02/16/02 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Sal-OM, everyone. Sal-OM means, I pay my salutations to the divinity within you. You are all Divines. You have the Spirit of God, the spark of God, in each and all of you. I salute that Divinity and welcome you to the room of the Mission of Maitreya.

We will be here for the next two hours. We will go over the teachings of the Mission in brief, and then you can ask any questions you may have. We would appreciate it if you would stay in the higher level of questions and teachings. Let us find out what this Mission is all about and what has come to humanity again. This Mission is the beginning of the Golden Age for humanity, an age that all the Prophets and all the Great Souls have desired and wished to be here while it is on earth. And it now has started. The Great Souls will be incarnated to this age, and they will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, an earth where no child will be hungry, no old man will be alone or lonely, no woman will be unjustly treated, and no man will be dishonored. It will be an earth where humans are living in the best possible way and where man learns how to share with each other, how to create the Communities of Light, and how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The coming of this Revelation has been in the works for the last 12,000 years. There have been many Revelations given to humanity through many Prophets. Now God explains very clearly in our teachings that each of these Revelations and Prophets has come to bring one part of a greater truth, which is called the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, now you are here, and you are hearing the latest Revelation from God. Then, if you really understand our teaching, you will realize how each of these Revelations sent by God, falls into their place, creates a wonderful Path or teaching, and will guide humanity to their higher selves and eventually Pure Consciousness and God. So we can see that human evolution has reached a point that now they can receive this Revelation. This Revelation, our teaching, and the way we have asked humanity to follow, is the shelter for those who will be in the Kingdom to come. And the Kingdom of God will come. He said His Kingdom would come. As we see in our teaching, He has promised many things. He promised Abram that there was going to be a Prophet who would come from his seed, Ishmael. Then He also prophesied that another Prophet, another Messiah, would come from the seed of Isaac. Christ came from the seed of Isaac. So we can see that God says He will do things, and then He accomplishes them. Now He said that His Kingdom will come, and His Kingdom will come. There is no doubt about that. Those who doubt that and put God out of their systems, their lives, their nations, their communities, or any aspect of their lives, will find out that they will not be incarnated, and this is not the time to do this. Now you might ask, What is this teaching that unifies all the religions of the earth, and how will the Kingdom come? The teaching is based on Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, that have come to humanity in the last 12,000 years. After the flood of Noah, God sent the mystical knowledge, the mystical teaching through Noah. This mystical teaching eventually came to us as the Vedas and many other teachings all over the earth, such as the American Indian ideas of religions, the Africans, the Shamans in Australia, and all the teachings that teach, God is everything, He is also within you, and if you meditate and realize yourself, you realize that the i (the small i) and the I (the big I, God's I), or Self, are the same. There is a very well known verse that says, Know thyself to know God. So the self is the same. Or, in the Hindu teaching, Atman is the same as atman. Or, in the Persian teaching, hod and Hoda is the same thing. If you know hod, or self, you will know God. That is the base of all the mystical teachings. Every mystical teaching says, Know thyself to know God. Even the Bible says, Be still and know that I am God, that the Father and you are one, that God is within you. If you know yourself, you know God, and you will manifest God's qualities, which are: compassion, love, understanding, and all the good qualities of humans and on earth, because God is good, and whatever is good is God. And whatever is not good is not God. So you cannot blame God for the bad things on earth. What is not good is from our ego. Our egos make bad things on earth. We cannot blame God and say, God is bad. Why does God do all these things? He does not do all these things. We do them ourselves by not following His Ways, His Laws, and His Revelation. So we can see that God is good. You cannot blame God at all. God is good. Whatever is not good is not God; it is ego and human-made. The Mystical Paths cover Hinduism, Buddhism, the mystical teachings of the Africans, those in South America, and all the places that teach that God is everything. Actually, they see the Spirit of God in the trees and worship the trees. Of course, that is the lower level of understanding God. The best way to worship God is within you. As Christ said, There will be a time that you will worship God, not in the temples, not in the mountains, but in the Spirit, which means meditation. You go within and you realize the self that you know that self and God are one. That also covers the Cabbala, the mystical part of the Hebrew teaching. It also covers the saints in Christianity, the Sufis in Islam, and all the other teachings that are based on this same premise. So we can see that the Mystical Paths cover a great aspect of human spiritual progress, and they are the Spirit of all the teachings. If you do not meditate, if you do not awaken your spiritual forces, then you do not understand when Christ said, The Kingdom is within. Or, you are going to have a hard time to see, When your eyes are single, your whole body will be full or light. Or, when Muhammed said, God is closer than your vein, than yourself, you will not know what he was talking about. So we can see that the mystical part of the teachings of God or the religions, is interwoven into all religions and is part of all religions. If you study the life of the Prophets, there is a period that they are alone by themselves. They are meditating and fasting, and they amazingly are guided by a great, strong Hand. Eventually they realize who they are, they receive the Revelation, and they bring it to humanity and say, Here, I have a Message for you. Of course, humanity says, Is your Message the same as we think it should be? He says, No, it is not. It is different. It is not the way you want it to be. They say, Then we do not accept your Message because we are going to keep our own religion, our own understanding, and our way of realizing God. Therefore, they reject the Prophet. They even stone him, kill him, shoot at him, and they say, No, we do not want it. Actually, the only Prophet that people listened to was Jonah, the Prophet who really did not want to do it. God pushed him. He was the only Prophet who went to the city and told the people what God wanted them to do, and they accepted him. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Prophets are rejected because the human has ego, their own understanding, their own will, their own culture, and their own customs. When the Prophet comes and says, What you understand is not correct, is not perfect, is not according to God, they say, No, you are wrong. We are right, and so kill him, or crucify him, etc. God promised this time, that everyone will hear His Voice all over the earth and probably can even see him without being able to harm him. Therefore, God is smart this time, and it is not supposed to happen the way it has happened in the past. We can say whatever we want and people can throw words at us, or as someone said, cyber stones, but not the stones themselves. So we can see that if you really want to receive this Revelation, you have to empty your cup. You have to say, OK, that is why Christ said, 'You have to become like a child before you can be born again.' You have to say, I do not know anything. I am a little child. I want to learn. Therefore, become like children. Throw away your cups. Empty your cups, and let this teaching fill you up. Do not argue with the Prophets. Do not come up with your own ideas and say, No, you have to listen to me, instead of saying, OK, you are the One that God chose to bring this Revelation, and I will listen to you. Therefore, you have to realize that this teaching is from God. First, realize that this teaching is from God. Go see the prophecies, see everything that God has supported this teaching with. Then decide, Yes, it is from God. If it is from God, then whatever comes through this Vessel is from God. Actually, when I give Satsang, I do not give Satsang. God gives Satsang through me. He sometimes says things that I usually hesitate to say to people because I am probably shy of saying it. But God is not shy. God is right to the point and tells you as it is. If you really want to understand it, take it as it is, the Word of God. Therefore, listen, read, understand, search and eventually, if you find out that what Maitreya, or God through him said is true, then you say, Yes, I will accept this version and not my own version. It is from God, and it makes more sense than what I thought was correct because I was taught from my culture, from my custom, and from the people who were in my religion. If I wanted to teach the religion I was brought up in, I should have taught you Islam. But I do not. What I teach you, will allow you to become a better Moslem, a better Christian, a better Hindu, or a better Buddhist, and you will become even a greater degree of all the religions that are on earth. Therefore, you have to prove it to yourself. Prove the Spirit. Do not accept my words. Go, search, understand, read, and find out that it is from God and then say, Yes, we accept this Word as the Word of God. The Father and he are one. There is no way but him, and, therefore, we follow that Spirit. The Mystical Paths came 12,000 years ago through Noah. Noah brought the Mystical Paths to humans. Before Noah, humans had the direct connection to God and the Spirit. But they did not follow His Words and His Laws, and they fell. That is why we can see that God was not very pleased with them and destroyed the earth with them. Only Noah and his children were saved. After the flood, Noah taught his children the Mystical Paths because they did not have the direct relationship with the Spirit any more. That was because their third eyes were closed. The two eyes were given to them, which are our earthly eyes. We only see the material things and earthly things but not the spiritual world. Therefore, Noah had to teach them how to meditate, how to awaken their spiritual forces, and they learned how to do that. Eventually, those teachings spread all over the earth and became the Mystical Teachings in every culture and every part of the earth. Of course, the greatest example of it is Hinduism, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, and all those things that teach you that atman is the same as God. In the Jewish religion it became the Cabbala, which is the tree of the Cabbala, how to progress and become a self-realized person. In Christianity, the saints knew themselves, that God and they are the same. As one of them said, as Christ increases in him, he decreases. Therefore there is more God in him than he himself. The Sufis reach a point that they jump with joy and say, Anallah. It means, I am God. The orthodox Moslems were petrified of what they were saying because they thought, How can they be God? God is something that you cannot reach. He is sitting up there somewhere. Muhammed was His Prophet. This man is profane and an infidel. Therefore, they even killed some of those Sufis because they were saying things that were not according to the orthodox beliefs. As Christ said, The Father and I are one. The Jews were petrified, What do you mean the Father and you are one? The Father is up there. So you can see that the Mystical Paths are very important in the realization of the religions and the understanding of God's Revelation, and that covers a huge part of humanity. Now in the Mystical Paths they say, OK, you just meditate, you reach Godhead, you fall into the ocean of God, you become one with Him, and that is the goal of the life. That is the goal of the spiritual progress. A lot of people these days also have realized that. You can go into some of these rooms in PalTalk, and they talk about, I am God, I know God, I am one with God, I receive revelation, I am wonderful, I am the Prophet, come and listen to me. They are all in the Mystical Paths. They are in the first path. They have realized that God and them have a relationship. But, of course, sending Prophets is not a very easy task. Usually not everyone can become a Prophet because God will prophesy for a long time before He sends His Prophet to humanity. So those people who claim that they are the teachers, or they have a revelation from God, ask them, What kind of prophecies have you fulfilled? If they have not, then say, Sorry, you might have realized something, but your realization is very small. The most dangerous thing is a person who realizes a little, or a lot, but not the whole thing. That will become a very dangerous thing because they will teach some truth but also they will slip in a lot of untruth. Or, they will teach a lot of truth, but not the whole truth. That is why God is very particular in sending His Prophets. He always makes them fulfill the prophecies. Therefore, if someone has not fulfilled the prophecies, run away, fast. Going back to the Mystical Paths, the Bible says that the goal of the life is not to reach that point. In The Revelation, at the end of chapter 3, He explains very clearly about those people who think they are rich and have need of nothing. They have come to the very high level of consciousness, and they say, No, we have reached very close to God. And God says, I will spue you out of My Mouth. It means that the goal of the life is not to become the drop falling into the ocean, but there is more to it. What is the more to it? Then we can see that after the flood of Noah, God chose Abram. God promised to Abram (whose son was Ishmael) two promises: the birthright, or possession of the material wealth, and the scepter, the spiritual, kingly being, who would come from Ishmael. Then God changed the name from Abram to Abraham and promised also the same promises for his son, who was Isaac. You can see that God fulfilled both of these promises. The children of Ishmael are the Arabs, who cover from Saudi Arabia all the way to North Africa, to Spain, and South America. The children of Isaac are the children who came eventually to Europe and to North America. Actually, New Mexico is in the border between South and North America. So the two children meet here in this area. We can see that God said that He would do those things, and He fulfilled those promises. If He said it and He fulfilled it, does He exist? Yes, He does really exist, and you have to listen to Him and know that He really exists. A lot of people believe in their religion. They follow their priests, mullahs, and rabbis, but they really do not believe that God exists. They do not have any direct relationship with Him. They believe whatever the rabbi, or the priest, or the mullah says. That is a big problem between religions, because mullahs, rabbis, fathers, brahmins, etc., have a lot of dogmas, and they teach you dogmas. Therefore, your dogma is not the same dogma as the other religion, and that creates separation. But if you awaken your spiritual forces and you create a direct relationship with God, He said the same thing to Moslems, to Hindus, to Buddhists, to Christians, and to Jews, because God is One and His Teaching does not have any dogma. Therefore, all the mystical people can get along fine because their teaching is the same; it does not have any dogma. Dogma is one of the biggest problems in human understanding of God and to become one. Of course, the Mission does not have any dogma. It is a Path. Therefore, what is the next step? Then God chose Abraham, and Isaac and his ancestors created the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God was trying to find a people, the people who will choose God as their King and His Laws as the Laws to follow. God struggled with them all along all through the Old Testament. They rejected God. They accepted an earthly king. They did not follow God's Laws but they followed man's laws. Eventually they longed for a Messiah. The prophecy said that the Messiah would come from Isaac, and he came as Christ. So the theme or the message of the Old Testament is the creation of the communities, communities based on God and His Laws. We can see that He chose the twelve tribes of Israel and worked with them all through the Old Testament, to make them the chosen people. The chosen people are the people who follow God, who follow His Laws. God wants to create tribes. What are tribes? Tribes are the community, the community that accepts God as the King and His Laws as the laws of the community. This community becomes the Community of Light. That is what the Children of Israel are. Israel means the Children of Light, Israelites. That is why the chosen people are the Children of Light, or the Children of God, and they will create His Kingdom on earth. Of course, at that time they had yet not been chosen. Their mission finished when Christ came. That is what the prophecy was, When the Shiloh comes, the kingdom will be taken away from Judah and given to another nation. Also Christ said very clearly at the end of his mission, in front of the temple, the kingdom would be taken away from the rabbis and be given to another nation. So we can see that with the coming of Christ, the mission of the Children of Israel was finished at that time. Of course, the Christ brought the message of sacrifice. So God, in the Old Testament, wants to create the Communities of Light, communities based on God. But how can we create the communities if everyone in the communities says, What is in it for me, and I am very self-centered, selfish and everything should evolve around me? If everyone does that, will we have Communities of Light? No, we will not. That community will fall apart because everyone will take more resources out of it than they put into it. Therefore, that pool of life force, or support, will dry out, and that community will fall away. There is no sharing in it. If there is no sharing in a community, in a nation, on the earth, or in the universe, we will have problems. Sharing is the operating word. We have to share to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The easiest way to do this is in a community, and the best way to do it is in the Communities of Light. Therefore, we can see that Christ set the example of sacrificing ourselves, or sacrificing of ourselves, to create a community in which people are willing to give into it instead of taking all the time. Really, his message was not to be self-centered. Self-centeredness is one of the biggest problems on earth. The more we meditate, spiritually progress, and live in the Communities of Light, the faster we dissolve the ego, self-centeredness, and thinking, Oh, I am such an important person, everyone should follow me, or listen to me, etc. So that message of sacrifice is from Christ's teaching. He went to the cross to show that the Kingdom will only come if the sacrifice is in the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light, as we know, are based on the awakening of the spiritual forces. Now let say that you sacrifice a lot, the best you can in the community, and nothing happens. Or, the communities are not forming. Would you become depressed, unhappy, and say, There is no result? I am putting so much effort in this thing and very few are attracted. Even those few still argue with me and they want me to follow them, instead of saying, Yes, I want to follow you and your teachings, that is more truth than I know?' Or, they listen to you and hundreds, thousands, and millions of people start coming to the teaching and saying, Yes, we want to follow this. And you say, Look at me. I have attracted so many people. Such a wonderful guy I am, etc. You create a big ego. Again, either way it is your ego. If you fall and say, Why is it not happening? it is your ego. If you become elated if it is happening, it is your ego. So the moment you have ego, what happens? Your ego becomes like an umbrella between you and God, and cuts The Grace off. You are not connected any more. You do not feel the Mission. You do not feel our teaching. You do not feel anything, and you say, No, I do not want that. I want my ego. So you run away, or you become depressed, or you become elated, and you lose God because you think that you are the doer. Therefore, the next step is to do the job, do the work, but surrender the result to God. I am not saying, do not expect results. It is good to expect results because you are working to get results. We are here to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. If I sit and say, OK, I do not care if the Kingdom comes or not, it is not expecting results. You expect the results, but you are not attached to them. You say, God, I did my best, the result is Yours. If people came and saw the Mission, saw the Vision, and they said, Yes, I want to become a contact, Yes, I want to become a teacher, Yes, I want to create a center, Yes, I want to create the Communities of Light, Yes, I want to be a part of the Mission, Yes, I want to come here and set up a wonderful server and computer system and get this Mission going, or, Yes, I want to buy houses around here and create the Communities of Light, great, this is what they saw, and they will come and do the Mission. That is God's doing. Therefore, I have to say, Well, it is really God doing it, not me. Therefore, the result is His. Of course, that is surrendering the result. Greater than surrendering is submission. Submission is always, always to remember that it is God who is doing through you. If you have a talent and are using it for God, remember that your talent was given to you by God. Therefore, you say, OK, God gave me this talent. I can use it to make a lot of money and live miserably, and at the end of my life think, Oh, I have a lot of money so I can live very well in my old age.' Or, you can say, I am going to use it for the Mission. Then at the end of my life I will have the Communities of Light and they are going to take care of me. I do not have to worry about it in my old age and not fall into Maya as this world is full of fear, attachments, desires, and wants. Therefore, we can see that greater than surrendering is submission. You can use your talents, you can use whatever God has given you, for Him, knowing that God is doing through you. That is the message of Islam. Islam comes from the word, tasleim, which means to be surrendered and submissive to God. And that is the highest spiritual realization. If you are surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, truly, then your life becomes a dance. Your life becomes a flow of wonderful feeling and being, and you will attract good people around you. We might not have too many people in the Mission, but we have good people in the Mission. They are wonderful people. They are very good-hearted, very good and God-loving people that are fantastic to have around. We can see that you will attract good people. You will have Communities of Light, and your life will become a flow of beauty and wonder. So submission and surrendering comes from the teaching of Islam and Prophet Muhammed. Also, by this time you might direct all your energy and the things you have realized to a very specific part of the universe, to your community, to your family, to your city, to your country, or to the whole earth. All these things are narrow. All these are still going to narrow your mind and create separation. Therefore, the next step in your spiritual path, or the Eternal Divine Path, is universalism. You become a universalist. You realize that the universe is your home, God is your Father and Mother, and you are a citizen in this vast universe. Every other being in the universe is a struggling being with you in your path. You become a universalist, and you shatter all narrowness of the mind and prejudice. No matter who the other person is, there is a beauty in that person. Their beauty might not be as yours, but they have a beauty of themselves. They might not follow your culture, but they will have a culture. They might not follow your custom, but they will have a custom. When the Kingdom comes, eventually, the culture and custom will be God's, and everyone will become even closer. This message has come from Bab and Baha'u'llah. Bab was the founder, and he brought this teaching to humanity, the idea that, All religions are basically the same, and we have to love all of them and accept them as God's Revelation. So we can see with this teaching, and the first four steps -- awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist -- you shatter all narrowness of the mind, attachments, desires, and self-centeredness, and create the communities, which will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light will eventually produce great beings who will bring that Kingdom. These five steps lead you to become an Elect. You become a real Israelite. You become the Child of Light, you become the Children of Light. That is what the Children of Light are supposed to be, the ones who follow the Eternal Divine Path, and eventually, become the Elects. That is the Sixth Seal in The Greatest Sign, and a gentleman from India brought it to us. His affectionate name was Baba. His spiritual name was Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, and his earthly name was P. R. Sarkar. That is the organization that I joined. Eventually it was revealed that he also had a hand in God's Revelation. He talked about the Sadvipras, or those who are intellectually strong, who are intuitive, who have the ability to deal with the business world and the worldly things, and at the same time they do not shy away if there is physical work to be done. They just roll up their sleeves and do the physical work, and on and on. In our teaching it furthers that concept with the Eternal Divine Path, the first five steps that I have just explained to you. These people, with the qualities already explained, become the Elects, what we call Paravipras, beyond vipra. "Vipra" means intellect. They are Paravipras, they are beyond intellect, but they are intuitive and are willing to become an Elect for God. These are the people whom we are calling. This Mission is calling upon the Elects, those who want to become Paravipras. We are very familiar with everyone's teaching. We have read about all the religions on the earth so we know them. We have talked with many people. We know your dogmas; we know your beliefs. But if you really know this teaching, you will find out that it is beyond everything that has been on earth previously. Actually, the only time that the whole universe rejoices is when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals (in chapter 5 of The Revelation), is opened. Therefore, this book is opened now. It is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. If you want to know what is in that Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals, read it in our website, study it, and test it. Test the Spirit. Come to our rooms, search, ask, and eventually you will have no choice but to say, Yes, this is from God. After you follow the first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path, you become an Elect. Of course, these Elects will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and will help everyone to reach Pure Consciousness or the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal is the unification. As when you reach God you understand God, His Plan, His Wonder, and everything, so is the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal reveals the teaching that has been given, that has been coming to humanity, for the last 12,000 years. And now the entire truth is revealed to humanity in the Seventh Seal. The Mission of Maitreya is representing these Seven Seals and has brought the whole truth and unity to the religions on earth. Now you have heard it. You know it. We are done with you. It is up to you to understand it and realize it. Go and search, and eventually say, Yes, I want to be a part of it, or, you say, No, and you go away. We leave you to God if you go away. If you come to the Mission, we welcome you very much. And we hope you are one of the Elects. So, this is the base of our teachings. Of course, there is much more than this. It is an amazing Revelation. It takes seven years for a newcomer to become completely engrossed into the teaching and realize exactly what we are talking about. But the gist of it is what has been explained for the last forty-five minutes. Now we will open the room for questions. If you have any questions, now is the time to raise your hand, and we will answer your questions. Go ahead, Sweet. Sweetcoffey: You had spoken of God destroying the earth. I would like further expansion on that because my understanding is that we know God as the Creator. In creation everything is a part of God, no matter what religion. No matter what, we are all a part of God. We are all a piece of the whole. It means that God is the Creator. In my mind, I cannot see God as something that destroys. Could it be that it is us that we destroy ourselves in our collective thinking by not being able to share? Maitreya: Very good, Sweet. You are absolutely correct. Really God has set rules and Laws in the universe. Actually, God created the universe self-sustaining, to a point. Of course, He can interfere with everything in it if He wants to do that. But He has created four periods in human life, which are called the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Kali. We have been in the period of Kali for the last 12,000 years. The Golden Age is when the true teaching of God comes to humanity, and for 12,000 years they follow it. Great beings will be formed, and the earth will become the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Everyone will realize that God is everything. God is not the destroyer, but He has created a set of Rules that should be followed. If they are followed, there is no destruction that is going to come to man. Many, many of these beings in that age will reach Pure Consciousness, or the Godhead, and be One with God. After that Golden Age, those who have reached higher consciousness, or Pure Consciousness, will go to God, become servants of God, and come and work for Him. But the whole universe is not in Pure Consciousness. If you read our teaching, you will see that the universe went out of balance, and now God is trying to bring this imbalance in the universe back to the balance, which is the state that the universe will enjoy the most. Therefore, still a lot of beings, a lot of unit consciousnesses in the universe, have not reached Pure Consciousness. In the Silver Age, a new people, a new unit consciousness, will be born, but the people who have reached Pure Consciousness in the Golden Age will teach those who come to be in the Silver Age. Also, in the Silver Age, those who come to the people who have reached Pure Consciousness in the Golden Age, will be in a higher consciousness, and therefore they will be guided to a point. Then in the Bronze Age, again, new consciousnesses will be created. As the age goes to the Silver and Bronze, it goes lower and lower in consciousness. Eventually, in the time of Kali, a lot of lower consciousness beings or unit consciousnesses are created in that period. Of course, humanity is absolutely ignorant. They are full of dogmas, they are disconnected from God, their third eyes are closed, and they are completely destructive as we see happening now. But we are at the end of this cycle, and we are going to the Golden Age again. As the Bible said, He brought the chaff and the wheat together. He let the lower conscious and higher conscious people live together up to this point. But this point is the time of sundering. It is the time of harvest. It is the time of collecting the higher conscious people together and bringing the Golden Age to humanity. That is why the lower conscious people will destroy themselves. As we can see, how many wars do we have, how much destruction do we have? And eventually, the people who are in higher consciousness will say, This cannot go on forever. We can actually destroy ourselves fifty times over if we use the atomic bombs that have been stockpiled on earth. Why you would want to destroy yourselves fifty times over is beyond me. When you destroy yourselves once, that is it, you are destroyed. The whole of humanity is wiped off the face of the earth. But more and more people are awakening to this realization that we have to do something. This is crazy. This is just not the way humans should live. They should become unified. They should bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They should get along. They should share. They should create an earth that this destruction would not be there. But, will they listen? If they listen tonight to what we say, tomorrow we are going to have the Kingdom. This destruction and wars are all going to stop. They say, There are not enough resources for everyone. There are! There is a universe of resources that we can utilize out there in the stars and in the space. There is enough for everyone's need on earth, even if our numbers are ten billion. It is six billion or seven billion now. But the greed, destructive tendencies, ego, attachments, desires, being proud of our narrowness of the mind, of nationalism, religions, dogmas, and all that, has created this situation. In the Golden Age, people will realize that God is everything. All this belongs to God. It does not belong to me. My house does not belong to me. I did not create it. God created it. My body does not belong to me. It belongs to God. Everything belongs to God. Therefore, how can I horde, how can I keep it to myself, how can I do those things that humans do to each other? The reason they do those things is because of ignorance. And ignorance is the destructive force on earth. Humanity has to be taught that ego is the problem, ego is the devil, ego is the tempter, ego is the greed, ego is the "attacher," and ego is all the problems on earth. As we meditate and awaken our spiritual forces, we will realize that, Yes, it is ego. God does not destroy. As I said, God is good. How can He destroy? A good person does not want to destroy anything. He wants to build. He wants to create. He wants to make everyone feel great. So God does not destroy. Ego and the human destroy. Some people say that religion brought a lot of destruction and wars to humanity. Religion did not do that. Especially now that it is explained how they are united, there is no separation between humans and humans. What brought the destruction are the dogmas, which were created by man. And that is what brings war and suffering. So God does not bring all those things. But it is the time of the harvest. It is at the end of one period that we are at the brink of the Golden Age. Therefore, those who have not made it for the next age, have to go. This is the Law. So the Golden Age will come, and the Kingdom will come. The people on earth will create an environment that they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. Eventually many of them will reach Pure Consciousness so they can come and help the rest of the universe reach there. It is much more complicated than to just simplify that, either, or. It is God's Plan to bring this imbalance back to the balance or Godhead, and therefore, these ages have been created. At the end of the Kali Yuga, or the Kali Age, or the Dark Age, or the Ignorant Age, is when the destruction and the sundering will occur. And we are at that point. That is the Plan. For those who have not made it, and they are still hanging unto their religions, their dogmas, their destructive tendencies, and their egos, they will have no choice but to destroy themselves. Therefore, God does not want to do that. When people ask me, Does God destroy? it reminds me of the story in the Bhagavad-Gita with Arjuna, and Krishna. Arjuna was saying, Why is there such destruction, such death? And Krishna said, It is a part of God. It is His Body. To us it is destruction. To Him, it is just a part of His Body that needs to go because it is sick. And the part that is not sick has to stay. So if we expand our minds to look at the universe as the Creator Himself, everything is in Him. There is no destruction. Really to Him it is just purification, a healing process. It is just like my hand has an infection and I say, Oh, no, I am not going to destroy all those bacteria that are infecting my hand. Then, the entire hand becomes sick and the whole hand has to be cut off. Is that better, or is it better to use some medicine, kill the bacteria, and heal the wound? If you look at it this way, then you do not see it as God is destroying but God is purifying, God is healing, and God is guiding the universe toward the Goal. And that Goal is to be(come) Divine. I hope that makes sense. If it does not, go ahead and follow up. And if there is another person, any other person who has any question, please raise your hand. Go ahead, Sweet. Sweetcoffey: That makes perfect sense. It seems like my spirit understands exactly everything that you are saying and knew it before you said it. So, I want to thank you for answering my question. I want to thank Brother Frank for bringing me here because this is absolutely outstanding, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Maitreya: You are welcome, Sweet. I hope you go to our website, read our teachings, realize what we have here, and come and join us. We would love to have the whole of humanity to join us. Of course, you do not have to. We have many, many different levels of members. Some people just love our teachings. Some people dedicate their entire lives to it. So you can fall anywhere in between those two sides. But I am glad that you like the teaching. It is a wonderful teaching. I rejected God and the whole notion of religion when I was probably around 7 or 8. Around the beginning of the teenager years, I had nothing to do with it. Then this teaching made sense. When I received this Revelation, it made so much sense that I said, Yes. First of all, God said He was going to do those things, and He did them. Therefore, God exists. I have no choice now to say that He does not exist, because He said he was going to do these things, and He did them, therefore He exists. Explanations like this are absolutely logical. It is not a religion of illogical and emotional ideas, based on emotions. It is based on understanding and logic. And God is very, very logical. If a religion is not logical, say, Sorry, you are just emotional. If it does not appeal to my logic, it is not from God. I am glad that you like it, and I hope you research this further. OK, if there are any other questions, we still have one hour to go. If the questions dwindle, or are not very high, then we usually go back to once a month Satsang, because then it means the once a week gathering is too much. Of course, we can meditate together. There is no problem with that. We can all close our eyes and meditate. And if you receive a question that you want to ask, just raise your hand. I can go ahead and explain the teachings and what we do here in much more detail. But I have done it so many times that you can find it in other Satsangs and writings in our website. Go ahead, Sweet. Sweetcoffey: Thank you. I ask a lot of questions. I like to talk a lot because this is who I am. My question is, you say that God is a God of logic, truly. I truly feel you in my spirit. I would ask you to expand to tell me how this logic and love comes together. I have my understanding, I have my wisdom of it, but I would like to hear you tell me how both come together in reference to us all. Thank you. Maitreya: If you study our teachings, you will see that God has two parts. Those two parts are not really separated. They are one, in one entity. One part is called consciousness. The other part is called the creative forces. The consciousness is the ability to know and be aware, the awareness of the universe. The creative forces are three forces, which are called the tamasic or crudifying force, the rajasic or mutative force, and the satvic or sentient force. This creative force, the crudifying force, crudifies the consciousness. The whole universe is based on this crudification of the consciousness to the manifested world. This manifested universe is nothing but consciousness crudified. Therefore, everything has awareness but it depends upon how strong the crudifying force is. As the crudifying force crudifies, the awareness decreases. That is why those people who are more aware of spirit, of God, and this being, are less crudified. The more crudified they are, the more disconnected they are from the true understanding of God. For example, this table is more crudified than this water. This water is more crudified than air, and on and on. This crudification occurred, and it created the five elements on earth, which are: solid, liquid, fire, air, and ether. So the logic of God is creating this universe by using those creative forces, crudifying, creating the universe, and eventually guiding the universe back to that balanced state. The next power, or energy, is the raja guna. Raja guna is energy, is movement. If there was not any raja guna, nothing could have moved in the universe. Actually, right now, I have my hand over this computer. It would have just stayed there forever. It would not have the ability to move. Therefore, raja means the mutative force, the energy is in the universe to make things move. The third one is the satva guna, or the sentient force, which uncrudifies things. It is absolutely against the tama guna or crudification. So, because it uncrudifies, you become more spirit. There is less crudification in the water than in solid. Liquid is less crudified because it has more sentient force. Air is less crudified than water because it has more sentient force. Fire, you can see it, and a moment later, you cannot. So it is a kind of manifestation, but it just vanishes right away. It goes to the ethereal level. It is because it has more sentient force in it. Air, of course, you do not even see. You have to move your hand in front of your face and you say, Oh yes, I can feel the air flowing over my face. Then you can see that air has even more sentient force in it than fire and ether (which scientists know exist). The scientists know about ether but they have never been able to pinpoint it, put it in the microscope, and say, Yes, this is ether. They have not been able to do that because it is even more sentient and harder to detect. So we can see that God logically created a universe with these elements. Therefore, He can create this human, so we can eventually reach Pure Consciousness. Now the raja guna, as we said, is energy. That energy, when it is under the influence of the crudifying force or the tama guna, becomes desires, attachments, wants, and every bad aspect of the lower nature of man, or the lower charkas. When the same energy has more sentient influence in it, it is not crudified, and it becomes love, sacrifice, dedication, and the higher qualities of man, which are the same as the higher qualities of God. This very raja guna or mutative force, in a higher level, also makes you realize higher thoughts, revelation, love, and what many people refer to as The Holy Ghost. So when this mutative force is in the higher level, that is our love, emotions, and feelings. That raja guna, or energy in us, according to where our consciousness is and how much we are crudified or sentient, is where our thoughts, desires, and wants are. So you can see that the creative forces, or the three gunas, can make the energy fall into tama guna and become crudified. Then our minds become crude. Many times I have given the example of a surgeon's knife. A surgeon's knife is lying down on the table. It is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is just a tool. Now if a murderer sees a surgeon's knife, the first thing that comes to mind is, That is a good thing to kill people with. Why? It is because his consciousness is so crudified that that is the only thing he or she sees. But if a good surgeon, a very well-educated and talented surgeon, sees the knife, he says, I can heal with this. I can take the tumors out of people, I can cut the people open, and take the tumors out, and heal them. The surgeon's knife, by itself, has no ability to be good or evil. It depends upon who looks at it and how it is used. So we can see that that surgeon has more sentient force, a higher level of consciousness, therefore, he uses that tool to heal. The killer has a lower consciousness, which is more crudified, and uses that same tool to kill. The knife by itself has no tendency of being good or evil. It is just a tool. Or another example is a computer. Some people use computers to cheat people and do a lot of bad things. Other people give Satsang (talk about God). Computers have no ability to do either of them. They are just tools. Another example that the Hindu gurus like to use is a tailor. When he walks in the street, he looks at the people's clothing to see how they are made, Are they built well or not? A pickpocketer looks around to see whose pocket he can pick. So we can see again it depends upon where our consciousness is. Therefore, the three gunas, or the creative forces, are called The Holy Ghost, and the energy has been used by humans according to their consciousnesses. We can see that their emotions, their feelings, is that energy. Energy is your feeling. Energy is your understanding. Energy is what activates your higher thoughts or lower thoughts. Consciousness is your awareness. You are aware of being, you are. If you are here and now, you just are. You neither do good nor evil. Then you can clearly see what is the next step in your life, and you are clear. But if your energy, your emotions, are crudified and under the influence of that force, your life is probably a series of disasters. That is because your mind is not clear and you make decisions that are not based on a very good solid understanding, logic, and awareness, but your wants and desires take over, which is the tama guna. It crudifies you, and you make the same mistakes over and over and over again. If you are clear and your eyes are of your higher self, you detach yourself from everything. You see everything clearly, you go to the next step, and your life becomes very wonderful. So we can see that the logic of God is the consciousness, and the emotion or The Holy Ghost is the three gunas in the universe. I hope that makes sense to you. So there are two parts of God: the logic or consciousness, and the creative forces, which create everything in the universe and is our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings, and our movements. Does that make sense to you, Sweet? Sweetcoffey: Yes, it sure does, very much so. I understand you very much. Thank you. Wow. This is great. Thank you. Maitreya: You are welcome, Sweet. If you have other questions, go ahead. And if anyone else has any question, you can just raise your hand. A lot of questions have already been answered. I have been answering questions for the last twenty-two years. There are a lot of writings in our website. We have a lot of tapes that have been created for the last three or four years. Sometimes there was Satsang every week, and when the questions went down, so we went to every month. Then when we joined PalTalk, people started coming to the room and there were a lot of questions, so we went back to once a week. Most of these questions are repeated. But that is OK. You can go ahead and ask. I do not mind repeating them at all. I will repeat them until the last of my breathing, and I hope some people benefit from them. It is great to hear that some people do. We will have a teacher going around this summer, who will be traveling all over the United States. He will go to other countries if he is provided for, I am sure. So if anyone is interested to invite him over to their area to give a lecture in the area that you are in, if you can provide for him, advertise, and invite people to come over to listen to him, his schedule is in the Internet, on our website. You can look at it. If his schedule is fine with you, you can go ahead and send him an e-mail, or send the Mission an e-mail and invite him to come to your area. We are looking to establish centers all over the world. We are looking to find people who are contacts. You can read about contacts in our Newsletter. In the last Newsletter we had an article about who a contact is. Or, you can read it in our website. A contact is very easy. You just become a point of contact for the Mission. Either that, or you can start inviting people to come and meditate with you, and share the teachings and the website. We open a PalTalk room every day from 5:50 to 9 in the morning, from 12 to 2 PM, and from 8 to 9:30 at night. It is all MST. We also have the Feast of Tabernacles. We have it eight days every year. Our members come together either here in Albuquerque, NM, or they can join us over the Internet. You can also see that announcement on our website. You are all welcome to come and join us. This is the wonderful Revelation, and it is the last Revelation from God. It is everyone's obligation to check it out, to realize it, to see the truth in it, and eventually tell everyone on earth. We would like every human on earth to hear this teaching at least once. At least some of you heard it once today. I am just a plain Messenger. The work of the Messenger is to give the Message. I have been giving it for the last twenty-two years. Now it is your responsibility to see the Message and the Vision, and realize that God has a Plan. And I hope that all of you are going to be with us in the Kingdom in the Golden Age. We will create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Again, check our website and participate in what we have. If you have a question, raise your hand; otherwise, we will meditate. [short silence] There are many who do not have a computer. That is why we need everyone to invite our teachers to come over to their area. Eventually, after we create centers, that is going to become a regular feature of the Mission. Our teachers are going to travel all over the world, in different centers, and teach our teachings, I hope the way it is in THOTH, and they do not teach their own teachings. They will not because they know that God loves them, and they love God, and they will do that. Also we have the Newsletter. As we grow, we will reach to humanity in other media and ways. But this is the tool that it seems that God has created for us to be able to reach a lot of people, the way that it was impossible even twenty years ago. So we can see that God is working in all levels to get this Message to humanity. We use this tool but we realize that not everyone has a computer and hopefully we can reach to them in other means. Pegasus: [typed in text] I am just looking at your website, and it is a fascinating bunch of religions. When was this organization founded, and who founded it? I have not seen this group before and I am interested to know more. Thank you. Maitreya: OK, Pegasus, your question is about when this organization was founded, and who founded it. I am the founder of this organization. I came to this country to go to school. Actually, I did go to school. I received some degrees here. It is a long story of what happened. There is a booklet on our website. Someone will put up the URL for you (http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/Other.htm/became-m.htm). It explains to you exactly how it happened. It is a lecture that one of the disciples had given. It is called, How He Became Maitreya. You can read all about it. You say it is fascinating and it is the first time you have been to our website. Read it in a deeper level. Especially read THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, which is the Revelation that has come to humanity. It is the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and hopefully you will find the wonderful Revelation that we have given you. If you have a question, send us an e-mail. There is a place called, Counselors, in the website. You can send e-mails to them, and they will answer your questions. Hopefully, you will find God in what we teach. Pegasus: [in text] I am impressed by your noble ideas and will come back. I will come again.

Maitreya: OK, great. Go ahead, Romus.

Romus: I have a question. Why no typing? Why does everyone have to use the microphone? Maitreya: We had people coming in here who were not very kosher and they typed things that we would really rather not see. When they type, it stays there for a long time. If they said it in the microphone, we could red dot them and that would be it. That is the end of the story. It goes to the air and finishes up. But when you put it in the text, it is just stuck there and stays there for a long time. Also, it is easier for people to be nasty in type than coming to the microphone and saying nasty or rude things. So the decision was made that everyone should come to the microphone. It also keeps the room concentrated on the Mission and the teachings in a greater degree instead of everyone checking the text all the time to see what other people are saying. They will listen to the words instead of reading. There were a lot of reasons for it. So the decision was made that probably we go this way. We would appreciate that everyone who has a question buys a microphone and comes to the microphone. Also, we need teachers. Teachers should not be shy. We are calling the Elects. The Elects should not be shy to come to the microphone and ask their questions, because we are looking for the teachers who are able to take the microphone and express themselves. So there are many reasons for it. I hope that makes sense to you, Romus. Shakti: This is more respectful to Maitreya, God be with him. Maitreya: Go ahead, Agt. Agt: Thank you, and I must say, Maitreya is a Sat Guru, and I bow down to you. How soon can we get to that ideal land, get a world order that is the imagination of Maitreya? Maitreya: Yes, Agt, you broke up here and we had a little trouble understanding what you were saying. But we heard the gist of your question of, when will this Vision be manifested on earth? As I have said many times, it is up to you. It is up to humanity. The Elects have been in the process of being chosen and have progressed for the last 12,000 years. They are here. That is why we are reaching out. We are calling them to come. The process is to call the Elects and to gather them together. I am the heart of the hierarchy. I am here to work with the Elects. I am here to unify them. I am here to bring them together and create what we call, the facilitating body. The facilitating body includes our teachers, our administrators, our agents, our centers, our contacts, and eventually we will create a system that will reach to the grass roots in humanity and create the Communities of Light all over the world, or wherever it is possible. And then the real hierarchy on earth will emerge from these Communities of Light. So it is a big job. It is calling to a lot of people to come, join, and take the responsibility to create this facilitating body. The facilitating body really is a facilitating hierarchy, which is not chosen by the Communities of Light or the people. If you study our teachings, it really manifests the hierarchy, for the people, by the people, and from the people. If you really understand our teachings, that saying is manifested in the Mission. So you can see it is a big job. It needs a lot of people to come to realize, to see the Vision, join, put a lot of effort into it, and it will be manifested in whole. When this present system falls apart, which it will, there is no doubt about that, we will have a viable system to replace it. So we say to humanity, This is what God wants. Of course, as I said, the people who are not chosen will not be reincarnated for a long time. Or, as you can see, they are destroying themselves and they will not be here with us. But those who are with us eventually will create the Kingdom and bring the Golden Age. We are on the brink of bringing the Golden Age. But we need the Elects to hear this, to see the Vision, and to dedicate themselves. We need a lot of dedicated people who clearly see the Vision to come and say, Yes, I want to be a part of it. I want to help. What can I do? I have this talent, use me. The sooner these people come and join us, the sooner it is possible. The more they hesitate, the more they resist it, the longer it will take. I hope that makes sense. If it does not, come to the microphone and stay a little away from your microphone so we can hear you better. Go ahead, Sweet. Sweetcoffey: OK, I was hearing what the brother said and the thing that went through my mind is how we have to, like you said, become conscious and aware of the universe outside of us as well as in us, and that we not only do that, but we create an action so that others can see in us what is in them. Please explain further because I need you to explain this to me, actually. I am, well, considered to be a psychic, meaning that I can tell a few things about people, as well as I can discern the Scriptures or be able to understand what you are saying and feed it into my spirit. So when you talk about Spirit, or in the beginning of the teachings, when I started hearing how you discreet the energy that will vibrate in Spirit and gives you that awareness, how does that align with your abilities to do the things that one and everyone is able to do this, but one is able to do and how do you? Well, I do this to help people anyway to uplift them in spirit. But just explain I do not know what question I am trying to ask for this because people say, This is bad, that is bad. I do not really dwell, and so I do not care about that. I just want to understand from your teachings and your perspective on that particular topic. I hope I was clear. Maitreya: Sweet, you were not really clear. What topic? Can you put it just on the topic? What is the topic? Just the question, because you went a lot of places but I am not sure what the topic is. Can you explain it again, a little more? Thanks. Sweetcoffey: What I did, I guess I was expanding on something and then I went into the question. I apologize because sometimes I am not clear. But in regards to the gentlemen, I guess I understood that what you were saying is that the change that is occurring in regards to our awareness, in regards to the elite, is happening right now, based upon the people who have the awareness of who they are, and who are being who they are, and through that being, that they show others themselves. I think this is what I was alluding to, or expanding upon, that comment that you made to the gentleman before me. Then I went on to ask a question about, being psychic. I am considered clairvoyant, clairsentience, and clairaudient, meaning that I can hear things, and all that good stuff, and tell things. How does that equate to the teachings, I guess, I would say? Maitreya: OK, Sweet, now I understand what you are saying. You had two questions. One, how are the elites going to be able to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and does that mean that we are able to teach others by our actions? That is your first question. The answer to that question is that the Elects, or the elites as you call them, are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the base of our teachings. I do not know if you were here or not when I explained it this morning. It is the awakening of your spiritual forces, directing those forces toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing in the Communities of Light, surrendering and submitting the result of our actions to God, and becoming a universalist. That is who an Elect is. And these are the called, the elite, those who have been in the process of being created for the last 12,000 years. Now is the time to sunder the chaff from the wheat and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, or the Golden Age, which is coming. Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path and are the Elects, realize our teachings, understand the Vision, and come, help, and get this done, will be the people who will bring this Golden Age. And that is whom we are calling. They will set an example by their actions, with their abilities to teach with their actions, by meditation, awakening their spiritual forces, directing that toward the creation of the Communities of Light, etc. That is their goal. They do not just sit there and meditate only. They do not go ahead and say, I am such a big person. I am reincarnated from this and that. But they say, I am here to do the Will of God and create the Communities of Light. Therefore, they are completely dedicated to that and will use all their energy toward that end. And they sacrifice for it. They have the ability to give of themselves, share, go around and teach, and they are not attached to the result of their actions. They realize that God is doing it through them. These people direct these abilities toward helping the whole universe. After we are done with this earth, probably we are going to be reincarnated on other planets or somewhere else, and we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven on other planets. So we can see that our job is not done. There are infinite unit consciousnesses to be rescued and brought to balance. Therefore, such people become the Elects, or the Sixth Seal. And they know themselves. They have the abilities, and they are able to set an example for others to facilitate more Communities of Light, greater expansion of the Mission, and deeper understanding of our teachings. Eventually, when humanity reaches a point and says, Well, this present system is not working, we need something new, they will see that our teaching makes sense, it is from God, and hopefully they will say, Yes, OK, let us do it God's way, unify and share.' So that is the base of our teaching, and that is how these elites or Elects are chosen. Now about your question about psychic powers, you say you are a psychic, a clairvoyant. And as you said yourself, everyone has these abilities. They are gifts of the Spirit that God has given to all of us. Actually, they also are a test. Probably you were not here when I was talking about when I started meditating in the beginning before I started the Mission. When I came to the United States that is when, if you read my life story which is on the website, it talks about how I was in college and how a strong Hand was guiding my life. And eventually, I learned about meditation. I had never meditated in my life before I came to the United States. When I started meditating, the first month, I created this ability. I could see people's future and past. I could tell them what they did. At that time I was a student in Pennsylvania. And we had a lot of friends in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. We used to go be with them, and we had gatherings, etc. I started telling people about their past. I was telling them things that they had never told anyone else. They were all surprised. I became the center of attention. Everyone started gathering around me. I would tell them a little about their future, and a lot about their past, and they were all amazed. I felt very good that I received so much attention from my friends. They were all in awe about how I was doing this. Later on, I lost that ability. And I became more miserable. Of course, the lesson was, You misused the power. That was because I was not doing it for God, I was doing it for myself. I was looking to see, How can I get more attention? So those abilities you have, they are great. You have to use them for God. Those gifts are given to us as a test. Those gifts are given to us because God wants us to use them for His good, use them for making people realize that God can give that also to them. Do not create an 800 number or something that charges $2-$3 a call, and people call you and you tell them about psychic things. Do not worry about your bread. God will provide you with the bread, etc. But these abilities should be directed toward the creation of the Communities of Light. You should sacrifice for it. You should surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. So, therefore, those abilities are the gift of the Spirit and everyone has some abilities, somehow. Those abilities should be used for God. I hope that makes sense. Go ahead, Sweet. Sweetcoffey: That makes a lot of sense. Thank you. I do use my abilities for God. I cannot, not ever, not acknowledge that. But also I need to tell you that, you did not lose yours, it just got swallowed up in pride for the moment. Because it is not only used through the means of telling someone what is going on in their lives to help them, uplift them in spirit, or put them on a path, but it is also used when you are teaching as well. I want to thank you for your channeling. Thank you very much. Maitreya: You are welcome. You are correct, it is not done, it is not gone. It is still there. Those powers and those abilities are called siddhis in Sanskrit. Siddhis means spiritual powers. Actually, the reason for the fall of man before the flood of Noah was because they misused those powers, those siddhis. It is our birthright to have them, and they will come to more people. Even after the flood of Noah, they still had the telepathic abilities. That is why the Bible said, They had only one language, and they could talk with each other because they could read each other's minds. But the human misused those powers, and they fell. That is why in this time we have to learn our lessons, not to misuse those powers, but use them for God. Go ahead, Star bliss. Star bliss: I have felt that I have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time. On my spiritual journey, I have been learning about different things in life, such as different religions to try to find my place in life. I have this drifting but still wanting to reach out to other people, as far as spiritually. But I have not yet identified my place in the universe. I am trying to find out, how do I go about doing that, because I have opened up to learn many things, yet I still feel that I am misplaced? Can you explain those feelings? Maitreya: Sure, Star. You have been searching, and you have probably read many religions or teachings. Probably they all make some sense but they are not connected. They are disconnected. And probably there is contradiction in them, and they are not unified. There is something that is not completely clicking, that puts them all together. There is a saying in Sanskrit that, when you know, the Teacher comes. It means you already know a lot of things, and when the Teacher comes, he puts them all together for you and makes things make sense. That is what is happening to a lot of people on earth. They are reading many different religions. They are reading New Age teachings. They are studying, and they want to know the truth, how they are connected, and what is the spiritual path to back home, to God. I myself was one of them. The religions did not make sense. My religion did not make sense. Other people's religions did not make sense. I knew them. I read them, especially after I started meditating. I read the Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedas, and meditated. It felt good, and my Teacher was great. What he was saying was beautiful. But still there was something not completely quite falling together as one, until I received this Revelation. Then everything made sense. It was logical, and it just showed me a God who is fantastic and wonderful, and has a Plan. He was sending all these Revelations separately, and now He put them together as One. It shows how each of them falls in as a part, where the New Age teachings fall in their part, where the Mystical Paths fall in their part, where the Old Testament falls in, where the New Testament fits in, where the Koran falls in, and where the teachings of the other Prophets fall in their places. So I recommend that you go to our website, read our Scripture called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, and see if that is going to put everything in perspective for you. See if you can place where all this knowledge that you accumulated fits in, in what is in that Revelation and Book. And maybe that will help you to find your place. If you ask me, everyone who has been called, or has been born in this body at this time, is called for this Mission, for this Revelation. Their place is in the Mission, and they can find a place for themselves in the Mission and realize, Yes, that is what I have been born in this lifetime to do. There are a lot of people in the Mission who already have realized that, they have accepted that, and they are doing just fine. They are satisfied with what they do. Of course, we are living in Maya right now, and the world is tough and hard. Some feel that they are struggling, but their struggle at the end will pay off very well for them. And when the Kingdom comes, they will come as a part of it. So, to me the answer is very clear, understand our teaching, read it, and understand it. If you felt, Yes, this is what is from God, and it is a Vision that you can fit into, you are welcome to join us. Then tell us what kind of abilities you have. We can work together and see what you can do for the Mission. The Mission needs a lot of people to come to help. So my recommendation is to see if you are one of them. If you find it is true, let us know. I hope that answered your question. If it does not, go ahead and follow it up. Go ahead, Bliss. Blissthis: Yes, hello, Sir. I was introduced to your teachings this week. So I decided to pay my respects, and also to probe a question, if that is OK. Just yesterday I was reading an interesting thing about reality. I am not trying to be philosophical or intellectual but there is something personal to myself. It was by Kristnamurti by the way, a beautiful teacher, a spiritual teacher, and I learned a lot from him. He was talking about the reality of measurement. The client is always measuring between good, bad, better, worse. Always measuring, always seeking with the senses, regardless of what religion. This is the nature of Maya for all human beings unless they are liberated, enlightened. Just recently I have been looking into yoga and meditation. My family is from India so I have been exposed to this for some time, but just recently I have been looking into it. I wanted to ask you what you feel about meditation, just sitting in silence. Not necessarily chanting or doing a mantra but just sitting and observing the nature of the mind. Do you feel that that has relevance and is somewhat spiritual? Maitreya: Yes, it does. There are many ways to meditate. As I have explained many times, some people like to go for a long drive. That is a kind of meditation. They sit in the car, and they drive. No one is around. They are by themselves, and they really fall into meditation states doing that. Some people like to go fishing. Some people like to go mountain climbing, or practice different ways of getting away from this world. Really, meditation means to cut your senses from the stimulation of daily stimuli. So you can see meditation can be done in many ways. One way of meditation that is recommended in the Mission is to just sit in front of The Greatest Sign and look at it. Just look at it. Just go around it, and realize. Many people have realized so many things by doing that. They come to me, Maitreya, did you know that this Greatest Sign, the triangle upward is like the two points in your knees and your head, and the triangle downward is like your two shoulders with your fingers together? Actually the human looks like The Greatest Sign, when you sit down in the lotus pose. I said, Well, yes, I know that. Many,things come and are realized just by sitting in front of The Greatest Sign and meditating on It. That is another way of meditation. Another one is the way you said, just sitting there and examining the nature of the being, the nature of mind. Meditation actually is to take you beyond the mind because the mind still lives in duality. As you said, Good and evil, bad and good. Is my action OK or not? So the duality still exists in the mind, and that is why it is confused and sometimes, because of our impurities, we do not choose the good way, which is God, but the bad way, which is from ego and evil. So in the mind, the good and evil exists because we are still in duality, but in the Spirit there is no duality. What is left is good because we cannot do bad in Spirit. That is because in Spirit there is nothing called bad because there is no ego. There is no duality that exists. Another way of meditation is to realize, what is the goal of the life? Why are we here? Why have we been created? Why did God put us on this earth? What is the nature of God? Who is God? God is everything. So, what is the goal of the life? The Goal Of The Life is to be(come) Divine. What is Divine? It is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, awakening of our spiritual forces, creating the communities, or family, sacrifice, surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist. You become an Elect. Then you become a Divine. That is the goal of the life. Therefore, here we have a Universal Mantra that we give to everyone to meditate on. It is called, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. You breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, and between breathing in and breathing out, there is a moment of silence and stillness. In the Bible this is referred to as, Be still and know that I am God. That stillness is between breathing in and breathing out. Realize it, recognize it, and become one with it. Then breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam. Then, Om Nam Kevalam means, God Is Everything. So breathe out, God Is Everything. Realize that stillness again between breathing out and breathing in. That stillness is God, the unity. Become it. Then breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Realize the stillness, Om Nam Kevalam, That Divinity (God) Is Everything. So I am a part of that Being, and realize that. That stillness is the most important part in your meditation. Also repeating the Mantra takes your mind away from every other thought and takes you beyond thought. What your meditation does is it examines the duality. Still you are in duality and examining it. But meditation really has to take you beyond duality, which is that stillness between the two, breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in. So your type of meditation is OK. But greater meditation is to go beyond, realizing that there is no duality. God is a Spirit and God is good. So, bad does not exist, which is your ego. Therefore, the goal is to eradicate or completely bring the ego under control. You will open yourself to God, and your consciousness will become like a calm lake so you can see the moon, which is the reflection of God in it. So we recommend our Universal Meditation with the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, connecting that with your breathing, and recognizing the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in. Then, you can stay in that stillness all the time. If you can stay in that stillness all the time, you are meditating all the time. You do not even have to repeat the Mantra any more because that stillness is always there. That stillness is beyond mind. The stillness is beyond any duality. That is why everyone can reach very high consciousness by using our Universal Mantra. We have six other initiations in the Mission that are reserved only for the dedicated people who come to the Mission and dedicate their lives to the Mission. They will be initiated in those higher energies, which is the name of the Father, the Son, and they will recognize The Holy Ghost. I hope that makes sense to you. Go ahead, Bliss. Blissthis: OK, thank you, Sir. It makes perfect sense, actually. That was what the second part of my question was, when one sits down and begins just observing one's thoughts, when he realizes its limited condition, and they say that if you see the limitation, you have an insight that goes beyond thought, which I personally have not had. This is something that I have been reading. And they say when you have that insight and you go beyond thought, that actually is meditation. It is the emptying the content of consciousness, the individual consciousness, the ego that you were mentioning as well. I seem to be stuck, and I think the majority of society is stuck thinking, OK, I am going to sit, and I am going to meditate, which is actually just the ego trying to push you to something that is bigger and bigger. Although it is a good intention, it is still self-expansion, verses self-breakdown with this meditation to breakdown the ego, to breakdown the patterns in life, one's own securities, one's own attachments. So I think a lot of people have meditation, incorrectly thinking that it is going to make you bigger, bigger, bigger with expansion. I think you also are helping toward stepping out of the ego, stepping out of the Maya. So I think you are speaking good, good truth. Something that I have been working on, is about belonging to an organization. But I will look into the website, and I will continue on listening just to see what else is brought up. Perhaps I will ask more questions later on. Thank you. Maitreya: Yes, you have realized a lot of good realizations. What you say also is the truth. Meditation is not to create bigger ego, but to make it smaller. As that Saint said, The more Christ will come in me, the less of me is there. In the Mission, one way to do this is the direction of your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. When you meditate and you direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, then you do not create ego, because you have to sacrifice for it, you become surrendered and submissive to God, and you become a universalist. Therefore, that shrinks your ego. If you only meditate without going over the rest of the Eternal Divine Path, you are absolutely correct, you will create a bigger ego. We are pretty much out of time. But I will give you one more chance, Bliss, go ahead. Blissthis: OK, thank you. But anyways, I did not realize that you were out of time. I had a lot more questions. So I guess perhaps the next time you have a discussion I will try to attend it. But I basically wanted to ask about healing. I am studying medicine, and I am reading a lot of books about healing. I am just trying to look more towards that way. I think that is a beautiful way to help other people out as a service because with meditation comes different ways of providing service for humanity and for mankind. So perhaps you could talk about this some other time. I would appreciate it. Thank you. Maitreya: Great Bliss. We will be here next week. As long as the questions are there, I will be here. About the healing, teach others how to heal themselves, that is a greater service than to heal them. It is better to teach people to fish than to give them a fish. I hope that will help you. I leave you all to God. Sal-OM to everyone. I pay my salutations to the Divinity in all of you. May we see you next week. Sal-OM.

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