Another question: what do I do with the handkerchief and flowers after we are done? Keep them on my altar, or send them to you?

After the Initiation is done, take the prettiest flower you brought, and wrap it into the handkerchief. Write (embroider) the date you have been initiated on the handkerchief. This will be the day of your Baptism (turning around toward God). This is the day you celebrate as your rededication day. You do not celebrate the birthdays, but the day you have been born to God. It is also not called birthday, but the rededication day. Every year on this day you rededicate yourself to God (Mission, Maitreya).

The rest of the flowers, you put them into one or two nice, beautiful flower vase(s). Then you put these vases in front of the Altar where the GS (and, if desired, Maitreya's picture) is. Keep these flowers, if you can afford, fresh as a reminder to you of your commitment to the Mission and God. You can do your formal meditation, prayer, Reminder, etc. in front of this altar.

Preferably the Altar should be situated in a place that when you face the Altar, you face the north. This is not, however, mandatory, as wherever you face, God is there (you are facing Him/Her/It)!

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