Satsangs Given in 2000

These are the Discourses that Maitreya gave in the year 2000.

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These Discourses usually occurred spontaneously, and Maitreya covers many topics in each of them. So the topics listed below, usually, reflect what seems to be the most important in each Discourse.

Note: The Satsangs below are not fully edited (were read only once for corrections). If you found some errors, please report them to:!

12/02/2000: There has never in history been an election for President in the United States like this years. Can you comment on what is happening to the democratic process of election in the United States, and why? Discussion about our system. Teacher, when we see all in this world/universe as temporal, will we then and then only begin to truly understand and serve God and His Son with complete devotion and conviction? And, also realize Him and His Plan as the only lasting, eternal truth in creation? What will happen to our society in the future with people taking drugs for these so-called problems instead of using their God-given tools of meditation and spiritual path (preferable, the Eternal Divine Path) to cure these mental conditions on their own? Will this degrade and weaken the society?

09/12/2000: You were talking about the subconscious mind and I was wondering about the subconscious mind that is used in relation to hypnotism. I was just wondering, as far as the Mission teaches, is there any value in the use of hypnotism? I was thinking, when you were talking about the Seventh Angel having the whole truth, that not even Esa or Muhammad or Bab had that. And I was wondering how that relationship works, if the First Begotten Son was revealing these seals and these teachings that they did not have the whole truth? They only revealed their stage, but where they also would be considered as completing the Eternal Path before creation and then doesnt he have to go through that Path again as long as the reason why he is not revealing, it is revealed in stages?

04/22/2000: This is a question about the Soul, about the growth of the Soul. Does the Soul grow or is it always at the same awareness? In other words, can our thoughts, attitudes, service, and devotion, all affect the Soul?

03/25/2000: I have a question about the three categories of hearing voices. I was thinking about the voices of Joan of Arc. She was the young woman in France who saved France. She said that she was hearing voices to guide her to war. Those kind of voices are, from my understanding, in the third category: People who say that God talks to them and told them a truth that helped them in understanding or to receive a solution to a problem. Is it true? I had a question about, does God speak to everyone. But we teach that everyone can go to God, that you can directly connect us to God. I can be totally connected to God as the way I should be for my being who I am and I can feel Him and I can know Him and I can love Him. But I do not have to be a Mouthpiece for Him. There is only one person in a certain time who is prophesied to be the Mouthpiece. But I can realize Him to the utmost even though God does not speak directly to me? But Maitreya, you also talked about that we have to create more Maitreyas. Sometimes you say that we need to create 144,000 Maitreyas. Does that mean they will become a mouthpiece, or how will that work? To understand that part of what you said. Do you think that it is necessary that the Son of God suffers on this earth? Do you think it is necessary? Is man's spiritual journey toward God eternal, as God's nature is eternal? Or does this Faith view Pure Consciousness as other faiths do heaven or Nirvana, as a last and final spiritual destination without an opportunity for further growth? Is it not impossible to reincarnate the same entity again, as it is also impossible in the physical world to see duplicates of the same person (exact duplicates) in either the future or in the past? That is to say, the duplication of the same physical essence is impossible, so why then is the re-manifestation of the same soul possible?

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