Satsang (Discourse) 02/2/02




Maitreya: Sal-Om to the Divinity in all of you. That is what Sal-Om means.

Sal-OM means that I pay my Salutations to the Essence in each and every one of you. That Essence is God. That Essence is what God loves in you. That Essence is what God wants to return to Him, or It. Therefore, when we say, Sal-OM, we Sal-OM the Divinity within you. That is all you have.

You do not have your body. You do not have your possessions. You do not own anything in this universe but that Essence. Therefore, the more you work on that Essence, the more successful you are in life. The more you work on your body and external world, the less successful you will be at the end.

So, Sal-OM reminds us of what is important in life. The most important thing in life is the Essence that we have to work to polish, to love, to meditate on, to make it progress, and to rid ourselves of the karmas and bad habits that we have created.

When you leave your body, you do not take anything with you but that Essence, not even your body, not even your wife, your husband, your family, your possessions, nothing. The only thing you take with you is that OM, that Essence. That is what you are, and who you are.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in life, work on that Essence alone. When you have the Essence, then you will realize that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. To be(come) Divine means to be in the image of God, manifest His Qualities, see His Light, and shine that Light to the people around you.

Light your spirit so you can also light other peoples spirits because you are the Fire of God, and your fire can fire others who also will become the Fire of God. Then they also can fire many others. So we can see, like a little candle, which can light many candles, and those candles light many others, eventually we will have an earth full of the Lights of God, which will shine all over the earth and will see the truth of life. They will not be ignorant anymore, and they will know that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and, the only thing that they have is that Essence.

Therefore, I say again, Sal-OM. It means, I pay my salutations to the Divinity within you.

You have come to the room that has the last Revelation of God for you. Again God has fulfilled what He has promised He would do for humanity. He promised that there would be Seven Seals, there would be Seven Angels, and these Seven Seals and Seven Angels will bring different Revelations, or Seals, to humanity. And He has done it.

He has sent Seven Revelations to humanity that each of them has a part of a greater truth. These Revelations each have become great religions of the world and each of them have many followers. Now each follower says, We have the truth and no one else has the truth. And God says, No, each of you has a part of the truth, and the whole is greater than the parts.

Therefore, now this Revelation has come to us and we have given it to everyone in every way possible. Any tools He has created, and any opportunity He has given to us, we have used to reach humanity, and, of course, we will use them in a greater degree as the opportunity will be given to the Mission to reach man.

Indeed many great Souls are attracted to the Mission. We can see that there are others who now preach the Mission to many. They have chosen to do that, and they are doing a great job in doing it. They know the teachings, and they understand these Revelations. They know their mission in life is to let humanity know this great Revelation of God that God truly exists because He has promised many things to humanity that He has carried out and fulfilled.

Even an agnostic or an atheist, when he or she sees that God promised and He carried it out, no longer can say that, God does not exist, or Prove it to me. That is the proof.

How do we know someone has been in a room, if when we come to the room and that person is not there anymore? If he or she moved something of the furniture and put it in a different place, we conclude that someone has been there. Someone moved the furniture; therefore, someone has been in the room.

If God promises that He will do something and He does it, and there are many examples in THOTH, our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament that He has done that, then He exists. If you read that Book, God many times promised and He carried out those promises.

The conclusion is, God truly exists. Ninety-nine percent of the humans, which the majority of them claim that they follow God, really do not believe in that God that really exists and is One.

He is the God of all of us. There is no separation; there is no difference. We are all His children. We have to realize that as soon as possible and, therefore, rescue the earth from the separation, ego trips, wars, and the destruction that have been on earth.

Unfortunately, if we continue the way it is going, it is going to become even worse. Eventually, maybe humanity -- not maybe, surely -- humanity will reach the conclusion that, Yes there is one God, one humanity, and one earth. They will come to that conclusion.

But how could it be there is one God when only you have to meditate and like a drop of water, fall into it? It is like the Mystical Paths that teach, Meditate and you will reach God. Know thyself to know God.

Therefore, they do not believe in Abraham, Moses, Esa, Muhammad, and Bab. They say, We do not care about those. We meditate only by ourselves, and we will reach Pure Consciousness. We will reach Godhood. We will become a drop falling into God.

Or, those who say, We are the chosen ones. God only chose us. We are the only people who will go to God and no one else. If you want to go to God, you go through us, and they will fight with the people who do not believe in Moses, Abraham, and his children.

Other people say, No, we have the only way because He said, No one goes to the Father but through me. Therefore, we are the ones who go to God and all of you are going to go to hell. You are not going to go to the Father, to God.

Or, those who say, No, none of you are correct because we have the last word and we are the people who are going to go to God. Therefore, all of you are wrong, and you have to come and join us.

Others say, No, all of you have the same teaching. Basically, you say the same thing. Therefore, you are one, you have to become one with each other, become universalists, and accept one another. Although I can see there is a difference between these Revelations, I cannot explain why there is difference between these Revelations. But, that is OK, we will forget about that part. We will just take the parts that are similar and say, You are all one.

So which one is going to go to God? Which one is going to go to Pure Consciousness, to heaven, to whatever you call that state?

Now God sends His Revelation and says, OK, you have reached a point. For the last 12,000 years, I have let the chaff and the wheat grow together in the same field. Now is the time of harvest. This is the time to separate the chaff from the wheat.

So really, this is the real picture. It is the whole Revelation. This is the whole elephant. The whole picture is that each of these religions has a truth. Each of these religions brought a part of a greater message, which now we will reveal to you. And, you have heard it. When you have heard it, I am done with you.

It is not a cult. We are not creating a cult here. Here is a Message. We give it to you, and we are done. What you do with it, it is up to you and God. We do not judge you. God judges you with the actions you take. You have free will. You have free will to take the actions you want. But, what the result of your free will is, the actions you take, is Gods. So, free will is not a free ride. They are completely two different things.

Yes, you have free will to accept Gods Revelation and Words, and go to Him. Or, you have the free will not to accept Gods Word, go the other way, and go away from Him.

To take Gods Words and go to Him is the act of baptism. That is, to turn around. Baptism means to turn around. It means that I say, OK, I have free will. I can spend my time doing ungodly things, or I can spend my time to do Godly things and become a light, which will light a lot of others around me and they will become Godly. Or, I go away from God; I become a false teacher who will take a lot of people with me to the world and away from God.

So you see, your choosing not only affects you, it also affects a lot of people around you. And, therefore, you choose.

The Message is very simple. There are five Revelations from God that have come to humanity. This is a Path. These are principles we are giving you. If you follow them, you will benefit from them. Individually, you can implement them in your life, between the couples, in your household; you can implement them in your community, in your neighborhood. You can implement them in your city, in your state, in your country, on earth, or to the universe. It is your choosing.

The first principle is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path, or the first Revelation that God gave to humanity: awakening your spiritual forces, the Mystical Paths, to Know thyself is to know God. Be still and know that I am God. I am, which is me, is the same as I Am, which is God. Atman and atman are the same. Self is the same thing as God.

When you meditate, you calm your mind and your spirit; you withdraw your senses, which are like five strong horses pulling you through the world. Therefore, you fall into the Maya and the external world. When you quiet those senses and you calm your mind, eventually the turbulent mind becomes a calm lake. Then you can see the reflection of God in yourself just like a calm lake that you can see the reflection of the moon in it. But, when it is turbulent you cannot see the moon. You just keep looking at the lake and saying, How come I cannot see the moon?

Where is God? He does not exist. That is because the moon has been shattered to many thousands of millions of pieces, and your mind is not calm enough to reflect that Spirit within yourself.

The first step is to awaken your spiritual forces, meditate, and withdraw your senses from the external world. Do not let those horses pull you to the external world and tempt you with the temptation of the mind, which is really your subconscious mind, which has been created in many lifetimes and now your subconscious mind tells you what to do and what not to do, and you do that. Sometimes you feel that you do not have power over it. You say, I do not have the power. I cannot do it. It is hard.

Some people call it the devil. It is the same thing. It is really your subconscious mind, the pulling of your desires, wants, and attachments, which make you listen to temptation, listen to the adversary, which is the devil. He tells you what to do, and you listen to him because your senses are not trained to be controlled by you, but you are trained to be controlled by your senses.

Therefore, the devil is really nothing but your subconscious mind, your ego, your senses, the external world, your desires, and temptations. If you do not have those desires, if you do not let your senses pull you all over the place, the devil has no power over you. You have power over the devil. You can tell the devil what to do and what not to do.

You can tell the devil, No, go away. I am not going to listen to you. You are so little and so unworthy. Devil really is because the more we listen to the devil, the more our lives will become unworthy too. Therefore, we can see it is understanding what the real essence of the devil is. The devil really is the tama guna which has made the consciousness become crudified, which is the subconscious mind.

The tama guna is one of the three forces of the universe. Tama guna crudifies. That is what the whole universe is created with. And tama also crudifies the mind. We eventually think that we are only our bodies. We do not even feel the Spirit, or God, or anything.

Therefore, the devil is the tama guna, the crudifier of the consciousness, which takes us to the world, and we listen to our senses. When you become realized you can see that the world has been created with the tama guna. You can see the temptation. You can see the pulls. Then you can meditate and realize more and more how to not let this world dominate you. Then the very devil becomes the shining star, guidance in your path to God, which is called Lucifier. Lucifier really means the shining star. He is one of the angels of God, one of the main angels that God created.

The devil, the tama guna, challenges God because he wants to be God. As I said, he has power over you. He has power over your consciousness, your senses. Therefore, tama guna dominates you and says, Do not listen to God, listen to me, listen to your temptations, listen to your senses, yes, go ahead, glorify your senses. Give your senses as much as they want. Eat, drink, sleep, go, go, and give your senses as much as they want.

That is exactly what the devil is. He wants to become your god. That is why the Bible says it challenged God, and it still challenges God. Your senses challenge God. God wants you to return and go to Him, and your senses want to go to the world. So see, it is a challenge.

There is a fight going on between God and the devil; that is true. The Bible is correct. There is a struggle. There is a challenge. There still is a challenge between the devil, which is the tama guna or crudification of the consciousness, and the state of oneness with God.

But, when you see the challenge, when you know the devil, is it the devil any more? No, it is a shining star. It becomes a light in your path and you say, Oh, I can see right through it.

You can meditate. You can close your eyes, meditate, and say, Well, I can see right through this situation, and I am not going to let the devil get me. Then the devil is your slave. You become the master.

So we can see that the Bible and our teaching is the same. We say the same thing. Of course, the Bible puts it in a more dramatic way because the human consciousness did not know about the subconscious mind. They did not know about meditation and awakening of your spiritual forces. They have to put a kind of fear in their hearts, so they will at least consider, Oh, if I do that, the devil is going to get me. It is the devil doing it.

Really at this time the human is in a level of consciousness that now this can be explained to them and they can realize what the meaning of the Scriptures is. The meaning is much greater and more logical then, Oh, there is the devil, he is red, he has two horns and a long spear, and he comes and says, If you do not listen to me, I am going to put the spear through your heart.

No wonder there are so many atheists and agnostics out there saying, What you are saying does not make sense. It is not logical.

But, this makes sense. Now if you tell an atheist or an agnostic it is the subconscious mind, he will say, Oh yes, I understand that. There is the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind. There is the collective consciousness, and all that has been taught by Freud and Jung. I can understand that. That is intellectual. That makes sense to me. But, really that is what is God is talking about, the same as the devil.

Is there hell or heaven? Where is hell and heaven? It is here and now. You are either in heaven here on earth, or you are in hell. It is a state of consciousness. It is not a place. If there is a place and you can drink and have seventy virgins, as some people believe, that still is a manifestation. How can it be the Essence? How can it be the ultimate?

If it is a place, it cannot be the ultimate. It is still a material thing.

So we can see again, hell and heaven are here and now. You either are in heaven, or you are in hell. Hell means that you are listening to your ego, your senses, or the devil. Or, you are in heaven, by meditating, awakening your spiritual forces and realizing, No, I do not want to listen to this body any more. I have been listening to this body for many lifetimes, and it did not get me anywhere. Now is the time to say, Just stop it. I am not going to listen. I am going to listen to God.

God has sent Scriptures, and He has explained in them how you can return to Him. With this Revelation, you have greater truth to return, and that is the Eternal Divine Path.

So, the first step is to awaken your spiritual forces, to realize what makes you fall, what pulls you toward your desires, attachments, etc., and overcoming and getting control over your senses. The Mystical Paths say that is it. That is all you have to do. After you know yourself, like a drop of water, you fall into the ocean. That is the teaching of Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufism, and any other path that tells you to, Know thyself to know God.

It is just like that saint was saying, I die every day in Christ. Christ increases in me, and I decrease in myself. So that is really what it means, ego becomes less and less, and God becomes more and more. Therefore, I let my ego go, and God can fill the empty space that the ego left.

We can see that the first step covers all the Mystical Religions and Paths on earth. Of course, this is not the end of it because if it were the end of it, God would not say in the Bible, that if you think that you are not hot or cold and you have overcome so you are OK, I will spew you out of My Mouth. He says, No, no, you are not going to come in.

If you are in the Mystical Paths and you selfishly, or personally, or individually are trying to overcome and are going to the higher consciousness, gaining a lot of powers, manifesting miracles, creating ashes, giving Grace to this and that, eating vegetables only, and smelling like roses, God says it is not the way. I am not going to let you in. I am going to spew you out of My Mouth. Why? It is because God says, Do the first love.

Where was their first love? The first love was society. The first love was that they wanted to have some satisfaction in the body in the society. That was their first love.

Therefore, He said after meditating and awakening your spiritual forces, you have to direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. Now where does the idea of the Communities of Light come from? Who brought the Communities of Light?

We can see that God chose Abraham. He promised two promises to Abram. First, He promised to Abram the birthright and the scepter. The son of Abram was Ishmael. Then He changed the name from Abram to Abraham and promised the same things to Abraham, whose son was Isaac.

So, He gave two promises, one to Ishmael and one to Isaac. Then the children of Isaac created the Old Testament and Hebrews. What is the theme of the Old Testament? The whole Old Testament is talking about God wants to find a people, His people, and they will follow Him, accept Him as the King, and will follow His Laws.

So community, tribes, the twelve tribes of Israel, is the next step in our Path. After we start meditating and awakening our spiritual forces, we direct them toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, we share. In the Communities of Light, we try to not always think, What is in it only for me? By meditation, by overcoming our senses, we will be desireless. The less you desire, the less you need, and the more you can share. The more desires you have, the more you need, and the less you can share. The more we share, the less suffering will be on earth because everyone has at least their physiological and safety needs taken care of. If they follow the Eternal Divine Path also, they will awaken their spiritual forces.

So the next step after awakening their spiritual forces is to direct the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament, the story of the Hebrews and how God was trying to create the twelve tribes of Israel.

But how long did it last, that period of the Hebrews to be chosen? It is very clearly revealed in the Bible, in chapter 50, in Genesis. When Jacob was dividing his inheritance, when he gave the inheritance to Judah, he said, The Kingdom will stay with Judah, which is where all the great kings of the Jews came from, until the Shiloh comes.

Who is the Shiloh? The Shiloh is the Messiah. When their Messiah came, that promise, that Kingdom, would be taken away.

We can see that the Shiloh later came as Christ, Esa, or Jesus, which really Jesus was not his name. If you read THOTH, you will realize why he was not Jesus.

But, anyway, his name was really Esa. Some people say his name was Yshua. That was not his earthly name. That was his spiritual name, which cannot be pronounced.

So, we can see that when the Shiloh came actually, if you read THOTH, it clearly states that Christ told the priest of the temple that the Kingdom would be taken away from them and given to another nation. We can see, by the coming of Christ, He fulfilled that promise. Esa also brought the idea of sacrifice.

Now, you awaken your spiritual forces, and you direct them toward the creation of the Communities of Light. But, if you are a selfish person in the Communities of Light, can you help the community? You are going to take more resources from the community than giving to it.

So, what is going to happen? You are draining the resources of the community. You are draining the energy of the community. You are always demanding attention from the community. You are always demanding resources from the community. So, that community is going to die.

It is just like a faucet, which takes more water out than the water you can put in a container. So sacrifice and the ability to give to the community come next. That is the Message of Christ. Christ came and showed that sacrifice is necessary. You have to go all the way to the cross, if necessary, in order to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Of course, it is not really necessary this time because God is in charge, and He will sunder. Those who will not be with Him will not be reincarnated for a long, long time. Those who are with Him will be reincarnated and will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So the next step is sharing, sacrifice, giving of yourself to the community, the ability to see the need of the community and rise to the occasion, and take care of it. That is the Message of Christ: Sacrifice.

Now you sacrifice and give all you can, you put a lot of effort into it, and nothing happens. No one listens. No one wants the Revelation. No one wants to create the Communities of Light. So we can see, you can become very discouraged and say, Well, I have been giving these Satsangs for the last twenty-two years and very few are attracted.

Of course, it has been prophesied that there is going to be a time of silence, and it was a time of silence for the last twenty-two years. But, now it is not any longer.

Indeed, the fall of the TwinTowers in New York sounds like a real turning point for humanity as well. It was a significant event that happened, and it was then that God really brought this Revelation to humanity in a greater degree. Now we are reaching to everyone out there who is interested to hear about us.

Also our teachers are reaching out in a greater degree, and this door is open, so that time of silence is finished. Now is the time of calling everyone to come to it. So we can see that if you do a lot for the Communities of Light and you say, It is not happening, you become depressed.

Or, maybe you do, and it starts happening. Just right now, the Mission is accelerating in a greater degree and a lot of people are hearing from us. Then you create a big ego and say, This is my doing, I am a great doer of this. It is not.

I did not even know that I would be chosen to bring this Revelation from God. God chose me and I appreciate that God had such confidence that such a great Revelation that I could bring to humanity. But, really it is God who did it, not me.

Therefore, the next step is surrendering the result to God. It means you awaken your spiritual forces, you create the Communities of Light, you try to create communities, you sacrifice and share in the Communities of Light, but when you do that you say, God, the result is yours.

It is just like this Satsang. Some people say, Why dont you have hundreds and thousands of followers? I do not care. Maybe it is because I have the real truth [laughing]. People do not want the real truth.

That is why after the Prophet leaves, another person comes with the big ego and waters down the teachings of the Prophet, and then a lot of people start following that. We can see that happened in Christianity; it happened in some parts of Islam, and it happened in Babs teaching. Another person had to come, dilute it, and put their ego in it, and because there is an ego in that, everyone says,Yes, yes, that makes sense. I want to follow it.

So you can see that when you sacrifice and you give to the community, the next step is to realize that you are not attached to the result of your actions. You surrender and submit the result to God. Greater than surrendering the result to God is submission, to realize that God is doing it through you.

I am not giving this Satsang. God is giving it through me to you. You are actually connected to God directly, and He is presenting these teachings to you so that you can see the truth that, He has been doing it. So if you become an instrument in the Hand of God, then you are not attached to the result because you did not do anything. God did it through you. That takes care of being attached to the result, and you can freely go, do, preach, and give away without being attached to the results and knowing God did it through you.

That is the theme of Islam. Islam comes from the word, tasleim. Tasleim means, Surrendering and submission to God. If you truly become an instrument in the Hand of God, that is the highest spiritual realization. You have realized that you and God are one. That is the goal of the life, to be(come) Divine, to realize that God is within you all the time. The I and i are one; the Atman and atman are one. The Essence is God.

Therefore, you can see in that Essence, Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet and the Khatem of the Prophets.

If you look at The Greatest Sign, the sign of Islam is at the very top of The Greatest Sign. Therefore, it was also the seal of the Prophets. It is just like a ring. Therefore, both meanings are correct in that essence.

Right now, we have solved the problem that Bahais and Moslems have had for more than a century: Was it Khatem or was it Khatam? It was both.

Then, still with all these four steps you might become narrow-minded. You direct everything toward the wellness of one nation, or your city, or your neighborhood, or your household, or even the earth. The next step is to become a universalist, to realize that God is your Father, God is your Mother, God is Everything, and Everything is God. God could not just go to the 7-Eleven store, buy material, and create the universe. He had to use His own Body to create the universe.

There is nothing that is not God. If there is nothing that is not God, where is the devil then? Where is the devil hiding if God is everywhere? That is why we say, Devil, or Maya, or self-centeredness, or the subconscious mind, is the illusion of separation from God.

We have the illusion that we are separated from God. When that illusion is shattered, we know that God indeed is Everything. When we realize that, we become a universalist. We shatter all narrowness of the mind. We do not separate any part of the universe from any other part.

The pain of the people in South America is our pain. The pain of the people in Africa is our pain. The pain of the people in Asia is our pain. The pain in America is our pain. The pain of Europe is our pain. The pain of the universe

Therefore, we work toward creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, where all humanity is provided for their physiological and safety needs. Some people say, Well, there are not enough resources for all of humanity. As Ghandi said, There is enough for everyones need but not enough for everyones greed.

Also, by reaching to the universe, to space, we can bring greater resources to humanity with a greater lifestyle for everyone. So, God has provided for all of us to be comfortable. We do not have to give up everything we have to make everyone comfortable, but if we give a little bit, a lot can be done. With this realization, we shatter all the narrowness of the mind.

This is the Eternal Divine Path: the awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and becoming a universalist. If you really truly follow this Path, you become an Elect.

An Elect is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path, is incorruptible. That is the Sixth Seal, which was brought with the gentleman, or Baba, or a guru, or a teacher, or a Prophet. He was more than a teacher, or a guru. He was really a Manifestation by himself. He brought the concept of Sadvipras.

He went through a lengthy explanation of who a Sadvipra is. He brought the explanation of the four classes of humans, etc. So He really explained what God meant by an Elect.

Of course, the Mission expanded on it and brought the Seven Seals, the explanation of the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path ends to the creation of the Elects, or those who have been chosen to do the Will of God. That is the Sixth Seal.

The Seventh Seal is our teaching; the Seventh Seal, like the seven chakras. In the seventh chakra you become one with God and there is no mystery left. The Seventh Seal is the same thing. It is the place that all Revelations are given, and there is no mystery left for humanity. Now is the time for everyone to see where they fall, where their religion is.

There are three kinds of people who are resisting our teachings. First, are those who have their own religions, their dogmas, and they want us to follow their dogmas, and their dogmas are dogmas. They are not from God. Dogma means man created it. They are created by man. And they resist us as they resisted every new Revelation from God.

Hebrews resisted Christ. Hebrews and Christians resisted Prophet Muhammad. Christians, Hebrews, and Moslems resisted Bab and Bahaullah. And the people in the Mystical Paths resisted the Judeo-Christian-Islamic-Bahai teachings. Now here we are again, and they are resisting us. That is the first.

The second are the atheists and the agnostics. They do not believe in God, therefore, they are not interested in the Mission. But, believe me, if they come, read, and see that God said He was going to do things that He promised He would do, and He did them, the agnostic at least would say, Yes, well, God exists. Now I am not agnostic any more because I can see that He said He was going to do them, and He did them.

Atheists have to realize, that it is very logical and God is not something illogical as many religions have presented to them. They are very against dogmas, just like us. We are against dogmas. So, we have something in common, and even atheists can find a logical God in our teachings, because God is logical.

The third one is the people who have a little knowledge, and they have made up their minds that God is love, God is light, etc. They have probably searched and researched their Souls, and they have come to this conclusion that God is something. God is love. God is light. That is it. If Maitreya does not say that God is love or God is light, or God is this and that, he is not from God, because I realized this little thing and I am hanging onto it. I am not going to expand myself to more than that.

But, really, God is. Put anything there, It becomes that. He is God. He is love. He is light, and anything with Is. God Is, put anything after God Is, and He becomes it.

So we have the same problem; humans resist us. But this time God is the Doer, God is the Manifestor, God is at the last stage. He has actually created an environment that no other Prophet ever had.

First, He made this country a free country for religions. So, I can come and preach here without being afraid to be stoned or crucified. That is what they did to the other Prophets, they crucified them, they stoned them, they shot at them, etc.

Secondly, He created the Internet to fulfill the prophecy that, All will hear Him. Hopefully, pretty soon we will have a camera. Everyone will see Him. Of course, you can see my picture in the website. You can hear me right now, and also you can see my picture in the Internet. God created all these tools for this purpose, for this Mission, for this Revelation. Therefore, you can see that God is behind this Mission, behind this Revelation.

Now you know the teaching; you know the Revelation. You have heard it. It is your decision. Take it, preach it, and give it to everyone. Let God come through and with His Light, become Lighted, and Light many others so we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now we will go to the questions. Please keep your questions about the Mission. There are questions that are asked that are not really that important, or there are questions that are very specific. I do not claim that I know every specific thing in the Bible. There are a lot of things also that have been changed, are man-made.

I do not know about mans teaching. I only know about Gods teaching. If it is man-made, I do not know. So do not come here and say, Well, how about such and such and such? If you dig deeper, you can see that their group or their religion or their teaching has a part that teaches things that are not Godly. It is not from God. Therefore, I do not know.

So, I am not going to be concerned about that. Therefore, let us keep our teachings based on the Mission, and whatever question that you have, or concerns you, the floor is open for your questions. Raise your hand

Go ahead, LoneSoul.

LoneSoul: Thank you very much. I have been sitting here listening, and you speak a lot of truth. I basically, just have one question, and if you cannot answer it, I do not know if you can. What has my friend, God, told you about the civilizations that existed on this planet way before any of this written doctrine of organized religion had come about, through the millennia when other civilizations have risen and fallen on this planet?

Maitreya: I imagine that you are asking about the Atlantians and the Lumurians? Is that correct?

LoneSoul: Those are two, but there also existed civilizations long before they were here. I am just curious as to what God has told you about these, because this planet has been here for billions of years. There have been many civilizations that have existed as well as Atlantis, Lumuria, the continent of Ur, or Urh, however, you wish to pronounce it. But, there have been civilizations before them also. I was just curious as to what your thoughts are about that.

Maitreya: There have been civilizations before this civilization. When God created man, in the beginning humans did not have the same kind of dense body as they have now. They were more Spirit, and they were not as dense as we are now. They had direct control over the forces, and they did use those forces. Actually, the spiritual world was more real to them than the external world, and because of that, they could manipulate the spiritual forces for their own purposes.

In the case of the Atlantians and the Lumurians, they lived together. The Atlantians were intellectuals and very industrious, and they created a lot of the tools that we have now. They used a lot of crystals to extract energy and life-force.

The Lumurians were more spiritual and the teachers. It was almost like the East and West at this time.

Then the intellectuals, the Atlantians, did not care too much about the Lumurians. So, they destroyed the Lumurians, and the base of their spiritual strength was gone. That is when they became more egoistical. Eventually they taught that they were God themselves, and they created tools, which destroyed them.

But, other civilizations, yes, there were other civilizations. As I said they were not as human-like as we are. They misused the power, energy, and Spirit, and therefore, they fell.

That is why eventually God destroyed those civilizations, which is symbolized in the Bible as the flood of Noah. In the flood of Noah (if you read the Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), our Scripture) it explains how God closed the third eye of man and gave man the two eyes that we have now.

Our third eye is closed until we prove ourselves that we really are serious, are interested in God and Spirit, start meditating, and close our two eyes (which are really the eyes to see the external world and attractions, and pull us toward the external world) and go back to the internal eye, which is seeing Spirit and God and progressing.

So we can see, yes, there were many other people before this generation but they fell. That is why we are here now with this dense body, our senses, and also many things that pull us toward the external world until we close our eyes and go back.

So, you are correct on that.

I do not know, Buffalo, do you have a question? I see your hand went down. I cannot see your hand. If you have a question, go ahead. Otherwise, LoneSoul, you can go ahead if Buffalo does not want to take the microphone.

Another thing, we do not accept questions in text. I do not see any. But, please take the microphone, if you have a question. If you do not then, LoneSoul, go ahead.

LoneSoul: So from what you just said that God destroys, then you believe as other religions do that God destroys His children if they disobey?

Maitreya: Well, a better way to put it is that God does not destroy, but man destroys himself against the Law. There are a set of Laws that if man follows, they will prosper, they will receive The Grace, and they will be returning home.

It is just like a path; a good person, a teacher, or your parents, or your leaders, if they are good and Godly, and they say you do this, this, this, this, and you do it, you become a good person and you have a good life. If you do not, you become unsuccessful or worse, a bum, and you fall, you are not going to prosper, and your life is going to be miserable. It is really your choice, which one you want to choose.

Also, it is the purpose of the universe to return back in this original state, which is the blissful state of be-ness. The universe works toward the creation of that state and return of unit consciousnesses back to the original self. Therefore the whole act of God is based on this purpose, based on this goal, based on this Vision. If anything goes against that goal, that Vision, it will go against the Will, it will go against the Purpose. They will hurt themselves against that Will.

So in a sense we do not say, God is sitting up there pointing a finger at you. If you do not do it, I am going to destroy you, but if you do not do it, you destroy yourself. It is your choice. It is the free will again. You have the free will to choose whatever you want, but the result is not yours. Where you go is based on what you decide.

Therefore, that is why we meditate and awaken our spiritual forces, to know the Will of God. Follow it, and you will not be destroyed.

So there is a little difference here with what was just said, that God is going to punish you and destroy you. No, go ahead; if you do not want to listen to my teachings, you do not want to follow Gods Will, that is fine. As I said, I am not a cult leader who says, Come here. Avoid others as separate from us.

It is not us and others. It is us. God is Everything.

So here the explanation is a little different. There is a purpose in the creation. It works toward that purpose. There are a set of Laws and regulations that have been given to humanity through His Words and Scriptures. Follow them, and you are going to be OK. Do not follow them, and it is you who decided to destroy yourself.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Sal-OM to all. My question is in The Holiest Book, page 27, verse 17, where you mention that Noah was a spiritually incarnated personality. Could you please explain that?

Maitreya: If you read the Bible, the first person who really did not die and actually became a son of God, or overcometh, was Lamech. When it explains that this person was born and lived for this long, and then he died, that person came and died, then when it came to Lamech it says, God took him. He did not die. What happened? He overcame. He realized God. He became a son of God. That is how you become a son of God, by overcoming.

Also in The Revelation, in chapter 21, clearly God says, If you overcome, you become My Son. So the only requirement to become a son of God is to overcome.

Of course, those who overcome and reach Pure Consciousness, God will use. It is just like, the Mission is looking for the Great Souls. The Mission is looking for the Elects, people who have been born to realize the beauty of this teaching.

During the week, when people here read the Scriptures in our room, many people come and truly write or talk from great joy that, Yes, this Revelation is really the One that even the Great Prophets expected to hear and know. They have prophesied that this Revelation would come, and when this Revelation comes it is going to be the greatest Revelation that ever came to humanity.

You can see that those Souls are the Souls that are looking for such a Revelation. Actually, the people who become the sons of God will return, will see this truth, and will say, Yes, I want to be a part of it.

So when God wanted to choose a Being to come and start the flood of Noah, He reincarnated Noah who was a great spiritual personality. Maybe he was the son of God. Maybe he was Lamech himself. Who knows? Only God knows those things.

Maybe it was another son, but it makes sense because Lamech was the first, and Noah was pretty close to Lamech. Actually the first one was the First Begotten Son, or the Adam, who went through the Eternal Divine Path and returned to God even before creation.

Also, there are many sons, many other sons who have overcome, and they are Great Souls that are always incarnated with the New Revelation and they help. In that time, Noah had only his own three sons who listened to him. No one else listened to him. Everyone mocked him. Everyone told him, You do not know what you are talking about.

They were building a ship in the middle of the desert. There was no water there. Everyone was saying, What are you doing? There is no water. Who is going to ride it? But, when the flood came they realized, they had missed the boat.

So we can see that Noah was a Great Soul and his three children were Great Souls who came to start a project for God. When the flood came, did God destroy those people, or did they destroy themselves by going against Gods Law?

They went against Gods Law, they went against Gods purpose, they went against the purpose of the universe and creation, therefore, they destroyed themselves. God will take the universe, or at least those who will listen, to the purpose that it has been created for, and THOTH explains that purpose very clearly.

That is why God uses these great spiritual beings to come, guide humanity, bring the new Revelation, spread it, and eventuallybring Gods Kingdom on earth. I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Buffalo.

Buffalo: And he said that when Jesus returns he will return to claim his bride, or his wife. But, He did not explain who or what his wife is. I would like Maitreyas comments on that.

Maitreya: For that, probably you can go the parable that Christ was talking about, at the time of the wedding when God sent for those who had been invited to the wedding. But they did not come. They said, No, we are busy with this and busy with that. We have our own religion, our own ideas, and our own truth, and they did not come to the wedding.

What was that wedding? That wedding was the new Revelation, the new wine, the new truth that had come to humanity. They did not accept it. They rejected it. They actually crucified him. They killed him. They said, We are going to stop him. But did they? No, they did not. The wedding went on, not with those who had been called for it, but those who were not called for it.

They were the priest class in the temple who claimed to be Godly, the children of God, that they have the truth of God. They were preaching to the Hebrews as if they are the sons of God, they were the people who would recognize the Messiah when he came, they would go to him, accept him, follow him, would preach his teaching, and bring his Revelation to everyone.

But when he came, they did not accept him. They rejected him. They actually crucified him.

So we can see that they did not go to the wedding which was the new Revelation, the new wine, the new truth. Therefore, Christ was not really unified with his bride. He was not able to marry her because she did not see that it was manifested.

We can see that at this time, that is not true. I am still alive, the Mission is going, it is spreading, and the people are hearing it. It is preached to the people every day, three times a day. Our people are invited to many different places. Therefore, we can see that the Mission has manifested in this time, and those who have been called for it are responding to it. We do not have any special priests.

This Revelation did not come to the Jews. This Revelation did not come to the Christians, or the Hindus, or the Buddhists. This Revelation came to the earth, and those who have been called for it are the ones who are invited. They are coming with the proper clothing, washed, and ready for the wedding. They are the people who are greatest in the Kingdom because they are the humblest.

I hope that makes sense to you. That is the meaning of that verse.

Go ahead, LoneSoul.

LoneSoul: Thank you. Good question, Buff. You spoke a few seconds ago about following God, and that if you do not follow, you fail and fall down. Well, my question is, I believe God is perfection. I believe all of Gods creation is perfection. So, in my belief, how can you go away from that which you are? We are God. We are one with God. So, failure does not exist.

If you say that we run away from God on a physical realm, you cannot run away from what you are. You cannot separate yourself from God. And it seems to me that what you are saying is that you can separate yourself from God if you do not follow His Laws, which personally I do not believe that He has any Laws other than love and acceptance of all his children.

So I wonder if you could just explain that because it is a contradiction to me when you say, in one respect that Gods creation is perfect. So, if it is perfect then everything that is happening is happening as it is supposed to regardless of what path or what level you are on in your evolutionary perspective.

So, you cannot get away from God no matter what you are doing, no matter what you are thinking, or meditating on. When we leave this fleshly existence, we go back to God.

You also stated that God chooses whether or not you reincarnate, or when you reincarnate. And, I want you to explain that because I do not think God chooses anything for us but love and acceptance. We make our own choices on when and where we wish to reincarnate. Maybe you could expound on that a little bit.

Maitreya: I sure can. That is a New Age teaching that has been given to humanity. Actually when I first heard that, I am God, I said, Wow, I am God. Gee, that is great. I really love that. I got such a big ego going around saying, I am God, people.

As I meditated more and more, I realized, I have all these problems. I am not loving. I am not accepting. I am not compassionate. I am not manifesting Gods Qualities at all. And, still I am going around say, I am God, with a big ego and feeling good about myself? But, I am not manifesting Gods Qualities. I am not even humble, and, I am talking about all these wonderful words but manifesting none of them.

So I realized, Oh, look, back up. Let us look at this to say, am I really God? If I am God why am I not manifesting these wonderful qualities?

Therefore we can see that there is an Essence, which is God in everyone, but also there are chakras that are not clean, they are not purified, and they are not completely one with God. Also, there is the subconscious mind, which has been created in many lifetimes, including this one, which is not compassionate. It is selfish. It is self-centered. It has a lot of problems. It does not know what the truth is.

Accepting, I am God, is just a part of it. Yes, your Essence is God, your Essence is one with God, but also you have the illusion of separation from God. If you are really one with God, the moment you see this Revelation, you see this teaching, you jump of joy and say, Yes, this is from God, and it makes sense.

We can see that even Christ said, Be perfect as your Father. He did not say that you are already perfect. He said, Be perfect. He said, If you follow those teachings you will build your house on the rock, and when the water, the wind, and all those things come, it is not going to move. But if you do not and you build your house on the sand, it will fall.

If everyone is already perfect, nothing has to be done, and we have the choice to choose whatever we want and whenever we want to be reincarnated, therefore, you are saying, We do not need God. We are God ourselves, and we do as we please. We do not listen to the Scriptures. We do not read the Words of God. We do not follow His Revelations, His prophecies, His struggle with man. Because we are already perfect, therefore, we do not need Him. We are God ourselves.

Isnt that what happened in the Garden of Eden? They thought they were God. If they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they reasoned, We will be God ourselves. They did not need God, and they would know everything.

You can see that the teaching you have just explained to me is the teaching of the followers of the New Age teachings. I am not saying that it does not have some truth. It has some truth in it for sure, as everyone has some truth. But the problem starts when some truth is mingled with some untruth.

Therefore we can see that you have to be(come) perfect. In our teachings, in our universal mantra, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevelam, it says, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, be(come) Divine. That means that, the Goal Of The Life Is to Be. To be or not to be, that is the question.

To be or not to be is realizing, I am, in the moment here and now, therefore, I am perfect because I can manifest Gods Qualities, and I understand the Scriptures and His Words. Therefore, I am One with Him, or, be(come), OK, I am not completely there, I am not one with Him, therefore, I have the illusion of separation from God. My chakras are not clean, and I am not perfect yet. I cannot manifest the qualities of God. I am not there. I can choose the wrong path by following my senses. Therefore, I will fall, I will go against the Law, and I will suffer for it. You can see that it is true, the Essence is the same as God but also there are other factors involved that make us have the free will, choose a path, and go wrong.

So we can see that you have some truth. What you say has some truth. But, there is more into it. There is a God. He has created the universe for a purpose. He has the control over everything, and He can choose for us to reincarnate or not. According to our choices and according to His Laws, we will suffer what we chose, and where we go. He has sent Revelations. He has sent Prophets. If we were already perfect and we knew everything, why did He have to send Prophets and His Words to us?

Therefore, we can see that the New Age teachings do not have all the truth. There is more to it. You have to go to His Words, His Revelations, and especially now with the Seventh Seal and this Revelation explaining everything that God has sent, doing so is even more urgent.

We can see that God was sending these Revelations and trying to take people to somewhere that is the purpose of this universe. The New Age teaching is against that purpose.

OK, LoneSoul, go ahead.

LoneSoul: Thank you very much. Actually, that is not a New Age teaching. It has been around long before any It has been around forever, because that is what God has told me in my many conversations with Him. And, that is not New Age. That is the knowledge that is available and the wisdom that is available to anyone when they meditate upon who they truly are and who we truly are.

You are speaking, I believe you are speaking, of man as living on a physical realm. And I do not claim to be perfect on a physical realm, but in my Soul, in my connection with God, in my oneness with God, I am perfect, as are you and everyone else that exists in the many, many universes.

So I see where you are coming from and to me it is just another spin on organized religion. As like you said, I have some truth, you have some truth. But, I follow what God says to me in my heart and in my Soul. [he was red-dotted]

Maitreya: OK, LoneSoul. If you have a question, please go ahead and ask your question. God does not talk to everyone. God talks to you according to the level you are. Otherwise, we did not need all the prophecies and long period of prophecy of the coming of a Revelation. Therefore, we have to go with that, and see that God is different than a lot of our thinking.

So, examine and test the Spirit that you call God, which is coming to you and giving you all these ideas.

And you are correct, this teaching that you are talking about was revived with the New Age but it had started in the Garden of Eden and actually started before the flood of Noah. That is what a lot of people believed, they were perfect, they were God, they did not need God, they did not need His Words, and they did not need His Revelation, etc.

You say that we have a little of the truth, a part of the truth. This teaching has the whole truth. So if you really want to know more, go and read more about it and know Gods Way.

OK, I will un-red dot you, but please go to the question, and do not preach the preaching and your own teaching. We would appreciate that. And, be brief. Thank you.

LoneSoul: I apologize. I forgot that this is not a discussion group. It is a question and answer thing on the Maitreya and whatever it is. I understand that, and I do not have any more questions. You have answered them all. May Gods Light shine in your heart and give you wisdom to use the knowledge that you have. And, I have to run. Talk to you guys later. Have a good day.

Maitreya: Sal-OM. You have a good day too. Of course, we will use Gods Light and Words and will hopefully help many people to realize that God is different than our own understanding. We have to read the Scriptures and know God in a greater degree. Also, we are gods, but we have to manifest Gods qualities and therefore we will be able to teach humanity to realize that His Words are in the Scriptures, what we understand. And even if the Spirit comes to us and tells us something, do not accept it if it is not according to the Scriptures, the Words of God, and the Prophets.

That will not guide you because that will actually take you away from God and His Revelation.

OK, I will be here another thirty-five minutes. If you have any questions, go ahead and raise your hand.

The similarity of that philosophy with what Adam and Eve said in the Garden of Eden that, We are gods. We do not need God. We do not need the Scriptures. We do not need His Revelations and Prophets. We can find everything by ourselves, is amazing. How can you find everything by yourself?

It is just like a little five year old child who says, Well, I am going to become a chemist by studying and learning by myself. I do not need any guidance. I do not need any books. I do not even have to go to school. I am not going to read any books actually. I am just going to meditate and find out exactly what the doctors in chemistry know.

You cannot. You cannot just do it by yourself by meditation. You have to read books. You have to go to school, the first grade, second grade, third grade, etc. Then go to high school, then go to the university, and eventually become a doctor in chemistry. But meditating and saying, Yes, the Spirit told me that if you put this chemical with that chemical, those elements together, then you are going to come up with that; and you do it, you will blow yourself up.

You have to have guidelines. You have to have Revelation that came from God. You have to have God in your life and know what He said through His Prophets. They are Gods Mouthpiece. Then you can say, Yes, this makes sense. I cant find this by myself, the 12,000 years of Revelation and sending of Gods Truth to humanity by just listening to a spirit that tells me, This is the way it is, and we all have to accept each other and love one another.

Yes, that is true, that our Essence and God are One, and we should manifest Gods qualities, but did they do that before the flood of Noah? They did not. They became separated because just by saying it, it does not happen. You have to understand the Communities of Light, the Eternal Divine Path, struggle for them and eventually be able to create the Communities of Light, to be able to sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. Then you become an Elect, and you become a son of God.

If you do not have those qualities, if you think you are the one without having proof, then I am sorry to say that probably you are wrong. You are saying some truth but not the whole truth.

So, the New Agers also have some truth. Yes, they can become god. They have the potential to become god. But, they are not god yet. Unless they manifest Gods Qualities, that belief is from ego.

As I mentioned, when I was first told that I am God, it felt so wonderful. Probably I had been meditating for so many lifetimes, that I caught myself very fast, What am I doing? and a couple of months later, I am God but I cannot manifest any of Gods Qualities, how can that be?

We can see that by just saying beautiful words and believing in the things that can be from ego, you can fall even further from the Path.

We pray for our brother, hopefully he will see the truth that God only talks in the greatest degree through His Prophets, through Moses, through Muhammad, through Christ, through Bab, through Bahaullah, etc. Why did He send all these Prophets if we could have done it by ourselves? Why do we need them? We do not need them, get rid of them. Are we going to be better off if we do that?

You can see that their teaching is incorrect. We have to realize that and not to fall into that trap.

Go ahead, John.

John: Maitreya, my question is in regards to the warrior class that is mentioned in THOTH, in The Holiest, also in The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, Mount Zion, and Daniel.

In the future communities with the hierarchy created and Mt. Zion and Zion, how can we adequately satisfy the desire of the warriors, when in the past they would fight one against another to control countries and things like that? How, in a good social way, can the warriors, when they come to their rise to power over the businessmen or whatever in the cycle, can we use them but not make them to the degree that they create so much suffering as in the past?

Maitreya: If you remember, those who will be in control of the society will be the Paravipras, those who have the abilities of the Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vaeshyas, and Vipras. So the Paravipras will be in control. Therefore, at the time of the Ksattriyas, the Ksattriyas will not be able to take over, but they will be used to prepare the society for the next phase. So because the Ksattriyas are not going to be able to be in control of the society, when the time comes for them not to be in control anymore, the Paravipras are the way for the next social class to come.

Actually, none of the social classes has the power in their hands, except for the Paravipras who have all the qualities of all the classes in them. They can determine when the time comes for the next class to arise in the society. Neither the Vipras, nor the Vaeshyas, nor the Ksattriyas, nor the Shudras will have the control over the society. When the time comes and they need some Ksattriyas to win a situation, they are going to be used.

Also at that time, we still might need some police force, some small armies, or big armies; it depends on the situation. If we reach to space, who knows, maybe there are other beings out there still in lower consciousness. We have to create an environment that protects us or even fight them, eventually, teach them the Eternal Divine Path, bring them to our fold, and create the colonies or the planets in space.

We can see that it is not the end of the Ksattriyan class. It is not the end of any class at all, but the direction comes from the Paravipras who are able to use every class and go to the next level as the cyclical movements continue to progress. In that essence, no class will dominate, and the time of stagnation is shortened. Also there is not going to be a revolutionary approach to the change of the classes. Therefore, it will happen smoother and smoother.

As more people meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, they will become all the four classes. So they can act in different situations according to what needs to be done, or where they are. We will have less and less separate classes, but more and more Paravipras who are willing to do the work of the dominating class, or the class that is necessary at that time, and therefore, continue to progress the society in a greater degree, and eventually reach a point where no need will be there for any human. All humans will be taken care of, at least their physiological and safety needs.

That is all the human requires. They need their physiological and safety needs taken care of. After that, meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of more Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist and an Elect.

So you accelerate the creation of more Elects in this process, and you have more and more Elects, Paravipras, and people who reach higher consciousness. The more people who are there to help the rest of the universe, the rest of the universe are accelerated toward Pure Consciousness. Hopefully, one day, every ounce of the universe will return to Godhood or Pure Consciousness. The more teachers, the more Paravipras we will have, the more accelerated the process will be.

Therefore, we are not cutting any classes, but the classes are there to help the process to continue.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: In THOTH, you mention that after God separated the male from the female in Adam, they became less than the image of God. Would you please explain?

Maitreya: Sure, in the beginning, when God created man, He created many of them, as THOTH explains, and you can read it there, there were them. He created them. They were male and female, and they were in the image of God. That is why God created them in His image.

Later on, when He separated man, to man and woman, the beings that were created no longer were created in His image. As we can see in chapter 3, Adam had a son in his image. It is no longer talking that Adam was in the image of God, but the son of Adam was in his image, was no longer in the image of God.

We can see that being in the image of God no longer existed after male and female were separated from the original beings. That is where we are at now. And that is why there is such an attraction between male and female, because we already know that we lost a part of ourselves, and we are looking for that part.

Of course, the people who meditate, have overcome, and become sons of God, become in the image of God. Although they might be male or female, but their spirit is both male and female. They actually manifest both the male energy, which is Logic, and the female energy, which is Grace. They are humble, graceful, have a lot of knowledge, and intellectually are powerful.

Therefore, we can see that the body is no longer a criterion to see if you are in the image of God or not, but your Soul is. When God separated the spirit to male and female, those spirits no longer were in the image of God.

I hope that makes sense.

Go ahead, Hope.

Hope: Well, I have two questions based upon what I read in the website. You declared your Revelation in 1982. So, I have two questions about that.

How were you received by the Japanese that have been waiting for the coming of Maitreya for about 1,300 or 1,400 years? And, secondly, how many followers do you have?

Maitreya: The question is that I received my Revelation in 1982. No, I did not. I started receiving the Revelation from 1977. In 1982 we declared, or reached out, to humanity. In the spring of 1982 we placed ads all over the United States and other countries, mostly the United States, in some magazines and papers. At that time, we heard about another gentleman in England, claiming that Maitreya was coming in 1982. That is all in the website.

How did the Japanese people receive us? We really do not count on who receives us and who does not receive us. The most important thing is to give this Revelation to humanity.

For a while, a couple of gentlemen in Japan expressed interest. But, as Christ said, when you sow the seed, some seed fall into the field that later on the chaff comes and takes it away and therefore, not much manifested. But that does not deter us because it is not important.

The number of followers? Who follows is up to God. It is not up to me. I give the Revelation. Those who are prepared and ready for this Revelation see it right away, right through it. They do not have many questions. They do not have any problems. They do not have anything that makes them go away from the teachings.

They say, Yes, that makes sense. There is One God, and God sent all these Revelations. Most of these people have gone through many religions and they were not satisfied with any of them. They eventually see this Revelation and they say, Yes, this makes sense, and they become a part of it.

I do not count my followers. Actually, they are not my followers, they are Gods followers. It is between God and them. I am just a plain Messenger.

Whoever receives me, receives God. And, whoever does not receive me, rejects God. Therefore, it is very simple to me that if you see the truth in my teachings, great, you have it, and you heard it. Take it, love it, follow it, spread it, and go to other people and tell them about it.

But, eventually, it is between you and God again. There is no demand here that you go and bring some people here. If you do, that is great but again it is your Revelation.

When I give it to you, it is your Revelation, and it is your truth. It is between you and God, and then you go to God. You actually try to light your light. As you light your light to a greater degree, you have no choice but to light other people around you. So the most important thing is to know yourself, to progress, to become more light, to see the light, therefore, other people see the light in you, and they say, Yes, I want that light as well. They will be attracted to you; you become another center of the light and attract those who like the light.

Those who do not like the light will be unhappy; they will be rough, angry, etc. As Christ said, they will crucify you because of Him. He said to his disciples the same thing as I will say; they will say bad things about you because of me. They will be rough with you, etc.

Therefore, being a Prophet is not a picnic. A lot of people have their own ideas, their egos, their teachings, and they want to prove you wrong. We do not care. Fine, if they can prove us wrong, then we are wrong. But, if we know that we are right, nothing shakes our faith at all, but we know that we have the truth.

They crucified Christ. Did they stop him? No, they did not, they cannot, they will not. It is the same thing here. If this is not the truth, if this is not the light, I do not want it either. We will all drop it and go away.

But, I know in the Heart of My Hearts that this is the truth, and that is what the Revelation is and God sent to us. He has given clear signs that this truth has come from Him. It is not an ego trip. It is not a cult. It is not something that we have made up.

If you read and see the truth we have revealed, it is impossible for a man to reveal so much truth. The only thing you can eventually realize at the end is, Yes, it cannot be from a man. It is from God. Then we will rejoice in you because you saw the light. But if you do not receive us, we leave you to God, and you leave us to God.

So, the number of followers is not important. Actually, when Christ was crucified there were probably only around a hundred people who were following him. Not very many people were with him. Of course, they not only crucified him, they crucified his teaching as well. They came up with all the dogmas, untruth, and unbelief.

As I said, eventually one of the people who claimed to be a disciple took over, and now Christians follow Paul more than they follow Christ. Who was Paul? Wasnt he a disciple? Didnt Christ say that the disciple is not greater than the Master? If he is not, why do we quote more Paul than Christ? Or, the Bahais, who was Bahaullah, wasnt he a disciple? Yes, he was a disciple. Can the disciple be greater than Bab? He cannot because Christ said the disciple is not greater than the Master.

So we can see again there that is the problem that the human has. Hopefully this time everyone realizes that they have to go to THOTH. They have to go to the teachings. They have to go to God directly and prove it to themselves.

You prove it to yourself. If the Japanese come or not, who cares? The most important thing is, Is it the truth? If it is the truth, Great, I will follow it. If it is not, run away.

And, actually I will run with you. We can run together if it is not true. But, it is. So, prove it to yourself. If you have a question about the Mission and our teachings, I will be more than glad to share it with you and prove why we say what we say and why it is true.

So, we can see that there are a lot of problems and misconceptions and things that humans love to follow. But, they are not the truth.

I hope I answered your questions. If you have a follow-up, go ahead and just pick up the microphone, or raise your hand so we can un-reddot you, and then ask your question. If anyone else has questions, raise your hand please.

Go ahead, Hope.

Hope: I gather then that your only audience is the people who have a computer. What about the people, who do not have access to computers, how do you make an attempt to reach them? Do they know about your coming? And, how many people do you think you have reached?

Maitreya: Oh, we have reached probably hundreds and thousands, millions of people. Actually, as I said, there was a gentleman in England who put advertisements in every major city in 1982 announcing that Maitreya would come at that time. So there is no city, there is no country that has not heard that Maitreya would come at that time. That is the first thing that happened.

Furthermore, the Internet is reaching every corner of the earth. Mostly Americans have computers but it is not really only Americans. We can see the Japanese, the Chinese, every country today is connected to the Internet. You are right, not everyone has a computer. Not everyone comes to our website. We have spiritual teachers who have dedicated their lives to reach those who do not have the Internet connection. Also we have books and literature that are provided to humanity. They can download them from our website and share them with others.

As we grow and we have more members and more teachers, we eventually, hopefully, would like to reach everyone on earth. Also, we have centers. These centers are a point of contact for the people. As we grow, and our teachers reach out and create more centers, eventually we will have access to more people.

If the resources were available, we would advertise in the papers, in the newspapers, everywhere we could. We will take advantage of every opportunity that God gives us to give this Message to every human on earth at least once.

They have to hear it once. After that we are done with them. It is between them and God. If they heard it, saw the truth in it, loved it, and believed in it, of course, they are a part of the Mission. There are steps that they can take after that. They can be initiated, they can become a teacher, they can become a household person, they can become a center, a contact person, become a lecturer, or whatever they want to do to reach out. It is up to them.

So there is an all-out effort to reach this teaching to everyone. It is not only the Internet. The Internet probably is the greatest window for the Mission to reach more people.

Apparently this teaching also has come to the West. I did not start it in the East. God brought me from the East to the West, and then said, OK, here is your teaching. If I had been teaching it in the East, where I was born, probably I would not be alive to be able to talk to you.

So that is why I said, God created this country that the freedom of religion is supported. So I could come here, and then God gave this Revelation so I could sit here and talk to you. Although we receive a lot of negative energy from a lot of people, but at least the only thing they can do is come to our room and yell at us that, We are wrong, we are the devil, and all of that. They are not stoning us, or worse, as they did to the other Prophets.

If they eventually did that also, it does not matter. This is from God; it cannot be stopped, and it will not be stopped. Humanity will eventually see the truth in it.

So give me the resources, and I will reach every corner of the earth [laughing]. I hope that answers your question.

Go ahead, Hope.

Hope: You mentioned coming from the East to the West. I am not well versed in the other Holy Books, but I do know the Bible pretty well. When Christ said that the son of man would come from the East to the West, he was in Palestine. So, I could only assume that he would come from the East of there to the West.

How do you explain this East to the West the way we understand it today? How do we make that transition, seeing that the Europeans were the ones to make that division, the East and the West?

Maitreya: Well, that verse is very clear to me. He comes from the East and shineth in the West. So, he will be born in the East, and he will come to the West to shine, or bring his Revelation to humanity. And, actually, that is a part of the fulfillment of the prophecies.

If you go to the website, there is a big section on prophecies. As I said, I started the Mission by loving the Message and the experience I had through receiving this Revelation. So to me, that was the most important part, and that is how I started the Mission.

I had no interest in prophecies, or genealogy, or anything like that, but as the Mission continued, people started seeing these prophecies, bringing them up to our attention, they wrote them down or gave lectures, and we put them on the website.

So it is very clear, he will come from the East and will shine in the West. Actually, no Major Prophet came from the West. All of them came from the East. And, God had designed it, as the genealogy proves it.

Probably Brother Frank can tell us much deeper. God designed it. It all came from the Children of Abram, Abraham, or Adam, or David, or Muhammad. It has to come from that part of the earth. It is, just that is the way God designed it, and then God fulfilled it. Therefore, we can see again that God designed and fulfills the truth and comes up with the truth.

But that verse is very clear to me, it says, He will come from the East and will shine in the West.

OK, go ahead, Hope.

Hope: We were talking about these prophecies. You mentioned that you did not take account of the prophecies until it was made evident to you by the other members of the Mission. So that brought to mind, the other Messengers of God generally had a period of time in which the Revelation was unraveled to them, the Message that they would bring to the world. How did this occur with you? And, I am interested in knowing why the fulfillment of these prophecies was not revealed to you at that time also.

Maitreya: Well, there is a booklet, or a lecture, that was given in the Mission. It is called, How He Became Maitreya. It was a lecture given by one of the people in the Mission, and it explains very clearly how I started receiving the Revelation.

I came to the United States in 1973. I was working for my masters in Business Administration. I accomplished that, and then I was working for my doctorate in Business Administration at MississippiState University.

When I was in Pennsylvania, I came in touch with the group called Ananda Marga, became initiated, and started meditating. I started a class in Mississippi.

It is a long story. Actually, I talked about it for the whole week of the First Feast of Tabernacles, that one week of the gathering of our people together. That is the only thing we talked about, how I became Maitreya. That is why people knew about it, and they gave the lecture. There is a booklet that is talking all about how it happened.

In 1977 I was to take my comprehensive examinations and write my thesis. However, at that time I started receiving this trend of thought, stream of Revelation, and understanding of the deeper level. That was it, I left school.

For example, I used to run in MississippiStateUniversity. One day I became very tired in front of a church. So, I pushed the door and it was open. I went in, sat there, and meditated for a while. Suddenly, I saw all around me were Bibles. I picked up the Bible, and started reading in Genesis. Then, I started understanding the meaning of the verses, That is what that means, and that is what that means! Then I talked to the priests, and they said that it meant something else. They could not see the truth in it. But it was so clear to me what it meant. And on and on. It is a very long story.

So, the Revelation started in 1977. In 1980, we eventually started writing down the Revelation. By the spring of 1982 it was all ready, written down, typed into booklets, and books. That is when we reached out. So there were five years of Revelation.

Before that, between 1973 and 1977, I was all by myself, alone, and in a period of complete isolation. I was meditating in Ananda Marga, fasting a lot, etc. So, it was a kind of being in the desert with the devil, and the devil tempting all the things in the world. And you know the West has a lot of attraction and Maya that you can get attracted to very easily. But, God kept me with fasting, meditation, realization, etc. So there was a period like that.

If you study the life of any Prophet, you can see that they had been in isolation by themselves and then, eventually, they reached the point that they understood what their Mission was.

So if you want to read about that, go to the website. There are prophecies there. There are teachings there. How He Became Maitreya is there. Everything, almost everything, is given in the website.

Then if you have a question about anything and need further clarification, come to this room and I would be more than glad to clarify it for you and talk about it. Hopefully, eventually, you will see that it is not a fake claim, and it is not a cult. It is a real Revelation from God. And, hopefully, see what we see. If you did not then, of course, we leave you to God.

It is 12:05 and usually we stop at 12:00. Again, I encourage everyone to go to our website and see the truth.

Gods Love is with you, and His Spirit is with you. And, I say again, Sal-OM to all of you.

EricBahai, OK I will give you a chance to ask your question. But, we are usually closed at 12:00. Go ahead, Eric.

EricBahali19: OK I just have a little question. Your website says that Bahaullah was not a Major Manifestation of God

Maitreya: Well, it is a question that really needs a long, long explanation. In essence, in a nutshell, when you go to the Fifth Seal, God said that it is not perfect. It is not perfect, and there are a lot of reasons why it is not perfect.

That was the actual reason that Bahaullah came after Bab because Babs teaching was not perfect. Bahaullah tried to bring more perfection to it. Therefore he claimed himself to be a Major Manifestation, or He Whom God Shall Make Manifest. But, as we said, Bahaullah was a disciple. No disciples can be greater than the master. Paul was a disciple, if he was a disciple. Therefore, he could not be greater than the Master.

You have to go to the Master. Who was the Master? Bab was the Master. And we can see that God said in The Revelation that the Fifth Seal was not perfect.

Also there are a lot of other things that you can look at and say, Well, really the Bahai teaching and their mission is almost done. They do not have any Guardian any more. Abdul Baha clearly said that without a Guardian, their religion is finished. It is no longer there.

You say Bahaullahs name is the Glory of God. It is not. It does not mean the
Glory of God. There are many, many things. Bab said that His Beloved would be born in Tehran. Bahaullah was not born in Tehran. He was born in one of the providences of Azibijohn. They always had a problem with their successor in every step.

We are not against the Bahais. We are not against Bahaullah. Bahaullah did a great service for the Mission, and that is, because of Bahaullah many people have studied those prophecies. They have thought that those prophecies mostly refer to Bahai because he was born in Tehran, when really he was not born in Tehran.

They say that every place in Gods Word it says the Glory of God it means Bahaullah. His name does not mean the Glory of God. Also, he never claimed he had opened the Seven Seals. So there are a lot of things that point to: It is not the last revelation.

He threw a lot of his Revelation into the river. If he was the last Prophet, how could he do that? So we can see that if you really are a seeker, you do not have the pride of your faith, you do not feel threatened with the new Revelation of God, and you really study our teachings and study what God said, you will eventually agree that Bab and Bahaullah are a part of the Seven Seals. They brought great Revelation. They were great Prophets. We respect them. We love them, and we read their teachings. Bahaullahs words are beautiful. His words are fantastic.

I am the Explainer but he brought the beauty of the words to humanity. So do not feel we are against Bahaullah. We are not against him, but we listen to God. And, that is what God said. It is not perfect. If you really study them, you will agree with us.

I hope that makes sense. I will finish my Satsang here with all of you.

Sal-OM. God Bless you, be with you. And, may we see you next week. Sal-OM everyone.

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