MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the room, Calling Elects. Last week we talked about how the prophecies and the coming of the Kingdom is being fulfilled. The prophecies are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes: how the one billion man army is forming, there will be a great separation between the East and the West, how the ten toes of the statue that were in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar have already formed, which are the ten nations in Europe.

We are fast-approaching the time of the falling of Babylon the Great, the Great Whore, and the ways of this world that are based on ego, separation, and destructive tendencies that are getting worse. No one can deny that many things are happening that are not according to Gods ways and are not even based on the high ideals of some nations that have been created and were built on trying to make the ideal situation for the people.

The question is, now we know this is approaching but what is our part in Gods Plan? Now that we know that Babylon the Great is going to fall, the destructive tendencies are coming to humanity, the prophecies are fulfilled, the Seven Seals are open, and the book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed to humanity, what is the practical way for those who have been called, are the Elects, and see this Vision to start implementing and manifesting Gods Plan so when Babylon the Great does fall, indeed we have a viable alternative to this worldly approach? Therefore, most of humanity will see that killing each other and the destructive tendencies that are in ego trips will not bring peace, but God will. The only way to peace are the Ways of God, His Laws, the things He has said we should do.

So every person should have two fundamental questions answered. You all have to ask yourself these questions and base your decision on the answer you give to these questions.

The first question is: Does God exist? That is the first question that you really have to meditate on. Ninety-nine percent of humanity, even those who are in the Mission and think they are Elects, or they have been called and they see the Vision, should again ask this question very truthfully of themselves: Does God exist? Do you really believe that God exists?

Either you have had an experience with God, or you have felt His Spirit and you know God exists for sure, or you have read THOTH and you have seen the fulfillment of the prophecies and the coming of so much truth in THOTH and our teachings that it leaves you no choice but to say, Indeed God promised all these things, and He has fulfilled them. Therefore, although I have not had any experience directly myself, these teachings, the truth, the Revelation, and the fulfillment of all the promises that God gave to humanity to this point give me no doubt, at least intellectually, to believe that indeed God exists.

So truly meditate on this and ask yourself honestly, do you really believe that God exists, He promised all these things and you believe in God? That is your first step of recognizing the direction of your lives and to know where you stand with God.

It is not an intellectual argument. It is not something that we want to feel good about or we want to agree because I said so, but it is something that you have to believe in your Heart of Hearts that indeed God exists because He has promised all these things and He has fulfilled them. No matter what is happening out there in this world, it is not from God and it is not going to effect you because you are with God, because you know He exists, because you know these teachings, this Revelation, this Vision, and therefore you know it is going to be fulfilled and you will not be affected.

The next question you should ask yourself is, Are the Scriptures really the Words of God and His Commandments? Does He really send all these Scriptures to humanity and to man for their guidance and He commanded them to follow what is in them, or we have an intellectual discussion about them and we choose the parts that we like and we do not choose the parts we do not like?

You have to come to the conclusion that either the Scriptures are the Words of God or they are not. We know that the Scriptures have been changed and some parts of them have been changed by some carnal minds. But of course, THOTH and our teachings, Satsangs, and all the discussions we have had for years have purified the misunderstandings and man-made parts. Therefore they are purified and given to humanity to see the Words of God.

So we have to be very careful with what part of the Scripture we accept, which part we reject, and always compare it with the Eternal Divine Path and see what part in the Eternal Divine Path this teaching falls and how God said, commanded, and requested in many cultures and nations how to purify ourselves. Now He says the way is the Eternal Divine Path based on His Commandments and Laws.

We have to agree and accept that God exists first, not just intellectually but truly believe in Him, then the Scriptures, and especially THOTH, and that what It has purified is from God. These are two questions that we have to honestly answer.

If you do not believe that God exists, then we leave you to God. If you do not believe that THOTH has purified the Scriptures and revealed the truth and that now we can see the essence of the religions, and now it is time to implement it, then again we leave you to God.

But if you truly know that God exists, He has promised all these promises to Abram, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, Christ, and Bab, and the Scriptures, and prophesied and foretold of this time to come, and now He has sent you the opening of the Seven Seals and the book that reveals this Revelation which is a promise of God, and now it is opened and the prophecies are fulfilled right in front of our eyes, then you have no choice but to accept this Revelation as Revealed by God and therefore know that His Kingdom is indeed fast-approaching.

The way humanity is going, the destructive forces are coming. The way the poor are getting poorer, and the powerful are becoming more powerful, and they are ignoring the rights of the un-powerful and the meek, indeed it is not going to last forever.

This approach eventually will hit the bottom. Humanity will rise to this unjust world and long for the justice, peace, unity, Godliness and that indeed, the way is Gods Way. There is no leader, no political power, or no human that can bring that peace but God and His Ways.

This teaching is indeed a call to go toward the creation of the Kingdom Of God on earth. Of course, God also has revealed to us the subjective approach with the objective adjustment.

We are a few people. We are not as powerful as other groups or religions or political systems are. That is why we need those who see this Vision to spread and our numbers to increase.

At the same time we have to start thinking to create an example for humanity to see that there is another way, another approach. We can create communities based on justice and on Gods Words, unity, and beauty. There is a way of sharing and creating an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of.

There is a way to curb the greed that does not have any end. No matter how much the person has, it does not quench the thirst for limitlessness, which is God. They are greedy because they want to quench that thirst. But that thirst cannot be quenched with this external world.

So we can create Communities Of Light that the children are taken care of, the old are taken care of, and the young are justly treated. Therefore, the fears no longer exist, and humanity can live together, grow up beautifully, happily, sharingly, and not experience the things that many people experience now on earth: guns, helicopters, destruction, death, fear, and children that, that is all they know. They do not have the loving environment of a community. It just is not for them, but suffering and destruction is for them.

Such children will be incarnated bitter, and they will gain the power to impose the same injustice and destructive forces on other people or those who have created that injustice for them. So this cycle is going to go on forever. We have to break this cycle.

We have to create an environment that humanity sees there is another way, of forgiveness and forgetness of what has happened in the past or what problem we have with one another, come together and create an environment that is Godly and is based on the Words of God.

I am not talking to create a cult. I am not talking about a couple of people coming together and becoming a cult. No. I am talking about the creation of the community that when it reaches out, at the same time it sets an example for the rest of humanity and invites them to come and see indeed that the essence of the teachings of God has come to them.

The only way is sharing with one another, to create the Communities Of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, based on the Words of God that unify all the religions of the world. Therefore, they can create an environment where the children will be children, the old people will be taken care of, and there are enough resources for everyone to have a decent standard of living. By directing our attention to space, we will not give our energy toward destroying one another but bringing greater progress to everyone.

To do this, of course, we have suggested the creation of the New Jerusalem. The project of New Jerusalem is the invitation of one hundred people that each are very dedicated to this Mission and this Vision, who want to start the New Jerusalem, and they have the resources.

Even in this little household there are Moslems, Jews, and Christians who are living here together in peace. There is no bombing going on. There are no fights going on over different religions because we are all Divines. We no longer are Jews, Christians, and Moslems but we are the children of the same God. We know that. And we each know where our religions fall, we accept it, and we expand ourselves. Therefore, we become one.

Also we have to learn to be happy and thankful for what God has given to us, and each of us accept our lot and be thankful. As long as we do not appreciate what we have, we will not experience the happiness and contentment but we will always want something else, something more, when we have more than what ninety-nine percent of humanity has and our standard of living is pretty good in many ways compared to the rest of humanity.

Even those who have little should just accept Gods Blessings. Thanksgiving is the first Law.

Therefore, we have to choose to be thankful to God, accept our situation, and concentrate on this Mission and this amazing responsibility and blessing at the same time that God has given to us, be content, and adjust our lives in such a way that we can do Gods work in any way possible that we can.

Instead of hesitating, staying back, being unhappy because we do not have something that we want so badly, and we demand that God give it to us instead of saying, Thanks God for all the things you have already given me. I should appreciate what I have, and these blessings are what I should be thankful for, and then work for the Communities Of Light, coming together and manifesting the New Jerusalem.

We are not happy because we do not appreciate what we have. We have to start appreciating from now on. Sit back and look at your life and say, What do I have? I have this, this, this, this, this. Thanks God!

Of course, in the Communities Of Light, life is much easier, much more relaxing. So more people will have time to meditate and eventually come to a point that they overcome their egos. Their egos will not crave what they want. But the Spirit will appreciate what it has.

In the Communities Of Light we will be protected and provided for, and the only thing left is to become Godly and create a peaceful environment for ourselves and other people. We will recognize and realize that our actions in the community affect the whole community. The community becomes a body that has to work well with each other. If a part of the body is sick, the whole body will not feel good.

When we create such an organic community that each part functions correctly and is based on God, and they are provided for and happy with what they have, then we will have an example for humanity to show them, Here, look, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems in this community live together peacefully. It is an example, a micro example of what the earth can be.

We are not trying to create a cult, far from it. We have to reach to humanity and open the community for many to come and see. That is why I do not want to start small. A small community will become a cult because they will be so pushed and pulled by the external world that they will fall on themselves and become a warped star.

We know what a warped star is. No light can escape it.

But a community on a larger scale and open to the rest of humanity will almost become a tourist attraction. It will become a way for people to come and see what is happening on these two hundred acres, or these thousand acres whatever it is, the bigger the better. They will see the temple, they will see the people, they will see the dormitories, they will see the houses, they will see the Center, they will see the peacefulness, they will see the call to prayer, and they will see how everyone comes together and is Godly.

But if a couple of houses come together in the middle of a neighborhood, which all have the prejudice against a lot of things that a few people might be able to do, it is not going to work. Those few people will eventually be ostracized or will fall on themselves. That is why it is so important for us to create something that the people want to come to see instead of fighting the neighbors for what we want to do.

It is a good idea for us to reach to our neighbors and help them out and create an environment that they can feel more secure and protected, but that is not really the way to do it. We have tried that before. To come to the point that it attracts more people to come and be with us is the Community of Light in a greater scale.

In the Communities Of Light, Godly ways should be implemented. In this Mission we do not reject anyone. Indeed it is easy to reject people. It is Divine to accept them for what they are as long as they are Godly.

The only requirement is, accepting God and His Words. The community should accept everyone in it as long as they are not destructive and ungodly. We eventually will teach humanity not to reject each other so easily but work with each other, meditate, accept the other person, try to understand, to adjust, and to come to a point that the other person realizes that no matter what they do they are not going to be rejected.

They can reject themselves from the community. That is their problem. The Communities Of Light do not reject anyone as long as they are Godly.

Again that is the safe and secure feeling that we have to bring to everyone on earth that the Communities Of Light and God do not easily reject people. Actually some people insist to be rejected because psychologically they believe they are not worth it. Therefore, they do all things to be rejected by you and when you do not reject them, they are very surprised. Sometimes they blame you that, You accept me that I am not worthy for anything. But that is their psychological problem.

So, God does not reject anyone. If you reject God, that is your problem for rejecting God.

You have to again know the ways of God. Humanity has to recognize that indeed the Communities Of Light are where people are accepted, loved, nurtured, and brought to a point that they realize that God is with them. They start loving God with all their hearts, minds, and spirit.

When they love God, they love others as well. The reason they do not love other people is because they do not love God. They do not love the essence in themselves. They reject others because they have already rejected themselves.

In the Communities Of Light we have to become Godly, the Children of God. Indeed in a thousand years we will have many sons of God, one hundred forty-four thousand sons of God, I hope even more, who will have a Godly outlook and their egos are no longer there but Gods Spirit comes through them. Therefore they can also heal those who have ego and their egos are in their way to see Gods Spirit in the sons of God.

There are a lot of decisions that have to be made at this point, and healing. Since the implementation has started, you also have to ask these questions and see this truth and Godly way in a greater degree.

Work on yourselves and create the environment that indeed we can come together and create the New Jerusalem. That is really the paramount project at this time. As I said I am not attached to it. Again we need one hundred people with great resources, or we need many, many thousands of people with the lesser abilities. Either way we are not going to start a small group, which becomes a kind of cult.

God is very patient. He will wait and wait and wait until those who indeed have been called and see this vision will come forward, and then we can manifest Gods Way for humanity. It is going to happen because God said it would.

In this endeavor everyone has to recognize that the Will of God is here, the Revelation is given, and anything left for you is to become a productive part of this Mission and movement. You become a person who creates more than takes, and who can be an example of being dedicated and productive in society.

We have to learn how to go to the external world, how to use the external world for resources, and bring greater resources to the communities. Therefore, we can reach a point that we also can affect the external world in a greater degree.

This Mission is not to go to the mountains and forget about the rest of humanity. This Mission is to be in the world, to be effective in the world, and at the same time realizing indeed that you are not a part of it. You belong to the world that is coming. You belong to the Kingdom of God. You belong to the Eternal Divine Path. You belong to the whole truth, not to a part of the truth.

We claim that this is the last Revelation of God. So many other religions also believe their religion or Prophet was the last Revealer and therefore they are the chosen ones, they are the only way, or they have the last words.

Of course, there is no Prophet who has not said that he has not finished his revelation and the religion that God has entrusted to him. Moses did not pass the Jordan River. He said, My mission is done, Joshua it is your turn.

Christ said, It is done when he was on the cross. Prophet Muhammad said, I have finished your religion. Bab and Bahaullah did not write some things that did not belong to their revelation and did not reveal it to humanity. Now we have done the same thing with the Third Declaration that, This Revelation is done.

But there is no other Revealer or Revelation that called their book, The Last Testament. No one opened the book sealed with the Seven Seals. No one revealed the Seventh Seal, and no one claimed to be the Seventh Angel. Therefore, our claim as the revealer of the final Revelation of God is based on all the evidence that God has given to humanity.

Also we said, It is finished. It is done. That is what we did like other Prophets who said, Yes, I am done with it. I finished my revelation. Now, not only that, we also said, This is the last Revelation of God, this is the whole thing.

Of course, the other Prophets and Revealers did not have the whole truth. They each had only a part of it. They each had a section of it. Therefore their followers and some people in those religions based their understanding on a portion of the truth and therefore they made mistakes, created dogmas, and believed on the things that are not completely the whole truth. But in this Revelation we can study and see all the Scriptures of God and the Revealers, and know where they each fall.

We also recognize the two kinds of Prophets: the Minor Prophets and the Major Prophets. There have been more than one hundred thirty-four thousand Minor Prophets. But there have been only seven major religions, which have come from the major Manifestations, or the Major Prophets, or the Revealers who bring the Words of God to man and reveal a part of Gods Plan.

There is not going to be any major Manifestation for a thousand years. There might be some Prophets who still come and bring some truth of God to humanity, but not anything that has not already been revealed through this Manifestation, our Revelation.

So we can see this is the only one that can be the last Revelation of God. This all other religions have to recognize and realize, and they need to overcome their dogmas, their misunderstandings, and recognize that God said that this was going to come, and Gods Way does not change.

He has never sent someone from the sky who says, Here I am. Everything is going to be OK, and everything is going to be OK. No. He always sent a Revealer, a human whom He prophesies about for a long time. He sends that person with all the evidence that supports him as to be the Mouthpiece for God on earth.

God is a Spirit. He needs a body to come through. It is not an ego trip at all.

You say you are the Messiah, so you think you are better than everyone else. No. The Messiah is also a regular man. He is inspired by God to bring the guiding light to humanity. Therefore, listen to the Words, Revelation, and manifestation of all the promises that God has given to man. Then you can recognize, Indeed God has done it again. He has sent this to humanity. And we are on our way to bringing the Kingdom of God on earth.

These are all the words of Light and a guiding light for humanity. God is the only way to Peace. We have to make this to be recognized by humanity. We have to set an example, come together, and create the Communities Of Light.

The more we resist it, the longer it is going to take for this to happen. The more we still listen to the external world and all the false prophets that teach us and tell us about everything but what God said, then we are in the way of the coming of the Kingdom. So become a part of the solution, become a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

Let your egos go and become a channel for God. If God comes through and His Words become your words, your spirit, your way, and recognize how God created you to be in this Mission, which will bring the Kingdom which is coming very fast, then your dedication will be absolute. Those who have seen this Vision have to prepare themselves.

Of course, if it does not happen this lifetime, it is going to happen next lifetime. I never predict the future. But I know that God is very flexible.

God will accomplish what He says. But it might sometimes take even thousands of years, as He promised Abraham thousands of years ago that his children would inherit the earth, and they have. If God had told Abraham that it was going to take four thousand years for this to happen, probably Abraham even would not have understood what four thousand years from then would be or how it would look like. But the truth is, everything that God said has come true.

We now have also revealed the way to connect to God. God has revealed to you a way of meditation that, in the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, is when you experience the stillness and connection to God. The more you connect yourself to that stillness, the less you will be away from God. You will be connected to God in that stillness. Be still now and know that I am God.

These are our guiding lights for humanity and you, and you are also called to become a channel to give it to other people. Become dedicated, one-pointed, and do not let the other things in life overcome these words and Revelation. Of course, Maya is stronger than ever and these Words reveal it to you, but during the week they are destroyed. Mind comes in, ego comes in, and we fall away from them.

Wrap yourself in the Words of God. Wrap yourself in His Promises and the Scriptures, THOTH, meditation, singing, dancing, chanting, and coming to our services. Therefore, you are not out there all the time.

It is hard to turn around and say, Yes, it is time to go and do The Reminder. That is the reason that The Reminder is there, so you turn around, be baptized, and go to God. Say, This world, I can leave. Now I can go to God.

The more you leave this world and go to God, the more you will not belong to this world but belong to God. The more you do not go to God and you are concerned about this world, the more this world is going to get you.

Of course, there is a power and strength in numbers. The communities and the people that come together can affect their environment and not be affected by the external world as much. If you are alone by yourself working somewhere that mostly is worldly, it is hard not to be a part of it. But if you are living in the New Jerusalem, we might even eventually make the whole city, the whole state, the whole world a place that is Godly and, therefore, it is not that hard to be with God as it is now.

But that first step has to be taken. This thing has to be realized. We should create the willpower, the strength, and the discipline to disconnect ourselves from this world and say, Now I am going to go to God. I have been in this world the whole day. It is ten to six and now it is time that I am going to cut myself out from whatever this world wants me to do, and I go and do my Reminder and remember God.

It is a discipline. It is a meditation. When you meditate on The Word, your mind starts wandering around. You gently have to bring it back to The Word, or the mantra. Mind again has strayed away. You have to bring it back.

It is the same thing for The Reminder. The world gets you, Who wants to do The Reminder? You do not want to do it. But that is the way to disconnect yourself from this world and strengthen your willpower against the Maya and attraction of this external world. I am going to go and do my Reminder because that is the time for God.

With the meditation and that stillness, you can always stay with God. When the time for The Reminder comes you say, Oh yes, it is time for The Reminder. Just go and do it. You do not even think twice because now you are with God more than with the world.

It is going to get harder and harder for individuals, families, and those who are not in a group or Communities Of Light to cope with this external world. More and more they will lose their power to the external world. There are powers that will take over their lives and will be unjust to them.

But in the group and in the Communities Of Light, individuals are not going to be affected with the unjustness out there. That is because they have strength in the group by being together and they can combat the unjustness of the external world and its effects.

The whole Plan is based on Gods Words and it makes sense. It will create and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. But we have to ask those fundamental questions of ourselves: Does God exist? Are the Scriptures His Words and His Commandments?

If you answered both yes, then we are done with you, you are a person who judges yourself and says, Am I really following my belief? Just believing, Yes God exists, the Scriptures are the Words of God, and THOTH is Gods Scripture and the Words of God, and I have to follow THOTH, then you have no choice but to come to the Communities Of Light and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

No matter how intellectually we discuss it, we work with it, and we come together, but we do not plunge into the Words of God and the Communities Of Light, we will still wonder how to combat the external world. And we will not be able to because we are not following the Eternal Divine Path. We are not following Gods Words.

Ask yourself: Does God exist? If the Scriptures are His Words and God sent this Scripture now to humanity, it is time to follow THOTH, follow the Words of God.

The Kingdom of God truly will come with or without us. If we do not listen to His Word, God will bring those who will. So it is His Blessing on us that has chosen us to be a part of His Work. If we resist it, He will replace us with those who will not.

Therefore be zealous and come to the Communities Of Light. Be one with it and manifest it as God has commanded us. Know that if we do that we will be blessed. If we do not, the blessing will not be there at all.

We have had some people come to our room and objecting to our belief that God is everything. Their objection usually is, What do you mean by God is everything? You mean that God is the most hideous things in the universe also? They usually say something like toilet, or things like that.

The answer is yes, indeed. If you change the elements in the atomic set up of the most hideous thing in the universe and add and subtract electrons, protons, and neutrons, you can make the most hideous thing in the universe to gold. There are cities that purify their sewers, make it to drinking water, and use the rest of it for fertilizing and other things in the city.

The people who do not see God even in the most hideous things, it is they who have not opened their Godly eyes to see indeed, God is everything, and everything is convertible to everything else. This is more scientific than believing that God created everything else. Therefore, if God created everything else, it has to be very rigid: everything should stay the way it is forever; nothing can be converted to anything else. Of course, we know that even energy is converted to other energies.

So tell those people who do not see God even in the most hideous thing that indeed we can convert the most hideous thing into gold, or the most beautiful thing in the universe.

That very well goes to the most hideous people. If we can make them see God and turn them around, they might even become Godly.

I am not recommending you to go and find the most hideous people and try to change them to Godliness. But there are situations that you can see the potential in a person that they can turn around and become Godly. You can remember that you do not have to reject them, but adjust yourself and meditate on how you can help them in a greater degree.

It is much easier to reject others with the first sign of dissent or differences, but it is much more Godly if we can look at other people, accept them, and then come to a point that we can live together in peace.

That humanity really needs at this point because there are a lot of rejectionists on earth right now. They reject other religions. They reject other cultures. They reject other ways. Each of them thinks they have the best way, and they are not recognizing that it is the ego that rejects. The spirit accepts and then works together to eventually come to a point that they can merge together and become one.

It is just like a thesis and anti-thesis that becomes synthesis. They can live together in balance and unity. That is the Spirit of God. This is the teaching of the Words of God.

Ask yourself these questions very carefully. Look at yourself squarely: Do you really believe that God exists? Are you still working to make yourself a god, your ego great and craving attention, approval, and all those things that are related to ego? Or, will you let God come through and say, Yes, I believe God exists. The Words of God are the Scriptures. I want to let my ego go and let God come through.

That is the meditation, the stillness between breathing in and breathing out and recognizing that God is always with you, doing The Reminder, cutting yourself off from this world, and coming to the exercises and the rituals that God has given to us. They are not for God. They are for us. They are for you to be able to discipline yourself to say, Now it is ten to six, time to do The Reminder.

Wherever you are, we do not even want to know. Just do it by yourself at ten to six in your time. Of course, we have ten to six here. You can also come and join us: ten to six in the morning, ten to six in the evening. Cut yourself off from this world, and go and do The Reminder.

It is almost the same as meditation. In your meditation is your mind going all over the place? Gently bring it to the mantra, bring it to the stillness, and bring it to the energy released in the stillness so you can create greater power over your mind. Therefore, the mind is not running your life but you are running the mind.

That is the only way you can overcome the ego, the attraction of this external world, and become stronger. It is easier if you come together in the Communities Of Light and create the New Jerusalem so humanity also can benefit greatly.

I guess our time is up. I leave you to God. Meditate again on these words. Ask yourself these questions. Understand Gods Ways. Indeed become a great instrument for His Will. If you do not do it, someone else will.

Sal-OM all.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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