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Mission Dwolla Signup Link

Dwolla is one of the methods that can be used to donate to the Mission.  It is a small competitor to PayPal and other online payment processors which differentiates itself through extremely low transaction fees (the amount of the donation that the processor takes in return for the service).  Because of this, we encourage everyone (although unfortunately it is currently US-only) to use this service rather than PayPal, etc. as it means more of the donation will be passed on to us and thus used directly to further the Mission.

Dwolla has recently developed a new promotion: If someone signs up for Dwolla through the Mission's special referral link, both the Mission and the individual will receive $10 in transaction fee credits.  This would allow many donations to pass 100% through to the Mission with no fee paid.  Therefore, if you are considering signing up for Dwolla, we encourage you to do so through our referral link.

Here is the link:

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