Maitreya Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM. Welcome to the Mission and our room.

Let us close our eyes and imagine that we have never been born in our family, we have never been taught that we belong to any nation, we have not been born yet into this world, and none of the ego-identification has been given to us. We are still in the state of being born into this world.

At the time of conception and beyond, where did we belong? What religion did we have? Who were our parents, or father, or country, or nation, or race, or gender? Then we can see how being born and having ego identify itself with so many things, keeps us away from realizing the Essence that we are. If we can shed all those ego-identifications and return to the Essence that we were, we can shatter all the ego that keeps us from realizing who we really are.

Who are we really? We are the Essence and One with God. Anything else that we identify with, or we think that is who we are, is created by our egos and is in our way. This is the meditation that most of humanity is afraid to even think about and practice. If they do, they will lose their identity, the things that they relate to as their ego. Losing that, to them, or to their ego, is equal with losing themselves.

In reality by losing the ego they will find themselves that they are the Essence of God, that they are the Children of God, that everyone is the Essence of God and the Child of God. Therefore, escape from this predicament that humanity has put themselves in is the Communities of Light, where every individual looks at other individuals as their brothers and sisters, as the Essence of God with no ego-identification, and they become One. That is when we can shatter the separation that exists in human lives and on earth. We can free ourselves from all the bondages that we have put on ourselves with our ego-identification.

Then we can recognize that that is the first step. As hard as it looks and is, it is the first step in spiritual progress and realization. The next step is to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Now let us find those who also can disassociate themselves from the ego-identifications, and can come together and see our Essence as free and one with God. We can become one together and create an environment that is called the Communities of Light. If there is any ego identification, if there is a separation because of those identifications between us, that is not the Communities of Light. That is the same as any other communities that we have on earth. We can call them the communities of darkness because still they separate themselves from each other and from the rest of humanity.

However, in an environment of the Communities of Light, we realize that our Essence needs very little, just physiological and safety needs taken care of and the rest we can direct toward the creation of the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore we become responsible to create that environment not only for ourselves but for those who also want to spread the Mission, reach out to humanity, create an environment that more people hear these Revelations and truth. They can free themselves from these bondages that we put on ourselves because we live in this external world and we take this external world as reality, truth, and the ultimate goal, which it is not. The ultimate goal is to recognize that this external world is a temporary place. A temporary place means that it does not stay forever as it is.

Even scientists are telling us that everything was created with atoms that are in flux and are not solid. There is actually more space in atoms than solid material. The educated people and those who have scientific minds can see the temporary state of this creation, and they should also strive for permanency. That permanency is the Spirit, is the Consciousness, and the three creative forces, and when they become in balance, they become the Pure Consciousness. That is what is permanent.

When we create the Communities of Light, we provide the physiological and safety needs for the members because as we said, this is a temporary manifestation. Our bodies are temporary but they need energy and up-keeping so they can continue to meditate, progress, and realize that there is a greater purpose for life than just physiological and safety needs.

Physiological and safety needs are necessary. That is why we have to create the ability or characteristics of taking care of them for others and ourselves. But that is not the highest goal. After our physiological and safety needs are taken care of, then we have to recognize what the Will of God is for us in this lifetime, and surrender and submit to it. We become a surrendered one to the Will of God, "What does God want me to do? What is the pattern? What is He showing to me that I am best at, and I can help this Revelation and Gods Will to manifest in a greater degree?"

It is a self-policing and self-realization of, "Who really am I? And now that I am free of all ego-identification, what is Gods Will for me in that Essence that I am in this body? If my Essence and God are one but still I am in this body (I am alive), how can I be an instrument for God? What is the Will of God for me?"

It is easy for some people. It is harder for others. God has to prove to them what is His Will for them. If we recognize what is the Will of God for us, the life is going to be easier for ourselves and for others. We know what the Will of God is in general; it is the Eternal Divine Path. I know what the Will of God is for us, for me, for the Mission, and for the members of it.

They can resist it. The free will is a part of the universe. That is why the problems started in the beginning because a part of the universe chose, with the free will, to go away from the center. They chose darkness instead of Light, "And darkness was upon the face of the deep."

If we are the Children of Light then we choose what is Gods Will for us, not using our free will to choose to go to darkness. Indeed we choose, or we use our free will, to choose the Light. When we choose the Light, then we are surrendered and submitted to God.

When you are surrendered and submitted to God, when you know you are the Essence of God, then for sure you are a universalist. You shatter any narrowness of the mind because you see that the entire universe is a part of God. How could you separate one part from the other part? With this you become an Elect.

You have the greatest Spiritual realization that any human or any being can have. You are a Child of God; you are a Paravipra. You are a chosen one. The chosen one is not something that our ego says, "I am a chosen one but I do not follow the Eternal Divine Path." The chosen one is the one who is the Eternal Divine Path. When you reach to the state of being an Elect, then you indeed have reached the goal.

Timothy: What is the relationship/similarities between the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and within?

Maitreya: The similarity is that God is number One. Of course, in the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven everything is God, therefore everything is One with God. So everything is number One. But in the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, for those who want to bring the Kingdom as the hierarchy of beings as is explained in THOTH, the first is God.

If you put God first in your life, if you shatter every need, want, and desire that takes you away from that focus, then you purify yourself. You recognize that you cannot harm your body because that is the temple of God. When you harm your body, you harm God.

When you recognize that God has already sent His Prophets and they have laid down the "Good Life," and how it can come to everyone and bring Peace, you will follow the Commandments that God has given. You do not break them.

When you set your life according to Gods Will and what is Holy, you purify and spiritualize every action you take. God never said not to do a lot of things that humans do. He just said spiritualize them, purify them, make them according to the Laws. The more people do that, the more the beauty of Gods Commandments will manifest to them, bring discipline to the society, will give boundaries, and they will eventually create an environment that there is peace.

In that type of environment, there are boundaries that everyone knows they should not break. Therefore there is a society that everyone knows the boundaries to live within. When you break those boundaries, where are you going to stop? It is just going to go on and on and on. Every day a new boundary will be broken, and the society will be confused as to where it is going to stop.

Also God has created this universe, and He knows what is the best way to live in it and have a good life. That is why He sent the Prophets, He sent the Revelation, to tell where those boundaries are. Therefore we can follow them. In the Kingdom Of God those boundaries will be followed because people will know that it will bring peace and unity in a greater degree between them.

There is not that, "I do whatever I want, and I do not care for the rest of humanity, or the community, or my family." No. "God created me for a purpose, to be(come) Divine, and He set these boundaries for me. My parents followed those boundaries, therefore I also will follow those boundaries."

That is why again the family is so important. The family, with the parents that are Godly, will follow those boundaries and their children will see those boundaries themselves and will follow them, and their children, and on and on. One of the signs of the breaking-up of a society is when the family falls apart and it no longer follows the desire of God, which is sacrifice, staying in the family, staying together, and recognizing that God put us together. We have to stay and try as hard as we can, not to break it up.

God created history, and all through history when such a thing happened, The Grace was taken away and those people paid for it. It is very simple! You do not have to be a rocket scientist to recognize this, especially after this Revelation, that the emphasis has been, "Look at the history."

History is a lesson for humanity. If they study the history they can see that God has been doing this. This is the Law of the universe, and you have to follow the Law.

The Kingdom on earth is similar to the Kingdom of Heaven in the way that God is number One. Therefore, His Laws are number One. In the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, or Pure Consciousness, no one has any body, no one has any ego, no one has any separated will from God, unless something goes wrong as it did in the beginning of this creation and a part of it went to the darkness instead of staying with the Will of God. Therefore separation started.

In this state of creation we have our own wills, we have our own egos, we have bodies, we have senses, we have desires, we have a lot of pulls from this external world that do not let our consciousnesses be focused on God all the time. Therefore, this is a bigger struggle. By meditation, by creation of the Communities of Light, by following the Eternal Divine Path, by realizing our Essence, we can shatter those desires and pulls of the body by spiritualizing those desires and purifying our lives toward that state that those pulls no longer are unpurified but are based on the Laws of God. We can even satisfy those pulls, but not against Gods Will.

We can recognize that God is number One, creation of the communities is paramount, and shattering all the narrowness of the mind and ego-identification is necessary. Little by little those like-minded people should come together and create the Communities of Light.

The similarities are that they have to recognize that Gods Will should be our will because in the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven, that is who we are. The Father and I, the Father and me, are One. We have to become the same here on earth.

As we resist it, as we do not want to see it, as we have our own wills and we do not let Gods Will come through, we feel separated, we become judgmental, we cannot see this Mission as the way out, we do not dedicate ourselves to this cause. We want everyone else to follow our ideas, our way of thinking, our will, not Gods Will.

That is why the manifestation of God is necessary on earth as the focus, the focal point, as the Will of God. Therefore, all those who submit their will to the overall Will of God will not follow their own will but the Will that has been revealed to them through that Manifestation. They also become one and follow Gods Will. They always compare, "This is my will, or is it Gods Will?"

First of all they have to recognize that Major Manifestation, that focal point, who is indeed from God and was sent to them as the focal point, as the Will of God. If he is not, they should avoid that person and not accept that will.

If it is proven to you, or anyone, that indeed he has revealed the Will of God to man then, "Is my will and His will in sync? Is it the same? Is my will also to create the Communities of Light, follow the Eternal Divine Path, become an Elect, and focus on what is to be done?" Or is it, "My will is that he should follow what I want him to do according to my own will?"

If that is the case, then there will be a conflict because I will follow the Will of God. I do not follow anyones will but Gods Will. Gods Will says, "Create the Communities of Light, call the Elects, let the Elects come together and become a strong body that we can create the facilitating body. Then the facilitating body will create the Facilitating Hierarchy. The Facilitating Hierarchy will eventually create the Communities of Light, and the eventual manifestation of the Hierarchy will come from the Communities of Light. That is the Will of God for me."

My focus is to find these Elects, to recognize them, to bring them forward, and to work with them. Therefore we could eventually manifest Gods Will on earth, and more and more people will see the Will of God. The Will of God is to close your eyes, worship God in the temple of your body, and worship God in Spirit.

That is meditation: Closing your eyes, going within, and recognizing that God indeed is not your ego. It does not have any ego-identification. It is neither male nor female. It is neither from this country nor from that country. It is not from this gender, or from this color. God is colorless. God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He is FINE.

All this teaching is to shatter your ego and release you to your Essence, or God. That is why it is the highest Revelation that has ever come to man and is calling man to turn around and be baptized. Every word that is revealed in this Mission is the fire word, is a baptism for those who recognize it and want to turn around.

Of course for those who do not want to turn around, His Words are harsh and are hard to follow. They have too many things to do, and they have lots of things in their lives that they are more interested in than the Word of God and to become what is required to become. They judge these Words, they judge the Messenger of these Words, and they go their ways.

Those who see that these words indeed are their salvation, stay with them, shatter the narrowness of their minds, and free themselves to God. They become the Essence of God, and they come and become a part of it. Then they can find more people who can hear this through them.

We are asking people to turn 180 degrees from where they are going. Some people turn 2 degrees, some people turn 5 degrees, some people turn 90 degrees, some 160 degrees, but none of them go to God. All of them are going in different directions but that is not where you go to God. The only ones that go to God are the ones that turn 180 degrees. And most people do not want to do that. They say, "Oh no, I am going to just turn 50 degrees," or something like that. They are not going to go where the 180-degree one goes.

That is when the Kingdom comes. We do not need to have everyone to turn around 180 degrees. Those who are Elects, those who are chosen, those who have been called, that is what they do. They turn around 180 degrees, and they want to go to God. They become my brothers and sisters, and we become co-workers together. We can manifest Gods Kingdom on earth. They are indeed the Elects. They will focus on the manifestation of God, and they will become one with each other because they are all the Essence of God and they recognize that.

If there is any tension, if there is any disunity, if there is any ego-struggle, they have to look at themselves in even a deeper level and ask, "Why is this struggle going on? That is not the Will of God. The Will of God is harmony. The Will of God is unity, oneness. The Will of God is that you see It, I see It, and we are One so we do not struggle." We harmonize our work together, and we can manifest great things. If I keep my ego and you keep your ego, then we will struggle for sure and great things will not manifest through us.

Bring God as the first in your lives, focus on the Manifestation, and follow the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore you can manifest great things and become one with the Mission with what we do, and eventually we can bring God in every level of human existence as is explained in THOTH, as the Laws given by Great Prophets. That is the goal of the life, and we recognize and realize that any other way will bring destruction to man. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to return home to the Essence.

Anything that is not manifesting the goal of the life and the Essence of this universe will have a hard time. The Universal Law is that they usually are destroyed, or there is going to be tribulation, there is going to be destruction, there are going to be earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, etc. That is still the beginning because the humans are very, very set in their ways, and they are not going to change by a couple of Satsangs or the truth that has been revealed to them for more than twenty-three years.

The more they resist God, the more they resist this pattern or way that has been given to come, the stronger all this will become. That is why humanity has not seen anything yet.

Of course, if everyone accepts this tonight, comes together, creates the Communities of Light tomorrow, and brings the Kingdom, we do not have to go through it. But for the last twenty-plus years that I have been preaching this truth, how many people really have seen this clearly, and how many people really have become the Elects? What is it that keeps them from not seeing it, coming, joining, surrendering and submitting, becoming an Elect, and working hard, or working with God to do that?

So I will go on, preach this to humanity, and give the Message again and again. No wonder God said, "Many will be called; few will be chosen." They already have been chosen. For the last twelve thousand years they have been meditating, they have been progressing, and now is the time for them to come forward. That is why all this Mission, this preaching, and this work and effort that has been out for more than twenty years, to find these Elects that can turn around 180 degrees.

My job is easy, to just give the truth and wait for them, only for those that go 180 degrees, not 160, not 150, not 130, not 100, because they are not going to come to me. If you go 160 degrees, you are still going to miss me. 150, 100 degrees, you are going to miss me. 180 degrees is where I am standing, right behind you.

The only way that you can come to me is to turn around 180 degrees and come to me. Then we are One. If we can find such people, we can create a beautiful, strong, united body together, with no separation, or tension, or struggle, but we will be pure channels for God. It is then that we can create the Round Table.

Again it is the time to gather the Knights, the Paravipras and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is how God and the twenty-four Elders around Him are in Heaven, and the similarity again will be that is how the Eldest with the Elders should be on earth. Indeed that was the idea of the King from the very beginning on earth. The King is the one who is connected to God. The King is the preacher, a teacher of God. He is in the Spirit with God. And because he is connected to God, he can bring the Spirit of God to His Kingdom, on earth, and can manage the Kingdom based on the Will of God.

This is the kind of leader we should choose, and that is the kind of Paravipras or Elects they should be. If we can create that kind of humanity that the head of our organization is connected to God and we can bring those who also are connected to God, then we can create a body that can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is actually the same idea as the Caliph in the Islamic tradition and the Oma, or the community. The Caliph is the one who is connected to God.

After Prophet Muhammad, however, the Moslems failed to choose the one who was connected to God. They chose who had more money, a greater army, a bigger political understanding and maneuvering. Therefore the Kingdom was lost. That is why in our teaching we say that Prophet Muhammad brought the Kingdom for a short period of time, but not forever. He did not bring the Kingdom of God on earth. He just brought the Kingdom of God to the Arabs for a short period of time. This teaching is aimed at bringing the Kingdom of God to earth for at least one thousand years and the Golden Age after that.

The East had a good idea that the leaders have to be connected to God. And the West had a good idea of how to choose them by the democratic process, testing them, examining them, but not necessarily being connected to God. Again you can see that we unified the East and the West even in that regard. Yes, indeed, there has to be a process of choosing those who are connected to God and eventually choosing a leader from them. But there has to be a process to choose he who is connected.

The West showed how to choose the leaders, and the East showed whom to choose. The East and the West have to be connected and come together in order to find a way to choose the correct ones, the ones who are connected to God.

The Catholic Church has the same idea. The Bishops, all those fathers, and the entire hierarchy was supposed to create the Pope who was connected to God. However, they became very politicalized and engaged themselves in running Europe. They engaged themselves in the political systems that existed, and eventually they became politicalized themselves. So even the Catholics and Christianity did not manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.

The East and West are necessary, and both of them have good ideas. Those good ideas have come from God. Like the two separate sides of the brain, the East and the West have been separated so far, but in these teachings they are one again and they complement each other. They do not contradict each other. Each of them has some truth that can manifest Gods Will on earth. We can see how perfect this Revelation is and how unifying it is. It unifies everything.

The question was whether there are similarities between the Kingdom Of God In Heaven and the Kingdom Of God On Earth. There are some similarities; there is some truth, and there is reality. The most important is the Will of God, and our will becomes One. We bring the Will of God to our lives. We bring the Will of God to our systems, to bring the Will of God in every level of human existence.

At this time and this moment, the Will of God is out of everything on earth, and more and more it is ignored. You cannot ignore God, that is why He is making it clear that if you go against His Will and create an environment that is sinful and is not according to the purification of God, suffering will come to humanity. They have to recognize that they are here for a reason, to be(come) Divine. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

But why we do not know that we are a part of God is because we are in the illusion of separation from God, which is ego, and therefore we fall into Maya (this external world as the truth), we fall to this external world as the reality, when even science is telling us it is not. It is a temporary state. It is not permanent. Why would anyone want to put effort and be attached to something that is temporary and ignore that which is permanent?

That is where the concept of Maya and illusion of separation from God comes in, and we can see how many humans are in that illusion. They cannot recognize that their goal is to be(come) Divine, to turn around, to return to permanency, and to not be attached to this temporary state of being.

There is a reason this creation has been created. Indeed this creation is an intelligent creation. There is a Creator that intelligently created it. Those who do not see this do not have intelligence themselves. They are not intelligent. Even if you have the smallest intelligence you can see that there is a Creator.

There is a difference between intelligence and intellect. It has been explained in our Glossary and in THOTH, in the teachings. It is good to be intelligent but not intellectual. Intellectuals do not have the Spirit behind their understanding and their egos are usually so huge that they do not want God, because if there is God then they are not god themselves.

Intelligence is an intellectual with Spirit, and therefore they can see that this creation cannot be just by chance. Statistically it is impossible that everything that has been created in this creation (and the way they work) was created with no direction or intelligence behind it. An intelligent person sees that easily but an intellectual ignores it. An intellectual wants to become god; he wants to be god himself. But if you statistically and scientifically prove it to him, the existence of God is more possible than that everything so intelligently created has happened by chance.

We have to create intelligent people, people who see that indeed God exists, He has sent the Prophets, He created history, He created the creation, and He said that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. We are here to understand His Will, which is the Eternal Divine Path, to turn around, go back to the Essence, shatter all narrowness of the mind and ego-identification, reach a point that we turn around 180 degrees, become a Child of God, and be a champion of His Will.

We are champions of His Will for the whole of humanity, which is the Eternal Divine Path, unity of all religions, and teach humanity that there is no other revelation on earth that has revealed this much truth. None. There is no other revelation that touched every aspect of human life and unified all the religions under one teaching. We need to teach them to forego their dogmas, their egos, their religious identifications, and see the Will of God, and the truth, and they can shatter the separation they have created among themselves and recognize and realize that they have to share this earth. They have to hear the message of the Samgacchadvam that all come together, share, enjoy the universe together, bring peace and unity, and forego the conflicts that arise by not recognizing the Will of God for us, and therefore we struggle with each other.

If I am one with the Will of God and you are one with the Will of God, we are one. There is no struggle between us. That goes with everyone, your friends, your family, your spouse. If you all can bring Gods Will among yourselves, you will not struggle. You will say, "Yes, that is the Will of God. That is where we have to live, and that is how we have to live, and we are one. We can see how putting God as number One is true here on this earth, and it is true in the Kingdom in heaven." That is probably the greatest similarity between the two kingdoms. We have to also recognize that and bring that truth to our lives. Be grateful that God guided us to this Revelation, to so much truth that has come to us.

It is a very demanding Revelation. It does not accept even 179 degrees. It demands 180. It is OK, we can still accept those who are 179, 160, but they are not the ones called the Elects. They are not the ones who will be One with the body of God and the manifestation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

gugsi: "How to become a Child of God without intellectual knowledge about His Plan?"

Maitreya: That is intelligence. That is not intellect. If you want to know the Plan of God then you are a very intelligent person. We are not opposed to intellect. We are opposed to intellect without Spirit. As I said intellect with Spirit is intelligence.

What you are asking, "How to become a Child of God without intellectual knowledge about His Plan?" is that you have the Spirit of God, or realization that an Intelligence is behind this universe, therefore, you are an intelligent person. The intellectuals that we are talking about are those who put God out, the Creator out, and they say there is no Creator and that everything has been created by chance.

The moment you are an intellectual who recognizes that an Intelligent Being is behind this creation, you are intelligent. And we are looking for intelligent people, those who intellectually can see indeed there is a God, or Creator, in this universe.

Therefore, become intelligent. Prove to an intellectual that according to statistical truth having a Creator is more plausible than the idea that everything so perfectly and intelligently put together had happened by chance. It is impossible that this creation does not have an Intelligent Designer behind it.

It is OK being an intellectual, but if you are an intellectual that is opposing God in every turn because you are afraid that if you accept God you are not god yourself anymore, then that is an obstacle in the way of understanding the reason for this creation.

However, even intellectuals are coming closer and closer to recognizing that there is a unified base in everything in this creation, and they have come to the new theories that teach them that there has to be an Intelligence, whatever you want to call It, behind this creation. The intellectual is reaching a point, not completely going beyond it, but reaching to a point that they recognize that this is more than they can just intellectually explain.

Also we do not want everyone to go beyond that point. If everyone goes beyond that point then we do not have any scientists. All will become Mystics and all will sit there and meditate, and they do not strive to scientifically explain and experiment with what is in this universe. We need both of them.

Those who recognize that there is an Intelligence behind this creation, there is a Plan that God has for it, are intelligent people. Of course there are those who just love God and intelligently do not even want to know why there is God. They are devotional; they are Bhakti yogis who cannot explain why God exists to a scientist. They just stamp their foot down and say, "Yes. God exists. I know He exists because in my heart, because in my intuition, I know that God exists." Great! We need them too. But intelligent people can explain to an intellectual why God and the possibility of His existence is greater than everything has been created or has evolved by chance.

I see our time is up. I do not see any other questions. Again this room is for bringing this Revelation to humanity and explaining to them that every level of human existence has been covered. All answers have been given and now the call is for the Elects to come and return to us. We come together as One and start implementing this Revelation. The time of explanation is gone and finished; however, we will explain as the questions are brought up also.

The only thing is to see who comes to this room, or our other rooms, join us and recognize that indeed this is the highest and greatest Revelation that ever came to humanity. They can come, join, and start creating the body of the Elects.

Preach this. Reach out to humanity. Let all know that their religions are a part of this greater truth, that the East and West have been unified, the playing field has been leveled, all humanity now has received The Grace equally, and those who are greater in humility and doing Gods Will are the greatest in His Eyes.

Sal-OM everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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