Questionnaire for Those Who Want to be Initiated

Please answer the questions below with the utmost honestly and clarity. Please do not answer with vague sentences and do not beat around the bush. One of the requirements to be Initiated is absolute Honesty and Openness to yourself and Maitreya. If you are not completely honest, the Grace will be taken away from you and the state of those who have sinned and never joined the Mission will be much lighter than you. So please do not take this lightly and consider this very carefully.

You do not need to be Initiated to Know Gods Revelation, , and the path (EDP) to Return Home (God). Those who are Initiated are the Ones who want to be 100% close to Maitreya, and Serve Him and the Mission alone. God has given them to Maitreya as Elects and the Most dedicated to Serve Him in bringing His Kingdom on earth. So realize that if you have no interest to Serve Maitreya and the Mission 100%, do not proceed with the Initiation.

Please copy the questions below to a wordprocessing program and/or print the questions so you can answer them. Put an x after Yes or No below for your answer (if you answer no to any of these questions then you are not ready to be Initiated):

  1. Do you completely understand the Teachings or will you try to become Professional in knowing it in depth so you can discuss it with others and make them also realize the Depth of these Teachings? Yes     No
  2. Are you willing to follow all the requirements in the Mission, including foregoing all your cultural upbringing and social demands in the culture you have been born in, or are living in now (including holy days, national holy days, rituals in your previous religions, etc.)? Yes     No
  3. Are you willing to be Honest about your relationships with your immediate family, spouse, children, and community completely and correct them to have an Honest and correct relationship with them? For example, is your spouse truly one with you in this decision to join the Mission to this degree and you can work with each other toward accomplishing this great task? Yes     No
  4. Maitreya can ask you to set your life in such a way that will benefit the Mission most, than benefit you. Are you willing to forgo your own will in all situations and follow Maitreyas Will? Of course Maitreyas Will has to be one with Gods Will. He should never ask you for something that is not Gods Will (based on Scriptures or the Words of God). If ever you felt that what He (anyone) is asking you is not from God, you can always refer the matter to the Community and/or the members of the Mission (and when we will have the judiciary body to this body) to judge who is correct. Can you do this? Yes      No
  5. You are required to completely transform yourself to a Universal person. You no longer belong to any country, culture, gender, religion, etc. You are beyond any binding ideas on earth. You see the Essence of God in everyone. You will work to bring Peace in all situations. War is the last resort to bring Peace (a just war) and should be avoided at all costs. Can you do this? Yes      No
  6. You Pledge to perform Mission rituals and participate in Mission activities to promote and advance Mission outreach to humanity in any capacity (or beyond your capacity). You will support these activities in any way you can and will be ready to sacrifice everything to this end. You will constantly pray for the Mission and Maitreya to succeed! Yes      No
  7. Your life will be an example for others to see and follow. You will not be dismayed, discouraged, and lose faith because of others lack of commitment, faith, actions, etc. God said His Kingdom will come, so It Will. Therefore your Courage and One-pointedness toward God will be an inspiration for others to Follow. You will be severely tested. You strive to become a Saint and a Paravipra! Yes     No
  8. You will be an advisor, a confidant, and a friend to Maitreya and will help Him in all situations to make the best decision possible! Of course, the final decision is always His! Yes      No
  9. You will accept Maitreya as your only spiritual teacher and the Only Way. The Mission encourages you (everyone) to study and learn all other Religions and ideas. All of these studies have to be made in the Light of the Teachings of the Mission (where they fall in The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path). However, no other teachings and/or ideas should change the requirement that Maitreya to be your only Spiritual Teacher, and our Teachings your only Religion. Do you agree? Yes      No

Again let us emphasize that you do not need to be Initiated to Know the Teachings (The Revelation), turn around (to be Baptized by The Holy Ghost), support the Mission, and go to God. Being Initiated means more than just receiving the Teachings. It means complete (100%) commitment to Maitreya and the Mission!

So again answer with the outmost Honesty, and do not take Initiation to the Mission lightly. You are expected to follow your commitments and promises to the full. During the Seventh level Initiation (including the HOSH initiation and the Seventh!) you will be Tested most severely and the slightest doubts and wavering of the spirit will be pushed to its limit. Be aware of what you are getting yourself into. You are discouraged to take this step unless you are 100% for it!

Indeed Initiation is only for the Teachers, the Leaders and Supporters in the Mission (those who truly support the Mission, in all Levels, and are the Most Honest and One with the Mission!).

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