MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission and this new Revelation of God. This is a Revelation that has been prophesied to come. All the backing and proof have now been given to humanity.

The sooner that humanity recognizes that there is only One God, and He is alive and in control, the sooner we will stop the wars, we will bring peace to humanity, and we will know that we are one humanity, one body in God. We are the children of the same Being. The sooner we understand this, we read this Revelation, and we see how much truth and explanation has been given, the sooner we will see that everything that has been a confusion in the past no longer is confusing. It is time for humans to turn around and face God, His Words, His Revelation, and have a manual of how to go back Home.

If you understand the teaching in the deepest level and have the slightest Spirit of God in you, you will see this clearly: That God is calling you to action and to follow the Eternal Divine Path. There is really nothing left behind. Even the Name of God has been given to you. Therefore, now you can hear the true Name of God within and know His Will, directly based on The Word of God.

Those who have read about the Name of God in the website, will not necessarily know the Name of God until they purify themselves and see this Mission as a complete package, and that every part is interrelated to other parts. You have to accept the whole package before you can hear The Word and become It.

The base of our teaching is the Eternal Divine Path that shows that each religion of the world has one clear message for humanity. Each religion on earth has one of these messages. When you put them together then you can see a Path, the Truth that you can implement in your life wherever you are.

You do not have to wait for the Communities of Light to be formed and then start following the Eternal Divine Path, but you can implement the Eternal Divine Path right now, where you are. That means to start meditating, awakening your spiritual forces, seeing yourself directly, going to the Essence where that stillness is that has been revealed to you through The Word, knowing that indeed God is within you, and you and God are One. There is no separation between your Essence and God.

The only thing that is keeping us from experiencing this is our ego that we are attached to: our concepts, our background, our psychological problems, our subconscious mind, and what we have been taught and believe is the truth from where we have been born and live.

When you come out of that state of Oneness and Stillness, then you know the Will of God is to create the Communities of Light. You can start from your wife, your husband, your children, and your family, and show that Stillness, Goodness, and God-ness in you to them, be patient, strong, and create the character of Godliness, and therefore they can see God in you also.

Those are the kind of people we are looking for, those who can reach that Stillness, that Godliness, that purity that is within every man, woman, and child. When you experience that, you do not want to be impure; you do not want to do things that God said not to do. Therefore, you become an example wherever you are, and you can attract Godliness around you and bring the Beauty of God into your environment. You can reach the rest of humanity and teach them also to experience the same thing.

In the Golden Age many will experience this state, and indeed we expect that many will reach Pure Consciousness in one thousand years. As you can study the Hindu teachings, they have stories about monies, mahatmas, and yogis that have reached Pure Consciousness many, many thousands of years ago, and probably 12,000 years ago.

The organization I belonged to, Ananda Marga, has a place called Ananda Nagar. They have signs where the yogis reached Pure Consciousness and left their bodies. That is how you reach heaven, God, and return home.

Heaven is not a place that has physical attributes. How can you be in heaven if it has physical attributes? If it has physical attributes, the ego will exist in it. And wherever ego is, cannot be the ultimate. Those who are hoping they will go to heaven and have seventy-two virgins as their companions are absolutely incorrect. And those who explain heaven as a beautiful place that has a lot of tangible things in it also do not know the truth.

Of course, that is no wonder because God said that everything would be a Mystery until this Revelation comes. Now in this Revelation we can see the truth has been revealed. The only way to go to heaven is to reach Pure Consciousness. In that state there is no mind, there are no physical attributes, and there is not a place that has been explained with many religions and they have even made music about it.

They have depicted the hell, how the hell looks like. Hell might exist because between death and rebirth we have to learn our lessons and therefore, our ego might feel fear and destruction, and imagine situations that great suffering will come to it because of our actions in our previous lives. If we learn our lessons, we will not do the same karmic actions that we have done. They are going to be taken away from us, and we are not going to have any karmic weight. We will be free. Eventually we will reach a point that we will have very little karma given to us so that we can stay in this body.

Therefore the explanation of all the mysteries to this point now is revealed to man, and those who are still hanging onto their own religions and their own understandings are missing the boat. They do not know the Truth. They are following their preachers, their environment, their religions, and the man-made dogmas. They do not know the truth, and we have to have great compassion on them that they are so lost.

Now this has come to humanity but it is a little seed in the ocean of weeds and dogmas. Therefore we have to be able to see that we have been called for a great task to also reach to other people, to teach them, to educate them, to reveal to them the truth of the things that we say, that there are Seven Revelations, that all of them have come by Christ, and indeed he is the only Way. No one goes to the Father but through him, through the Word of God that has come through him.

In one sense him as the form of human is not that important, although the manifestation of Christ is as important as the transcendental state of God. They both are necessary in order to bring the Word of God to man and guide him to go to God.

Therefore, when Christ said, I am the only Way, he was saying the truth. There is no other way but the Word of God. But the Word of God was a mystery until this Revelation came. Now this Mystery is no longer. You can know the exact Word of God, how to understand His creation, and how to go back home.

To go back home is through the Christ that has revealed the Word of God to man. If humanity understands that, we will see that there is no separation between Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Moslems. They have had many fights and wars and destructive tendencies toward each other, either killing one another or converting the other one to their way of thinking and religions, and they all have been adamant that they have the correct way.

Now we tell them that all of you have a part of the Way and none of you have the whole Way, or the correct Way. The correct way is the Eternal Divine Path. Those who resist this truth can go on and have wars, destruction, killing, and environments that bring fear and insecurity to the whole of humanity.

Our way is the way of peace. Our way is the way of unification of all religions. It needs a great leap of faith and also a great change of the hearts and the minds of humanity. They have to recognize that they do not belong to any specific location or part of earth, but the whole earth belongs to God and they are one with God. They belong to the universe so they have to shatter all the cultural, individual, and narrow views that have been imposed on them in this lifetime.

Those who are the Elects have been born in so many lifetimes that it is easy for them to do this. They already have been released from those kinds of feelings, and they are more in tune with Gods Will that looks at the earth as one earth, not as many artificially disconnected nations, cultures, and this and that. Therefore, we have to go beyond those things. We have to understand this Truth in the way it has been presented and revealed to humanity through the Mission.

LOU245_1_2: These yogis who have reached Pure Consciousness, do they come back to earth with full consciousness?


: Those who reach Pure Consciousness, are of two kinds. There are perfect gurus or perfect masters. They are the ones who experience the oneness with God through the use of The Word and the process that we just revealed to humanity. They indeed experience the oneness with God beyond mind. They recognize what is infinity, what is eternity, what is forever. They no longer try to intellectually explain this but they have no doubt. They have no problem with it whatsoever.

They can stay there. They can become one with God and do not have to return. But God might send them back and create a little karma for them so that they can come and stay in the body and therefore, they can teach others in the same lifetime that they have reached Pure Consciousness.

There are those that have reached Pure Consciousness, and then there are things to be done and God decides to send them back into the body again. There is a little karma created for them. They come back to the body and are known as Avatars.

From childhood they are different. They usually are much more meditative and sometimes even aloof. But there is something very attractive about him or her that everyone is attracted to the child. They usually eventually recognize that they have a mission. They become the teachers. They become gurus. They become rabbis. They become mullahs. They become brahmins. They become spiritual teachers. Usually they have a more universal point of view than a dogmatic way of the religions. Therefore, there are two kinds of reaching Pure Consciousness.

Of course, there are the states of the First Begotten Son of God that we can call the Para Maha Avatar. That is the First Begotten Son or the Spirit of God that came to the creation, went through the Eternal Divine Path, and returned back to God. That is when the Bible said that God saw the light that it was good.

Because of the First Begotten Son going through the Eternal Divine Path, the whole creation and the history has been created for man to reach this point that now they recognize there is only one God, and the way back is the Eternal Divine Path. They are instructed to close their eyes, to go through the process of meditation, to meditate, to hear the Name of God, and eventually become One with the Light and recognize the oneness with God.

That is what heaven is. Therefore, there are three stages of Pure Consciousness: The Sat Guru, or perfect master; the state of reaching Pure Consciousness, returning back to the body, and to still continue living in the body; the state of Avatar, reaching Pure Consciousness and coming back to the body later in other lifetimes to help humanity; and the state of the First Begotten Son, or Christ, which is the full Spirit of God who came to earth. Usually the Major Manifestation, the Messiah, the Major Prophets, all have been the same Spirit that has come to earth.

Since the Spirit needs a body, God chooses a human body to manifest His Spirit. He comes with a lot of prophecies and the absolute backing of much evidence that indeed this is the Spirit of God that has been sent back to man. Those are the words that create Scriptures and the Word of God in the Scriptures to this point. Of course, in this point the whole Revelation and Mystery of God is brought to man through the same Spirit. That is why he is the only Way.

We can see that Pure Consciousness is open to every man, woman, and child to go back to God and become One with Him. They cannot do it by their own understanding and meditation but through the Word of Christ, which are the Scriptures.

We can see that to reach Pure Consciousness, still you have to know The Word of God. You cannot just say, Well, I am God and that is it. I am God and no one else is God.

You can see that there is God; there is the First Begotten Son; and there are Avatars, Sat Gurus (or Perfect Masters); and then the rest of the humans that are all struggling beings with their egos. If they can understand this, they can start from where they are.

Just imagining that you are God is not enough. It is true; your Essence is the same as God. But becoming a Perfect Master or an Avatar is a process of going through the Eternal Divine Path and eventually experiencing the Oneness with God. Then you can say, Yes, I have experienced infinity, eternity, the purity of God, the Light, and I have returned.

Even then, the claim has to be followed with action. You will become a soldier of God. You become an Elect. You will put all your effort to awaken your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for the community, and surrender and submit to the Will of God for you.

You might be an Avatar but you have come here to sweep the floor of the temple of God. You accept that as the Will of God for that lifetime.

In this lifetime I would like to reach out and touch humanity if I had the resources. But apparently this time is the life of the thief of the night, and I will call only a few dedicated people to this task. I eventually have to accept that, although I personally would like to put advertisements all over the world to announce this to everyone, to try to change everyone to this beautiful Revelation and the Will of God overnight, but that is not supposed to happen. That is why the resources are not coming, the outreach is not as great, and those who hear it, many cannot completely overcome their egos, and they are not coming forward with their whole heart, 100%.

The conclusion is that you have to accept that this is the thief of the night. It is going to be very hidden, and few will see it clearly and dedicate their lives completely to it. In the future lifetimes, eventually this will manifest because there is so much truth in this Revelation that it is the guide and light for humanity to come together.

The earth is not ready for it. The earth is still in an ego trip, separation, and destructive tendencies. No matter how much we tell them that it is not the way to go, when people are not ready to hear or see, or submit themselves to a new truth, they will not do it, or they cannot do it because they are so gross in their own world and their own understandings.

So an Avatar does not mean that he sits at the top of the table and everyone worships him. It means those who accept the Will of God for them 100%. They do not have the ego that says, I have to be someone, I have to be something. I have to be great. I have to be number 1. Who me sweeping the floor? That is beyond an Avatar. I am an Avatar, and I do not sweep the floor. I will have to sit on the throne and everyone worship me.

There is a lot of misconception out there about who is an Avatar. An Avatar follows the Eternal Divine Path perfectly.

We can see that indeed, all the truth has come to man now and the religions of the world are unified. If the Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, and Buddhists do not like this, it does not make any difference. The Revelation is here. The Will of God is revealed to humanity.

That is what I said, in one sense the Messiah or the teacher is not important, as he is just a Messenger. He brings the Will of God to man and reveals it to them. If you shoot him, if you kill him, if you hang him, if you crucify him, if you do not like him, if you yell at him, if you come and say, You are wrong, You are the devil, and this and that, it does not make any difference whatsoever.

It is God who has decided this is the way it is going to happen, and now the Will of the karma or decision is churning toward that finality. Therefore listen to the Will of God, the Words of God in the Scriptures. Do not become attached to the revealer but to what is revealed. Do not look at the revealer, He walks, he talks, he eats, he sits, he does everything like every other human, but what did he reveal? What was the Message? What is the truth behind him?

This Revelation also has been perfected, revealed to humanity. Indeed nothing has been kept secret anymore or away from man. It is all given to them. If they want to have the great understanding of God, go to our website, come to our rooms, come to these Satsangs, ask questions, seek, and search. It has all been answered.

There is nothing that has not been explained and revealed to humanity. Indeed man has no excuse to say, I did not know. No one came and told me that there is an Eternal Divine Path. No one told me that Islam also was sent by God. No one told me that Bahai also is a religion God said would come. No one told me that Christ indeed was the Christ and the Messiah that we were waiting for. No one told me that there was more than the Mystical Paths.

Now it has been revealed. The Internet has been created so that all will see it, hear it, and even those who do not have Internet access, those who have the Internet have to tell them.

That is why we need the contact people to come to the Internet, learn about this teaching, and take it to those who either do not have the Internet or cannot find the website. The contacts will tell them about the website, will tell them what is in the website, and will encourage them also to have a computer connected to the Internet and read it for themselves.

That is why we need people who can translate these teachings to all languages. Therefore people can even read them and understand them in their own languages.

These efforts all are to educate, to reach every human, to reach every man, woman, and child, and let them know that indeed, God exists. There is only One God and all of us are His Children, and this Revelation is for everyone.

Those who are the Elects, the Paravipras, are here to support the Mission with all their beings, become great leaders, and come and join me. They will become great teachers that we can send to the contacts. The contacts can create an environment that those teachers can come and give lectures and teachings to them. The whole system has been set up to reach every man, woman, and child through education, and make them realize that there is only One God, and no other religion can unify humanity but this one. There is too much blood, there is too much hate, there is too much misunderstanding, there is too much misconception between the old religions, and they are going to have a hard time to see that they both are from the same God. People from different religions come to our room and say, How is this done and unified?

Dan: Sal-OM Maitreya. Earlier in the week I was reading in Commentaries on St. Matthew, in Tablet 10, basically whether we store treasures here on earth or up in heaven because that is where your heart is going to be also. The question that I had in relation to this was whether after we leave this earth, are we still going to be attached to Maya if we store up treasures here on earth instead of in heaven? Sal-OM and all thanks to God.

Maitreya: As long as we are in the body, we are attached to what we have on earth and the treasure that we have gathered here. At the time we die usually we are detached from this body and this lifetime. The only thing we take with us is our ego.

Of course, in that ego still there might be some memories of the previous lifetimes, of who we were and what we had, so when we return we might still seek to obtain what we had. It depends on how much our ego is attached to an object or what you had on this earth. Also, what are the lessons that we have to learn in the next lifetime?

In a sense it is not a black and white answer. It depends upon a lot of factors.

If we were attached to this external world and our treasure is in such a way that when we leave our bodies the last thing we think is, Oh, we lost all this treasure, then it is going to stay with us because that was our last thought. That is why meditation and having a life of Godliness makes us, at the time of death, to think about God and not our possessions on this earth.

That moment of death is very important. Are we thinking about God, or are we thinking about other things? That is why in Buddhism they have people who are trained to direct the dying person through the Bardo, or the tunnel of death, or that state that they have to go through.

In other religions also, they read Scriptures to the person at the time of death. I remember that they used to read the Koran when the people were dying or were close to death. I am sure in other religions they also have similar things that they do for the dying person. It is very important to know what that person, at that moment, was thinking about. If they are still attached to their external world, of course, they will return and learn their lesson, not to be attached to this external world but put their treasure where God is.

That means that all have to go toward the creation of the Communities of Light, meditation, creation of the environment that people become Godly, and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth. But if I am hanging onto my treasures on earth because I am afraid to let go, then I am attached to the external world instead of being released to God.

If we can create the Communities of Light with the people who have some treasure so they can stay alive in their physical bodies but they are not attached to them that is OK because a part of our teaching is that physiological and safety needs have to be provided for everyone. That is the idea, to create an environment that all of humanity have their physiological and safety needs, education, and medicine free. So when they come to earth they do not have to think about treasures, put things away, and pile up the wealth, and they are afraid that they might not be secure in their old age. They would know that community would take care of them. They do not have to worry about those things. Then they can put their treasure where God is, become Godly, and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

We can see again that the Communities of Light is the answer to release man from their fears, attachments, and insecurities. Therefore they can concentrate on God. It depends on a lot of factors and also at the time you are dying what you are thinking. That is why Christ was saying in those verses, Put your treasure in heaven, so at the time of death you do not have anything on earth to be attached to. The only thing you are going to think about is God.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, you can follow up.

Now we can go to Brahmamurti.

Brahmamurti: I was wondering about the prophecy of the coming of the thief of the night, if that also could relate to the personal struggle. One hears the truth, realizes it is the truth, but does not yet follow it completely. Maybe it even relates to the Elects. That is because we know that a lot of people who have heard about this Mission, and maybe some of them even know the teaching very well, but yet, we in the Mission, do not hear that much about them. Thank you.

Maitreya: It could also be related to individuals. That is because when you hear it you see the Vision, the Truth, you jump and say, That makes sense to me. You think because it makes sense to you that it is going to make sense to everyone else also. Then you reach out and you see that the other people do not see it. You are amazed that, How come such a simple, beautiful, right to the point truth is not seen by other people.

You become lonelier and lonelier in your quest, because you recognize that indeed you are alone in seeing this Vision. You either give up, you say, Oh, maybe it is too much, I cannot handle it, or you say, I know it is the truth but maybe the other people do not see it. You become kind of a thief in the middle of those who cannot see. You might feel lonely, alone, fearful, or everything that might come to you.

Eventually you have to reach a point and say, It does not matter to me. It does not make any difference. Even if one Soul in the universe does not believe in me, or does not believe in this Revelation, the Truth is that this is from God, this is my religion, this is the Truth, and I am going to stay with it. I do not care if they see it or not.

That original euphoria and feeling of acceleration that comes to those people who see this Vision, has to be remembered, has to be meditated on. That is why God said, Remember how you received it in the beginning. It is a very accelerating experience that, Yes. It makes sense. If there is One God, why are there so many religions?

If God said the whole thing is not going to be revealed until the Seventh Angel comes, and the Seventh Angel is going to open the book sealed with the Seven Seals, he will reveal the Seven Seals to humanity, shows the temple of God, and will reveal The Holiest Of The Holies, it is all there: The prophecies, genealogy, this and that. Everything says, Yes. This person has indeed brought the truth, and it makes sense to me. And it does make sense. Therefore, my conclusion is, I do not care. I personally believe in this.

You become a thief of the night. You become one person, one soldier in the middle of many who probably look at you as, You are crazy.

Yes indeed, you become a soldier, a lonely soldier by yourself. That is why we, again, want contacts. We want to create more and more. The number is the hand of God. If you do not have a hand, you cannot get things done. As we spread and more people will see this Vision, we will have hands all over the world. We can reach more and more to humanity. We can educate them and let them see that their way is not going to work.

Not everyone is going to become a Christian. Not everyone is going to become a Moslem. Not everyone is going to become a Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist. But if they see that they are a part of a greater truth, if they recognize that God said only the Seventh Angel would bring the whole truth, and he has to be from the line of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and on and on, OK. I am not really giving up my religion but I am incorporating it to a greater truth that God said would come at the end time.

As our numbers increase, it will reach the critical mass, and the Kingdom and this Revelation will be accepted by humanity. They will see indeed, they are brothers and sisters, they have to forgo their egos, they have to reach to space, and also they have to share. Therefore, the physiological and safety needs will be provided for everyone.

The only thing that is left is to live in the Communities of Light, create an environment that people can go and live wherever they want and progress the way that God intended for them to progress, and many will reach Pure Consciousness and experience God. We can see that God has given the way out. We have to see this clearly in Gods Revelation.

I hope that answered your question. We go to Athena. Go ahead Athena.

Athena: Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM everyone. Maitreya, I want to expand, or go back to the question that Dan had. You brought up how in the Buddhist religion there are people that die and others who are dying through, I think you said, Bardo. For those of us who are with the teachings of the Mission, at our time of death can we focus on, or use the guided meditation techniques you have given us, where we go past the stars to the center of the universe? Would that be also something we could do for ourselves at the time of death? That is my question. Sal-OM!

: Absolutely. If you are still conscious enough to go through the process yourself, that would be great, you can do that. If you are not, then people can read THOTH for you. You can listen to THOTH, the Word of God, and remember the Eternal Divine Path, and direct you toward the Revelation of God to you and humanity. You can think about God, His Revelation, His Plan, how He said there would be Seven Revelations and with the Seventh Revelation the whole truth would come, and on, and on. So you will think about God at that time.

Maybe even after a while, specific places in THOTH would become more prevalent to read at the time of death for those who are on their deathbed. They will read parts that direct their consciousness toward God more than other places because THOTH covers so many subjects. After a while some people might come up with the idea that, If you read this part, people will be thinking more about God.

In our teaching, hopefully, the whole idea of meditation, awakening of our spiritual forces, creation of communities, sacrifice, becoming surrendered and submitted to God, and becoming a universalist would have affected the person so much that at the time of death they have no problem whatsoever to go to God directly, and have no problem detaching themselves from the treasures of this world.

They recognize that they are in this world but not of it. They are indeed the Children of God, and they want to go to God.

If they have experienced The Word, if they have experienced the oneness, at the time of death they can go to that oneness and stay. So the next time they come back as an Avatar, as a person who has reached Pure Consciousness and has returned. Indeed it is a good idea. If you still have the consciousness to go to that state, great, go to that state and stay there. But still they can read to them because they might lose consciousness while in that state. Help them in any way possible.

At the time of death everyone in the community should come together and help the person to remember God as much as possible, read to them, remind them of meditation, of the Pure Consciousness, of the Revelation, and of any way they can help. Absolutely.

I hope that answered your question.

This is the room that claims that all the religions of the world are unified and is calling humanity to go to our website, come to our rooms, come here and see indeed that there is One God who has sent all the revelations to humanity. They are not separated. Man has to recognize and realize that they are brothers and sisters and that before this Revelation, no other religions will be able to unify them, as they have been at it for thousands and hundreds of years.

Now they are called to see that all of them have been sent to humanity for a reason, and that none of them came at the end time. Two thousand years ago was not the end time. Four thousand years ago was not the end time. Seven thousand years ago was not the end time. Twelve thousand years ago was not the end time. Fourteen hundred years ago was not the end time. And three hundred years ago was not the end time.

We can see that God accelerated the revelations of the truth after Prophet Muhammad. It took 1,400 years for the next Prophet to come. Then it took 200 years, and then 30 years later. We can see it accelerated the last revelations, and now indeed this Revelation reveals the whole truth.

This Revelation unifies all the religions and it has all the backing and the proof of God that it is true. It is a Call to all Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Jews to come and see this truth. And you out there as representatives of this Revelation are a very important part. You have to do your part.

I have done my part. I have revealed the Revelation. I completed it, perfected it, put it in the website, reached out, and am still reaching out. You also are an important part to reach out wherever you are. Therefore, you can also educate and teach that this Revelation can bring unity between humanity.

Indeed, that is the way humanity is going. They cannot fight with each other forever. Any wars and destruction that will come to them are going to be so devastating that these wars are no longer with the sword or only one hundred or a thousand people will die, as we saw in the Second World War and the First World War. Millions will die, maybe even billions this time. Eventually the human has to be shaken up to this truth that they cannot go on with this. They cannot just hate each other and be separated.

God does not hate them. God looks at them as His Children. There is no difference or separation between them. No one is superior or inferior; they are all created by one God. The only difference is who is blessed, who has The Grace with them.

If we follow the Eternal Divine Path indeed we will have The Grace with us and we are chosen. Therefore become a chosen, become an Elect. Follow the Eternal Divine Path, reach out, teach, become a contact, translate our teaching to other languages, reach out to humanity in any way you can, and let us bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I can see that our time is up. This room is open almost every Saturday at 2:00 MST. Our website is full of answers and teachings. You can go and ask your questions. You can send questions to the Mission.

You can come to our rooms and talk to the people in PalTalk. You can become a contact person. If you know the teaching, you can start other rooms in PalTalk. Or, you can open the same rooms at other times.

Dedicate your life to God completely so at the time of death you remember the Eternal Divine Path, God, and go to Him. Next time return even stronger for the Mission and His Will.

Be good, be with God, meditate on these wonderful Revelations, and know indeed that you are a Child of God.

Sal-OM everyone!

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