Satsangs Given in 1999

These are the Discourses that Maitreya gave in the year 1999.

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These Discourses usually occurred spontaneously, and Maitreya covered many topics in each of them. So the topics listed below, usually, reflect what seems to be the most important in each Discourse.

Note: The Satsangs below are not fully edited (were read only once for corrections). If you found some errors, please report them to:!

06/26/1999: The question I would like to make to Lord Maitreya in his conference today is if it is true that the Lord of the Hosts who oversees Our Universe, that Being usually called archangel Michael, will descend on earth during this zodiacal Cancer-period, as announced by Apocalypse 12:5. When I talk to someone, they dont believe what I say. They think.

01/02/1999: What is our relationship with God? Can you talk a little bit about your relationship, your private relationship, with God that is different from ours? My question has to do with Christ: At the end of his teaching he was in the garden of Gethsemane and he said, Please if you can He was saying to God, Can you have this cup pass from me. Then he immediately stopped and said, But not my will but Thy Will be done. But even when the Prophets do something where it is like their human nature or their human part, they never go to their lower nature, is that correct? The question is that we have some restrictions for clothing in the Mission, why?

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