Satsang (Discourse) 01/19/02




Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang room and our cyber church. This is Maitreya. I will be studying with you for the next two hours. Hopefully, we will learn from each other. And, we will learn that the last Revelation of God has come to earth, the religions are unified, and the prophecies are fulfilled. All expectations from all religions have been fulfilled here, and we have brought the Revelation of God for humanity.

This is the time of sundering. This is the time for humanity to see who is for God and who is against God, so they can make their decisions. The Kingdom will come after each person makes their own decision of following the Eternal Divine Path, which is the base of our teachings, or following their traditions, religions, backgrounds, cultures, or whatever keeps them from seeing the truth in the Missions teaching and the unification of all the religions on earth.

This is the time that every person has to hear this Message at least once. That is why we are trying to reach all of humanity in all levels, in every corner of the earth. God has provided us with the tools to do that. The whole world can hear our Voice and see us on the Internet, and know that the last Revelation has come.

No other Prophet ever had all these tools available to them, and no other Prophet had so many people being so highly educated and so highly trained to be able to accomplish much more than any other people ever could have done, to this point. So we can see that we have many opportunities and the ability to reach out and give this Message to every human.

I am not here to give you experiences as the people in the Mystical Paths probably can give you, because the Mystical Paths are not the ultimate, as we will see.

I am not here to teach you how to live in the Communities of Light, because you have been living in the Communities of Light for many lifetimes and hopefully, you know by now how it works to live in a Community of Light. And that means not being self-centered, being able to sacrifice for it, surrendering and submitting to the Will of God, and becoming a universalist.

I am not here to teach you how to sacrifice, because you have sacrificed before, and you have learned how to sacrifice. You will know how that works because you have done it in many lifetimes.

I am not here to teach you how to surrender and submit to God. That Prophet Muhammad brought to you and taught you to do. You probably were with him, and you learned how to do that.

And, I am not here to teach you how to become a universalist. That was brought by Bab and Bahaullah. They taught us how to become universalists.

We are looking for the Elects, the people who have awakened their spiritual forces for many lifetimes, they know how to live in the Communities of Light, and, they love to live in the Communities of Light. They are ready to sacrifice for them, surrender and submit, and become a universalist. So, they become an Elect.

I am a Way Shower, the Explainer, the Unifier, who has brought all of this to you so that you can see the Plan of God in full. The Plan of God in full has been revealed through this Mission. This full manifestation on earth has come after 12,000 years of being hidden. Now all the truth has come to us. Now it is the decision of all humans: Do they want to teach this teaching, or do they want to follow their own teaching, or tradition, or cultures, or genders, or race, or wherever they are at...?

You have to drop all of them. If you have a tradition, if you have a gender, if you have a culture, if you have a religion, you cannot follow the Eternal Divine Path completely. If you are not following the Eternal Divine Path completely, you cannot be an Elect. You will become a lukewarm and will not completely manifest God.

This is a call to the Elects, a call to those who see this teaching in full and say, I have no culture. I have no tradition. I have no gender. I have no attachment to anything that keeps me from seeing this Vision in full.

Therefore, you can see that this is a great Revelation that makes sense. It has a lot of truth in it. But, the decision is yours.

As always, God has given every person the free will to make the decision. You make the decision but what the result is going to be, is Gods, because God told us what He wants us to do. Now, if we do not follow His Will, we are following our will, therefore, the result is created by going against the Will, which will lead us to Pure Consciousness, or Godhead, or Nirvana, or Oneness with God, or return home. You can call it many names and words, but the end is the same.

The Path is the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path consists of five steps and two results. The first step is: Awakening your spiritual forces. Awakening your spiritual forces covers all the Mystical Paths on earth. No matter what the path is, where it is in the world, if it teaches you to, Know thyself to know God, that is a part of the Mystical Paths.

So, that covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other ism or teaching that teaches, Know thyself, because the self, the atman, in each person, is the same as God. You have the Essence of God in you. Even Christ said, Thou are gods. You are gods, of course, with the small g. You did not create the universe. A lot of people have become very egoistical, and they say, I am God.

OK, did you create the universe? Are you manifesting the compassion, love, understanding, and beauty of God through yourself, and do you have The Grace? Just knowing you have the Essence does not mean that you are God (with the big G). Only God with the big G created the universe. You are a co-creator.

You are in the image of God, therefore, you have to realize that although we are gods, with a small g, we still have to listen to the God, with the big G, so that we can return to the Godhead and not become more egoistical and fall from The Grace.

That is because the only thing that keeps us from The Grace is the ego, really. Ego is something that we are holding on to like an umbrella over the top of our heads, and we are not letting The Grace of God come through.

The Grace of God is always showering us. He has no choice. He is so full of Grace that He loves to give it away. But, who is willing to receive it? That is the real question.

As long as we have the ego at the top of our head like an umbrella and say, No, no, no, I am going to follow my own teaching, my own will, my own culture, and my own religions, then we never can come to Gods culture, Gods religion, and Gods truth. So, we have to overcome that ego that keeps us from completely seeing this Vision, surrender and submit to it, and teach it to others.

It has been taught. The Gospel of God, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), has been read to humanity through our Internet room, in this room, every day. It has been discussed in many places. The Book is available to all.

There is a lot of effort that is being put out all around to reach humanity and to bring this to every human to hear it. That is because all the humans have to hear this teaching once, and then we are done with them. It is their decision if they want to see the truth in it or not.

This is not a cult. It is Gods Revelation; it is Gods Truth. We do not keep you here if you do not want to be in the Mission. We leave you to God. And hopefully, eventually, a lot of people will see the truth in it, come together, create Communities of Light, and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore, the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken our spiritual forces: Meditate, know thyself, concentrate. Look at yourself to see, What are my habits? What is my resistance to Gods Will? What is it that makes me not want to listen to God, but I want to listen to my own will, wishes, desires, and attachments, but I do not want to completely say, No, I do not want to be the slave of my little ego, but I want to be surrendered and submit to God completely?

So, that is knowing thyself. How to do it? Some people close their eyes. They meditate. They do formal meditation. That is the fastest way because you are closing all of your senses. All of your senses are like five strong, powerful horses that are pulling you toward the external world.

What do we do? We see first before we desire, dont we? Or, we hear first, before we desire? OK, if there is nothing desirous about a wonderful thing in television, or in the store, if you do not see it, you do not know that it even exists. You have to see it first and say, Yes, I want that, or whatever those eyes desire.

So, the eyes are a very powerful sense that draws us toward our desires. When you close your eyes, you close a great sense of pulling you out to the external world.

Then you start listening to the breathing within yourself. You breath in, Haree Om Shrii Hung. You watch the silence between breathing in and breathing out. Then you say, Om Nam Kevalam," and you watch that silence between breathing out and breathing in. And you say, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That Divinity (God) Is Everything. Now you are not hearing any attraction from the external world either because you are hearing the breathing, the Mantra, or ideating on the meaning of the Mantra, The goal of the life is to be(come) Divine.

Therefore, you are also shutting another strong powerful sense, which is hearing and listening to others, or voices that pull you toward the external world. Your sense of touch, which is within yourself, and all the senses also are quieted down and directed toward the within. That is because, where can you know yourself? You can know yourself within yourself.

It is not out there. People are looking for happiness all over the place. They think if they have this and that, and that, and that, they are going to be happy. Are they? The more you have, the more you see people become less happy, lose their touch with the reality, their egos become big, large, huge, and greater, and someday they become completely disconnected from God. They just accept a couple of dogmas, and say, Yes, if we accept these couple of dogmas, we are going to be saved.

But, God said, No, dogmas will not save you. Your tradition, your culture, your background, your preacher, cannot save you. You have to listen to God, His Scriptures, and His Prophets. To do that you have to completely quiet down your senses.

So, it is within you. Do not look in another person. Do not look in another place. Do not say, Oh, if I leave from here to somewhere else, I am going to be OK. You will not, because you are taking your bag with you wherever you go. It is with you.

It is within you. Everything is within you. Your happiness is within you. Your God is within you. Your realization is within you. Your salvation is within you. That is the Mystical Paths.

After you do that and you know thyself, what is the next step? I want other people to also know thyself. I want that they also awaken their spiritual forces and become great, know thyself, and feel the Spirit of God, the closeness to Him awakened and realized, overcome all the pitfalls, they do not want much, and they do not look for stuff out there to accumulate in their lives, but they want to be channels for God.

Therefore, we can see the next step is to create an environment that is also going to help other people to become self-realized and become great people. That is the teaching of the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, you can see that God was trying to choose a people for Himself, as the twelve tribes of Israel.

What is a tribe? A tribe is a community that the people live in. The communities that God was trying to create in the Old Testament were the communities based on Gods Laws.

They accepted Him as the King and followed His Laws, and exactly as long as they did that, they were different than their neighbors. They were Blessed. They were in God. But, eventually they longed for a human king. Samuel went to God and said, God, they rejected me. They do not want me to be their judge.

God said, No, they did not reject you. You have such a big ego, Samuel. It is Me they rejected because I am their King, and you are My judge. You are not their King.

God is the King, but they did not want God to be King. They wanted an earthly king, and even worse than that, most people want to be king themselves. They let their ego be the king of their lives.

So, the whole Old Testament is showing the struggle with God, to create the community that accepts Him as King and His Laws as the Laws to follow. They fell, and they could not completely accept Him. That is why He elaborately brought a lot of rituals to them, so it focused them back to God all the time.

That is what rituals are for. Rituals are not something you do automatically, but you turn around. You go toward the world, and suddenly you say, Oh, this is the time to do The Reminder. You turn around. You go back to God. Oh, it is time to go to do something else. No, it is time to do The Reminder. You turn around. You see, that is baptism. That is the act of baptism.

Rituals are the acts of baptism. You pull yourself away from the world, and you say, I want to go to God. I want to do His Will. So the more you do that, the more you are going to be turned around, and the more you are going to be baptized. If you do it ten times a day, you are baptized ten times a day. If you do it two times a day, you are going to be baptized two times a day.

So, that is the Old Testament, to create the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are where God is accepted as King and His Laws as the Laws of the universe. Therefore, they bring the compassion, love, understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and oneness with each other. In community, you become a large family that is one with each other, and your ego is not in the way, but God comes through you. The more God comes through you, the more you become one.

The more you keep your ego, you feel the community is not a part of you and you are not a part of community, and you will not last in such a community where God is so strong and powerful. Also, the more you come closer to God, the less your will, will be done, but Gods Will be done. You can see that is what the Old Testament and the Hebrews were trying to manifest. That is the example that the Hebrews left for humanity, to see that the Communities of Light, accepting God as the King and His Laws as the Laws, is necessary to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The next step in the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, is realizing, If I am in a community, if I am self-centered and always say, What is in it for me in this community? that community will not last, and it is not going to be a Community of Light.

The next step is to sacrifice, to be able to give of yourself and say, No, not all the time what is in it for me, but what is in it for the community? What can I do in the community? How can I help? How can I improve it? As you do that, the community will improve, you will be known as a great personality in the community, and you will advance in the community in the positions of leadership, or higher level, etc.

The next step is sacrifice in the communities. That is very well demonstrated with Christ. He went all the way to the cross and showed us that even if it is necessary for an ideal, to sacrifice the body, so be it. You should be able to go all the way.

Probably it is no longer necessary. He has done it for us. His blood is shed, the Lamb of God has been sacrificed, and The Grace has been released to humanity. Therefore, we do not need to do that. He has done it. The Grace is in every one of us and is released to all of us.

However, with The Grace in the community, The Grace is not self-centered. As I said, the moment you are self-centered, The Grace is cut off, absolutely is cut off. The less egoistical and self-centered we are, the more Grace will come to us.

Therefore, he showed us that to receive The Grace, to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice is necessary. So the message for humanity from Christ was, sacrifice. In the community, you should put the communitys well-being ahead of your own well-being. As the community prospers and becomes well, you will prosper and you will be well.

Now, as we have said many times, you sacrifice, you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces a little bit, you try to create the Community of Light, you sacrifice for it, and nothing happens. You feel, What am I doing? I put all this effort. I am giving Satsang for twenty years and just a few people are listening to it, and even those few people are still not completely with it, etc. What is this that I am doing?

You realize, well you are attached to the results. You want something to happen for you. You think you are the doer. You think that you are the person who is giving the Satsang, you are the person who is going to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, you are the person who is going to create the Communities of Light, and you are the person who attracts people to come to the Mission and listen to this Revelation.

And you say, Hum, there is something wrong here, and that is why I am so unhappy, depressed, etc. I am thinking, Why is it not happening? Why is it not happening? But you realize, It is not up to me; it is up to God if it happens or not.

So, you surrender the result and you say, OK, I gave the Satsang. I will try my best. I will do it over and over, and over, as long as I have the breath in my body. After I do, it is up to God. I will give the purest Revelation possible, and I am not going to care what man thinks, but what God thinks.

That is how we can purify religions by realizing, What does God think? Really, did He send all these religions, or did He just send one of them? or, Are we really the Elects?" or, Are our cultures and traditions the most important, or the Words of God?

That is the greatest obstacle in receiving the new Prophet and new Revelation: our traditions, our cultures, our up-bringing in the different religions accepting that that is the only way, it is the best way, etc., instead of saying, Let us stop here and say, OK, I have no culture, I have no tradition, I have no religion. What did God really say? And read THOTH with that attitude, not with the attitude of, It is from the devil anyway so I am just going to look at it as something to reject already.

No, do not do that. With an open mind, read THOTH and forget about what you know. Otherwise, you cannot completely see the truth in this Revelation.

Then, you realize that you are not the doer, and that you are attached to the results. That is when the depression comes. That is when you say, Oh, I am tired. I have had enough of doing this.

If you know that this is the Will of God and it is the Word of God, you should not be tired of it at all. You should do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over to the end of your life. So, that is how you combat depression, by surrendering the result to God.

Of course, later on you realize a greater truth and that is, if God is everything and everywhere, and the Spirit of God is within each of us, who is the doer anyway? He is the Doer, and I am just a channel for Him. I will be surrendered and submitted to God completely, and let Him do the work through me.

Will He do the perfect job? He will because God is perfect. If He is doing it through you, the job will be perfect.

If you think He comes through you and the job is not perfect, is it God doing it? No, He is not, because God is perfect. How can God make mistakes? How can God do something that is not perfect? Therefore, you can let Him come through this time. If He is doing the job, who is the Doer? He is the Doer. Who is going to be attached to the result, if any? God is going to be attached to the result, of course, He is not; He is not attached to anything.

He is independent of His creation. His creation depends on Him but He is not dependent on the creation. Therefore, we have to realize that He is not attached to the result of His actions. But, He does the perfect job.

That message has come from Islam. It comes from the word, tasleim, which means surrendering and submission to God.

After that, still we might direct our effort towards only a part of the universe, our community, our city, our nation, or even earth. The next step is that you have to expand yourself to the whole universe, realize God is your Father and Mother, the universe is your home, and you have no attachment to any part of the universe, not even to the earth. That is because after we are done here with this earth, we have to go and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven on other planets, the Planet Krypton, or something [laughing]. Whatever planet there is, we will go there and we will continue bringing this greatest Revelation and the Kingdom on those planets.

Then it is not going to be the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, it is going to be the Kingdom Of Heaven On Krypton, or whatever the planet is going to be.

So, we can see that the next step is universalism. Universalism has come from the teachings of Bab and Bahaullah. They brought the idea that all religions are basically the same, all have the truth, and they have come from the same God. Therefore, we have to become united and to realize that God is One. That is a great teaching.

A lot of people compare our teaching with the Bahai teaching. As you can see, it is not the same. Our teaching does not say that all religions are basically the same; therefore, we have to become united because God has said the same thing in all religions.

We can see here that every religion has a specific message for humanity. The Mystical Paths is to, Know thyself. The Old Testament is the creation of the Communities of Light. The New Testament is sacrifice in order to create the Communities of Light. Islam is surrendering and submission to the Will of God, and Bahai is the universalism.

These five steps are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path. It awakens your spiritual forces, therefore, you Know thyself. Knowing thyself is to know God. To know God is to know what is His Will for you and how you can accomplish that Will.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light. It means to bring like-minded people together and create an environment for everyone to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The next step is to sacrifice, not being self-centered. Then become surrendered and submissive to God, and become a universalist.

So when you create the Communities of Light, you learn and grow. It is easy to live by yourself somewhere in the mountains, or in your apartment, or in your house and say, Well, I am such a wonderful person. I am such a good person, etc.

But if you live in a community, there are eleven other people living around you and then see how good you are. Then you will even accelerate your own spiritual progress and know thyself a hundred thousand times, in a greater degree, if you would listen.

If you do not want to listen, if you do not want to meditate, if you do not want to know thyself, if you do not want to awaken your spiritual forces, no matter where they put you, you are just going to keep your ego and listen to your own little desires and wants, and never progress. So the Community of Light still needs you to take the initiative to open yourself to the energy and become a part of it. If you are not a part of it and you keep your ego still intact, it is not going to help much. Maybe a little in the long run, but not as much as it could if you are open to the energy that comes to you.

In the Communities of Light, none of the guidance given to you is going to work if you are not willing to listen to God. Therefore, in the communities you accelerate, knowing thyself and your progress becomes accelerated in a greater degree.

With sacrifice you forget about ego, always, What is in it for me? You live in your apartment, you have all these amenities and comforts for yourself, and you think, I am such a great guy or gal. But when someone comes and says, Let us share a little of your things with other people, you become very upset and say, No, this is mine. Do not touch it. This is my home. This is my

That is kind of a dog mentality that, I keep these things for myself and I am not going to share. Sharing is not a good idea; it is the Law to share with one another. Therefore, in the Communities of Light, your ego will be modified to learn to share instead of always keeping whatever you have.

In surrendering and submission, what is the greatest achievement in human life? It is to become one with God. The Fourth Seal actually accomplishes that because you let God come through you to do the work. The more you do that, the less of you will be there; the more of God will be there; the more Godly and one with Him you will Be.

Therefore, the Fourth Seal is the greatest spiritual achievement, to become surrendered and submissive to God. But you have to know His Will first, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

However, all these steps still will be narrow. To shatter all the narrowness of the mind, prejudices, separation, and destructive tendencies, is to realize that God is One and there is no separation between any part of It and any other part. Therefore, you do not separate yourself by nationality, religion, race, or any other ism, but you follow universalism. You see God as your Father and Mother, the universe as your home, everyone in it and every part of it as a part of the struggling travelers with you. So you shatter the narrowness of the mind, which is the base of all suffering.

With all these five steps, you become an Elect. As I have said, the real Elects have been in the process of being created for the last 12,000 years. I do not have to teach you how to meditate. I can help you, but probably you have forgotten a little bit. I can nudge you a little bit toward realizing how to go back to meditate. But, you love to meditate, and you like to know thyself.

Actually, you have been struggling to know yourself all your life. You are different than other people. You know you want to know thyself. You do not want to just live like everyone else, half asleep, and in delusion of, This is the real life, and accumulate a lot of wealth and then leave it behind.

You cannot even take your body with you when you die. So, it is not a good idea to waste your time for something that you cannot even take with you. The only thing you take with you is your Soul. That is where you have to become wealthy. Become wealthy in Soul, not wealthy in the material things. We have the material things for the minimum comfort but concentrate the rest for your greater spiritual progress.

You already know how to meditate. You have been living in Communities of Light. You love to be in Communities of Light. You do not want to be alone, lonely, self-centered, egoistical, etc.

Sacrifice is easy for you. You can easily give of yourself to the community. And, you can become surrendered and submissive to God easily and become one with Him.

The universe is your home. You already know that you love the whole universe. You cannot separate yourself.

Such people are the Elects. That is the Sixth Seal in our teaching. The Elects are the people who are intellectually strong, business aware, spiritually incorruptible, and Great Souls who follow the Eternal Divine Path. They have the qualities of all the classes of the human. They have the ability to come to this Mission, take charge, realize my teaching, and teach what I teach to the rest of humanity.

They forego their own teaching but concentrate on the teaching of God. They will bring this teaching to all so everyone who is an Elect will come to us, and those who also are called for this Mission will come together.

This is the time of sundering. This is the Call for the Elects to come together. Those who are not Elects, I am sorry to say, might not be incarnated for a long, long time until they learn their lessons and eventually come and join the Kingdom.

The chaff and the wheat have been grown together for the last twelve thousand years. Now, this is the time to gather the wheat to the barn of the Father. Those who have progressed will be reincarnated again and again, and I will reincarnate also with them. Eventually we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This teaching is the Seventh Teaching. The Elects, the Sixth Seal, are those who bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Seventh Seal unifies them and explains all. Everything is explained here in this Mission for humanity; all questions are answered.

Some people say that there are other rooms that people have a lot of questions. Why dont they come here and ask us? We will clarify it for them and will answer their questions. They will see that what we say makes sense.

This is the base of our teaching. Now you have heard it. Go and teach it to every person, every individual, and to every corner of the earth. Start your own room. Call it whatever you want. You can teach a part of the teaching, or the whole teaching, whatever. But, first of all, teach them the Eternal Divine Path and let every man, woman, and child hear this great Revelation from God and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is the goal of this Mission. Eventually many people will become Divine.

Now my explanation of the base of our teaching is finished. If you have any questions, raise your hand, and I will answer your questions.

Go ahead, John.

John: Maitreya, my question comes from THOTH. Several times in THOTH it will mention something similar to this, which I find in Holiest 1, verse 10: Furthermore, this force [referring to the tama guna] is the one which fixes the things in the mind and enables the consciousness to visualize it. In other words, it creates the visualization or screen for things to be seen in the universe.

Does that also mean that it creates the screen for all other senses to perceive things as well, beyond just visualization? That is my question.

Maitreya: Yes, all the senses send signals to the Chitta. The Chitta is the part of the mind that crudifies, visualizes, and makes a person sense it, see it, taste it, smell it, touch it, and hear it. Anytime one of these senses receive one of these signals, the signal is sent to the Chitta, which is the connection between the mind and the external world. It is the very finest ether in the universe, therefore, that is why we sense.

When we see, what does it see? Do the eyes see? Or it is really your Soul that sees? The eye does not see. If you take your eye out of your socket and put it somewhere else without being connected to your body, does it still see? No, it does not. It is finished. It is not connected to your brain.

Even your brain, take the brain out and put it there. Can it think anymore? It cannot. What is it that thinks? There is something beyond the brain, which thinks, is able to perceive and sense, etc.

So we can see that the physical body, including the brain itself, is not the seer, doer, or sensor. Therefore, there has to be something else beyond the brain that does it because none of the functions of the body separately will function correctly.

Some people say, Well, the total body together makes a person. Therefore, if we have a heart, a lung, and a stomach, and take them from different dead people and put them together, will that work? We will still see that, no, it will not, because the total is there but the lifeform and the Spirit is not. So, we can see that there has to be something beyond this physical body that we see with, or taste with, etc.

Of course, science cannot see it. They have even tried to measure a human after death. They say, If there is something there when the person dies, if we put the body on the scale and there is a Soul, we should be able to see the difference between the dead body and alive body. However, because the weight did not change, therefore, There is no Soul. That is what they concluded because the weight did not change.

But, the Soul does not have weight. It is always everywhere in the universe. It is nothing that really leaves. It is just the connection is severed; we are not connected to the Spirit any longer.

Therefore, we can see that there has to be something beyond this physical body, and that is where the physical body is connected to the Soul, by the Chitta. The Chitta is created by the tama guna, and it receives the signals from our senses. When it senses it, the Ahamttattva part of the mind says, Yes, I know that. I know that sense. I can understand. I can feel that sense. Then it sends the signal to the Mahattattva.

The Mahattattva is the part that makes the decisions. It says, Yes, I know. I know this sense, what it is. It happens so fast. The moment we touch, we feel the thing. Or, the moment we smell, we smell the thing but really it goes through the process of going through our senses, our nervous system to the brain, to the Chitta, which keeps the shape of the thing, or the smell of the thing. Ahamtattva takes it as an active force and takes it to the Mahattattva, which says, I know, I recognize, and I make the decision.

Then that, making the decisions part of you, of course, is under the influence of the Soul. The Soul is the real other part of God, or Universal Mind. According to where your Soul is, then you use that sense accordingly.

As I have said, if you have a surgeons knife, if you are a surgeon, you take it and your Soul says, You are a surgeon, you are a doctor, you have a promise that you will use this tool to heal people. Therefore, your action returns, your Mahattattva tells your Ahamtattva, tells this decision to the Chitta, and tells it to perform the surgery, heal this person, and take the tumor out. Then he does that. He follows his subconscious mind, which is trained to use the surgeon's knife in that way.

Then if you give the same knife to a killer, the killer says, Oh, such a good sharp knife. I can probably kill a lot of people with it. Therefore, he sees the knife, the Chitta gets the form of the knife, and the Ahamtattva takes it to the Mahattattva, or decision-making part of the mind and says, That is beautiful. I can use this very easily to kill people. So, the knife itself really does not have anything to do with either of them.

The knife can cut. That is all it does. It depends on how you use it, and at the hand of whom. You use everything according to your subconscious mind, according to the influence it has on your Soul. If your Soul is influenced by the tama guna, is self-centered, and egoistical, you live a self-centered, egoistical life. Eventually you might say, Oh, I have had enough of this ego. I do not want to have anything to do with it.

If you do that, and you are in a higher level and Godly, your Mahattattva says, Give a good Satsang. Go to different rooms and preach the teaching of the Revelation. Do not waste your time in other rooms that are not Godly. Go start your own room.

See, then you will be guided to do the Will of God. It depends on where your consciousness is. So, the Chitta, Ahamtattva, and Mahattattva in everyone is the same. It is the Soul, where the Soul is, that makes the difference.

So to answer your question, yes, every sense goes to the Chitta which is the tama guna, and the ethereal, the fine ether, that takes the form of that sense, sense of touch, smell, sight, etc. The Ahamtattva, or mutative force, takes that sense to the Mahattattva, or sentient force, and the sentient force decides according to your Soul, and sends the signal back, what to do.

But of course, it is more than that. If you read Universe and Man, it talks about the different senses, different carriers, that carry the messages from your senses to the higher consciousness, etc. So it is more complicated than that. But, basically yes, every sense sends their senses to the Chitta, the Chitta takes the form of that because it crudifies and fixes, and then the Ahamtattva takes it to the decision-making part, and the decision-making part will do it according to the subconscious mind.

I hope that makes sense.

OK, John, go ahead.

John: My question is in Tablet 10 of Commentaries on St. Matthew, verse 18. The very last sentence suggests that we, Be here now, in command form in English. So, it is a real suggestion that we do that. Can you explain ways that we can concentrate our energies more so that we are here, at the moment?

And, if we are here at the moment, and we really get good at that, isnt that the same as Pure Consciousness, to be, in be-ness or am-ness? Does that make sense?

Maitreya: It absolutely makes sense. That is exactly what it is. You have probably heard many Masters and great teachers say, Be here now," or there was a gentleman by the name of Ram Dass who wrote a book, Be Here Now. It was published when I first came to the United States. He taught, "Be here now."

But they are words, very interesting words, because the moment you say, Be here now, the now is past, and you are a couple of seconds in the future. Therefore you never can be here now, if you think about being here now and intellectually want to understand what it means. That is because the moment you say, Be here now, you no longer are here because the second and moment, and the now are past.

Be here now, really means, Whatever is past, is past. Whatever is done is done." It is gone, it is in the past, and you have no control over it. The only thing you have control over is to learn your lessons You look at the past, examine your actions, and then conclude, Well, that was not good, that was not good, and that was good. I should do that more often. Those things that take me away from God, I am not going to do them any more. You learn your lessons from the past. But you leave the past away and you say, Well, that is the past. I can do nothing about it. I forgive myself. God forgive me for all my past that was not good. I will try to be good and purify myself for the future.

But, the future is not here either. The future is in the future. You are not there, and you do not know what is going to happen. I might just fall down and die right now in the moment, if God wills. I do not know the future. I am not going to worry about it.

I am going to do my best to create the Communities of Light and live in the Communities of Light. When I am old, the community is going to take care of me. The younger people are going to come and join the community, and they will help with the community. Also, the children are going to have a beautiful place to live.

The grandparents can teach them, take care of them, and feel useful instead of living in an apartment and feeling useless, thinking about themselves, getting all kinds of diseases in their minds, and going here and there instead of following Gods Way, which is Communities of Light. And, the older people are going to be taken care of.

Older people have a lot of wisdom. They have learned a lot through 50, 60, 70 years of life. They can teach the children a lot of beautiful things, tell them a lot of stories, etc. So, the future is the future.

A better future is to create the Communities of Light. That is the only way humanity will be taken care of physically, mentally, and spiritually on all levels.

So, the future is in the future. You can do nothing about that. The only thing you can do is your best in this moment you are in. Learn from the past mistakes. Learn from the past, improve yourself in the moment, and work for the future. That is being here and now.

Being here and now is a state of mind. It is not an intellectual explanation. It is not something that you say, Oh, I am going to be here and now from now on. I am here and now. Am I here and now? Oh, no, I am not here and now. But the moment I said I am here and now, the here and now is gone. I am a couple of seconds into the future. Therefore I am not in the here and now....

You cannot intellectualize it. You have to live here and now. You have to forgive yourself from the past, learn the lessons, work for the future, and do what is necessary at this moment to create that future that you want to see to come. Therefore, you will be living here and now by doing that because you will realize that the only way to do that is to be able to be ready for the future and not be worried about what happened in the past, and not be worried for the future. But, know that the only good future is the future in the Communities of Light.

That is what it means there in THOTH, be here and now. It is not an intellectual discussion. It is not something that you think about it. As I said, you learn from the past, you work for Gods Will in the future, and you become more and more perfect every moment because you learn from your past.

What is the path of perfection? Any time you become more perfect, you are closer to perfection. Therefore, we do not expect you to become perfect tomorrow, but we expect you to work toward becoming perfect in your life.

So that is what it means, Be here and now. Again, it is not an intellectual thing. It is a realization of your past, improving yourself, and working for the future of the best place for humanity.

I hope that makes sense.

We had another person who had a question; if you do have a question, go ahead, and jump in. You do not have to raise your hand.

Audience: Yes, Maitreya-ji, I had a question about an elderly person, someone who is your relative. If they are on their deathbed, what is the proper thing to do to help them in transition from life to death? What is the proper thing to do in that situation, if someone is on his or her deathbed?

Maitreya: Well, the best thing to do for them is to read them THOTH and tell them about the Eternal Divine Path.

If they are in a place that you can do nothing about it, the transition is to make them as comfortable as possible, provide their sustenance, make them feel loved, bring them whatever they need, and help them out as much as you can. Make them to not feel cold, or hot, and bring all the physical comforts for them. Eventually, of course, you have to leave it to God to see what He wants to be done to them.

At that moment, at the last moment, you cannot do much for the person. The only thing you can do really is to make them comfortable, read them Scriptures, and make them to be(come) in higher consciousness, at least at the last moment.

If you are Godly that is the most important moment in your life because you have been meditating and you have been progressing all the time. It depends on where you are in consciousness at that moment; it makes your next incarnation where you will be reincarnated. Of course, your life work will be counted on, but in that moment if you are Godly, probably you are thinking about God. But, if you are still thinking about television, movies, and all those things, probably you are not very high consciousness.

That is why in many cultures, they read Scriptures to the dying person to make them to at least concentrate on higher things and the Words of God. Therefore, my answer was correct, read them THOTH, really, if they can listen. If they are in a place that they are gone, then as I said, make them as comfortable as possible.

In the Communities of Light, those questions are answered, because in the Communities of Light, the children are taken care of by the grandparents, and they can help. They will be there, they will be loved, and they are helpful. Then when the time for them has come, if they are really high spiritual beings, they even know that they are going to be gone because the prana starts leaving your body six months before your death, unless you are in an accident or something that it happens suddenly. No one can do too much about that.

So, if you are very spiritual, you will know that your time is approaching and you prepare yourself, just like those American Indians who say, This is a good day to die. They make their bed, go there, and meditate, and they leave their bodies. At this time, the people are so disconnected from the Self that death comes very hard to them. They are not prepared for it, and they do not want it.

They are attached and desirous for a lot of things in their lives, and they cannot see the beauty of death, of the transition from one state to another and coming back in the body. That is why they are so resistant to die. That makes it even harder for them because they are not prepared. Your whole life, you should be prepared to die.

Actually, we die every moment; our cells die. Every seven years, our whole body, besides the brain, is a new one. So, you can see that everyone is dying. Death is not something to be afraid of, but it should be realized that we have another chance. We will be reincarnated and given another chance.

The question is, Did we progress enough in this lifetime, while we were on earth, or we did not? If we did not, we are afraid to die because we did not do our job.

So, what can we do for them? Make them comfortable. Make them as comfortable as possible and provide them with some place that they are warm, taken care of, etc. And, leave them to God.

I hope that answers your question.

We will be meditating then. If you have a question, just raise your hand, and we will ask you to come to the microphone. Actually, I am very happy when there are not questions because that means you have all the answers, and you know the answers. We can meditate together. Then if there are any questions, raise your hand.

For those who have joined us later, this is the Mission of Maitreya. It is the unification of all religions and the bringing of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We suggest that you go to our website and read about the Eternal Divine Path, the base of our teachings, and realize that God has manifested Himself on earth in His fullest ever. So, we can realize there is One God, One Humanity, and we all can come together as One people and follow His Will.

Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. I would actually like to ask, the same question that Sarha-ji asked, only for animals. Do you apply the same concept to animals?

Maitreya: Animals also should be taken care of. They are a part of human life and the earths growth. They have to be comforted. They have to be provided for as much as possible. But, the life of humans have the priority over the animals. If there is a place that you have to save the human or animal, the human has the priority.

If you have an animal that he or she has lived with you all her life, you have been taking care of her, she gave you comfort, companionship, brought you laughter, made you feel loved, you gave him love, and there is a great relationship between you two, he or she is a part of your family. You should be very concerned about them. But, they were created for us to take care of them and love them.

However, human life should be prioritized more than animals. So, we have to take care of the human suffering on earth and eliminate those sufferings first. Then, when the Communities of Light come, the animals also will be taken care of. They will live in the communities and be a great part of them. Everyone will give them love, and also they will return our love.

When the time comes for them to go, the same thing for them. You provide them with a comfortable place to live, and provide shelter and sustenance until they leave their bodies, especially if it is your pet or something that you have created a relationship with.

However, again, your family and the people in your family, have priority over animals. Animals know how to take care of themselves. But if you have an animal that you brought up from childhood, and she does not know how to fend for herself or himself, you are responsible for it. You have to provide for it as much as you can. When you bring a pet into your life, you have to be responsible for it.

I hope that answered your question. [Silence]

Again, at this time, probably it is good to spend our time and energy mostly for the Mission, the creation of the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Later on, pets and animals are going to be living also in the community. They will easily be taken care of and provided for. But, if animals are taking us away from doing the Will of God, then we have to decrease the number of animals we keep [laughing]. I hope that makes sense. [Silence]

Yes, Tiger, go ahead.

Tiger: My question is, how does the body prepare six months before the death? I heard you explaining that.

Maitreya: Yes, that is a good question, Tiger. You have to be sensitive. Not everyone realizes this. Usually, they say, I do not feel good. I am not at the top of the world. I just feel bad, etc.

But if you meditate and you are sensitive to your body, if your body is purified and is pure, you will know that the prana, or the life force, is not entering your body, but actually is leaving your body. That is when that American Indian probably would have realized and knew something is leaving, the energy is leaving the body. Therefore, he prepared himself for death.

It also happens to yogis. The yogis know their time of death has come because they are so familiar with the body, and they are so sensitive about the body. So, they can prepare themselves.

They take care of business. They finish everything in this world that is worldly for them and they have to take care of before they leave. Therefore, they are ready to die when the time comes. But, it does not happen to every person. If they are not sensitive enough to the body, they would not know. Most people do not know. Death comes, and suddenly one day they are alive and the next day they are dead, and they did not know at all that death was coming.

Another sign is, usually a week before a person dies, they actually feel much better. They are more energetic. They can get things done. They feel young. They become so elated to get things done, and they feel very good. They say to everyone, I feel great."

That is, God is giving them the last opportunity to take care of their business, their lives, and prepare themselves for the transition. Therefore, they should not use that time to play golf, or play tennis, or things that are not taking care of the last business in their lives.

So, God is very compassionate. He knows that death is just a transition. It is not something that we should be afraid of. Nothing dies in this universe, and nothing is created. Everything is here, has been here, and will be here forever.

Therefore, there is no fear of death because you have transitioned from one consciousness or level to another, and you came to this body for a reason, for a purpose. It is not just a joke, or a play. It is the reason we are here, to progress, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We have to take care of the self, physically become strong, mentally we have to study and become strong, intellectually we have to develop, and spiritually we have to progress. We can see that all those things are necessary, but at the same time realize that when death comes, it is not a big deal. It is just a transition from this lifetime to the next lifetime. If we have progressed, we have no fear of death at all.

So, that is how it works. You have to become sensitive to your body to know in six months the death will come to you.

I hope that answers your question, Tiger. If it does not answer your question, you can always follow up, especially now that not very many people are asking questions. You can just go ahead to the microphone and ask.

Of course, in the Communities of Light, everyone will have the opportunity to know themselves much better, on a deeper level, and all these things will become much clearer to everyone. They will become more sensitive about their bodies. They will have more time to meditate. And hopefully, everyone, just like that American Indian medicine man, will know the time of their death. They will choose a nice day, will go and lie down, and transition to the other world, and come back again to a new body and continue.

Therefore, there is not such a thing as death in the Mission. We just continue coming back again and again. That shows the justness of God. That is because if God gives us only one lifetime and tells us, That is it, if you make it this lifetime, that is fine, you go to heaven. If you do not, you go to hell. What kind of just God is He if He brings me up somewhere that I never heard about any of this and then He says, No, you go to hell. You burn until eternity in that hell? It just does not make sense. But, reincarnation makes sense.

Especially in the last 12,000 years, humanity has been reincarnated again, and again, and again, to this point. At this point God knows very well who is the chaff and who is the wheat. The wheat will be reincarnated, bring His Kingdom to earth, and provide an environment that when the chaff is reincarnated, they have no choice but to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, and progress.

So you can see that this is the defining point for humanity at this junction. We can see that all the signs are available to us, the wars, the rumors of wars, the knowledge has increased, the separation between religions is greater, etc.

All the signs are telling us that this is the end time. This is the time that all the Prophets had prophesied to come, and God comes for judgment. His judgment is if you are the chaff, if you are not the wheat, you will not be reincarnated. You will be kept away from the earth.

The Kingdom has to come, and that is how this Mission will be fulfilled, through the Elects, to those who have awakened their spiritual forces, they love to create the Communities of Light, they sacrifice for them, they surrender and submit for them, they become universalists, and they become Elects. That is what the judgment is.

The judgment is that God already knows who is chaff and who is wheat. This is where we are, at that junction. In the community, all these questions will be a part of your life, and you know the truth of the Will of God. Then death becomes so insignificant that it does not really matter any more.

That is another thing you can tell Christians, Moslems, and Jews, that this is the judgment day. It is not the same thing as they are asking, Why dont you go to the cross? Why dont you heal me? Why dont you do this, as the other Prophets have done?

They have already done those things. It is done. It is finished. It is gone. If you did not get it by this time, I am sorry to say, probably it is too late. It is the time of sundering. It is the time of who goes where.

The Spirit of God is behind this Mission. He is the Judge. He knows all of us in our hearts, where we are at, what we do, and how much we proclaim Him, and how much our ego is still involved in it. We have to let Him come through us so that we can gather the Elects together, we can bring the Kingdom, we can create the Communities of Light, and we can show humanity that God really exists.

THOTH, our Holiest Book, our Scripture, shows that God exists. God said that He was going to do these things, and He did them. Therefore, God exists.

Now He says, This is the time of sundering. That is exactly where the Revelations come from the Prophets. There is going to be a time that is the end time. The end time to the regular people was explained that some people are going to be in hell, and some are going to go to heaven. But we know it is the new age coming, the Golden Age is coming. That is what He meant.

Those who are well and made it, they are going to be in the Golden Age and have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth for a long time. Those who do not, they will be sundered; they will be kept away from coming back for a long time until it is prepared for them to come, learn, and progress.

I hope it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense to me. There are a lot of wars in the world. People are killed and destroyed. Why? Why, do we need that? Probably we do because those people are warmongers, they are destructive, and they create separation between humans and humans. They do not want to see this. Probably they will not accept our teachings, and they are not going to come and join us. If they come, tomorrow we are going to have the Kingdom.

They will not. But we will wait. We will wait for God to fight our wars and eventually the Elects will see that they have been looking for this Revelation, and they will gather together like the Eagles. They will bring the Kingdom and the Communities of Light on earth.

We are not against anyone. We are not revolutionaries. We are evolutionary people. Evolution tells us that the next step is the Golden Age. We will be incarnated into it and praise the Lord for a long time and bring His Glory to earth instead of putting Him into the bottles of dogmas, cultures, or things that humans do.

So, we have to completely see the Will of God, what is happening, and what a wonderful God He is because He has said that He was going to do these things, and He has done them. He is powerful.

He can do it, but He does not want to enforce His Will on you. You have the will to follow Him, or you have the will not to follow Him. It is as simple as it is.

He is not a cultist. He is not going to say, No, if you do not do it you are going to be destroyed. You will be, but the choice has been given to you to make your own choice and say, I choose God with the free will. I will not be concerned for man, but for God. I am not afraid of man. I am afraid of God.

Therefore, your choice then becomes very clear to you, which way you want to go. We are living in a very interesting period of time, although the suffering of humanity is disheartening but they have a choice not to. God has given that choice to everyone.

I hope all this makes sense to you. We have another half an hour that we will be with you. I will be meditating with you, and if there is a question, raise your hand. I will be informed that you have raised your hand, and we will go from there.

Audience: Why the swastika on your website?

Maitreya: Sure. That is a good question. That is a question that a lot of people ask us, why the swastika? The swastika is the oldest symbol in the world. It is the symbol of the movement of the kundalini, or the spiritual forces, that when it awakens it will swirl up the spine. Humans knew about it thousands and thousands of years ago.

Actually, you can find the swastika in every culture in the world. There is no culture that did not know about it before Hitler misused the sign for his own purpose. There is a gentleman in Canada who has a website all about the swastika. It has a lot of pictures and a lot of information.

American Indians knew about it. Even in New Mexico, if you go to a city called Montainair, there is a hotel there that has the signs of the swastika all over the building.

If you study the Hindu religion, they know about it and use it. Actually, the cross itself was a form of the swastika. The cross is known in many cultures as the broken swastika.

So therefore, it was known to the Christians in the beginning of the spread of Christs teachings. The Christians used to identify themselves with the swastika and put the swastika on their graves, on their doors, and in their places, so the other Christians knew that they were Christians and felt safe to go to them, etc. That was because they were persecuted also in the beginning of Christianity, especially in Rome, and all those places.

Also, we have a book called, the Swastika Book, under the FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website. If you go there, it says, Swastika Book. It has a link to that website of that gentleman from Canada.

There is a city in Canada called Swastika. The student newspaper in the University of New Mexico used to be called, Swastika, until a few years ago.

So, the swastika is not only what Hitler used it for. Actually, that gentleman with the website about the swastika has a declaration of independence in his site that declares that the swastika is independent from Hitler and the ideas that a lot of people in the world are relating to the sign.

The explanation of why the swastika is not a bad thing has been explained many times. That is what I was giving around a half an hour ago about the explanation of the surgeons knife. If the surgeons knife is in the hand of a surgeon, it can heal. If it is in the hand of a killer, it can kill. It is a very sharp object, and it is made for cutting flesh. Is the knife bad or good? Can you say it is good when it is in the hand of a surgeon, and it is bad when it is in the hand of a killer?

It is the same thing for the swastika. The swastika was actually known as a good luck sign in many cultures. We recommend that you go to the website of that gentleman. Go to our website in the part, Frequently Asked Questions. Look at the book. The Smithsonian Institute published the book in the 1920s. We found that book in the library here in New Mexico. We took it, digitized it, and put it on the website, because we have had so many questions about, Why swastika? Why are you using the swastika?

Swastika is the movement of the creation. It is the first sign of the big bang, that the universe was created. Therefore, we had no choice. If we wanted to explain the creation, we had to use the same sign that God sent as the movement of the creation in the world.

So, we had no choice but to use that. However, to soften the concept, we do not call it swastika, we call it Lotustica, which is really just to give a name that can be exonerated, accepted, and understood in a deeper level.

If you take the bad way of representing it in the western culture, we can see that the swastika is not a bad sign. It used to mean good luck. Christians, as I said, knew about it and used it, and actually, the cross is a broken swastika.

Therefore, go to our website and read that book. Go to the other website and study about it. Study about it in other cultures. That is one of the good things about the Mission, that we are open for you to go and study all cultures, all religions, all signs, and come to your own conclusions. Never follow the propaganda in the world.

Never listen to the things that the culture has taught you and you never really thought deeply if it means what they say it does. If you do that, you will expand yourself. You will know about other cultures and how they used different signs, what they mean, and you will come to your own conclusions and say, Well, how can a sign by itself be good or evil? It depends on how you use it.

In this case, if you study our teachings, in the Sixth Seal, the yellow swastika becomes white. It becomes a guiding light in your life and you realize that this creation is destruction and death. Therefore, the only life is in God and going toward Him. So, even this world, which is tama guna, becomes a guiding light for you.

We have to expand ourselves, study, read, meditate, and realize that whatever we hear is not always the truth. We have been completely brainwashed, in a sense, to not realize the meaning of a great thing that God has sent us.

As the great cultures have said, Everything is upside-down. The more you climb this world, the more you go to Maya, and you will be lost. The more you climb back down, you go to the root, and you go to God.

You can see that the nervous system is like an upside-down tree. The root is up in the brain, and the branches come to your body, downward toward the earth. So in another sense, the more you use and follow your senses, your desires, your wants, etc., which is your nervous system, the more you go to Maya. That is the upside-down tree.

The more you meditate and close your senses, you go to your brain and to your Soul, the greater you go to God and realize Him.

Apparently this lady who asked the question really did not want to know the answer. She left. But, the answer is very clear. We have to overcome our prejudices, cultures, and all of that again and open ourselves to the truth of God and know God. What does He want? What does He want to say? What does He tell us? Not what the newspapers and television and the propaganda of this world is telling us the truth is, but find the truth ourselves in a deeper level and teach it to others.

That is very important, and hopefully one day even the media and all that in the world, will talk about God and greater things, the truth, and not political maneuvering, cultural biases, and all that we have created in this world, is bringing great suffering to everyone, and is taking us away from the deeper truth of the world.

All right, I guess that answers that question about the swastika. Go to our website. Read the book. Go the website of that other gentleman. Study what it really means. Does it really mean what they say it means? Or, does it mean something else, as everything also means something else in the deeper level?

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: In the first couple of pages in THOTH, there is the inverted heart symbol with the Christus around it. I was wondering if you could give us an explanation of that symbol and its origin.

Maitreya: I do not know what the origin of it is. We found it in a book. When I was reading THOTH, it came to me in a book. I do not even remember what book it was, or where we got it from. Even Sarah-ji who has been with me all along from the very beginning does not remember.

I do not remember, I have seen it other places also. Actually, there is another website, and a gentleman told us that they have a link to our website in his website, and he also has that symbol in his website.

Most probably it has a Jewish origin, because it talks about Yo Te Vo Teh, or Yahweh in the middle, and the fire comes out of it. It struck me very deeply. It is beautiful.

The meaning came to me as I explain it in THOTH, that God is the fire of compassion. He is the Father and Mother, and of course, the Son represents the Father and Mother on earth. So the trinity is one because there is no separation between the three.

You cannot separate God, Father, from the creative forces, Mother, and the Son comes as the representation of both. So they are really one. There is only One God, and that is the Consciousness and the three creative forces, which are one.

So I do not know what the origin is, but the explanation is as given in THOTH. I do not even know what was the original explanation of the person who drew it. I do not remember that I saw any explanation about it. It was just a picture in that book, or whatever it was that we had at that time.

But, the explanation as it is given, it sounds like God is fire, everything is flamed, and flaming, and fire is the purifier. That is why they used to have all those elaborate rituals, burnt offerings, etc., as is the water. Later on, God modified the fires to water, to baptism. Instead of being baptized by fire, you are baptized with water.

Before that it was the sacrifice of man, of humans. When Abraham was told, Do not kill your son, but kill the lamb, the sacrifice of humans was transferred to the sacrifice of animals. The sacrifice of humans into the fire was transferred to the sacrifice of animals.

When Christ came, none of them were necessary any more but the purification was with water, which is much milder, and you do not burn out and die in the process of purification. So now, the baptism is to baptize yourself into the Eternal Divine Path, to follow it, to become perfect, and to become a Paravipra. Anytime you do the ritual, as I said, you turn around from the world and you come to The Reminder.

So the fire in that picture sounds like the fire of purification, and God is the fire of compassion, which burns all the impurities if you really open yourself to Him, and His Grace will surely save you from many, many heartaches and headaches that humans go through.

Eventually you realize that you really do not need this world that much. The only thing you need is the Communities of Light. The community will support you, you will support the community, and you will base your life on that premise.

Therefore, The Grace of God will come and will purify you as much as you let Him do that. I hope that makes sense to you and explains your answer.

We have a few minutes left of our time. Again, go to our website and study our teaching.

This is a Call to those who have been prepared for the last 12,000 years to come together to see that God exists, God has sent all the Revelations, and to understand the Plan of God in full, to realize the Eternal Divine Path, the unity of all humans and religions, to come together as brothers and sisters, bring the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and help this earth to heal itself.

We would like to reach out through the Internet, through writing, through teaching, and through sending people who teach. One of our members, as we were told last night, will have a discussion in the room, Belief Zone, on the 30th of this month.

I do not know, Brad, do you want to come in and tell us a little bit about it? That would be great. I do not know how much you want the people to know. But, we heard it ourselves last night that you are going to have a discussion there. Would you like to pick up the mic and tell us about it? You do not have to if you do not want to.

Brad: Yes, I happened to see where they have guest speakers in there from time to time. I believe it is every Wednesday, is how they schedule. So I asked the administrator of the room if I could talk. As far as I know, it is on Wednesday, I believe Wednesday at 9 PM EST. I havent heard back from them on the exact scheduling.

After that, just a chance in fact after that, I talked for a couple of hours in the room about the Mission and tried to just kind of answer some general questions. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so hopefully I put some information out there that is the truth.

Maitreya: Very good. We missed you in the business meeting last night. Of course, all the information, other people knew about, and they told us about that. That is great.

Yes, probably there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation, and people have a lot of concepts that probably are not according to the Missions teaching. They feel that they know us. They know what is in it. This Mission is much more than just going and looking in the website a couple of minutes or hours even. It takes a lifetime to completely fathom the depth and beauty of It.

We are very, very glad that God chose us to bring this to humanity. We consider ourselves Blessed and Graced by Him doing that. Whoever comes to this Mission, is also Blessed and Graced.

We are not a cult. We are not trying to bring destruction to humanity. Actually, it is the Mission of peace, beauty, and great Revelation.

We also have decided to have, probably, a talent show in a month or so in our room. So there is going to be some advertisement going, telling you that you can come and participate, if you want to participate in that. You can come. Send us an e-mail and say that you have a talent and that, so people see that we also have a lighter side than just pounding our teaching on everyone.

That would be great to come and participate if you want and know that we have even some talent in the Mission, and they can present that to you through this room.

So, it is an all-around Mission. We are not even against music, but we recommend that music be directed toward the higher self, the higher things, and Godly, so it helps us to be(come) in higher consciousness. This is an all-rounded Mission.

This is the Call to all of you to go and find out about it, and come and help.

I enjoyed being with all of you and everyone, and I hope you enjoyed it too. I will come here next week. But, if there are not many questions, then we might go back to the monthly Satsang. If you are enjoying to come here and meditating with me, just tell us that. We will come anyway, and we will sit and mediate, which that is fine too. But, I am here mostly to answer the questions and expel the misconceptions about the Mission, and explain the teaching.

You all have a God-week. See you next week.


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