Satsang (Discourse) 01/12/02






Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. This room belongs to the new Revelation that has come to humanity, a Revelation that unifies all the religions of the world and brings unity to all religions. Probably most of you wonder, If there is one God, why are there so many religions, and why is there so much separation and disunity?

One of the reasons is because each religion has a specific message for humanity, and each religion has that message only. When you put all these messages together as the Mission of Maitreya has done, then you see the whole picture.

Of course, always the story comes up, It is the same thing as the elephant and the five blind men. Each blind man held a part of the elephant and he/she said, This is what the elephant looks like. One had hold of the trunk and said that it looked like a hose. Another one had hold of the tail and said, It looks like a broom, and on and on.

Eventually a man with eyes came and said, Well, all of you are correct. You each have a part of the elephant. If you want to know what the elephant looks like, it looks like the whole of those parts, plus the body and more.

So we now have the Revelation that shows that each religion of the world has been a part of a greater truth that we call the Eternal Divine Path. Each of these religions has brought a part of this Path, and when you put all those parts together you see the whole picture.

Also, not only does this Path unify all religions of the world, but also this is the fastest Path to salvation and God. If you have been in our website:, or if you go to that website, the first thing that you will see is a Sign that we call, The Greatest Sign. Our teaching is based on that Greatest Sign. The Greatest Sign includes all the religions of the world.

If you look at it, you will see that a dot forms as the first sign of the creation or the imbalance in the creation. That dot turns to the I-Ching. It turns very fast, and eventually it expands to the Lotustica, which is the whole manifestation of God in the manifested world.

The dot that you see is what scientists call the big bang, the beginning of the creation. When you see the I-Ching, that is when God comes in Its fullest form and will look at the universe and see that it is in chaos and darkness. That is when the Bible says, And darkness was upon the face of the deep. God decided to bring that dark part of the universe under His control and eventually help them to reach back to the balance of the universe, to reach the goal of the life of each person, to go back to God, and to become One with Him and help the whole universe to reach the same.

Now, what is the Eternal Divine Path? God sent His Spirit to that darkness because He wanted to know what the darkness contained, and how it could be helped. If you want to know the situation, you go to it. You travel into that situation, you study that situation, and eventually you will come up with the solution.

So Gods Spirit went to the darkness. That goes very well with the idea of Christians that God came to man. Of course, that did not happen by Christ alone but it happened in the very beginning of the creation that Gods Spirit went into the darkness and went through the Eternal Divine Path.

What happened is that he went into the darkness and started meditating in this darkness, What is this darkness made of? Why is it here? Why does it not realize that it can go back and go to that blissful state that God Is?

As It meditated and realized Itself, he realized, There is a lower nature in man that prevents man from seeing the Light, from seeing the beauty of returning to the God-head. So in that meditation, he awakened his spiritual forces. That is the First Sign, as the I-Ching at the very bottom of The Greatest Sign.

That awakening of the spiritual forces means, Know thyself. In every religion it is recommended to, Know thyself. The Bible says, Be still and know that I am God. I am, which is you, is the same as I AM which is God.

In the Hindu religion they call it, atman (with the small a), and Atman (with the large A) and they are the same. So the self and God are the same. We have to realize that really we are One already with God, or at least meditate and awaken our spiritual forces and become One with Him.

That is the first step of the Eternal Divine Path, awakening of your spiritual forces, which is related to all the Mystical Paths on earth. The Mystical Paths are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other teaching that teaches us to awaken our spiritual forces by meditation, by concentration, by chanting, dancing, and all the things that makes us to awaken our spiritual forces.

Now we have awakened our spiritual forces. Now what? Is that the goal of the life? Most of the Mystical Paths say, That is it, you just meditate and like a drop of water you fall into the ocean and become the ocean.

But God, in His Revelation, says, No. If you do that, I will spue you out of My Mouth. In The Revelation, chapter 3, it says that you have also to go to your first love, which is the society and people, and start helping them out.

That is why we can see that God sent the Old Testament. Actually, most of the religions before the flood of Noah were a very selfish way of, I only want to get to God, and manipulating the powers and energies to their selfishness. That is why the flood of Noah came and destroyed them, the third eye was closed, and man then had only two eyes, or more flesh. Now this man is much more under the control of God.

God revealed the Mystical Path to Noah after the flood of Noah. Eventually, those teachings came to us as the Mystical Paths, the Upanishads, eventually Buddhism, and all the mystical religions all over the world.

Now after you awaken your spiritual forces, God did not just stop there, give the revelation to Noah, and say, That is it, the Mystical Path is the end of it. He also chose Abraham for a purpose. Abraham set the example for humanity for the creation of the communities. God was trying to create the twelve tribes of Israel.

What is a tribe? A tribe is a community. That tribe is based on Gods Law, Gods Revelation, and Gods Ways. The whole Old Testament is conveying to humanity that after you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which are based on God and His Laws. So the second step in the Eternal Divine Path is to direct our energy, realization, and everything we have toward the creation of the Communities of Light. That is the second step we have to take.

Now we want to create the Communities of Light. Now what? How are we going to do that? Sacrifice is necessary in the Communities of Light. If everyone in the community says, What is in it for me? What is in it for me? it is not going to happen.

Sacrifice is the symbol for Christianity. Christ came and brought the teaching of Christianity. He set an example for everyone that sacrifice and not being self-centered is needed in order for the Communities of Light to be created. Of course, he had other missions as well. He gathered the people, and also released The Grace to humanity.

Therefore, the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is that in the community we have to direct most of the energy and abilities toward creating a community in which everyone is more comfortable. As more communities are created, more people are going to participate in the communities, and the communities are going to be stronger and stronger and the best places to live on earth.

So the next step is realizing that you should not become self-centered in the community but become community-centered, and eventually God-centered and see the whole universe as a part of you and your community.

The next step is, you do a lot of work toward the creation of the community. You sacrifice and nothing happens. You become depressed. You say, What? Why am I doing all these things? Why am I not seeing any result? Of course, being attached to the result of your actions is also a pitfall because it makes you become depressed and/or elated if it happens.

Therefore the next step is to surrender the result to God. You say, OK, I will do my job, and I will surrender the result to God. Even better than surrendering is realizing that God is doing through you. God is the One who is not selfish. God is the One coming through and doing great, great things. He is completely the Doer, therefore, you are not attached to the result.

That is the sign of Islam. Islam comes from the word, tasleim. It means to be surrendered and submissive to God. Therefore, by being surrendered and submissive to God, you will not become depressed and you will not become elated. You will become a steady-minded person. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, The realized person neither goes too high, nor goes too low.

If you are going too high and too low, you are not in a steady mind. You have to meditate and know, Why not, why am I not steady? Why am I going up and down? Why I am depressed? Why am I not able to see my way out of this? Surrendering and submission is a great way to do it.

Now you have awakened your spiritual forces. You want to create the Communities of Light. You know what the Communities of Light are; they are based on the Eternal Divine Path. You sacrifice for them. You surrender and submit yourself to God.

But you direct all this energy toward a very small part of the universe and you say, This is where I will put my energy. That is narrowness of the mind, and narrowness of the mind will again create suffering for humanity. If everyone says, This is my part, and if anyone else comes close I am going to fight them, it is just a dog mentality that, Oh, no one can come to my territory, and all of that.

You have to expand your mind, to become a universalist and realize that God is everything. If God is everything, how can I separate one part of it from the other part? How can I say, These people are OK, those are not OK? You cannot because even those people who you say are not OK, are a part of God. You have to realize that you should also include them in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So with this realization you become a universalist. You shatter all narrowness of the mind, any separative thing that separates you by nationality, gender, religion, everything that separates you, you shatter completely and you realize that the whole universe is your home, God is your Father and Mother, and your goal is to bring all of them back to the Godhead. Therefore, you do not look in the separate way of the people on earth, or anywhere in the universe.

That is the message that was revealed by the Bahai teaching. Bab and Bahaullah brought that message to humanity, the message of universalism.

If you awaken your spiritual forces, direct your energy and realization to create the Communities of Light, if you sacrifice for the communities, and become surrendered and submissive to God, and become a universalist, you have shattered all the narrowness of the mind, any pitfall in your spiritual path, and any self-centeredness and egotism that might keep you from becoming one with the rest of humanity, or universe. And you will create the communities where everyone is going to be in a very good position. If we expand that and cover most of the earth, eventually, a hierarchy will emerge from these communities, which will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you follow these five steps, to universalism, you become an Elect. That is what God was talking about, My Elects will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They will inherit the earth. That is how you become an Elect, by following the Eternal Divine Path.

That is why you see in this Mission, there is no dogma. You either follow the Eternal Divine Path or you do not. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will see the benefits. If you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, no matter how many experiences you have, no matter how many realizations you have, no matter how many times you tell me how wonderful you are, it does not make any difference. The difference is, Do you follow the Eternal Divine Path? If you do, as you can see, you will reap a lot of benefits from it and eventually become an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal.

These are the Elects that God is calling on. This room is the room to call the Elects, those who see the Eternal Divine Path. They see, they understand the wonder of it, and they realize that it unifies all the religions of the world. They see that, that is why the religions were different to this point. God was sending all those revelations separately for a reason, for a purpose. They see that no other religion, no other revelation, no other person, no one has the whole truth until this Revelation comes, this Revelation of the Seventh Angel and the opening of the Seven Seals, and this reveals the Revelation of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Again you can see that if you understand this very clearly, you see that it is Gods doing and therefore, God exists and is in control. And He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

Of course, we will be struggling but really our fight, we let God fight our fight and we just march on toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We are not going to let the negativity that some try to bring to this Mission affect us at all because our focus is on God, our focus is not on them. If their focus was on God also, they would have understood and realized that what we have here is from God.

So this is basically our teaching, the Eternal Divine Path. Of course, the Elects will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and that will accelerate the progress of many people in those communities, and they will reach Pure Consciousness. And eventually, the Elects will also reach Pure Consciousness, or return to balance, which is the birthright of every person to go back to the Godhead.

Therefore, we can see that the Path of the accelerated way to return home has been given, and the Elects are being gathered. The Scriptures are being read to humanity, and the Elects are hearing it. They are gathering and coming. The Eagles are all going to be here very soon, and there are also many of them here already.

So if you feel that you are an Elect, you are an Eagle, you have been called for the Mission, you are welcome to the Mission. And we hope that you will join this wonderful journey that we can take together.

If you are from another religion and you do not appreciate what we have, go to our website and prove it to yourself. Everyone should do that. Everyone has to prove it to him or herself. Do not listen to anyone but the Revelation, fulfillment of the prophecies, opening of the Seven Seals, opening of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and the coming of the Seventh Angel, which all should help you to make your own decision. Do not listen to anyone else in your path but God, which is within yourself and will guide you.

If you do not believe after you went to the website, and you still believe that your religion is the best, good luck. We wish you a lot of good luck and we will wait, and you wait and we will see who is the truthful one.

At this point I would like to make a couple of points here from previous Satsangs, and a few things that I would like to discuss with everyone. Last week there was a gentleman who asked me about the crucifixion. I guess he misunderstood me. He is apparently going to other rooms and saying that we do not believe in the crucifixion. That is not correct.

His question was that the Moslems do not believe that Christ died on the cross. There is no discussion or disagreement that Christ was crucified, and he suffered great sufferings. He was crucified; the nails were put into his hands and feet. Actually, you can see those places of the nails still in my body. I can show them to the people who come to the Mission. They will see the scars; the places are still there. So the crucifixion is correct, there is no doubt about it that Christ was crucified.

Did he die on the cross? That is the argument between the Christians and the Moslems, and also other groups. Other groups also do not believe that he died on the cross.

According to our teaching, the most important point is, What was his message? Nothing else is important but the message. So did he die on the cross or not? Since the Prophets later are more updated in the truth, we told him that probably he should believe in the Koran than things that are from the older times.

We do believe that the crucifixion happened and he suffered. Did he die or not? That is the controversial part of his crucifixion. Some people say that he stayed alive even after his crucifixion and guided his disciples for a long time, fifty years or so.

So that gentleman, if he is not here, tell him that we do believe the crucifixion did happen but whether Christ died or not on the cross, that we do not even want to get into because it is not that important. But he did stay in the earth for three days and three nights. So he fulfilled what he gave as the only sign of his legitimacy.

Also we are here and we believe, as Christ said, Do not throw your pearls to the public, for many people will trample on them. There are a lot of people who are criticizing or bringing negativity to the Mission. They do not see the pearls and beauty that the Mission has brought to them.

We suggest that they go and read our website and the teaching, and realize that it is from God. And do not trample on our pearls and try to bring negative things like questions that really do not feel good at all, when you know that so much truth has come through you to humanity. We suggest they become more positive and see the pearls and beauty instead of seeing that negative things that the preachers and their religions have told them.

There is another point here that you have to also realize that the prophecies are fulfilled. There was a question about the prophecies that a gentleman asked me. I referred him to John, our expert in prophecies. He kept saying that I did not answer his question.

When I received the Revelation, the most important thing was the Message. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. It was unifying. The beauty in it was great. Then other people came and brought the prophecies to us. So they are more expert in the prophecies than teaching.

If you have a question about the teaching, I will answer you. But if you are asking about the prophecies, or my genealogy, other people are more expert in those than I am. I did not even know that I was the descendant of King David and Prophet Muhammad until a couple of months ago. It was not important to me.

I have been at this for at least the last twenty years, more than twenty years, and it was never important to me, my genealogy. But the gentleman who brought the genealogy is more expert than I am. He already knew even before me. He told me, so I refer you to them.

It is not that I did not answer his question, but if it is about the prophecies or genealogy, I will refer you to the people who are more expert in those areas than I am.

But to me the most important part is the Message that I am here to give you. The Message is the Message of unification and the unity of all the religions.

Now we will open the room. If you have any question about the teachings, go ahead. But go and see our pearls, love them, understand them, and do not be negative about it.

Go ahead, Dustin.


Dustin: Sal-OM, Maitreya, I was wondering, John and I were talking the other day. It seems that I know that the Community of Light is the ideal situation. But in the meantime for the ones who cannot seem to attain that, it appears that they should set up a sentient environment as best as they can? But they have to go out in the world to do all the things that a person needs to do to live. And it seems that Maya, I recall, is a fall, or you call it escapism, by constantly running back.

What are some things that a person can do, when they are living in their environment, to help raise the consciousness of everyone else?


Maitreya: Well, that is the nature of Maya out there. It is strong. It is powerful. It will attract you all the time. It tells you, Oh, no, that is OK. You do not have to go to the Reminder in the Mission computer, or read THOTH, or meditate, or anything. They are not that important. I am strong enough to resist the temptation of the external world. But that is why these things are given to you. Actually, the Reminder is a kind of baptism.

What is baptism? Baptism means to turn around. When you are in the world and the world is calling you to do their biddings, if you say, No, I am not going to do that. I am going to go do my computer, connect to Pal Talk, go to the Missions room, and go do the Reminder with the rest of the Divines, that is baptism. That is what you are telling God, OK, I will put You first. I will turn around from the world. I will go to do the Reminder and be with the like-minded people.

If there is Satsang or reading in the room and you have time, instead of going and spending your time with the people who bring you down, come to the room. Listen to THOTH, read with the people who are in the room, and help them out. Wrap yourself into God. That is the only way.

As in THOTH many times it is mentioned, if you do not take a shower for a couple of days, what happens? You get dirty. You become very smelly, and you do not like yourself any more. What do you do? You at least take a shower every other day or something like that. Some people take a shower every day. Of course, taking a shower every day washes away a lot of the good oil of the body. So we recommend that you at least take a shower every other day so you have some natural oil remaining on your body. But, of course, do not become smelly, or anything like that.

Even your spirit becomes dirty faster than your body. Everything you see, everything you hear, everything you listen to is going to be affecting you. It will absolutely pull you toward Maya. And it has been said that Maya is as strong, as powerful, as God is.

Some people say it is much stronger because Maya has more followers than God does. That is because people do not want to come and turn around from Maya and come to God.

So as the Communities of Light are not yet created, you have to wrap yourself into the environment, the things that direct your mind to God. And that is reading THOTH, meditating, coming to the Satsangs, coming to the room, reading, listening, and participating.

Especially participating. You learn much more by participating in the Mission than just sitting on the sidelines. So I recommend that you take advantage of the tools that the Mission has provided for this time.

In the future, when we have many, many, many Communities of Light, you are going to have many rooms open all over the world. You can go to the one you like. That is another thing we recommended, that our members go and open their own rooms.

It is just like one of our members did a couple of days ago. He opened the room, Maitreya is from the Tribe of Judah and he is a Sayyed. That was good. That was great. It was very creative, and it was another room. He will do it the way he wants to do it.

You might come to our room and find that you do not like the format we have here. If you want to have an open room, go open a room. Just have a discussion with anyone who comes and do not red-dot or bounce anyone. If you like it that way, great, let all the religions come and talk about their religions. But at the same time, direct them to see how their religions fall into what we have here.

So there are many tools that have been given to you but you have to have the initiative to go do it. And if you do not come to those things, of course, Maya is going to get you. There is no doubt about that.

Go ahead, Sarah-ji.


Audience: Yes, thank you very much, Maitreya-ji. I had a question about sleep. What really happens when you fall asleep? Why is sleep necessary?

I mean, I have too many things that I want to do for the Mission [laughing], why do I need to waste my time sleeping? Is it really necessary? Can I get to the point where I really do not have to sleep?


Maitreya: Sleep is a part of life. God created it because when you fall asleep actually, it is kind of like when you defrag your computer [laughing]. When you use your computer for a long time, it needs to be defragmented. That is what happens to the humans also. They spend the day in work, they spend the day outside, they spend their day thinking, and their spirit is being pulled in so many different directions. Their consciousness becomes scattered all over the place. They become tired, and they need rest.

In the rest, actually, when you fall asleep, you go to your unconsciousness mind. You go beyond the sub-conscious mind. In the unconscious mind, you connect your mind to the Universal Mind and in that level it is cleansed, the junk will be taken away, the good things will be back, are going to be completely put back together. That is why when you wake up the next day, if you have had a good sleep and you have done your REM and everything in a correct way, you will be ready for the new day.

In sleep, it is known that the eyes are looking backwards and you are kind of looking on your seventh chakra. Your seventh chakra is the seed of the Spirit. You are really looking in that direction, and your two eyes become one eye. Your third eye is open when you are asleep, and you will see there things that you cannot see in the regular life.

The Universal Mind does give us an indication of our problems. These are the dreams that we sometimes have. There are, of course, three kinds of dreams that we talked about in THOTH. You can read about them. The second one is the one that the unconscious mind, which we call It God, or God-conscious, or Gods Mind, gives you the solutions to the day-to-day problems that you can look at and see your psychological complexes that you can overcome.

That is why it has been recommended that after you wake up, you can write down your dream and then analyze it, What is this dream talking about? If you analyze it, you remember in the dream that you are shy, for example. You remember, Oh, yes, I was shy two days ago when I gave that lecture. I was shy two months ago, or six months ago. Little by little you remember that there is the shyness, there is something in you that makes you shy. Then if you go deeper, you will realize that it might be from your childhood or from some previous lifetime, something happened to you that made you shy. And you overcome it.

So sleep is very important. And it is not true that not sleeping helps you do more. Actually, if you do not sleep, you do less.

But if you meditate, the more you meditate, the less sleep you need. Meditation is sleep in a way that you are aware of what is happening in the unconscious mind. So in that level you will gain more and more power or awareness of your unconscious mind so you do not need to go to sleep to put things back together and defrag.

It is just like having a program with a computer that whenever you do not work with it, it defrags right away, after two minutes, or five minutes that you do not do anything with it. So you do not need to do it overnight.

The more you meditate, the less sleep you need, and the more you can get done. So if you want to get a lot done and you think that sleep is a waste of time, then meditate a lot.


Audience: I wanted to follow up on that question, Maitreya. I noticed that sometimes it happens, if I am very tired or something, and I have a few minutes to lay down, say ten or fifteen minutes, and sometimes I will just sleep for maybe even five of those minutes. I notice that when I wake up, I am so very refreshed.

Does it happen that sometimes you can just go immediately to the unconscious mind? Is that why someone can sleep for just five or ten minutes and wake up feeling really, really refreshed?


Maitreya: Yes. That is a very good question. As you meditate more and more, as I said, you do not need sleep much because your subconscious mind becomes smaller and smaller, and your unconscious mind becomes larger and larger. You get in touch with the unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is really the problem. The less subconscious mind you have, the more you are connected to the unconscious mind and therefore, you do not need as much sleep.

And what you explained we call, technique. It is: if you are really tired, lie down on your right side and put your head on a pillow or something and just stay there for fifteen minutes. When you wake up, or come out of it, you will be very, very refreshed and you almost feel that you have slept for a long time.

But probably it is going to be harder for the people who do not meditate a lot, and it is not going to help them as much. But as you meditate more, and in the Communities of Light, eventually, maybe we can just eliminate sleep altogether.

I personally sleep around three or four hours a day. People here, who know me closely, know that I do not really sleep like regular people who go to bed at nine and wake up at six to seven in the morning. I sleep here and there, one hour, two hours, three hours, but not very much.

So meditation is the key to overcoming too much sleep.

Go ahead, Tragedy Comedy.


TgdyCmdy: Throughout the history of the Bible, the Old Testament and New Testament, it seems to be pretty cohesive, to those who believe the New Testament, it seems to be a pretty cohesive unfolding of a plan. You said that you pay attention, or it is the essential message of Jesus Christ that was important. What do you consider the essential message, because most people that I have been around, and what I get from the study is the essential message is the death, burial, and resurrection, the sacrifices in the Old Testament, where its a type and a foreshadow. There is a problem of sin and doing good, etc. So after death is an essential part of Christianity. And we are also warned by Paul, not to take another Gospel. That we are to stand fast in the gospel that was delivered to us. And I am hearing you say that the importance is reconciliation of all the religions.

I am confused. Could you speak on that, please?


Maitreya: Sure, it is a very loaded question. It actually has probably five or six questions in it, which have to be really opened up and made to separate questions, what is related.

One of your questions is that the crucifixion and resurrection is the most important theme of Christianity. Therefore, if you do not believe that he died on the cross, you completely destroy the whole idea of his crucifixion, resurrection, and the belief of the people. The other question is that Paul told everyone not to accept another Gospel.

What I was saying was, the gentleman who was here was asking about the difference between Islam that says that Christ never did die on the cross, and the belief of the Christians that he did die on the cross. And then he was saying to people in another room that we do not believe in the crucifixion.

But we do believe in the crucifixion. There is no controversy that he was crucified. He was put on the cross. The nails were put in his hands. He did suffer and all of that.

But did he die on the cross? That is the controversial item that not only the Moslems do not believe in, but there is a group called the Rosicrucians who also do not believe that he died on the cross. They believe that it seems to many that he was dead and therefore, he rose after three days because he never died anyway, and he continued his mission for years to come.

The other question is that you say that most people believe. I suppose that by most people you mean that the Christians believe in that belief. And you quote Paul that he said such things.

Christ himself said, The disciple is not greater than the Master. Therefore, you have to go to the Master to see, What did he say? What is more important, the Master or the disciple?

Even when he healed people, when he did a miracle, it was not even important to him. He said, Do not tell anyone. I just did it for you. I did it for your own faith, to go, and accept me as who I am. He said not to go and tell anyone. So the miracles were not important to him.

Later on he said, If I heal you, the unclean spirit leaves and brings seven more, because the house is clean. And now the state of the man is going to become worse than it was before.

Therefore, healing other people should not be done because when you heal someone, they do not know how to heal themselves, and the unclean spirit goes and brings seven more. See, there are a lot things Christ taught that are not followed or understood by his followers.

Christ is the one who we have to listen to, not to the disciples. Then Paul was not even a close disciple of Christ. Christ did not choose Paul as the rock that he would build his church on. But now, Christs church is built on Paul.

People listen to Paul more than Peter. Peter was the stone that Christ built his temple, or religion, on. So that is why you have to be very careful about these points. The Christians have to think about these things very carefully. See, who are they following? Are they really following Christ? Are they following Peter, who Christ chose to build his church on? Or, are they following Paul who had his own ideas?

Paul actually persecuted the Christians for a long time and suddenly he received this vision. How do we know what that vision was? Was it really from Christ? Or, was the vision given to him by not a very good spirit?

Many things that Paul said are not according to what Christ taught. That is why I have said that we believe in those red parts of the New Testament, where Christ completely, directly, said those words.

Even Jefferson, the President of the United States, and one of the founders of this country, was amazed at how much is in the Bible that does not make sense. He took all the dogmas and everything out, and put the essence of it as Jeffersons Bible. I do not know if you have ever heard about this book. I probably recommend you to read that one. Jefferson was a pretty respectful person in this country, at least in the United States. Refer to him. He even could not believe what Paul was talking about.

Also, Christianity was affected by the Roman Empire, the Greek and European cultures, the Zoroastrian religion, and even the Persians, and many, many others.

So you have to really study this thing very deeply and also read our Revelation, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH). Look at what has been said over there. And at the end, I hope that you come to the same conclusion that, Christs teaching was different, much different than what Paul taught.

I am not saying that everything that Paul said was not correct. Actually, the people who teach, but they are not a pure channel of God, have a lot of truth but also they slip in a couple of untruths into it, and that is why they become false prophets.

So we have to recognize and realize what Christ taught. He said, No disciple is greater than the master. And he was the Master. You cannot listen to anyone else.

Actually, there is a great similarity between Paul and Bahaullah in the religion of the Bahais. Bab came and brought the religion, and Bahaullah came later and said, No, I am the one you have to listen to. And everyone listened to him more than the original Prophet. That is why again in the Bahai teaching we refer to Bab as greater than his predecessor.

Both of them, Paul brought Christianity to the West and Bahaullah brought the Bahai teaching to the West. There are a lot of similarities between Bab and Christ, and Bahaullah and Paul. Also, Bab was also shot at and killed. Christ was crucified.

Another point is, if you read the Old Testament, God promised to two sons of Abraham, two promises that from each of them that a Prophet was going to come. From Ishmael a Prophet was going to come, who was Prophet Muhammad. And from Isaac there was going to be a Prophet to come who was Christ.

If that is true then how can we only accept Christ and say we are not going to accept the next Prophet, which Christ said was going to come? So there are a lot of things that humanity has to learn. And there are a lot of things that humanity has to unlearn before they can see the Vision, the work of God, and the hand of God offering all these Revelations and truth to humanity to this point.

So again, I recommend that you go and read THOTH, and if you have any questions, please ask. Your questions were wonderful. You put them in such a beautiful way, which we could discuss them. It is a very open place here. We can discuss all these things.

But consider to reconsider your beliefs. If you do that, you will probably find a lot of things that are taught in the churches, in Christianity, in Islam, in every religion, that are not the original teachings.

Go ahead, Dustin.


Dustin: Thank you, Maitreya. I was going to ask if I have heard you right, is the unconscious mind the same as the Universal Mind?


Maitreya: Yes, you heard me correctly. The unconscious mind is the Universal Mind. That is the Mind of God, and that is exactly what we are aiming at. That is where we have to connect ourselves to.

In the Universal Mind or the unconscious mind, there are also three levels of mind. One of them is the memory of the Universal Mind in the manifested level. That memory is what a lot of people call the Akashic Records. In that memory, everything that happens in the universe is being stored.

That is why when God sends the Prophets, He gives access to the Prophets to this memory, and they can bring the truth that has been lost in the past. One of my greatest jobs right now is just to keep this teaching in the purest form possible. That is because everyone who comes to the Mission, everyone who brings something to the Mission, everyone who comes here and asks a question and then goes and repeats it out of context, they are trying to bring their own understanding to my understanding and Gods Revelation.

I cannot blame them because we know very well in psychology that the Law of perception is that everyone has their different glasses with different colors in their eyes, and they see the world differently. So I cannot blame them but at the same time I have a hard time, not a hard time, but I guess, to get this teaching in the purest form. And when we tell people, Well your way is not completely true, they usually do not like it. But we have no choice. We have to tell them that is how it is.

So, yes, the Universal Mind and unconscious mind are the same. The subconscious mind is what is created during this lifetime and many lifetimes. And that is from where our fears, attachment, desires, and subconscious actions come. Really we act to the situation differently because of that subconscious mind.

We do not see the Will of God in it because the subconscious mind is blocking the Will of God to reach us. So the idea is that as we meditate, we dissolve the subconscious mind and we come closer and closer to the unconscious mind or the Mind of God. Eventually, when we break away from that subconscious mind, we no longer have those fears, attachments, or desires, and Maya cannot get us.

Go ahead, Khaled.


Khaled: Thank you, Maitreya. I would like to ask is Maitreya a Prophet or an Avatar? Thank you.


Maitreya: A Prophet is a person who has been prophesied to come for a long time. Usually it does not happen every day. It is a very rare occasion, and he usually comes here with clear signs from God and clear prophecies that he fulfills.

To this point every Prophet who came to humanity fulfilled the prophecy about them. For instance, Prophet Muhammad fulfilled that he is from Ishmael, because the prophecy was said that a Prophet would come also with the children of Ishmael.

Christ came from King David and Isaac, because God promised Abraham that there is a Prophet going to come from him. Bab came with the clear prophecy that he is going to be from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad, and he was.

And now I am here with the clear signs of the fulfillment of all the prophecies before me. Because this is the Seventh Revelation, explanation of all religions before it, and the unification of all of them, it sounds like God wanted that all the prophecies also have been fulfilled through this vessel. Therefore it is not something that I am going, Oh such a wonderful person I am that I fulfilled all the prophecies. This is to glorify God because God said He was going to send such a person with all these signs, and He did.

So, if He did it, God exists, and He is in control and is sending this Revelation. Now He put them all together and it is here. Therefore, you can see that the Prophet does not just come every day, or even every hundred years, or every two hundred years. Of course, it has been accelerated recently but it is a very rare occurrence and usually there is a long period of prophecy of his coming. And when he comes, he fulfills. And he becomes the Mouthpiece of God.

There are two approaches to understanding Avatars. When you meditate and you reach a very high level of consciousness and eventually you reach Pure Consciousness and you become one with God, then you have overcome the world. It sounds like you should not come back any more. You made it; you went to God.

But as we said, God said, I am not going to keep you here, I am going to send you back. When you reach the Godhead and you come back, and God sends you back to here, such people are called Avatars, or God-men.

Of course, these people, still you know them by their fruit. You cannot just make some ashes and say, I am an Avatar. No. You have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. You have to create the Communities of Light. But you are good at it. You are ready to sacrifice with no problem. You are ready to surrender and submit to God with no problem. You are universal with no problem.

So that is how you know them. You know them by their fruit.

You cannot say, I am an Avatar but well, this religion is better than that religion. The moment you say that, you are out of being an Avatar because you are discriminating between Gods Revelations. So you can see Avatars reach Pure Consciousness and then come back.

Of course, there are also some people who are perfect Masters. They are the people who meditate, reach the Godhead but say, No, no thank you. I can come in but there are a lot of people still waiting to reach this state. I will postpone my own salvation by returning and going to help the rest to reach Pure Consciousness.

Those also you will know by their fruit. Again, they will see this teaching. They will realize the beauty of it. They will see the furtherance of the wonder of God in it and say, Yes, I want to be a part of it. That is what I wanted my whole life, to see that there is only One God and all this Revelation came from Him.

Therefore if you see that, if you are not an Avatar at least you are a very high Soul. So you come and join and continue from there.

The difference about the Prophet is that the Prophet is very rare. It does not happen very often, and usually they fulfill the prophecies. An Avatar can be anyone who reaches Pure Consciousness.

Does that make sense?


Khaled: Yes, thank you.


Maitreya: OK, go ahead, Bro Frank.


Bro. Frank: Yes, thank you, Maitreya. I had a question that I thought might benefit Tragedy Comedy. I see she is gone, but I will ask anyway. I know that you have indicated that the prophecies being fulfilled prove God. For example, that the prophecies of the coming of Esa or Jesus, the prophecies of his crucifixion and resurrection and the miracles that were all prophesied of in the Old Testament, prove the existence of God. But more important than these are the teaching of Christ.

Could you Sir, please expound on the essence of the teachings of Christ, his message, please?


Maitreya: Yes, Christ set an example for humanity that you cannot create a good environment if you are not willing to sacrifice, if you are not willing to share, if you are not willing to give of yourself.

What did he say? He said, The greatest thing a man can do is give his life for his friends, to put down his life for another man. That is sacrifice.

What did Christ do? He suffered. He suffered tremendously. He had a beautiful teaching. He brought them the message of the Kingdom, tried to purify their religion, and attacked their dogmas and religious beliefs that no longer were good. And what did they do then? Instead of saying, Yes, you have great truth and you have great wisdom

The politics of the day did not accept what he was saying. It was not politically correct to say what he was saying. That is why they opposed him and eventually crucified him.

Of course, Christ had a three-fold mission. The first one was sacrifice, to set an example for humanity. To create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. Sacrifice does not mean to go to the cross, it means to share, not being self-centered, not being selfish, but to be able to give of yourself to the community and say, OK, I am a part of this community. I benefit from this community tremendously. I will give something back to the community, and also I will share from myself.

If the Communities of Light needed someone to put his or her life down, of course, probably someone in that level might do that. But it is not required.

Actually, our teaching is much simpler than that, much easier than that, just share of yourself. It is a very simple thing. It is not that hard. But that was the message, the message was sacrifice, not being self-centered, to be able to share.

Also Christ gathered the people, as it was prophesied by Israel that when the Shiloh comes, he will gather the people. And he did. He gathered the children, the House of Israel, the Northern Kingdom, who left the Northern Kingdom and went to the North and eventually west, came to Europe, and eventually ended up in the United States. Where are most Christians? Most Christians are north of Jerusalem, Russia, Europe, and the United States. So he gathered the people.

That is why I said many times, I am not going to worry about how this Mission is going to get done. It is not up to me. God promised many times in the Scriptures that He is going to do it. He is going to bring a Prophet from Isaac. He did. He is going to bring a Prophet from Ishmael. He did. He is going to bring another Prophet from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad. He did.

Now He said that He is going to bring the Seven Seals and open the book with the Seven Seals. And He did. He said after that, It is done. It is going to be done, and His Kingdom will come. And that is where we are.

We are at the beginning of the Kingdom. We are working toward the creation of the Communities of Light and establishment of His Kingdom. That is why I am not worried.

If you come to this Mission, welcome. If you leave, good luck. It is just as simple as that because if you come here, you help, and you are a Great Soul, you will see the beauty of the Mission, and you have no choice. You say, I have no choice but to follow this teaching because it is the last Revelation of God and God sent it to humanity. I want to be in the latest Revelation of God. I do not want to just hang onto dogmas and religions that do not make sense any more. I will be with you, Maitreya. What can I do? Then we go from there together.

So he gathered the people, who are the Christians. And he also released The Grace. That is why most Christians are saved by Grace. That is true. To this point they have been saved by Grace. They really did not do the Namaz, they did not do the Reminder, they did not go Hijah, or sacrifice anything. The only thing is Believe in Christ and you are saved. And they were, but to this point.

That Grace now only goes to those who do the Reminder, who do meditate, who follow a good diet, who eventually realize Gods Will and follow the Eternal Divine Path. They will receive The Grace.

We can see that Christ did fulfill all three aspects of his mission. And therefore, he was really Gods Son, as a way of presenting His Spirit on earth. So was Prophet Muhammad. He also presented the Spirit of God on earth. So was Bab, and all the Prophets of God who brought the Spirit of God to earth.

But no other Prophet manifested the Spirit of God as fully as this Revelation. None of them brought the whole thing together and held nothing back. So this time is absolutely a flood. Maybe that is why most of the people cannot stand it because it is a flood so vast and big that it is absolutely amazing.

I hope that makes sense to you. Go ahead, littleone.


Littleone_1: My question is in regards to the Communities of Light. As I understand it, our job in this life is to come to personal unity within ourselves, with God, and the spirit of each religion, and learn from what each one has to offer and then move forward.


Maitreya: Littleone, your sound went very bad. We could not understand what you were saying. In the beginning of your questions, however, we understood that you are saying that the Path is everyone Know thyself and become one with themselves, and that is the end of that.

If the question is that, the answer is: that is a new age way of thinking. It is also the way of thinking of the Mystical Paths that say, Just meditate. Do not worry about it.

Actually, I knew a guru and that was his saying, Just meditate. Do not worry about it. I believed in him in the beginning. At the end, when this Revelation came, I realized, Oh, no. You have to worry about it.

Actually, you will not reach your salvation unless all other unit consciousnesses also have reached their salvation. That is what the Bible says, I am the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. You cannot go there by yourself. And that is actually a part of the Message that we are giving to humanity that you have to direct the energy or realization you have toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

That absolutely is different than the teachings of the many Mystical Paths that say, OK, you go meditate. Go to the mountains, and forget about this world. Do not be worried about it.

God says, No, no, no, no, that is not good. Actually, that is what He said, You think you are neither cold nor hot, and because you think you are rich and in need of nothing, then I will spue you out of My Mouth.

How many people have reached Nirvana in the last 2,500 years? Buddha reached Nirvana 2,500 years ago, how many people have you seen reach Nirvana, or reach Pure Consciousness?

So those teachings are a part of our teaching. What you have is not incorrect. It is correct. You have to meditate. You have to become one with yourself. You have to realize your path within the Eternal Divine Path. But there is the umbrella path, an umbrella kind of teaching that covers every other persons path. And that is the Eternal Divine Path.

So what you have spoken here is the teaching of the Mystical Paths. It is the teaching that, Do not worry about anything else, just be worried about yourself. According to this Revelation, which is supported with the prophecies and Gods Words, which are the Scriptures, it is not acceptable. That is not the path. The Path is the Eternal Divine Path.

After you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, you direct that toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Go ahead, Brad.


Brad: In the opening of the Seven Seals in the modern times from Noah to Maitreya, each one of these Seals is opened by the First Begotten Son. My question is, in between that time we also have Shiva, Moses, Krishna, and Buddha. Do we consider them also the First Begotten Son?


Maitreya: Well, they fall into the Mystical Paths and the Hindu religion. And because the Mystical Paths are so vast and cover so many aspects of human life, there is a possibility that the First Begotten Son came many, many times and perfected their religion, or revealed a part that was lost, or explained something that was not explained before, or was necessary in that time period for them. That is why we put all those under the Mystical Paths, with Hinduism.

Even Buddha, a lot of people say, Why dont you put Buddha in a separate place, as another seal? But really if you look at Buddhas teaching, it is very similar to Hinduism. Actually, Buddha was a reformer who purified Hinduism and tried to make it much closer to the truth of the Mystical Paths. He had had enough of so many gods in Hinduism that each person followed one god or the other and separated people so much that they were fragmented to many gods and followers, and all of that.

Someone asked him, How about God? He said, Do not worry about God, just meditate and know yourself. And now, later on, they say that Buddha did not believe in God. It is not true at all. He never said that there is no God. He just said do not worry about it. Know thyself, go to Nirvana. That is why he did not make Nirvana a God. He just wanted to get rid of all the gods in the religion that he came from because he just had enough of so many gods that created so much confusion for the followers. He said, Do not worry about those gods, and just try to come to Nirvana.

Some people say that Nirvana means nothingness. Of course, it does not mean nothingness. It means the purest form of consciousness. So we can see that Buddha was kind of a reformer who came to purify Hinduism.

Later on, of course, they made statues of him and again are doing the same things that he said not to do. So we can see that religions change, and dogmas creep into them. Human minds like to visualize things. But the highest God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is what we call FINE, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

All the Prophets and the Great Teachers who came in the Mystical Paths are all put under that group, including Shiva, Krishna, and all the teachers who came in that period. That is because the Mystical Paths is so vast.

In that Essence you have to find your path. In that Essence you meditate to see, What is it in me that I can bring to the Eternal Divine Path? But in the Eternal Divine Path, after you realize who you are, what are your abilities, what you can do for the Eternal Divine Path, then you say, OK, I can bring that to the community. I can bring that to help the community. I will sacrifice. I will surrender and submit to God.

If you realize who you are and why you are here and what you can do, that is kind of submitting yourself to the Will of God instead of saying, No, I want to use those talents. I do not want to do what God wants me to do, become a universalist, and all of that.

So the Mystical Paths have a lot of teachings in them, and a lot of Prophets and Great Souls came and brought a lot of wonderful things to it. But they are all put in one category, including Buddha.

Also there are a lot Sufis, great Sufis. We do not consider them as Prophets. Or, there are some people who brought great Revelations to humanity. Or, there were a lot of people in Christianity, a lot of saints, who were Great Souls who realized great things. We do not consider them as Prophets and all of that.

I hope that makes sense. Go ahead, Dustin.


Dustin: My question is around the same area as Brads. All of the seals except for seal six appear to have come from the Son of God. I was just wondering, I guess the reason, or the purpose for this. Was Ananda Murti in Pure Consciousness, or, basically why is it that the Sixth Seal did not come from the same Source, is my question? Sorry.


Maitreya: It is a very good question actually. The answer is, yes, that seal seems to be the exception, doesnt it? It sounds like all the seals were prophesied or came from the same lineage, and all of that. And suddenly the Sixth Seal comes from India, which has never been a place the Prophets came from or brought any Revelations, beside the Mystical Paths, the Hindu Religion.

If you study Babas revelation and the people who follow him, they have a lot of prophecies that have been fulfilled by Baba. They believe that he was the reincarnation of Shiva. He purified the Tantra meditation. He had a long list of prophecies, the foretelling, and the wonderful things he did during his life. So in a sense, he is not completely just another guru or another revealer of something that is based on Hinduism. He revealed a lot of things that are not in Hinduism at all. He was the very exception to most of the gurus where he came from. So he fulfilled a lot of things that also make him a legitimate person to bring a new teaching to humanity.

Besides that, that was the only spiritual organization that I ever joined. When I joined that organization, I did not even know I was joining it. As the story of my life tells you, I was just pushed into it. So we can see that he has a special place in The Greatest Sign, and he brought the teaching of the Sixth Seal.

Also, the Eternal Divine Path was really finished by the Fifth Seal. The Sixth Seal was bringing who was an Elect. And he very well explained something that he called, Sadvipra.

So we can see that the Sixth Seal has a very special place. Someone was talking to another person from Ananda Marga in the room, and that person (they are usually called Margiis) was telling about what Baba has fulfilled from the expectation of the Hindus and the people who follow Shiva, and all of that.

So he did fulfill the prophecies. But it is kind of a very special person in the Sixth Seal and if you go to the website of Ananda Marga, probably you can find out more about him and what he did.

I hope that answers your question. Let us read what Littleone said.


Littleone: [in text] After we make our way through the different religious teachings and move toward the feeling of the Communities of Light, could you share your vision on how Communities of Light look or begin in small town America?


Maitreya: Yes, absolutely! Actually, that is one of the beautiful things about the Communities of Light, you can have your community any way you want, any where in the world. You can have a community in a building with six couples, or you can have your community in a small town, according to what is explained in our teaching. It is absolutely between those six couples.

We recommend that each unit in a community consist of six couples, six men and women, married couples, because we believe that the Kingdom will be based on the pure married couples. And you can do that anywhere you are. Whatever your culture and background, it does not matter. Actually, you can start in a pure culture and as you read our teaching and expand yourself, you will understand other cultures also.

After you do the Reminder, you do not blame Moslems anymore for why they go up and down. You say, That is a yoga posture that helps you to awaken your spiritual forces.

When you chant and dance Haree Om Shrii Hung, you do not blame the Haree Krishna people for why they chant because our teaching explains what it is.

So you can start where you are. You do not have to jump any ropes, any hoops, or anything. You can start wherever you are. Start small and expand that.

But we recommend that you read THOTH. We recommend that you understand the teaching, and expand and open yourself into the other cultures, and realize what they do. Hopefully, eventually, we are going to have a universal culture, which is Gods culture, which is not any specific tradition but it is Gods culture. Every human will follow that culture, and it is going to be wonderful.

So yes, you can start that where you are, but understand our teaching, understand the things we bring to you, and how a community can become a Community of Light. You can create communities but if you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, it cannot be a Community of Light.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead. Go ahead, Khaled.


Khaled: Thank you, Maitreya. What is the difference between meditation and prayer?


Maitreya: Yes. Meditation is when you close your eyes, you go deeper inside, and you try to get in touch with the higher self and the unconscious mind, or the Godhead, or God. In that level you try to listen to the things that you should become aware of.

As I said, meditation is really a sleep with being aware of what is happening. When you are sleeping, you lie down. That is why it is recommended not to sit in a place where you might fall asleep when you meditate, because if you fall asleep, you are not meditating, you are sleeping. You are not aware of what is happening.

That is why yogis came to the idea of the lotus pose, because in the lotus pose you are pretty steady and centered, you will not fall over very easily, and you will not fall asleep easily. Therefore, you will meditate.

So meditation is a sleep in a way that you are aware. If you can sit in the lotus pose, that is the greatest way to do it. Sit in the lotus pose, keep your spine straight, your back and your head straight, so your kundalini can rise. And then start meditating on the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam mantra. Eventually you will break through the subconscious.

Of course, the subconscious mind has been in control of your life all through this life and many lifetimes. It is not going to just let it go. You are closing your eyes and telling your subconscious mind, No, I am going to be in control now.

The subconscious mind says, Oh, really? OK. [Pause] What did you eat last night?

You say, What did I eat last night? Oh I ate that. What did I eat yesterday? Suddenly, your mind is wandering away because that is what is in control of your life. That wandering mind is scattering you all over the place.

When you start meditating, you are saying, No, I do not want to be scattered all over the place. I want to know who I am. I want to be connected to God. I want to return to the Godhead. I do not want to let my subconscious mind to be in control of my life.

The moment you say that, of course, the subconscious mind does not like that. The subconscious mind has had control over you all your lives. Now you suddenly say, No, I am the boss. I am the person who is going to take over you in my life. And the subconscious mind is going to fight back very hard.

That is why most of the people do not want to close their eyes. Most of the people do not want to meditate. Most of the people think that meditation is not good. It is not going to help them any more.

Or, they have a bad meditation. They write me, Maitreya, why am I not having good meditations? I sit there for hours and hours but I do not have good meditations. That is good, that means that you have a big subconscious mind and it is not letting go. As you meditate more and more, eventually the subconscious mind will relent and you will be the boss; you will be the person in control.

One of the things I used to say was that the subconscious mind is like having small creatures all over your subconscious mind. They live in darkness and the hidden places as long as you do not know that they exist. Therefore, you go and meditate. The moment you meditate, what do you do? You shed light on them. Then you say, I am now not going to let you get away from anything. I am going to get you out of your crevasses, or hidden places.

So they are going to fight back. But if you keep the light on these creatures, they are eventually going to die because they cannot stand living in the light. The light will eventually destroy them.

So meditation is when you know yourself and also you listen to God. When you close your eyes and you become closer and closer to God and you are quiet, what do you do? You listen to what God has to tell you. Therefore, meditation is listening to God.

Prayer is to talk to God. You sit in prayer and say, Oh God, help me. I will be a good boy from now on. I am not going to do whatever I have done so far. I am going to be surrendered and submissive to God, follow your Will, and all of that. Then, you are talking to God. You are telling God what you have done.

Of course, He already knows. You do not have to talk to God. He is closer to you than you ever could be close to yourself. But what you are doing in prayer really, it is good for you to get what is inside of you out to God so that you can see better.

He does not need your prayers because He already knows you. But when you put it out in prayer, you can see yourself better where you went wrong or what you can do.

That is the path of perfection. The path of perfection is to become a little more perfect every day. If you are a little more perfect today than yesterday, are you more perfect? Yes, you are. You are a little closer to perfection.

Little by little, as you overcome the imperfections, and you go closer to perfection, you become perfect. And as Christ said, Be perfect as your father in heaven.

Some people say, We never can be perfect. But God said, Be perfect as the Father in heaven. Therefore, you can become perfect. That is where it is. That is exactly what God said right in the Scriptures, that you can be perfect. It also says that if you overcome, you become my son.

Therefore, overcoming also means what? If you become perfect, you are My son, then you and I are One, and we both are perfect. Therefore, the process is meditating (to be close to what God wants) praying (realizing where you are going wrong), and perfecting yourself more and more to perfection.

So God is not looking for perfect people. God is looking for people who want to be perfect. Does that make sense?

Go ahead.


Audience: Yes, thank you. Sal-OM. I just wanted to ask about reaching Pure Consciousness. My impression is that we have to work really, really hard to try to create the Communities of Light, and really get going and let people know that there is only one God, and work and work and work and work. Maybe next lifetime, or the lifetime after that, we will be able to reach Pure Consciousness because then we will have time to meditate, and on and on.

Or, there are maybe going to be people who will reach Pure Consciousness this lifetime, this time around, as we work to create the Communities of Light? Or, it really does not matter?


Maitreya: The question is, there are a lot of people who work very hard for the Mission. They go out there in the world, and they try to support the Mission, support themselves, and support their families. They sometimes are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do. Also, they love to come here and participate in the chat room or get the books going, print them, send them out, and this and that. There is a lot of work involved.

Hopefully, as our number increases and people come and join the center, there will be less and less work for every person so that they will have more time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces in a greater degree.

But, of course, work, if it is done with the ideation that you are doing it for God, God is doing it through you, and realizing you have a great Mission and you are doing it for the Mission, should not become a burden. Of course, it is very good in theory. I have come to the conclusion that in practice a lot of people are having a hard time to practice this teaching, which is true. But the environment out there is so cruel and crude that it zaps the energy that you gain for the Mission.

But most people who come to the Mission, I believe, are very high Souls already. They have been meditating, and they are very close to Pure Consciousness. They are coming here and realizing this teaching, therefore they do not have to do too much meditation, and they are pretty much close to where they should be, hopefully.

Of course, they can work on themselves for sure. All of us need to become perfect as the Father is. And not all of us are, which is OK. As I said, God is not looking for perfection, but for those who are willing to work on themselves to become perfect.

Another thing is that we have not even created one Community of Light really on earth yet. As I said, we are calling the Elects to come and join us. The Elects are going to be the facilitating body.

The facilitating body is made up of the people who delay their own salvation for the salvation of the whole universe. Therefore, they are not concerned if they reach Pure Consciousness in this lifetime or not. The most important thing is, What is the Will of God for me in this lifetime, and how can I help His Will to be accomplished? You can see that there are so many ways to look at every situation.

Therefore, they will wait until everyone reaches Pure Consciousness, and then they themselves will enter. They are the beginning and the end, and they will eventually reach Pure Consciousness. Their salvation, of course, is absolutely guaranteed because they love God so much that God chose them to see this Revelation and the Beauty of it, and they said, Yes, that is what I was looking for!

Everyone who came to the Mission almost has the same story that, I, from childhood, was different. I did not accept the religion that I was born in. I was looking for something more than the dogmas they were putting in my mind. It just did not make sense. Why, if there is one God, are there so many religions? Or, I was attracted to other religions. I was born Moslem but I wanted to follow the Jewish religion. Or, I was a Christian but I became Moslem, and then became Bahai.

You can just see that these people are the people who could not follow dogmas. They do not like dogmas.

No dogma! That is what the Mission is, no dogma! Dogma has to go. In every religion, dogma has to go. That is what this Mission is purifying, getting rid of all the dogma in all religions and purifying them.

Therefore, you can see that we should not be concerned about our salvation, but be concerned about the Mission, to get the Mission done. Eventually, our salvation is for sure.

We have to create the facilitating body at this time. We have to create the body of people who are strong, who are absolutely one-pointed, who want to create the hierarchy of the Elects, and eventually create the Communities of Light all over the world, connect these communities together, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and we rejoice in it. Then maybe it will be the time to sit, meditate, and be worried about the salvation and going to Pure Consciousness.

So at this time we are not too much worried about that. We are worried about to get the Mission moving, going, and creating the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Does it make sense [she nodded yes]?

Again, this Mission is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and the fulfillment of all prophecies to this point. Go to our website, and you will see there is no other Prophet who has ever had so many prophecies fulfilled through him. And the teaching is absolutely amazing.

Go ahead, Dustin.


Dustin: It is regarding an altar, the one that is built in their community. I have received one that I am working on right now but I do not know, it is not in The Revelation, in the Bible, or in the Koran, or anywhere I can find. Is there anything that would be recommended with building an altar? That is because if this is going to conflict with the Mission teaching, I would not want to do that.


Maitreya: Well, an altar is a symbol of the Temple, or a point in your house that will bring your attention or intention toward God, because anytime you look at it you know God is there and It is supposed to be present in the altar.

Even greater than having an altar is having a meditation room, which is completely set up for meditation and inviting other people to come, meditate with you, and to share The Greatest Sign and the teaching with them.

An altar also exists in every religion. In the Islamic tradition they have a Masjid, which has a center. Recent Masjids are built with gold, and there are places that people can even kiss the doorknob. They go in and they go around the center, which is kind of an altar for them.

We know Christians also have the cross in their altars and all of that. The Jewish people have the podium with the Torah on it, right?

But the altar probably mostly came from the Mystical Paths. Hindus have altars in their own houses. They have the pictures of their gurus. Usually they cover the guru during the day because they do not want the unholy people, or people who do not respect their guru very highly, to look at them so the energy might not change.

I resisted having my picture in the website or giving it away to anyone because we do not believe that you should have any image beside God. But there were a lot of requests, and eventually I gave in.

But if you have my picture, read the back of the picture. It says that picture is just for your benefit but that God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, and you have to go to Him. Do not become attached to the picture itself, but to the Spirit behind the picture, or the Spirit behind the Prophet.

So if you want to have an altar, probably it is a good idea to put The Greatest Sign on it. And then put some things, whatever nice things you would like to put, like incense, or some candles, and things like that that you would like to put to make it nice, pleasant smelling, and a pretty place to sit and meditate on it.

But, of course, The Greatest Sign should be emphasized more. Put The Greatest Sign in the center, sit in front of it, and meditate on the teaching of The Greatest Sign, what it means, what the Revelation is, how the Eternal Divine Path works, what is the creation of the Communities of Light, how the Kingdom can come, how the prophecies are fulfilled, how the Revelation of God is on earth, and all of that. An altar should help you.

It is better to have an altar than to have nothing in your house at all, because an altar at least reminds you once in a while, Yes, I have to go to God. That is the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is not just to watch television twenty-four hours a day and to forget about God and that energy that takes you away from that.

So we can see that an altar is helpful but be careful not to become attached to the appearances, but the Spirit behind the altar.

I hope that makes sense to you. Go ahead, Khaled.


Khaled: Thank you, Maitreya. Is there any kind of statues for Buddha or Krishna at home? Can you consider as something against the teaching of you? Thank you.


Maitreya: The whole idea is that only the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal will unify. FINE: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Any name, any picture, any manifestation in the external world will separate man from man. It is a concept that is very difficult for humans to grasp.

Prophets have come over and over and told the people not to make statues, not to give God a name. If you had uttered the name of God at the time of the Hebrews, you would have been stoned, which is even less than having pictures or statues or something to worship instead of Him.

The Koran has a very beautiful story about when Abraham was in the city. They were worshipping idols, and Abraham was very opposed to idols. He told them, What are the idols you follow and worship? They neither can benefit you, nor can they harm you. But they would not listen.

One day they had a big celebration, so everyone left the city, and they left the temple empty. Abraham went and took a big hammer and smashed all the statues and put the hammer in the hand of the big statue.

Then when the people came back and they saw what happened, they went to Abraham and said, We know you did this.

He said, No, I did not do it. The big god became very angry and just destroyed all the other gods [laughing].

They said, No, he could not do that. He is just a statue.

Abraham said, Well, if he cannot do that, why do you worship him?

What can a statue give you? It is just another way to separate man from man and the rest of humanity. Therefore, any name, any manifestation, anything out there that separates man from man should not be acceptable. Hopefully, this time humanity will understand that, and they will worship God within themselves.

As Christ said, Worship God in your spirit. Close your eyes, and that is your temple. You do not need any external manifestation as a statue.

Even the Temple is there to unify humanity because our Temple has six entrances and each person can come into the Temple through their own door. Then when you go to the center, they are unified. They are One Humanity, One God, and they are unified.

Therefore, anything that separates should be discouraged. You should not destroy anything, or impose your will on other people, but you have to educate them.

That is what the Mission is all about, education. You have to educate yourself and see that the points that we are making here make sense. It is something that will help humanity to become unified. So, if we are opposing statue making, it is because it separates man from man, and it is not good.

Go ahead, Keyosha.


Keyosha: Thank you, Maitreya. My question is, you were talking about meditation and prayer earlier. I was thinking that it seems like there are two kinds of prayer. There is prayer when we go humbly to God ourselves, pray to Him, and we tell Him what is in our hearts. And then there is the kind of prayer that we do, The Reminder, or the Moslems do, the Namaz, etc.

I know you touched on this a little bit today. I was wondering about the difference between those two kinds of prayers. Is the effect the same, or are there some differences in the way they work for a person?


Maitreya: Well, I do not consider the Reminder as prayer. As the name indicates, it is a reminder. It reminds us of, We pay our salutations to the Divine Father, and all that. It is a kind of reinforcement as to why we are here: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, etc.

So it is a part of reminding us of our Mission, of why God has created us, how many Great Souls have helped us to come to this point, and that we have to go ahead and understand that and surrender and submit ourselves to the Will of God, and all of that.

But there are prayers that we humbly go, we humble ourselves to God, we ask Him for guidance and a greater degree of understanding Him and His Will. That is the best prayer to do.

There are prayers that we ask God to give us things. That, of course, is not the highest kind of prayer because God already knows what is good for us and what is not good for us. And if we pray for things then we are bringing the energy lower than the highest energy, that we trust God that God is going to give us the best. Of course, we are going to do our best in life but we trust God that God knows. To become closer to God, He knows much more what we need and what we do not need.

There is a prayer that you demand that God blesses you or something. Of course, that is not the best way of prayer because that means that you think God owes you something. God owes nothing to anyone. We are the ones who owe Him everything that we have or we are. We have to realize why we have been blessed and we are not blessed anymore, correct that losing of blessing and become blessed again. That is because God will bless us anytime we follow His Will and His Ways.

Some people even pray for other people. Even better than praying for other people is to teach them how to pray, so they can pray for themselves, instead of you praying for them. It is not a big job. If the person is almost dead, you can pray that God does whatever is His Will and is good for that person.

If they cannot pray in a situation, it is good to commission yourself to become a prayer person for that person. But still you just ask whatever is Gods Will to be done.

So prayer is something that has been misused and abused a lot by many people. We have to realize that the best prayer is to see ourselves, how we can improve ourselves, and come closer to God. That kind of prayer makes us go toward perfection. And that perfection is the goal of life.

I hope that answers your question. [she nodded yes] OK.

Well, we are almost at the end of our time. I will give everyone a minute. If you have another question, go ahead and ask. Otherwise, after a minute, we will close the door.

Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed it. Go to our website, read our teaching, see that Gods Will is now to become one in this new Revelation, and tell everyone that when I give this Revelation to you, it is now your Revelation.

As I am a Messenger to give this to everyone, now you are each a messenger to give this to everyone you know, or you come in contact with. Therefore, spread the Word to the end of the world.

So may humanity come together and see that there is One God, One humanity, and one earth, and all religions have come from Him. There is no separation between them. None is higher or lower, and we have to forget about dogmas and see the beauty of God that has done this.

Now His Glory, indeed, has come! Sal-OM everyone.


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