Satsang (Discourse) 08/03/02




Maitreya: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Satsang room. This is Maitreya from the Mission of Maitreya. We will be with each other for the next two hours. We will go through the base of the Mission and our teachings and how God has been sending the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path in pieces or in Seven Revelations for the last 6,000 years. And now the whole Revelation is revealed to humanity, and it is explained how each of the religions of the world are a part of a greater truth.

Then with the whole Revelation, we can realize that God truly exists, is in control, has been guiding humanity up to this point of history, and how humanity has again been called for a great evolutionary leap to a point of realizing that they are one in God and in the Spirit, they are from the same Source, and there is no separation between them. They should start looking at each other as Children of God, each as a part of the universe, and realizing each person as a part of themselves, not as separate beings. No titles, no limiting words should be limiting them as, "I am from this race, I am from this gender; I am from this place, you are from that place." We are all from God, and we are His Spirit.

This is an amazing Realization. If anyone has even the smallest Spirit of God in them, they will see the truth, see the Vision, and realize, Yes, that is what God was doing to this point. It makes a lot of sense. Since it makes a lot of sense, it has been prophesied to come and has been foretold to come, therefore it is from God and it is the truth. I am a part of it and I know in my own Soul, in the deepest part of my being that, Yes, I want to see that this is accomplished.

That is what this Mission is really all about; we are calling the Elects. We are calling people who have been called for this Mission for many lifetimes, who have been meditating and realizing that God is a Spirit and He is in each man, woman, and child, and they look at every woman, man, and child as that Spirit and Oneness.

So you have come to a great room, a great place to receive this amazing Revelation. Not only that, but every question is answered. Every possible question that you have been confused about and any matter in the subject of religion and their differences, are unified and answered here. If you really read our teachings and see that they are supported with the prophecies and everything that God has told would come to man, you will eventually realize that there is no chance that it is not from God.

This is the last Revelation of God to humanity. Humans are on the verge of becoming a great nation. Not only the humans and earth, but also the whole universe, will realize its Oneness and will completely forego all the concepts of separation and will bring the unity to all. If you are one of the Elects, when you see The Greatest Sign, right away you realize, Yes, that is beautiful. That makes sense. That has a lot of truth in it.

As I have said many times, there is much truth that has been revealed to humanity. We invite everyone to go, test the Spirit, read the Revelation, understand the teaching, see the Vision, and then realize that, Yes, the truth has come to humanity. This is the only way to unify man and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And the unity is here and is with us.

I have explained the base of our teachings many, many times. These days when I give Satsang, I usually go over them. They are explained differently each time. I explain and reveal different aspects of The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. The Greatest Sign is a yantra, is a crystallized graphic of our teachings.

I received the basic teaching of The Greatest Sign when I was visiting Chicago, in the Bahai Temple. After that the Revelation of The Greatest Sign started to come to me, from 1977 to 1982. It took around five years to recognize It, realize It, put It together, and bring the whole Revelation to manifestation by 1982.

In the spring of 1982 we reached out to humanity and published THOTH, or The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament. Since then I have been giving Satsangs about The Greatest Sign and this Revelation to anyone who wants to listen. There is no discrimination. There is no one who wants to listen that we will hesitate to tell them about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path, because that is what our Mission is. Every man, woman, and child should hear this Revelation at least once.

When we give this Revelation, it is up to them and God what they are going to do with it. We are done with them, because the work of the Messenger is to give the Message. The moment we give the Message, we are done. It is up to the person who receives the Message to go and see how true that Message is.

There is no doubt this is the truth because every ounce has been backed up with Revelations and prophecies. And also, it just makes sense. It makes so much sense that if you are a logical person you have no choice but to say, Yes, it makes sense.

So the base of our teaching is The Greatest Sign. You can find The Greatest Sign in our website. The first thing you see in is an animated graphic. It has a blue background, which means complete unmanifested world. Then you see that a dot appears. That dot is what is to say, I am the dot. I am that beginning. That is what the scientists call the big bang. Of course, actually, it was not really a big bang.

It evolved in a much slower way than suddenly exploding the way it is believed. But there was some movement in the universe, and it started to move and go away from the balanced state of the universe. Therefore, really the balanced state, or the stable state in the universe, is that beginning before the creation or the big bang. So the universe (anything after that) is temporary. It is not permanent. It is not the Essence.

That is why in the manifested world we see that everything deteriorates, it becomes spoiled, and it becomes destroyed. Nothing is permanent because we are not living in the natural, real state of creation, which was the state before that dot or beginning. We are living in a relative truth, not the absolute truth, that many people take as the real truth and become very attached to.

Then they become unhappy, or they do not understand why the things change, or why their lives are not always stable and steady. The closer you come to God and the more your life is based on the reality of this universe, the more your life becomes steady and stable, and you will not go through the ups and downs of the life that many people experience.

Therefore, that beginning dot is when the first awakening of the spirit started and that is the first desire of the universe that went out of balance. That dot evolved itself to the I-Ching and it eventually exploded; that is the Lotustica into the universe. And the chaos started.

In that chaotic state, God or that unifying force, the Spirit, realized that a part of Him is not well. Something happened to it. Something went out of balance of the way it used to be. That is why God sent His Spirit to that chaos and that Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path and eventually realized that in order to return to God, every man, woman, child, and unit consciousness has to go through the Eternal Divine Path.

When He projected His Spirit into the chaos, the first thing he realized was that he does not know himself. He was absolutely in the hands of the chaotic forces around him, and he became a lost Soul. So he started meditating on his ups and downs and realizing why these things were happening to him. Therefore, he started awakening his spiritual forces, realizing, What is wrong with me that I cannot be happy, or I cannot understand what is going on?

That became the First Step in the Eternal Divine Path, Know thyself. To know thyself, is to know God. Self and God are One. There is no separation. You already are One with God.

The only thing that keeps you from God is your ego. Ego is the separation between man and God, or woman and God, or child and God.

Therefore, you first try to awaken your spiritual forces. That is exactly what the Mystical Paths are. The Mystical Paths all teach you to Know thyself. Come up from your unknowingness, come to the knowingness, and realize who you are, where you came from, where are you going, and the questions that everyone asks of themselves, Who am I? What is this life? Why doesnt it give me happiness?"

I think with the material things I will be happy. But the more material things we have, the less happy we are. Why? It is because we are directing the infinite longing of our Soul, which wants to be infinite, to the finite things. And finite things, of course, never quench the thirst for infinity or limitlessness.

And that is what we long for, we long for limitlessness. We long for the Essence. We want to go back home. Those who want to go back home are those who are called to return, to turn around, to be baptized.

So we can see that he went through that. He knew himself a little bit and eventually started teaching what he learned to the people around him, to the unit consciousnesses that would listen to him. He created a group, or a few unit consciousnesses that came and became close to him. The rest were still lost in the Maya and not knowing themselves.

He eventually realized that in order to create a great progress for the unit consciousnesses, an environment is necessary where they can meditate, they can awaken their spiritual forces, and they are not in Maya. Therefore, he realized that the creation of the communities is very important, and it is in the communities where people progress and help each other to progress in a greater degree.

Then he realized that in order to create such a community, people should not be self-centered and always say, What is in it for me? Give me all the attention. Come here and put me on a pedestal. I am the one you have to look up to. But they realize, No, God is everyone and we are a part of Him. We help each other and we become their brothers and sisters, not their masters and the person who attaches them to myself instead of taking them to God.

The moment a person, or a teacher, attaches people to himself, he is in the way because the way is to go to God. If he makes people become attached to him, then the people become so interested in the bridge that they never go over the bridge to the other side, which is God.

Therefore, not being self-centered, or not having ego, is the next step in order to create the Communities of Light. And that we call sacrifice. But really it is much broader than just the word sacrifice in the way of, You just give up everything and then you sacrifice for the Communities of Light."

It really means, not being self-centered. It means that ability to share, the ability to see yourself, the ability to be discerning, the ability to sit back, look at yourself, and say, How can I improve myself? This is the process, unless you believe that you are already perfect!

If you are already perfect, no one can tell you how you can improve yourself. Then, you are already perfect. If you are already perfect, then what are you doing here in the body because if you are perfect you are in heaven, you have to be One with God. Then if you are not One, there is improvement always possible and you have to accept that.

If in the community someone points out something to you that makes you more perfect you should just say, Great, I do not have any ego. I am here to progress. Therefore I accept it. I meditate on it. I sit back, and eventually you become more perfect. That is great. Then you will become more one with everyone else and with God.

The next step is not being self-centered, the ability to share, and sacrifice. That was when he realized that if you do not do that, if everyone says, What is in it for me? in the community, he never could create an environment where everyone can progress.

He became very attached to that community that he created. He realized that he wanted that community, and the most important thing to him was that community. Everything out of it was kind of a mentality of, Us and them. The separation there existed as, We are better than them. We progress, we are in the Path of returning to God, and we are ahead of everyone else. Those people are lost Souls. We have no interest in them."

He realized also that he put in a lot of effort and if nothing happened, no new people came, or no people joined the community, he became very upset about it and became depressed. But whenever he started seeing progress, he became elated.

Either deep depression or elation is related to ego. We are trying to get rid of ego, arent we? That is because if there is ego, there is separation.

Therefore, he realized that the best way is to do the job, do the work, and surrender the result to God and say, OK God, I tried my best. I did whatever I could, but the result is yours. Here, I do not want the result. I do not want to be attached to it. I am completely free from it. I have done my job, and You have the result. If any result is good, it is Yours. If it is not good, I have to look at myself to see why it was not good and improve myself again.

Later on he realized that even greater than surrendering the result is submission. Submission means, God is doing the work through me. When God does something, He is perfect. He does a perfect job. If we do something and it is not perfect, therefore, we have come in the picture and we have blocked God to do His perfect job. So we have not done a perfect job and the problem is there.

If there is a problem, we have to look at ourselves, not blame other people. That is the Path of progress.

If there are energies that affect us outside of ourselves, those impure energies affect us because there are some impurities in ourselves. We have to look at them and say, What is in me that makes me angry, makes me confused, makes me not be able to handle the situation?

If there is purity there and you are connected to God, God can handle that impurity and deal with it in such a way that that it cannot affect you or others. Therefore, in every situation we have to look at ourselves to see, What is inside me that something outside affects inside? And that is again the path of progress, the path of becoming perfect.

As your situation changes and you become more involved with the Mission, and you become a teacher of the Mission, the more is expected from you. The higher your position, the more responsibility you have. If you are a teacher, a person who wants to preach the teaching of God to humanity, you have to be more open to progress and becoming perfect.

Therefore, he realized that he forgot to surrender and submit to God. He surrendered the result to God and therefore, he was not attached to any result, and that is becoming one with God. If you are submissive to God and God is always doing things through you perfectly, you are not attached to the result, and God and you are One. That is the greatest realization in spiritual progress, realizing God is the Doer. We are not the doer; we are just a channel for Him.

As long as we think we are the doer, He is the enjoyer. He sits there and says, Look at my little child, he thinks he is doing it. We stumble, we crumble, we get depressed, we jump up and down, and we say, God, where are You? Why are You giving me so much trouble?

He just laughs because, You and I are One already. The moment you say, Oh, no, God, You are the Doer, I am just the enjoyer here, then you become the enjoyer, you become the observer. You sit back and see it happen. Things happen around you without you doing anything, or without too much involvement. God does it for you, and He does a perfect job. And your life becomes a dance of Krishna. Therefore, we can see that submission is the greatest realization and achievement in the spiritual progress.

Still you might become attached to a very small part of the universe. You say, OK, I am just going to help my community. I am just going to help my family. I am just going to help my city. I am just going to help my state, my nation, even earth. You are again narrowed to a small portion of the universe. And you can only shatter that narrowness and attachment by becoming a universalist.

A universalist is a person who realizes that their home is the universe, God is their father and mother, and the rest of the universe are their struggling brothers and sisters. Therefore, they shatter any connection to any small part of the universe, and they become free of any narrowness of the mind.

In that state, they can look at anyone, anywhere and say, Yes, the same God that is in me, is in them. How can we create an environment where everyone progresses physically, mentally, and spiritually, create the Communities of Light that helps them to know themselves, and eventually they become One with God? We become One with God, we become One, and we create an environment free of all this ego-separation and destruction that we have on earth.

This is the Message that every human should know and realize. By realizing that we really do not need too much to live, and by sharing more, eventually everyone will have their physiological and safety needs taken care of.

Science is progressing. We can reach to space. We can even have a greater standard of living for everyone, instead of being afraid that we will lose our standard of living and, therefore, we have to just protect ourselves. No. The universe is infinite and there are so many resources out there that everyone can have at least the minimum, concentrate on God, and progress. So God has brought us to the verge of conquering space, and the space is full of resources for everyone to use to progress.

God has shown us that everything is coming together at this time and moment. The religions are unified. Science has reached a point that we can progress and bring a greater standard of living for everyone. Really, we do not have to scratch each others face and bring so much destruction because we are afraid we might lose something that we have.

He went through these first five steps of the Eternal Divine Path: he awakened his spiritual forces, he realized that a community (or group, or people) has to come together, share, and create an environment where everyone progresses. He realized that not being self-centered and sacrifice is necessary to create such an environment. He then surrendered the result of his actions to God. Eventually, he let God come through and do the work through him. And he became a universalist. These five steps, really realizing them, really understanding them, really going deep in every step, shatter every narrowness of the mind, every disease in the human ego.

The first step is to Know thyself. How many people know themselves? How many people truly look at themselves and say, Where are my strengths? Where are my weaknesses? Where are my understandings of myself, of my being? Very few people know themselves.

So that is the first step that we have to teach the children from very early in childhood. Look at yourself, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, progress, become more perfect." The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. The goal of the life is not just to have, and be selfish and self-centered.

When children realize that, they put their priorities correctly, and they try to be(come) Divine. Divine is God. God is Divine. That means that you have to become god, you have to be(come) perfect. And if a child knows that is the goal of the life, that becomes their priority. That becomes the goal of their life, to be(come) Divine.

The goal is not to become a doctor. The goal is not to become a lawyer. The goal is not to become anything but to be(come) Divine. After you be(come) Divine, you will become a divine doctor, a divine lawyer, a divine whatever.

So we can see the whole earth, the current teaching, is upside down. From the very beginning of life, a child is not taught that you have to be(come) divine, that is why you are here, and that is the goal of your life.

We can see that if we can create such an environment in the very beginning, the children can close their eyes, see the Essence in themselves, and realize that they are a part of God. And if they are a part of God, everyone else is a part of God, therefore, there is no separation between them. That will create greater beings who will be coming, and they are already here. We can see a lot of children who are interested in greater things in life.

So they awaken their spiritual forces, then work toward creation of the Communities of Light, and are not self-centered. They also understand about the conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious minds.

They realize that the sub-conscious mind, or ego, is the problem. We have problems because our sub-conscious minds run our lives. When you realize what your sub-conscious mind is, between you and God, you eventually overcome your sub-conscious mind and you are connected to God directly.

They learn how to sacrifice. Some people have a problem with the concept of sacrifice because they are supposed to be number one. Number one does not sacrifice. Number one takes, takes, takes, and takes. How many people can be number one then? Very few people. That is when another problem starts. And they think this life is the reality, which it is not. So they also surrender and submit to God and eventually become universalists.

If you go through these five steps, when you realize your ego and you are not attached to the result of your actions, you are free. You do not become depressed. You do not create ego and elation.

When you become a universalist, you shatter every narrowness of the mind between things that we see happening on earth right now, and is going toward a great destruction and confrontation between cultures and people. Eventually humanity will realize that, This is not the way to go.

Destruction and wars never ever brought any joy to anyone. At the end everyone says, Well, sorry we ever started that war. We should not have done it at all.

So the human is going through these tribulations and those five steps make you become an Elect. An Elect is the person who realizes the Eternal Divine Path. They do not have big egos. They do not always think, What is related to me? but what is related to the good of humanity and God. Therefore, they direct their lives toward that end.

These are the people who have been created and have been in the process of perfection to this point. This Revelation is directed to such beings who see the Eternal Divine Path and the Revelation of the unification of all the religions. They will come and say, Yes, that makes sense. Let us bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They will become the educators of men and will teach this to humans little by little. And they, eventually, also will see the Vision clearly.

At that point, after he became an Elect, he reached Pure Consciousness, or returned to the Spirit of God and became One with Him. That is why the Bible says, And there was light.

And God saw, The light is good. God looked at the Eternal Divine Path that His Spirit went through and said, This is good. This is a good Path. This is beautiful. And He blessed it.

That Spirit returned to God as the One who went through the Eternal Divine Path for the first time. He became the First Begotten Son, Christ, Adam, the first teacher of man. He came back to the chaos and brought the Eternal Divine Path to humanity and tried to help them out, to go back to God.

But they were in a state of spirit, and it was hard for them to communicate in that state in a greater degree. Also, every unit consciousness still had a lot of spiritual powers. They misused and abused those powers, and did not listen very well.

Therefore, God decided to create the creation. That is when we see in Genesis there are days. And in each day God created a part of the creation in an evolutionary process. Therefore, God created the universe in an evolutionary way, so evolution was really created by God. That is the process of testing and coming to a point to realize that one way works, one way does not work. The ways that do not work are destroyed.

It is just like the dinosaurs. There are many branches of dinosaurs that died out. A few of them became the birds. And now we see them as the birds flying around. Really, the birds are the remnant of the dinosaurs. They really were not extinct, the way it was thought.

If you read THOTH, it explains what happened before the flood of Noah. More and more the humans lost their connection with the spiritual world, and they became more and more worldly until the flood of Noah. God even closed the third eye and gave humans two eyes.

The two eyes see the world outside, desire it, and become so attached to it. And humans think this is the reality. This is not the reality. This is a relative truth. That is why it is not satisfactory. Anything out there will not give you the satisfaction. Satisfaction is within you.

Now when you meditate (awaken your spiritual forces) and you reach a point where you are spirit and spiritual, you progress, you learn your lessons, then God opens the spiritual world to you and you suddenly see, "What happened? I thought these two eyes were the truth. You realize, They are not the truth. The truth is greater than these two eyes.

You will see that there is a spirit behind this world. God exists. He is in control, He is guiding humanity, the world, and universe, and He is the most powerful Being. He is even more powerful than the most powerful nations, or bombs, or anything. And He is in the process of bringing humanity together. And the human has no choice but to come together.

And now, do you want to be a part of this process? Do you want to be a part of this event, which is coming? Or do you want to hold onto your little ego and say, No, I will be hanging onto the little ego, and I will not want to be a part of this wonderful age coming.

So it is a decision that all of us have to see the Vision. We have to see what God is doing, what God has done and say, Yes, I accept Gods Way instead of my own little way and understanding. This is the Message.

Later on, in the last 6,000 years, God sent the Eternal Divine Path as different religions. All the Mystical Paths (Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, the Mystical Christians, Sufis, many, many, many, different paths that teach, know thyself,) are the First Step that the First Begotten Son realized.

You have to, Know thyself. You have to meditate. You have to close your eyes. You have to close this powerful sense in order that you become more familiar with the greater senses, which are within you, which are the spiritual senses. Therefore, close your eyes, and meditate.

We do have some meditation classes in Pal Talk, and also in the website, that teach you how to meditate, how to go away from this world to God, how to know thyself in a greater degree, and how to fill yourself with the Light of God instead of the darkness of man. "The light shineth in the darkness, and most of the people know not." And that is what meditation does, it shows you that there is a Light, there is the third eye, and there are greater things to know.

So meditate, close your eyes. That is the Essence of the teaching of all Mystical Paths: Let God come through. Let us be filled with the Spirit, with the light, instead of always pursuing outside things.

After you do that, the Second Step is to join the Communities of Light, work towards the creation of the Communities of Light, bringing the Communities of Light together.

The goal of meditation on the Spiritual Path is not to have spiritual experiences. That is not it. God did not say, You will know them by their experiences. He said, You will know them by their fruit. And from where does the fruit come? In the Communities of Light, that is where the fruit comes.

God did not say, You know them by their psychic powers. He did not say, You know them by the channeling they do. What did God say? What do the Scriptures say? They say, You know them by their fruit.

Therefore, if you want to be on the side of God, listen to the Word of God. Do not listen to the word of man. Become more familiar with Gods Word, with Gods Revelation, with Gods Scriptures. What does He want you to become?

Go toward that Word, go toward the spiritual things if you want to become a spiritual person. If you do not, of course, you have a choice. And that is wonderful about God, God gives you a choice. Do you want to go toward God, or do you want to go toward the world?

So the Second Step is to create the Communities of Light. That is the Old Testament. In the entire Old Testament, God is trying to find a people who accept Him as God, His Laws as their Laws, and they progress in being with God. The Essence of the Old Testament is the creation of the Communities of Light.

Then Christ came and what did he do? He sacrificed himself for his ideal. He went all the way to the cross. The Father and he were One. He had no ego. He had no sub-consciousness anymore. God came through him perfectly, and he has the sharpest teaching with the double-edged sword coming out from his mouth, cutting through ego absolutely.

If your eye offends you, pluck it out. Throw it away. If your hand offends you If any sense offends you, meditate on it. Why is it offending me? Why is it pulling me toward myself? He brought a great teaching, great realization, great Gospel to humanity, Become perfect as the Father in heaven. That is the goal.

It means that you can be perfect. Some people say, No, you cannot be perfect, it is impossible. Hey, Christ says right there, that you can be perfect. Be perfect as the Father. It means you can do it. It is not something you can say, No, no, we cannot be perfect. We can just accept that Jesus died for us and that is it. We can be as imperfect as we want, and then we are going to go to heaven.

Jesus, or Esa, or Christ said, You have to become perfect like the Father. So that is what He wants you to become. And the way of perfection is the Eternal Divine Path.

Now we know how to become perfect, how to awaken our spiritual forces, how to create the Communities of Light, and how to not be self-centered (get rid of our sub-conscious mind). The next step is surrendering the result to God and being submissive to His Will and God. And that is the message of Islam.

Islam comes from the word Tasleim. Tasleim means to surrender and submit to God. And that is one step. It is not a religion. It is not other people on the other side of the world who are all terrorists. It is the message of God to humanity.

You have to overcome all these concepts and propaganda, or the things that have made us to be separate from each other. We have to realize that this is the Word of God that came through Prophet Muhammad who had been prophesied. And God choose Ishmael that he would also produce a Prophet, which is explained in THOTH very clearly. So we can see that that is another message of God.

With all of this, you have to become a universalist. You have to shatter every narrowness of the mind, any separation of yourself from the rest of the universe. That is the message of Bahai and Bab.

Therefore, we can see that the Mystical Paths, the Old Testament (Judaism, or Hebrews), the New Testament (Christianity), Islam, and the Bahai Faith all are unified in this Message and in this teaching. In this Revelation God is telling humanity, That is what I was doing. I was sending each piece of the Eternal Divine Path to humanity as a religion. Now it has been all put together; now you are One."

This is the Message that humanity has to listen to, to be taught, to learn, to come to grips with, and eventually to realize that there is no such thing as, You just meditate, drop into the ocean, become One, and that is it. There is no such thing as, We are the chosen people, We are the only way, or, We have the last word. But there is such a thing as the Eternal Divine Path that makes you become perfect, become an Elect, and reach Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, we can see that God is Perfect, His Ways are Perfect, this Mission is Perfect, this Revelation is Perfect, and you have to work on yourself.

Before complaining about anyone else, first perfect yourself. Then you have gained the right to complain about someone else. If you have not reached the point of perfection, you have not gained the right to say another person is not perfect.

So, the first place that we have to look for any imperfection is within ourselves. We have to work toward that perfection, realize this Vision, give it to every man, woman, child, and anyone who listens, and gather the Elects together. Let us create the facilitating body and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. And this is the way to do it.

This is not something that we can say, Someone made it up. You cannot make it up. It is so vast. It is so wonderful. It is so powerful. There is so much truth in it. No man can make it up. And no other man can use it as theirs.

There are only three ways to go to God: To know God, to know our teachings, and to know the Prophets who brought this. Bring those three together and follow what has been revealed to you, and then you will be assured of going back to the Godhead.

So the Message is clear. The Revelation is very well-revealed. It is backed up with the prophecies and many, many other things. God made this very clear this time. There is no doubt of what this Revelation is all about.

Then He created the Internet and this ability to communicate it to every man and woman very fast and very effectively. Those who come to the Mission and see the Vision have all these tools to use. And they are using them.

So if you have any question about this Mission, about this teaching, about this realization, or about this truth, you can go ahead.

Go ahead, Compassion4.

Compassion4: Good morning, Maitreya. I have a question about euthanasia, the suffering of the dying, and how to use that process. What kind of guarantees do we have (that reincarnation stuff is pretty new to me), what kind of assurance do we have that when we do leave this life, we are not coming back to this one?

Maitreya: In general, suicide is not recommended. Suicide is kind of telling God, I do not want what You gave me. Therefore, we do not recommend any kind of suicidal action.

Euthanasia also is a kind of suicide. Although it seems like you are helping a person from suffering, but maybe there is some karmic reason for that suffering. If we shorten that period of suffering, we are depriving that person of going through that karmic suffering, and we are not helping but hindering the process.

There is maybe only one place, in the case of an enemy coming close and you know you will be losing a lot of information, or you do not want to, just like those people in Masada and also in history, there have been many places in the same situation as Masada that they were surrounded by enemies and they killed themselves because they did not want to be captured. Maybe that is the only place it is an acceptable practice. If someone kills themselves, again that is suicide and that is not acceptable at all.

How do we know that reincarnation is correct and true? First of all, it is in the Scriptures. There are many religions that believe in it. They have been living it. They have seen the truth in it. They have seen how reincarnation works in their lives.

In Buddhism they even choose their leader, as the Dali Lama, as the person who is incarnated again and again. They test that person to see if he really is the same person who came to the body and returned to life. They choose him as the same leader. And it works because they test that person, and that person usually picks the items that they put in front of him, exactly the items he liked when he lived before. We could say, Well, that can be by chance, or, Statistically maybe it happens once in a while.

But also it is in the Bible. Elijah was incarnated as John the Baptist. He came back in the womb of a woman. And Christ said that John the Baptist was Elijah. So we can see that it is even in our Scriptures, in the Bible. There are many other groups, like the Sufis, who also believe that reincarnation is truth.

Also there are life regression techniques that have been done with many people. They have been regressed to the state that they have realized who they were in previous lifetimes. Also there are people who have had dreams and when they pursued them, they have realized that they have been someone in a previous lifetime that those things happened to them.

In life regression sessions, some people start talking in a language that they never knew in this lifetime but they knew in a previous lifetime. Or, they remember something that happened to them twenty years ago, like they died in a fire or something like that. When these people go and check the newspapers at that time, perhaps in another country, they find that, Yes, in that newspaper such an event has been recorded. So there is much evidence that points out that reincarnation is correct.

Especially if you meditate, eventually you might realize some of your previous lifetimes, realize who you were, and how you came to this point that you are in this lifetime. So there is much evidence about reincarnation and the return to many different lifetimes.

Also, that makes sense because if God is just, He gives us many, many opportunities to come to this body, have different lives, eventually learn our lessons, and progress. Or, He gives us a lot of opportunities, we do not listen, we do not progress, and God eventually says, OK, look you are not progressing. You are not listening. Therefore, I am not going to incarnate you anymore. That is because there are billions and billions of unit consciousnesses out there who are longing and waiting for a human body, to come here and learn their lessons. Those who do not learn their lessons will be barred from coming back.

That is exactly where we are at, at this point of history in human life. We can see so many people on earth. This is the time of sundering again between those who will go to God and want to create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and the Golden Age, and those who are not listening, are selfish, are self-centered, have no idea about the Communities of Light, do not even like the Communities of Light, and do not want to bring the Golden Age. Of course, in this time they will be judged and they will not be reincarnated for a long, long time.

But those who will listen will be coming back over and over and will help to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So we can see it makes sense, it is just, there is a lot of evidence for it, and also you eventually can recognize it in your meditation if you really deeply go inside. Many people have already realized that they have been on earth before.

Or, deja-vu, suddenly we go someplace and say, I think I have been here before, but I have never been here in this lifetime. So that deja-vu or remembrance of a memory that was lost, can also be related to, You have been there before.

So, all in all, you can recognize it yourself. There is a lot of evidence. It is Scriptural. I do not see how, with all this evidence, you can say, There is no reincarnation. To me the most important is, God is just. God does not give you just one chance, put you in a situation that you have no way to progress, and then judge you. He does not do that.

He gives you all kinds of opportunities, time, and ways to progress, to change your ways, and eventually He says, OK, it sounds like you are not getting it. Therefore, you are out."

Compassion4: You make it sound like being incarnated or reincarnated back to this earth is a good thing. Boy, I sure hope there is something better. I would like some assurance that I am not coming back to this earth. Would you address that for me?

Maitreya: Yes, sure Compassion. It is a good thing if you come here and progress toward the spiritual things, understanding, and helping other people also to understand and progress. It is a bad thing if you come here, stay ignorant, continue in ignorance, and die in ignorance.

So we can see, according to our teaching, you cannot escape it. You will be reincarnated again and again. You have to progress and help other people to progress.

In the Bible, in The Revelation, chapter 3, God is very against those who are lukewarm and think they have progressed, have come close to God, and they can reach Pure Consciousness selfishly. He says, I will spue you out of My Mouth. He says that He is going to send you back here to learn your lessons, to go through the Eternal Divine Path. This life is not to just meditate, escape, and go back to God in a selfish manner. You will come back to help others

If you commit suicide, if you do euthanasia, you will be back and your suffering will continue until you learn your lesson. If there is suffering, you have to accept it, you have to bear it, and you have to go through with it until the end. Then you have burned your Karma and learned your lesson. The moment you learn your lesson, you do not have any Karma. Look at, What is the lesson here to be learned?

What is the lesson, why is the suffering?" Why have you reached to a point that you do not want to come back, you want this to be your last lifetime? According to our teaching, there is no such thing as the last lifetime.

As God said, The first will be the last, and the last will be the first. It means the person who reaches Pure Consciousness has to come back, until everyone goes in, before they can go in.

The first will be last. So the First Begotten Son is even not allowed to go in [laughing]. He has to come back again and again, and he is going to be the last one who is going to go in. If we realize this Scriptural truth, then we realize that it is not time to long for not returning, but it is the time for progressing, understanding, realizing, learning our lessons, and getting rid of our Karma so that the next lifetime we will not be put in the same situation.

You will not be in a place that you long to go away and never come back but you come here with the joy of helping others to create the Communities of Light, go through the Eternal Divine Path, and reach Pure Consciousness.

That is because if we create Communities of Light, many people will reach salvation. There was a place in India that they had special places that showed where each person reached Pure Consciousness, or salvation. That happened before the Kali Yuga, in the Golden Age. And that is what we are trying to return humanity back to, the Golden Age, so they can again reach salvation through their self-realization.

So do not long not to come back but learn your lesson. Meditate to see, what is it that has created the situation that you are in. Change your situation. Go to a place that is more helpful to your spiritual progress instead of staying in a place that makes you unhappy and not happy.

So The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. The goal of the life is to be(come) perfect.

Escaping is not a part of life. You have to approach the life face-to-face. You have to approach yourself face-to-face, with the ability to look at yourself squarely, and say, What is wrong? What is right? How can I improve?" If you have suffering, or a disease, or something that makes you suffer, you, by meditation, realize why it came to you.

Never suicide, never give up. Those two words came out of my mouth when I started the Mission, never suicide, and never give up. That should be a guiding light for everyone in the Mission that we are not escapists. We should not long for the end of the life.

You have to face the life with a brave face and be discerning in your progress toward realizing, What is it that created this longing for not wanting to be here? Then understand that God wants everyone to engage themselves in the creation of the Communities of Light and the following of the Eternal Divine Path.

We hope that you change your mind and realize that God is with you and that your life is worth every ounce that is there. We pray that you would not do anything that is not Godly and realize that God is with you always.

Reader: Sal-OM Maitreya, there is a question here. What Scripture says that Gods Love is unconditional?

Maitreya: There is none [laughter]. God Loves...unconditional is for your Soul, for your Essence. He unconditionally Loves your Essence. But He puts conditions on your ego.

When He is angry, inside He laughs because He knows His anger to you seems terrible and you do not like it. But inside Him, He knows that you will progress after you overcome your anger and unhappiness because He did not do whatever you wanted Him to do for you. Or He did not do the way you expected Him to react toward your expectations. So therefore, He always puts conditions there.

The Ten Commandments are a condition, arent they? He says, If you do this, this, when you are following the Ten Commandments and the conditions I put in your life... The Fifteen Commandments are a condition. The rituals He gives you, even the Eternal Divine Path, is a condition. You have to follow a Path in order to reach Pure Consciousness. That is a condition.

But your Essence He Loves unconditionally because your Essence is one with God, it is Him.

It is just like, I do not like my finger and I am going to cut it off. You cannot do that. It hurts. You love your finger.

But if your finger is diseased, what do you do? You might even put some alcohol on it, which hurts. But you know that after the alcohol is put there and it kills the germs, your finger will be OK later on and it becomes a greater part of your body.

So Gods Love is unconditional for your Essence, and He Loves you with no condition if you purify yourself and come closer and closer to Him. That is because there are fewer conditions put on you as you become more purified and closer to God. And you are free, because you put the conditions on yourself. That is because the more you become the Essence, the more you follow Gods Laws.

Some people say, Oh you do not need to follow Laws, you need Grace. Grace is the Law. The moment you have The Grace, you follow the Ten Commandments with no thinking.

Did Christ have The Grace? Yes. Did he follow the Ten Commandments? Yes, because he had The Grace. They go hand-in-hand. The Grace and the Law are one. The Essence and the Law are one.

The moment you become the Essence, you know why He said, Do not do those things, because your Essence knows that any time you do those things that God said, Thou shall not do, you will fall to ego, you will fall from oneness, and you will become separate. Therefore, you can see that the Commandments of God are something that if you reach higher consciousness, you follow them with no problem. And if you follow them, of course, you go to higher consciousness.

God put conditions on ego, on the sub-conscious mind, on the impurity of humanity. But on the Essence He put no conditions because their Essence is the Law. The Essence is The Grace. The Essence is the Oneness with God.

How can you be God and not follow the Ten Commandments? How can you be God and not follow the Fifteen Commandments?

So we can see that unconditional love only applies to your Essence but your ego is conditioned. That is because your ego separates you from God and the whole idea of His Commandments is to bring you back to the Godhead. The idea of unconditional love again is misunderstood, is not applied correctly. I love you unconditionally if you have the biggest ego in the world. That is a bad kind of unconditional love. That is not Godly unconditional love.

I love your Essence because your Essence is in God but I put conditions on your ego. And your ego has to go.

Then, of course, when ego goes, I have no choice. I have to love you unconditionally.

Go ahead, Tahirah.

Tahirah: Thank you, Maitreya. Would you speak on the difference, if there were a difference, and what it would be, between a Prophet and a Messiah? Thank you.

Maitreya: There are many Prophets in the Old Testament who had come with a specific message. It is just like Jonah. He was commissioned just to go to one city and give them a warning. He said, No God. You have the wrong person. I am not the one to do that. They are not going to listen to me, and all of that.

He started to go to the opposite side of that city and then God made the people, in that ship that he was in, to throw him out. A big fish came and swallowed him and brought him right in front of that city that God wanted him to go to, and threw him out in that city. He realized that he had no choice but go and give the message to that city.

First of all it shows that when God wants you, you have no choice. You have to do His Will.

That is why in the Mission I have said many times, If you have a choice not to be with this Mission, then you do not belong to this Mission." But if you have no choice but to be in this Mission, then God has called you for it and you realize that you have no choice and you are a part of it.

Second, it shows that God can give messages to many people, as Prophets. Actually, Jonah is the only Prophet that the people who he took the message to, listened to him. Every other Prophet was crucified, stoned, ignored, and many things. So he is the only Prophet who, after he did not want to do it, went and told the people that God told them that they had to become Godly and turn around from their ways, and they did.

So he was a Prophet. But he was not a Messiah. He was not Anointed. He was not a person who had been prophesied to come for a long time and then God sent him with the backing of all the prophecies.

The Messiah really means the Anointed One. According to one of our brothers who came here and went through my genealogy, apparently the Messiah will not come but from the Children of Abraham. And that is either from Ishmael or from Isaac.

The geneology of every Prophet goes to Abraham. God has promised Abraham that he will bless all nations. And He has, because all the Prophets and Great Souls, and the Messiah, came from his lineage. Of course, I did not realize this myself until this year, around six or eight months ago.

The Revelation was enough for me that, God has brought to humanity a great Message and unified all the religions. He is telling how He sent each of them separately and now they are complete and one. Now they are put together and the Message is the Eternal Divine Path and our teachings.

But, of course, a brother came and insisted, No, it has to be a genealogy. So we went and found out, "Yes, indeed, my genealogy goes to King David. And not only to King David, but also to Prophet Muhammad." Both of them are related to Prophet Abraham. So the Messiah apparently has to come from that lineage.

There are a lot of people from that lineage. So it is not only to come from that lineage, also he has to fulfill the prophecies of his coming. No other Prophet has fulfilled as many prophecies as you can find on our website. It is amazing how God made it so clear this time that this is it. These are His Words and His Message.

Therefore, a Prophet can be a Messenger who brings a message to humanity. It can be very small. It can be big. But the true founders of the great religions and the greater Messages only come through the Messiah, only come through the one who has been prophesied to come, is Anointed, and is from the lineage of the Children of Abraham.

Those Messages are going to be seven. The Seven Seals would be revealed to humanity. When the Seven Seals came, even that ends and finishes. Any Prophet who comes from now on is not going to bring anything new. They might come as Gods Messenger to bring man back to the ways of the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, if man goes astray from the Path and starts bringing in ungodly things to Gods Kingdom. So there will be Prophets coming from now on but I do not think there is going to be any Messiah come because that is it, the Seven Seals are opened, the Seven Revelations have come, and that is the end of the Plan of God.

The Messiah is the Messenger but he is more than just a Messenger. He has to fulfill other criteria also to become the Messiah. He has to fulfill the prophecies. He should be from the lineage of Abraham. Also his Message should be based on the Word of God.

He cannot come here and say anything against Gods Word and still be the Messiah. Actually, he cannot. He just cannot. It is impossible for him not to say the Word of God. So that is the difference between the Prophets and the Messiah.

We will have Prophets probably coming in the future also who will emphasize, clarify, and bring in a greater degree the Communities of Light. We will have many seers, many Rishis. We have Mahatmas, we will have Brahmins. We will have Great Souls that I am waiting to see that they manifest themselves in the Mission, in the Communities of Light, and help the Mission to bring the Communities of Light together. That is what I am waiting for.

I am looking for Great Souls with no ego but absolute openness to Gods Word. They do not let their egos come and direct peoples attention to themselves, but direct the attention to God, His Revelation, His Truth, how He has helped humanity to come to this point, and those Great Souls are there.

There are some Great Souls who need a little nudge. They have a perception that they are great themselves but they do not realize how Great God is in comparison to their little greatness. In time, they will progress, they will become Great Souls. I am looking forward to seeing many, many of them in the Mission. They are there, and they will surely be manifested.

So there is a difference between being the Anointed One and just having a message.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Yes, Sal-OM, Maitreya. My question is concerning the sons of God. It says in the Bible that the sons of God came unto the daughters of men. Now these sons of God, were they in Pure Consciousness?

Maitreya: No, they were not. They were the sons of God, they were very close, and they had overcome a great deal of their lower nature but not quite, not completely. And that is why they fell. They became attached to the world, came to the earth, took worldly wives, and eventually they apparently fell. They connected men to themselves instead of guiding them to God.

That created beings that now a lot of people are following, and they become more important to their followers than God Himself. Those are the false prophets and false teachers who have a lot of powers, have a lot of understanding, have a lot of revelation and truth, but they do not have the whole truth.

They do not connect you to God; they connect you to themselves. That is a sign of a false prophet and ego.

Ego loves the rush of being in the center of attention. They take that rush as The Grace of God. But The Grace of God is steady. That is why if you study the Bhagavad-Gita, it says that the person who is in Pure Consciousness and Godhead has a steady mind. It does not go up. It does not go down. It is not a roller coaster.

If you become elated for a while, and then you crash and you cannot function, then it is ego that gets that urge and makes the mistake of that euphoria as The Grace. So you have to be careful again, what the Scripture says about The Grace. And the Scripture says very clearly, It is a steady mind focused on God, His Revelation, His Work, and he does not waver from that goal."

Therefore, these sons of God who came to earth and fell are again an obstacle in the Path of man. And man has to realize that they have to go to the Scriptures, to the Words of God, to His Revelation, to the Seven Seals, not to the brotherhood, not to the people who channel many, many beings, but to Gods Words.

Those who have fallen are the fallen angels, fallen prophets, and fallen teachers. Again, the only way to become a son of God is to overcome. That is why in The Revelation, in chapter 23, it clearly says, Those who overcome become my sons. There is no longer, You can become My son before overcoming.

Before that there were sons of God but they had not completely overcome. Now you have to overcome. Those who overcome become the sons of God, as Christ was the Son of God because he overcame.

His eyes would not lust. His hands would not betray him. And his senses would not betray him. That is how you become a son of God. And such a person would not fall because the senses cannot persuade him to fall. They are the true sons of God. Many people are called to become sons of God, and he who overcometh becomes the son of God.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: OK, these sons of God must also come down to earth and go through the Eternal Divine Path in order to go to Pure Consciousness. Is that correct?

Maitreya: Yes. That is the Path to Pure Consciousness. The Eternal Divine Path is the fastest and easiest Path to Pure Consciousness. It is easy because it is easier to meditate and progress in the Communities of Light. It is easier to see your ego in the Communities of Light.

It is easy to be in an apartment or in a house by yourself, and you say that you are wonderful. But when you come into the community and you interact with the spiritual people who are working on themselves, because they have worked on themselves they can see through you much easier and they can point out to you where you can progress in a greater degree. Therefore, you accelerate your progress in the Communities of Light in a greater degree.

Then in the community you have to sacrifice. You cannot be self-centered, selfish, and always thinking, What is in it for me? The people say, Look, it is not only all about you, it is all about the community. You have to give to the community, and all of that. So you learn how to share, how to give some of yourself into it.

Then after that you have to not be attached to the result of your actions. Who does not want to be attached to the result of their actions? We do something for someone and we always want to be praised, mentioned, and told, You did a good job, and patted on the back. Now we are asking, No, no, do not be attached to the result and say, OK God, thank you. I did my job, the results are Yours.

Or, even let God do through you, and not get any credit at all. Even after that, you become a universalist and shatter all narrowness of the mind.

So we are really asking the human to go against the nature of man, to go back, to turn around, to be baptized. And yes, those fallen angels also have to come and go through the Eternal Divine Path. Every human also has to go through the Eternal Divine Path that, eventually, a great many people will return to the Godhead and return home.

Apparently, I will be back forever, until the end time, and we will teach this teaching again and again. Those who are elected and selected and are people who are here to help humanity to go back to the Godhead, they also will be returning again and again. We will be working together, and we will progress with each other to go back home. Eventually, there are not going to be any fallen angels.

There is going to be an end of that original energy that created this universe. When that end comes, the universe will fold back to itself. Those who have not reached Pure Consciousness are going to be in a cold, dark universe for a long, long time.

So it is not something that you can say, Well, I will eventually get there. I can go slow. There is an urgency that when the universe folds up, are you in Pure Consciousness, are you in Bliss, are you with God? Or, are you in a cold universe that there is no creation and your ego is going to fall on itself and become a warped star?

So it is a march toward bringing the whole universe back to Pure Consciousness. The Eternal Divine Path is the fastest way to go there. That is what God has been trying to send to humanity for the last 12,000 years and tried to make humans go through, before that. Now it is here.

Man is very powerless. He has only two eyes. His third eye is closed. They even cannot create much problem for God or the universe any more. They are powerless because they have just this physical body.

Many people think that the physical body is the truth, that is it! But those who have opened their third eyes can see that the physical body is just a part of the creation. Therefore the Message is, Yes, everyone has to go through the Eternal Divine Path.

There is no other way. No other person, no other way, no other religion, no other Revelation before this will take you to Pure Consciousness. None of them. None whatsoever. This is the only truth, the only Revelation, the only Message that will help you, your neighbor, your nation, your humanity, and the universe to return back to God.

No other person, no other Revelation, no other thing will work but this One because God said so. He sent this Revelation with clear proof, with clear Revelation, with a clear Message, with the clear backing of all kinds of prophecies that you cannot doubt it. You will not doubt it if you really are open even the slightest to the truth.

This is it. And if humanity does not see this then they are blind, they cannot see. The ego is too big. The ego is in their way. They cannot get over their own ego. If you cannot get over your ego, you cannot see God. So in that Essence, yes, you are absolutely right, everyone has to go through the Eternal Divine Path.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: In meditation, when one reaches a certain level of meditation, does one get into contact with these sons of God in any way?

Maitreya: Anything that is manifested, anything that has shape, form, taste, touch, is not the Essence. So if you start to do astral projection or see beings in your dreams or in your journey in the astral body, they still have manifestation and are not the Essence.

The Essence does not have any manifestation. It does not have any sound, any touch, any sight, or anything. The Essence is Pure Consciousness. It is what Buddha said is Nirvana.

Some Buddhists say it is nothingness. Really, it is not nothingness. It is something but it surely is not any manifestation.

If you see a manifestation, you might need that manifestation to progress in a greater degree. It is just like Prophet Muhammad saw Gabriel revealing the Revelation to him. He needed that otherwise he probably would not have started his mission. In that state he had to see Gabriel in order to believe that, yes, he is a Prophet.

In this state I did not need to see any beings. The understanding and connection to the Consciousness of God was enough for me to see the truth of what has been revealed to me in a very still quiet voice that you cannot even hear, but it is there, always.

So if anything has any kind of manifestation, you still have not reached Pure Consciousness. But you might have reached higher consciousness that you are seeing some beings in the ethereal level.

Even what you see is not real. It is a creation of your own mind to help you a little further. But if you become attached to that being in the ethereal level, you think you have reached the end of it and astral projection, and see these beings as the end of your spiritual progress, then you have become stuck. You are in the end of the Path that is not going to help you to go any further.

But meditation, meditating on the Universal Mantra and going through the process, and realizing the Essence within you which is that stillness between breathing in and breathing out and realizing that Essence, that stillness will take you to the level of knowing God within yourself and progressing toward the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal.

God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He is FINE. And that is what you have to aim for. Do not aim for anything that has a manifestation.

The moment you have manifestation, learn the lesson of what that manifestation has to teach you, and go beyond it. Go back to your meditation process that is taught in the PalTalk room. It is in the PalTalk room, in the religious section, "Meditate On The Universal Mantra." In those classes you are taught how to meditate on the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam mantra and to recognize and realize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out.

That stillness is the most important part of the meditation. Actually, if you recognize that stillness, you do not even have to use your Mantra anymore. That stillness goes on in your life all the time, when you are out, when you are at work, when you are walking, when you are talking. When you are doing anything that stillness always is with you, which is God, Be still and know that I am God.

That stillness is the Essence of all knowledge and realization. It will reveal to you the truth in a much deeper level than you ever have heard, or anyone would have told you, even in the ethereal level. Then you recognize that God has been sending this Revelation and the Scripture to humanity. And what He said He meant, and what He meant, is good for you.

Eventually you progress in a greater degree. You become a part of the Eternal Divine Path, you realize that the Communities of Light are necessary (they are important, they have to be created), you are ready to sacrifice for them, you become surrendered and submitted to God, a universalist, and, of course, become an Elect. That is the Path to go to, to progress. It is not to be attached to any ethereal being, any brotherhood, any teacher who teaches that they are your goal and you have to be attached to them. But be attached to God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Shatter every obstacle in your Path and do not become attached to anything that has manifestation. God is beyond mind. He is beyond manifestation. God is Mind and beyond. He is the Universal Mind and the consciousness.

We have 15 more minutes together. We will meditate. Or if you have a question, go ahead and raise your hand.

All right, it sounds like there are no questions. That is good. I always like to see that all the questions have been answered. It sounds like, at least in this group, there are no questions that have not been answered.

We have a room open 24-hours a day that you can go and see other questions that have been asked and answered. If you have any other questions, come back next month. I will be here. You can also send your questions to the Mission.

We had a question sent to us by e-mail. But our policy is that if the person who sent the question is not here, we will not bring it up. Therefore, that will also stay, maybe for next time. We will finish the Satsang at this time.

I wish all of you a Godly month. May the Spirit of God be with you. May you go to our website and see the truth, realize the depth of these teachings, and see that God indeed has sent them. The prophecies have been fulfilled. The truth has come to humanity. Learn it. Take it with you. Give it to other people. Give the Message, and do not be attached to the result.

If they come, fine. If they do not come, fine. It is between them and God. The only thing is, to find the Elects, those who understand God and are ready to give everything for Gods purpose, with no ego involved.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next month!

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