Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission. I hope none of you are affected with what is happening in this world. For the last couple of weeks we can see things have been accelerated. Of course, those who are in the Mission and know what is happening should not be surprised. We have been talking about these things for the last twenty-some years.

At this period of time that we were preaching the teaching, spreading the Message, and giving the essence of the teaching of the Mission, the world was on the brink of collapsing or reaching to where it is now. But it continued to stay peaceful until this Revelation was completed. Now as God has promised and prophesied, we will gather the Elects first before the fall of Babylon the Great. Babylon the Great is this world, which is confused, separated, and destructive.

Each side has a part of the truth, and each of them thinks they have the whole truth. Therefore, they cannot agree and unify. Indeed, those who follow the Prophets even are not following the example of their Prophets, Messiahs, and their Revealers.

A few weeks ago we saw that there was a cartoon published in a small newspaper from a country that usually does not make much news. Suddenly we saw an upheaval and clashes between two worlds and two ideas to two extremes. One part was the Moslems.

As I was born in that culture and that religion, I know a lot of stories about Prophet Mohammad. One of the stories they always told us was that Prophet Mohammad used to walk in the street. There was a person who used to throw stones and garbage at him every day. Prophet Mohammad would just tolerate that.

One day he walked through that same street and no one threw any stones or garbage at him. He was very surprised and said, What happened to that person who was doing this to me every day? They said, He is sick. He could not make it here today.

Prophet Mohammad went and visited him. He wished him to get well. That person converted to Islam right then and there. He realized that he should not do that to the Prophet of God; that he was tolerant and was not going to be angry with him.

When Prophet Mohammad conquered Mecca, all his old enemies thought that he was going to probably be very rude to them and be mean and even revengeful. But he was not. He actually gave them many good positions in his administration. So he was a very tolerant person, very forgiving. He did not really take things very personally. He was mostly concentrated on higher things, and he would take his fights in a greater degree.

Indeed, Moslems have to recognize His Spirit and concentrate on greater things: justice, unity, and to bring a greater degree of equality and the principles of the founder to their culture instead of being attached to little things in life to emotionally stir them. We can see that Islam is almost at the same place that the Catholic Church was at the time of the Dark Ages that the leaders had a lot of power over the masses. They could arouse them against the rulers. The Catholic Church was running Europe when the kings and queens had to listen to the Pope and what he would tell them to do. Eventually, England did not accept the situation and split from the Catholic Church, etc.

We can see that Moslems have to concentrate on the greater truth of Prophet Muhammad.

As we know, no one has the truth until the Revelation of the Seventh Angel. Now actually all have to come and implement the principles of the Mission: to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and to realize and recognize that all of them have gone to extremes.

That newspaper that published that caricature said, We have freedom of speech, and we can say whatever we want. That sounds also a little extreme. As a very famous saying expressed, Your freedom finishes where my nose starts. So there are accepted boundaries in the world that have to be followed. And every country has them. Some countries become very upset if you burn their flags.

In Europe if you do not believe that the story about Hitler happened, they become upset. Actually they can put you in prison in Germany if you say that World War II did not happen the way it has historically been presented to humanity. We can see that there are taboos in every culture, world, and people.

But who decides how far the freedom of speech and expression can go? Even freedom has some boundaries that have to be accepted. But who decides what are those boundaries? That is again when those who have gone beyond emotions, destructive tendencies, and where humanity is right now can say, Well, probably this has gone too far. Or maybe they decide, no, it did not, it is OK.

Again we go to the Paravipras, those who have overcome and reached the point of seeing the truth of any situation without emotionally engaging themselves with that situation. But they say, Yes, this situation probably has gone beyond just freedom of speech, but it sounds like prejudicity, or hatefulness, or something also is included in that expression.

It is also understandable that every religion that is older does not respect the religion that came after it. Judaism does not accept Christianity, and they think Christ was not the Messiah.

Christians do not accept Islam. They think no one should come after Christ.

Moslems do not believe that any other Prophet will come after them. When the revolution in Iran occurred, a lot of Bahais were killed.

It is understandable that those who do not know our teachings have prejudicity against the religions that came after them. And this will continue until humanity recognizes that no one has the truth until the Seventh Revelation, which is this one, comes. Now you can see that each religion has a part in Gods Plan. Therefore, any prejudicity, any hate, any exclusion will be healed.

Indeed, no other Prophet and revelation was the peaceful Revelation. None of the Prophets were the Prince of Peace until this Revelation. No one can claim that they have brought the peaceful teaching to the world and unified all the religions, and now humanity can see their parts in Gods Revelation and see that they can come together because God has sent all of them.

Each of them has a message, a very distinctive message that stands out. Judaism came from the tribes of Israel. It means the Communities of Light.

Christ went all the way to the cross; he sacrificed himself. It stands out.

The very name Islam comes from tasleim, or to be surrendered and submissive to God. Let God come through and let Him do the work through you, to become as Godly as possible.

When we put all these outstanding messages together, we have the Eternal Divine Path, the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the peaceful teaching that teaches that every human is a part of God, and He has sent all these revelations to man.

That is what will bring Peace. Neither Christianity, neither Judaism, neither Hinduism, neither Buddhism, neither Islam, nor Bahai will do it because they do not have the whole truth. God said it would come when the Seventh Revelation, the Seventh Seal, is opened. Now it has.

Again we can see our responsibility in this. The sooner we can bring this Message to humanity, the sooner we can make people see that this is indeed the way to peace, unity, and the Kingdom, the sooner we can stop this madness that has come to humanity and no one knows how to stop.

Christians are not going to become Moslems. Buddhists are not going to become Christians. They all have had time to do it. Christians have had two thousand years to make everyone Christian. Moslems have had fourteen hundred years to make everyone Moslem. Jews have had three thousand years to make everyone Jews. But that is not the Will of God.

The Will of God is not that everyone become Moslems, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Christians, or Jews, but to become Divine. They recognize that the way to God is not a bunch of dogmas. It is a Path. It is the recognition that each of these religions has a message for humanity, and when we follow that Path we will shatter the narrowness of the mind, we will shatter our separative ego from God, we will shatter our self-centeredness, we will create the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path. And these communities are the base of the Kingdom Of God On Earth.

Therefore, the project that we put on the table as the project of New Jerusalem is the beginning of an example for humanity to see that the Eternal Divine Path works. We have to show humanity a new way, a new understanding, in a community that no one is Jew, or Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Moslem, or Bahai. They do not have any dogmas, there is no separation of one from the other but they recognize that they are all the children of one God. The Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child.

You do not hurt the Essence of God. You do not kill the Essence of God. You do not bomb the Essence of God. You do not blow up others as the Essence of God. These are the principles of Peace. That is why, indeed, we are the Prince of Peace and the Revelation of Peace for humanity.

When we gather the Elects, that is the time for Babylon the Great to fall. It will fall. God said this worldly system would fall. No matter how attached you are to your system, to your country, to your religion, to your government, or to your people any narrow ideas that we have are going to fall.

It is not up to us to make them fall. We are not the revolutionary people. We are not here to gather guns and create the community based on cultic ideology. This is the Will of God. That is why the very creation of the New Jerusalem is a way for humanity to hear more about this Mission, about this Religion, about this Revelation.

A lot of people do not believe religions can be unified. They are absolutely adamant, No. They cannot be unified.

That is why it is the miracle of God. No human can unify the religions of the world. We agree with that. But God can. That is why the Message of this Mission is the miracle of this Mission.

There have been other miracles and things that people come and tell us what is happening in their lives, they see the truth and they progress. But the Essence and the greatest miracle is, those who have studied our teaching amazingly proclaim, Indeed, there is no separation between religions.

They no longer are Moslems, Jews, Christians, Hindus, or Buddhists. They have expanded themselves to become Divines, those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, see the unification of all religions, and see their responsibility in this Revelation.

The situation of the earth is going to become worse. So do not become upset. Do not become possessed by what is happening.

As you meditate and you recognize that you are indeed not of this world but you are in this world, recognize that you have to see you are a part of that witness entity. You are not engaged in what is happening here in this world but you are witnessing what God said will happen, and is happening.

Someone was telling me this week that for the first time when they were in a situation and they became angry, they recognized that yes, they were getting angry. For the first time they stayed out of that anger, watched that anger, and controlled that, I am not going to become angry. That person, with a calm mind, approached the problem and actually solved it without the regular way that anger would take over and this situation would become even worse.

That is indeed the very essence of meditation that you stay out, become the witness entity, watch your emotions, and recognize that you are not those emotions. You are the Essence, and the emotions are ego-creation. That is the way of meditating and becoming the witness entity. If you are not your emotions, your anger, your attachments, your desires, your wants, or anything out there, then who are you? As long as you become those emotions, as long as you become that anger, or those attachments and desires, you become the ego itself. You identify yourself with those emotions.

That is the process of meditation. You close your eyes, and you watch your emotions. You watch your desires, your wants. What do you want? Do you want a new car? Go through it in your meditation; buy one. Of course, you have to work hard for it if you buy a car, and you have to keep it up. It is going to get old.

Do you want a big house? Do you want a yacht? Do you want an airplane? Just go through it in your meditation. At the end you say, Not really. I really do not need them. As long as my physiological and safety needs are taken care of, the rest has to be directed toward God and His Will.

The same thing is true for what is happening in this world. Do not let what is happening affect you. Do not judge with a view that is one-sided, affected culturally, or emotionally biased from your attachments, but be clear as a judge who can see both sides, can see the truth that is emanating from this situation.

As long as the human is attached to their emotions, their cultures, their backgrounds, and their egos, we will have these problems. As we go ahead and make more and more people who will become just, have the Spirit of God in them, and see both sides of the problems, more and more the gap between the two sides can be filled up and will subside. With our teaching, those emotions can completely be eliminated.

Again, this is the answer for humanity. This is what has come from God. The timing, the prophecies, the Revelation all say, Yes, that is it. God is not going to change His Ways. He always sent the Prophet, the person who is inspired by God, who fulfilled the prophecies, who brought a Revelation to humanity, and who told them, This is the Will of God.

No one is going to come from the sky and say, Here it is. All be well, and it will be. No one is alive and hiding himself somewhere in the cave or somewhere and then will come out and say, Yes, I have been hiding here for the last fourteen thousand years and now I am here to bring the Kingdom.

If they could have done it, they would have done it then. Why would they have waited to do it until now?

But we see that the way of God is different. He said this Revelation would come. He said everyone would see him and hear him. He said the knowledge would increase. He said there is going to be an end time, and there is going to be a Revelation that would come to humanity and would unify them.

That is how He does it. It is not that someone just falls from the sky and says, Here I am. If God could have done that, then why from the very beginning was there darkness on the deep? He would have made that darkness Light right away. No.

The darkness, the ego, the Maya, the attachment of humanity and not recognizing that they indeed have the Essence of God in them, is as powerful and strong as the Light. Indeed, it seems the darkness is winning. Humanity is more attached. Humanity is chasing the Maya in a greater degree. The gap and the difference between people have increased. The darkness is winning. God has been put out of almost every situation.

Those who follow their religion and say, Yes, we are Godly, are attached to their dogmas, not to what the Revealers said and taught them but what the preacher said and how he can arose their emotions. We are our emotions. They are their emotions.

We do not sit back and say, No. I am not this anger. I am not this attachment. I approach this in a greater degree. I become just. I become good. I become wholesome. I become perfect. I become complete. I become one with God.

God is not attached. God is absolutely the witness entity in this universe.

Now God is calling the Elects, those who have been meditating, seeing this Vision clearly, and with amazement utter, It is possible to unify the religions. God said there would be Seven Revelations, and there have been. Now they are unified.

Indeed, it is a miracle, and we can claim that all religions are unified. And they cannot believe it. They truly believe that it cannot be done. It is already done.

Isnt that a miracle that now all the religions are unified? Do we still have to hold onto our beliefs, dogmas, and teachings? Or do we want to listen to God? Do we want to be a part of the solution, or continue to be a part of the problem?

If you are not in this Mission, if you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, if you are not helping in any way you can to spread this Message, you are a part of the problem because that is what the problem is. The problem is that humanity does not know about this Revelation, the unification of all religions, that indeed God exists and He has been directing humanity to this point.

It is time for the Elects to step up, to step forward and say, Yes, I want to be a witness entity. I do not want to be emotionally involved with the news and go up and down. Anything that happens in the world suddenly I say, Wow, the world is falling apart.

It will not. Do not worry about it. God said that this was going to happen, and it is happening.

What we have to do is to see this Vision clearly that it is from God, that it is a miracle, that it is the fulfillment of the prophecies, that it is a call to humanity to come and create the Communities of Light and to bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth.

It is not up to us actually. God said that Babylon the Great would fall. He did not say, Maitreya is going to make it fall, or you are going to make it fall. It will fall under the pressure and the weight of its own egocentric and wrong understanding.

We actually look forward to see this happen. And it will happen. The only thing we have to do is to preach this, to spread the Message. Let humanity know that the last Revelation of God and the purification of all religions is here, work on the creation of the Communities of Light, and in a greater degree the New Jerusalem. The project, the New Jerusalem, is so paramount in our work.

The only Prophet who was successful to spread his Message and actually establish it in his own lifetime was Prophet Mohammad. The reason for it was that Mecca pushed him out of that city, and Medina accepted him as their leader. So he did have a kind of New Jerusalem to manifest his ideas and the revelation that he had received from God. That became an example for the rest of the Arabic peninsula to see that what He was doing was working. Actually, it became so safe that people would leave their jewelry and their shops open, and no one would steal anything.

Therefore, we can see that the creation of the New Jerusalem is so paramount and important in our work.

Then it was for the Arabic peninsula. They did not have any communication. They did not have any Internet. They did not have all the facilities that we have.

But our example will reach every corner of the world. They will come and see, It is working. These people are living in Peace. They do not look at each other as Jews, or Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Moslems, or Bahais, or this and that. They look at each other as the Essence of God. And their Revelation is perfect. It is not just one seventh of the truth but it teaches us in every level and aspect in our lives from the mundane to the creation of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Come out of your little lives. Become witness entities. Meditate and see your emotions, your attachments, your desires, your wants, and your hesitation. Meditate, why arent you jumping with two feet into this bandwagon, into this Revelation and what has been asked of you to do?

That is a part of closing your eyes and seeing the things that are preventing you from being that calm witness entity that you really are. There is nothing out there that will affect you if you see that you are not any of those emotions, wants, desires, or whatever keeps you from becoming it.

This room is the room to reveal the new Revelation of the unification of all religions. There is no religion on earth that is not unified. All of them have a message for humanity. God has revealed that at the end time there would be a Revelation that comes to humanity and unifies them. That Revelation is now here for you to see and understand.

He always sends this Revelation through a person. He has never sent any Prophet that comes from the sky. But he comes from the womb of a woman. Anyone waiting for anything but the way of God, it is their wishful thinking.

This room also is for you to come and ask your questions that you might have about these teachings. Especially we encourage you to go to the website and study our teaching first. Then come here and ask your questions. We would like to clarify any question you might have about this teaching, about me, about the Revelation, about Gods way, why we believe what we believe, and how this Revelation indeed solves all the problems that exist on earth. We can bring Gods Kingdom to earth.

Anything that is happening on earth at this time is nothing to be worried about. The more we come together and we manifest Gods Way, the easier it will be to cope with these situations.

white stone: Who are these two prophets yet to come, Revelation 11:3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth?

Maitreya: They are the Word of the Truth. It has been explained in Revelation Of The Revelation who they are.

They also could be the two Prophets who came in the Bahai Faith. They came, and they complimented each other as Bab and then as Bahaullah. They prophesied the coming of His Kingdom and the unification of our world.

Therefore, those Prophets have already come and fulfilled that prophecy. Actually, all the Prophets that should have come have come. There are more than 144,000 Prophets that came to earth. There are seven major manifestations plus those who manifested themselves in the Far East, like Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, etc.; seven major manifestations that would come from the Middle East area, all these Seven Revelations have come from that area.

There is the other plan that came from the Far East and the Hindus, India, China, and all those areas. Now even those have been unified with the rest of the Plan of God. Therefore, all the Prophets have already come. The Seventh Seal is opened. The prophecies that you have in the Revelation are fulfilled: the Seven Seals, the seventh vases, the Seven Angels, all have been opened. We are at the time just before the fall of Babylon the Great.

As it is prophesied, Christ will come, and he will be caught into the clouds, which means confusion, and he will call the Elects to come and join him. When the Elects are gathered, Babylon the Great will fall. Then the Kingdom of God will come on earth. Christ will be caught in the confusion of this world (clouds).

That is where we are. We are at the time of calling the Elects to come together. We are hoping soon all of them will step forward and come and join us.

In the last couple of weeks we have introduced a new project called: The Project of the New Jerusalem. Indeed, where we live in New Mexico, even Time Magazine was comparing it to Jerusalem. It looks so similar.

God said that there is going to be a New Jerusalem. Therefore, those who are in Jerusalem and fighting for it should stop. That is because that old Jerusalem is full of blood, fights, destruction, and changing of hands. It is not a very peaceful place. We need the New Jerusalem that is based on the peaceful teaching of this Mission.

That will become an example for humanity to see that indeed, peace is possible. As even in the Mission, in the very small center and the community we have, we have Jewish people, we have Christians, and we have Moslems that are living together peacefully. So it is possible for all of them to come.

The Jews do not have to kill the Moslems. The Moslems do not have to kill the Hindus. The Hindus do not have to kill the Buddhists. None of them really should do that at all. They all have the Essence of God in them, and they are all the children of the same Creator. That, they have to recognize and realize.

Of course, most of the religions are politicalized too. We have to take the religions from that state and make it pure religion. Even politics should be a part of Gods Work. Therefore, we can bring justice and unity to humanity.

This world is full of separation and egoistical ideas. We have to wait until they hit the bottom. Babylon the Great will eventually fall. And it will. Then is the time for us to be present and say, Here we are. We are an alternative to ego. We are a part of God. And that is the New Jerusalem. That is how you can peacefully live together and spread the Peace of God to other people.

There are millions of people who have just had enough of this struggle, politics, destructive forces, dictatorships, and all the things that are happening all over the world. Even those who have the systems that do not promote dictators are losing some of their rights because every leader, every person really, strives to become absolute power, absolute authority. If it is not based on God, then they follow their egos. The ego, of course, is dark and brings destruction.

Therefore, we have to connect humanity to God, to the Spirit, and choose the leaders that are connected to God. They will bring the peace and unity that humanity needs.

This Revelation is from God. This is the Revelation of Peace, and it has come to humanity to make them recognize that they are brothers and sisters. They are not separated.

They have to reach to space. Therefore, they will have enough resources so they do not have to destroy each other. Someone has more, someone has less, they fight, and they scratch each others faces. Eventually everyones faces are going to be scratched.

Of course, with this Revelation also, the playing field has been flattened, and we can see already that there is a great struggle going on between many camps. And the camps are forming. There is no doubt about it.

That is why this call is for you to come out of this world. Do not be attached to what is happening. It is going to become worse.

Your salvation is the Communities of Light. Your salvation is this teaching. Human salvation is to recognize the unity of all religions and this Revelation, to create the Communities of Light, and to create the New Jerusalem. When the time comes, the rest of humanity also will see that indeed, their religion is not perfect. It is just a part of a greater truth. Their religion is not the ultimate. God said there were going to be Seven Revelations and only the Seventh would be the ultimate truth.

BlakeMichael: During the 6th seal, 144,000 are to be chosen and sealed by God. Do you believe that this is yet to take place? What are your thoughts on that? And when you say that the Elects are 'chosen', do you believe in the rapture (whether pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation or post-tribulation isn't important)?

Maitreya: Our teaching is this: That God has been trying to turn humanity around, back to Light. From the very beginning, if you read the Bible, the very verse in the beginning in the Bible said that there was darkness, the Spirit of God moved, the Light came, and now the Light tries to bring the darkness back to Light. That darkness was a part of the Light but it fell. Then it goes on to the fall of man.

If you study our teaching, you will see that in evolutionary steps the human eventually fell to a point that it became flesh. At the time of Noah, it also was divided to the five classes of human. Many of these humans were meditating and progressing for the last twelve thousand years. Now they have reached a point that they are 144,000 of them living on earth.

That is whom we are calling. That is whom we are gathering. This call is for those 144,000 to step forward. They are absolutely dedicated to God. They see this Revelation as the Revelation of God. They will come, help, and establish the New Jerusalem, become teachers and leaders who will spread this Mission all over the world, in every corner of it, and will call humanity to come and join It.

But humanity will not. So we are kind of out-casts because humanity wants to follow their egos, their religions, their understandings, and the separation of the ideas they have.

Christians want to make everyone Christian. Moslems want to make everyone Moslem. Jews say that, We are the chosen ones. Everyone should listen to us. Hindus say, No, just meditate, do not worry about anything. And the Buddhists say, Just reach Nirvana. They are all in delusion.

We say, Well, you all have a point but none of you have the whole picture. But the Elects, the Chosen, will see this Vision as a perfect religion, as the perfect Path. They will absolutely dedicate their lives to it.

We already have some of them. Even when I say to them, Thank you, they say that they do not need thanks. They just love the Mission with all their hearts, minds, and spirits. The only thing they are pleased with is that they are a part of it. That is the spirit of the Elects. This is their Mission. It is not my Mission anymore. We just work together. That is the call for them.

Now the tribulation is here. The call is out. The Elects have been called to come. As they join us, eventually we will reach a point that Babylon the Great will fall, and this world and system that brought so much suffering to everyone will fall. It has no choice because it is based on ego. Ego is not very smart and usually it destroys itself.

So when that comes, the Elects have an alternative and viable solution to replace that. That is when the Kingdom of God will come. This is the rapture. This is the call to the Elects to come out of this world, become a witness entity, and concentrate on this Revelation, the creation of the Communities of Light, the New Jerusalem, the teachers, and the Revelation to humanity. Therefore, indeed we are calling, Be raptured, be a part of this call.

When you come together eventually we will succeed because that is the Will of God

I hope that answered your question.

The Christians that are waiting that suddenly one day all of them are just lifted up, go and meet Christ in the clouds, and then stay there for seven years. Then even as you said, there is an argument if it is going to happen before tribulation, during tribulation, or after tribulation. That is not based on the Scripture and the Word of God.

God said, I will send My Prophet. These are the prophecies that I will fulfill through him. I will make him unique. No one, no other person, can claim to be My Messenger but that unique person that fulfills all the prophecies, the genealogy, brings the Revelation of the Seven Seals, and opens the book that is sealed with the Seven Seals.

Those who have eyes can see that clearly, and they have no doubt. They are the Elects and come and join us.

infinite_8: Do you think this IS tribulation, is it now?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed, this is the beginning of the tribulation. This is the time that we can see that humanity will create two camps. There is going to be a lot of struggle between the east and the west, between religions, and between people. Many, many destructive things are going to happen before eventually Babylon the Great falls.

That is because it is not going to function anymore. It is dysfunctional. It is a dysfunctional system that will not succeed and will fall.

This is the greatest news you can have. It is better than CBS, NBC, BBC, CNN, etc. or any other newscaster you can watch on television. This system is dysfunctional and will fall.

It is not a political statement. It is not a revolutionary statement. It is the statement of God based on the Word of God and His Revelation. God said He is going to fulfill these events, and our teaching clearly shows that He has fulfilled them. Now He says that His Kingdom will come and this dysfunctional system will fail, and it will.

We need a new system. We need a viable solution for what is not working. That is the Communities of Light. That is the beginning of the creation of the communities and the Kingdom. To start and spread this Message in a greater degree is the creation of the New Jerusalem.

Our time is up. Again listen to these words and the truth. Recognize and realize that this is not a cult. I am not calling a couple of people to come here and live here.

OK I guess we have a question here. That is going to be the last question I am going to answer today.

BlakeMichael: In your opinion, will Russia, China, and Israel play a large part in this?

Maitreya: Yes. Indeed if you had listened to the last two Satsangs that I gave, we talked about Gog and Magog and the one-billion-man army that is forming in Asia, a destructive war, that hopefully is going to be the last war waged by man. This Revelation will be fulfilled, and eventually Gods Kingdom will come.

Humanity has to understand these things first. This is your responsibility to reach out. I am reaching out this way. You are reaching out in any way you can. Also come and coordinate and be with the Mission. Do not stay away. Be one with it. Be a part of it, join, and help. Let us create the New Jerusalem, reach to humanity, teach them, and let them know that there is only one God for all of you, and you are fighting for no good reason.

Be with God, and be well in God. Become a witness entity. Do not let this tribulation affect you. It has nothing to do with you. You are safe with God.

Sal-OM everyone.

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