Some Ideas About Building The Temple

The Greatest Sign makes the base of the Temple. It creates the corridors, libraries, and the center of the Temple.

Base of the Temple.

This is the shape of the base of the Temple

In any Temple built, the base for all of them will be the same. The top (or roofing) can be different. The top can be modified according to the taste of the people who are building it, their financial abilities, building codes and laws in any area, etc. Some possibilities are offered below:

Simple top.

Top with a round dome and simple pyramids

The skewed pyramid can be skewed toward the
center of the Temple

The Temple can be built also with outward skewed pyramids (like an open Lotus)

All the drawings here are rough sketches. The proportion of the top to the bottom, how tall the walls of the temple should be, etc., again, are left to the engineers and people who would like to build it. It should be built the most pleasing to the eye. It is built to Honor God.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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