12/07/02 Satsang (Discourse)




Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang room and our cyber church. This is the Mission of Maitreya, fulfilling the prophecies of all the religions of the world.

Now we have reached to humanity to let them know that God indeed exists. He has sent His last Revelation to humanity and explained how all the religions of the world are a part of a Plan that God had started 12,000 years ago. God is now revealing the whole plan to everyone. It is called the Eternal Divine Path, and it is based on The Greatest Sign, which is revealed all through this Mission.

So you have come to the room that claims that God has fulfilled all the prophecies promised to come, and now this is the last Revelation. Now is the time of sundering between the wheat and the chaff. Humanity is called to come, join this Revelation, and understand where each religion falls, how they can see Gods Plan, and realize that each of the religions sent so far is a part of a greater truth. This greater truth is revealed now in this Mission.

We are calling the people who have been prepared for the last 12,000 years to come together and create a wonderful system, a wonderful Mission, that will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and the Laws of God will be followed with them.

The Laws of God can be easily understood by looking at nature, how God created things, how nature works, and what He meant by everything that He created. Furthermore, we should know what He meant by creating man. woman, nature, and family based on the pure couples. These couples will follow God's Laws and create a society that is based on the most natural way, the way God created to be and what He meant to be. Those are the Laws of God.

We have to create an environment that allows everyone to enjoy this universe to its fullest, and we will have an environment where people can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. Awakening your spiritual forces actually means to understand the Laws of God in a deeper level. It does not mean to gain powers, or be able to see the future, or to call the dead, or all those things that we can see many people are doing. Actually, if you read the Bible, God said not to do that.

So we have to know the Words of God. Everyone should know His Words, His Scripture, and then come and realize His Laws in a deeper level and eventually create a Godly environment, which is the Communities of Light. So you should not take the Words of God lightly.

We have to realize that God first sends a revelation, sends a Messenger, to people to warn them, to let them know that they have gone away from Gods Way. Then, if they do not listen (in history it has been proven that usually they do not and they reject the Prophet), then God has all the right to do whatever He said He would do to those people.

Now these words have come to you and many people, of course, are not accepting them; they are rejecting them. But the Word is here. God has done it. God has sent it to humanity. And now it is up to every person to realize that that is how God works.

This is a warning. This is a Revelation. A Revelation really means a warning to the people that it has been sent to.

This time it has come to the whole earth. Before this Revelation, it would come to a specific people. Christ came for the Jews. Prophet Muhammad came for the Arabs. Bab came for the Persians, the Iranians. Now this is for the whole earth, a warning that the Revelation of God has come to you, and you have either to listen to it or God has all the right to do what He said He would do.

So the Messenger is the person who brings the Message. And his work is done. When he gives the Message, he is done with his Message. It is really up to you to see the Message and the Vision and say, Yes, it makes sense. It is based on the Scriptures. That is how God works.

Therefore, we should not insist on our own understanding but insist on Gods understanding. See, what does God want from us? Not, What I think it means, but what did God say it means? Therefore, I will humble myself. I will bring my understanding out of my ego and surrender the ego to God, and try to understand Him and what He means.

This is the awakening of our spiritual forces. That is how you awaken your spiritual forces, not by gaining powers but by understanding God in a deeper level. The more you understand God in a deeper level, the more you understand His Words; the more you follow them, the freer you become. Your life becomes prettier, nicer, more beautiful, and the Fifteen Commandments, and/or the Ten Commandments are no longer a burden but are a joy because it is so easy to follow them.

So actually you see the beauty of the Commandments because they really free your life. You have nothing to hide. You have nothing to worry about. You do not have to lie. You do not have to hold back to free yourself, and you can be completely open to everyone and everything.

If someone wants to investigate you, just say, Sure, come in. Investigate to see what I do in my life. I have nothing to hide. That is what those Commandments are for, to free you from your ego and make you overcome. Of course, whoever overcometh will inherit the earth and will go to God and to His Kingdom, and be(come) His Son (Rev. 23:7).

Therefore, these words are the bread of life and a lot of people do not want to hear the bread of life. A lot of people do not want to hear the truth. We leave them alone. We leave them to God. But those who want to hear the truth, it is now here in full.

I have to say the truth. I have no choice. I have to say what is the truth. God says that a lot of things that you are doing in every society on earth are not Godly. They have gone astray. They have forgotten how to follow Gods Laws. And now this Revelation has come for all of them.

This is not only for the French, or the Americans, or the Germans, or the Hindus, or the Buddhists, or the Moslems. This is the only Revelation that is warning everyone on earth that, Look, this is the way God wants things to be done.

Therefore, either get it together, or if God brought punishment on you, do not say, I did not know. Now you know. He has said, That is the way.

You have to see how God created things and follow. Do not follow this program or that program or this person on TV or that person on TV to tell you what to do. See, What did God create this for? What is the purpose of these things that have been created? Go to the Scriptures and know the truth behind them, and follow them.

If you are in the Mission and still you are not following Gods Ways, you are a lukewarm. And God spued you out of His Mouth. He very clearly says that those who do not follow My Will are lukewarms and they will be thrown out of My Mouth.

So this is the Message. I have to give it to everyone. If it falls on good soil, great, the soil gives fruit and we come together and we create the Communities of Light, we become stronger, more powerful, and more Godly. The more we create Communities of Light, the stronger God and His Energy will be.

Sometimes I feel I have said these things over and over for the last twenty-two years, and that is enough. But I figured out that if I do not come here and say it, then what? So it is better to just come here and repeat myself than not come at all. Of course, unless God says that enough has been said.

So the awakening of the spiritual forces is the first step in our Mission. And that is to know ourselves, which is the same as God. When you know yourself in a deeper level then you become natural, you become nature. You follow nature and say, I am not going to listen to anyone but the Word of God. Why did God create these things? What is man? What is woman? What are children? What should the relationship be? What does 'couple' mean? How should these two people come together and bring God through themselves by first realizing each other and loving one another?

It is not by trying to become one with each other but by trying to become one with God. If you are one with God and I am one with God, then we become One. But if you concentrate on me and I concentrate on you, what is going to happen? It is two egos concentrating on each other, and there will be trouble.

Anytime ego concentrates on ego, we have a problem because we are different people, different egos, different backgrounds, different needs, and different ways of thinking or doing things. Therefore, we will be in trouble. Instead we have to concentrate on God and say, God, I love You so much that I can see God in my partner and I love my partner because of that.

If your partner is not Godly and you are concentrating on ego, you are wasting your time because then you are giving and giving and giving and your partner does not realize it or receive it at all. I am not saying to give up on them easily. But you have to be really, really discerning to see if that person is progressing toward God or not.

The Missions teaching is, God is first, the spiritual teacher is second, your parents are third, and your spouse is fourth. It is the hierarchy of beings but if you are spending a lot of time with a spouse who is not coming with you at all, then you are wasting your time. Our teaching is not to waste your time. Our teaching is to be efficient in progress toward God.

So this truth is the base of Gods Laws, that we see how nature created things and we insist that be followed. We do not accept what the society tells us is true but is not Godly.

We insist, No, we have to create the society that is natural. That is one aim of the Communities of Light, to create a society that is natural and follows natures way. In a society that does not follow natures way, people naturally do what nature intended for them to do anyway.

It is just like we tell our children, You cannot get married until you are 17, 18, 19, or 20, when you finish your college. But we can see that girls and boys get together and still have sex with each other. So they are following nature. But we are telling them not to be natural.

The best way for a society is to create a set-up that when they reach that point, they are able to marry one another. So we can see that a lot of things on this earth are not based on natures way, but people are following natures way anyway. There are a lot of things that we have to recognize and realize that what we are doing, and the society is telling us, is not based on God. That is a part of self-realization.

Self-realization is not just sitting there, meditating, and feeling good, Oh, I felt good. This meditation was good. Yesterdays meditation was not good, I had to struggle. But it is also understanding Gods Way at the same time, What is Gods Way for me? What is Gods Way for a couple, or my wife, or my husband? What is Gods Way for my family?

Gods Way for a child is to raise him and to give him all the opportunities possible. Then when he is grown up, let him go.

It is just like what the birds do. When the bird has grown to a point, what do they do? They push their children out of the nest and say, OK, now you are independent. Go and fly, and find your own food. Of course, if the bird came back to the nest after he flew away, that is great. It is yours, and you are still close. But if he flies away, you let him go.

You have to teach these things to your children. You have to make them Godly. Sometimes I feel the parents have lost control of the children. The TV and movies and even schools and teachers have more power over the child than the parents do. And that is not natural. That is another Law of God that parents should have more say in the upbringing of the child.

Otherwise, God would have given the children to the teachers. They would have become their children, not the couples children.

So this is what another part of awakening your spiritual forces means. It means that we understand the Words of God and the Ways of God in the deepest level possible. It is not to just feel good, or stare each other down, and all of that. Meditation means to understand what God means by His Words and Scriptures, and the Way. Gods Way is the natural Way, and nature should be accepted as God intended.

As we know that, then we understand how to create the Communities of Light. We create a community, an environment that Gods or the natural way of God, has been followed.

The best way between a couple is for one man and one woman to come together and realize that they are each others part, or God intended for them to be together and bring God to humanity or to the environment. And therefore, they marry, and that is the best way between two people.

But we can see that that is not always the truth. Sometimes there are couples that need children, and they cannot have a child so they go and find foster children. Or, for some reason it is accepted in some cultures or Gods Way (even here in this culture that polygamy is not accepted) but there are a lot of other things going on besides the marriage. So we can see that also has to be considered.

The things that are in THOTH are for making things in a natural way instead of covering them up. But the best way, of course, is when a man and a woman really become one with each other.

In the Communities of Light that is the best way to go and we should encourage and respect those men and women who come together and make it and become one, and they are part of the community. They have to be respected the highest: One man and one woman.

Then, in the Communities of Light, eventually, we will have children who will grow with everyone. They will create a lot of good energy and pick up a lot of support from the community. It is not just one man and one woman in an apartment who have no connection with anyone else, and the child grows up with very little other good energy connected to them.

We also have to create a society that when men and women reach a point that they can get married, they should be able to get married naturally. Then in the Communities of Light, the people will share. They will not need as much as everyone out there needs.

The less you need, the more independent you will become from the society. You can completely come to a point that you need very little. Therefore, you are not really dependent on what is out there. So in the Communities of Light eventually we will create Gods Laws to come to man and create such an environment.

Can you create such an environment if everyone says, I want to see what I can get out of this community. I am here to get as much as I can but I will give very little to it. It is just like a bucket of water that leaks. After a while the water is gone, and you will not be able to create Communities of Light and will be destroyed.

So the next step is sacrifice. You have to give of yourself in the Communities of Light and therefore, make the community a livable place. Sacrifice is the message of Christ. Christ went all the way to the cross.

The message of the Communities of Light is the message of the Old Testament, and that is where God revealed that He wants to have communities that follow His Laws.

And, of course, awakening of the spiritual forces is the Mystical Paths, to Know thyself is to know God. A lot of people meditate, and they make a mistake because they gain powers. These are not the reason for meditation. Meditation is to know Gods Laws in the deepest level possible.

So after sacrificing, you also might become attached to the result of your actions and therefore, the next step is to surrender and submit the result of your actions to God. And that is the message of Islam. Islam means to surrender and submit to God. With surrendering and submission to God, you are not attached to the result.

We are not saying not to have expectation for the result. Whenever you do something, you expect results. You say, I am going to make this door so that this door keeps the cold out. You expect something to happen for your effort.

But if you did the job and the result was not exactly the way you wanted it, do not be too attached. Look at it and say, OK, what went wrong? Improve yourself, perfect your technique, and go on ahead.

A lot of people become very upset when they make a mistake in life. They cannot forgive themselves. They beat themselves on the head all the time, Why did I do that? Why did I do that? I am terrible. I cannot do anything right. I am No, say, Where did I go wrong? What was my mistake?

Learn the mistake and say, OK, now I forgive myself. Next time I will not make that mistake again. Forgiving yourself is harder than for other people to forgive you. But also you have to learn to forgive other people as well. It is not only to forgive yourself, but also to forgive other people.

So surrendering and submission of the result of your actions is when you are not attached to the results. You say, I did that. I am not attached. Thank God for giving me the opportunity of doing whatever you are doing, and say, The result is Yours, God. I tried my best, but I surrender the result to you.

Of course, better than surrendering is submission. You say, God is doing it through me. If God is doing something through me, am I the doer? Can I be attached to the result of something that I have not done? You cannot. That is the message of Islam, and that is what the Moslems have to learn. That is what Prophet Muhammad and God meant by surrendering and submission.

Of course, with all these four steps, still you might become narrow. You might say, I am just going to help my community, or my nation, or my land, or my religion, etc. Anyone else who is not following what I say, I am going to beat them up and bring them to submission, and all of that.

God gives Grace to a nation. As long as that Grace is with that nation, everyone else follows them and listens to them. And then they reach a point that they think it is their doing and they are the people that other people have to follow. They do not even realize why this power and energy and these wonderful things were given to them. They think it is their doing.

The moment they think it is their doing, other people do not see that Grace anymore, and they are not going to follow them. These people are used to other people following them. But The Grace is not there, so they now beat the other people to follow them.

Actually, when you have to beat someone to follow you it means that The Grace is not there anymore. You have to sit back and say, Why do I have to force the people? I did not have to before. For the last fifty years, or hundred years, whatever I did the people said, Yes, we want that too. We will follow it, and now I have to beat them to follow me. That is when you have to sit back and look at what has gone wrong. It is because The Grace is not there.

History says that when a nation comes to that point, they have to sit back and say, God, we are not following You somehow. We have to listen to You.

If they go back to God, of course, they are going to have The Grace back. But now it is for everyone on the earth to follow Gods Way so they can have The Grace. So people say, Yes, we follow that person, or we follow this nation, or we follow these people because they have something that we want. They have something that is Graceful, wonderful, and brings peace and beauty to everyone on earth.

After this Revelation came, it is a warning to everyone on earth that, You have to go back to God, you have to bring His Laws to your lives and bring Grace to your lives.

So you can see that Gods work is amazing, and it works. It historically has happened over and over, and now we are explaining these things to everyone. I have explained a lot of wonderful truth.

I did not know that I was going to receive this truth. Sometimes when I listen to Satsang I say, Wow, that is wonderful. That really makes sense. How can one person know so much about so many points and the truth and wonderful Revelation given to humanity? It just amazes me and I say, Thank you, God, for choosing me for such a wonderful thing to come through. It is fantastic.

If anyone really listened to those wonderful Revelations, the truth that has come through this Mission and still they cannot see God behind it, I have no choice but to say, There is something wrong with them. It is amazing how many points have been clarified beautifully for humanity.

Right now again this is a very clear point to all nations and people to see that when they have The Grace, other people will follow them. If you have to go and force people to follow you, you have lost The Grace.

Back up, look at yourself, and say, Why am I doing this? And usually the end result of reaching this point is that people fall. I do not have to predict something that logically you can conclude that is going to happen because it happened to Rome, it happened to Persia, it happened to Greece, it happened to all those people. For a while everyone followed them.

When Alexander the Great went to Persia, they were going to go to war. And when they saw Alexander the Great they said, Such a majestic person, because he had The Grace of God with him. But later on, we see that after he was gone, the whole kingdom fell apart.

So these are the gems of the truth that the nations, the people, have to realize. This is when you have to back up and say, Well, God sent to you a Prophet. He warned you about these things, and you did not listen. When you do not listen to the Prophet who comes to you, then expect you will be punished or you will lose The Grace.

So we can see that these gems of truth have to be realized, understood, and Gods Revelations and Way be implemented. Humans have to turn around. They have gone so far. It is absolutely amazing how far they have gone, and how Sodom and Gomorrah-like it looks.

We have brought this Message to them, and humanity is now warned that is the way to go. So awaken your spiritual forces, know Gods Way, create the Communities of Light, come together, sacrifice, surrender, become a universalist, and bring Gods Laws to your community. Bring The Grace and wonderful ways of living to your community by following the Eternal Divine Path.

After a while everyone is going to follow because now we have The Grace. If the Communities of Light reach a point that we have to force the other people to come and join us, we are not Communities of Light any more. We lost it. We lost The Grace.

So we have to bring The Grace of God to the community. We have to bring The Grace of the Creator or the wonderful creation that He created to the community and, therefore, everyone will see that Grace, and come and join us.

That can be done by following the Eternal Divine Path. Easy, five steps: Know thyself, know Gods Laws, come join the Communities of Light, or create Communities of Light wherever you are, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. You surely will become an Elect if you follow these steps.

That is the base of the teaching of Maitreya and the Mission of Maitreya. But you see, not only is it a Path, it also covers all the Mystical Paths, which includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, every path that says, Know thyself. It covers Sufism, it covers the Christian Mysticism, just like the Saints, etc. Anyone who says, Know thyself to know God, is a mystic, is talking the language of the Mystical Paths. Therefore, that covers an array of humans, including the Africans, South Americans, and all those mystical teachings.

Then, of course, there is the message of the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament. God in the Old Testament was doing what? He was trying to find a community where He is the King and they will follow Gods Laws. That is the message of the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on God trying to find a people for Himself.

And the third is sacrifice. Who made the greatest sacrifice among the Prophets? Christ went all the way to the cross for his ideal. At the time that he was in the garden of Gethsemane he said, God, take this cup from me. And then he realized, What am I doing? What am I saying? The whole reason I am here is to go to the cross.

So he became surrendered and submitted to the Will of God at that point. That is why the next lifetime he brought surrendering and submission to the Will of God, Islam. And he revealed the fourth step of the Eternal Divine Path, surrendering and submission.

Surrendering means you surrender the result to God. Submission means, being aware all the time that it is God doing through me. If I am sweeping the floor, God is sweeping the floor. If I am changing the kitchen disposal, God is doing it through me. If I am working out there, God is doing it through me. Then you have no attachment to it. You know you are in the Mission, and you know you are doing it for a greater reason.

If you have a greater reason for going to work, it is much easier than if you just go to work with no purpose. If you are concentrated for a greater purpose, your work becomes a dance and it never affects you negatively because you are doing it for a greater reason than to just go to work or tomake more money.

But if you forgot to be submitted, remember to surrender the result to God once in a while and say, I forgot to submit. I surrender the result. That is the message of Islam.

Then the message of the Bahais is universalism. You become a universalist. God is your Father and Mother. The universe is your home. You are the Essence of God on earth. Therefore, you do not belong to any specific place or area. You are free completely because the universe is your home.

You do not belong to any narrowness of the mind that a lot of people on earth are in. You free yourself from any bondage of nationality, gender, whatever they try to categorize you with. And they do want to categorize you, Where are you from? What kind of job do you do? Where are you? After they categorize you, they put you in their special place in their brain, OK, he is categorized to this, this, and this. Now I can put him in this area.

But if they ask you, Where are you from?" and you say, I am from God, they absolutely become confused and say, What? I have never heard that one before. Now I cannot categorize you. Their brains go in one hundred directions because it is not in the category that they already had in their brain to categorize you.

So you become a universalist. You free yourself from all bondage on earth. Such a person has to become a fantastic spiritual force on earth because they know Gods Way. They meditate, and they deeply understand Gods Way. They want to live in a community. They come together.

They do not belong to that world out there. They belong to the community. They have the desire to be close to each other and to work for God. Therefore, they overcome the outside world, and they become community material.

Then in the community, they sacrifice. They realize that the community needs them to be productive members of the community, to give and take at the same time, back and forth. So, therefore, they can create an environment where eventually everyone would be comfortable and have time to meditate. But the community has to be very careful who it brings in. So they have to prove themselves that they really are community material.

It is very hard to find dedicated, responsible, Godly people who really want to create the Communities of Light. If you find someone like that, they are invaluable. Then they would be valued very highly because it is so rare to find such people.

So we can create the Communities of Light, and then sacrifice, and surrender and submit (we are not attached to the results of our actions), and become universalists. With those five steps, you become an Elect.

So it is a Path that you have to follow. Also it unifies all the religions together and shows how God meant to send each of these religions for humanity.

We discussed these things so many times between even those in the community. Any problem that we looked at can be resolved with the Communities of Light. So we can see that the Communities of Light is the answer. The Communities of Light unify humanity. This truth is revealed in the last Revelation, which is prophesied to open the Seven Seals, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Another person was asking, How come you do not get crucified or suffer? They were very upset about why this Mission even has an Internet website that you can access whatever information you need, and they do not have any direct access to me as they did to Christ and Prophet Muhammad. I referred them to verse 12, in chapter 5 of The Revelation. In chapter 5 it clearly talks about the person who opens the Seven Seals and opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, how he should be treated, and how he will manifest his Revelations. And similar verses you can find all over the Bible, the same as chapter 5, verse 12, what God means for this Mission to be.

That completely answered the question of the people of, Why arent you suffering? Why are you not crucified? etc. So go there and look at that. You will see that this is the last Revelation.

Every other Prophet before this Revelation realized that whatever they had received was not perfect, because it was a part of a greater truth. So if you want to know the perfect Revelation of God, this is it.

We are looking for the people who can follow the Eternal Divine Path. They can come to the community, they meditate, they want to follow Gods Way, and they sacrifice. They surrender and submit to God, become a universalist, and shatter all the narrowness of the mind. They are not afraid of the out-world but they are afraid of not following Gods Word. Therefore, they can completely overcome any fear of the external world, and come and join Gods Way.

Little by little, many people will see this truth and they will come and join. And the Kingdom will come after Babylon the Great will fall.

We were discussing why it is taking so long for the Mission to manifest. The reason is that the Bible says clearly, The Kingdom will come after Babylon the Great falls. Babylon is pretty strong right now, very powerful. They sell, buy, eat, drink, do whatever any human does out there, and they have not fallen yet.

Therefore, they are in control but according to the Bible and the Word of God, when Babylon the Great falls, many people will awaken and say, These were all delusions we were following. These were all illusions that we were attached to. These teachings are all the correct and right things. The right thing is Gods Way, and that is when the Will of God will manifest.

So we will wait, and we will eventually see that what we are saying is the last Revelation of God and will manifest itself on earth. And those who oppose this Mission oppose God for sure.

Realize this wonderful Revelation and really understand it in deeper levels and implement it in your life. Do not give in to the world and those people around you who tell you differently than what God said to do.

You have to become strong in the Word of God and the Ways of God. The stronger you become, the more you are willing to come to the Communities of Light and live in the communities, or create the Communities of Light.

The more you compromise, the less you will find people who will come to you. This as usual finishes the introduction to our Satsang.

Shirin: Thank you, Maitreya-ji. In Holiest 6, Tablet 7, verse 7, I have a question about a verse there. It says, The pitfall for these people is to be unzealous. That is why the spirit says, Be zealous therefore, and repent in Revelation 3:19. I am going to continue with that verse from Revelation of The Revelation. It says, As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Be zealous, therefore, and repent.

As I understand it from THOTH, this is about not being an escapist, but could you expand more on being zealous?

Maitreya: All right. The question is about the seven churches and why God wants them to be zealous. As we said, when we are in the sixth state, you touch God. You and God touch each other. You know God very well. You are in your third eye, and the third eye knows everything. Almost look at a person and you can completely know a lot about them.

Or, you feel that you can touch God, and God touches you, and you are very close to each other. Also, you gain a lot of power. You do not feel cold and hot, up and down. Life is pretty good.

Then you say, Oh, I found it. I have reached to the end of my path.

Therefore, you will not participate or work, or, you think that you have it, so you do not have to worry about going to the next step and you become unzealous.

Or you are in the other chakras and still you might feel that that is OK to have God and at the same time have the world. Again you need not put any effort in Gods Work.

Some people say, Everything is OK. Everything eventually is going to turn out to be the way it should be. So I do not have to put any effort on it, or, the Moslems say, Enshallah, if God Wills. It means that I do not have to do anything. I just leave it all to Gods Will.

But if that is true, why did God give us intelligence? He gave us hands, feet, understanding, and all of that. He gave us those things so that we put effort, we put our ability, into doing Gods Will.

We can see the warning is to the people who are not zealous. They are lukewarm. Actually, if you read that part of the Bible, it talks about being lukewarm. And when you are lukewarm, what does God do? He spues you out of His Mouth.

It means, even if you get close to God and you are lukewarm, what is going to happen to you? You are going to be sent back to earth, and you have to start all over to do His Will.

So in the spiritual path you do not become an escapist. Of course, the message in that specific area is about the people who try to reach God only by meditation and forsaking the society, going to the mountains, eating bird food, walking around naked, and saying, Oh, I am neither cold nor hot. I have gained all these powers of not needing anything from the external world. Look at such a big yogi I am! I do not have to eat. I only eat bird food. I walk naked, or, I walk on the water, or this and that, But I am not going to create any Communities of Light.

That is the message in that area specifically for them. He says, Then you are not doing My Will. I will spue you out of My Mouth.

But also the message in general is, Do not become an escapist. You cannot just say, God is going to take care of everything for me. I do not have to do anything. I do not have to put any effort. I do not have to think, What is my goal? My goal is to create Communities of Light. Now, how can I create the Communities of Light? I am going to sit here and say, It is going to happen, it is Gods Will. God said the Communities of Light will happen. So I do not have to give Satsang. I do not have to buy a computer. I do not have to connect to the Internet. I do not have to put effort. I do not have to invite people to come join me. I do not have to work with the people who come and join me so we can become closer, co-workers, and eventually create a better community. I do not have to work. Therefore, it is going to happen. No.

God says, No, it is not. You do not escape it. Be discerning. Think about the community. What does the community need? How can I help this community to progress and prosper?" Then put effort toward that end.

Or, sit and talk with Maitreya about community. This is our ability, this is our way of thinking about how to help the community, what do you think? And we can talk about it and eventually come up with a plan of action together that can help the community better.

So we can see that you cannot just sit and say, Oh, no, no, I am not going to do anything, the community is going to happen. It might happen, of course, because it has been proven to us that anyone who backs up from the Mission is replaced very easily with other people.

It will happen, you are right. But if you want to be a part of Gods Plan, God says, Do not be an escapist. Be a part of community."

Let community become number one. Let God become number one.

If God is number one, what is His Will? Gods Will is the creation of the Communities of Light ? That is His Will. If you want to become One with Him, therefore the Communities of Light will become number one in your life. Then everything else becomes secondary and your consideration is the Communities of Light. And little by little you will become a very valuable member in the Communities of Light. That is because that is what God wants, the people who are concentrated on His Will.

But if you sit there and say, Oh well, I am here. Or, I love Communities of Light, I love the Mission but I am not going to do anything about it, what will happen? Nothing is going to happen.

Also, in those verses it is mostly talking about the people who want to go to God without going through the Eternal Divine Path.

If you look at the The Greatest Sign, the First Seal and the Seventh Seal are in the same sign. They are at the bottom of The Greatest Sign. So it appears that you can awaken your spiritual forces, you can go close to God without going through the Eternal Divine Path. But God said, I am not going to let you come in.

So in the First Seal and the Seventh Seal, you might be able to go close to God and be(come) in His image but God said, I do not like that. You will be spued out of My Mouth.

Shirin: No short cuts.

Maitreya: No short cuts, no [laughter]. There are a lot of people who have actually been trying to go to God for thousands of years in India. How many people made it? And also, look at the Indian society. They are getting better but it was pretty poor. I hope our teaching even helps them to become better.

Do not become escapists. Do your best. I would like every person in the Mission to become best in what they do. They should find out what they are good at, become the best at it, and either start their own businesses or if they are hired by someone, they become so valuable in the society that after a while if you say you are from the Mission of Maitreya, or you are a Divine, the employers will say, Yes, come in. You are good workers. You are fantastic people. We know you are going to be very valuable to our organization.

So we are not escapists. We actually encourage you to become very efficient in what you do. First know yourself. Know what you are good at.

Maybe I am a good cook. Do not just cook for yourself. Start a catering business or something, or go become a chef. Or, you make good cabins, or whatever. I do not know what else you are good at. Be the best cabin maker in the whole world. After a while everyone will come and say, Oh wonderful! Who is the best cabin maker? Randy. OK, hello, Randy, I need a cabin.

That is really how the Mission people should become, become very efficient in what they do. First of all, find out what they are good at and then become efficient. There is no escapism here at all. We are very, very up to the world, but not of it.

We are the best of the best in the world. Then after a while we bring Gods Way to our work and the community, at the same time we are not escapists because in the community we are filled up with Gods Spirit all the time.

Does that make sense?

Shirin: That makes perfect sense.

Maitreya: All right.

If there are no questions in the room, there are two more questions that have been sent to the Mission. That is another way that questions can be included in the Satsang. But the rule is that if you send a question, you have to be in the room when we answer it. Go ahead.

Question: It has been said that suffering burns karma. When we see physical, mental, or spiritual suffering of our loved ones, friends, and pets, how should we view this? Do we accept it as karma for each? Do we try to relieve their suffering by helping physically, mentally, or spiritually?

If we try to relieve their suffering, do we alter their karma? And does it help if we say our mantra while being near them? Would that be like a prayer for them?

Maitreya: First of all, I do not know if putting the pet and the human together as having karma, is the correct way because pets are created very close to Gods Consciousness and they are here for a purpose for us, and they should be kept as healthy and helped as much as possible.

So if your pets are in pain, then you have to consider where is the priority on earth, our pets or humans who might need our help in a greater degree? Therefore, we should be able to control pets as much as possible so that we do not create an overflow of the pets that we have now. They have to put many pets to death every day in the animal shelters. If we can control that, then our pets should be in good shape.

But of course, who has the priority, humans or pets? If we look at that, then if someone is dying in Africa, and we have a pet and we are spending hundreds of dollars on our pet and that person over there is making only sixty cents a day or eighty cents a day by breaking their backs, that does not seem to be correct.

Actually, there was a program that showed that there was a woman in Africa who has to carry weights every day, very heavy weights, and she did not even have shoes. And she makes eighty-five cents a day. The only thing they can eat is a little kind of rice that is not really rice.

Probably it is better to spend our money a little more to help those people instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on our pets. So we have to become more aware.

What is the priority of humanity? That is a part of sharing. The pets should be comforted, loved, and kept, but you should not become too attached in such a way that we lose sight of the priority of God. Or, if we are spending that much money on pets instead of spending for Gods work, which one is better to do?

So we can see that we have to meditate on these things in a deeper level. Also keep a few pets, not too many pets that will be a burden on you.

I do not think pets have karma. So if they are suffering, probably it is time for them to go. What pets can have karma? For example, if a lion kills a deer and eats it, is that karma, or, he needs the food? So we can see that God created the deer for the lion to eat.

But if a human kills another human, it is karma that whoever kills should be killed. We have to realize the Laws of Karma, the human, the difference between the animals and humans, and all those things in a deeper level.

When the Communities of Light are created, pets are going to be in the Communities of Light and will be taken care of. Their food and shelter will be created easily for them. They should be loved. They should be kept and all of that, but you should not go overboard for them. They are created to be with us, and when the time comes, we have to let them go.

If your friends or humans are suffering, have karma, then you have to still comfort them. You do not know if it is their karma or not. You have to help them. You have to love them.

As we discussed another time, if someone is suffering or on their deathbed, the best way is to comfort them, create an environment that they can be comfortable, read them THOTH, and try to help them any way you can.

Again, in the Communities of Light, that will become easier because there are more people in the Communities of Light and a couple of people in the Communities of Light do not work out of the community. They are going to be in the community and, therefore, they will have the time to spend with the sick and diseased, and they will be taken care of.

At this time, the way people live right now, it is hard for everyone because everyone is trying to make it out there and to reach the point that we put our children in child care with the people that we do not even know. We put our elders in nursing homes that we do not even know who is taking care of them. Then we continue with our life, and we think we are doing our duty.

We have to realize that that is not Gods Way. Gods Way is to raise children with their parents, and their parents take care of them. The grandparents should also help in that area. Grandparents should become grandparents who come to the couples and take care of the children. Therefore, they help with them. They grow together. That is Gods Way to do it. That is how He intended it to be.

That is why the child is given to you. This is your child. You are the closest and most responsible person for that child. So you will have to become selfless in putting effort to create your children as Godly as possible and create an environment for them to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. In that sense, good grandparents are very, very helpful.

So the grandparents should become grandparents. The couples should become couples. The men should be men. The women should be women. And the children should be children.

You can see again, in your meditation, you have to meditate on a deeper level, What is it that God meant for man? What is it that God meant for woman? What did God mean for marriage and family? What did God mean for children? What did God mean for pets? What did God mean for the grandparents? What is the responsibility of all of these people according to Gods Will but not my will?

Then you can realize where you are going correctly, where you are not going correctly, where you are Godly, where you are not Godly, and therefore, you adjust your life according to Gods Laws and Gods Ways.

You have to think like God Thinks. You do not think like what Oprah thinks. You think the way God Thinks, not the way that star in the movie thinks. That is what meditation is all about.

If you meditate on different levels and understand these things in a deeper level, then your life becomes more and more Godly and you create an environment that is not artificial but it is a natural way of Gods Will to bring to your life and into the community.

So we are not going to judge them if they have karma or not. If we have the ability to help them, we will help them as much as we can. But if Gods Will is for them to suffer, no matter what you do, they will suffer. If they are supposed to die, they will die.

Then we accept the result and say, Thank God. I did my best. Maybe I was wrong but my emotions said I cannot sit here and see my friend suffering. I know probably it is Your Way for her to suffer, but it is also my responsibility to help them as much as I can. But if you help them and it is against Gods Will, He will do His Work anyway with them.

So it is good to help other people and also it is good to prioritize our priorities, Who is more important, humans or pets? We can concentrate on humans more than pets. Pets are good, great. We have to love them. We have to help them. But if we can help a human more, we should do that more.

I hope that makes sense, let us go to the next question.

Question: In The Greatest Sign, the Eternal Divine Path, all the Seven Seals are symbolic of religions and truths. However, Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti, Baba, seems to be the one who is the least known. Could you tell us more about him? Would his message as a Prophet then be considered a truth but not a religion?

Maitreya: Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti is the person who brought the Mystical Paths to me and purified the Mystical Paths as the way he taught it. Also he was from India, and he was not an escapist himself.

He actually was very much against being an escapist. His teaching was meditation internally and action externally. So he created an organization that was very dynamic, and a lot of people work in it.

They reach out, and they have an organization called Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team, which is well known in the Red Cross for their services and the work that they have done with the people. They have gone to disasters and helped people.

I went with them once when I was in Pennsylvania. There was a tornado in Cincinnati, I think. And they helped, that kind of a relief team. I think they are very well known in that area.

Baba taught how you can meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, at the same time not to be escapist. So the people who were in Ananda Marga were very dynamic people who tried to reach to the society and humanity.

So we can say that he is the person who came from the Mystical Part of Gods Plan and brought that to humanity. He has been prophesied also to come. He fulfilled the prophecies about the return of Shiva.

He purified the Tantra Meditation. That is a very misunderstood path. A lot of people think Tantra is just a sexual part that two partners use. It is not that. But Tantra is a very dynamic, direct path of seeing yourself, to go through a process.

That is what we teach here in meditation: meditate on your desires. You have a desire? OK, lets meditate on it. I want this motorcycle, for example, I would love to buy this motorcycle. Do not buy it. Do not just get emotional about it and go buy it. Meditate, OK, I buy the motorcycle. First of all I have to put this amount of money for it and gain it. Then I gain it. Now what? I have to put a lot of time driving it around. That is a waste of time that could be used for better things, instead of driving it around all over the place. Then it breaks down. I have to fix it. Then I have to join a group that they are also motorcyclists.

After a while you say, This is more than I really bargained for, and that desire just drops away, and anything else. That is just an example.

That is a very Tantric way of meditation. It is that you go through your desire, any desire that you have, go through it, and think about it, meditate on it, What is the end result of this desire?

If a lot of those politicians or preachers who fell because they had affairs in their lives had meditated on where that affair would take them eventually, would they have done it? Probably not. They would have meditated and said, What would happen if I get caught? And they did get caught.

Of course, they thought that they were God. They reached a point that they said, I am God. No one can touch me. But that is not true. So they fell.

That is a Tantric way of meditation, to go through your desires. We do not say, Do not have desires. That is impossible, everyone has desires. But what are those desires that I have? Are they good?

If it is a desire to go to God, it is good. You can meditate on that, How can I go to God faster? To go to God faster, God already gave you the Eternal Divine Path that I can go to God faster with the Eternal Divine Path.

Now, How can I become good at it? That is good. As you meditate more and more on the Eternal Divine Path, you will realize that your other desires just fall away.

Of course, Baba did not teach this process but he taught another way of meditating and overcoming your lower nature. Also if you look at the Revelations, they accelerated exponentially.

We can see that the time became shorter and shorter and shorter as the new Prophets came. After Bab and Bahaullah, it took only one hundred and fifty years for Baba to come. And after Baba, it took forty years for this Revelation to come.

So these last Prophets are less well known than the Prophets before them. As we said, spirituality really finished with Prophet Muhammad. The three other revelations have come for completing the Eternal Divine Path.

That is why the first four revelations became major religions of the world, and they are much better known because they have spiritual connotations and results for humanity. Of the last three, the fifth is universalism, which really is an expansion of your mind. Well, it releases your spirit in a greater degree, which helps your spiritual progress. But really, when you become surrendered and submissive to God, you are one with God. And that is the goal of the life. The goal of the life is to be(come) one with God. When you are submissive to God, you and God are one.

When God does everything through you truly (not just words, Oh, all thanks go to God but It really has to come through you and you become a channel for God) then you are One with Him, and your Spirit and His are One. You are free.

So the Fifth Seal is universalism. And the Sixth Seal is the Paravipras or the Elects. Those are the result of the five steps that you go through.

Also the time between these revelations are shorter. Islam was 1,200 years before Bab and Bahaullah came. It established itself for 1,200 years. So they are better known than the Bahai Teaching. The Bahai Teaching has been here for 150 years.

They are better known than Baba. Baba has only been here for 40 years. If I had not been initiated in that organization and Baba had not had such a profound effect on this Revelation, probably we would not have known anything about them. But the Swastika in the temple of the Bahais is very similar to what Baba used in his teaching also. So we can see that there are many signs that Babas teaching is a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

He came up with the idea of Sadvipra, which is very close to the Elects. Of course, he meant by Sadvipra differently than Paravipra. He did not have the Eternal Divine Path. A Sadvipra was a person who was a Shudra, he was a Ksattriya (a warrior), a Vaeshya (a businessman), and a Vipra (intellectual). But we added to that the Eternal Divine Path. So he surely is a part of the Eternal Divine Path and this Revelation from God, but he came from the Mystical Paths.

For example, if he had not come from the Mystical Paths, if my teacher was a Moslem, or a Christian, or a Jew, I would not know about the Mystical Paths. So he really taught me the Mystical Paths. And I realized, of course, after the Revelation came, the Mystical Paths are also a part of Gods Revelation.

We say that the Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Bahai teachings do not emphasize the Mystical Paths. But we now bring the Mystical Paths as a part of Gods Revelation, and we say also that this belongs in the Eternal Divine Path.

But if we did not know Baba, would we know about the Mystical Paths? We would not have.

So if you want to know more about him, they have a website. And they have other people who wrote many things of how he has fulfilled the prophecies. Of course, you have to take their words with a little grain of salt because the Indian and Hindu tradition is to exaggerate a little bit , or a lot :), about their guru, or their teacher.

For example, they say, He was riding a tiger when he was seven years old, or, Seven thieves attacked him and he completely killed all of them, or many, many little exaggerated stories told about him, which you can see all the followers in India do for their gurus.

But there are legitimate prophecies that he fulfilled, and he purified the Tantric Path. Also, he initiated me. It is just like when John the Baptist initiated Christ and then Christ realized that he himself had a mission to do. Therefore, we can see he has a lot of right to be a part of Gods Plan, and his teaching is wonderful.

If you want to become a little peppy and feel, Yes, I am going to do that, read his teaching. Once in a while pick up one of his books. He has such a peppy energy. It really motivates you to go and do things for God.

He was also a regular person like everyone else. He lived and worked for the railroad in India for a while. He was called Mr. P. R. Sarkar. Then he started teaching and people started coming around him. After a while they loved his teaching so much that they started supporting him, and he resigned from being in the railroad.

Eventually, he started Ananda Marga, which means the Path of Bliss. Little by little he had many, many teachers going around until I was initiated.

Of course, after I started this Mission, their organization is not as strong and powerful as it used to be. So he did his mission.

He believed that he would change all the religions of the world. In a sense he was right, because this Revelation came after I was initiated by him and knew about his teachings, which resulted in this Revelation which will change all religions of the world..

His teaching is wonderful; it is great. I recommend that everyone knows what he taught. But it is strongly influenced by the Hindu religion. It is kind of, when you follow Ananda Marga, you almost have to become a Hindu.

But our teaching, again, does not have any cultural biases; it is absolutely for all humans. Ours is Gods culture. We do not believe any other culture but Gods culture. Gods culture has to come to humanity. No other culture is Godly, but is man-made. That Godly culture has to be accepted by everyone. And Gods culture is the one preached with the Mission of Maitreya.

So that is all about Baba. But if you want to study about him, as I said, he has fulfilled the prophecies for his coming, therefore he is a legitimate Messenger of God.

We will finish the Satsang here. I leave all of you to God. Meditate on these words. Usually after the Satsang, we have it playing in our other room for 48 hours, Discourses (open 24 hours). You can go and listen to it again, meditate on these words, and let everyone know that the Message of God has come to them. They have to come, realize this, and create the Kingdom of Heaven; otherwise great disasters will come to humanity.

Sal-OM everyone.

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