MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. We can see right in front of our eyes the predictions of God coming true, and the prophecies and the coming of the destruction is being fulfilled. In these last couple of weeks there has been a great commotion between the West and Iran and their atomic ambition. We saw this week that Russia and China are not supporting the West, and Syria is supporting Iran.

If you study the prophecies of Gog and Magog, the army of millions and millions of people who will bring great destruction to humanity is forming. The coming of the ten nations of Europe also has been prophesied. Those are the ten toes of the statue that are half clay and half iron, because they do not agree with each other, and we see that they do not.

Therefore, you can see that all these things are the signs that are coming to humanity and again confirming that this Revelation is from the same Source that said these things are going to happen. Everything will come to its head as we go along.

This Revelation and teaching is the only way that people who join it, especially the West, can win this war in the unity under one banner of God. You can see that your responsibility is indeed great.

You are called to bring this unity under this umbrella and solidify the side that has been called to come together under this Revelation. Otherwise, the disunity and the presence of the iron (intellect) and the clay, which is the Spirit and also the part that does not want to intellectualize everything, will not mix. But with this teaching we accept all of them, and we see their places in the Plan of God. Therefore, intellect is not bad as long as we understand that there is something even beyond intellect, and that is intuition, and they can come together and unify without going over each others boundaries.

A lot of spiritual people want to make intellectuals and scientists to accept their way of thinking and accept that there is a God that created everything, when scientists have created a set of rules, of verification, of every experimentation that they do without bringing any Higher Intelligence into it so they can understand themselves and how they have been created.

Of course, there is science based on Spirit, which also brings the Spirit into science and scientific discoveries, which is greater. But they are not there. Even then the experimentation has to be intellectually done without saying, OK, God created it, and that is the end of the story.

We can see that the prophecies are fulfilled. The camps are coming together in different sections of the world. The ten toes of the statue have been formed. But as it says in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, the statue cannot stand when half the ten toes of the statue are clay and half are iron. Therefore, it is time for humanity to recognize that they have to accept Gods Way. They have to come together and follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities Of Light, and eventually bring the Kingdom Of God on earth.

You are the pioneers who have found these teachings first, and now you have the responsibility to give them away to other people, to spend your time and energy to spread this Message in a greater degree. Make the people realize that God is not going to send a savior who is going to come and say, Be, and everything will be. He has never done it in the past, and He does not change His Ways.

God has sent His Message to humanity now and is calling them to come together, take the responsibility, and accept their calling instead of vacillating, staying on the fringes, and creating all kinds of excuses not to get involved. That is fine! God will bring those who will see that indeed it is a Call that you have to take very seriously and recognize that this is the only thing that is going to happen. Anything besides this is not the last Word of God and will not manifest the result that many people think will result.

If those who are called for this come together, create the Communities Of Light, and eventually reach a point that they become united under this cement of the Revelation, then they can stand the coming of the billion-man army, which still will not succeed to destroy what God has ordained to manifest.

It is just right in front of us. It is right there. Gog and Magog and millions and millions of the population are coming together. There is a rift between the East and the West. How can anyone look at the events happening and not see that God said that there are going to be ten nations in Europe that will come together and create the two-hundred-eighty million population to be unified?

But they cannot even write a constitution and verify it. Some countries said, No, we do not accept that constitution. And they cannot unify as prophesied that the ten toes will be from the clay and iron.

You can see that the East is resisting the West. The frictions are coming to humanity in a greater degree, and the wars and destruction that are waged for the resources and ideas will not succeed because those ideas are not representing Gods Way and Will that He has been manifesting and He has been sending to humanity for the last twelve thousand years.

So we can see we are right at the point that God wants this to be. The only thing that is left is for you all to recognize this also, and really get on with it and see, I am not here to judge. I am not here to hold back. But I am here to get involved 100% and dedicate my energy (which is really Gods energy) to manifest Gods Will.

Also we can see that humanity has really fallen. No matter what you listen to or look at, television, radio, bulletin boards, anything you watch, there is nothing about God, His Ways, and His Revelation. The nature of the things is forgotten. Everyone has their opinions and ideas, and they know what is best for you. They give you advice that is not in the Scriptures and is not from God.

Many people have fallen for them, and that is exactly what the Scriptures say, Be aware of the false prophets and false teachers. So instead of our listening to God, His Scriptures, and the nature of things, we listen to the false teachers and false prophets.

We have a run-away train, which is this world. We have to capture this run-away train, turn it around, baptize it, and bring it back toward God. Of course, really we are not the ones who will do this, but the more energy you put into this the more we will accelerate this process. We are co-creators of God.

We know the Will of God. The Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path, the unification of religions that has come through this Revelation to Man: a Revelation that is based on the prophecies and the Word of God. We can see the prediction of the coming of destruction unfolding right in front of our eyes. Gods Way is not going to change. There is not going to be a savior coming from nowhere who suddenly says, Everything is going to be OK, and it is going to be OK, as many people are expecting him to come and do. If God could have done that, He would have done it form the very beginning.

Therefore, it is time for really re-evaluating our situation, to meditate, and to see where we stand with God. Are we really 100% open for Him, and our hearts, minds, and bodies belong to the Spirit? Or, are we still holding out for the many reasons that, God knows what they are?

Look at what is happening on earth, and then choose which way you will go.

So we can see that amazingly humanity has fallen far away. The religions are no longer valid. Most of them are destroyed or have become very dogmatic. The separation between humanity is great. Many people also have fallen to their lower natures and what Adam and Eve did; they sought the knowledge of good and evil. They said, We know better than God. They do not.

They have to go back to look at the innate natures of the things. What is the nature of this and what did God create it for? Whatever the nature of anything is, we have to follow it. Only by doing this, we will not create any karma.

Of course, the Prophet is ahead of humanity and he says the truth no matter where it falls. If humanity were seeking the truth, we would not be here, would we? Humanity seeks ego and their lower nature. Therefore, God had to wait for 12,000 years and put humanity through history until He could find one hundred forty-four thousand Elects from six and a half billion people on earth.

The Prophet is ahead of his time. and he says the things that are truth. Only those who seek the truth will be attracted to his words. Those who want to follow their lower nature, will not. Those who are dogmatic, follow religions, and do not want to see the vision can bring all kinds of excuses not to see this Revelation and the truth that the Prophet brings to them.

God is now asking humanity to expand themselves, to go beyond the evolutionary process that they have been to this point and evolve to a greater degree as universalists. Those who have come here see that, all religions have been sent by One God.

There are not many gods. There is only One God that has manifested Himself many times on earth to bring the Revelations and the Messages to humanity. Again in this Revelation He manifests the unity of all religions. The Prophet is not a politician who tries to tell you what you want to hear. He says the truth. He is not running for an office. He already has an Office. Therefore, let God come through and listen to His Words instead of our egos, or what we want to hear. Hear what God has to say.

That is a sign of being an Elect. We want to know what God wants. And God surely has shown clearly that this is the Revelation that will come at the end time. It will reveal the mystery that has been kept as the mystery of God before this Revelation. When it comes, of course, you will know what God has been doing.

At this time as we can see in the news, everything that God has said would happen, is happening. Then what is the holdout? What is it that makes us not to see that we have to come together and do it?

So again, this is a call to the Elects to come together and see these things clearly. We will repeat this over and over. As we go through these foretold events happening, we will eventually find people who will see this Vision and will gather together.

When I listen to the people, no matter in what level, political discussion, religious discussion, beliefs, their understandings, their ideas, their opinions, and by knowing this Revelation and what God wants, it is amazing. They are just like sleep walkers. It is just like they are absolutely asleep, and they have no idea what is coming to them. It is almost scary to see.

It is just like the people at the time of the flood of Noah. That great flood would come and drown them. Noah was building this ship and telling them, Repent, turn around, and go to God. They mocked him. They would not listen.

It is the same thing this time: A great tribulation, destruction, and upheaval is coming to them. We can see all the signs God said He was going to show that the time is indeed approaching. Still many say, No, we still will follow our own little lives and will not listen to the Prophet of God and Gods Revelation.

Who is going to be hurt at the end? Those people who are listening and are wondering, no matter who they are, are they Jews, or Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Moslems, or Bahais, they do not have the whole answer. I can see right through what they do not have and where they go wrong and make mistakes.

When you see those things you see indeed that the coming of the great kingdom is approaching. We have given this vision and this truth and these Satsangs that give you the latest information and news about how things are manifesting themselves. The only thing that God is seeking is one hundred forty-four thousand people dedicated to this Vision.

Therefore, the Mission is done. We have revealed everything. We even have a call for prayer. Everything is ready to really create a community that can be an example for humanity to manifest. We call this project the project of New Jerusalem. We are calling one hundred people to the Mission, so we can buy 200 acres of land so we can start this project.

Of course, I am not attached to it. Probably it is going to start as people come close to the Mission and buy their own houses or properties. As our numbers increase and more people come and join this group, eventually we will know one another better and we will reach a point that we can create the covenant for a community that we can sell our personal properties and manifest that.

To me it is so important to create an example for humanity to look at and say, Yes, it is possible to live together in the Communities of Light. Communities of Light make sense. That is the way out. Creating an example seems to be the beginning of the manifestation of the Mission.

We are calling for those who have the ability to create rapport with more people, who can inspire other people to come and join the Mission, buy properties around here, and create a community with a loose structure in the beginning. When our numbers increase to a point, we can come together and write a covenant, probably a gated community for the Mission in the beginning, and eventually expand to the rest of the city and maybe even the world. So, this project is on the table. It seems that that is the best way to go.

This is another call to action to create such a community so we can create an environment that is Godly, is helpful, everyone knows each other, and helps each other. We can create an environment where we put God first, and the Mission and our teaching becomes their ideal. Therefore they can manifest this community for humanity to look at.

Also good ideas in the Mission are welcome. If you have a good idea, put it out for the rest of the group and the Divines to see it. But do not be attached to it. It is OK if it is not accepted, or a better idea came up, or somehow that idea was not as good as you thought it would be and it will not be implemented. But do not stop trying.

That is the whole base of the teaching: Do not be attached to the result. That means that you never get tired, discouraged, or become unhappy if what you did, did not work. Of course, it is easier said then done. But that is what each of us has to learn and follow.

We are the pioneers. Pioneers have to be persistent and insistent in what they do, and believe in what they do.

If I wanted to be discouraged with the first problem in the Mission, we would not be here where we are now. When you are a pioneer you know that you have brought something new that no one knows about. It is different. Most people are very comfortable where they are and they cannot continue having any other thing besides what they know.

So follow the Eternal Divine Path. Do not be attached to the results. Expect results but do not be attached to them. Therefore, you are free to manifest great things.

Seeker of Knowledge is asking:

Seeker_of Knowledge: Is this project outlined on the website?

Maitreya: No. Not yet. It is an idea that came up just a couple of weeks ago. I think I was writing an e-mail to someone and it just popped up. I was in contact with this person and discussing this to see how we can do that, or how can we get some help in manifesting it. It is a very new project. It is not yet very well thought out. It is in the process of forming itself. Therefore, it is not written in stone. It is not on the website yet. When we have more information on how this is going to be done, probably we can outline what the project is going to be.

So to answer your question, it is not on the website yet. But it will be soon.

Shirin is asking:

Shirin e Khoda: Perhaps those of us who already live here can create an information package for this area: businesses, schools, jobs, real estate, etc?

Maitreya: That is a very good idea, a very good suggestion. We can do that. If you want to start that project, Shirin, go ahead and start that. It is a good idea for people to know what kind of schooling is here. This is the fastest growing city in the United States. It did not exist fifty years ago.

Actually, there was a vision by Joseph Smith from the Mormons. He had a vision of a city on a plateau, close to a large river and mountains. He could not find it. He looked for it all over the place but he could not find it. Of course, this city that we live in is on a plateau close to the Rio Grande River, which means large river, and we are close to the Sandia Mountains. Therefore, the city will eventually be called New Jerusalem.

It is on the same latitude as Jerusalem and Tehran. Jerusalem and Tehran even are on the same latitude. This will be the New Jerusalem. A lot of people are fighting over Jerusalem, when God said that there is going to be a New Jerusalem. We believe this is the New Jerusalem, and therefore this project is called the project of New Jerusalem. The idea is to found that community here.

This is the city that has been divided into small lots of land for individuals to build on. But there are a few parcels of land with two hundred acres available that belong either to the government or to the American Indians. So they are available.

We just heard a suggestion from Shirin, which is great. That is a very great idea. We can make that package so that people will exactly know what they are getting into. If they have children, there are beautiful schools here. Actually, they are nationally known as very creative teaching for the people who have children here. This is a project we can think about, evaluate, and maybe even ask for the package. Just send an e-mail to: and probably we can refer that to Shirin to answer you.

So this is the beginning of letting humanity know that we can create an environment where Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, no matter what your background is, can come together and live together here without any prejudicity or separation. That is because after you realize that your religion is a part of a greater truth, you will not become prejudiced against any other religion, and you will realize that you have to expand yourself beyond what you know.

No longer is your religion satisfactory because it is smaller than what we offer you. You will be melted to a greater degree with other people and therefore, you are called Divines.

Divines are not against Jews, or Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Bahais. They accept all of them. And that is exactly what our rooms are. You go to our room, no matter who you are, what your background is, and you are welcome to our rooms. As long as you are not rude, and are not bashing other religions, you are welcome to come and join us.

That is exactly how the Communities of Light are going to be. We are not going to discriminate against any religion or gender or anything that God has created, because God is everything. And since God is everything, you cannot discriminate against any part or anyone in it.

This is the only Revelation of Peace, actually. That is exactly what the prophecy has been. We are an educating organization. We are here to educate humanity to recognize that each of the religions of the world is a part of a greater truth. It is prophesied that the mystery of God would only be finished at the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Angel. Therefore, anyone before the Revelation of the Seventh Angel has only a part of the truth. No wonder, when you have a part of the facts, you make mistakes. You think you know the truth when you do not.

Therefore, when you come and study our teachings and you become a part of them and see the Vision, it is then that you do not make any mistake anymore because you have the whole fact sheet; you have the whole truth. With this Revelation and all the things that have come to humanity and the fulfillment of the prophecies, the foretelling of the coming of the great upheaval, the unity of Gog and Magog in one part, the people who will accept this Revelation and become one of it in one part, and eventually of course, if we come together and manifest Gods Ways, we are the victor. That is also prophesied. Eventually Gods Kingdom will come. That is our salvation.

Also God said that you each are responsible to see this Vision, see what is happening on earth right now, and recognize that Gods Way will not change. Your religion, your dogmas, your understanding, whatever you had before is not going to be accepted because that was a part of a greater truth. And because you did not have the whole fact sheet you created a lot of dogmas.

Now most of the people follow the dogmas of the religions and the misunderstandings instead of seeing the truth and base of all religions. Therefore, they have made a lot of mistakes. They have accepted a lot of things that are not truth, not explainable, and are different from each other. When they understand these teachings, they will realize that there is an explanation for everything that they disagree with each other about.

When the Moslems come to our room and say, No, Christians believe in the son of God, if they understand our explanation of what is the son of God they will recognize that, Yes, that is a possibility that the person who is in the image of God, who is in Pure Consciousness, be called a son of God.

Also if the Christians recognize that the son of God does not mean that God came and made a child by Mary, as Christ. But Christ was the First Begotten Son of God. Therefore, that is why he called himself the Son of God. There are many explanations in the Mission that will absolutely dispel any doubt or misunderstanding from humanity. If you understand our teaching, you will absolutely see the truth, and you will not be confused and make mistakes. You will not have dogmas.

You will have all the truth and explanation of everything that brings disunity to humanity. Therefore, you are free. You know the truth of God. You have freed yourself to the Spirit. You now can become an example for the rest of humanity. And that is actually your responsibility.

You cannot just know this teaching and feel you are not responsible. That is because, how can you stay away when you see such a great ignorance is happening around you? How can you, with eyes, now see others falling into the ditch?

You have to reach out, hold their hands, and say, Do not fall into the ditch. This is what God said. That is how He prophesied. That is how He said things are going to happen. That is why all these religions have been sent. And now I can explain to you how God unified them together. Your religion is OK. We are not opposed to your religions. We are not like previous religions that said, This is the latest revelation. Forget about the rest of the revelations before me.

No, it says, It is OK, your religion is fine. But you did not have the whole truth. You made mistakes. You did not have all the facts. You created a lot of dogmas in your religion and now these are the facts. Therefore, we have to free ourselves first by seeing this Vision clearly, then become a worker for others also and teach them to free themselves.

As we grow and our numbers increase, eventually the whole world will see that God indeed exists. He is in charge. He prophesied. He foretells things, and He accomplishes them. Therefore, His Way is the Way. That is the lesson that humanity has to learn, that Gods Way is the only Way.

Yes, humans have only one choice, to choose God or not to choose God. Indeed, man has free will and that is the only free will he has: to choose God or not to choose God.

When you choose God, of course, you choose to follow His Scriptures, His Words, the innate nature, the darma of the universe. Anytime you look at anything, What is the reason, the darma, the nature of things that have been created? you follow it. You do not argue with it. You do not discuss it. You do not try to change it. You do not throw a tantrum that, No, I want to go this way. I do not want to go Gods Way.

History has shown that Gods Way will prevail, and those who go against Gods Way will break themselves against Gods Ways. It is very simple. It is not something to argue about.

That is why we recommend for you to meditate. Close your eyes. Just close your eyes and see things clearly. That is when you see, because you actually shut down your senses. You shut down your senses, which are like wild horses carrying you out toward external world. Your eyes see it on television and your heart wants it. Therefore, you go after it. God is out. You are in the grip of your desires.

Maya has never been stronger in human history than now. Of course, Maya is even stronger in the West than anywhere else. At least in the West you can fulfill most of your desires. Maya also, through television and satellite, has gone all over the world. Some people even see and want but they cannot fulfill them. That even is worse than when you fulfill one desire. Of course, it is going to be replaced with another and you are never going to be satisfied.

But through meditation you can fulfill your desires. And at the end you say, I really do not need all this. I just need God.

We are not against the minimum, for everyone to have the minimum physiological and safety needs taken care of. The rest, of course, should be toward the creation of the Communities of Light and Gods Kingdom.

Therefore, as we can see, everything points to the truth of this Revelation. And the whole Revelation has been given for the last twenty-some years. No Prophet ever brought the whole teaching and wrote it down. God educated me and then gave me the Revelation and said, Write it down in a book. Then He brought the Internet and made it very simple to put It in the Internet. We put It in and now it is there.

The Revelation is done. The prophecies are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. The teaching makes sense. It is based on the Word of God.

Now we see that even the news is confirming what God said is going to happen. The only thing left for us is to truly look at ourselves squarely, know this teaching well, and then say, What am I doing? Am I here to follow God, or to resist God? That choice you have: You can resist God or you can choose God. That decision you make will show what is going to happen to you in the next lifetime or in the present lifetime. We make the choice, and we have to accept the consequences of our choices.

After we choose God, of course, God is very clear. He sent the Revelations as different religions. And each religion has a very outstanding message.

The message of the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis is to, Know thyself. Look at yourself squarely and see the Essence, which is you, which is One with God. There is no separation between Atman and atman. Therefore, you are a part of God. That is what the Mystical Paths teach. All of them teach the same thing: Know thyself to know God. When you know yourself, you recognize, I am God. I am a part of God. God is everything. In the final stage you and God become One. There is no separation between the two.

But God said, I am not going to let you in. I am going to spue you out of My Mouth until you go and create the Communities of Light.

Timothy has a question. We will go to him to see what his question is.

Timothy: Sal-om. My question is in relation to what I am hearing today, the possibility of wars, much tribulation, and destruction to come. The salvation from being subject to that is by following the Eternal Divine Path. In this time of increased Maya and tribulation, when creating the Community of Light, how do we avoid the pitfall of escapism in this world that is filled with much chaos and increased Maya?

Maitreya: Get involved. Stop thinking. Stop rationalizing. Stop analyzing. You know them by their fruit. If you do not take action you cannot give fruit. That is how you give fruit, by getting involved.

But sitting on the sidelines and analyzing it, and trying to find fault in the Mission, or not getting involved, is escapism. It is kind of saying that, I am not interested in getting involved. I will try to find faults and intellectualize. I am looking for explanations, but I do not want to do the job. I do not want to get to work.

That is escapism. That is intellectualizing the teaching and therefore not becoming involved with it. Also there are excuses, Well, I am not worthy to get involved. I am not really good enough to get involved. I do not have anything to offer to the Mission.

Mind is incredible. The ego gives all the excuses in the world not to do what God said. But God is very clear. He said, You know them by their fruit. He does not say that you know them by their explanation. He does not say that you know them by their intellectual curiosity.

The only way to have fruit it is to be involved and do the job. How to get involved? Follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is how you become involved. Therefore, by getting involved, little by little, you progress. The external world becomes smaller and smaller, and the Maya will not affect you as much as it used to. Eventually you will find the like-minded people.

If we eventually create the New Jerusalem, in that place we might have our own radio, our own television, our own programs that we can manifest Godly things and create movies about different religions, Prophets, and the Word of God. There are infinite things that can be done but we need people, we need creative people, and we need recourses to do them.

The first step is to recognize that this Revelation is the Revelation of action. It clearly says that God is not going to let you in by just meditating and not following the Eternal Divine Path.

The second step in the Eternal Divine Path is the call to action: Creation of the Communities of Light.

Therefore, the way has been given. All of your answers of not being an escapist is in the Eternal Divine Path. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will escape being an escapist. I hope that answered your question. If it did not, go ahead and raise your hand and ask for a follow-up.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: Please explain Isaiah 45:11, "Thus saith the Lord, the holy one of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me."

Maitreya: Well, ask me about what things to come. This Revelation is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, and that will come at the end time.

The Revealer will be incarnated three times. This incarnation is the incarnation that will reveal the Revelation to humanity. Therefore, it is the incarnation of the Revelation.

The next incarnation is implementation, which is mostly educational: reaching out, teaching, bringing humanity to recognize and to realize that there is only One God and that all the teachings and religions have come from the same God. As more and more people see that, they are no longer going to be Moslems, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Christians, or Jews. They will come together as Divines.

When our numbers increase to the point that we will have a unified portion of the world together, then the time of the reincarnation of the execution will be a time that eventually we will prevail, the Word of God will become prevalent on earth, and His Kingdom will come. That Kingdom will continue for a thousand years. After that, another fall of man will occur. Then eventually the Golden Age, the Kingdom Of God, will be established on earth for a long time. That is the future.

People say, Is Maitreya predicting the future? Yes. And that is the Word of God in the Scriptures. That is what He said is going to happen. He said there were going to be Seven Revelations. There were. He said that this Revelation would come at the end time and it will explain everything. It has.

He said that after this Revelation comes, the tribulation comes, Babylon the Great (the worldly ideas) will fall, and His Kingdom will come. That kingdom will stay for a thousand years.

After a thousand years all the Elects are no longer Elects but they are the sons of God. They will inherit Gods inheritance. His Kingdom comes and we are all going to be with God together and will be one. There will be no question left. You will know the answers as I do. Therefore, this is the prediction.

That verse says, "Thus saith the Lord, the holy one of Israel, and his maker, Ask me of things to come You just asked them and I explained what they are.

concerning my sons, Sons are those who will overcome. Whoever overcometh will become my son. So the requirement is overcoming, Revelation 23:7. and concerning the work of my hands which was explained. God has been sending seven religions. Each of them has a message, and now we put them all together. Now the Revelation is perfect, complete, and explained. Therefore, you can see that verse is fulfilled, and answered right here and now.

Therefore, God is in control. He promised many things He will do. He did. He said this Revelation was going to come. It has. It is the end time. Everything is happening. Gog and Magog are coming together. The ten nations in Europe have come together. But they cannot become one because half of it is clay and half of it is iron. We can see that everything is pointing to being at the time after the Revelation of the Seven Seals and the coming of the great tribulation and upheaval on earth.

I hope that answered your question.

We can stop here. Again, listen to these words and see the signs. See this truth. Eventually come to the conclusion that, This makes sense. This is from God. And I am responsible by knowing this truth. Therefore, jump into the Eternal Divine Path. Just stop analyzing, finding faults, and staying intellectually on the side way. Jump into this bandwagon with two feet.

That is how you overcome intellectual traps and escapism, by following Gods Word. Gods Word is the Eternal Divine Path.

I leave all of you to God. Again meditate on this. Listen to the news and recognize that it is Gods doing. It is not mans doing. Those who think they are doing it have no idea of God, and they are not the Doer.


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