Maitreya, Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission.

There is a phenomenon here after Thanksgiving and in December. Suddenly people start vanishing until January. In the middle of January we start having them back. Something happens in this period, which is OK. We have to recognize Gods Revelation and start following what He has recommended for us to follow so we can become one-pointed in Gods Way.

We know that Moslems believe that they have the last word of God. Of course, we know better. That is because before this Revelation, no one had the last Word of God. They have to recognize that God had more Revelations to come. They have to recognize and realize the Seventh Angel, the Seven Seals, and the Seven Revelations. Therefore, they can come down from their misunderstandings and by expanding their realizations, they will recognize that this is the last Word of God.

As God said, only the Seventh Angel has the last Word, and It only can come through the line of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Prophet Muhammad was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We have to teach and spread this truth to them so that more and more of them recognize that they have to go further from where they are.

All religions are accepted in this Mission. That is the beauty of it. Everyone can walk in and be a part of it without forgoing the essence of their own teachings, but by adding the essence of the rest of the Revelations of God. Therefore, they can see the whole Vision and the foretelling of the coming of the Seventh Seal and Seven Revelations. They can expand themselves.

There is no separation between religions. They all have come from the same Source, from one God. He has been sending all these Revelations to man in piecemeal, in separate ways, because 12,000 years ago they did not listen, they did not follow this to the completion and that is why we have history, our third eyes are closed, and our spiritual understanding has been taken away from humanity.

But now is the time for man to again recognize that we are all a part of God, we have to come together, and we have to bring the ancient wisdom that everything is God, and therefore we cannot be rude or destructive to other parts of the universe. We can and should come together, as the message of the Samgacchadvam is, To know one another so we can share this universe. We can progress together in the Communities of Light and accelerate the purpose of this creation, which is to make the parts of the universe that are separated from the rest to turn around, be baptized, and go back to God.

The way now is shown with the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the Path that we have to follow. We have to meditate in the temple of our bodies and keep our bodies clean and not hurt them by using drugs or by using the things that hurts the temple of God.

We will become pure enough to manifest His Will in a greater degree. A great responsibility has come to man to recognize what is the goal of life, how we have to keep our bodies, our minds, and our spirits clean, united, and focused on God. We shatter every narrowness of the mind, of mine, thine, and belonging to anything in this universe, such as nationality, gender, culture (whatever binds us), and to become One with God and release ourselves from anything that keeps us from the freedom to become released to oneness and to shatter anything that is in our way to go to that Essence.

This is a call to the brave and those who are the pioneers and want to follow Gods Will, which is to become the Elects, to become a people who dedicate all their lives to this cause and for this Mission. We have many levels of joining the Mission, from being a sympathizer to complete dedication of your life. We accept anyone who comes to the Mission, sees the Vision, likes it, loves it, and is One with it.

When people first come to the Mission, they are like a flame. They are on fire, and they love the Vision. But they do not know too much about it. As they stay with the Mission for a long time, they eventually become bonfires, the people who indeed are one with this Mission and accept this Mission as the religion and the Revelation of God. If they become a bonfire and if they realize this clearly, we are done with them because they are one with the Mission, they are a part of it, and we are brothers and sisters in God.

There are a lot of processes and coming together, recognizing the Vision, becoming enflamed with it, and at the same time seeing it is different than what we have been brought up with. It is different than our previous religion. It takes us away from our cultural attachments, and it brings a new way of life and Vision. Therefore it is difficult for some people to forego and let go of those attachments that take them away to free themselves completely.

If they stay with the Vision, if they stay in the Mission and continue with it, it becomes easier, simpler, and nicer. Eventually they realize that they have to do it because if every culture and people still hang onto their own little attachments, we will not have the unity that will come by becoming One with God.

As they recognize this, more and more we will have people who are free to look at this universe as a uni-verse, as One Creation by One God. We have been here from the very beginning, we are here now, and we will be here forever. Nothing is created. Nothing can be destroyed. The only thing that happens is that it can be transformed to different forms but it can never be destroyed.

Therefore, we will be here. We have been born in so many different cultures, countries, nations, and even maybe planets. Now that we can shatter our attachments to a very specific place in the universe, we can expand ourselves to become a universalist, a person who does not belong to any place but to God and the universe. As we become that, we can become teachers who can travel and go to different parts of the world and feel being at home. That is because their culture is the culture of God, and they will encourage everyone also to become the culture of God.

It is a new beginning. It is the beginning of the Golden Age. A new age needs a new set-up, a new culture, a new way of seeing the universe, and this is it. This is the way, the vision of the Golden Age, for each individual to shatter the narrowness of the mind. They meditate, and they recognize that God is in the temple of their bodies and the body is the temple of God. They keep the body clean and pure for manifestation of God.

They close their eyes, therefore they can see the spirit within. As they mediate more in that spirit, they will know themselves. Since they know themselves, they also know other people. Not only do they know other people, they also know God, Know thyself to know God. It is the same thing. There is no difference between Self and God. We are the Essence of God, and we have that part in ourselves. If you meditate in the temple of your body, eventually you will recognize the Oneness. When you recognize the Oneness, that Oneness is the same in every person and individual. Therefore, you can see that Essence in them.

If everyone has the Essence of God and you know that Essence is in everyone, you will not want to hurt the Essence of God. You do not want to kill the Essence of God. You do not want to be against that Essence. The more people that see that Essence, shatter the narrowness of the mind, and realize that all are the children of One God, then we can come together and more and more be unified as the Children of God.

It is the time to understand this new Revelation, this new teaching, this new Vision that God has promised He would give at the end time. Indeed, this is the end time. Six hundred years ago was not the end time. Two hundred years ago was not the end time. Twelve hundred years ago was not the end time. Two thousand years ago was not the end time. This is it. And God said that in this time, before the coming of the great upheaval and tribulation, this Revelation of the Seventh Angel will come to humanity, and the mystery of God will be revealed to man, and it has.

Now we know everything about the base of science and creation, and spiritually. Gods Plan from the very mundane way of life to the creation of the system that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth has been revealed to man. We have not opposed any religion and their essence but we have confirmed that indeed God has sent all of them, and they have come from the same God. There is no separation between them. If there is some separation, it is because they did not know before this Revelation. This is the only time that the mystery of God would be finished, the whole Revelation of God would be revealed to man, every question you might have is explained, and any differences between religions are resolved. And it is done with this Revelation..

It is finished. It has been given to man in completion and now it is on the website, in the Internet that God has created. Therefore, you do not have to go anywhere. As the prophecy said, If they say He is here, do not go. If they say He is in the desert, do not go.

Also He will not come to the street. You will not see Him in the street. That is because He does not need to go to the street; He can just sit here, give this Revelation, and everyone in the world will hear it. As we can see right now in this room, we have people from almost every corner on the earth. They can hear this Revelation. With a couple of clicks they can go to our website and see the Revelation that is given to them in many forms, and the support of this Revelation that has been given in videos, audios, writings, essays, and many things that have clarified it.

There was no Prophet ever that came, wrote it down, corrected it, and put it up for humanity to look at It. And there is only one version of this Revelation. That is the only Revelation that ever came as the ultimate Revelation with one version from the Prophet to man.

We can see that God is very, very aware, and He has protected this Revelation to the highest. We did not have to go to the streets. We did not have to be shot at, stoned, and chased out of the cities as they have done to many Prophets.

We do receive the cyber-stones and cyber-shots. On the Internet, people come to our rooms, and although they do not understand our teaching, they have never read it, they do not know what we teach and how God did say that this Revelation would come, still they insist that it is from the devil, it is not correct, and it cannot be. They are still hanging onto their dogmas and their religions. If they go and study this teaching and see that God indeed prophesied that this Revelation would come, hopefully more and more they will forego their own dogmas and come to the Word of God. Many of them might not.

But we believe in reincarnation. They have been exposed. They have been told about this Revelation. Maybe next lifetime when they come back as a child they will come across this Revelation again and at that time they will be more susceptible to accept this Revelation in a greater degree. Most of the people who talk like that, or they do not accept this new Revelation, are the people who have been born in a specific religion or have recently have been converted to a religion that they believe is the best or the highest. Therefore, they have a hard time to really accept that there could be a new Revelation or anything better than what they have.

We know this is the best thing that could happen to humanity. This is the best Revelation of explanation and realization of the things that no one knew until this Revelation came. It makes sense. It is Spiritual. It is deep. It explains science and Spirit, and unifies them. It teaches that God is everything and the only thing we have to overcome is our ego, our subconscious mind, and we can connect ourselves to God directly.

As long as we are not directly connected to God, as long as we have not experienced that Oneness, we might have religions, we might have ideas, we might have opinions, but we do not have the truth. That is why we encourage everyone to meditate, to awaken his/her spiritual forces. At the same time, or prior to that, we try to create the Communities of Light, to bring this Revelation to every corner on earth, and to call the Elects and those who have been incarnated to come for this Revelation, to come together. Let us work with each other and become one in this Vision. Therefore, we can spread this Vision to every person, and they also might see that God is behind all the revelations and religions, and now they are unified. There is no other religion or revelation that has explained in a greater degree than this one has.

There is a person who has his hand up and wants to ask a question, whose name is Smile4others. Smile4others, would you answer a couple of questions about the Mission before you can have the mic? That is our arrangement in this room. You should have gone to our website first and studied our teaching before you can have the mic. If you have questions that are not related to the Mission, you can type them in the text.

Do you know what the Eternal Divine Path is? Have you been in our website? What is the Eternal Divine Path?

Smile4others: Give me time.

Maitreya: OK, sure.

Smile4others: You carry on.

Maitreya: Sure. We want people to really at least know the base of our teachings first so we can discuss things together. We know about all the religions. We have studied them. We have studied all the books and Scriptures, and we are open to discuss them. But if you do not know about our teachings then it is very hard to discuss. You will just keep saying your way of thinking, and you do not know the Visions that we have.

We really appreciate the people who go to our website, study, and then come here for discussion. Then we can intelligently discuss things together and know that indeed we can come to some kind of understanding with each other.

We can see this Revelation is here, and now humanity has two choices: To accept it, or to resist it. If they go with it, that will not hurt them much because God said He is going to go this way. If humanity comes with Him and goes with Him, they can bring the Kingdom of God on earth and eventually recognize that there are infinite resources in the universe. They do not have to fight and kill each other because of the limited resources on earth. They can come together and find the best minds on earth and create beautiful people who can help each other to progress, become one, and eventually bring the Kingdom and peace on earth.

Indeed, this is the Revelation of Peace. No other revelation before it was the Revelation of Peace because each of them was rejecting the one before them, and they became a separate revelation or religion from the others. But in this Revelation we do not reject the ones before us. We incorporate them, and therefore every religion can feel comfortable by coming into this without feeling that they have to completely change their religion. They only have to get rid of their dogmas, their misunderstandings, and listen to the Prophet and the Revelation that has come through that Manifestation.

So it can bring Peace to them. It is Peaceful. It glorifies God. Those who glorify God will be glorified. The Spirit exists. God exists. He is in control. He is in the universe. Those who try to put Him out of everything will not succeed because more and more people who meditate will see this truth on earth.

This room is for everyone to come and ask questions about this Mission, and we can discuss things together. We invite everyone from all other religions to come to us and bring their understandings to this room. But we would like that they first go to the website and study our teaching, a little bit at least, so they know what is revealed here. If they do that then we are very open to them, and with a nice and good manner of discussion, we will be open here to discuss with them.

If they come here to do things that some other people came and did, then we are not very open to them at all. This invitation is for all the teachers and all the people who are in other religions and want to know about these teachings. Or, they would like to challenge our teachings. They want to challenge the validity of this Revelation. We are very open to discuss it with them.

Better than that is to go to the website, study our teachings, see the Vision, and validate this Revelation and the claim by yourself. If you do that, then you already can forego what your dogmas or your beliefs are and see that God said He would send a Revelation at the end time. This is that Revelation. All the proof and backing has been given in many, many different ways for humanity to recognize that this is from God.

If they do that, that would be great. Instead of spending time and energy to prove things to one another, you prove it to yourself. When you prove something to yourself, that is greater than if I prove it to you. If you prove it to yourself then that is your understanding and realization. If I prove it to you, it is me who made you to see something that you really did not want to see.

We appreciate even more those people who are in other religions to go to our website, study the teachings, and see that the words that have come through this vessel are based on the Words of God. God said there would be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals, and Seven Truths that would come to humanity. They will see where their teachings or religion is in this Revelation. They will recognize that it is where it is said it should be and how all of them together reveal not only the unity of all religions but it shows a Path, which is called the Eternal Divine Path.

It is Eternal because it was created in eternity. It is Divine because it leads you to Divinity. It is a Path because it is a Way. It does not have any dogma. If you follow it you will benefit from it; if you do not, you will not. It is as simple as that. It is something that you decide to follow.

The first step is to awaken your spiritual forces: Meditate, concentrate, contemplate, calm your mind, Be still and know that I am God, know that that Essence in you and God are One, God indeed is in every person, and each person has the ability to recognize God within. You do not need space brothers to take you to God. You do not need Mullahs, or Rabbis, or Priests, or Gurus to take you to God. You can get help from many places, from reading, writing, and listening. All has been given already. It has been written. They have talked about it. There are many ways that can help you to still your mind.

When you still your mind, one day you recognize that you do not exist. You indeed are absent; the only thing left is God. That recognition is not a fake, it is not a religion, and it is not an organized thing. It is an individual quest and achievement. When you achieve that Oneness you do not need Mullahs, Gurus, Rabbis, or anyone to tell you that God exists. You go beyond religiosity and dogmas. You know indeed God and you are One.

You respect Gods Revealers and Manifestations that God sent to man, and you learn from them by studying the Scriptures that have come through them. You do not accept the dogmas that the followers of that religion have brought to man. You release yourself from any fury of dogmas that have created so much separation between man and man, and have brought wars and destruction to them.

God does not separate. God unifies. If the Spirit of God is within me and the Spirit of God is within you, we are One. If we recognize that, then we do not have to have wars and destruction. If we do not recognize that and we have dogmas, then we insist on our own understanding and dogmas, we reject other peoples dogmas, and we separate ourselves from other people. We are all humans, how can we be separated? God created all of us. How can we separate ourselves when there is only One God and He created everything?

There are not two Gods, or three Gods, or ten Gods, or hundreds, or thousands of Gods. There is only One, and He created all of us. How can we be separated? Therefore the problem is not God. The problem is not the Revelation. The problem is not the Revealer. The problem is our misunderstandings, our dogmas, and our separative ideas.

It is understandable to this point because the whole Vision was not revealed to man. They only had a part of the information. When you have a part of some truth or information, you might make mistakes and misinterpret things. When you have the whole truth, the whole revelation, and the whole Vision, then you recognize the whole truth and make correct decisions.

But you have to understand it. You have to recognize that indeed it explains everything that man has been asking for to this point. If you read our teachings and see how everything has been answered, then you will see that God has blessed humanity with this last Revelation, and this can bring peace because we do not have to separate ourselves. We are all the Children of God. And if we are the Children of God, there is no separation between us.

The children do not kill each other. The children do not fight one another. The children of the same Father would listen to the same Father, and the Father said, Get along. Realize that you are all my children. Be good children, share with each other, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So it is the beginning of the Kingdom. It is the beginning of the coming of the Peace on earth. It is very hard at this time to look at the earth and say, What are you talking about? There is no Peace on earth. Of course there is not because we have not even touched the surface yet with this teaching. Even those who have seen the Vision have a hard time overcoming their attachments, desires, and the things they are used to following, and dedicate themselves completely to this Vision.

We need more and more bonfires. We need more and more the people who truly follow this Path: Meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, see the Essence of God in themselves; direct their energy in creating Communities of Light or at least spreading this Message in any way they could, and come and join the Mission in close proximity so we can create the facilitating body, to sacrifice for this Vision, and surrender and submit themselves to God and His Will for them, under the umbrella of this Revelation, Where do I fall in this Vision? How can I best help this Vision to manifest? Not, My vision, my small project, or my way of thinking, but Gods Way that I have been called to come to.

If we see our place in this Vision, then we follow Gods Will. Then we shatter all narrowness of the mind by becoming universalists and recognizing that God is everything. There is no separation between any part of Him. We shatter our narrowness of belonging to any nation, any culture, any language, and any gender but we are the Essence of God. Our country, our nation, our culture is Gods. We become more and more free from all these bondages that we have.

We do not need anyone to take us to God. God just said, Be still. He did not say to follow this Guru, or that Mullah, or that Rabbi, or that Father. No. Be still and know that I am God. Simple!

You do not need any person between you and God. Christ said it very eloquently, Your body is the temple of God. It is there. And he said that there would be a day when you will worship God in Spirit. Close your eyes, you will be in the Spirit, and you will be with God. By closing your eyes you do not have to go to any temple out there, but you will be in the temple of your body directly to God. That is the teaching of the Mystical Paths. All the Mystical Paths including Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, all of them say the same thing, Close your eyes, meditate; God is within you.

Then that Sufi jumps up and says, Anallah, I am God, and most of the Moslems become petrified.

It is just like Christ said, The Father and I are one. The Jewish people said, That is blasphemy. The Orthodox Jews could not understand what Christ was talking about.

Or, I am the son of God. Everyone says it means that God and Mary made a child. No. It is the same thing, The Father and I are one. I am in the image of God. I am the same as God is, and therefore as the son is like the Father, God is my Father.

He is not the only Son. In Chapter 6 of Genesis there were sons of God already. It is not a unique place for Christ, although he is unique in the sense that he was the First Begotten Son before the creation. However, there is more than one son. In The Revelation it clearly says that whoever overcomes will become my son. Again God says, These are all my sons. It does not mean that He is going to go and make children with many women so they all become His sons. No. He said, He who overcometh. That is the requirement to become a son of God.

It does not mean that he is the son of God and Mary. It means that Christ was in the image of God. He and the Father were one. He recognized God within. He realized that God and he are one. And because he was Christ, the Spirit of God was fully manifested in him. So he could bring the New Testament and the new religion to earth.

It is the same thing for Prophet Muhammad. God said, Listen to the Prophet, whatever he said, I say. It is the same thing, The Father and I are one. His Spirit is upon me, and I am revealing His Truth to you through revelation from God. Therefore Prophet Muhammad also was the Son of God.

Did God go to Amina and make him? No. But Prophet Muhammad was the Prophet of God that had the Spirit of God on him. Therefore his Word and the Word of God were the same.

With this recognition a great debate between Moslems and Christians is out of the window. There is no such thing that they can argue, No, he was not the Son of God. God does not have any sons. Of course, God does not the way Prophet Muhammad was explaining that God does not go to a woman and make a child. But in the image of God, even Prophet Muhammad would say, Yes, I can accept that. Christ indeed was and had the Spirit of God in him. So did Prophet Muhammad.

You have the same thing. God said, Whoever overcometh will become my son. That is a promise, and that is what we are looking for. We are looking for the Elects who want to become the sons of God. They do want to overcome.

Overcoming is what we just explained: Shattering all narrowness of the mind and following the Eternal Divine Path. Awakening the spiritual forces and recognizing that God is within is the first step, is the Mystical Paths. All the Mystical Paths including Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints, Sufis and whoever else teaches, Be still and know that I am God, are included in the First Seal.

Then the next step is the creation of the Communities of Light, or the base of the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the Old Testament, the Jewish teaching. God was trying to find a people who will follow Him, who will follow Gods Laws and accept Him as the King. Their whole community would be based on the Word of God and His Revelations. Therefore, they became His chosen ones.

But they will be the chosen ones of God until the Shiloh comes. The Shiloh was the Messiah that came as Christ. And Christ taught how to create the Communities of Light. You cannot create the Communities of Light, you cannot create the Second Seal, and you cannot create the base of the Kingdom, unless you are willing to sacrifice. Christ set that example for humanity. He was willing to go to the cross, willing to give of himself to humanity, and he taught to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Then in the Fourth Seal you recognize, This is the Will of God. I recognize the Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path, and I have to follow It. God said this Revelation would come at this time, therefore it is the truth, and I accept it as my religion, understanding, and the truth of God. Now what is the Will of God for me in this Revelation, in this Vision? Where do I fall? What does God want me to do?

As you meditate you recognize more and more who you are, what your talents are, what you can do, how you can help, how you can be a part of this. Am I a leader? Am I a teacher? Am I a supporter? Which of these three am I? Am I able to understand this teaching in depth, open my mouth, wonderful things come out of it and everyone says, That makes sense. It is beautiful. You have the Spirit of The Holy Ghost on you so you can teach other people these teachings. Or you can create a good rapport with other people, bring them together, and create the hierarchy. We can create people to come together. Then you are a leader. Or, you can be a supporter.

We can stop here. OK, Smile4others.

Smile4others: OK Sir, can I paste some text with your permission?

Maitreya: Sure, if it is your writing. I hope you are not going to go paste from the Mission website. Go ahead. If it is just copying from the website and pasting, that does not mean that you understood it. We want your words, your understanding, the way you understood it to be put down, not from the website. If you have that, go ahead. If you have the website, do not because that is going to be a waste of our time.

To continue what we were saying, or, you can just support. You are neither a teacher nor a leader but you can support in many ways: mentally, physically, spiritually, any way you can. That is the Will of God for me, therefore, I submit and surrender to it.

The next step is to shatter all the narrowness of the mind, become a child of the universe, a child of God. That is the Bahai teaching. Bab brought that revelation.

By following these five steps you become an Elect, a Paravipra. That is what God was talking about, My Elects. My people. The people who will become my sons, because they will overcome, and that is a promise that God has given in every Scripture that at the end time there will be Elects, those who have overcome and reached a point that they have come to recognize and realize these teachings and Gods Way.

That is where we are. We are looking for those who have reached the sixth level, have reached the level of being an Elect, and we are calling them in this room.

Smile4others: I studied your website. The Eternal Divine Path is The Greatest Sign. What I understand is that there are Seven Seals. They are interconnected and everyone is part of the Divine Path. The final Seal is Pure Consciousness, and it is attainable by following the Eternal Divine Path.

Maitreya: I just said all those things. OK. I am going to let you have the mic and see what you want to say. Go ahead. OK, you want to paste the question, go ahead just paste it then. Either way, if you want the mic, hold your hand up. Otherwise just go ahead with your question. Either way is fine.

We have only six or seven minutes left of this session. We will stay here if you have more questions. Go ahead.

This is our teaching. This is the base of what has been revealed to humanity, and it is beautiful because it unifies all the religions together. For the first time in human history it shows that they are related. They are not against each other. They do not have to fight. Actually, if they fight, they did not understand God.

It shows the coming of the Kingdom based on the Communities of Light, people. What are the Elects waiting for? What is it that keeps them from jumping onto this bandwagon and manifesting it?

Smile4others: My question is Sir, in a humble way, why we must ask you questions after studying your website in detail? If you are a Prophet, then why dont you talk directly and with clear concepts? Why does one have to follow computer-based material first and then ask you questions?

Maitreya: You do not have to. You cannot have the mic. That is the only difference. You can come here, and if you have a sincere question, you can type it in text. There is no restriction in typing in text. We have had people who had come to the Mission Internet room. In the beginning, we were nave, and we gave them the mic. They started yelling, cursing, and doing things that changed the energy of the room. So we decided not to give the mic to everyone, but only to those who know the teachings. At least they have put some effort into it. They know a little about our teachings.

We know a lot about your religions. At least give us the ability to believe that you know a little. Sure go ahead, have the mic.

Smile4others: Maitreya, my question is that, I feel a lot of trouble. Like if you know Mirza Ghulah Ahmad, he had so planned Divinity. He said that he was the Messiah, and he was from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad. He planned a community, and he died in 1908. He related Bahaullah, if you study the teachings they say that he was the Messiah. In the Torah, you see that in the Torah they say that the Messiah will come, and he will not die before he will develop peace in this world. And likely the Christians say that the Messiah will come from the Christians, not from the Moslems. But he will dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven. These are different concepts. I want to say that every ten to twenty years a new Messiah is coming. How can we differentiate who is right and who is wrong? Please clear up these concepts. Thanks.

Maitreya: Sure, beautiful questions you have asked. It is more than one question. First of all, let us go to the question of, Their Messiah comes, and they were from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

You are right, there are more teachers than students. A lot of people claim that they are the Messiah or Maitreya, and even today, just go and search for Maitreya to see how many websites you will find that claim that they are Maitreya, and they have the revelation of Maitreya. Either they are Maitreya or they are the channels for Maitreya, or they are in a hierarchy that presents Maitreya. Many, many people have claimed those things.

Not only that, even the Sikhs, their leader, tried to unify Islam with Hinduism, and they say that he is the Messiah. You are right, Bab and Bahaullah came, and they were called the Messiahs, and many, many other people.

But we have to see what God said. We have to find, what did He reveal and who is the One who will bring the last Word of God? That is where you have to come and study our teachings.

Why do you have to study on the computer, or go to our website before coming and asking questions? As I said, you do not have to do that. You can type it in text. There is no limitation in putting it in the text. If you put it in the text and it is a good question, I will receive it. They will IM me, send it to me, and I will answer it. If you put it in the text and it is not a good question, they are going to ignore it and I am never going to see it.

Why did this Revelation have to come through the Internet? God already said that this Revealer, the last Revelation, is not going to go to the streets. You do not have to go anywhere. The very Internet itself is a part of the prophecy of the coming of this Revelation. None of the people who claimed before this Revelation that they were the Messiah, or they were the Prophet of God, or the Revealer of the truth, had the Internet. People had to go to them. They could not sit there and reach the four corners of the world. We can.

There are many things in this Mission that you have to study, recognize, and see that none of the people before this Revelation could be the one. You said that that person said that he is of the lineage of Prophet Muhammad. The Bible says that the Revealer of the last Revelation has to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It means from the lineage of King David directly, not from Prophet Muhammad.

The lineage from Prophet Muhammad is going to be the Bab. He is going to be the Gate. It is going to be the one who brings the revelation after Prophet Muhammad. That is fulfilled through Bab. It is finished. It is done!

This Revelation has to come from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, not from Prophet Muhammad, although my genealogy also goes to Prophet Muhammad. So it is doubly good! It fulfills both sides.

Christians are never going to follow a person whose lineage goes to Prophet Muhammad. They are not waiting for someone to come from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad. They are looking for someone to come from the lineage of King David. Moslems are looking for someone to come from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad. Both are fulfilled.

You can see in our teachings and this Revelation that there is no Prophet who would be able to fulfill all the prophecies that are fulfilled through this Mission and Revelation. If you go to our website again, there are prophecies from every religion that have been fulfilled through this Mission. The Word that has come is the opening of the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals that no one could have opened, no one, but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Chapter 5 of The Revelation in the Bible).

None of those people who came before that could claim these things. From the genealogy, from the prophecies, from The Revelation, all point to one person alone. That is this Revealer, this Mission, and this Revelation. That is why we insist that you go and study our teachings, study the website, see the truth yourself, and prove it to yourself first. That is because if you prove it to yourself first, then you know all these things I just told you to be the truth.

How do you know that what I say is the truth? The people who have come to this Mission have seen this Vision, and have gone, studied themselves, and decided, Yes, it makes sense, it is truth, God said it is going to come, it fulfills all the prophecies, the genealogy is correct, it is the Word of God Then what is left?

What is left is that you become convinced yourself. That is why I am not here to convince anyone. I am not convincing you. I am just telling you these are the truth. Go ahead, Smile4others.

Smile4others: Maitreya, my next question is that I would like if you would talk about Prophet Muhammad. He said that he is the last Prophet, and there are no more Prophets to come. Then how can you explain this? He said that you should believe in Prophet Muhammad that he was right, that Jesus was right, and most of them were right. On the other hand when the Prophet said that I am the last Prophet and there are no more Prophets to come, then how can you explain this issue?

The second thing is that we read that the Messiah will not die unless and until the Kingdom of Heaven is established. Are you sure that you will survive for so many years, that unless and until this Kingdom of Heaven is established, you will be alive and then you will die?

Maitreya: Yes, sure. Your first question is about Prophet Muhammad being the last Prophet.

First of all, the word that they used for believing that is Khatem. The same word can be pronounced Khatam, which means the seal. There has been a great discussion and disagreement between many groups in Islam itself, Is it the last, or is it the seal?

Secondly, in the Koran Prophet Muhammad himself said, I did not reveal everything to you. I just revealed a part of the Eternal Tablet. How can he be the last if he did not reveal everything? The last is supposed to finish the mystery of God. He never claimed to be the Seventh Angel. He probably did not even know about the Revelation in the Bible. He was not from the tribe of Judah. He was from Ishmael.

Also the Koran was not written down. It was an oral revelation. The people around Prophet Muhammad memorized it. Then in the war in Yemen many of them were killed. Othman decided to put the Koran together. Then he assigned someone to gather the verses. They realized that there were many versions of the verses. It was not the unified Koran but there were actually two strong people with two different versions that had different followers. Othman had to decide. Yes, eventually he said, Well, we are going to accept this one.

If there were two versions, were both of them the Word of God? Did anyone change it? Even after they wrote it down people would come and say, Oh, I remember this verse. I forgot to tell you. So there are some verses that are not even in the Koran.

He preached in the Mosque almost every day for thirteen years. The Koran should be ten times or fifteen times bigger than what it is. We can see that no Prophet ever put all of them together, corrected them, updated them, made them clear, and made them available. Therefore, even the Koran is not as Prophet Muhammad received it.

With all this evidence we can see that at least we have to doubt some of the things we hear. Khatem according to our teaching means that Prophet Muhammad brought the highest spiritual realization, which is to be surrendered and submitted to God. Khatam means that he is at the top of The Greatest Sign. If you look at The Greatest Sign, you see that Islam is at the top. He is the seal of the Prophets.

Now, you are asking if I will live to see that this is accomplished. That is in the Haditths. That is not in the Koran. We do not follow the Haditths. We follow the Koran. It is not in the Koran. The Koran ways Gods Way will not change. Prophet Muhammad was born from a mother, so God will send all His Prophets the same way.

Secondly, in the Bible and other books, and in Hinduism, they believe that I will come in three incarnations. In the Bible it says, He comes as a thief of the night. Another verse says, He is the King of the Kings. How can the thief of the night be the King of Kings? It just does not make sense. In Hinduism the prophecy is that the Kalki Avatar will be incarnated three times. It is going to be three incarnations before this Mission is established completely.

Now, the Spirit behind me, would it die? That Spirit is God. God does not die. This body might finish eventually but the Spirit behind it is God, which will survive and see that this is accomplished. If you look at it that way then you can see that all of them are correct.

What you are quoting is from the Haditths, and the Haditths are very controversial topics in Islam. I was born a Moslem, I know what the Haditths are, how controversial they are. And not all of them are accepted. Not everyone accepts all of them and some people accept other Haditths. That is why, like in Christianity, we just go with the words of Christ alone, not with Paul or anyone else.

Although we believe that the Koran probably is not all there, we believe that most probably it is the Word of God. It is not complete. It is not perfect. Prophet Muhammad said that he did not reveal everything. We accept anything that is in the Koran, but that is not in the Koran.

I hope that answered your question. If you have any other questions, go ahead and raise your hand and come to the mic. Be brief. We are ten minutes over our time. I do not mind staying. Go ahead.

Smile4others: Maitreya, just a few quick questions. Why is your name Maitreya? Is it a Muslim name, or a Christian name? Why this name? Why has this name not been mentioned in the Scriptures?

We believe that the dajjal will come at first, the Messiah will come next, and the Messiah will fight the dajjal. I know again you will say it is in the Haditths like that but OK not everything in the Haditths is wrong. At least it is relative. If you are answering like this OK, we do not believe in the Haditths. Could you please answer about these, about the dajjal question as well?

Then, where is the dajjal? The dajjal is not here. That is because in the Koran, Prophet Muhammad has given the signs of the dajjal, not in the Koran but in the Haditths we see that.

So about this I want to know. And I will keep in touch with you in your next sessions, no problem. Could you please answer these questions?

And the last question is, how can we believe that The Holiest Of The Holies is from God? You can write it. Even if I say, I am a Sayyed (I am from the lineage of

Prophet Muhammad), I am from the Jews (I am from the line of Judah), and I can write a book like that. How can you say that this is the Word of God?

Maitreya: I wish you would ask your questions one at a time. Can we go ahead? What is your first question?

Smile4others: The first question is about the man, what is the specialty, what is specific in this man? And why this man was not mentioned in the three Scriptures, even in the Bible, Koran, and the Torah?

Maitreya: First of all my first name, my birth name, is Mohammed. Actually that is who the Moslems are waiting to come, the last manifestation, or Christ, or Esa, his name is going to be Mohammed. Second, Maitreya has been mentioned in Buddhist teachings, and the Buddha mentioned that Maitreya would come as the next Buddha.

This name was given to me. I did not give it to myself, like all my names, except Jallalullah that I gave to myself to make people recognize that Jallalullah means the Glory of God, not Bahaullah. The other names have all been given to me.

My name, Maitreya, has been given to me, my spiritual name from the person who was my spiritual teacher. I did not give it to myself. It is mentioned in the Scriptures and the religions. It is a Buddhist name. It can be a Sanskrit name, or it could have evolved from Mithra from Persian Zoroastrian beliefs that Mithra will come at the end time and unify humanity. Even the Zoroastrian people are waiting for Mithra to come. That is why this name has been used and given to me, and I used it to start the Mission.

Next question. I hope that answered your question.

Smile4others: The next question is about the dajjal, that the Messiah will come after the dajjal, he will fight with the dajjal, and after that he will develop the Kingdom of Heaven, whatever your concept is.

Maitreya: The concept of dajjal and anti-Christ are very similar. Christians believe that an anti-Christ will come before Christ returns. If you watch their movies, the devil comes, takes over the world, and brings the peace. His number is 666, and all those things that a lot of Christians talk about. Suddenly it turns on humanity, and then Christ comes.

Moslems have come up with the concept of dajjal that will come with one eye. When I was growing up they said that he looks like a donkey. So it is a different version again of how it is going to come.

Our teaching is that dajjal, the anti-Christ, the Maya (attraction of this external world, the greed, attachment, desires) and everything that has created such a mess on this earth has always been here. Now it is the end time when the Christ comes and he teaches people not to be greedy. He teaches them to share. He teaches them that they are all the Essence of God. He teaches them that they cannot just go to war on a whim. They cannot have dictators that destroy them. They cannot have separate religions. They have to come together as the Children of God. He teaches them to destroy the dajjal, or the Maya, or the anti-Christ.

Therefore, the whole concept of dajjal is to be greedy, destructive, and not to follow God. Dajjal is not a person. Dajjal does not have any shape. Just like God is a Spirit, dajjal is the absence of God. Since God is everything, really the devil, dajjal, all those things do not exist unless you have an ego, have an umbrella between you and God, then you fall to your lower nature, which is greedy, self-centered, selfish, and attached to this external world.

Dajjal has already been here. We do not have to wait for him to come. He has been here from the time that the darkness was upon the deep of the universe. He has been here as the greed, destructive tendencies, and forces on earth. It is here right now. These wars and separation between people are because really religions are not teaching the truth any longer. They have become politicalized. It is a political power that some people have other people under their spell and therefore, we can kill each other in the name of religion. This is not the name of God. God does not separate. That is dajjal, that is the illusion of separation from God. That is how we explain the anti-Christ/dajjal, as the lower nature of man.

Next question. Go ahead.

Smile4others: My next question is that the Prophet, specifically Prophet Muhammad, did have predictions about the future that these things will happen at this proper time, and in this scenario. The explanation of the future is OK, I live for this much time, this thing will happen, that thing will happen, and we will be united. This much time will be taken and this much culture will come. Any idea about that? For example may God gave me fifty or seventy more years to live so that I see that what you have said is happening, exactly what you said, like that?

Maitreya: Well, Christ came, and he healed people. When Moses came he opened the sea and did miracles. When Christ came and the people asked for miracles he said, The generation of vipers asks for miracles. Prophet Muhammad predicted very few things of what is coming in the future, and that was the privilege that God gave to him.

In this Revelation, the miracle is the Message. That is all I am going to give you. If the Message is not a miracle to you and you cannot see the Vision, the rest is not going to help you whatsoever. The future belongs to the Father. The only thing we emphasize in this Revelation is that God said that He was going to do things in the past, and He accomplished them. He said that His Kingdom would come. Therefore, it will. That is all I have to know that God said His Kingdom will come, and it will. You can see every day, we can hear from new people coming, seeing the Vision, joining this Mission, and they love It, the Vision is enough for them.

That is also for you. If you can see the Vision, if you can see the prophecy, the genealogy, the timing, and the Word of God, you have a good grip of the reality and the truth. But if you are looking for someone to tell you the future, heal you, do miracles (which maybe I can do, but I will not), it will not help you at all. See the Vision so you know me by my fruit, which is the giving of the unification of all religions and the Vision, and I know you by your fruit, by seeing that is all you need.

I hope that answered all of your questions. Again we encourage you to go to the website. Go ahead.

Smile4others: My question is that almost all the Prophets became teachers. They left their places for teaching. My question is, do you have plans in the future to move around the world to teach your Message, or do you have the Western concept to sit in one place and use the facility of this Internet? Do you have any plans like that or do you just sit over there, and you will not socially appear, you will not go for video discussions, and you will not go for debates? For example, some Moslems or Haree Krishna people say, You say that you are the Messiah, just come and debate with me. Are you the person who will debate or will you say, No, I will not debate, I just do not want to debate? What is your answer?

Maitreya: Well, actually we have issued a challenge to all Moslems, Mullahs, and Hakiims to come to this room, or to any other facilities, video, television, radio, whatever, I am willing to debate them on any topic, anywhere as long as it is polite, nice, sincere, and is not in such a way that they want to take advantage instead of being truthful. This challenge still stands for anyone who wants to come to this room and/or anywhere else to debate with me.

Go ahead, Ready_i_am_1.

Ready_i_am_1: Nice to be here Maitreya. I just have a quick question, and I was wondering that also, will you become more public or will you continue just to be here on the PalTalk?

Maitreya: Well, actually I am open for any talk show, television, radio, and any kind of outreach that we can discuss with anyone about this Revelation, anywhere. That is my answer.

Smile4others: Maitreya, sorry. Do you have time for a few questions, or your time is over? It is because I already asked many questions, and a lot of people are waiting. Do you have time or are you leaving?

Maitreya: Why dont you go ahead and ask your questions but lets be brief about it. Come next week. And start asking questions from the very beginning of the session. It does not matter. It is for everyone. If you have a question, you are not interrupting me. It is OK. These things have already been said. You can just raise your hand anytime, even during the session.

Go ahead and ask your question.

Smile4others: My next question is that like the Moslems dealt with the Law, like the Jews dealt with the Law, which teaches about the males and females, what is haraam, what is halaal, with whom you can marry, with whom you cannot, about incest, about rape, and everything like that. So what, or how do you differentiate them from one another? Either you have selected from different religions and combined them into one thing, or this is something very new and separate? I see in your room that most of the people who are talking to me are girls. I see very few male workers. Mostly the girls are talking to us.

Maitreya: You are talking about the Shariah and the Laws that Prophet Muhammad brought for the Moslems. Jews also have Laws. But in Genesis, chapter 49, when the Kingdom was given to Judah it clearly says that the Kingdom and the Law-giving will be with them until the Shiloh comes. When Shiloh came, which was Christ, that Law-giving was taken away and given to another nation.

Christ did not bring any Laws. He basically taught how you can find the Kingdom Of Heaven Within. Most of the Laws came from Prophet Muhammad, which were gathered together as the Shariah. We do recommend Shariah but we do have to purify those Laws to express the progress that humanity has reached to this point. There are some dogmas that have crept into it, and it has become harsh and unacceptable.

For example, you cannot implement Shariah until you bring justice to society. If there is no justice in society, you cannot cut the hand or the finger of a person who steals a piece of bread because he/she is hungry. Yes, if we do have a just society, which is based on the Communities of Light, and then someone goes and steals, then that punishment probably is recommended. The Laws of Prophet Muhammad are acceptable in the Mission with the understanding of the depth of this teaching that we have to have the truth or justice before we can implement that.

Now you are asking about, there are a lot of women in the room that they preach. Apparently you do not like that. We have to recognize that when Prophet Muhammad came they used to kill their females because it was not a very good thing to have a female, or a daughter. They all wanted boys. Therefore, he tried very hard to give women a lot of freedom with his revelation.

In this Revelation we believe that men and women are equal. They should be given all the opportunities to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. But, of course, they are not similar. Men are different. Their bodies were mostly created for logic. Woman is for Grace. They both have to recognize their strengths and their weaknesses. If there is a woman who knows the teachings and can teach and guide other people, she should be given every opportunity that she can use to become a teacher.

If men have that ability, come, understand the teachings, and they are better than the women, so be it. It is who is the best. Not what we think others should be.

The status of women in the time of Prophet Muhammad actually increased tremendously. In this Revelation it will be even in a greater degree. Moslems have to realize that women have beautiful strength. They are not just subjects for the sexual fantasy that men might have. They have brains. They have hearts. They have beauty. They are very graceful. And they can be very effective if they have the ability to do that.

Go ahead.

Smile4others: OK Maitreya, you are very cooperative, and you are patient. You hear, you listen, and you answer.

I have one last question for todays session. I will join you next week if I am alive, enshallah. The comment is that, when I am talking to you, you are the Prophet, you are the Highest of the Highest, the Holiest of the Holiest. So when I ask you a question, I am just listening to you. Why do very good people, even if they are males or females, most of them that are in this room, they always intervene and they are also giving their own comments, and they type in the text and are just teasing me, LOL, Why are you doing this, or Study further. It is no good.

My last question, just humbly, is that for example if I arrange an open discussion with you in Bombay India, with Dr. Zakonite, do you know Dr. Zakonite in Bombay who is very important in Islam in comparative religions, are you going to discuss? Are you ready to go there? Are you so bold, and you are confident that you can go there and discuss with him in the open, in public and answer the questions of the people? Thank you.

Maitreya: I sure will. But why should we go there? Why cant we just arrange something in the Internet and connect with each other here?

I do not only give Satsangs. I have a lot of other responsibilities of e-mail, the people who live here, and everything else, day-to-day work that I do here that I would rather just not to travel too much. I am not hesitating to debate with him if he wants to debate with me. But he has to realize that I do not accept the Haditths. We talk about only the Koran.

If he wants to bring the Haditths also, it is OK. But if it is some kind of Haditths that do not make sense, then I cannot accept that. There are some Haditths, of course, that have some truth in them. And there are Haditths that are absolutely man-made.

I do take your challenge, and you can tell him that we can arrange somehow. It does not have to come to the point that I travel all the way to India to do it. If that is what it takes and we can make some arrangements, there is a possibility that we might even do that.

Go ahead.

Smile4others: Maitreya, you are really cooperative. But you did not answer my first question, that why your very good people like Shirin e Khoda, and Reminder and others, why when I am talking to you, why they are just helping you? I am just listening to you, and I am getting your point. Why are they commenting on my things like that? Isnt that teasing, if you do not mind?

Maitreya: I am not looking at the text. I do not know what you are talking about, what they have said. Well, they might have been just kidding around a little bit, or they have found something that you said that they did not agree with or something like that. I do not think they really meant to offend you. Take it as not personal. Just flow with it, enjoy it. It is not something to be unhappy about. But if it made you unhappy, I am sure they did not mean to offend you at all. I am sure they are going to tell you that they really did not mean to offend.

We do not control anyone in this Mission. We just teach to be nice to one another and to be nice to strangers. This discussion is a beautiful discussion. That is what this room is for. The people come and ask questions and see what I say is the truth. Therefore, I do not think they really meant to offend you at all.

Go ahead, ready_i_am.

Ready_i_am_1: Maitreya, I have one question. I was raised as a Christian, a non-practicing one because I find their rules quite hard to follow. We were taught that when the last Prophet, or when Christ comes again, all would know, and it would be like quite a (how would you say it) forthcoming to the world. That is why I am wondering if you are the last Prophet, if you are the Messiah, then I am quite interested in finding out then how come the whole world has not had this revealed to them as was promised by Christ?

Maitreya: Well, also remember that he will come as a thief of the night. That has been one of the mysteries that probably a lot of Christians have a problem with. He will come suddenly without anyone knowing, and at the same time he will come and everyone will see him.

How can both of them be the truth? If someone comes as the thief of the night, no one sees him. He usually comes in the dark, comes very quietly, and no one even knows. The only thing that happens is the next day they know the thief was here and he stole something, or brought something and left it there. Somehow they recognized it after the fact.

This was also a mystery for us for a while until the prophecies of the Kalki Avatar came to the Mission, which are also related to the coming of this Mission. They clearly said there are going to be three incarnations of the Kalki Avatar before he accomplishes what he comes to accomplish.

Therefore, we believe that this lifetime is the life of the thief of the night. That is the life of the explanation and bringing the teaching to humanity. The next lifetime will be the life of implementation. The last, or the third lifetime, will be the execution.

Maybe in the third lifetime when this Mission has spread widely and deeply, when we find Maitreya again, everyone will know he is here. That is because a lot of people will know him and they are going to announce it on the radio, and television, and everyone will know, Yes, they found Maitreya in this incarnation. That incarnation is, of course, the time of accomplishing the last part of this Revelation.

Go ahead Smile.

Smile4others: Maitreya, you are really cooperative and if I said something wrong, I am sorry for that. Prophets have a lot of problems; the people stone him, and things like that. Every Prophet says things like that. I think it is not bad if I ask very silly questions because a relative thing is new. Questions like this are obvious; they come to your mind. I think I have taken a lot of your time, and maybe the people do not feel good. I will join you next time. If I am alive, I will join and ask a few more questions. And I will keep on thinking about the debate.

In other words, I am also debating with you. It is my specialty. So thanks a lot. And thanks to everyone here. I will join you next week.

Maitreya: Sure, Smile, we will see you next week. God Bless and enshallah. All of us are going to be alive and continue this discussion.

Go ahead Ready.

Ready_i_am_1: Sal-OM Smile4others. We had many other questions in the room, and I am sure that no one would want to offend you intentionally.

Maitreya, again, as a Christian, the one question that I would ask of anyone claiming to be the Messiah would be that, did not Christ say that many will come claiming to be him? But beware because they are not. This is a concern for me.

Maitreya: Sure, many will come and say they are Christ. They will call themselves Christ. But one of them is the correct one. One of them is Christ who has fulfilled the prophecies, whose Word is based on the Word of God, and he is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He comes from the East and shines in the West, and God uniquely makes it clear that no one else could be him but him. That is what you have to find out. That is what you have to prove to yourself.

That is why we are asking everyone to go, read, study the teachings, see the prophecies, see the genealogy, see the Revelation, and make up your own mind. It does not make any difference whatsoever if I say, Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Yes, I am. I am the Messiah. I am the best. I am number one. You have to believe me. It does not make any difference whatsoever. It should not.

If you go, you realize, you find out, and you prove it to yourself, then it is your realization. That is all we are asking, Go there, study, and find out if it is true, or not. If it is not true, then for you at least, I am a false prophet. I leave you to God and you leave us to God, and we go our separate ways. If you proved it to yourself, then we are brothers in God who will come together to spread and establish this Beauty. Simple!

Yes, many will come in My Name. Many already are here that call themselves Christ, Jesus, this and that. But have they fulfilled all the prophecies? Are they from the lineage of King David, or Prophet Muhammad for Moslems, and all that? That is what you have to prove to yourself.

Go ahead.

Ready_i_am_1: Very fair and wise answer, Maitreya. One still has to ask themselves though why would or does man need to prove that you are the Messiah? I think you can understand that question that I am asking you in a broad sense.

Why should mankind have to dig in and prove that you are? I would think that your teachings and your Spirit would be known to all, with speaking with you. Correct me if am wrong.

Maitreya: No. You are absolutely correct. There are people who did not need any of this, the people who walked into this room and believed. But if you need to prove it to yourself, there is also proof. I agree with you. You should see the Spirit. You should read the teachings. You should see the Word of God coming through clearly. It is the Spirit of God back on earth, and if you recognize it, then so be it.

We will leave that as the last question for today. I leave all of you to God. And enshallah, as Smile said, we will all come back here next week and bring anyone who wants to discuss things with me, or debate with me. That would be great. Be with God, and let Gods Spirit come through always.

Sal-OM everyone.

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