Satsang (Discourse) 11/02/02




Maitreya: Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to the Satsang room of the Mission of Maitreya.  This is the room that the New Revelation of God will be revealed to you and explained.

The Revelation is the one that all of humanity has been waiting for, for the last 12,000 years.  This is the Revelation that reveals the Plan of God, explains how He has been sending all these revelations before It, and now It unifies them all together as the last Revelation of God.

After this, everything before this Revelation has been fulfilled.  God has prophesied the coming of this Revelation.  He has given the place it will come, what it will reveal, and where it will be revealed (from what part of the earth).

So He has given the address of the Revealer, where he will be born, where he will receive the Revelation, and from where the Revelation will be spread out to humanity.

There is no doubt that the backing of this Revelation is from God.  If you have the slightest Spirit of God in you, you have no choice but to see this very clearly and will not judge this Revelation by your own understandings, but will know that this is the Revelation from God and God’s prophecies of the coming of this truth.

Therefore, clean your cups and come to this room with the open hearts that this Revelation can bring to you.  At least investigate it in a deeper level.  Go and see how God prophesied.  There is no Prophet who has ever fulfilled as many prophecies as this Mission has fulfilled, and how God has already said that this Revelation will come, and now it has come to humanity.

The humans are again in the crossroads between choosing God and choosing their own understandings and following their own hearts or minds.  Following their minds is the intellectual understanding of God, dogmas, their old religions, and their own understanding.  Following your heart is to follow God’s Revelation and the Spirit that has been sending these revelations to humanity, to this point.

So the responsibility is yours to prove this to yourself, if it is correct or not. If you cannot prove it to yourself, then it is your problem. If you cannot accept this Revelation, go your way. We will go our way. We will see who is the truthful one at the end.

Therefore, coming and being the source of negativity that it is not from God is just emotional attachment to your own understanding and religion.  When religion becomes emotional and emotions creep into understanding, then the logic and deeper understanding, of course, will go out.

So if religion becomes emotional, the politicians, the people who have vested interest, will use your emotions and will steer you toward politicalized religions, which will end that religion for sure.  Therefore, put your emotions aside and become open to God’s understanding, Revelation, and Prophecies.

The most important thing is that God says, “This Revelation will come with these specific prophecies that will be fulfilled with the Revealer. When such a Revealer comes, then he is My Mouthpiece.  I will reveal the part to him that he is supposed to reveal to humanity, and he will reveal it to you.”  Of course, when he reveals it to you, now it is your Revelation, your truth, your understanding, your Word of God, and the Revealer or the Messenger of God is done.

Then you become a second level messenger and you now have the responsibility to disperse this Revelation to as many people as you can in any way you can.  Therefore, you become a messenger yourself.

So, this Message is for you to hear, to see the Vision, and to see the wonderful things that God has been doing to this point.  There is no revelation, no truth, and no revealer who has revealed the whole thing and has the last word but the Seventh Angel who will reveal the Mystery of God.

Therefore, you have to see the whole truth clearly.  And when you see it, you will say, “Yes, God, You are indeed wonderful, and You have done great things for humanity.  We are a part of Your Revelation.  We want to be a part of it and help as much as we can.”

Of course, the Message has been given here in this room many times and has been explained as the Eternal Divine Path, or The Greatest Sign.  Anytime we have new people, we explain The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path for them as well.  When the Eternal Divine Path is explained to them, we are done with them.  We have given the Revelation and the truth, and it is up to them now to go, search, ask, knock, and the truth will be revealed to them.

Knowing this truth which is revealed to you in this room brings a great responsibility to really prove to yourself that God indeed has sent the last Revelation to humanity and, therefore, now you are a part of it. You have to prove it to yourself.

If you prove it to yourself that it is true, then let everything else go. Concentrate on God and this Revelation, and reach to humanity so that they can also understand that God indeed exists, He is in charge, He has created all these Revelations, all these religions in the last 12,000 years, and now it is the end time.  It is the time for humanity to realize that God is the King and He is the one that will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So the way of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth has been revealed.  The revelations, how they have come to humanity, are here.  And therefore, the whole mystery of God is finished.

There is nothing in this Mission, if you understand it, that will not reveal the mystery of God to you, unless you are attached to your religion, attached to your understanding, and you are attached to what you think you know as the truth.

Of course, we can do nothing about that.  When you are in that state, your cup is filled up, you are emotional, and you are attached to what you know.  Then we can do nothing at all.  Even God cannot help a person who is so attached to their own understanding.

You have to put your own understanding away.  No matter who you are and how much you understand, when you see the Vision you say, “OK God, I put my understanding away.  I open myself to Your Understanding and these Words that have come from Your Mouthpiece.  I will approach this with a completely clear consciousness and let my vessel be filled up with the wine of God that is much more intoxicating and has no side effects as the earthly wine that people love to drink and then the next day they say, ‘What have I done?’”

Here in this wine, when you drink it, your ecstasy will be Godly ecstasy and you really have no choice but to utter, “God, You indeed are Great, and You are the Greatest.  You have done great things for us and humanity.”

The more people who understand this, the more humans that see the Vision, the more that they will create Communities of Light, and we will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  That is the responsibility of each person in the Mission, to work toward that goal, which is the creation of the Communities of Light, and therefore, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So you are here to hear the latest Revelation of God, how God sent each of these religions to earth.

What are those religions?  The first step is the Mystical Paths.  The Mystical Paths are the paths to, “Know thyself to know God.”  It is in every religion, and in every culture.  In every corner of the earth it is well known, “Know thyself to know God,” meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and understand deeply who you are.

Who are you, really?  Your Essence, your Spirit, is God, it is the same as the Father.  You are in the image of God.  You are not just your body.

Remember, meditate, “I am not my body.  I am not my body.  I am not my body.”  The moment you realize, “Oh, really I am not my body,” then you say, “OK, what happens at the time of death? My body dies but I do not.”

That Essence, that Spirit, will not die.  It will continue forever to be there.  Therefore, God is you.  There is no separation.  The moment you separate yourself from God, then you fall into the illusion of Maya.  And the world seems so real.  The world seems so destructive.  The world seems so full of conspiracy and ego trips.  You become so caught in those things that you forget, “You are not your body.”  This world is not the truth.  It is a relative truth, but it is not the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is your spirit that is within you and no one can touch it.  No one has the ability to touch your spirit because that is God, and God is untouchable.

If you realize that, you are free from the attachments, desires, the pains of the body, and the things that bring you down to earth and you feel, “I have to take care of this body.  This body is…” You have to take care of the body but when you know you are God and God is a part of you, taking care of the body is not that hard.

Therefore, meditate on, “I am not my body, but God and I are One.”  We can come to that realization that we are gods.  We are a part of God and therefore, we are not afraid of death.

If eventually you really recognize and realize in your meditation, that you really are not your body, at the time of death what happens?  It is just a transition that you go back to your original being, which is God.  Therefore, you never die and you will live forever.  And all those fears of this world will vanish completely.

This is the part that is called the Mystical Paths.  Those Mystical Paths, as I said, exist in every culture, in every religion.  The most prominent religions, which represent this path, are Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala (the mystical teaching of Judaism), and the Saints in Christianity.  The Saints say, “We die every day in Christ,” and Christ is more in them, and there is less of them in that person.  So the Mystical Paths in Christianity is represented by the Saints.

In Islam we have the Sufis who meditate, jump of joy, and say, “An’n’allah.”  It means, “I am God.”  Of course, the orthodox and religious people become petrified, “How can you be God?”  Many of the Sufis have even been slain, crucified, etc., because they did not understand what the Sufis were talking about.

That is exactly what the Sufis are talking about, and what we are talking about here:  “You are in the image of God.  God and you are one.”  And that is the Essence of the Mystical Paths.  That is the Essence you have to realize yourself that, “You are not your body.”  You indeed are one with God, and then create that personal relationship with God.

As we said many times, if you do not have a personal relationship with God, first of all you do not know God.  Second of all, because you do not have a personal relationship, would you accept anything the preacher, the mullah, the rabbi, or the brahmin says?  You will follow the teachers.

The teacher is supposed to teach you, “You do not need me.  You need God, and He is already with you and within you.”

Therefore, if you realize that, the only thing you seek are the Words of God. And, of course, the Words of God are in the Scriptures.  They are in the Upanishads, the Vedas, and the Bhagavad-Gita.  They are in the Old Testament and New Testament.  They are in the Koran and in the Bayan.  They are in other revealed Words of God to humanity.  And when you hear them, you will more and more become godly.

Of course, you cannot understand those Scriptures unless you read The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.  That is our Revelation.  That is our Scripture.  That is our miracle.  The miracle of the Mission of Maitreya is the Message; it is THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies.

If you want to see the miracle of the Mission, read the Message.  The miracle of this Mission is the Message of this Mission, which unifies all religions of the world.

Therefore, awaken your spiritual forces. “Know thyself,” know that you and God are one, and there is no separation.  Then read the Scriptures and see how He has revealed all these teachings and Revelations to this point.

And, of course, you awaken your spiritual forces, you are god, so now what?  You go around and yell at people that you are god?  But most of the people who say, “I am god,” forgot that other people are god too.

They say, “I am god.”  Sure, fine, but remember I am god too.  So god meets god.  There is no ego trip that, “I am god.”  The way they sometimes say, “I am god,” sounds like, “No, you are not god, only I am god.”  That is not true.  Everyone has that Essence in them.

So you awaken your spiritual forces.  Now what?  “I know that I am a part of God.  I am not my body.”  Is that enough?  Is that the end of the journey?  No.

The second step is, “I want everyone to know that they are god.  I want everyone to awaken their spiritual forces.  I want everyone to become loving, beautiful, flowing with everyone else, and create the relationships that are based on Spirit.  I do not want to just keep this to myself and live with the understanding that, ‘The Father and I are one.’  But I want everyone to realize that, and then we can come together and create an environment where we can even help more people.”

If we want to do that, we go to the second part of the Eternal Divine Path, and that is to create the Communities of Light.  The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.  And the Eternal Divine Path is the Essence of the teachings of the Mission of Maitreya.

Not only does it show the fastest Path to God, it shows the way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  It shows how all religions of the world have been revealed by God and they are unified all together now as one Revelation and the Message of the Mission of Maitreya, which is a miracle by itself, because this Message could not be given to humanity before this time.

If you read chapters 4 and 5 of The Revelation, in the Bible, they always were crying and unhappy because no one could open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.  And when the Book was opened, the whole universe rejoiced.

Therefore, this Message is so wonderful, and the whole universe was waiting for it to come.  Now it has come to humanity, and it is your responsibility to give it to humanity in every way possible.

The next step in your spiritual Path is, “Ok, now I know I am not my body. I know I am a part of God.  Now I want everyone to know that.  I want to create an environment where people can come together and we can tell them about this Revelation, this wonderful truth that has come to us.  I want to open my house, I want to open my dormitory room, I want to open my place to other people to come and meditate with me, to share this wonderful Revelation, to let them know that also they and the Father are One.  They are not their bodies, and they have to progress spiritually.”

You reach to other people.  You create the community.  You create friends.  You create an environment where they can also awaken their spiritual forces.

That is the message of the Old Testament.  What has God been trying to find in the Old Testament?  He has been trying to find a people who will accept Him as King and create an environment or communities that will follow His Laws.

Those communities are called the Children of Israel, the Elects, the people who will accept God as their leader and His Words as the Words that they should follow.  So, they become free of any attachment from this worldly set-up but they become Godly themselves.

They are not afraid of what is happening outside at all because what is happening outside is temporary.  It is not going to be there forever.

But the Kingdom of God will be forever.  That is based on the Communities of Light.  So they realize, “OK, I am not going to concentrate on what is happening in this world.  I am going to concentrate on what the Communities of Light will bring to humanity.”  They will help other people to create such communities.

That is the theme of the Old Testament.  The Old Testament is the base of many, many other revelations and truth.  But really the essence of it is that God wants to find those Children of Israel and the twelve tribes.

Now, how can we create such an environment?  Can we create such an environment and say, “Oh, I want to have my own life?  I want to have my own children, father, mother, job, education,” and whatever we are attached to and at the same time create the Communities of Light?

“I am not going to leave anything I have.  I want to be attached to them all and at the same time do what God wants me to do.”

You cannot have two gods.  Which one is your God, those things or God?  Choose, you have to choose.  You cannot stay in the middle.  You cannot say, “OK, that is it.  I am going to fall to the world, my attachments, and my desires and at the same time serve God.”

It has been said 2,000 years ago, it is not going to work.  You cannot have two gods.  You have to have only one God and that is God, who has sent this Revelation and is revealing to you the Eternal Divine Path.

In order to follow the Eternal Divine Path, “I have to go to the cross.  I have to crucify my lower nature, my desires, my wants,” the things that keep you from doing God’s Will.

And what are they?  They are exactly the things that keep you from dropping everything, going to God, and doing His Work.

Therefore, you have to meditate on, “Am I serving two gods or am I serving only one God?”  That is when your ego will be overcome, and you will completely concentrate on only one thing, God and His Words.  So, you will sacrifice everything else.

As Christ said, “The Kingdom is like a land that has the greatest treasure in it.  When you find it, you sell everything that you have, everything.  And you try to buy that land because that land has the greatest treasure in it.”  If still you own other lands and you do not have enough money to buy that land, then you have to sell everything else and come and buy the land that has the greatest treasure in it.

That is the message of sacrifice.  That is the message of, “I will give everything up for God’s Words and His Mission.”  And that is the Message of Christ.

He gave up everything.  He gave up the glory of this world.  He was offered that.  The devil said, “Fall and worship me, and I will give you the whole glory of the earth.  I will give you everything you want.”

Christ said, “No, I do not want it, thank you.  I want that land.  I want that great treasure that is worth more than anything else.”

That is the Third Seal, the message of sacrifice, giving up everything for God’s Revelation and Word.  That, of course, brings Christianity into the Eternal Divine Path.

We sacrifice and we give up everything.  Our lives become miserable.  No one listens to us.  Everyone thinks we are crazy. “You mean that you gave up your education, your job, your money, your everything for this, that no one really wants really to listen and everyone comes and yells at you that you are wrong?”

“Why do you talk?  Why do you walk?  Why do you eat?  Why do you have a Swastika in your sign?” when they do not even know what the Swastika stands for and what it means.  They come and judge something that they have no idea about.  They have a lot of concepts, their own understandings, and they judge you.

So what do you become?  You become depressed.  You say, “What have I done?  I forgot about my family, my education, my culture, my everything, and then here I am judged and crucified many times over.”

At least when they put you on the cross, they kill you once.  When they ignore you, or judge you, or yell, etc., you are crucified over and over and over.  Then you remember, “Yes, the Fourth Seal says, Do not be attached to the results of your actions.”  Just give the Message, give the truth to humanity, and then forget about the results.  The results are God’s.

If they are yelling at you and they do not understand you, you say, “God, it is up to You.  I did my job, I did give the Message. If they do not understand, I will leave them to You, and I will not be attached to the results of my actions.  I am free of all these attachments, and I am not going to be depressed.”

Or, maybe some people come and say, “Oh, I love this.  It is beautiful.  What you say makes sense.  I always knew that God is everything.  How can there be so many religions?  Now God has sent this Revelation that makes sense, and I want to be a part of it.”

You say, “Great! See how wonderful a teacher I am?  I can make these people see the Vision.  I am such a wonderful person.”  You become egoistical.

You know what the ego does to you?  The moment you become egoistical, you are cut off from the Spirit.  You do not have the power of love, but you will fall into, “the love of power.”  And that is when you are a fallen angel, when you are a fallen person, and you have disconnected yourself from God.

Therefore, that is the message of Islam.  It says, “Surrender to God.”  Be surrendered and submissive, what does that mean?  Does that mean to just sit there and say, “OK, God, do everything for me.  I am not going to do anything.  I am surrendered.  God is going to take care of it.”

God says, “No.”  And this Revelation says, “Surrendering does not mean to just sit there and say, ‘No, God do it for me.’”  Surrendering means, I do my best.

“I meditate.  I awaken my spiritual forces.  I try to realize that I am not my body but the Father and I are one.  I will try to reach to other people.”  I do not say, “No, I am not going to reach out.  Who am I to reach other people?  Maybe they will not listen to me.”  See, that fear of rejection keeps you from doing it.  “Maybe they are not all going to come and when the teacher comes, no one will listen. Maybe there is something wrong here," or something like that.  So you back up.

You do not do that.  You do your best.  You reach out as much as possible.  Then you say, “OK, I reached out, God. I am not attached to the results.  Whatever the result is, is fine with me.  Thank you, God, for bringing this opportunity to me that I could reach out and give this Message to other people.”

That is called surrendering.  That means that I surrender the result of my actions to God.

But, I do my best.  I do not sit there and say, “God is going to do it.”  Of course, God will do it, but you have to reach out.  You have to do something about it.  And when you reach out, do not be attached to the result.

Even greater than surrendering, of course, is submission.  It means, God is doing it through me.  If the Father and I are one, who is the real doer?  It is God who is the Doer.  Does God do the perfect job?  Yes, He does.  God is perfect.

Christ said, “Be perfect as the Father.”  How can you be perfect as the Father?  The only way you can be perfect as the Father is when you and God are One and the Spirit of God comes through you.  Therefore, you do perfect things.

Can you do imperfect things and say it was the Spirit of God who did it?  No, you cannot.

Therefore, the fourth step is surrendering and submission.  And that is the Message of Islam.  Islam means being surrendered and submissive to God.  Of course, to this point, we are helping only a few people around us, in our community, our city, our state, our nation, and even our earth.

The next step is to become a universalist, to shatter all the narrowness of the mind and say, “I am a part of the universe.  The Father and I are One, right?  If we are, then how can any part of the universe be separate from me, because God is in everything?"

Therefore you shatter all the narrowness of the mind, prejudices, and everything that separates you from anything else in this universe.  You become a universalist.  With these five steps, you become an Elect.

Universalism was the message of Bab.  And he was the Prophet of God.

Of course, God said that the Fifth Seal is not perfect.  That is why we find so many problems with the Fifth Seal.  Even in the explanation of the seven churches in the Bible, we can see that in the Fifth Seal, they think they have the truth.  But they really do not have it.  We have to wait for the two more Revelations to come, which God said is going to come shortly.  So 150 years is a short period for two Prophets to bring two other revelations as the Sixth Seal and the Seventh Seal, which happened.

The Fifth Seal is universalism, to shatter all the narrowness of the mind and become a part of God.  Then when you are part of God, you will accept every part of the universe, all religions, and all people as a part of Him.  You will then look at their Essence as the Essence of God, not as their skin, or gender, or nationality, or whatever else that humans separate one another from where they are.

So with these five steps, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and accept everything that God sends to you.  You have the fastest, shortest, most wonderful Path to reach to God with the Eternal Divine Path.  And you become an Elect.

God said, “The Elects will inherit My earth.  They will inherit My Kingdom.”  That is what you have to become.  That is who you are and that is what you are aiming at, to become an Elect, to awaken your spiritual forces and know that you and the Father are One.  God is in you.

You are not your body, and no one can touch you.  Your Soul is free, and your Spirit is free.  God created you free, and we have to create a world that is free and wonderful together.

Then you have to reach to other people.  Try to help them also to come to these conclusions and create the Communities of Light, sacrifice (not being selfish and self-centered, overcome your ego), and give everything up for God.

Then, of course, surrender and submit to Him.  Do not be attached to the results of your actions.  Or, let God work through you, which He does perfectly.  And become a universalist (shatter all the narrowness of the mind).  Then you are an Elect.  That is who we are trying to create in this Mission.

Come here together and start to do this Mission together.  Let us discuss it, what kind of abilities do you have?  How can we use those abilities for this Eternal Divine Path?  How can we work together to create an environment that people become more attracted to come and see this Revelation and the unity of humanity?

Do not just stay out there and say, “No, I am not ready, I am not ready, I am not ready.”  When are you going to get ready?  If you are going to keep saying, “I am not ready, I am not ready, I am not ready,” you are never going to get ready.

You have to jump with two feet into the pool.  Say, “OK, I am not ready but I am going to jump anyway.”  And when you start drowning in the water, of course, you start swimming faster and faster.  After a while you say, “Hey, I am floating.  That is great.  I am going over and doing it.”

The Sixth Revelation came with my spiritual teacher, Baba, in Ananda Marga.  He brought the concept of Sadvipra.  Of course, he never explained how his explanation also matches the history.  Also he did not open the Seventh Seal, and he never claimed that he opened the Seventh Seal.

Actually, no other Prophet ever claimed this themselves.  Maybe their followers claimed, “Yes, this Prophet opened the Seventh Seal.  That Prophet opened the Seventh Seal.”  But no Prophet ever claimed that he has opened the Seventh Seal but this one.

We know that when the Seven Seals are opened, the Mystery of God will be finished.  And now it has.

The Seventh Revelation is our Revelation, the revelation of unity, the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the Revelation that unifies all together.  Those who have the Spirit of God in them will see it, will love it, and will follow the Eternal Path “to the max.”  And they will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

They have no choice.  If they really truly follow the Eternal Divine Path, they will create the Kingdom.  And they will not be distracted with anything else.  They are not going to let their fears keep them from God’s call.

This is our Mission.  This is our Revelation.  This is our teaching.

Now the floor is open. If you have questions, questions that are related to the Mission, go ahead and raise your hand, and we will answer them.

Go ahead, Littleone.

Littleone:  Sal-OM, Maitreya and everyone.  In reading THOTH the other day and several other times before, we have come across the information where it says, “God took Enoch.”  Could you please speak more about that?

Maitreya:  If you read the other verses before that, the people in the Bible always died.  Such and such a person comes and lives this long.  They have a son or daughters, and they die.  Such and such a person comes and they live that long, they have children and then they die.  So we can see everyone dies.

When it comes to Enoch, God took him.  He does not die.  What happened to him?  Suddenly we just see that the sentence changes, and he does not die.

Therefore, the conclusion is, “God took him,” which means, He reached Pure Consciousness.  He reached the son-hood, he became a son of God, and therefore, he did not die.

Since he did not die, he became one of the workers.  Enoch is actually known as the Angel of science.  He has brought the science part of the universe to humanity and, therefore, he became a worker for God.  Instead of being just a man, he became a son of God.

So we can see that there is a difference between everyone else and Enoch.  We know that before that, Adam was with God, and he was close to God.  So he was a Son of God, and he was the first teacher of man.

Then Enoch came, and “God took him.”  So there are now at least two sons of God, Adam and Enoch.  Or, maybe Adam was Enoch, whatever.  Now we have two sons, or more.

In chapter 6 of Genesis of the Bible, we see that the sons of God came to man.  So we can see, there is even more than one son.  The Bible clearly says that there is more than one son of God.  So we can see that the belief that there is only one son of God is incorrect, and God has more than one son.

So with this understanding, we see that God has many sons.  And at the end of the Bible it says, “Whoever overcometh will become My son.”  So if we believe that whoever overcometh will become My son, Enoch overcame in that lifetime.

Enoch realized God; he overcame his lower nature.  He overcame all the propensities of his physical body, this world, and reached Pure Consciousness.  Therefore, God took him.  He became one with God.  He became a son of God.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad:  Sal-OM.  Thank you for your teaching.  I have a question concerning Karma.  In the recent sniper attacks in Washington, DC, we have what looks like a random choosing of targets.  Then you have the people who are the victims of the sniper attack either being injured, or in most cases, they were killed.

Is there a karmic connection there or a karmic reason that what looks like random to us is really a tribulation, or something that has to be learned by the victims?  Or is it a random act of someone who is under the influence, a part of him is under the influence of the tama guna, where he is doing these selfish acts and the victims are not really a part of it?

Maitreya:  It could be both.  It could be a karmic relationship that made him choose those specific people to shoot.  We can look at it that way.  Or, it could have been that he chose some people who really did not deserve to die, but he shot them and he created bad karma.

Of course, those who have been shot and did not deserve it will have a debt from him, and he will have to pay for whatever he did to them.  But have they done something to him in a previous lifetime, or they have done something that they deserved to be shot?  As we teach here, it is not really black and white.

In the teaching, we can look at the things in different ways and explain them in a way that frees us from looking at the situation in only one way.  So if we say, “Oh, it was all their karma, therefore, they deserved it,” we do not have to worry about it.  Everyone gets what they deserve.

If we say, “No, it is not the Law of Karma.  He chose them randomly, it had nothing to do with God or the Law of Karma,” then we become very rigid in a way that we think everything is random in life and therefore, we create laws and situations that become very dry.

So it could be both ways that it happened.  It could have been that they had some karmic relationship with him, or, he might have just chosen randomly and killed those people.

When he did that, if there was no karmic reason for it, of course, he very much will pay for it either in this lifetime through the legal system, or in the next lifetime whenever it comes to him.  Or, if it is a very bad Soul, he will not be incarnated for a long time.

From his state of mind, he probably thought that he had been pushed to the limit of completely losing his touch with reality; therefore, he felt that he deserved to do what he did.  Usually the people who do things like that, think that they have the right to do those things.  That again shows that those religions that these people follow have some problems, and they do not want to look at the problems.  They think that everyone is the problem instead of looking at themselves and their beliefs and saying, “Well, maybe my belief system, maybe my religion, maybe my way of life, has something to do with what I became or how I am treated.”

There are so many aspects in every situation; it is very hard to just look at it from one point of view of why it happened and how he chose those people to do it.

What pushed him to that point?  No one asked that question.  They say, “He is crazy.”  But what makes people to be pushed to those points that they become crazy?

Would such a person come to that point if he would have had some Communities of Light to support him, listen to him, help him out, and create an environment that he realizes that God really exists?  Then he would have become loving also toward the Communities of Light and the Communities of Light toward him, and eventually he would feel one with the rest of humanity and the universe.

When you do those destructive acts, when you reach a point that you can go around and hunt people like you are going hunting in the woods, you no longer have the connection to the reality of looking at the people as humans, as your brothers and sisters, and you have no right to do that.

It goes for everyone.  Everyone who kills another person, they mentally have been brainwashed to a point that they do not see the bad side of what they do, no matter how it is and where it is.

The only way the killing of another person is OK is in self-defense.  Any other way, even in wars, they should come to a point that they can negotiate things.  They can talk with each other to see, “What is the point of view of the other person?  Let us sit down and know why you want to become a terrorist.  What do you have that made you come to that point?”

If the people sit and talk with each other and create an environment where we can resolve our differences, then we will not reach the point that we can shoot another person with no feelings.  That by itself is absolutely wrong, no matter who does it or where it is done.  It shows completely that the person who is doing it has been mentally brainwashed to a point that they do not see that such a bad action is done by them.

Therefore, we can see that such a person probably needed a lot of attention.  He needed Communities of Light to take care of him, to listen to him, to understand him, and eventually to make him realize, “Everyone is god.”  Then he cannot go and shoot people, and we can create an environment that anyone will not do what he did, or anyone like that, does.

That is the goal of the Communities of Light.  The goal of this Mission is to reach a point that every human has to look at another human as the Essence of God.  You cannot kill the Essence of God.  You cannot be rude to the Essence of God.  You cannot be angry with the Essence of God.  You cannot be domineering to the Essence of God.  You cannot.  If you are a realized person, you will love that Essence, you will work with that Essence, and you will try to help that Essence, and eventually you will become one with God as you are.

The problem is the misunderstanding of this world, of the Essence of God, and the Essence of themselves.  That is why they separate each other by nationality, by race, by religion, by financial status, and all those things that create separation in every level.

It starts from family.  They separate man and wife, separate from each other because of the differences that we have.  But when we all become one in God, our differences are just differences in personalities.

As I said, we are all here, one in God together.  But personality-wise, we are different.  We each have our own personalities, which is OK.  But at the same time, we love one another because we know the Essence of each of us is God.

If we can convey this message to that man who did that, how can he go around and shoot the Essence of God?  How can he go and kill other people who have the Essence of God in them as well?  So you see, after a while, we become conscientious objectors to anything that is not toward peace on earth.

We can see that the whole subject is much more complicated than bringing just one view of, “Was it karmic or was it not karmic?”  A lot of powers and forces are working toward making these people the way they are.  And we have to eliminate those forces.

How do we do that?  We do that with Communities of Light, with the Eternal Divine Path, with the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

But when we do not have time for other people, to sit and talk to them, after a while a lot of people become alienated.  That actually is a psychological phenomena that in the big cities, in an environment that people do not have time for each other, individually they become very alienated from the other people, and they lose their human part.  When you lose your human part, you are not human any more.

They are animals.  What does the animal do?  The animal feels he is cornered.

Their logic is no longer human logic.  Their logic is, “I have to get back at these people who made me to what I am.”  And who are “they?”  They are everyone out there.

So to them anyone is the enemy.  Anyone who they shoot is a part of the problem, for them.  It is in their distorted logic.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad:  In one sense, would it then be right when we pray for power over the tama guna, that it is kind of a base cause, because that separator, that crudifying power, is kind of the underlying cause of the problem?  Such as terrorism, when someone says it is a pure act of evil, then really that would be the idea that it is an act of the tama guna, which is crudifying.  Which is what our job is, to bring power over that and realize that we all are Divine and that we should treat each other equally in that way.

Maitreya:  Exactly.  You "hit the nail on the head."  This person has been crudified so much, the tama guna has been on the Soul so heavily, that his mind does not see that Essence any more.  He does not feel to be a part of the universe.  He does not feel to be a part of the rest of humanity.

That is the Essence of all the problems on earth, the crudified mind and the power of the tama guna over their Souls.  And when that happens, of course, it creates ego.

What is ego?  Ego is the power of the tama guna over your Soul.  That is exactly what you are saying.  That is exactly what the problem is, creation of ego by the tama guna and therefore not being one with God and not seeing that everyone is also God.  So, that separation comes and destruction follows for sure.

But if we all get together and reach to the rest of the universe, there are infinite resources out there that we can use.  We do not have to stay here on this earth and claw each other in the face because there are limited resources.

There are not limited resources. There are infinite resources out there. If we reach out there and use them, we do not have to lower our standard of living so we can help elevate other people’s standard of living.  We can use those infinite resources and bring everyone’s standard of living up and to the higher level, and not live not with all this craziness that we have created on earth.

God has given everything that we need.  In the Garden of Eden, we did not need anything.  The only thing we needed was to reach out, pick up fruit, and eat.  But we fell.

And we are still falling because we think that we know better than God.   That is because we are separating ourselves, because of the tama guna.

That is right.  Exactly!  You explained it very well.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad:  I have another question. In the New Testament we have the moral teachings of Esa.  You talked about the idea of a “Red Letter Edition” where we can kind of extract that Essence that has not been corrupted, as we see the other parts were influenced by Paul, by the Romans, and by other writers.

In the Koran, we have the teachings there of Prophet Muhammad. Is there a way to kind of separate that teaching from what parts might have gotten put in there, or moved around?  You said that it was lost for a while and then brought back.  In the writings of the Koran, there might be some things similar to the Bible, which have been influenced by others.  Is there a script or a way to pull that teaching out?

Maitreya:  If I understand it, your question is that there are red writings in the Bible, which are the words of Christ, but in the Koran, there are no red writings.

The Koran, according to the Moslems, is the Word of God that directly came to Prophet Muhammad and then to humanity.  Therefore, everything in the Koran is the Word of God.  Of course, as we know, that is not completely true.

Prophet Muhammad never wrote anything down.  Actually, no other Prophet ever wrote it down, corrected it, supervised it, changed it, and purified it to a point, and then said, “OK, that is good.  I like that.  It makes sense.  It is the Word of God,” then put it on the Internet, or provided it for humanity, and even revised it later on if it was necessary and needed.

So really, no Prophet, not even Bab and Baha’u’llah, did that to the point that we have done here.  Not even Baba did that himself.

We can see that first, Prophet Muhammad did not write down the verses.  He never really supervised them to make them purified completely.  There were people who memorized them by heart.  And that is something that Moslems still value.  If you know the Koran by heart, you create a stature in society as a person, “Oh, he knows the Koran by heart.”

So it is very easy to remember because it is very poetic.  Actually one of the challenges that Prophet Muhammad brought to the people who were listening to him was, “If you can make the same verses as the Koran, then that is a miracle.”  That is what the Moslems say, “It is a miracle,” because in the Arabic language it is wonderfully constructed and easily remembered.  You can memorize it easily.

But after Prophet Muhammad died, the people who memorized it were in a war called Yemama (or something like that).  Many of the people who knew it by heart were killed.  Suddenly, the Khalipha (or their leader) realized that they had to gather the verses together.

I think it was Othman who realized that they might lose the whole Koran if everyone who knew it by heart died or would not be there.  Therefore, he assigned someone to go and gather all the verses that he could find, and they put them together as the Koran.

They found that there were many versions, actually, of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad already in circulation.  And there was a great upheaval between the people, “Which version is correct?”

Eventually, Othman accepted one version, which really was different than both of those that were in circulation. They put the longest surahs in the beginning of the Koran, and the shortest at the end. So it was not even chronologically correct as it came, and how, for what situation.

We can see that the Koran itself could have been influenced with a lot of other forces that cannot completely be accepted as the Word of God.  But, of course, they went through a very strenuous process to make it as pure as possible.  Even after they brought the Koran together, sometime later someone said, “Yes, I forgot, this verse also was revealed,” and they added to the Koran later.

So that means, who knows how many of the verses were lost?  Also if a person gives Satsang every day in the Masjid (Mosque) for thirteen years, that book should be even much larger than THOTH.  The size of the Koran is pretty small in comparision to THOTH and the Bible.  So we can see there should have been many more verses that were not revealed to humanity.

But to answer your question, yes, the whole Koran is considered as the Word of Prophet Muhammad.  It is not something that a disciple wrote and said Prophet Muhammad said that or this.  So if you want to put it in red, the whole Koran should be written in red.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad:  In these last couple of weeks I have been doing some real simple labor, and it has been giving my mind a lot of time to think [laughter].  So I guess I have questions.  The working part was good for contemplating things spiritual.

I have a question, when you talk about the Messenger, we know that God’s Messenger has been with us that revealed the Eternal Divine Path as far as the opening of the Seven Seals.  Do we know how many times that Messenger has been with us from the time of Noah, outside of those times that the Seven Seals were revealed?

Maitreya:  If you have one person who does a good job, what do you do?  If you have something to be done, usually you go to him or her and say, “Will you do this? Will you do that?”  After a while you put most of the responsibility on their shoulders to do the things they do.

So it seems like that person, that Spirit, that Soul, has been revealing the Revelations to humanity over and over again.  Also God said to Abraham that He was going to bless all of humanity through him.  Of course, He blessed them in the sense of genealogy.

But before we learned of the genealogy and saw how He blessed all humanity through that, at least most of the Prophets came through that genealogy.  The only person, probably, I do not know about the genealogy, is Baba.  Or, if someone goes and studies his genealogy, who knows, maybe we will end up also to see that he is from the same branch of God and Abraham and the Prophets.

So in one sense He blessed all humanity through that, and in another sense also He blessed humanity through Abraham by sending him as the Prophet and the revealer of the Revelations over and over again.  Also because He has been revealing His Revelations, He knows them very easily.

So when in the new lifetime he encounters them, he picks up the meaning of them much easier because he said it and he knows what he meant when he said it.  Therefore, it very easily comes to him the meaning of the verses, and he can sit and write THOTH and say, “That is what it really means,” not what the other people think it means.

It makes logical sense that God has sent the same Prophet and the same Soul again and again.  Also God said that the Seven Spirits, the Seven Truths, were in front of His throne, and therefore, those Seven Spirits of Truth is the same Spirit that was close to God, which is the First Begotten Son.

Now, how many times has he come?  For sure the major religions have been brought by him to humanity, which are the Mystical Paths, which came to Noah.  And, of course, Abraham brought the teaching of the Old Testament.

Maybe he came as other Prophets also.  For sure he came as Christ; he brought the teaching of the Third Seal.

He came as Prophet Muhammad.  Actually Islam means “Is-Lamb” (a play on the words).  So he brought the Fourth Seal.

He also brought the Fifth Seal as Bab himself.  He probably did not bring the Sixth Seal.  It was Baba who brought it.  He was alive when Baba was alive.  Unless we say that the Spirit came through both of them, and therefore, the Spirit was the same.  We can explain it that way.

But in the essence of individuality, they were two individuals.  And, of course, the Seventh Seal came with us and now is revealed to humanity.  He also might have come as many leaders of mankind, kings, etc., all through history.

So with all that truth then that Spirit brought all the other Six Seals, or at least Five Seals.  Therefore, it is the same Spirit that comes over and over to humanity.

But which one was and which one was not?  It is very hard to say.  Also it is really not that important.  The most important thing is what the Message is.

What was the Message?  What was the mission of each of the Prophets?

It is just like, Noah came to finish the old man and bring the new generation.  Moses came to free the Jews from the bondage and bring them to the Promised Land.  Christ came to bring the message of sacrifice, and on and on.  So the message is more important than those things.

They are interesting to think about and try to figure out.  But at the end you will find that you might make mistakes to completely find out who was which.

But of the seven major religions, the six revealers were for sure the same Spirit that came.  And as I said, Baba’s spirit probably was God’s Spirit also.  So you can say that that was the same also, which brought the truth.

But in an individual way, then they might be separated.

Go ahead, Samadhi.

Samadhi:  Sal-OM, Maitreya-ji.  Thank you again for your teaching.  I would just say that as we look around the world and see all the hatred and all the anger, the terror that is taking place that we would do well to remember that all things work together for good for those who love God.  The good is that terror turns the hearts of man to God.  It causes us to ask, to seek, to search, to knock, and to study to find the answers.

The world is looking for answers.  We must just be ready to give an account for the hope that is in us.  The harvest is ready, My Lord, but the laborers are few.  The harvest is ready, be prepared to give an account.  Be prepared to share the Eternal Divine Path with anyone who asks.

Maitreya:  So true.  So much truth in what you said, Samadhi, Brother Frank.  I hope that we all follow that advice, and that we all be ready.  We surely have the answers, there is no doubt about that.  We have the answers for humanity to come together in peace and unity.  We have the answers to all the questions of the religious-oriented mind.  We have the answers for those who are real seekers and who want the truth.  And I hope all of you become good workers, harvesters of men, share this Message with them, and bring the truth.

They are ready, and they will be getting ready more and more.  God is pushing them to that point over and over.  Our job is to educate them, to disseminate this truth.

That is great.  That is wonderful that you realize that, Brother Frank.  I hope that you apply that in your life and to everyone else’s life also.  That is wonderful truth that you have just told us.

Go ahead, Brad.

Brad:  I am talking about the different teachings.  One of the lines I really like that you wrote in THOTH was that the teachings that unify come from God, and those that separate come from man.  That is one of my favorite lines in there when I am talking to people about their beliefs and giving them the Eternal Divine Path.

I just have a real simple question.  The other day when I was reading THOTH, I was wondering, on the word guna, is that an old Sanskrit word?

Maitreya: Well, guna, I picked up when I was in Ananda Marga.  They talk about gunas, about satva guna, tama guna.  Also it is in the Bhagavad-Gita.  If you read the Bhagavad-Gita, it talks about gunas.  So apparently this is either a Sanskrit word or it is a Hindu word that they are using meaning “force.”

That is not very hard to find out.  You could probably ask any Eastern Indian where the word “guna” came from, and probably they would know.  I suppose that it is a Sanskrit word because Baba was very versed in Sanskrit, and he used a lot of Sanskrit words in his teachings.  So I have a feeling it is Sanskrit.

All of you have a wonderful month.  Keep God and His Revelation in your minds all the time.  Reach out to humanity.  They are prepared and will be prepared more for this Revelation.  But you have to take the steps to reach them.

Sal-OM everyone.

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