Satsang (Discourse) 05/04/02




Maitreya: You have come to a room that will reveal to you the whole Plan of God and give you the ability to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. We are here to call the Elects, those who want to see that the Kingdom Of Heaven comes and be participants, stay with it, and be incarnated into it for many, many lifetimes to come, for a thousand years.

Actually, this Revelation will be established and the Kingdom will come for one thousand years. After one thousand years, there will be another disturbance for a while but after that the Kingdom will come forever.

The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is based on the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light. The Eternal Divine Path has been revealed to humanity through many religions that we now have on earth. They each think they have the truth and they are fighting with other paths or religions. They think they are the only way, or they have the last word.

How can you have the last word if you did not open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals? For example, some say, "We are the chosen ones," or, "We have the last word," and all the words that all the religions of the world are hanging on to believe they are the last revelation of God.

But the truth is that each of them is a part of a greater truth. That greater truth is the Seven Seals and the Eternal Divine Path, that has been revealed now to humanity. The way has been given to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and also bring humanity to the next step of evolution and the Golden Age. After that, the Kingdom of God will be realized forever.

The Eternal Divine Path contains five steps. Each step covers one religion, or more, of the ones that exist on earth right now.

The first step is the awakening of your spiritual forces. Awakening of your spiritual forces means to know thyself, to know who you are, why you are here, why you have been created, what are your problems and how you can solve them, what are the patterns in your life that you go through, and realize, "Why do I always involve myself into the same situation that I do not like?" Eventually you say, OK, it is because of my needs. Therefore, I will overcome my needs and know myself and will not come to the same situation again and again but will overcome. Also I know eventually that God and myself are One.

When you realize that, you realize that you can manifest Gods Qualities. You cannot just say, I am god, and then you have a miserable life making a lot of mistakes, not knowing yourself well, and then say, No, I am god. You cannot do that. But if you, Know thyself, you will manifest Gods Qualities, and those are compassion, love, understanding, gentleness, and all the qualities of God, understanding even destruction, why sometimes God destroys things that are necessary to be destroyed and new things are replaced with the old ones.

So this realization comes to you. The easiest way is to know that stillness within you. When you are still and your mind is not turbulent, it is not craving, it is not attaching itself to things, and it is not loving the things that are not Godly, eventually that stillness will reflect God. You will say, Yes, this is what I was looking for, that peace within myself, that reflection of God, and the unity that is my birthright to have.

If you realize that then you have no choice but to say, I want to help other people to also realize this. I do not just want to keep this to myself and not let other people realize how wonderful this beauty is that I have also realized.

So you have no choice but to reach out to other people to teach them that they should meditate, they should awaken their spiritual forces, they should realize that stillness within themselves, and they should look at themselves squarely. Of course, that is the greatest battle any man or woman can have, and that is facing ourselves. That is the scariest thing that people do not want to do, and that is, "to face thyself" and know who you really are.

When you face yourself, you have no choice but to see yourself, What am I doing? Am I completely honest all the time? Am I completely up front all the time? Am I fearful? Am I afraid? Am I craving? Am I attached?", all those questions that have to pop up in your mind. You will meditate on them and say, Why am I involving myself in the same pattern in my life and coming to the same point?" and then you will realize, "I do not like this situation. I have to go somewhere else.

But as we said many times, when you go somewhere else, what do you do? You take your baggage with you. You go somewhere else, and you fall to the same situation.

So all these things need brave people, those who want to close their eyes and, Know thyself. They are the real warriors in their lives, and they are the most successful people. As they know themselves, they become instruments for God.

Then you say, OK, I realize these things and that is the goal of life. Maybe I do not realize it completely myself but Maitreya says this is the way. He seems to fulfill all the prophecies from God. Maybe he has something he is teaching, and maybe the next step is to create the Communities of Light, reach out to other people, teach the Eternal Divine Path, teach the Revelation that has come to us and we are blessed with, and maybe other people will also be blessed with it so we reach them and let them know.

But God said there are only one hundred forty-four thousand of the Elects on earth. We have six billion people. If you really look at it that way, you see that one hundred forty-four thousand compared to six billion is a drop in the bucket.

So do not be discouraged if you call many people and not many come. Few will be hearing the Voice and the Message and will realize, Yes, that makes sense. That is what I was looking for. It is because you have been meditating on these things for many lifetimes, and this lifetime suddenly you hear this Revelation and teaching and say, Yes, that makes sense. That is the only thing that has made sense to me."

So they will come and join. They will have no expectation, no real attachment, and no desire. But they want to serve God, serve the Mission, bring this Revelation and teaching all over the world and to every Soul.

You can see the progression of the Eternal Divine Path is a very natural one. When you awaken your spiritual forces, you have no choice but to say, Well, I want to help other people also to see this beauty within them. So you have to reach other people. You have to go to your neighbor. You have to go to your community. You have to start classes. You have to invite the teachers to come and reach to your community and to the external world.

The next step is reaching out, creating the Communities of Light, creating a center where other people can come, hear, meditate, be with you, and understand the teachings in the deepest level. They realize themselves and become an instrument in also reaching to other people.

If we really see this Vision, we can see that after five, seven, or eight levels of the people we reach, we cover almost all of humanity on earth.

So the first step covers the Mystical Paths, all the religions that say, Know thyself to know God. That covers all the Mystical teachings, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and any Mystical Path that talks about, "Close your eyes," or Know thyself.

The next step is the Communities of Light. The Old Testament shows us the Communities of Light are what God wants to be created. He chose a people who were His people, Histribes, the twelve tribes of Israel.

What does tribe mean? It means community. The requirement was that they accept God as their King and His Laws as the Laws. They did not follow mans laws, or the things that TV, or radio, or their culture, or their place in the world, tells them are correct but what God says is correct.

If you look at it that way, then you become a child of God. You do not follow your culture, your teaching, your understanding, your opinions, but what God told us in the Scriptures, as correct. Then you follow them and eventually the culture of the earth will become the culture of God. His Revelation and His Laws will become the Laws of the land, and everyone will understand them and realize them.

Also they are good for us. It is not something that is good for God. God does not need us to follow His Laws. But following His Laws will bring the peace, the unity, and the great societies on earth. Those Laws are not given for Him. They are given for us. They are good for us. Therefore, after we start following them we realize how good they are for us.

As I said many times, the person who followed the Ten Commandments said, I did not know how wonderful they were until I started following them.

So we have to stop fighting God, stop fighting His Laws, stop resisting His Revelation, and stop saying, No, I am from this place, and in this place we do whatever we want to do. We are free, and therefore we can do whatever we want. And so we are not going to listen to God, or you, or anyone else.

OK, fine. OK, then you are not listening to the God who has your interests in the highest level. If you will not follow what God says, again, you are following your tradition. We know what the Bible says about the traditions of man.

So that is the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the people who do accept God as King, not a human king, not a person who has ego. As God says, If you choose a human king, he is going to tax you, he is going to take your children to war, and he is not going to make the society according to God but according to his own ego and understanding."

But the only real King is the King. And if you accept Him as the King, you accept someone who knows you better than you do, who knows the society, who knows the culture, who created this universe, and therefore, knows what is best and how it works best.

So that is the way to create the Communities of Light. Of course, we create that first within us, Know thyself. We implement the Laws of God in our own lives and then, if everyone does that in the community, every community will become a Community of Light. Therefore, when the Communities of Light are created, the next step is to sacrifice for the Communities of Light.

Even if you follow Gods Laws, still if you say, What is in it for me only in the community, it is not going to work because the community has limited resources. If you take more than you give you will drain the community and after a while the community no longer has any strength and will die. So you have to also realize that.

Not being self-centered is the next step. And that is the message of Christianity. Christ came, and he went to the cross for his ideal.

Your ideal is the Eternal Divine Path. Your ideal is the Mission of Maitreyas teaching. Your ideal is the unification of humanity, the creation of the Communities of Light, and reaching out to humanity, spreading it to every corner on the earth. That is your ideal. That is what you have chosen to accept as your life goal and, therefore, you have to sacrifice everything for this ideal.

As I did, I dropped everything in my life, education, family, culture, nation, because that became my ideal to reach out to every corner of the earth and every human and let them know that is how God has been sending all these revelations separately and now they are unified. Now He says, Here it is. These are the Seven Seals opened. The Book is open for you. Now you can see the whole picture. Therefore, you are indeed blessed that you have seen the Vision.

You have said, That makes a lot of sense. God really did these things. God exists and these things are the truth. Therefore, I will make this the ideal of my life and make the goal of my life to become a part of this Mission. And that is what I will do for the rest of my life.

That is the Third Seal. That is where you realize that you have to give up some in order to receive the great things that God will bring to you and to the community, and be a part of it.

Of course, if you are completely self-absorbed, self-centered, and you are in the community but you are not into giving into it, and you are not seeing how your actions affect the community, you will feel that you are not a part of the community. You will feel that you are left out; you are not a part of it.

But the more you become one with it and the community becomes one with you, you will see the joy of being one with God and other people. Therefore, we can see that is the revelation from the Third Seal, or Christ.

So we have unified all the Mystical Paths, which cover every teaching that says, Know thyself. We have covered the Old Testament, which is the creation of the Communities of Light, and the New Testament, which is Christianity and the teachings of Christ.

Now what? Are we done with the Eternal Divine Path? No. That is not enough. We also should not be attached to the results of our actions. We do the actions for the community, for the Mission, and for the creation of our ideal, and then we say, Oh, I am attached to the results. I am doing all these things and nothing is happening. Or, Something is happening.

If nothing is happening, we become discouraged. If something is happening, we say, See how great I am? I am the doer. I am the person who said what Maitreya is to do, and he does. So I am a wonderful thing in the Mission. I am a great person, and everyone should bow down in front of me.

The more you give into that ego, the more you are going to be cut off from the Grace and you will say, Well, I do not feel God. I do not feel The Grace. Or, you will create a lot of suffering for yourself and others.

Therefore, the fourth teaching, the fourth part or Seal in the Eternal Divine Path is to surrender the result to God. I am not attached to my service. I am not attached to what I do.

I do something, I am doing a great thing for the Mission but it is really God doing it through me. That is greater than surrendering the result to God, realizing that God is the Doer. You are just an instrument. You are just a channel for God for those actions to be taken care of and, therefore, you have not done anything. If you have not done anything, how can you be attached to the result?

Therefore, you work for your ideal, you understand yourself, and you give a little, or a lot, to the Mission. Then also you surrender the result to God and submit to Him, which means that God does the work through you. With this, you shatter all the attachments that bind every human and humanity, and you become free of anything that binds you to become egoistical, or depressed, or unhappy, or whatever takes you away from being connected to The Grace of God.

Surrendering and submission is from Islam. Islam means surrendering and being submissive to God. That is when you free yourself from every bondage of earth.

Of course, still you might direct all this energy, your ideal, the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, and surrendering and submission to a very small portion of the universe. You say, I am just going to help my culture. I am just going to help my family. I am just going to help my neighborhood. I am just going to help the earth.

That is not enough. You have to become a universalist, shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and look at every individual as an Essence of God and a part of God. Therefore, you shatter every prejudice, anything that separates you from other people, and realize that God is Everything. If God is Everything, how can you be separated from other people, or some people are better than others, or inferior? You cannot do that.

In doing that you shatter the narrowness of the mind, and you become an Elect. The Fifth Seal is the Bahai teaching that brings the universal point of view to humanity. It says basically that all religions are the same and are saying the same thing.

There is truth in what they say. There are a lot of similarities in every religion and teachings that came to humanity. They say the truth in that. But they are not the last Word of God because the Seventh Seal had not yet been opened.

The fifth level is the ethereal level. When you reach the ethereal level, it is so wonderful that you think you have reached the end of the Path. But there are still two more steps to go.

The next step is to become a Paravipra. When you realize that the ideal of your life is to know yourself and this Revelation is the ideal in your life, when you direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, when you sacrifice for them, when you become surrendered and submissive to God, and when you become a universalist, then you try to become a Paravipra.

A Paravipra is incorruptible, a person who works toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth because the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth comes from the Communities of Light. Therefore, you can see how important the Communities of Light are and how important these Paravipras are to be created.

That is who we are calling for here in this Mission. The aim is to call on the Elects to see themselves as Chosen of God, as from God. This teaching makes sense to them, and they say, Yes, I want to become a Paravipra. I want to give everything in my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually to this cause, and I will work toward the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth."

The Mission is huge. The Revelation is amazing. The work is a lot, but the Joy of doing it also is great. If you lose the Vision of why you are here and how you received it, you might feel disconnected and you might start feeling not a part of the Mission. That is not a very good state to be.

Therefore, you have to relax, sit back, meditate, remember how you received it, and then say, Yes, I received it here. It makes sense. It is wonderful, therefore, I will continue with this Mission and it will become the part of my life.

The Eternal Divine Path is the Path of awakening your spiritual forces, or the Mystical Paths; creation of the communities, Old Testament; sacrifice, New Testament; surrendering and submission, Islam; and becoming a universalist, the Bahai Teaching. When you do that, you go to the Sixth Seal.

All these seals have been a preparation. Christ had John the Baptist to prepare the way for him. But all these religions, revelations, and the people who came and brought them were to prepare for this Revelation. So all the Messengers and Teachers came to bring us to this point of a Revelation of the whole truth to humanity. Now it is here for them to see, to take, and to implement.

Of course, we will have an uphill battle to make them to see this Vision because each person is attached to their culture, their religion, their opinions, their ideas, and their understandings. Therefore, the people who are really humble and are at the point that they are looking for the truth of this Revelation, are indeed few and far between. But that is OK. Many will be called but few will be chosen.

You have to see yourself as a part of Gods Revelation, as a Paravipra, not in an egoistical way but in a humble way as, I am so blessed that God brought me to this point that I can become a part of His Revelation and His Mission, and work in this great endeavor that I am in and have been called for. And you see yourself as a great Soul, as God has brought you here. So it is something that each of us has to realize and recognize and give to everyone on earth to see it the way it is.

Then when they see it, it is their Mission, their realization, and their understanding. They become another center wherever they are. Of course, I am the Center of the centers and you all will eventually bring everyone to the Mission and this teaching, and eventually we will be unified.

There is nothing that is created in this universe without a center. An atom has a center. Cells have a center. Everything has to have a center so things evolve around it.

In reality the Center is God but this body is the representative of that Consciousness on earth. Those who become a center themselves are a part of this center. And eventually it will be like a center with a lot of satellites that will attract a lot of other centers when we bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This is the Revelation of the Kingdom coming. Many will reach Pure Consciousness, the Seventh Seal, and they will realize the fullness of God and the Revelation that has brought all the teachings and revelations before it together, and they will all rejoice in such a wonderful thing that God has done.

For those new people who have come to the room, this is the Mission of Maitreya, and this is Maitreya explaining our teaching. I have just explained the teaching. Our teaching is based on the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path that has no dogma.

It is revealed that each religion of the world has a specific message for humanity, and each of these messages has one part of a greater truth that is called the Eternal Divine Path. When you put all of them together, you see the whole picture of what God was trying to do. With this Revelation, the Seven Seals are opened and the Book, which has been sealed with the Seven Seals, has been revealed to humanity.

All of humanity is invited and welcome to go to our website to read the explanation of The Greatest Sign and our materials that have been prepared and put together for the last twenty-two years. Now it is accessible to every corner of the earth.

We are trying to reach every human, every person, and tell them at least once about this Revelation. After we reveal this to them, we are done with them. It is between them and God. This is the point of the coming of the Golden Age. Those who will not participate in the Golden Age and still will hang on to the old age will not be reincarnated for a thousand years.

Therefore, being a part of this Revelation, working toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the coming of the Kingdom is a part of being incarnated so we can progress toward our goal. Otherwise, we will be denied entrance and return for a long time.

If you have a question about our teaching, the Mission, what is the Eternal Divine Path, how to become involved in the Eternal Divine Path and this Mission, or any other question, you are welcome to ask.

We have no doubt that this Revelation is from God. It has been proven to us over and over that it is Gods Revelation and it is for humanity to see and wonder and see how wonderful God is.

Even those who do not believe in God, when they see that God says He will do something and He has done it, have no choice but to say, There has to be Someone or Something that He says He is going to do this and has done it. Therefore, those who do not believe in God can see that God exists in this Mission.

So it is open for you to go and study in the website, and it is ready for you to understand the greatest Revelation that has come to humanity for the last 12,000 years.

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I have a guest with me here at the computer this afternoon. Her name is Blakely. I will switch my headset over. I just wanted to introduce her right quick. She has a quick, simple question that she would like to ask.

Blakely: Sal-OM, Maitreya. How do you share the teaching when you are so separated from other people?

Maitreya: You have to reach those people who will listen to you. Sometimes they do not listen to you because they have their own ideas, their own families, and their own teachings.

From your voice I assume that you are a young lady. In that age, you are going to have a harder time to tell about the Mission, the unification of the religions, and this Revelation because your friends probably have their own background, they have their own religion, they have their own ideas. They probably are mostly interested in other things than religion. So you are a brave Soul and a great Soul that at this age you are even interested in the unification of all religions.

But many young people will become interested as they see how the world is going toward destruction and wars. Their future depends on realizing that there is One God and all this Revelation has come through Him.

You are going to have a harder time than an adult, especially in this age that you yourself are also emotionally attached to what you know and what you would like to tell the other people. So you are going to have a little harder time than the other adults who have realized this teaching.

But be very nice to other people. Be firm in your belief if you believe the teaching is the way and unifies all the religions. Let your friends know that this is a wonderful teaching, a wonderful Revelation. If you really believe in it and are firm in it, they eventually will start asking you about the Mission and what you believe. They might eventually also see what you have seen.

If they are not interested, just love them and very gently go to the next person who might be interested. You cannot teach this teaching to the people who are not interested because they are not seeing what you can see. So in that case, just gently go to the next person and tell it to a person who will listen.

Go ahead, Nimrod.

Nimrod: I belong to the Church of England. So that makes me a Christian. There are so many religions in this country that tell you all these things. How is one person to know, which is the right path to follow?

Maitreya: Yes, Nimrod, you have to follow the latest Revelation from God. You have to see that God has sent another Prophet with a Revelation, which is revealing a greater truth than any other religion that exists on earth, or any religion that has many branches in any country including England and the United States.

You will realize that the Mission of Maitreya is the last Revelation of God and the teaching is the Eternal Divine Path. There is no dogma. There is no preacher, really, to tell you how to follow the Eternal Divine Path. It is something that you follow and you benefit from.

You have to be discerning. You have to be meditative. You have to be called to see the truth in this Revelation and say, Well, this is the only truth on earth really worth following because every other religion has been divided into so many different branches. So many different people are each yelling that they are the truth, they have the right teaching of Christ."

For example, in Islam, are you Shiah or Sunni? Or what branch of Buddhism or Hinduism do you belong to? You see that all of them are splintered into many, many different branches, ideas, and opinions.

The Mission of Maitreya is not an opinion, is not an idea, and it is not a dogma. It is a Path. The Path shows how the other religions relate to each other. But at the same time, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you benefit from it and you say, Yes, that makes sense. Yes, it really is helping me."

So to me it is very clear, the Mission of Maitreya is the only way. There is no other way you can follow after the coming of this last Revelation. But you have to see it. Do not take my word for it. It does not make any difference if I tell you that this is the best Mission and the greatest Revelation that ever came to humanity for the last 12,000 years. You have to go to our website. You have to read our teaching, you have to read The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), read the prophecies fulfilled, the Scriptures that have come to humanity, and come to your own conclusion. See clearly, Yes, this is the way to go.

If you saw that God has revealed this to humanity, then you will see that this is the only truth really worth following.

Go ahead, Reg-WA.

Reg-WA: It is an honor to be here. I have looked forward to asking you this question. On the surface, it appears that your teaching differs somewhat with Christ Jesus' teaching from the Bible concerning satan, demons, and the spiritual battle in heaven.

Can you kind of clear this up for me a little bit?

Maitreya: Yes, Reg, we are very glad that you are here also. We welcome you. Your question is a good question. It is, what is the difference between what Christ said about the demons, unclean spirits, and the people who are possessed with unclean spirits, and the way that people could understand those things in an easier way? But in this day, of course, we understand them as psychological problems. The people who are psychologically affected in their lives seem to be possessed.

However, there are unclean spirits at the same time. They are the spirits that have lost their way, and they have the ability to possess other people and make them do the things that they really do not want to do.

They also should meditate and learn how to heal themselves. Then they can rid themselves of those unclean spirits.

The way to rid yourself of the unclean spirits is to fill yourself with God and His Spirit more than with the world. The more you go toward the world and you let the world run your life, the more you become susceptible to that kind of spirit that can possess you and make your life an un-Godly life.

So stay away from the things that open your spirit, or according to our teachings, your chakras, to those unclean energies. By doing that, it means to live in the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, people are more meditative and they are more in control. Even in the Communities of Light there might be some unclean spirits that might possess some people who might do things that are not according to our teachings.

So our teachings and Christs teachings are not different. The only difference is the explanation of what these unclean spirits are. Christ just said they were unclean spirits.

Now-a-days, we know that there is the subconscious mind that runs our lives. If we meditate and realize the patterns in our lives and see the psychological problems that have been created, we eventually can overcome those psychological problems and get rid of those unclean spirits ourselves.

Actually, we do not recommend that people take the unclean spirits of other people. Some people do that. But Christ himself even said, When the unclean spirit leaves someone, it goes and finds seven more vicious than itself. It comes back and sees that the house is clean, and the state of the man becomes worse than it was before.

What does that mean? If you read the Bible, that is exactly what Christ said. What does it mean that the unclean spirit goes and finds seven more? It means that the person who has been healed has not learned how to heal himself. And because he does not know how to heal himself, when the unclean spirit comes back with the seven more, he or she cannot fight back. He or she cannot say, No, I am going to fill myself with The Grace of God and, therefore, you cannot come in, because someone healed him.

Therefore, the teaching of the Mission is to strengthen you as a person to be able to heal yourself. If you teach a person how to fish, that person is going to have a nice life for the rest of their days. It is better than to just give them a fish, because then they would still not know how to fish.

So this teaching is the healing power for you and the rest of humanity. By following the Eternal Divine Path and our teaching, you know how to heal yourself and the unclean spirits will not be able to affect you at all.

Reg-WA: Thank you, that did answer my question.

Maitreya: That is great. This is the time of growing up for humanity, to realize that they are co-creators of God. As Christ said, If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can do even greater things than I have done. And that is where this Mission will take you. It teaches you how to become strong and a part of Gods co-creation.

You grow yourself instead of expecting some other people to do it for you. In this teaching, you become an Elect, you become a son of God.

Christ was the Son of God. He was the First Begotten Son Of God. But as God has promised, those who overcome will become His sons.

The goal is to overcome. As you overcome more, you become more powerful in the Spirit, therefore, the bad spirits cannot affect you. You have the power over them, and you are closer to God.

So our teaching is not different than the Prophets before us. Our teaching is based on the Word of God, and there is nothing that we say that you cannot find in the Scriptures because when the Prophet opens his mouth, he cannot say anything but what God wants him to say. He cannot lie. He cannot make things up by himself. He is a Mouthpiece of God.

When God talks, all the Scriptures came from Him. How can they contradict each other?

So again, the Eternal Divine Path is the salvation individually, and collectively for the whole of humanity, spiritually, emotionally, and everything that humanity is longing for. Now God has revealed to us how we can accomplish it.

I would like to go into a little more detail on the question of our young guest today, Blakely. The young people these days are bombarded with so many commercials and so many things that they are really having a hard time to recognize and realize what is the truth and what is the goal of the life.

They are in an environment that is going to be very difficult for them to even consider God any more. I empathize with them so much. Their parents really should be with them, teach them, and let them realize that the goal of their life should be to be(come) Divine. It is not to follow this star or that star, or drink and smoke, and this and that.

It is really hard for them to grow and have a good childhood. Of course, it has been prophesied that the children will grow faster and become old in the end time. And we can see that is very true. Most of these children do not have a childs life. And the teenagers are not really teenagers. They have to grow up fast to learn a lot of things.

So it is very important for the adults to also realize that and help the children to see this, that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to Know thyself, to know God. It is not to follow the commercials.

It is wonderful that we have a young person here with us. As most of you know, I have a son. He is young too. So I can see very well his struggle with his environment and the teaching of the Mission. They are two different things. So we have to be very understanding and compassionate toward these children growing up in this environment.

Go ahead, Blakely.

Blakely: Thank you, Maitreya. It is hard.

Maitreya: Yes, I know. But if you keep God in your mind, pray, trust in Him, and know that He is with you all the time, you are never alone or helpless. The Force that guides the stars guides you too. If you see that God is always with you, He is your friend, He is your Guide, and with understanding the Eternal Divine Path, and seeing that God has said He was going to do these things and He has done them, therefore He exists, then you are never alone. You will be guided and you will know that the goal of your life is to be(come) Divine, to be Godly, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and then you will be safe. Stay with it, and you will be just fine.

It is going to be much easier for you. But I know it is hard. Being a teenager is hard. But being a teenager at this time is really hard.

OK, go ahead, Reg-WA.

Reg-WA: I have a question about the tribulation on this earth. Will we all be transformed and go to a new earth, or a place where this earth is restored? Or, will some of the Chosen Ones survive throughout all of the chaos in this body and continue on in this body in this earth in the state that it is in? Will everyone who does go on be transformed in body?

Maitreya: Well, actually they are in the beginning of the transformation of the earth to the Golden Age. God has said the tribulation will come and destruction will be on earth for some time. We can see the beginning of it started not a long time ago, and we are in that process of destruction.

I know something happened like 9/11 and everyone got up in arms and started talking about God and "God Bless us" and this and that. And six months later we are back to where we were before that disaster. Therefore, everyone feels safe and secure, and they think that everything is fine and it is going to be OK again.

It is not. It is kind of a calm before the storm that is going to come to humanity in a greater degree. Many people will be destroyed.

I wish they would not have to be destroyed, but that is what the Scriptures say. That is what God said, there is going to be destruction. There is going to be a lot of death, and people who are not Godly and who are not going to live in the Communities of Light or create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth will not be here with us for one thousand years.

But do we transfer to a new body, to a new kind of an earth? It does not sound like that is completely going to happen. Of course, when the Communities of Light come and we follow the nature, the earth will be changed in a more natural way and more beautiful, and the Kingdom Of Heaven will come on earth. Therefore, we will take care of the earth in such a way that we will not have that much pollution and destruction.

And we will not eat the unclean animals who are created to clean the earth. We pollute the earth and then we eat the unclean animals who are supposed to clean the earth. What are we doing? Double jeopardy is there, isnt it?

We destroy and pollute the earth, and then we eat the animals that are supposed to clean the earth. So it is just like firing all the garbage men in the city and then putting more garbage into the street. What is going to happen to that city? It is going to be completely smelly and bad.

So humanity will realize these things in a deeper level and will create a new earth, a new heaven, and a new man. A new man is a spiritual man; he is a man who follows the Eternal Divine Path.

And, will our body change, transfer to something more light? Those only God knows. As Christ said, only God knows the future.

But we have to start the process and see where we are going to go. That is a part of the beauty of the journey, isnt it, that we do not know what the future is going to be?

We know that we have to create the Communities of Light and go toward It. What is going to happen, God knows. But for sure He has already said in the Scripture that after the Seventh Angel comes, after the Seven Seals are opened, after these things all happen, there is going to be a great tribulation for humanity and many will be destroyed, unfortunately.

Although we do not like destruction, our human part becomes unhappy about it, but our Godly part should see that God said it is going to happen and it will happen for sure. This Revelation is the beginning of that process.

After that, we will only have to guess what is going to happen. My feeling is that the sooner the humans listen to this Revelation, create Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the sooner we will have peace and less destruction.

The more they resist it and it does not happen fast enough, more people will suffer.

I will say farewell and Sal-OM to all of you. Sal-OM everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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