loving, understanding, a seeker of the truth, get rid of the dogmas, understand what Gods Will is, what His Plans are, and follow that. Therefore, pagans can become a part of the Mission if they realize that they have to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit the results to them, and become universalists. But, meditation and that part are accepted.

I hope it makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: On September 9th, after the World Trade Center event took place, I was walking down the street and I was thinking about that. And, I heard a voice, just as clearly as I heard yours. And that voice said, No event takes place in this universe, no thing takes place in this universe, without my approval.

Well, it stopped me dead in my tracks, and I looked around to see if anyone else heard it. So then, I started wondering about that. And what was coming to me was, the results of it is that it was pulling people together just to say the word God, if nothing else, to get them to pray.

Are my conclusions in error, of getting the country to pull together, getting the people to pull together, and getting a lot of people just to speak the word, God? Are my conclusions in error in that?

Maitreya: Well, there is a saying that when God blesses humans they say, It is our doing. And when God brings the disaster to them they say, God, please help us. That is the nature of man that they do not remember God when they are happy and everything is going OK.

And, that is exactly what Christ said, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a man who has everything, to go to God. Actually, another saying is that Those who God loves, He makes them poor, because they always think, Oh God, help us, help us. Please we do not have anything to be thankful for.

It is amazing that after disasters people started talking about God. The word of God is not that bad any more, or something that the people stare at you, Oh, you are one of those. You are right, that is true, the disaster brings a spiritual connection to humanity.

God wishes it was not like that. Actually, God loves those who remember Him in prosperity, when they are rich, high, and they do not need Him, and still they say, Yes, God, thank you for being with us. All thanks go to you.

And you are absolutely correct, nothing happens in this universe without His approval, not a small thing. A small thing He probably lets go. Big things, that He has a Plan.

As I said, He has a Plan. If everyone comes tonight, we are going to have the Kingdom tomorrow. But, if they do not, He will take us there.

And, one of the things, of course, disasters and things might happen for humanity. And, they eventually realize they have no choice but to come together.

I know when we win in something, we think it is going to be over. It is not going to be over. Gods Plan is different.

Gods Plan is to bring humanity together and unify them. Here it is, that is what He is saying in this Revelation that He wants humanity to eventually realize that there is One humanity, One world, One God.

They have to come together and feel each others pain. Realize that the pain in another part of the world is your pain. You cannot say, Oh, I have nothing to do with it. I have my thing here. I am OK. I will be fine. I do not care.

You cannot do that. If you know God, God is everything. Therefore, the pain of every man and woman is your pain. That is what the godly person is. And, that is what God is taking humanity to realize that we are One humanity, One God, and One earth.

Of course, He also has created the universe and space. And, if humans reach space, there are infinite resources out there. The standard of living of every man and woman on earth is going to be even greater than we have here in the West.

So, God has given us everything. But, He wants us to remember Him even in prosperity. He wants us to remember our Goal.

For instance, it is a part of our teaching: there is a destiny for the United States. God has given that destiny to that nation. It is wonderful that they have brought a lot of people together from all cultures. And, they are getting along fine. Can we create the whole earth to do that? We can see the Plan is for humanity to understand this thing.

So, you can see that there is a goal for humanity to reach, and now we are telling them what it is. And, humanity has to either listen to this, or go against it.

If they listen to it, the Kingdom will come very soon. If they do not, the whole disaster is going to come, I am sorry to say. So, this is the beginning.

Humanity has a choice. They chose it today, more people come join the Mission, the more we can create the Communities of Light going, the more we can show humanity that, Yes, there is God, and there is a purpose for it, the sooner we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven, the sooner we can avoid disaster.

The more they resist it, the more they keep their dogmas, the more we get our egos, separation, and destruction, the most destruction is going to come. It is not going to end.

For the last 6,000 years hasnt humanity learned their lesson? The war does not finish. No war is the last war. There is going to be another war, another war, and another war. The only way is Gods Way. The only Way is the Eternal Divine Path. The only way is the unification of all religions. The only way is to see Gods Revelation and to come together.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: In THOTH, you said the Angel Gabriel is the decision making. And, I wanted to ask a question concerning him. I notice that the Angel Gabriel came to Zachariah to announce Johns birth, he came to Mary to announce Esas birth, and he also came to Daniel. But, I did not realize that he also came to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Is this correct? I thought he was the Father himself.

Maitreya: Probably you are talking about the angel, as a being with wings coming down to humans and talking to them. That is possible. There are people who need an external manifestation to believe that God is giving them His Word, and telling them a message.

Like Prophet Muhammed sees the Angel Gabriel come to him and tell him that he should read. Of course, he was an illiterate person. He could not read. He said, I cannot read. And Gabriel said, No, read. Prophet Muhammed said, I cannot read. And, Gabriel said, Read, again. And, he started revealing the revelation from God. Of course, later on brought the Koran.

Also, we can see that Daniel also sees angels come to him because they need angels to believe in God. But, really angels are a manifestation of God to make that person believe in that revelation and that message.

In reality, angels are the forces, or the three creative forces in the universe. The satva guna, or the more subtle force in the universe, is Gabriel. Raja guna, or the movement, or energy, is Michael. Always Michael was the one that conquers, the warrior, and has a lot of energy. And tama guna, which crudifies everything, creates the universe, makes us crude, tempts us, and we become attached to the world and we fall into the Maya, is Lucifer, which is also the angel of light. It means that if you realize God and the emptiness of the Maya, the very Maya becomes a light in your path.

You realize, I do not want to get attached to this world. This is just a temporary thing and, therefore, I want to go to something that is permanent. And, what is permanent? God is permanent. Everything else is temporary.

Therefore, the very Lucifer, or devil, as many people know him, becomes the guiding light toward overcoming the external world and going toward God. So we have to realize that Gabriel really is not a person, is an energy, is a subtler energy to the sentient energy in the universe. And, when the sentient energy is affected with the raja guna, it becomes The Holy Ghost.

And, as we meditate and we become more satvic, or subtle, we realize subtle energies and we can know more and more about the Will of God for us, and what God wants us to do. That is how we follow our call.

So, that is why when this Revelation came to these people, they see a person but in reality it is that energy or The Holy Ghost, which brings the revelation to them and reveals to them. But, if God had not done it that way they would not realize it.

In my case, the realization was subtle, it was very deep, and no doubt about the Source of it. But, I did not see a person as an angel with wings, or whatever, that comes and tells me what to do. But, of course, revelations come from The Holy Ghost, which is the subtle energy or satva guna activated with the energy, raja guna.

I hope that makes sense to you. If it does not, read THOTH again. We do not talk about angels as beings. Actually, anything that has a form, shape, sound, or name, anything that has a manifestation, is not the ultimate. Do not get attached to them.

Anything that has a form, shape. If it is not formless, nameless, invisible, and eternal, it is not God. It is not the ultimate.

It is very similar to what Buddha said, The ultimate goal is Nirvana. Nirvana does not have any form, shape, or sound. Some people say it is nothingness but really, that is not correct. It is beyond the senses.

When you reach beyond the senses, then you are in Pure Consciousness. As long as you see angels and you are attached to the physical things, or you are looking for a heaven with the water underneath, and the companion with the wide eyes, still you are looking at the manifestation, it is not the ultimate. The ultimate has no creation attributes.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: I had some observations. I was going to ask if they were correct or not. As I wrote them down on the paper, you answered most of them [laughter]. Thanks a lot.

I had an observation on the formless, infinite, nameless, and eternal that we have the commandment of not having a graven image. My thought was what Esa said, What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is Spirit. So, I think that having even the image, or the flesh of Christ, the idea that you are worshipping the flesh, but you just talked about that, that I was correct in that observation. I think you answered that, that we should worship the Spirit behind the flesh and that we should not hold that physical body, because that physical body will pass.

So, I was going to ask if I was correct in that observation but I think you just answered that question as I was writing it down.

Maitreya: You are correct on that, absolutely. And, actually, Christ, the Prophets and all those are Messengers to come bring us a message and guide us to God. They are the bridge between us and God. What happens if they are a bridge, we are going to God, and then we suddenly stop on the bridge and say, Ah, such a beautiful bridge. Look at this, it is so nice. It is created like this, and the engineer put it like that. It has been calculated like that. We never go over the bridge. We get stuck on the bridge.

And, that is exactly here with the Mission too. I do not want you to be attached to me, make a big thing out of me, and then get the Message. The most important thing is the Message. If there is respect, or love, or anything for me it is because of the Message. Otherwise, I am another man among all men.

Absolutely, you are correct. And, we have to concentrate on the Message, not on the Messenger.

Go ahead, Romus.

Romus: Magic. I am a surreal magician. If I go into a room, regularly what people consider normal people, I do magic makes them uncomfortable so people get downright afraid of what is your personal opinion on magic? I am not asking if it is right or wrong, I am just asking your personal opinion.

Maitreya: What kind of magic do you do?

Romus: Surreal magic, white, gray. Black magic by definition is to force your will on someone else. I do not know if you know anything about magic or how much you know about it, but I can conjure spirits, for different things, different types of spirits, as Solomon did, which a lot of people do not know.

Maitreya: Well, as I said, even God does not force His Will on beings. Therefore, I can right away say, do not force your will on anyone because you will create Karma, bad, bad Karma by doing that because it is against the will of the universe.

The choice is the greatest thing humanity has. You have the choice to go to God. You have the choice not to go to God. You have the choice to be in this Mission. You have the choice not to be in this Mission.

That is why I say, This is not a cult. A cult forces their will on the followers. They say, OK, if you go, you are going to them, they are going to eat you up. You are going to be destroyed.

Of course, they have a point. If you do not go to God, you are going to fall into Maya for sure. But, that is forcing the will and eventually, keeping the members under control. That becomes a cult and the person becomes more important than the message he brought to them, and eventually, of course, they will be destroyed because that is not a good thing.

Magic, if magic means, as I said, to manipulate the energy and power of the universe and use it for selfish purposes, I have to tell you that is a very dangerous thing you are doing, and that is going to affect you very badly. And I recommend, not to do it at all.

Actually, that is the thing that they were doing before the flood of Noah. And, the human was not as much flesh as they are now. And, they were more in the spirit than they are now.

Actually, they could extract the life force and live for a long time, energy. And, God did not like that, brought destruction to them, and the flood of Noah came and destroyed those people.

Therefore, anything that manipulates the energy, anything that brings the energy, which is not according to the Will of God, or in the universe, and the free will is one of them, is not accepted.

So, if you are asking me, I recommend, stop. Stop. Come and follow the Eternal Divine Path. Join the Communities of Light, meditate, and direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist.

That is my answer. I do not know if that is the answer you wanted to hear, but that is the truth.

Go, Mr. Hobbit, if you have a question you can go ahead. We are over our time, but go ahead.

Mr. Hobbit: Thank you. If I am not on topic, forgive me. I have been so busy, I have not had time. I know you want to stay within the teachings that you taught here today. I would like to ask a question concerning the Islamic belief and the Christian belief in Jesus of Nazareth.

The Islamics say that Jesus was not crucified and the Christians say he was. I am an atheist by the way, up front. I am an atheist, and I am trying to resolve between these two people, great religions, the Islamics and the Christians. One says Jesus was crucified, the Christians say he was. So the Islamic position is, not only was he not crucified, he did not rise from the dead three days later. And, that sounds like such a dilemma to me.

How does one resolve these two great religions having this major difference in their beliefs? The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was the corner stone of Christian belief. Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, I suppose that you were not in this room early this morning. We went through the crucifixion once before. This will be the last question that I will take and we will close the room after this question is answered.

I say that I will believe the later Prophets more than the former. Usually the Prophets come to purify the religions and bring corrections in what has been changed by man.

As we discussed before, the crucifixion of Christ is very controversial. There are many, many stores that have been told and accepted. Some people even believe, and they say, there was not such a thing as Christ because historically there was not such a figure ever been recorded. Or, some people say, very few places is recorded but it is not really that prominent.

Of course, there is a monastery in India where they claim that Christ was with them, they knew that Christ was crucified, and all of that.

Now, was he crucified? Again, the crucifixion seems to be accepted by everyone, that he really was put on the cross. Did he die when he was put on the cross? That is where the controversy comes from. Some people believe he did not die. As the Koran says, It seemed to them he died.

Also, the Rosicrucians do not believe that Christ died. They say that he did not die. Also, a brother today was telling us that some people believe Christ even died in India and you can find his grave there. And, even the Pope knows about that. But, no one else knows.

See, there are a lot of ways of explaining the controversy about it. The most important, as I said to that brother is, What was his message? That is important about the Christ and any Prophets. We have to look at their message. If the message makes sense, if it is truth, and if the Prophet has fulfilled the prophecy and what he says makes sense, then he is a Prophet of God.

Of course, you say that you are an atheist, you do not believe in God, which is OK. I myself was in your shoes in the beginning.

I do not think that you do not believe really in God, you do not believe in the religions that presented God to you. I recommend that you read our teaching. You will see that God said that He will do things and He did them. If He did them, in your logical atheist mind, you should accept that.

If someone says that they are going to do something and they do it, they therefore, exist. Then I recommend you see how God said He did these things and He did them. And, I hope you eventually realize, Yes, God exists, and you will not be atheist any more. Our teaching is very logical.

I appreciate all your questions and I will be here again next week. Believe me, it is a very logical teaching. I love to have atheists, agnostics, or any religion. Actually, I think some of them are even closer to God than those who believe and are in their traditional religions, and they just accept their dogma as the truth.

I did not. That is why I am here. I did not accept the dogmas and I rejected God because the God they presented to me was not a logical God.

Therefore, if you are logical, if you are called for this Mission, if in your spirit you want to know the truth, you are always welcome here. I appreciate your candor and the very nice discussion we had together. I hope many, many people like you come to our room all the time. We will have good discussions.

Even if you do not believe me, at least I try.

Sal-Om everyone. See you next week.


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