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Calling Elects (A Satsang on the Release of The Word):


: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission.

In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God.

This Word was released to humanity last week. Everyone now can understand and know what is the true Name of God, or The Word, which all things have been created with. It has been kept secret for the last twelve thousand years from the majority of the people, and now it has again been released to humanity to know what is the Name of God. He is the Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal.

The only Name He has is the creative force that pulsates in the universe and is the Essence of creation. Creation indeed has come to being because of this Name and pulsation.

For the last twenty-five years or so it has been kept a secret in the Mission and only those who came close to the Mission were initiated with it. The idea was that this Word belongs only to the Elects, those who have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces for the last twelve thousand years and are now ready to dedicate their lives 100% to God, this Mission, and the call of unity that has come through this Revelation.

The decision was made that if it belongs to the Elects, it should be released to everyone, and the Elects indeed will initiate themselves in the presence of God, will hear The Word, and will use it 100% for His Will, which is the creation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path and the coming of the Kingdom.

It is released to humanity and anyone can go, read, and understand how the Name of God cannot be uttered in this external world. Any name and any utterance that they give as His Name is not His True Name.

The Hebrews and the Ishmaelites used to say, In the name of the nameless, so His Name cannot be uttered. They even knew that God indeed is nameless in this external world. Now all those who say the name of God is this or that and they believe The Word is the Prophet or the Messiah in their own religion only, are not correct, since the names they use they utter in the external world. His Name cannot be uttered. To know the true Name of the Lord, which cannot be uttered in this external world, go to our website, read about it, meditate on it, and if God is willing, you can hear The Word, which is His True Name.

Indeed a sword has been sent to humanity, a sword that can go toward bringing the Kingdom, or can be misused and bring destruction to the misuser and others. That is why it was kept a secret. It was revealed only to a few for the last twenty some years but now it has been released with a very strong warning. Those who practice this meditation on The Word have to recognize and realize that they are dealing with a very sharp sword. Indeed meditation on The Word magnifies your shortcomings. If you do not overcome them, they will overcome you.

We discourage those who are not Elects, or those who do not want to commit their lives completely to God, to use The Word. Even if they do use it, if they do not want to commit themselves and they heard The Word, they should just forget about it and meditate on Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam only, our Universal Mantra.

Although our Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam mantra is the most powerful mantra on earth, it is much more gentle and less powerful than The Word. So go and know that God has a Name that is the creative force in the universe. It is within you. It is the calm place between breathing in and breathing out. If you hear it, you know that it is indeed the stillness of the mind. It is the vibration that brings that peace and unity that all humanity longs for.

But there is a responsibility that comes with receiving The Word and using it. That responsibility is that you hear these words, you understand the Revelation, and you dedicate your life to the Eternal Divine Path, follow the Eternal Divine Path, purify yourself, and work toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom. That is the Will of God.

If you do that, whatever is magnified in you as your shortcomings, you can overcome with The Word. By putting them in the Light and directing The Word toward those shortcomings, you can overcome them. Indeed, you can heal yourself with The Word, with the Vibration. It is a powerful tool for the Elects. If you heal yourself but you do not follow the Will of God, your healing will not last long and your state might become worse than you were before.

The responsibility is to recognize that it is a gift from God to humanity. It is the Name of God. It has been given to humanity to use. It has been released back to humanity after twelve thousand years. Before twelve thousand years ago they knew this Word; they knew the Name of the Creative Force or God. They misused it, and they brought great destruction on themselves as we know in the flood of Noah and others that God has revealed to humanity in the Old Testament. Do not make the same mistake as before.

Any selfishness and egoistical pursuance by using The Word is very, very dangerous. It is dangerous for you, and it is dangerous for the people around you, and for humanity in whole. However, if you use It correctly, you will eventually hear The Word and reach the stillness of mind and unity with God. And in that state, you will see the Truth. Any time anything happens you can always go to that state and you will know the correct answer for that situation.

In a sense I have sent a sword to humanity to sunder those who are with God 100% from those who still keep their ego and do not come to full submission to the Will of God. This is the time of sundering. This is the time for humanity to recognize that God has been in charge and has been sending all the Revelations to man.

God does not have a name. He is Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal. He is in control. He is the Spirit within every man, woman, and child. They have to recognize this Spirit within themselves and become united with their Essence, which is God.

By doing that more and more, we will find people who have the stillness of God within and are absolutely egoless and dedicated to manifest His Word. Those who still have agendas or resist the Will of God and cannot get rid of their egos will be separated. Hopefully in the long run, in many incarnations, they also will hear The Word and become One with God.

Again the implementation of the Mission is at hand. We are releasing the Sword that God promised would come to humanity and would cut off the unworthy, the egoistical, and those that are not listening to the Word of God, from those who are chosen and are the Elects to come together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

There is no major religion that was not sent by God. There is no separation between them. Anyone who teaches anything else does not know the truth. They have to be taught and learn that God indeed created the universe. He created the history. He said He would send all these Revelations and religions. No matter how they do not appeal to our ego, or our understanding, or our religion, or our nationality, or our gender, or our intellect, the truth is that this is Gods doing.

Therefore, our opinions, ideas, and attachments do not really make any difference. God has decided that this is the way and the direction humanity has to go, and they have no choice. It is not the Messiah who is powerful, it is God who has already put the action into motion, and the Messiah, or the Messenger, or the Prophet just comes and tells humanity that this is Gods decision.

Now with this, we will know that even His Name is different than in all the religions. There are people who think they know His Name; He does not have a name. It is a vibration, it is the stillness of the mind, it is the creative force, it is The Word. It is The Holy Name and indeed that was the prophecy that, He will come in the name of the Lord.

That means no one else came in the name of the Lord before the coming of this Revelation. He has promised. He has fulfilled those promises to this point; therefore He will also fulfill the rest of them.

So, know this, meditate on this, and recognize that nothing, no decision in your life, is more important than realizing this and dedicating yourself to the Will of God and His Call. Nothing! Whatever you think is more important than this is just your excuse. It is you trying to avoid the Call. For those who truly are called for this Revelation and the Will of God, nothing else is more important to them. And they recognize that anything else they bring up is just an excuse not to dedicate themselves to Gods Call.

Therefore, meditate. Recognize indeed that you are here for God. He has called you. He has sent these Revelations. He said He would do all these things, and He has done them. He exists and still has been manifesting all through the history. He has said what is going to happen, and it is happening.

There is a question.

aquarian616: Are you all Elects?

Maitreya: Elects are those you know them by their fruit. There is no other criteria to know an Elect but those who manifest great things and follow the Will of God directly. Therefore, it is not how many claims you claim that you are a Great Soul, or you recognize or realize that, or you can control the prana, or you can see the visions, or angels, or travel in the ethereal level, or this and that. None of them is what God said you could know them by. The only thing He said was, You know them by their fruit.

Indeed one of the reasons The Word has been revealed to humanity is to see who are the true Elects. Those who manifest Gods Will and great manifestation will give fruit. They are self-motivated. They are not looking to me to motivate them. If I do not motivate them they will not fall off because I did not give them attention. But their attention, their motivation, and their energy come from within themselves. They are the well of Gods Will, and we are brothers.

The only difference is that I am the unifying center for this movement. If all focus on the center, they become one.

Those who hear The Word, manifest, and their motivation comes from God are my brothers, and we will work together to manifest this Mission. But if they lose the faith or motivation because they expect me to motivate them, then still it is ego that seeks the approval and motivation from the external world instead of receiving it from the internal, realizing The Word of God, and coming forward with full force and absolute openness to do the Will of God. So, we can see that ego is very tricky. Although we think that we are the Elects, we have to recognize that we have to go through a lot more than what we think we know.

Therefore, go to the website and see The Word, understand it, practice it, realize it, and come to the conclusion that this is the Name of God. Then you can tell a Moslem that the name of God is not Allah. You cannot pronounce it. Tell the Jehovah Witnesses that it is not Jehovah. To the Christians, it is not Jesus, not even Esa, not even Yshua. To the Jews, it is not Yweh or Yshua. To the Hindus, it is not Krishna, or Shiva, or Brahma. Not even Buddha. His Name cannot be uttered. It cannot be pronounced in the external world.

It is within you. You can hear it in the stillness of the mind. When you are one with that stillness, you will know what is eternity, infinity. There is no question left, There is eternity. There is infinity. But intellectually it cannot be explained.

Indeed God existed forever. Intellectually it cannot be understood, What do you mean forever? There has to be a beginning somewhere. In that state, you know, and you do not have a question about that. The things that the intellect cannot explain, in that stillness, it is recognized. That is why Godliness is an experience. It is not an explanation.

Now that experience has been opened to everyone. Everyone can go to the website, read about The Word, become initiated, hear The Word, and recognize infinity, eternity, foreverness, and oneness with God. But do not do it just because of that. You do it and you truly are one with God, you come back and you become egoless, then it is a fantastic journey that you have embarked on and that will call you to action.

Now, it is open to you and humanity.

Athena has a question. Go ahead Athena.

Athena on EDP: It says in THOTH, in Commentaries on St. Matthew, Tablet 1, verse 22, As described before, his spiritual name was (

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