Satsangs Given in 2002

These are the Discourses that Maitreya gave in the year 2002.

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These discourses usually occur spontaneously and Maitreya covers many topics in each of them. So the topics, usually, reflect what seems to be the most important in each discourse.

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12/07/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Greatest Sign is explained (no questions was asked).; Being Zealots.; Suffering of human and pets, and our responsibility toward them.; Can you talk more about Baba (the founder of Ananda Marga)?

11/02/2002 (listento the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: What it means, God took Enoch? It is in the Bible (Genesis 5:24)? Where the people who were shot in the Washington area, by the sniper, had a Karma or were chosen randomly? So it is Tama guna that is responsible for all evils on earth? Christs words, in the Bible, are written in red. Is there a way to recognize which are Muhammads words in Koran and what is not (added, changed, etc.)? How many times the First Begotten Son has been on earth? The Harvest is ready and we all should also become ready to harvest them! Is Tama guna a Sanskrit word?

10/05/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: The Greatest Sign is explained, as usual (no questions were asked).

09/07/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Why there is no red dot in the I-Ching in the Fourth Seal (the one at the top of the Greatest Sign)? Is Consciousness (God) the witness entity in the universe? What is the timeline for mystical Paths compare to other Revelations in the Greatest Sign. There are mentions in THOTH of the period of 3500 years. Are this period and the 12,000 years that the Mystical Path has been on earth related to one another?

08/03/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Euthanasia and reincarnation?; I do not want to return in another life time?; Is God's Love unconditional?; Who are the sons of God, in chapter 6 of Genesis? Have any of them fallen?; Does everyone has to follow the Eternal Divine Path, even the fallen angels and sons of God?; After we reach a point in our meditation, do we meet Sons of God?

07/06/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: How come Abdul Bah the son of Bah'u'llh, denied the teaching of reincarnation? Could you expand a little more on what you wrote about the photon belt? I believe that you said that you had scars on your wrists, and I was wondering why is that? Would you say that your past lifetimes were that of the Messiah? I would appreciate anything that you could tell me to help maintain the hope to continue on in this life rather than spending most of my time looking forward to the next one. What really did Muhammad say to followers to fight other disbelievers? What is the truth about stories about Muhammad that come over like really immoral stories? Why do we assume the flesh and then have to spend the rest of our lifetime learning to be detached from it? Do we all have the opportunity to become Christ when we reach Pure Consciousness? I am curious about the position of women in the Eternal Divine Path as opposed to and/or in relation to other major world religions. Why are there three Lotusticas in The Greatest Sign and about their particular placement in The Great Sign? A woman is considered to be responsible for the fall of humanity? How can that be reconciled? Could you please speak about, or give the qualities of, a real seeker of truth? Have you been aware of a website with someone else using your same name and your same message all along? I saw your dedication page in THOTH, it looks similar to Catholicisms attempt to equate Mary the mother of God to the Father and the Mother and the Son?

06/01/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Is history mans story or Gods? Forgiveness, Mission and our life in many situations. The meaning of the Deuteronomy 26: 4-5. The meaning of the Deuteronomy 4: 19. Meaning of the Deuteronomy 18: 10-11. Comments from a disciple and how she has been saved by these teachings. Meaning of the Jeremiah 7: 22. How many version of Koran exited before the version we have now? What exactly is the situation in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims?

05/04/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: How can we share the Mission with other teenagers?, Which religion is the correct one and is the one we should follow?, Does unclean spirits exist?, What will happen after the tribulations?

04/06/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Why did this Benjamin Crme say Maitreya is going to come out publicly at one time and then another, and it did not happen? - It is my understanding that you are Maitreya? - Would you to please speak more about positive and negative energy? My example would be that if we were around someone who is very angry or someone who is into their addictions and manifesting some negative energy, of how I can be better in working with positive energy. - Is it appropriate that I not use words to communicate this positive energy? - What new teachings is your Mission offering in regard to unraveling the mystery of consciousness through meditation? - My question is concerning Isaiah 43, verse 5, that was speaking of Israel. - Would you be able to comment on the upcoming pole shift and what kind of intervention you see along these lines, and any kind of a time frame?

03/02/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: In THOTH, in the first creation story there in Genesis, it says that God codified the process in His mind. How - You have said a few things in THOTH about time, but time is not an element, it is not one of the three forces, and it is not a manifestation. Then what is time - But arent we in a time of human history where time is of the essence - How do I know you are indeed a Prophet - What is the purpose and idea behind this room - I am a converted Hindu and now follow Islam. When you talk about the Essence, there is something like that in Hinduism, your Atman or your Soul. And you say, when you look upon it, it is part of God and every human being has that. But then why is there evil in humankind? Is it something instinctual - Has God revealed anything of His Children on other planets, aliens?

02/23/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Could you discuss difference between Seventh Seal in The Greatest Sign, and the HOSH symbol in the middle - I had a question about sacrifice. We know that Esa the Christ, also known as Jesus, was the one who came to teach us about sacrificing, about giving of yourself and not being self-centered. But the question is, how do you know if you are sacrificing for the very highest - The First Begotten son and that consciousness that was, is it different than what were the lost unit consciousnesses at the chaos, at the creation? Or, is it different because God willed that the Messenger become the way and the truth? Or, was that first consciousness part of the lost unit consciousnesses that were in chaos - Why is Mary (the mother of Esa) more popular as a mother of the Prophets than the others - Why do people pray for intersession to the Father instead of going directly to the Essence - Did some of these people see these apparitions because they desire it so much within themselves to see it, so they see it from their own desire for it - Is 777 Maitreya himself - What are some things a person can do who has not yet opened their third eye in order to channel some of their excess energy, to their higher Chakras - In Matthew 15, it is said, I am not sent but for the House of Israel Does that mean that Christ was only sent for the House of Israel?

02/16/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: You spoke of God destroying the earth. I would like further expansion on that because my understanding is that we know God as the Creator and everything is a part of God - You say that God is a God of logic. Could you expand to tell me how this logic and love comes together in reference to us all - When was this organization founded, and who founded it - How soon can we get to that ideal land, to the world order that is the imagination of Maitreya - How are the elites going to be able to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and does that mean that we are able to teach others by our actions - I am considered clairvoyant, how does that equate to the teachings - How do I identify my place in the universe? I have opened up to learn many things, yet I still feel that I am misplaced. Can you explain those feelings - What do you feel about meditation, just sitting in silence, not necessarily chanting or doing a mantra, but just sitting and observing the nature of the mind? Do you feel that that has relevance and is somewhat spiritual - What about healing?

02/02/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: What has my friend, God, told you about the civilizations that existed on this planet way before any of this written doctrine or organized religion had come about, through the millennia when other civilizations have risen and fallen on this planet - So you believe as other religions do that God destroys His children if they disobey - In THOTH you mention that Noah was a spiritually incarnated personality. Could you please explain that - It is said that when Jesus returns, he will return to claim his bride, or his wife. I would like Maitreyas comments on that - About following God: if you do not, you fail, and you fall down, yet all of Gods creation is perfection. Isnt that a contradiction? Also, you stated that God chooses whether or not you reincarnate, or when you reincarnate. Could you expound on that a little bit - How can we adequately satisfy the desire of the warriors? How can we use them but not make them to the degree that they cause so much suffering as in the past - In THOTH, it is mentioned that after God separated the male from the female in Adam, they became less than the image of God. Would you please explain - You declared your Revelation in 1982. How did the Japanese receive you? How many followers do you have - I gather your only audience is the people who have a computer. What about those who do not have access to computers, how do you make an attempt to reach them - Coming from the East to the West, how do you explain this - Other Messengers of God had a period of time that the Message was unraveled to them, the message that they would bring to the world. How did this occur with you? And, I am interested in knowing why the fulfillment of the prophecies were not revealed to you at that time also - Is Bah'u'llh a liar? He said he was the Christ.

01/26/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Can you explain about Communities of Light - The Bible speaks of We live once and die once. There is no such thing reincarnation in the Bible. I would like you to respond to that. Also, what are your thoughts about Genesis 6, about the sons of God and their offspring that were born giants - Could you go more in depth about the twin flames and soulmates, please - Is that pretty much always the case, that people do not have their third eyes opened in this time unless they are really worthy - Who was Leviticus - If one is married to ones soulmate and then one finds ones twin flame, is it OK if one leaves one and then gets to the other one that he thinks is going to help him most - How do you pray - May I know something about the family tree of Maitreya - In Zechariah, chapter 6, verse 12, Behold, the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord: Could you please expound on that - Is this toward the middle of time, or is this more towards approaching the end of time?

01/19/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Question regarding THOTH, Holiest 1, verse 10, about the tama guna that creates the visualization or screen for things to be seen in the universe. Does that also mean that it creates the screen for all other senses to perceive things as well, beyond just visualization - Can you explain ways that we can concentrate our energies more so that we are here, at the moment. And, if we are here at the moment, and we really get good at that, isnt that the same as Pure Consciousness, to be, in be-ness or am-ness - What is the proper thing to do if someone is on their deathbed - Do you apply the same concept to animals - How does the body prepare six months before death - Why is a swastika there on our website - In the first couple of pages in THOTH, there is the inverted heart symbol with the Christus around it. I was wondering if you could give us an explanation of that symbol and its origin.

01/12/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: I know that the Community of Light is the ideal situation. But in the meantime for the ones who cannot seem to attain that, what are some things that a person can do when they are leaving their environment to help raise the consciousness of everyone else? - What really happens when you fall asleep? Why is sleep necessary? - What about short little naps? Does it happen that sometimes you can just go immediately to the unconscious mind? - Did you say that you do not think the death of Christ is important? The death is an essential part of Christianity. Also Paul said that we not take another gospel? - Is the unconscious mind the same as the Universal Mind? - What is the difference between Prophets and Avatars? Is Maitreya a Prophet or an Avatar? - Could you please expound on the essence of the teachings of Christ, his message? - My question is in regards to the Communities of Light. Our job is to come to personal unity with God?- In the opening of the Seven Seals in the modern times from Noah to Maitreya, each one of these Seals is opened by the First Begotten Son. My question is, in between that time we also have Shiva, Moses, Krishna, and Buddha. Do we consider them also the First Begotten Son? - All of the seals except for Seal Six, was from the Son of God? Was Anandamurti in Pure Consciousness? Why didnt the Sixth Seal come from the same source? - After we make our way through the different religious teachings and move forward to feeling the Communities of Light, could you share your vision on how Communities of Light look or begin in small town America? - What is the difference between meditation and prayer? - Will there be people who will reach Pure Consciousness this lifetime, this time around, as we work to create the Communities of Light? Or, it really does not matter? - Is there anything that would be recommended with building an altar? - Having any statues of Buddha or Krishna at home? Is that against your teaching? - What is the difference between the two kinds of prayer prayers in your own heart, and the prayers like Namaz, the Reminder, etc.?

01/05/2002 (listen to the audio or right click and choose "Save Target As ..." to download - our FTP site) topics covered: Is the Path you are teaching the only One - Arent there 144,000 who understand these exact same teachings and teach the same things as you do - Does God really exist - If God is everything, and the future already exists for God, how is there free will for humans - In The Revelation, after the opening of the Seventh Seal, there is silence for half an hour. Has that happened - In THOTH, in The Revelation, it says that when one overcomes, one would be crowned with twelve powers. What are those twelve powers - I understand that Jesus did not die on the cross and many people know this. Is that true - The end times are here now. It is true that Lot and his wife, Noah, Moses, Jesus, etc., were all the same thing, the same play with different characters - Learning different things, different levels - In the book of The Revelation, St. John talked about 144,000 Elected and the people who washed the old clothes in the blood of the lamb. What does that actually mean - Can you say that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh - In the explanation of the prophecies of Daniel, could you explain what it means by, The host of heaven will be cast down and trampled under? - Just to say those words, Jesus Christ is come in flesh. - Where does paganism fit into this, if it does at all - Nothing happens without Gods approval, including disasters - In THOTH, you said that the Angel Gabriel is the decision-making. I notice that the Angel Gabriel came to Zechariah to announce Johns birth, he came to Mary to announce Esas birth, and he also came to Daniel. But, I did not realize that he also came to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Is this correct - It is true that we should worship the Spirit, not the physical body, of the Messenger - What is your opinion on magic - The Moslems say that Jesus was not crucified and the Christians say he was. How does one resolve these two great religions having this major difference in their beliefs?

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