Satsangs given in 2001

These are the Discourses that Maitreya gave in the year 2001.

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These Discourses usually occurred spontaneously, and Maitreya covered many topics in each of them. So the topics listed below, usually, reflect what seems to be the most important in each Discourse.

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12/29/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered:

I was wondering what has been revealed to you about the classical orthodox view of the trinity, and if you could possibly explain the trinity to me, if there is one. - Judaism says that the Messiah will rebuild the Temple. And, you talked about sacrifice. What sort of sacrifice are you talking about? - Will all this be fulfilled in your lifetime? Will the Mission be realized while we are still alive? - Was Prophet Muhammad the comforter who Esa said would come? - How do you rectify the standing of the Mission, which is marriage with one man, one woman, to religions with polygamy, and then also with Muhammad, a Prophet having married a woman, or a girl, at the age of 9? - The Law of God that came on Mt. Sinai. How do you keep these Ten Commandments and teach your disciples to keep the Commandments? - How does one eradicate the subconscious mind? - Would you explain the Eternal Divine Path? - Is there something good in being stubborn? - What is the ethnic background of Abraham, the Hebrews, and Esa and his disciples? - You talked about a covenant that you make with your disciples. What is the covenant? - Does Maitreya sin? - You said Shiva married an Aryan. Was she black and female? - Bahaullah said there would not be any more prophets after him for up to 1,000 years. How do you explain that? - You said you are sinless? - Do you believe that you are always God manifested on the earth so that you never can sin, period? What is your belief of who you really are?

12/22/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered : Prophet Muhammad talked several times about two different people, Al Mahdi and the coming back of Jesus Christ, and he said, No Mahdi except Esa. Was he talking about one person who would represent Al Mahdi and Christ together?- Are there any other manifestations that will come to earth after this last revelation? Who will come after this Revelation? What will happen then? - Is it true that when Jesus comes back, he is going to reveal the meaning of S-L-M and the revelation of that, the full meaning of that, will be the absolute truth of God? - I would like to know your thoughts on Jesus Christ and why you think that he is here.- My belief is in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Can you please explain where Muhammad fits into this?- I just cannot believe that anyone goes to the Father but by Jesus. Where did you get your knowledge? - Who was the promised son from Abraham, that he was preparing to sacrifice, Ishmael or Isaac? - What about what Paul said against the Law of the Holy Days? How can we understand that in the light of our Revelation? - How could Muhammad take a six-year old wife? - I am still struggling with manifesting the totality of my divine nature. How I can clarify this to my consciousness and then release it? - I invite you to come to Las Angeles, the City of Angels, and make a center. I will help you.

12/15/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Is Karma Something We Can Rid By Ourselves - Spiritual Name - Sabbath - A Mantra Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth - When Or How Did You Realize You Are Maitreya - What Does Maitreya Mean - How Does Buddhism Fit In - About Wheel Of Maya/Illusion Of World - Is There Someone Else, Or Is Maitreya Overshadowing you - Destroying The Great Babylon Great Babylon big great institutions religions against religious fanatics - Mystical Paths, do you teach a literal meaning or allegory of the scriptures - Archangel Michael he read on a website enthroned 1999, and relation to you - Many Masters And Avatars Throughout World, Sai Baba, etc, who claim to be Cosmic Christ, etc. - Are you an Avatar - What does Avatar mean to you - How Do You Explain Reason For Evil In the world. How Could A Loving God Create Evil - Books By David Spangler, about Lucifer is important to the Kingdom - All Religions Prophecy About Coming Of A New Messiah, How do you relate to this? Are you this one of all the different religions into one - Anti-Christ - Space Brothers and Extra Terrestrials - Fundamentalist Christians will be removed to another dimension - Claim Any Supernatural Abilities, like into Buddhic realms - Do You Claim To Have Achieved Any Cosmic Consciousness - Are you in direct contact with God - I Was Told I Could Help Others To HealI was told by Holy Spirit to discern by my heartthat is why I came to this room - Are You The Only Maitreya There Is, or are you a part of Maitreya - How Do You Know An Elect When You See One?

12/08/2001 (You can listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Where is the place of Maitreya in the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad about the coming of Al Mehdi, and the coming of Jesus Christ? - Is divorce a sin? Are people allowed to divorce? - Is there any special requirement for a person who would like to become a member of the Mission? - You made a statement that all religions have a part of the truth. Then there must be error. If you combine them, they will still have errors. - How you can be sure, in your inner Soul, that if you come (to the Mission) you will bring no damage to anyone, and you can, with Gods Grace, keep the commandments of God? - The Kalki Avatar will be carrying a sword, and he will be riding a horse. Do you carry a sword with you? Also, Kalki Avatar will be destroying the barbarians and thieves. Do you know that is illegal here? - How can religions be looked at as part with no errors when all religions have a different idealism, and they use dogmas as their basic tenant and teaching? - The awakening of the kundalini, how is it manifested in the followers? - In the Eternal Divine Path, sacrifice, surrendering, universalism, the Elects, etc, are they only mental concepts or do the followers actually manifest those qualities? - Can someone translate the prayers for his own self and start doing the prayer in his own language? - Is the Bible, according to you, 100% accurate? - Are you the reincarnation of Y'shua, Jesus, in the English? - How accurate are those things in the Gospels, in the red, that are supposed to be your actual words? - Is the Christian interpretation, or salvation plan of being born again, accurate? - Is the Christian concept of hell accurate? - When did you know that you were Jesus, and when did you know your Mission for the world? - Do you study books, or do you have the knowledge come to you by Spirit? Or, do you do both? - What is the difference between you and another who claims she is The Holy Ghost and raises the kundalini? - I appreciate your wisdom and your teaching that we should test the Spirit and be very careful and cautious. You are in fact a Son of David and I bow to the Divinity in you, my Lord - I heard that Maitreya is about the healer, the Awaited One, by each religion according to their beliefs and Holy Scripture. Is it about that, that people of all faiths are waiting for someone to come? - In Genesis 6:2-4, it speaks about the sons of God and there were giants in the earth. Do you agree that extraterrestrials have contributed to, or have interfered in the evolution of mankind? Do you have ultimate knowledge of the variety of extraterrestrials that have played a role in the evolution of mankind and those who are negative?

11/24/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Are you saying that you are doing away with all the other Paths to incorporate a universal faith, or are you actually bringing in all the faiths and honoring each one of them as another way to God? - Suppose I experienced the truth, or supposed I experienced God. What is next? - Why God did not choose me to start His Messages? - What are the exact qualifications you have other than as human beings? - Why did God create us? - If you are absolutely sure that you received the Messages from God, why are you calling it as Mission of Maitreya instead of Mission of God? - Are you creating one more order for people to worship? - How do the Karmas of the past lifetime find me in this lifetime? - Does God, the most high, have ancestry or descendent gods that are only god and not human form? - Where does God come from and how did He come to be? - Isnt that the teaching of the Mission of Maitreya to expose or reveal God in our midst, and you are God in person. - Is the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost? - When you make contact with the Spirit of God, or the Holy Ghost, is it a constant flow of the Spirit inside your body, or is it detached? - Does it come once every five years, once every ten years, once every three months, something like that? Are there gaps in-between? - Are you with The Holy Spirit right now, for instance? - Can you tell us what this Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, tastes like when it makes contact with the physical body? - Does the Spirit of God, The Holy Ghost, have a physical substance? Can you tell me the color of It, please? - On the website there is lot of commercialism, especially selling books, lectures, etc.? - Where does this money go? - How do you make a living, and how much money do you make? - The Spirit of God inside of us, am I right in saying that there are different quantities, 10%, 20 %, 50%, 100%, etc.? - Why did Muhammad say Jesus is not the Son of God? - When one meditates and when one hears music, should one stop and dance with the music? - When you experience God in meditation, does He reveal a name to you? - Does evil exist? - Did Esa, Christ, have a wife? - In Hinduism the Ginish is mentioned a lot as a goddess. What can you tell us about this?

11/17/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Did Jesus have a bloodline, or was Jesus with his miraculous birth, does that mean that he did not have a bloodline and that was the end of the chosen ones for the Jews? - I would like to ask something about the teaching of reincarnation. You cannot find the teaching of reincarnation really clearly in Islam, Christianity, or the Bahai Faith. - Sai Baba and other Avatars from India, are these people real Avatars or just false prophets? - Is there any difference between the Mission of Maitreya and Sahaja Yoga? - Who is Maitreya? Do I have to worship Maitreya? How do I have to look to Maitreya? Are you a new religion? - How do you look at the worship of idols, like Catholics, Buddhist, Hindus, etc? - Why did you choose the Sabbaths and the Holy Days of the tradition of the Prophets of the Torah? - How did you start the Mission, and What do you have to do as good disciples of the Mission? - Do you have any books, which are translated into Arabic? - To be connected means being in a state of perfection where you are one with God, where you pick up crystal clear. If Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad were all connected, and now you are connected, then what was lacking? - Is there any revelation of this in the Koran? - Did Prophet Muhammad say anything about someone like you coming along? - How can we find the right partner for our lives, a right wife for a man and a right husband for a woman? It is advised to keep sexuality only for the sake of making children and not for enjoyment? - Is there any kind of danger that the Communities of Light can create some kind of cult? - What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? For who? For what? - Why should we kill another Soul to satisfy ourselves? Animals also have a Soul, right? So why do we eat meat?

11/10/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: You preach the unification of all the religions, but that you can go to God directly. What do you mean exactly? - What do you mean by God? Did you experience God? How could the contents of the website help anyone to know God? - Do you agree that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, and that no one can come to the Father but through Jesus? - So your Mission is to explain the Unexplainable? - Do you believe Jesus was the Father in the flesh? - Did you know that there will be a son of perdition or anti-Christ who will unite all the religions of the world? - A lot of the religions that have been forming around Jesus have taken their effect in Johns writing of that book. I would love to hear some impression on that. - How do you react if I tell you that you are trying to deceive people by trying to explain the unexplainable with words? - My friend with me here in Quebec wants to hear more about the Path to the realization of God. - Is Maitreya a pronunciation of the name Mithras? - Have you ever read the Urantia Book? - Do you believe that Jesus came in the flesh? And that Jesus is the Son of God? - Maitreya, are you the king of the coming kingdom? - Could you, Sir, tell me something about your Persian roots?

10/27/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: How are we going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? a. Is there a structure? b. Is there a plan? c. How is the transformation going to happen? d. These Elect people that you talk about, how many of them are there altogether? - Do you accept or reject Aristotles principles of non-contradiction? Do you believe the truth is relative or absolute? - Will there be a Satanic elect people, satanic ones? Have you ever spoken with God? - Are you a Jew from Persia? If so, what tribe are you from? - Do you see within the future, catastrophes coming on this planet that are spoken of in The Revelation? - Was Moses the only one who spoke directly to God? - Would you explain the three in one, the trinity? - Would you tell me about the role and importance of love among humanity in our world? - The swastika moves from left to right, why? - Is there a hell with Satan, eternal damnation, etc? Also is there reincarnation? - The Elect people who exist today, arent these the people who once upon a time were the companions of the Prophets? Are they today reincarnated? - How would you answer someone who sincerely asks you to prove that God exists? - The Heaven On Earth, the Divine Kingdom, am I correct in saying that this is going to be achieved by new Laws? Are these Divine Laws going to be very simple that everyone can understand? - Is the Spirit and the Soul the same thing? - What could someone do to protect themselves against anthrax while they are working?

10/20/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: What is your connection with the Bahai Faith? - The concept you have of Islam, is it from the Shiite or from the Sunni prospective? - Specifically, what is your relationship to the Bahai Faith and to the Bahai writings? - Are you saying that dajaal is not an actual person? - The Bahai prophecy says, The dispensation of Bahaullah will last for at least 1,000 years. - Have you ever seen the true unity of Islam, by going to the haj in Mecca? Have you ever been to the city of Medina to the Prophets Mosque just to see the unity of Islam? - This is not the Bahai teachings but would be considered those of covenant breakers. Why doesnt Maitreya answer it? - Are you the last Messenger, and after you will there be others? - From what tradition does Maitreya come? - You suggested that Bahaullahs words, and he himself, was not perfect. If that is true, then why do you justify your own station according to the prophecies of other religions? - Do you know about how the division between Ali and Omar occurred? - When did you last experience the Holy Ghost? Did any other person on earth, including Prophets up to now, beside Jesus, bring The Holy Ghost back to earth? Would it be experienced again in our time? - Is there a difference between The Holy Ghost and The Holy Spirit? - You are speaking about how The Holy Spirit can benefit mankind, but how does what you teach benefit God? - Is speaking in tongues a sign of the manifestation of The Holy Spirit? - How do the postures in The Reminder affect the energy centers in the body?

10/13/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: I am beginning to understand that you believe that Islam and Allah is the only way? Is that true? Is that correct, please? - Who is Jesus the Christ? And also, in the end times there will be so many false prophets. How do we identify them? - How do we separate falsehood from truth? Is there any person on earth who can fully understand what the prophecies meanings are, as in truth? Is there anyone on earth who can fully understand the Koran, for instance, as well? - How can we separate what is opinion and what is not from Allah, or from God? - What is the meaning of S-L-M? - What does one have to do to raise ones consciousness to the higher self? - When you said that some of the things in the Koran have been tampered with or are not from Muhammad, Peace be upon him, which things were you actually referring to? If man has interfered with perfection, then shouldnt it be very obvious? - I was wondering is this is the same new world order that George Bush and the ten-nation coalition are implementing? Or, is it the same as the new world order that the Arabs are re-instigating in the Old Babylon? Or, is it something else completely different from those two? - What has the Koran missed out? What is there to come, which is not already in the Koran? - On your web site, among other things, it says that the Jewish high priests entered the Holy of Holies only once a year to offer the blood sacrifice. If there is such an inaccuracy about Judaism and the Old Testament, how are we to take as credible other things that are said on your web site when at least in that one instance, and others, there are so many factual errors? How is what you are teaching, which is absolutely commendable, different from others who have taught exactly the same things? - In the last supper, did Christ use the earthly wine with the bread? - If you meet someone very ignorant and not wise because he is claiming that he is Jesus, or a man of God, in truth, what would you tell him? And how would you approach him, please? - When Esa said, Do this in remembrance of me, so one should not use the earthly wine, one should use the water and bread? - You are saying that you are Jesus? That you a Prophet? And that you are here to unite all people from all religions? What you are saying, can you prove it biblically, Scripturally? Is there another book that you are using called the THOTH? What is that? - Could you please tell me who Onesiphorus is from the Bible? - You are saying that Jesus, also known to you as Esa, is God, and his Word is the Word of God? - Do you have times when you feel separated from God? - If the Seventh Seal you have opened is opened, and that is the final seal, then what is to happen next? - Why exactly did the Lord send a fiery serpent among the people? - Do you pray to God, and do you hear from God audibly or spiritually?

10/01/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Who is the founder and what is his background? - Do you believe that Christianity is truth, and Islam is just as true? When you say Scripture, do you mean the Koran as well as the Bible, or just the Bible? - The fullness of the truth would not be revealed until the Seventh Angel? - You said, all churches have some bit of error in them, and all Scripture is just as valid whether it be the Torah or the Bhagavad-Gita, or the Koran. But why do the Prophets contradict other Prophets? If they are all wrong, then how can you even pick a verse out of The Revelation and believe it, because maybe that verse is wrong?

09/01/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: In the chat room someone had posted, Turning your stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. Could you speak on that? - Are Maya and Grace the same? Does ego uses Grace? - Could you talk a little bit about the Middle East and what is going on there? - Can logic overcome compassion, or compassion overcome logic? How can we relate to both of them working together?

08/04/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Will the military be present after the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is established? - How will Paravipras guide society and move through the cycles? - Is there such a thing as the age of Brahmins? - Was it Baba (P.J. Sarkar), who taught about these social cycles? - If you notice that you do have tendencies of a Ksattriya or Vaeshya, etc., should you be encouraged to develop other qualities? - What is the significance in God revealing in THOTH that Baba had the key of David? Didnt the Messiah always have the key of David? -What happens if our other part is not following the Eternal Divine Path or if he or she does not want to hear about God?

07/07/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Could you speak somewhat on repentance, on how to repent - What about repentance for a crime, a crime that has been done to others where society would punish the person - You have said that, Repentance is the beginning of healing. - Would you share more on putting that light on yourself to dissolve those junks (That light is God)?

6/2/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: How can we keep the prana moving inward, and prevent it from going outward - In the Bhagavad-Gita chapter 8, verse 1, Arjuna asks what are the over-soul, over-being, and over-divinity. Can you explain these things and how they relate to the Missions teaching - In THOTH it says that in the beginning the operative powers of the three gunas were not released. Does this mean that in the beginning the universe did not have the capacity of creativity, knowledge, ability, and remembrance - Why was the original desire released, the raja guna - That desire, though, was a Godly desire, right? It was to help all the lost unit consciousnesses. It was not like a heedless desire. Is that correct - If you overcome, might there still be desires - If you were trying to achieve desirelessness, wouldnt you have a desire to have no desires - I can imagine desire being directed to a higher cause in the manifested world but I have a hard time picturing a desire in an un-manifested universe - Where does creativity come from - Do we become perfect by following this Eternal Divine Path - Didnt Christ teach Be perfect as your Father is in heaven?

05/26/2001 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: What is the best way to maintain constant meditation on the mantra? The Mission is just a whole package. It is a lifestyle. What can we do to stimulate the higher chakras, actions that we can do? Please explain the paths of knowledge, karma, and devotion, and what one should do when a path is selected? Does it matter where my hands are when I meditate?

05/05/2001: We are Sons of God. Tantra yoga.

04/07/2001: As a devotee of the Mission of Maitreya for many years,...what recommendations, if any, do you give us that can help to create the strength when one feels weak, the direction when one feels scattered, and the energy when one feels the loss of hope and when one feels down? - Is God against the rich? - What is the Kingdom Of Heaven Within? - Tests in the Spiritual Path.

03/03/2001: Two states of Pure Consciousness and the concept of Nirvana and Para Nirvana in Buddhism - Fasting: How often, when and how - What Messiah, Son Of God, and Prophet means - A comparison between Christ and Buddha - Explanation of the verses 24-35 in the surah the Light in the Koran - Who is Kalki Avatar - Who was Shiva - Pauls teachings and letters - Why no commentaries on other gospels by Maitreya than Matthew and John.

02/03/2001: Explanation of the Greatest Sign to a Christian - Explaining the HOSH (our universal) Mantra - Are all problems related to ego - Do disasters mean that God is angry with us - Does false ego effect our meditation and how to prevent this happening.

01/06/2001: Explaining the Greatest Sign (Eternal Divine Path) to a new person - Our food and diet - Our Mission - Transmission, Collective Meditation and personal Meditation - How to use our idle times - You have been Called.

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