(For the person to be initiated
With the Introductory Initiation)

If you are an Elect, whatever is being asked from you below, should come to you naturally, and you Manifest them without even being asked!

Nature of Initiation: Initiation is not necessary to receive the Message and Know God's Plan. Initiation is the link between Maitreya and those disciples who want to Be(come) close to Maitreya's energy. It is for those who want to be(come) close to Maitreya. Such people are confidant, friend, server, and Great Workers for Maitreya and the Mission.

When you want to Know the Word (be Initiated), you are acknowledging that you have had enough of this world, are free of all attachments, desires and wants, you have solved all personal problems, and would like to become a close disciple and work for the Mission. Then it is expected that you become more and more engaged into the Mission and its activities.

You should not take this step lightly, as the Word that Maitreya reveals to you is really for Him alone. It is for the first time, in the last twelve thousand years, that The Holy Word is directly Revealed to man. By receiving the Introductory Initiation, you are preparing yourself to receive the Holy Name (The Word) later.

If you Love the Mission and Its Message, but are not willing to accept the situations which are asked here from you, or are not willing to honor the requirements asked below, then Love the teaching and work for God without initiation. These requests and suggestions are not empty words. You are expected to honor them!

Receiving the Initiations without meeting these requirements is a dangerous step in your Spiritual progress. So please make absolutely sure that you understand them and know that Indeed God has called you to take this Great Step. Maitreya knows you by your Fruit, not by your words. He discourages you to take this step if you cannot manifest the Fruit of labor for the Mission!

Suggestions and Requirements


- Spend the day of the initiation in prayer, fasting, and meditation, keeping silent during the day.

- Take a bath or a shower before the initiation.

- Wear modest (for women, long skirt; for men, long pants) white clothes (after the shower).

- Have a good meditation before the initiation (HOSH mantra).


a. The person who is to be initiated has to agree with the conditions put forth to be initiated. They are:

- To accept and sign the Questionnaire to be Initiated and accept Maitreya as their only spiritual teacher.

- To respect the Mantra they receive in The Highest and keep it sacred and secret.

- To meditate on the Mantra constantly, and to do formal meditation at least twice a day regularly, for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time (this can be adjusted according to time, place, and people until we reach a time that this would be possible for all to achieve!)

- To pledge to serve the Mission physically, mentally, and spiritually. The minimum to fulfill this pledge is to contribute their financial duty and send their tithe [10% of their gross income] 7% to the Mission in Albuquerque, and 3% to use locally for the distribution of Mission materials and to support their regional and local branches of the Mission.

- To realize that to contribute their financial duty of 10% is a sign of commitment. The Mantra is not for sale. It is for those who are dedicated to the Mission. Tithes are the minimum God is asking the believers to put aside for Him and His Work.

- To bring something of value to which the initiate is attached to. It has to be a tangible thing. Saying I brought my ego, etc. is not accepted as many have said this and they still have their egos. It has to be something that the person has a hard time to give up!

b. Bring a white handkerchief with flowers to the initiation. Bring the gift of giving up your attachments or the offering on the same handkerchief to present to Maitreya.

In all the initiations, after you prepare yourself, and at the appointed time (when you decided to do it), you go to the room previously designated. If Maitreya is not present, leave your gift (what you are attached to and now are giving up - now that the Word is Released to humanity send the object you are attached to, to the Mission to Maitreya) before the chair where Maitreya's picture is (if no picture is available or present, the chair where Maitreya is supposed to be) and bow down [you are bowing down to the Spirit behind these revelations and teachings, which is God, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE)].

Take the meditation posture (back and neck straight), and receive your initiation.

Be aware of the entire process given at your initiation; you will need to remember it to do your future meditations with.

After the initiation meditate alone about this important moment that just happened in your life. Your first initiation (Introductory Initiation) is the beginning of your Spiritual life (Being Born Again). Then you can enjoy your new life and celebrate this moment every year as your re-dedication day!

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