Maitreya, Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission and our room, "Calling Elects".

You now can go to our website and look at my genetic make-up.

When we first came to PalTalk and started the Mission and outreach here, some people came to our rooms and insisted that I have my genes tested to see if I am connected to the Hebrew race that I claim I am from the ancestry of King David, the Hebrews. They suggested that I go to a specific place that they knew to test my genes. As you know there are so many people in this world with so many agendas these days that you cannot completely succumb to their recommendations as they have some specific agendas that they might be pushing.

I was not afraid to do that.  I want to know the truth as everyone else, what is the truth of everything about this Mission and God, and did He really choose this vessel to bring this Message to humanity?

I recently heard about a company called, Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd.  We looked at this company, and we came up with the realization that they are an independent company and are not biased.  So anonymously we let them test the genes and find out, “Am I really connected to the Hebrew race?”

The genetic result came last week.  I was surprised to see how much it reveals to humanity.  After testing, looking, and meditating on it, I realized that we indeed could have a lecture on that topic.  We will go through the findings of this test today.  We will see how it connects my genes to all the races on earth.  God made it again clear that He has not left anyone out of His Revelation, and all are His Children.

If you go to the website and look at those results, you can see that they have connected my genes to many races.  The most important one that is prophesied to come is the connection to the Hebrew race, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that is supposed to bring the last Revelation, or open the book sealed with the Seven Seals.  That, of course, has been confirmed.

Also my genetic makeup confirms our teachings that the Europeans came from Europe and went to the east, to India, and a branch of them went to the north of Iran.  From there a lot of historical truth continued to unfold.  So the connection to the Hebrew race to prove that Maitreya has the potential to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is there.  That alone is not conclusive but when you also study the Revelation, the prophecies, and all the other evidence together, that brings greater validity to that claim.

It also shows the connection to Prophet Muhammad to prove that Maitreya is, or I am, a Sayyed, or a descendent of Prophet Muhammad because Hebrews and Arabs both have come from the same father, who was Abram or Abraham.  Indeed they are half brothers, and they should recognize that, come together, and stop fighting and destroying each other.

The connection to the Turks has also been confirmed.  Nader Shah was a Turk and the Turks are probably mostly related to the American Indians.

There is an American woman in Vermont, whose name is Dhyani Ywahoo and she teaches that the brothers of the American Indians are the Buddhists and Tibetans in Asia, and now they are united.  One of the prophecies in the American Indian tradition is that the end time will come when they will find their brothers.

Therefore, Turks came from the American Indians and entered Asia from the North.  That is why you find most of the American Indian-looking people, or the yellow race, in the north of Asia.  They eventually became strong enough to start attacking and creating problems for China.

In order for China to withstand their attacks, they started trading with them and even giving their princesses to the heads of the Turks in order to stop their attacks and become allies.  Eventually the wall of China was built to keep the Turkmen out of China’s border.  Therefore, there was intermarriage between the Turks and the Chinese.  Nader Shah was a Turk and from that we can conclude also the genes are connected to China, Turkmen, and the American Indians.

The connection to the Hebrew race is confirmed but it has a long story of how this came about.  As we said, the Europeans came from Europe, to India, and to Iran.  Iran actually means the land of Aryans.  Something interesting happened when they came to India and the Middle East.

As we know the land of India used to be a part of Africa.  It was separated from Africa, came and went underneath the continent of Asia, and started pushing it upward.  That is how the Himalayan Mountains were formed.  They became the highest mountains on earth.

We can conclude that those who were living in the island that came as the land of India, which is not a part of Asia, were black people.  They had dark skin.

When the Europeans came and entered that land, they intermarried with those races.  That is why still you can see in the north of India they are lighter skinned than in the southern part.  One branch of those European travelers came to Iran, in the north of Iran, and settled there. They also encountered the natives, which a lot of them came from Africa.  The Suez Canal really was not there.  There was a place called the “Reed Sea” that was full of reeds and was not that hard to travel.  That is exactly where the Hebrews and Moses went through from Egypt to the Promised Land.

That is why it really was not the “Red Sea” when he was going over that part of earth.  It was the “Reed Sea”, a reedy and marshy kind of place.  It was an easy way to come from Africa to Asia.  That branch also makes up the people in the north of Iran and those areas.

Something happened when the European and the dark-skinned people came together.  It was then that we could see suddenly great Prophets started showing up in history.  For the first time Zoroaster brought the teaching of One God (Ahoramazda), the devil (Ahriman), and the idea of a Savior by the name of Shah Bharam that will come at the end time and eventually the Good Will, will succeed over the evil, the idea that is now shared with the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teaching.

That spread, and that branch of Aryans that came to the north of Iran became the Zoroastrians.  That is when the enmity between the branch in India and the branch in Iran started.  That is because the branch in India, which considered the ones who came to Iran as brothers, became Zoroastrians.  They no longer believed in many gods, statues, Krishna, and this and that.

The branch that became Zoroastrians wanted to change the ones in India to their religion.  Probably the war or the epoch of the Bhagavad-Gita could very well be the war that occurred between those two branches.  There are a lot of stories also in poems that they have in Iran about the wars that they had with the people to the east of them.

Probably they had a lot of people who went to the Indian continent from Iran to spread the message of Zoroaster.  Abram, or Abraham, also could have been one of them.  That is why when he went through the area that was Assyria, he opposed the worshipping of idols.

There is a story that Abraham was living in an Assyrian city.  He was opposing the many Gods these people had.  Of course, they did not like Abraham saying that, “You should not worship idols.  You should worship One God.”

One day they had a big feast, and everyone left town.  When they came back they saw that all their idols were destroyed and the head god of the idols had a hammer in his hand.   They figured it out right away, because the only person who did not go to that feast was Abraham (Abram).  They accused him of destroying the idols.

He said, “No.  I did not destroy them.  The big idol became angry, took the hammer, and destroyed the rest.”

They said, “He cannot do that.  That is just a statue.”

Abraham said, “Why do you worship him if he cannot do that?”

So they chased him out of town.  That could explain why Abraham left Ur and started traveling with his family to other lands.

Abram, Abraham was chosen to start the second Plan of God, or the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i Faith.  That is when the Old Testament started.  God chose Abraham and promised him that he would have two children (Ishmael and Isaac).  Each of them would have a Prophet coming from them.  And they would have a great territory, a nation, and a company of nations.  Historically we can see that the Persians knew that the Hebrews were their brothers.

We can see in history, King Cyrus, when he conquered Syria, destroyed everything, and killed a lot of people, but he was very kind to the Jewish people and the Hebrews, and brought them back to Iran.  Still a few branches of Jewish people are living in Iran.

The three wise men knew this.  That is why most probably they were Magis from the Zoroastrian Religion who calculated and went to see Christ.  That is because they also were waiting for the Messiah or the Savior to come from that race.  And they knew the connection that they had with the Jewish people.

Prophet Muhammad knew this.  When they asked him, “Who is the next people who will have great influence?  A Prophet will come from them,” Prophet Muhammad put his hand on the lap of Soloman Farsee, an Iranian, and said, “From these people.”  We can see he was correct.  Bab and his revelation both came from that area.

As we know, the Hebrews were separated and split into two nations:  The House of Israel in the north and The House of Judah in the south.  The House of Israel in the north left and came to the west, and eventually ended up in Europe (read Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled).  That is why you have names like: Dan-mark.  Dan was from the Jewish tribe of Dan, so there is the name of the country, Dan-mark, or Dan-ube, the river, and many names that you can see are related to the tribes of Israel.  They came back to Europe.

 The Jews were taken by the Assyrians to Assyria and eventually, by Cyrus to Persia.  They were related and mixed with the Persians again.  That is where my genealogy came from, from those people who came to Persia.  Some of them married the royalty there, and so the genes from them and also the Persian genes they had, continued to me.  They were originally Persian anyway so they did have the gene.  We can see that connection is proven.

Since the tribe of Judah included Judah, the tribe of Judah that all the Kings should come from, and as God promised in chapter 49 of Genesis verse 10, “The Kingdom shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh come.”  After that it still continued in the genealogy of Abraham and the Hebrews until this point.

We can see the Plan of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i faiths, was all fulfilled through Abram, Abraham.  God promised that this was going to happen through him.

The Arabs are the children of Abram and Hagar.  As we know, Hagar was black.  They became Moslems and covered most of Africa, Spain, and some parts of France mixed with the English for two hundred years.  The French conquered England for two hundred years.  They eventually ended up in South America.  The Spanish were the people who came and conquered South America.  That is all from Saudi Arabia, covers the Middle East, North Africa, and part of Africa to South America.

God again fulfilled His Promise that there would be a nation from Him that their number could not be counted and would be the number of the stars.  That is one nation.  And since Hagar was black, surely I will have the gene of black people in me.  Since I have many Sayyeds in my geneology, and Sayyed means people who are descendants from Prophet Mohammed, therefore I have black genes in me.

There is no doubt that I am connected to Nader Shah, and he did have the blood of American Indians and Chinese.  So I am connected to the yellow race and the red race.  Really they are one race.  They changed a little bit when they came to Asia.  And of course, I have the European blood.

All the races again are unified here to bring the unity of genes for all humans to recognize that they are included.  As long as they follow the Eternal Divine Path, as long as they recognize that there is only One God for all of us, there is no separation between us.  As long as we recognize that we are all brothers and sisters, then we can come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth and the peace that all of us are longing for.

Our leaders and humanity have lost the truth of our origins and where we all have come from.  By this recognition and realization, we will see that we have the genes of many nations and many people in ourselves, and we are carrying them with us.

Apparently God likes to see inter-race marriages and children.  By mixing them together more and more, we will have a more peaceful earth.  There is no pure gene on earth, even if there were, they still have the Essence of God in them, and they have to recognize that Essence in themselves and others.

Not only does this teaching cover all religions on earth, not only are the religions unified, not only is the way given of how to bring God’s Kingdom on earth, and many other unification signs, now it is shown that God indeed made sure that genetically also, I am a universal man.  I carry the genes of all the people.  It is an act that only God can accomplish.  It all is to glorify God.

Therefore, it clearly says that God exists.  God Planned it.  God promised Abram, God promised Abraham, all the Prophets from the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i religions came from the same origin (Abram, Abraham).

God has guided the history.  He has guided the immigration of humanity.  He has made this very, very unique for humans to recognize that it is impossible for anyone to come and claim to be the Mouthpiece of God without proving all these things.

When I started the Mission, I loved the teaching.  I was not looking for prophecies or genealogy, or genetic make-up, but here it is.  When I sent an e-mail to the people who are close to the Mission and informed them that the genetic make-up is on the website, many of them sent me e-mails back, “We do not need the genetic make-up to believe who you are.”  Indeed blessed is he who does not need the genetic make-up to see the truth and Vision in this Revelation.

But for those skeptics who are still looking for proof, here is another proof.  Here is another proof for everyone to look at, to see it, to recognize first that God truly exists.  He said that He would do all these things, and He has done them.

Now genetically, according to the science, which is 99% correct, it is now proven that my genes are connected to all the races on earth, and that I am connected to the Hebrew race.  In fact the Hebrew race is connected to the Persian race.  And they are all brothers and sisters.

Blacks are covered, whites, yellows, and reds.  Not only are Arabs and Jews brothers, they are also the brothers of the Iranians, and they should just come together and stop fighting.  The Iranians are connected to Hindus and so on.

The second Plan started in the Far East, which came with the Hindu Religion, which is one of the Mystical Paths, also Buddhism, and all the religions that say, “Know thyself to know God.”  That part of God’s Plan covers many great teachers and revealers, like Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, Baba, and many, many beings that came to earth and brought the truth of the unity of man as man and God, or Atman and atman, Self and self, Hod and Hoda.  That part of the teaching had a different historical explanation that again in this Mission has been explained how God also chose those people as the keeper of the Mystical Paths.

If the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings also recognize the Mystical Paths, they will realize that the Essence of God is in them.  The Holiest Of The Holies indeed is within you.  Nothing is Holier than what is in you, no place, no saint, no being.  And that is the message of the Mystical Paths.

Of course the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings are geared to tell you that you are a sinner, you are a bondman, you are nobody, and the preacher can tell you what to do and whatever the preacher says you follow, that only the preacher is connected to God.  But the Mystical Paths teach you that your Essence and God are One.  If you close your eyes and experience the unity between you and God, then you recognize that you indeed never existed.

Someone was asking me, “When you die, what is going to happen?”  I am not going to die.  I never was.  How can I die if I never was?  But I ever was at the same time.

You can see that these teachings will release man to God directly.  They will destroy anything between you and God.  That, the preachers will not like because you are free to God directly with understanding the Eternal Divine Path, following the Fifteen Commandments, and understanding that freedom does not mean chaos.

Freedom does not mean that you can do whatever you want.  Freedom means that you are free to choose God or not to choose God.  The consequence of your choosing is a karmic bound that will come to you.

If you choose God, you are free.  If you do not choose God, you will fall.  It is as simple as that!

The message of the Mystical Paths has to be included in Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings.  Therefore, they will understand that they have a direct relationship with God.

Also the Mystical people should realize that God had another Plan to reveal the necessity of the Communities of Light, sacrificing in the communities, surrendering and submitting to God, and becoming a universalist.  Then we are going to have the Elects, those who are beyond the intellect.  They are para (beyond) vipra (intellect).  They have experienced God directly.

Indeed when you experience God and God reveals something to you that is truth, He even does that behind a curtain unless you catch Him once in a while and you realize, “That is You who gave me all this knowledge and Revelation.”  Still He hides Himself from you; therefore you think you are the doer.  But indeed it is God.

So when I received this genealogy and looked at it and these truths we just talked about started to come to me more and more, it was just amazing how God is protective of this Revelation and Mission, how all these things that we have been claiming are the truth, and how the migration of humanity has happened.  It shows very clearly that what we have been saying, now genetically also can be proven and the uniqueness of the vessel has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

It is now time to come forward again and not to stay on the sidelines, but become engaged in any way you can to let this truth and beauty to be spread to humanity.

I am pretty much done with explaining the genetic makeup and the relationship with all races and human migration.  Now if you have any questions, you can go ahead.

Brahmamurti: Could this be another way of fulfilling the Prophecy that all shall see Him, through the genes?

Maitreya:  Yes, indeed, it could be.  God has made it very clear that there is no race that is not covered in me.  Therefore, they are a part of God’s Plan.  They can say, “Yes, the Prophet was from my genes.”  And they are not left out. 

If they are waiting for Maitreya to come from China, there it is.  He has come.  If they are waiting for the Massau to come from the east to the west, the white man with the beard (of course I do not have a beard any more but I used to), there it is.  If the Moslems are waiting for Mahdi, and the Savior to come from the Arabs, it is.  If the Jews are waiting for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, or the Messiah to come from their genes, there it is.  If the black people think that Christ was black, probably he had the gene also. So in a sense they are correct.

Everyone can claim that the Messiah is from their race but at the same time they have to recognize that he also was from other races.  The racism, separation, and saying that the Messiah came from my race, or this race, or that race, is over.  Now is the time to recognize that God indeed looks at all humanity as a part of His Children.

Whoever is following the Eternal Divine Path to its maximum is greater in His Eyes.  He does not look at how you look.  He looks at who you are, or what you are even better than who you are.  Who you are might give the impression that, what family you are from, or what social level you are from.  But what you are Is, is what God is interested in, not what background you are from?  What are you?  That is more important than anything else.

It was interesting to receive this genetic make-up.  I never really considered ever to have it done.  When we came to Pal Talk there were so many requests about it.  There were some people who were actually obsessed about it.  They kept asking me, “Why don’t you do it?  Are you afraid that it will prove that you are not connected to the Hebrew race?” and all of that.

I said, “No, I am just not going to do it the way that you want me to do it.”  Now it is done, and it is amazing to see the result and recognize that God has proven in every way for humanity to see this clearly and realize that all religions of the world are from the same Source.  He had prophesied that He would send all of them.  He said at the end time the book sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened and that no one can open that book but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

If the results of the testing of my genes would have said that I was not connected to the Hebrew race, that would be the end of the story.  I would not be the possibility for being the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  But there it is right in front of our eyes.  God said that you are connected to the Hebrew race.  So the genes say I am.  The genealogy says I am. The prophecy says I am.  The teaching and Revelation says I am.  And if anyone says, “You are not,” they are wrong.

It does not make any difference who says what.  When God wants something to be done, it will be done.  When God says, “He is the one who has been chosen to bring this Revelation,” so it is.  It is not that you have to glorify me.  It is all to glorify God.  He has done it.  He has created the history.  He has sent the Prophets.  He has sent different Revelations.  He is the One who has to be glorified.

As Christ said, “I glorify the Father, and the Father glorifies me.  And whoever glorifies the Father and me, will have everlasting life.”  You can read it in the Scriptures.  In truth all should be connected to God.

Anything between you and God should be destroyed, be it an idol, be it a Rabbi, be it a Mullah, be it a father, be it anything that you consider holy is not as holy as the Essence of God within you.  Therefore you have the Holiest Of The Holies within you and with this Revelation and the Revelation of the Seven Seals, you have a grip of the good life, how to live with the communities.

Hopefully soon we will create a small community in the Albuquerque area, in Rio Rancho.  It is a call to the Elects.  It is a call for those who, no matter how they look at this Revelation and this teaching, it ends up based on God’s Word, based on the Prophecies, based on the truth, and the coming of the Golden Age.  This is going to happen.  Nothing can stop it.  As I have said many times, this is the latest news for humanity.  No news broadcast really can come close to what humanity has been sent with this Revelation.

There are some questions here.

Timothy_KCan you talk on the Feast of Unleavened Bread?

Maitreya:  Sure.  The Feast of Unleavened Bread is coming up pretty soon.  I think it is the 10th or 11th of next month.  It is the Feast that Hebrews observed at the time when they were in Egypt.  They were slaves for 200 years and then God decided to take the yoke off of their backs.

Of course, that was what God had told Abraham would happen to his children, that they would be enslaved and they would suffer for 200 years.  When the time came, God promised that they would be able to leave Egypt and go to the Promised Land.

The symbolic meaning of it is this external world is like Egypt.  We are the slaves of our desires, wants, impulses, and cravings.  Therefore, we do what the world tells us to do.  We become a slave of the external world, and we succumb to their yoke because it provides us with a place to live, food to eat, and there is no place for us to go.  We are afraid to leave the yoke because probably the slave master is going to lash us and keep us where we are supposed to be.  Therefore we are slaves of this world like the Hebrews who were the slaves of the Egyptians.

There is a Promised Land that God has promised every man, woman, and child.  That is Pure Consciousness.  We have to pack our bags and start leaving this yoke, and fight with the king to get the freedom of our people and release them from this yoke to the Communities of Light and the coming of the Kingdom.

In that night, God will send a spirit that will kill all the oldest sons of the Egyptians.  He will bring great suffering to those who oppose this travel, this exodus of the Elects to Pure Consciousness.

The symbolic meaning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is great, and it is the first Feast of the year.  The rest of the year is the time to travel and go toward that Promised Land.  At the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, we reach Pure Consciousness.  Therefore we can see that there are great meanings of this Feast.  We have a lecture on that, which explains every aspect of it and how they eventually left the yoke of the Egyptians.

They also took a lot of gold with them, which means they did not completely disconnect themselves from the material world.  The very gold that they thought they took from the Egyptians, and were attached to, ended up to be built as their idol that they built after Moses did not come back from the mountains for forty days and forty nights.

So they failed.  Although they wanted to go to the Promised Land, there were a lot of traps, ego trips, and things that still might cause them to fall back.  The test was that they forgot God and they fell.  When Moses came back, that was again the time of sundering.  He separated those who followed him and did not succumb to the idol worshipping and falling back to their old ways but stayed with him and stayed pure.  Those who did not were swallowed up by the earth, and on and on.  We can see it is a journey from the yoke of this world to Pure Consciousness.

That is why at this Feast we hang up the HOSH signs on our doorposts as the sign of obedience to God.  We no longer put blood outside but we hang up the HOSH signs on the doorposts, and God will pass us over.  We will be blessed with the Spirit of God because He knows we are a part of His last Revelation of God.  We can connect to Him, and He passes us over.

That is the very base of the explanation of the Feast of Tabernacles.  I think we have an audio in the FTP site that talks in very detail about the explanation of the Feast.

Sponsored: Is there a difference between a Messenger and a Prophet?

Maitreya:  In general we have Minor Prophets or Messengers, like Jonah.  The only message he had was to go to Ninevah and tell them that they should turn around and go to God, otherwise a great disaster would come to them.  He said, “Why me?  I am not a Messenger of God.  I cannot do this.”  He started walking in the other direction.  He took the ship to go away and not follow God.  God made the people in the ship throw him overboard.  A big fish came, swallowed him, brought him right in front of that city, and threw him out.  And God said, “Go do the work.  I told you to do it.  Go do it.”

God is not a Being that when He tells you something to do, you have a choice.  That is why I have said many times, “Those who are in this Mission and see this Vision, if they have a choice they do not belong to this Mission.”  That is not the way God works.  Therefore, that is a Minor Prophet, just one small message and that was it.

There are the Major Prophets that come to bring great Revelations, like Moses and many, many Prophets who came to the scene throughout the history.  According to Islamic teaching there are, I think, 144,000 or 124,000 of them before Prophet Muhammad.

There are Major Prophets or Major Manifestations that we call the Founder of each seal.  They have come to break open the seals in the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, their visions, their revelations, have a great affect in human history and the direction that the human will go.

We can see that clearly in the message of Christ that made most of the west Christian.  We can see that in the message of Prophet Muhammad that made the Arabs become Moslems, and many non-Arabs also become Moslems.  Their message is not just a small revelation for a specific people or for a small town, or even a nation but it has a worldwide application.

To this point all have been a part of this Revelation. This Revelation is the only Revelation that has come for all of humanity.  It covers every religion.  It shows the way to bring God’s Kingdom.  It covers every aspect of humanity.

Every question has been answered to this point.  And indeed it is the only Revelation that the whole universe rejoices when the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened.

You can say it is a mega-major manifestation for humanity and it is a call to every man, to the corners of the earth.  It is to glorify God that He has done it.  He said It would come, and It has come.  Therefore that is the only Revelation that we can see is the last Revelation of God and the last Truth to humanity.]

We can see that there are many levels of Prophets and Messengers.  Prophet Muhammad called himself, “I am just a plain messenger.”  At the same time he said, “Whatever the Prophet says, follow.”  That means, “The Father and I are one.”  There is no separation.  Therefore, he was also the Messiah.

Messiah means the Spirit of God manifesting to earth and bringing a revelation to humanity.  Krishna said the same thing.  He said, “My Spirit arises on earth whenever there is the fall of man.”  Therefore, Krishna and Prophet Muhammad also were Messiahs.  Each was the Mouthpiece of God.  So was Christ.

Also Christ was a messenger, was a Prophet.  So the Moslems distinguish between a Messiah and a Messenger.  They say Prophet Muhammad was not a Messiah; he was just a Messenger.  Well, we can see clearly that he said, “The Father and I are One.”  And Christ said, “The Father and I are One,” directly.  Therefore, we say he was the son of God.  The Moslems say, “No.  God does not have a son.”

Christ never meant physically he was a Son of God, but he is One with the Father, in His Image.  The Son is in the Image of God, and therefore he is the Son of God.  That was not a physical manifestation of God as the son as some people believe.  We can see a lot of confusion on earth about this definition and now, of course, they are all clear and it is completely revealed what they mean.

The Seven Major Manifestations are the Prophets that brought the Seven Seals.  Therefore Prophets and Messengers are the same, are the same as Messiahs.  And there are many levels of Messengers and Prophets.  Indeed they used to call even Cyrus the Messiah because they believed he was connected to God.  But he was not a Major Manifestation.

I hope that answered your questions.

We will close our room here.  Hopefully again, go to the website and see the genetic make-up of the Prophet and again recognize indeed that this is the News.  This is the News you have to take to humanity.  Encourage them to go see and recognize the migration route of the human race.  Recognize that we all have come from the races that have been mixed together as now we have to recognize to come together as one people.

Again, you have great responsibility in this endeavor.  But it is not a very hard thing to do.  The only thing is to educate people to see the truth of it.  Even science now is backing us up.  Even genes are telling us this is the truth.  This has all the make-up of all the races on earth.

Therefore, it is not just a spaced out Revelation of a crazy person that came and revealed and claims it.  It is something that is based on the Scriptures, based on the genealogy, based on genetics.  If you are still hanging to the fringes then you have really to look at yourself very, very hard.

I leave you all to God, and hopefully you will see this clearly and also teach humanity to come together.  With reaching to space, as I said many times, we do not have the problem of limited recourses, and maybe eventually we will have a humanity that will recognize that they are all the Children of One God.

Sal-OM everyone.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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