Satsang (Discourse) 10/05/02




Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. You have come to the room that has the greatest Revelation that has ever come to man. We are at a point of a great evolution and the beginning of the last part of Gods Plan.

According to Gods Words and Scriptures, no one would know the mystery of God and the whole truth until this Revelation comes. Now it is here, and it is explained very clearly what was Gods Plan for the last 12,000 years (and from the very beginning of the creation), and how the last 12,000 years of history have been created to teach man that not only can man not manage themselves but they will make a mess out of the earth if they do not listen to God and His Laws.

Also at this same time, He has sent His Seven Revelations to humanity. Each of them was here as a religion, and many people became followers of that religion. Each of them thinks that they have the answer to Gods Plan and His Words. But each of them has a message for humanity and you can only understand the meaning of the message of God if you put all of them together.

Here, this Revelation reveals this Plan that has been hidden from humanity to this point, and they have never been able to unify the religions of the world as God meant them to be unified. Even those who claim that they have unified the religions and that they have a revelation that says basically all the religions are the same, have left the Mystical Paths out of that unification.

Therefore we can see that this Revelation is for humanity to really realize that God exists, because He said that He would do these things and He has done them. Not only does He exist, but also He knows what is the best way for the human to become prosperous, and to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. And that is what is called the Eternal Divine Path. And that is the base of our teachings, the Eternal Divine Path.

It is called Eternal because it was created in eternity. It is Divine, because it leads you to Divinity, or God. And it is a Path, because you either follow It or you do not. It is as simple as that. Whatever you say, whatever you think you are understanding, whatever words you utter in understanding the Path, no matter how much you read It or explain It to other people, if you are not walking It, you are not on the Path. Then that would be a delusion if you say that you understand the Path but you are not following It.

Therefore, it is very important in this Revelation, or in this Mission, that you understand how to walk the Eternal Divine Path and meditate on your actions, your desires, and your wants to see, Am I really following the Eternal Divine Path, or not? This is not a bunch of dogmas that you believe in and that is it, then you are in heaven. It is a way; it is a Path that you have to walk.

I cannot walk It for you. You have to walk It yourself. See, this is the beauty of this teaching. We try to make you self-sufficient. We teach you how to heal yourself. We teach you how to go to God. We teach you how to go directly to the Godhead, not to the preacher, not to the teacher, not to the guru, or not to the Prophet. None of them are going to take you to God but yourself. And God has given you every tool that you need to be able to go to God directly yourself. You do not need a mediator.

If you become attached to the mediator, then you are stuck. You are not going to go where you are supposed to go.

Therefore this Revelation is the salvation of man, physically, mentally, spiritually, collectively, and emotionally. Whatever way you want to look at it, it will help you to get there. But you have to have sincerity. You have to have complete dedication. You have to understand the teaching in depth and get rid of your emotions, attachments, desires, wants, cravings, and playing games in this Path.

Playing games does not get you anywhere. You have to go concentrate and deeply understand what God has revealed to you. And that is the way of your salvation. Therefore, you have to understand the teaching in a very deep level, be completely dedicated to it, and follow the Eternal Divine Path to benefit from it in the deepest level.

Now probably someone would ask, What is this Eternal Divine Path that you are talking about? That is the question that we have been explaining in this room and in our teaching for the last twenty-two years. We have many, many writings, Revelations, teachings, and books that will give you the answer to this question. And, of course, usually in this room I go over this Eternal Divine Path every time I am here. Therefore we are going to explain what the Eternal Divine Path is.

The Eternal Divine Path consists of five steps and two results. The first five steps are the five religions that have come to humanity by the names of: Mystical Paths (like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christians, Sufis, any religion all over the world that is talking about Know God, God is everything, if you know yourself you know God, and also, Be still and know that I am God.)

So God and you are one. There is no separation. God is everything. You cannot look at anything that God is not there.

You have to have the eye for it. You have to open that eye that you can see God in everything. If that eye is not open, you cannot see. You become very attached to the mundane in life and will be drawn into Maya.

Maya is like quicksand. You fall into it, and it is very hard to get out. The more you try to get out, the more you sink into it. Therefore, that first step is to Be still, know yourself, to be able to detach yourself from this world, to be able to be in the world but not of it.

We do not teach people to go to the mountains. We teach them to stay in the middle of society. That is even harder than going to the mountains or escaping life, becoming an escapist, and trying to rationalize your behavior as, No, I am not attached to this world. I am only attached to God, therefore, I will shun this world and will not become involved in it.

That is not the fastest way to go to God, but to be able to be in the world, to be efficient, to be effective, be able to cope with it, and at the same time know that you do not belong to this world because this world is a relative truth. This world is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is God.

Whatever is relative, changes. Whatever is not the ultimate, the Essence, will change. Therefore, if we hang onto something that is not permanent, what happens? After a while it changes and we wonder, What happened? We thought that what we hung onto was permanent. Of course, that permanency only is the Essence, which is God, and therefore, we have to be attached only to It.

It is just like Christ said that if you do not follow this teaching, if you do not understand this truth, you are building your house at the top of sand. You do not do that. Where do you build your house? You build your house on the top of stone, which will not fall apart easily.

Even stone falls apart after a while, but you build your house at the top of the Essence, which is God, that does not change. God never changes, He ever has been the same, is the same, and will be the same forever.

If you reach and hold to that truth and that permanency, then you never will be disappointed because it is not like the regular world that things change and you wonder, Why am I not satisfied with what I am attached to? But when you reach God, you are satisfied no matter what happens in this world or around you because whatever is happening around you is just a game, a play, something that is not permanent.

So, the first step is to awaken your spiritual forces. This is the teaching of all the Mystical Paths. They tell you that, This world is illusion. It is not the Essence. You should not become attached to it or involved with it. Go to the mountains, escape it, and go to God.

Of course, God says, No, if you do that I will spue you out of my mouth, and you have to come back here again and again and learn your lessons.

Therefore, this is a school, this is a class. We are in school together on this earth to learn our lessons. If we learn our lessons and get good grades, get As, we are going to graduate. Gods University will accept us as students, and we will enter that permanency where God is.

If we do not learn our lessons, and yell, kick, and we say to the teacher, No, you have to give me good grades, I want to go to God anyway, or even if the teacher gives you good grades, when you go to the door, God looks at you and says, No, no, you are not ready. Go back, then you are going to be thrown back into the world.

So that is not the way to go, by shunning this world, but realizing that in order to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, in order to learn your lessons, in order to go to the world and know that you are in the world but not of it, you need an environment that you can go back into and say, OK, in this environment I can relax and be with God, meditate, and be with Him.

But in that environment you also have to become pure. You have to listen to the teaching. You have to progress. You have to overcome your cravings, your desires, your wants, and your things that make you not set a good example for other people. That is how you go to God.

If you are in the Communities of Light and still you are not following those things, you are not setting a good example, and you are not progressing, again you are in illusion and delusion. You are not doing what you are supposed to do.

Therefore, we can see that in the Communities of Light, you have the opportunity to progress. But still in the Communities of Light you have to have the ability to progress, physically, mentally, and spiritually, listen to the teaching, and overcome those desires that take you from God, bring you to this world, and all of that.

So we can see that the next step is the desire to create such an environment. Those environments, of course, we call the Communities of Light.

That is the theme of the Old Testament. If you read the entire Old Testament, what did God want to do? He wanted to choose a people called the Elects, called the Hebrews, called the Israelites, the Children of Light. Those are the people who would listen to God, make God their King, follow His Laws, meditate, and overcome to a place that they can awaken their spiritual forces in a faster way. Therefore this community will help them, and they will help the community.

As I said, you cannot come to the community and say, Well, take care of me. I am not going to do anything. I am not going to help. I am not going to contribute. If you have so many people taking, and a few people putting in, what happens? That community falls apart, as we have said many times.

So you go to the world. You work. You are in the world but you are not of the world, of course, because you have a Community of Light to come back to. You go there, and you give it your all. Actually, all our members should be very good in what they do in the external world so everyone looks at them and says, Well, this is a good worker. This is fantastic. I want to hire him. I want to have him on my staff, or in my organization," or whatever. "These people in the Mission, the people who are Divines, are very efficient people. They are very good workers." Therefore, we will easily be accepted out there.

As I said, we have to create a pool of goodwill, and that is another way of creating good will for the Mission, by people realizing and looking at us and saying, Yes, these people are really good people, good workers, and good efficient people. At the same time, we know you do not belong there. They think that we belong there, we belong to them or to their work, but really we belong to God.

At the end of the day, of course, we come to the community, we do our Reminder, we awaken our spiritual forces, we meditate, and we have good food. Even when we talk, we talk about God to other people in the community. Therefore, we lift up our spirits.

Even if you come to the community and still we talk mundane and idle talk, what is going to happen? Still we are going to be pulled down to our lower natures no matter if we call that place the Community of Light or not, there is not any light there. It is still darkness, and we have to avoid that.

So, the next step is the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament. In the Old Testament God is showing that He wants people who are chosen, they are Elects that come together and create communities, have Him as their King and His Laws as their Laws, create an environment that their talk is God, their sleep is God, their eating is God, their sitting is God, their everything evolves around God, not, Me, me, me, but God, God, God.

Therefore, God is the center of attention, not me, you, or anyone else. We have to learn to overcome that craving for attention, but crave to bring God to the attention of everyone. In such Communities of Light, you will progress very fast, very Godly, and Light will come to you easily, and we will reach a much higher consciousness.

Of course, to create such communities you cannot stay in the communities and say, What is in it for me only? How can this community help me? No. How can you help this community? Then you can be helped in the process yourself.

That is the approach of every person who comes to the Communities of Light, and therefore they sacrifice. They give of themselves into the community.

And also, they do not look at anyone else and what they are doing. What are they doing? Are they Divines? Are they high? Do they have the light in themselves? No.

Do I have the light? Am I following the Eternal Divine Path? Am I self-motivated, a self-starter, and have the ability to help the Mission and the community? Or, am I looking to see what everyone else is doing, Oh, if he did that, then I do tit for tat. It is not that way, but it is, This is my community. It is my place. It is my Godly home or place, therefore, I will become a self-starter and do whatever is needed to be done.

That is the message of Christ. Christ came. He was self-motivated, he was efficient, he was Godly, and he spent his time and energy preaching. Actually, he was the most fantastic preacher. In three and a half years he created a religion that it took any other Prophet years to do. Of course, they turned around and changed his teaching too because he was not there to correct them.

They did not have any e-mail and people could say, OK, here is the answer. But here people send their letters and ask, Maitreya, is that answer OK? At least we are here now, and we can correct those things.

Christ came, and his teaching was changed. But he was a fantastic teacher. He was so concentrated doing that.

And that is the example that Christ set for us to be able to create Communities of Light based on that way of intensity, dedication, and the ability to be one-pointed toward what God revealed to us.

Of course, all this time, to this point, we will be attached to the result of our actions. We meditate and progress a little bit, and we say, Oh, wow, I progressed a lot. See, look, I heard The Word for the first time. I have overcome. I reached there. Then you go to the Communities of Light and say, I am in the Communities of Light, that is it. I made it. I am in the Communities of Light, I do not have to do anything. I am just going to be meditating here, and I am going to be in bliss all the time.

Suddenly you realize, No, the community is not just all bliss, it is also the mundane work. Get on with it. Get with the work. Get with creating an environment that everyone also will be comfortable and helped.

And that is no all-blissful play [laughter]. Of course, when it is the Feast of Tabernacles, and other times, those are the blissful times, etc., but at the same time the community also needs a lot of things to be done in it. Therefore, you do that and you say, Oh look at that. I am doing all these things in the community, and you again become attached to the result. You sacrifice, and then you become attached to the result, etc.

The next step is surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means, Yes, I do all this. I have done all this work. I have meditated. I have awakened my spiritual forces. I heard The Word. I know that God exists. I have a personal relationship with God.

You have to have a personal relationship with God. That is why we meditate, to create that personal relationship. If you do not have a personal relationship with God, then you do not know God. Then you have a religion.

Then our Mission is a religion, it is not taking you to God. But by meditation and awakening your spiritual forces, when you have a personal relationship with God, then you know God. You do not need explanation.

God cannot be explained; It can be experienced. When you experience God, you have that direct relationship with God and you have awakened your spiritual forces, you know that God exists, and you know that what I say is the truth because there is no separation between this world and what God wants everyone to be and to do.

Therefore, you go through that, then you create the Communities of Light, you sacrifice for them, and you surrender the results. You do your best. You say, God, OK, I did this. The result is Yours, it is not mine. You become completely detached from it, and you are free.

Greater than surrendering is submission, to realize that God is doing it through you all the time. If you have awakened your spiritual forces, if you have a direct relationship with God, you know that God is doing it and you are not, because God is your Friend, God is with you all the time, and He is the Doer. You always seek His Will.

What is Your Will in this situation? What do You want me to do in every step in my life? He tells you what to do, and He is perfect.

If you let Him tell you what to do, if you let Him come through you perfectly, you will do perfect things every time. As Christ said, Be perfect as my Father.

Some people say, You cannot be perfect. You have to accept these couple of dogmas, and you will go to heaven. Christ said, No, you have to become perfect.

What is the way to perfection? The way to perfection is to be submissive to God. Let God come through you and do the job. You cannot come to me, mess up everything in your life and say, Yes, I am letting God do all these things.

No, you are not. If you are messing up your life, you are not connected to God. The person who is connected to God, their life is not messed up, or their actions are perfect, and there is not imperfection in what they do. So you have not arrived there yet. You have not really let God come through. You do not have the direct relationship with God. Again, a lot of people might be in illusion that they are, but they have to work on that to reach a point that they become perfect as the Father. And He does not change.

As I said, God does not change. Two-thousand years ago God said, You have to become perfect. Now two-thousand years later we are saying the same thing, You have to become perfect. See, He does not change His Mind.

Some people say, He changes His Mind, we do not have to follow the Ten Commandments anymore. Everything is OK, you can do whatever you want. Find your own path, and be your own god.

Isnt that what Adam and Eve did in the garden? They wanted to be God themselves. They wanted to know what is right and wrong. But God does not change His Mind.

Two-thousand years ago He said the same thing, Be perfect as the Father in heaven. Now it is the same thing, Be perfect

But now we know how to become perfect, by having a direct relationship with God and then letting Him come through us. In that relationship He has a friend, He has a counselor, He is a Being with us. We always can ask, Father, what do you want me to do in this situation? What is the best way to do this?

Is the best way to be craving, wanting, playing games, etc., or, to completely freeing myself and letting You come through and becoming effective, efficient, focused, and able to do a perfect job? A lot of people say, It is a hard thing to do to become perfect. It is not. It is very easy. The only thing is that you have to give up those crutches, those things that we have had in our lives and we have used them in every situation and eventually end up in a place that you said, No, no. I have to go somewhere else, or find the thing that I cannot find here.

Those things have to go. You have to work on those things. You have to follow and let God come through. And when God comes through, you see, Really the Eternal Divine Path works. I really have to meditate. I really have to awaken my spiritual forces. I really have to know who I am. And then I have to live in an environment that supports me for this. I can go to the world but when I come to this environment, I am not in that world anymore. I am absolutely out of it, and I am with God.

Therefore, you have to create the Communities of Light. You have no choice. You have to do it. You can do it wherever you are, or you can come and join the Communities of Light here, and become an Elect here or wherever you are. It does not have to be here exactly. Where you are does not matter. The most important thing to follow is the Eternal Divine Path.

And then you sacrifice for the community, as we have said many times. And then, you surrender the result. The best is to submit to God. And because you have that relationship with God, He will tell you what is the correct way to do something or not, and you will become perfect.

Now you are perfect and you are attached to the community you are living in. The only place that is good is my community, and I do not want to have anything to do with the external world.

The moment you say that, what are you creating? You are creating a cult. That is the difference between the Mission and a cult.

The cult says, Those bad people out there and the good people in this household, in this community, them and us. There is a separation between them and us. They are bad people, and we here are good people.

After a while they more and more disconnect themselves from the external world, not going in the world, but not being of it, but not having anything to do with the external world. And what happens to them?

After a while they fall in on themselves; they become like a warped star and they no longer can deal with or relate to the external world. That is when they reach a point and say, This world is no good. We have to just catch the end of the comet and maybe go to heaven with it.

But you do not do that. We do not do that in the Mission. We actually are a part of the community. We help our community. We work with the community.

As I have said, we always have to know that the goal is to create more Communities of Light, and more Communities of Light, and reach a point that even that external world becomes a Community of Light. Even when you go there, you no longer say, I am not of it, but you say, Yes, this is very Godly. I am of it. That is because the external world is all Communities of Light and you are in the community.

Then the whole life becomes a joy and a dance with God all the time. This is not something that is just a good idea; it is good (God). It has to be done, and we have to create that environment.

The next step is not to be attached even to your own community but attached to the whole universe, to become a universalist. Know that God is everything and everywhere. There is nowhere in the universe that God is not there. Therefore, you have to help the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness.

How do you do that? How do you help the whole universe reach higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness? You do it by teaching the Eternal Divine Path, by teaching them how to become Divine, by teaching them our teachings.

As they progress, you are helping the whole universe. Now we have this many people here who know about the teaching. It would not take many levels to reach all of the people on earth.

Have you ever played that pyramid game, or that letter they send out? It takes only around five, six, or seven levels to reach all of the six billion people on earth.

So we can see that it is not really that difficult, but each of you are Gods Hands, Gods Eyes, Gods Mouth, Gods Nose, Gods Touch to be out there and teach these teachings to humanity, and teach them to become self-sufficient themselves and go to God directly so that they can break and destroy any attachments, or wants, or crutches that might be in their way to God. Therefore, when you become universalists, you have the ability to relate to every person and know that every human, every being on earth needs to go to God and Pure Consciousness and, therefore, there is no separation.

How can we help them? How can we help? Should we help them by getting to their games or trips, or should we help them by letting them know, No, you have to follow the Eternal Divine Path, let us do that together? Then we will become friends. We will come closer. We will become co-workers, and we will dance together to heaven. There we will become one with God, and in the ocean of God we are One. There is no separation, no ego, and nothing that will create those separations between us.

With these five steps, you reach the state of what God calls, the Elects. An Elect is a person who follows the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path.

They are like a string. They are related. You awaken your spiritual forces, you know that you are not from this world but you do not forsake the world. And because you do not forsake the world, you need the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light, you always can return to and be with God. Then you are not of the world but of the Communities of Light because God is there. And there in the communities, you create many communities and create the whole environment.

You sacrifice in the communities because as I said, you cannot create a Community of Light if everyone says, What is in it for me alone? Then you surrender and submit to God and become perfect as God is, and you become a universalist.

Can a perfect person help the universe? Yes, he or she can. They can help the universe because they have reached that state. And such people are called the Elects. That is whom we are calling to come together.

You have not reached the son-hood yet, as our teaching is recently evolving more and more to explaining what is going to happen. In 1,000 years many will become His sons; they will overcome.

Right now we are looking, not for the sons, but for the Elects who will become sons in a thousand years. So, become an Elect. Follow the Eternal Divine Path, realize the unification of all religions, and come, join the Mission, help the Mission, forget about little things, get together and become more and more together so you can help each other and so you do not have to be in mundanity. Being less and less in mundanity, creates a better way for you to be in the Communities of Light, help, and progress.

These Elects who come together, will know the cyclical movements of history and economical evolutions. They also follow the Eternal Divine Path. They are incorruptible, and they have the ability of the workers, warriors, business people, and intellectuals. And, therefore, they are actually supermen. Then we can make a movie out of them [laughter] that they are going all over the place, preaching, and making everyone realize God and are creating Communities of Light.

Of course, their primary goal is to disseminate the teachings to humanity and the whole universe and help to create Communities of Light wherever they are, or wherever they go. That becomes the Essence of their lives. It becomes the focus of their lives, How can I create more Communities of Light? How can I give this teaching in a greater degree to more people and make more people realize that there is only one God, He sent all these religions, and now He has brought them all together because the Seventh Seal is open and the Book with the Seven Seals is here?

We are at that point, that place, that everything else before us has been fulfilled. Gods Revelation, the prophecies, everything has been fulfilled to this point. We are at the point that we are going toward the last marathon of Gods Plan.

That is where we are going. Everything before this is done, finished, and we know that God has done it, and we are a part of it.

Therefore, this is where the Elects come in. The Elects are called. Come. Of course, being an Elect is hard. That is why very few people are here in this room with us because being an Elect means a lot of sacrifice, surrendering, meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces, etc. So we understand that not everyone is there yet, but that is the goal.

These Elects, of course, will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth for one-thousand years, or a long time. And after that, they will return. For the last time we will bring the Kingdom of God forever on earth or in heaven, or whatever the plan will be in one-thousand years. It will be revealed to us by then. Then many of the Elects will reach Pure Consciousness, and they will be the sons of God.

So if you want to be a son of God, if you want to be a part of Gods Plan, this is it. There is no other place where you can find it. These are not just good ideas. We have to seek Gods Idea, and Gods Idea is here with us.

So I wish all of you goodwill and Gods Will and a good month. Hopefully you will reach to all humanity and we will attract people who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

It is OK if they do not, but they eventually should. We will all come together as the children of God.

Sal-OM everyone.

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