Feast Of Tabernacles Satsang (Discourse) 09/27/02






Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreya.  This is our cyber-church and, of course, we have plenty of wonderful looking white-clothed people here in the Mission.  They have been in the Feast for the last seven days.  I am hoping that all of you had a good time, your spirits are high, you are clean, and closer to God.

So did you have a good time?

Disciple:  A wonderful time.

Maitreya:  A wonderful time.  You are overcoming.  Well, that is how it should be every day in life.  Everyone should be in the Communities of Light, singing, dancing, praising God, talking about God, and bringing His Spirit into every level of our lives.

After a while, even radio and television have no choice but to talk about God because no one is going to listen to the “junk” they feed us everyday.  Eventually, they will say, “Well, our customers all are Godly, therefore, we have to support them.”

That is how businessmen think.  The more people become Godly, the more they will say, “We have to change our formats because these people are not going to listen to our 'junk' anymore.  They are going to listen to the good things.”

Who knows, maybe they will make a movie of how the creation started in the beginning, how the forces were released and the first feeling was, “I know,” then, “I do,” and “I have done.”  Or, make a movie of Krishna and Buddha.

Well, they already made the movie of Moses but if they become more and more familiar with other religions also, they may make great movies of those gods and Avatars also.  And we are going to have wonderful movies.  Instead of at the Feast show only a few movies, we can have a lot of choices that we can use and show all those wonderful movies that they will make.

So if we create enough good will, that is what we have to create in the Mission.  We have to have a resource of good will for the Mission and be such wonderful people ourselves, that everyone will have good will toward us, toward the Mission.  If we can create enough good will, people easily will accept what we say, or what we do.

Hopefully, this Mission will not become like other missions or religions that have a lot of blood on their hands and can no longer say that they are completely pure and manifest God’s Spirit.  When you do that what do you create?  You create karma.  You create bad karma for yourself, for your religion, etc.  And eventually it will catch up with you.

We should change the heart of man not the mind of man.  You can change the mind of man by force, by dogmas, and by intellectual discussion.  But changing the heart comes with good will.

That good will is what we have to create.  We have to create a lot of good will toward ourselves, toward our Mission, and toward what we do.  So we have to always meditate, “How can I create more good will of the people who are attracted toward the Mission, or are interested in what we do, instead of forcing it on them?"  We do not want to force things on people.  We want to create an environment that they say, “Yes, it makes sense.”  And it does.

Anyway you look at it, it makes sense.  It is from God.  He prophesied that this Revelation would come.  He also, as we discussed, even gave the address of the city where this Revelation was going to come.

We have a wonderful thing here so we do not have to force anyone into it.  We do not have to become a cult.

Everyone is free.  If you want to leave tomorrow, OK, I wish you good luck.  She says, “No, we do not want to leave” [laughter].  OK, so you can stay.

So it is just absolutely a free Mission.  We are not attached to anyone or anything but we are good people.  We have to become the best on earth, the good people who are helpful, who create communities that help each other.

I am hoping that one day we will reach a point that the Mission can create an environment for the people who are downtrodden and life has been hard on them.  They can come here and heal themselves and eventually get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, the Mission is not there.  We are still not on our feet ourselves.  We have not come to the place that we can do that.  But hopefully, one day the people can come, stay here, and relax.  We do not want to make them lazy, completely, not to become escapists or anything like that because we do not want escapists.  That is because a part of our teaching is to be productive members of the society.

We can see that we have a wonderful Revelation here and we have to meditate, “How can we do this better?”  First of all, to overcome our own desires, wants, and cravings.  Do not have the cravings.  Do not crave for attention.  Do not crave for approval.  Do not crave for your own understandings.

See what is the Revelation, what did God Reveal to us?  Understand that, and make your wants and desires as little as possible, so you can fulfill other people’s desires.  That is how you will have good will.

A lot of good will, will come to you if a person who is downtrodden is taken care of, is helped to get back on their feet and can continue a wonderful life.  They will become appreciative and have good will toward the Mission instead of banging the teaching on their heads, “No, you have to change your mind, come, and join the Mission.”

Really, we do not have to do that at all because we know this is from God.  There is no doubt about it.  If you have the slightest doubt, then your eyes are not open.  Really you cannot see what a wonderful thing God has done and what a point of evolution the human is in.  He has chosen us to start this process, this beginning of the Golden Age and the wonderful Calling we are in, and we are all called for.

Go and find those other people who have also been called.  Who knows, maybe next year we will have a hundred people coming to the Feast.  Then we can rent a place in the mountains, all go there, and have a wonderful Feast in the mountains somewhere.

As long as our numbers coming to the Feast are very few, we can handle it here.  But if the numbers grow, I do not know if the neighbors are going to like seeing 100 white-clothed people going all over the neighborhood.  They are probably going to become pretty jittery.

So we have things here that we have to work on ourselves.  We have to understand the teaching.  We have to reveal it to other people.  Seek those who also see this truth.

Anywhere you are, if you are in France, seek them.  In Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in Quebec, in Canada, in the United States, all the places:  seek them.  They are our brothers and sisters.  They are not white, black, yellow, or any other colors.  We look at them as all God’s children.  And that is the way we look at each other.

We do not look at each other as the color of their skin or where they are from.  We look at each other as the Children of God, the Children of Light, the real Israelites.

That is what God means, “My Elects.”  He did not say, “My Elects are this color, or this gender, or from this area.”  He said, “They are My Elects who follow My Words and My Will."

Tonight is the last night of our Feast of Tabernacles.  We will be having a beautiful last day tomorrow.  We will be singing and dancing.

That is another thing.  One day I hope we will have a couple of hundred people in the Feast, and then we can make groups of twenty or thirty people and each group will sing for a short period of time.  We can rotate the groups, so we can sing the Haree Om Shrii Hung twenty-four hours a day, for the whole week.  So in the middle of the night, if it is your time to go to do the Haree Om Shrii Hung, you can go there.  However, you can also join anytime.  Also you can sit and meditate when other people are chanting.

I used to sit there when the Ananda Marga people would sing "Baba Nam Kevalam."  That is a beautiful meditation.  You sing and get to the rhythm.  After a while there is nothing left but that rhythm in you.  It is absolutely a fantastic way to meditate.

That will end our Feast tomorrow night.  Tonight usually this is the Open House Night.  Usually it is the first Friday.  After the Feast starts, we have the Open House and we invite others, if there is anyone in the community who wants to come and join us.  Tonight it is also the Talent Night, so both nights fell into this night, which is unusual.

We had people coming to our Satsangs before and sometimes there were not very many people interested, which is OK.  That is why God created the Internet.  We do not need to be bound by the area we live in.

So usually at this time we ask who has a talent to share with everyone.  In the talent show, people come together and present whatever talents they have.  In the Internet also, if you there have some talents that you would like to present at this time, we will let you show your talent, what you have.  Now I will release the mic to the talented people in the Mission.

Shirin:  OK, we have a little song that helps us learn the teaching a little bit better about how God is forces, God is gunas.  So we are going to do it in rounds and it is to the tune of "Frere Jacques."  I am going to start, then round 2, round 3.  We will go three times.

God is forces, God is gunas, there are three, there are three.  Raja guna energizes, tama guna crudifies, satva know, satva knows.  [now the others join in, in rounds]   [applause]

Maitreya: Good, very good.

Shirin:  And next, we have one more presentation.  Next we have the Divine Kitchen Ensemble [laughter].  This was inspired by a spontaneous outburst of Haree Om Shrii Hung while we were cleaning up in the kitchen one day [laughter].

Maitreya:  That is cute.  So you use the kitchen utensils. [laughter].

Keyosha:  We had a broom but we did not think we should bring a broom in the meditation room [laughter].

Divine Kitchen Ensemble Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam [being sung and played with kitchen utensils]    [laughter and applause]

Maitreya:  That is good.  Pretty soon we are going to have our own band, huh?  That is great.  Wonderful!  For the people in the Internet, here they used the kitchen utensils and made that music.

So that is wonderful.  So the kitchen utensils can become musical instruments.  That is great.  And it just happened.  It was spontaneous.  And that was really funny [still laughing], bringing all those things to be used.  

All right, if you have any questions, you can go ahead and ask your questions here.  If you do not have any questions, we just can talk more about the Mission and what you are doing, how wonderful this Mission is, and how God has called us to realize the unity of all religions.

This is the Revelation that even the Prophets desired to know.  They all knew there was more than what they were revealing to humanity and all of them longed to know, “What is the whole truth?  What is the whole picture?” because they knew still that there was more than what they had.

Actually, right now the scientists even are admitting that there are more unknown universes that they might never know about, than what they know so far.  That goes very well with our teachings that even scientists will eventually reach a point that they discover that there is God, there is something they cannot explain in a laboratory or in an intellectual explanation like that.

So even scientists have reached a point that they admit that there are more unknown universes in the universe than what they already know.  And that exactly shows that God is science.

God created this world and what scientists really discover is what God has created.  And He is beyond science, beyond intellect, and beyond mind.  So we can be assured that even we have things for the scientists to enjoy in the Mission.

So I am expecting that a lot of people will see this Vision.  Scientists, unscientists, atheists, agnostics, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, all of them, little-by-little will understand this truth and will come closer to the Mission and become one.

And who is going to do this?  You are going to do that.  You are the ones who are going to go out there and create a lot of good will for yourselves and for the Mission.

How can you create good will?  Be good.  Yes, exactly.  Be an example for humanity to create communities that the people in every city accept us as good people.  The community accepts us as good people in the community.

We do not want to create people or communities that they say, “We do not want to have anything to do with them.  They have no interest in the community.”  We have interest in the community.  We want to see the community prosper and become good, because we live in it and we want to be a part of it.

That is why this Mission is not a cult because we do not say, “We and them.”  That is the beginning of a cult when you say, “We and them.”  You separate yourself from them.  Somehow you fall on yourself.  You create a kind of separation, a wall around you.

We do not create that wall.  We are a part of the community.

That is why yesterday you all went to the library and cleaned the books there.  We want to make them realize that, “We are interested in you.  We want to help out.”

That is why any place you live, if you can create Communities of Light and your numbers are great, we might expand that from once a year to once a week, or once a month.  Then after a while, when there are a lot of people in the Communities of Light, everyone will take a little bit of the community and help out.  After a while we are going to have clean, wonderful communities.

Also, these communities will be connected to each other.  Then, is there going to be a criminal there when the people are watching out for one another?

One of the things criminals like is to do criminal actions when no one is looking.  In the communities where everyone is looking, is the criminal able to do anything?  No, because they do not have any place to hide.

That is one of the reasons that there is so much crime in the United States, because everyone lives in their separate houses and they go to work during the day.  There is no one looking around for the community.

But in the Communities of Light as we said, two or three people at least stay in the community and eight or nine people go to work.  So there is a lot of income coming to the community, and at the same time two or three people are always looking out for the environment.

I would like people to come and buy houses in the back yard, in that cul-de-sac.  There are five or six houses.  If we can buy those houses, we could just have that cul-de-sac all to ourselves, just break all the walls and make a nice, wonderful connection to all these houses and make a beautiful community.  Actually, I think with our house it is going to be six houses together, exactly for one unit in the Communities of Light.

So we have to bring people who also can do that.  We can go ahead and buy these houses and even make a nice kitchen somewhere there.  The whole community can come to that kitchen and eat together there, and all that.  At the same time, of course, everyone has their own privacy.

So there are a lot of plans around here.  Of course, if we get to a place, a place that we can afford, we can buy the golf course here and make it all the communities around it and build a Temple in the middle of it.  What do you think about that?

It is a very wonderful area in Rio Rancho because that is the only place that they have so much water.  That is why they have the golf course here because there is water.  There are actually a couple of small ponds around here that people can use to create communities around them.

If we could have bought this land, before the golf course went bankrupt around six months ago, that would have been great.  Someone bought it for around two or three million dollars, which was very cheap for an area like that.

If we had the money and we had a lot of people come and live in the houses around here, that is a wonderful place to build the Temple.  It is in the middle of a lot of grass and there is enough water to keep it up, etc.

So there are a lot of plans here in the Mission that we are looking forward to manifest.  But we have to have enough people who can come, join, and realize that is where we are going and that is what they work for.

So be with us.  Be one with us.  Be one with the Plan.

Little-by-little they forget about their own plans but look at the bigger picture of the greater Plan of God and work toward that end.

Of course, we are not attached to it.  As usual, we are not attached to anything.  These are good ideas but if they did not happen, it is not going to bother us.  We are not going to sit here and worry about, “Are we going to buy the houses, or not?”

We are going to do the Mission, go to Pal Talk and talk to the people, give Satsang, spread the Message, give lectures, and call to the Elects.  We will call to the people who have been called for this wonderful Revelation, who have seen the Vision.  After you see the Vision you say, “That makes sense.  How can God send all these religions and not have all these religions as one?”

So far, every religion was separating one from another.  Every religion was saying, “My religion is better than yours,” or, “Mine is the last,” “We are the chosen ones,” “We are the only way,” “All religions basically are the same.”  None of them have been able to come and explain how all these are related to one another.

Now the Mission has.  The Mission of Maitreya has revealed the last Revelation.  Many people say, “Yes, we are the last revelation of God,” but never does their revelation really reveal as strongly and as often as the Mission does with this Revelation that, “Yes, we are the last Revelation from God.”  There is no doubt about it.

There is no confusion as in the case of Khatam/Khatem.  It is not that I only said it once in my whole Revelation that I will be the one who is going to be for one thousand years.  Also no other Prophet explains how, after their revelation, things were going to happen.

That was explained in our lecture the other day.  After this Revelation, eventually, the Kingdom Of Heaven will come.  But that Kingdom is not going to last forever.  It is going to be for only one thousand years.  After that the Kingdom will come forever.  Probably it means that those who have been with it will reach Pure Consciousness and will be with God.  That is heaven or being one with the Godhead, and that is the goal of life.

That is what these people who are following the world should be watching, looking, and understanding why they are here.  If you put God out, you become sensual, you follow your sensual desires.  That is the destruction of man.

The more you follow your sensual desires, the more sensual desires you want.  And it is never going to end.  There is no end in sensual satisfaction.  Actually, there is no satisfaction in sensual desires.  There is no bottom.  There is no end.

But when you experience God, you have no desires.  The desires just fall off like rotten skin, which falls off and new skin comes out.  And you will be born again to a new man.

We can see, where is the world going?  I do not know if you heard or not, these people who take the drug Ecstasy, they are now combining it with some other drugs and they are getting a lot of problems by doing that.  They are absolutely going to destruction.

OK, we have a question here. Go ahead Northern Light.

Northern Light:  You said the problem with society, or with spiritual people, is the fact that they cannot find a common goal, meld their religions together to find spirituality.  And you are correct.  I agree with you 100%.

It is our own human frailty that diminishes our capacity to actually accept other people’s religions, find common themes, and accept that the great power is better than your own belief.

Maitreya:  Yes. If you go to our website, which has been posted there: www.maitreya.org you will see that there is much more.  What you say has some truth in it like everyone else in their teaching has some truth.  But there has been a prophecy, for a long time, that what we teach here in this Mission will come.

God has been sending all these religions separately, and now He puts them together.  So it is not a state of mind, or a belief, or a realization, or an acceptance of a way of thinking or accepting other people as one.  But that is the way that God did it.  He sent this Revelation as different religions.  Now God wants humanity to know that each of these religions fall in one part of The Greatest Sign, which you can see in our website when first you go there.  Each of these signs has one message.

The first message is the awakening of our spiritual forces.  The first seal in this Path are the Mystical Paths like Hinduism and Buddhism.

The second is to create the Communities of Light, which is the theme of the Old Testament.  The third is to sacrifice to create such communities, which is the message of Christ in the New Testament.  He went to the cross for his ideal.

The fourth is surrendering and submission of the results of our actions to God.  So we are not attached to the result and we let God come through.  Therefore, we are completely free.  That is the message of Islam.

And become a universalist.  That means that we realize that God is everything.  Therefore, everyone is a part of Him.  That is the message of the Baha’is.

Such people who follow this Path become Elects, the Sixth seal. And the Seventh Seal is the teaching of this Mission, which unifies all of them and explains everything.

This teaching has been prophesied to come in The Revelation, chapter 5.  The book sealed with the Seven Seals is open through this Mission.  The Seventh Seal is the explanation of how God has been revealing these revelations and guiding humanity to this point and reveals the Eternal Divine Path.  So you can see that it is much more.

What you say has some truth, as I said, but if you study our teachings you will be amazed and you will say, "That is even greater than I ever expected that the unification of the religions would come.”

Many people are saying, “Yes, we have to accept each other to become one.  They have some truth.  They have good hearts and their intentions are good.

But God’s Way now is very direct and absolutely shows that even those who have religions like Islam, or Christianity, or Buddhism, or Hinduism, all of them have to realize that they have only a part of the truth and this is not just a good idea, it is the way.  They have to come together if they want salvation.

So this is the salvation of man.  It has been prophesied.  It has been foretold to come.  We recommend that you go to our website and study it.

If your desire is to unify humanity and bring a common ground to all of them, you will find that it is much easier the way God has been doing it and has tried and revealed to humanity.  And you will be much more effective to manifest your desire than just having good ideas.  Good ideas are good but God ideas are much better.

So we appreciate your input into this room but if you study our teaching you will see that this room is much, much more than anyone ever knew about God, unification, and religions to this point.  At this point, we are in a leap point of evolution and humanity will be accelerated toward that unification because they will eventually realize that they have no choice.

When God says, “Now a new Revelation has come,” it is not just to say, “Oh, we have to get together.  Please.  Please.”  Go after people and say, “Please, come and let us unify humanity.”  Humanity has no choice.

That is the difference between good ideas and God ideas.  With God ideas, humanity has no choice.

For instance, when Christianity came they killed Christ.  Did they stop Christianity?  No, they could not, because that was the Will of God to happen, therefore it happened.

When Prophet Muhammad came, Mecca was against him and almost killed him.  They threw him out of the city.  Could they stop him?  No, they could not because that was the Will of God.

This Mission is here and a lot of people are not listening and not accepting it.  Can they stop it?  No.  It is not stoppable because it is the Will of God.

So we can see the difference between good ideas and God ideas.  Good ideas are good, they have good intention in them.  We appreciate good ideas.  But when God ideas come, the good ideas have to accept the God ideas and incorporate their good ideas with God ideas and become a part of His Work.

That is what this room is about.  This is the room of God’s idea.  And we appreciate that we stay on the topic of the Mission.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou:  Will you take one question concerning the Koran?

Maitreya:  Sure, go ahead.

Lou:  Yes, this has to do with Surah 5, Section 10, I think verse 73.  It says that, “They surely disbelieve who say:  Lo!  Allah is the third of three; when there is no God save the One God.  If they desist not from so saying a painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve.  Will they not rather turn unto Allah and seek forgiveness of Him?  For Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

Maitreya: Is that the verse that you wanted to be commented on?

Lou:  Yes, exactly.  That is it.

Maitreya:  What he said is that some Christians at the time of Prophet Muhammad believed in the trinity.  Prophet Muhammad said that, “Allah is God.”  They believed in the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost as three separate beings.  Therefore, they said, “OK we accept your Allah, but we accept your Allah as Father, as the third person, or the Son, The Holy Ghost, and the Father."

So Prophet Muhammad said, “You are wrong.”  God to Prophet Muhammad was, “There is no God but God, and Prophet Muhammad is His Prophet.”

What he was objecting to is that God is not the third person.  God is a united Spirit of God.  Therefore, if you believe that God is only one part of the trinity, then you are wrong.

We solve that problem, that God consists of Consciousness and the three creative forces.  You cannot separate them.  Consciousness and the three creative forces are one.  It is just like the two sides of a paper.  You cannot separate God from Its creative forces.  They are absolutely one with one another.

And the creative force is The Holy Ghost, which brings the Revelation to the Prophets.  Without The Holy Ghost, without the raja guna, which brings the knowledge of the Akashic Records to the Prophets, the Prophets would have never been able to manifest that Revelation to humanity.

So many truths, so much knowledge came to Prophet Muhammad, came to Moses, came to Christ, came to Krishna, and came to all those Prophets of God.  Where did they come from?  It was by The Holy Ghost.

Why the Prophets have the knowledge that the regular people do not is because the Prophet is chosen to receive this knowledge from God and therefore, he can reveal it to other people.

Therefore, God is Consciousness and the three creative forces.  They are one.  You cannot separate them.  You cannot say, “Here is Consciousness, here are the three gunas.  This is the Father, this is The Holy Ghost."

Of course, because God is Consciousness and the three creative forces, He cannot just come to every one of you and reveal Himself to you because He is very subtle, and very few people can really have that high consciousness that He will reveal that to them.  Also He does not want to sometimes.  It is too much for the people to receive those revelations from the Spirit.

Twenty percent of the people in the United States have had some spiritual experiences.  Eighty percent of that twenty percent do not want to have anything to do with it because it is going to disturb all their life.  They have to forget about all the material things they want and they pursue.  They have to forget about all those things and become Godly.  They do not want to have anything to do with it.  So even if God comes to them and reveals to them, they would probably freak out [laughing].

Therefore, He prophesies for a long time that a Prophet will come and will fulfill these prophecies.  And when he will come he will tell you of the truth that you did not know.

No one knew about the Seven Seals, how they unify themselves together until this Revelation came.  No one knew about that, or the many things that the Mission is revealing to humanity.

But God knew.  God knew that.  But He would not tell anyone because He is a Spirit.  But when that person comes, when the time is right and the prophecies are supposed to be fulfilled, that person fulfills the prophecy and the Spirit of God comes through that person.  Therefore, he becomes the Son.  He becomes the Son of God because now the Father and the Mother reside in him.   Therefore, he is in the image of God, and he is the Son of God.

What is your son?  Your son is in your image, or your likeness, not in the face.  My face does not look like God’s face.  But the Spirit behind this Revelation is God Himself coming through to humanity.

Therefore, you see, Consciousness is one with the three gunas, and those two come through the Son.  They are one.  There is no separation.  You cannot say, “Here is The Father, here is The Holy Ghost, and here is the Son.”  There is no separation.

So what Prophet Muhammad is objecting to is when Christians separate Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost, bring them as three personalities and were telling Prophet Muhammad that, “What you brought is the third person.  We have two more that you do not know about.”

He said, “No. God is God.”  He is talking about the whole God as Consciousness and the three gunas, and he himself as the revealer of the revelation.

He never acknowledged himself as to be the Son.  He acknowledged himself to be a Prophet.  Also he acknowledged Christ to be a Prophet because that was how it was revealed to him.

But with our explanation we see that every Prophet is also a Messiah.   Every Prophet is the Son of God because he represents the Spirit of God on earth, when that Prophet comes.

Of course, so far, to this point all the Prophets just represented a part of the Spirit of God.  They did not represent the whole Spirit that the Mission represents.

Prophet Muhammad came to just bring the revelation or the message of submission and surrendering.  Christ came to bring the message of sacrifice.  And all of them were representatives of The Spirit of God to a limited degree.

Now it is the full manifestation.  Never, ever has a full manifestation been on earth but to this point.

That is why some people call Christ, Christ Ben Joseph, and the Seventh Angel, Christ Ben Adam.  That is because Adam knew the Eternal Divine Path, because he revealed it to humanity at that time when he came to humans.  Then, of course, they lost it.  They did not follow it.

Eventually, at the time of Noah they were destroyed and replaced with the human we are.  Our third eyes were closed, our spiritual abilities were taken away, and we became the completely helpless beings that we are right now.  And we do not even know that the spiritual world exists.

But after you open your third eye you say, “Wow, the spiritual world is much more real than what these two eyes can see.”  Then you realize, this manifested world is temporary.  Really the permanent one is the one you cannot see.  And we are attached to something that is temporary, when we have to be attached to something that is permanent and we will be in that permanency more and longer, in eternity, forever, when these temporary things are going to just fade away, fall off, and go away.

So in that verse, Prophet Muhammad is objecting to the belief of the Christians that there are three beings as the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.  And as we explained this many times, they are not separated.  They are not separate beings, but it is the Spirit of God, which is Consciousness and the three creative forces, which are one.  You cannot separate them.  And when they come through a Prophet, he is the Son of God because he is in the image of Father and Mother, or God.

There is no separation but there are three parts:  consciousness, creative forces, which come through the Son.  So Christians are correct in realizing that there is Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.  But they are incorrect in separating them as three separate beings.  They are not separate they are one.

Lou:  Did you say that The Holy Spirit is the one who always comes to bring the Revelation?  So Gabriel was also like the representation of The Holy Spirit?  Is that correct?

Maitreya:  Exactly.  That is correct.  Actually, there are Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer.  They are three archangels of God.  Of course, Gabriel is The Holy Ghost, is the satva guna, which brings the Revelation.

Satva guna is what?  It is “I know.”  So he knows.  It brings the knowledge, the knowledge of God to the Prophet and those who God sent that knowledge to.

Michael is raja guna, or energy.  It is always depicted as the warrior who destroys the ignorance and protects the Revelations of God.

And, of course, Lucifer is the one also called the devil.  That is because if you do not understand this world as a temporary place, you become attached to it, you fall to your lower nature, and you go to hell, which the devil takes you to the hell, which is tama guna when you do not understand it.

After you understand that this world is a temporary place, the tama guna is not bad because it is taking you to God.  If you realize that this world is not permanent and you have to go to God instead of listening to these worldly things, what happens?  The very devil becomes a shining star.  That is what Lucifer means, shining star.

So it becomes a guiding light to you, not to be attached to this external world but follow your spirit within and realize your deep understanding of God, who you are, that you are a part of God, and you have to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually and eventually return to the Godhead.

How do you do that?  You do that by following the Eternal Divine Path, by meditating… But by meditation alone, you are not going to reach there.

How many people meditate and then go and they have ice cream, instead of spending their time realizing in a deeper level who they are.  They feel good.  They meditate and they feel good. Instead of directing that good energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, what do they do?  “Let us go have some ice cream.”  They get their sugar up and they feel good again and then they crash.  Two hours later the sugar rush is gone, they crash, and they are even worse than they were before.  So that is not enough, only meditation.

As God said, “I am going to spue you out of my mouth.  Eat as much ice cream as you want.  When you are done with the ice cream and are willing to use that energy for creation of the Communities of Light then come back.  I am not going to spue you out of my mouth."

So meditate and use the energy for the creation of the Communities of Light.  Do not just spend it for your cravings, for attention, and all those things, but for the creation of the Communities of Light.  Be very sincere and one-pointed about that Revelation that God has given to you.

So change.  That is when you are born again.  You turn around from your habits that have been guiding you all this time.

We can see that the Eternal Divine Path is the way to return home, to realize God, to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, direct that toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for it, surrender and submit to your work, and become a universalist.  Then you eventually realize, “Yes, this is a temporary place to be.  I am attached to a temporary thing.  Now I want to be attached to the permanent thing.”  And that permanent thing is Consciousness and the three creative forces of the universe.

That is permanent.  That has ever been there, is here, and will be forever.  If you can return to the Godhead, then you have no desire to have ice cream because you will have such joy and feeling of acceleration and unity with God that these little joys just do not appeal anymore.

So the very devil actually becomes a guiding light, if you understand it. That is why it is called, Lucifer, the guiding light. The very devil becomes a good thing.

Of course, you do not listen to him anymore because you are not in the lower nature.  So you laugh in his face and say, “Yes, I know you.  You cannot take me to where you want.  I take you where I want.”  Then he becomes your slave instead of you become his slave.  So we can see that those three angels actually are representative of the three forces in the universe.

Some people need to see an angel to accept a revelation that comes to them.  Does Gabriel look the same as the one the Prophet Daniel saw?  Probably not, so how can one angel be with different faces, or different representations?

So really, those three archangels are not a manifested thing, they are a part of God.  If we know that, then we realize that Michael is the raja guna, Gabriel is satva guna, and Lucifer is tama guna.

Of course, in the Koran it says Lucifer, or devil, arose against God and tried to take over the heaven, and God threw him out of heaven.  So in a sense, tama guna is a rebellious energy because it crudifies you and takes you away from God.  You really are rebelling.

Who are the people who do not want God?  They really rebel against God.

These words, this Revelation is so logical, so good.  Why are not more people realizing them, embracing them, and becoming contact people, accepting this Revelation, trying to work with it, trying to help others also to understand, and eventually bring all the Elects to it?

It is because the tama guna does not let them.  The tama guna is rebelling against God’s Word.  That is why Christ said, “They are blind.”

Who makes you blind? The tama guna makes you blind to see the truth.  You have your own understanding, your own teaching, your own realization, and you do not want to take God’s realization.  Instead, you want to represent what you realize, what you know.

You become very unhappy when what God says is different than what you believe.  That is why you rebel against Him.  Of course, the world is very attractive to those people who do not have the Spirit of God.  And Lucifer becomes the devil for them.  They will fall toward this world.

They think, “Well this is it, this is the truth.”  That is why they use Ecstasy, they go to the parties all the time, they drink, and they smoke.  They ruin their lives because they want more Ecstasy than they had yesterday, or more sensual attraction than they had experienced the last time, "That was great.  The last time that was great, but I want to have even more, and more, and more.”

How can you do it?  You go even deeper.  You fall even more into the devil and its attraction.

So the way is to turn around, to be baptized.  That is what baptism means, to turn around.  Say, “No, I do not want this world.  Maitreya says that it is a relative truth.  Therefore, I do not want something that is not permanent.  I want to go to permanency.  I do not want anything temporary.  I have had enough of these temporary things.  They did not give me the satisfaction I need.  I want to go to the permanent thing.”

That is when you turn around.  You make a conscious decision to turn around, to go toward God.  That is when you start meditating and you start reading our teachings.

Our teaching is the highest spiritual Revelation that ever came to humanity.  Therefore, if you understand our teaching, go through it, and realize the Eternal Divine Path, you will have a great grip on the reality and your progress will be accelerated thousands and hundreds of thousands of times because God said this Revelation is the last Revelation.

That is what God wants.  That is how you become an Elect.  The Elects are those who eventually realize they do not want this world.

So you are right, Gabriel is The Holy Ghost and all of them are in the Koran.  What the Koran says is that Prophet Muhammad revealed whatever he received.  He could not say anything else but what he received.  And that is what the revelation was for him and his understanding.

Now we can explain what he received in a much greater degree and in a deeper level.  Or, any Scripture that has come to humanity, now can be explained, understood, and made sense of.

A lot of things in the Koran, the people who follow it do not understand.  They cannot completely explain what it means.  But now we can see, we can explain it here easily.

We are going to have a nice day tomorrow I hope.  It is the Holy Convocation.  We are going to start at six in the morning.  There will be chanting and dancing until 11 AM.  Every half hour we have different groups.  So from 6 AM until 11 AM, if you want to come here, join to the chanting of the Haree Om Shrii Hung.

We have a table here, a round table.  We will be dancing around it.  As I said, one day we hope hundreds and thousands of people can do that. A lot of people will go to samadhi, fall in the middle of the group, and [laughing] we will have some people come and carry them to the side.

After a week, probably the whole six hundred people are going to be in samadhi.

If we can create such an energy with seven or eight people here in the Mission, just imagine if there are a couple of hundred people, or thousands of people.  Who knows, maybe we can even have some places, Indians playing the music, and dancing.  In another place people are doing the Namaze, in Islam.  In another place a Christian preacher is preaching Christ.  And the Jewish guy going back and forth [laughing].  All of them eventually come to the Temple from their own door and in the center they realize, “We are all from God.  How come we did not know that we all have come from God and are a part of Him?”

How can God create everything from His own Body but we have different religions and separation from each other?  It just does not make sense.  Eventually, after they see this Revelation, it just does not make sense that God has not sent all these revelations.

So I wish you all good luck and have a wonderful tomorrow, and a wonderful year.  I do not know, I might see you again tomorrow night, or I might not.  If I did not see you again, have a Godly year.  And remember you are my hands, you are my mind, and you are my mouth.  You are Mission representatives.  Create a lot of good will.  Bring a lot of wonderful people here to the Mission and let them also know that God indeed exists, and has Revealed His last Revelation.  That is how we unify humanity, not with good ideas but with God Ideas.

Sal-OM everyone!


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