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Topics Covered:

1. Come together Humanity and create One World,; this world is not as stable as you think

2. Your essence and the Goal of this life is to Be(come) Divine and return to the Essence.

3. Overcome the glitter and Maya of this world and turn around from the external world

4. Respectful relationships are essential to creating a Godly Society.

5. Now the Prophet has been sent to reveal the Truth and the Mystery is No More.

6. There is no choice but to Sunder to bring the Elects together to bring the KOHOE

7. The Prophet is not accepted, the Revelation is not listened to and humanity still separates itself by countries, color, race, religion, etc.

8. Decide to face the Essence and improve yourself and your life in all levels

9. There will be no violence in the Kingdom of God on earth.

10. Sharing, respectfulness, courteousness and seeing the place of each person in a COL will lead to progress in Spirit

11. The Laws are created for YOU to purify yourself. Create strong families and COLs to come back to Light.

12. Creation is created to bring you to this point for you to see to turn around and become Godly

13. The fulfillment of all the prophecies and Revelations is finished and it is time to step up to create COLS.

14. Darkness promises a lot of things and you feel good. Darkness makes you comfortable. It is an empty promise, a bottomless pit.

15. Observe the world and relationships to see how the darkness is destroying them by killing each other with man-made ideas (religions beliefs, economic gains, plain ignorance, etc)

16. Know Our Ways and understand Our Revelations to you. Ask, what is this Universe is about?

17. The purpose of this creation is that: Darkness was upon the face of the deep. Ego made them to go away from Us. Eternal Divine Path is the way to return.

18. Darkness would not listen. Creation was used through evolution to realize the Goal is to go back to the Essence/Light Within you. If Nature/Dharma is followed the Light will come to you.

19. Do not settle for mediocrity, but Perfection. Create the best way to educate and spread this Message to man.

20. We do not argue with those who reject us, we let them alone to kill each other, that they eventually may see the Light!

21. Garden of Eden can come back if they recognize that their ways will not create the Garden.

22. You go against the Godly Nature; you will break yourself against those Laws. Humanity is powerless and cannot do anything except what we allow them to accomplish.

23. When we do not progress in our Perfection, we become depressed and unhappy. Become a river on its way to the Ocean/Essence. Become a LightWorker; Become a Paravipra.

24. We have clearly proven We Exist, We are in Control.

25. You have a choice to recognize that there is a purpose in your life. Not to go to what this world offers. Close your eyes and realize we have already given the Way back to the Essence. Darkness will
eventually return to Light. Resistance means longer it will take for this to happen.

26. We are finished to give the Revelation to Humanity. Read THOTH. Read the Satsangs. Maitreya has given everything We have told Him to give you. We and Him are One. The Revelation is Perfected.

27. This will be Our last session of Revelation and It is Done! It is Finished. Listen to these Words, create the environment that is necessary to bring the KOHOE. We have given Our Will to Humanity in these 2 sessions. The rest of the Revelations which is Revealed in the last 30 years, through Maitreya, are the details given to man. We are Done!

6/2/07: Listen - Read - FTP site

Topics Covered:

1. The words of God

2. The earth is a place where the Light can evolve

3. The time of sundering The decision has already been made in the Spirit about thatRevelation

4. No one knows the Truth until the Seventh Angel reveals the whole path

5. We are all children of the same Essence

6. There is a purpose in the Creation

7. The universe has been created with compassion and mercy

8. Christ said that no one will go to the Father but through Him

9. Give this message to all

10. The responsibility is on human shoulders

11. The ego is very tricky

12. Even science supports this teaching

13. This Revelation is the most perfect revelation ever given to humanity

14. God is in charge; humanity has no choice

15. God is calling humanity, to join, to recognize,...

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