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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Calling Elects room. These sessions will no longer be every week. From now on they will be every month, the first Saturday of every month. As everyone knows, we have many Satsangs and sessions already available in Pal Talk and on our website. Those who are seeking the truth and want to know what these teachings are can listen to these lectures, or search for the questions they are looking for in the website, or send an e-mail to the Mission, and all will be answered.

We can see that the burden is being put on people themselves to search and find by themselves. That is the tenet and approach of the Mission because we are looking for the seekers. Seekers are those who go, look, search, and knock. The door will be opened for them. Indeed the Mission has so many ways for those who want to search and find the Truth.

A large part of THOTH has been translated into Turkish by Ukaan. That is a great service that he has done this. We encourage anyone who knows Turkish to go there and look at it, and let us know how well it is understood in that language. Also now the Turkish population has a place to read and understand the teachings, in that capacity.

Of course, we were hoping to translate everything, or as much as we can, to all languages. Eventually people can read THOTH in their own languages. But we encourage everyone to also know English because the Revelation has come in English, and some parts or words in one language cannot be translated to another language. Therefore, it is impossible for a teaching or a writing to be completely translated to another language that can be understood by everyone to its maximum, unless you know that language.

Since God chose this time to reveal this in English, English is the official language of the Mission. But as we explained, as other words and expressions will come to this language, eventually English will be transformed to an international language with many, many other words in it, which it already is. English indeed became more powerful after the French came and affected it in England, after two hundred years of being under the influence of the French.

French itself has been affected with Spanish, and Spanish with Arabic. The Arabic and Semantic languages are very powerful languages that have affected other languages, including Persian, which became powerful after the influence with the Arabic language. We can see already that many languages have affected this language. Now it is open to accept even more words like daharma and karma, the words that have been coming to this language for the last twenty-five years that I have been in this country, and even longer than that.

After a while the language will expand itself. If everyone knows English, they can read THOTH in English and know what the original Revelation is. So we thank God for helping this Mission to expand to all corners of the world.

As usual we call humanity to come, look at this Revelation, and see how God has been sending different religions with different messages. Now when you put the messages all together, you will have the Eternal Divine Path, which is the fastest way to go to God, if we can overcome our egos by following the Eternal Divine Path and being truthful to ourselves and everyone around us. Otherwise, our egos are still in the way, and no matter how much we claim, the ego will lie and will not see itself as it really is.

Therefore, we cannot accomplish our goal. That is because the goal is to become perfect as the Father is. Some people say that you never can become perfect, when clearly the Scriptures and Christ himself said, Be perfect as the Father. So it is possible to be perfect, and that is what the Elects are aiming for.

Of course, we do not expect them to be perfect at this time of coming to the Mission. They will meditate. They will awaken their spiritual forces. They will see what should be improved in them. They will stop the things that affect their bodies, their environment, their perception, and they will not accept those things, but they will become the pure channels for God.

The goal of all this Revelation and the Word of God is to create an environment that humanity can meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and then they can see the Beauty of God and the Logic of God even in the smallest things in life.

I was thinking, what is the best way to cool an area in summer and make it warmer or let the sun shine on it in the winter? I recognized that God already has done it! He has created the trees that not only give fruit and many other benefits; they also have leaves in the summer and create shade and coolness. In the winter the leaves fall and the sun comes through.

If we can see the Logic of God in everything in the creation and see that there is an Engineer, a Logic, and a Mind behind everything created, then indeed we can see the Hand of God in all things around us. We can see the Hand of God in our lives, in the lives of other people, why they have been created, what is the purpose for them, and where they are. Hopefully, they themselves will recognize that God has created them for a specific reason.

If humanity stops trying to analyze things according to their understanding but sees the logic behind every creation of God, then we all can agree on what is the purpose and reason for man, for women, for children, and for communities. We will become more one instead of pulling the society and the communities to what we desire, rather than to what God wants us to do.

If we meditate and recognize the Will of God in every aspect of creation, then we can agree and we can become One. Therefore, with meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, recognizing that God is found in the simplest things in the universe, and creating happiness and beauty in ourselves, by seeing that Beauty in the creation, we will not become unhappy because of our egos, which are in the way. We will become happier with a simpler life and simpler things in life, and we will simplify our lives to a point that not only can we live happily but we also can help others to see the simplicity of life and become happy in that level.

That is because if we make our lives more complicated, no matter how much we have, no matter how much we add to what we have, it never will bring the happiness of a simple realization of that Logic in the universe, and the appreciation and happiness it can bring to us.

That is why the Eternal Divine Path is given to humanity, to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment where everyones physiological and safety needs are provided. Then, all those in the Communities of Light will meditate and teach each other to create that eye of seeing God in everything. If we create that eye then life is easy; life is not complicated. Of course, other people might be complicated and make their lives miserable because of their desires and egos around you, but you then can help them, guide them, and show them the simpler way to think and to be.

Maybe, hopefully, they also will eventually become happy seeing the Logic of God in their lives and in the universe. Therefore, you will have more happy people around you.

We have a question from Timothy, Sal-OM Maitreya.

Sal-OM Timothy.

Timothy_K: Can you talk more about, OM Nam Kevalam, God is Everything?

Maitreya: Sure. If you want to buy something, because there is an external world, you go to the corner store, or somewhere, and buy what you need. But God did not have that luxury. He wanted to create the creation, and He did not have any 7-11 store to go and buy what He needed. So He needed to create the creation with the material that was available to Him.

The material that was available to Him was the part of the universe that went away from the center and His own body. He used that part that went away to create the solid factor, the liquid factor, the luminous factor, the ethereal and aerial factors, and then eventually creation. He perfected and put it through the evolutionary process to reach man.

Man is the only being that can reach the Godhood or, in the image of God He created man. Of course, image does not mean that you are completely God. Image means that you are like God.

Later on He even divided man and woman from the same being, or male and female energy. They were even less in the image of God than before.

He had to use these materials, which are His Body, and are a part of God. Therefore, God is everything: Om Nam Kevalam.

Some people come to our room and say, How can God be everything if it also is materials that are foul or not very conducive to the human palate or taste? It is very simple. It is because those materials, the atomic construction, are in such a way that it is thought they are not a part of God. But if you rearrange their atomic combination, you can make gold out of them.

We can see that if we understand the deeper level of creation, everything is convertible to everything else. Therefore, they had to come from the same Essence that they have this convertibility. We can see indeed that God is everything but we have to see that deeper level of everything that can be a part of God. When we look at another human, if their body is not the purest form of God, their Essence, that thing you call Timothy, or the Essence that is the purest form or a spark of life and creation, is the same as God in the purest form.

God is everything but not everything is in Pure Consciousness. If we recognize that, we see those things that are not in Pure Consciousness have to progress to go back to Pure Consciousness or God. When you reach Pure Consciousness, you have come from the Body of God, which is everything. The discriminative mind has to be there to recognize that not everything is in Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, there are solid factors, there are liquid factors, there are luminous factors, and there are aerial factors or ethereal factors; there are humans, there are humans that their consciousnesses are very low, even lower than animals, and there are humans that are as high and close to be part of God. If we recognize that, not only do we see that God is everything, also we create the discrimination to recognize that not everything is that pure.

When we recognize that indeed God is everything, then we cannot kill another person or hurt another nation or another part of the world and say, It is OK to do that. That is because when we kill such a person, we kill God. Humanity has to recognize that they are all brothers and sisters. They have to come together and create the environment that Godliness is recognized by everyone.

Our teaching has a great implication of creating peace on earth. That is because we cannot demonize other humans so that, It is OK to kill them. Or, even hurting a child, or an animal, or anything that is around us will be considered as hurting God, and you do not want to hurt someone you love. You try to create an environment that all humans and beings are indeed considered, loved, taken care of, and no hate or playing games, or creating an environment that will hurt each other will be created.

That is when the instruments of war will be put away. As promised there will be a time that the sheep and the lion will lie together and will not attack or kill one another. There will not be any instrument of war left on earth. As long as we do not recognize this and realize that God is everything, the human will go on, their egos will get in their way, and small little differences will become huge. Ego loves to make a mountain out of a molehill. Therefore it becomes very important to them, what they feel is an injustice or a difference rather than what they know.

When they realize that God is everything, they will become tolerant and they will become more understanding. They will come together at the table and solve their problems easily because their egos have been humbled because they recognize that God is everything. So the very understanding of, God is everything, has a great implication for human peace and unity.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead and let me know.

This room is also for those who have questions and would like to present them here. Many, many questions have been answered already in our website. You can find them there. As I said, you can see them easily.

In essence this Revelation is the Revelation that has been prophesied to come at the end time, when the book sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened and the mystery of God would be finished. All religions have to recognize that their religion is a part of a greater truth that God even hid from the great Prophets until the end time. This is indeed the end time.

We can see that humanity for the first time can destroy itself fifty times over. This destructive force is now filtering to many other religions. If we do not check our egos, recognize that God is everything, and come together in peace, unity, and realizing (as Gandhi said) that there is enough for everyones need but not for everyones greed, we will destroy ourselves.

God said that would not happen, that this Revelation would come. The Elects will step forward. They will create the Communities of Light. And eventually we will wait until humanity reaches a point that they recognize that, if they do not stop they will be destroyed, and they will destroy themselves. That is when we have a viable solution to present to them and tell them that this is what God wants. What you have created is what you want!

What the human wants and what God wants is not the same thing. If we can make humans to want what God wants, then indeed our will and Gods Will are one and we will bring the peace. The way of peace is the Eternal Divine Path. It is recognizing that all the religions of the world are viable and have come from the same Source. The same God has sent all of them, and each has a part of the truth. None of them have the whole truth until THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies.

The Holiest Of The Holies indeed is also in you. If you recognize that Holiest Of The Holies and THOTH, they become one. And this will lead you to recognize that indeed, you are one humanity.

We have a question from Dan. Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM Dan.

dan1618: How does the aspect of God separating the male and female propensities translate into the soulmate and twin flame?

Maitreya: As we know, God created man in His image in the first chapter only in the Bible in Genesis. Then he decided, Man is alone, all one. As it has been explained in THOTH, man went through many evolutionary steps from the creation. The idea was to help the lost Souls, those who have separated themselves from God by creating the separative ego, as I know, I do, and I have done, those who came to the point that they separated from the Essence. God started to try to help them.

The darkness was upon the deep. God sent His Spirit into that darkness, which went through the Eternal Divine Path and recognized the darkness. He became the Light, or Christ. That Spirit keeps coming back to humanity again and again and bringing the revelation of God to man.

Then it was recognized that it was very hard to help the unit consciousnesses in that state of Spirit. Therefore, God decided to create the creation to facilitate this process. That is when God created creation and eventually man. And man was in His image. He was male and female.

Later on it was recognized that even that is hard to help because it was perfect, it was alone, it was all one. God decided to separate that to two separated beings as male and female. Still, even in this time there are animals that are male and female in the same body. These generate by themselves. They do not need a partner.

But the human is one of the beings that is separated into male and female. They are attracted to each other because they were once with one another. God, of course, separated man to Adam and Eve. That also is the meaning of the higher nature of man and the lower nature of man, which made man to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is what God said, Thou shalt not do.

We can see these days everyone says, I know better than God and everyone else. There are so many, I know better than God knows going on. We can see that it is not inconceivable that the first human also said, I know better than God what is good for me. They were closer to God in spirit so they had a direct relationship with Him. After they fell, God separated them from Himself, and they were thrown out of The Grace, or the Garden of Eden.

Now we can see that Eve was the part of Adam, or soulmate, and they could not stay together and continue the Will of God. God created another woman for him later on in chapter 5 of Genesis. Apparently they were very similar. They had Seth that most of the generations came from.

It sounds like all the great Prophets like Krishna, Shiva, Prophet Muhammad, even Christ, always had two females around them. For example, Krishna had Shakti and Durga. Christ had Mary and Martha. Prophet Muhammad had Khadija and Aisha. It sounds like one was his soulmate, and the other one was his twin flame. The soulmates are the other part, and the twin flames are very similar to each other.

After I wrote that I am not sure if that is true for everyone but it seems like it was true for Krishna, Shiva, and other Prophets of God. If it is true for everyone then there is a twin flame, which they are very similar. They can manifest things together. And the soulmates, which they might not be as compatible for getting things done because there is such a dichotomy going on between them. It is not really that big a deal to dwell on that too much. It is just something that came to me, and I put it down.

The most important point is that any male and female who is concentrated on God, brings the Spirit of God to themselves, puts their lives based on Gods Will and Revelation, and follows the Eternal Divine Path, can get along fine and become a couple. That writing is just something that came up and I put it down. The most important fact is that we recognize that it does not have to be a limiting factor for humanity to come together and marry and put their lives based on God. Indeed, they might become twin flames or the soulmates even if they were not originally.

The most important thing is that if people get rid of ego, they are each other soulmates and twin flames. They can come together and manifest God.

I hope that answers your question. If not, let me know.

Telekinetic Spirit is asking:

Telekinetic Spirit: Are we allowed to ask questions concerning God please?

Maitreya: That is what we are here for. The whole reason for this room is to ask questions about God. Therefore, we know God in a deeper level. Of course you are allowed. We are not here really to argue, but with intelligence and respect to ask questions, discuss things together, and come to recognize and realize God in a greater degree.

He is asking:

Telekinetic Spirit: Maitreya-ji, why do we exist? What is the interest of God for having created us?

Maitreya: Well, if you had read our teaching, THOTH, in the very beginning it answers your question.

In the beginning all things had been in equilibrium, in a state of Be-ness. They all were one, in bliss, and in oneness. Because of some reason, which we believe is desire because desire is energy and movement, when that energy and movement was stimulated, a part of the universe separated itself from the rest by what scientists call the Big Bang.

When that desire arose in the universe, the equilibrium was disturbed and the satva guna (or the sentient force) got hold of the Consciousness and for the first time the feeling of, I know, was created. In God and in the Essence there is no I. There is knowing-ness. There is not a thing as, I know. There is a feeling of to know, or knowing-ness, that exists in the Essence.

The second energy or raja guna got hold of the Consciousness and the feeling of, I do, came to existence. In Pure Consciousness, doer-ness has no I. It just does the things that should be done.

The tama guna or crudifying force got hold of the Consciousness and created the ether, which is the place for memory. The feeling of, I have done, was created.

I know, I do, "I remember, and I have done, was created in the universe, and that part of the universe separated itself from the Essence. That is why the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis says, There was darkness on the deep. It created a separation between the Essence and the darkness. The Body of God no longer was united and unified but it was a difference between the part that went astray and the Essence that still was One.

God said, Well, I have to heal Myself. I have to bring this darkness back to Light. But what and how can I do that? He went to that darkness to know what it is.

That is when it said, The Spirit of God moved over the waters, or Consciousness, and went to that darkness, Because It was the Spirit of God, It learned Its lesson pretty fast. He recognized that, that darkness has to know itself and recognize that they are a part of the Essence and go beyond their, I know, I do, and I have done, back to knowing-ness, doer-ship, and no memory (no ether, no creation).

He started helping the ones by himself. He created the community. He sacrificed for it. He surrendered and submitted himself to God and eventually recognized that he has to help the whole darkness, not just a part of it. He became a universalist. He became an Elect. He became a part of Gods soldiers that are helping the darkness to go back to God.

Eventually he reached back to God and became Pure Consciousness. That is where the Bible says, And there was light. So the Eternal Divine Path was created, recognized, and everyone in that darkness has to follow It.

The existence has always been there. Essence has always been in existence. But the creation came about because a part of that existence or being-ness separated itself from that Essence. God tried to help those in that darkness, in that level, but because it was so hard to turn them around, He decided to create the creation.

That is when the creation came about. I think that is what you refer to as existence. What is this universe for? What is the Goal of the life?

The Goal Of The Life is expressed in our Universal Mantra: Haree Om Shrii Hung [The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine]. Om Nam Kevalam [That Divinity (God) Is Everything]. We have been created and have come to this existence to return back to God, to become Divine. The whole existence and the creation have been created to accelerate this process.

If you read THOTH, you can see that man went through many steps of evolution until this man that we are now has been created that his third eye has been closed. He is separated from his other part. He is no longer in the ethereal level, but he has a body. Therefore, he is a helpless, and sometimes hopeless, being that has come to existence.

God in His infinite Compassion sent the Prophets to them and brought the message to this helpless humanity and guided them for the last 12,000 years. He promised at the end time (this is at the end of this 12,000 years) that He would send a Revelation that would clear all the mystery. Now He has done it!

This Revelation indeed is the Revelation that finishes all mysteries, brings the unity of all religions together, and shows man how they can create an environment that they can meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, create a community that everyone else can also meditate, sacrifice for it, surrender and submit to God and His Will for them, create the feeling that they are the Children of God or the universe, and their Father and Mother is God, and become universalists and shatter all narrowness of the mind. Such people we call the Elects.

So the Elects are here to do the Will of God and to accelerate the purpose and reason for this creation, which is to be(come) Divine. That is why this creation has been created.

There is a reason, there is a purpose for this creation. There is logic behind every aspect of this creation, and meditation and awakening of the spiritual forces is to see that logic, that Essence, the reason for all things. That is what the Hindus call, Daharma, the innate nature of all things.

When we create more and more people to see that innate nature in creation, they no longer will have individual opinions, but they will act according to the innate nature of things. And because the innate nature of things is one, all will agree with one another why that thing has been created and will follow it. Not that, I know better than God, but let us see what God wanted this to be created for.

The more humans we can create to see this clearly, the greater unity we will bring among ourselves. As long as we have our own desires and wants, and we fight for those desires to be fulfilled instead of seeing why we are here, we will scratch each others faces, we will have wars and destruction, and we will go away from the purpose of creation more and more.

We can see that God, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, has sent this Message at this time when humanity is on the brink of destroying itself. The Mission is showing the way out.

The way out is the Eternal Divine Path. The way out is recognizing that all of us are the Children of One God. No one is higher or lower. We have to come together and create the peaceful earth that accelerates the Will of God to the highest.

We can see that this Revelation is explaining why we are here and why God created us to be in this body. Therefore we can come together, serve, be one with each other and not let our little egos get in the way and let the little things in life or the community distract us from the great purpose. We will come together and become one because we have a greater purpose to be one together for.

Of course, the ego of the human is amazingly huge and in the way. That is why we are calling the Elects. The Elects are those who strive to become perfect to follow the Eternal Divine Path. They observe their ego every moment and second in life, and they bring the greater purpose in life instead of being bogged down in the small little things, and being dragged down in the level that ego wants you to be dragged down to. They will fight with that ego with all their might, and they will become great beings that work for the purpose of the creation. They will become the soldiers of God.

We can see the existence, the whole creation, the history, the revelations of God all have been explained to this point, and this point in forward is the time for manifestation of Gods Will again on earth by the Elects. The Elects are those who can follow the Eternal Divine Path.

God has promised that in a thousand years many will reach Pure Consciousness, or Light, and they also will become the sons of God. If you read Chapter 23 of The Revelation, that promise is given to those who will overcome. All shows all the revelations and all the Prophets have come and have taught this to humanity.

We can see now it is crystal-clearly explained to humanity, and now humanity has to recognize this.

Telekinetic Spirit: I have heard that there will be peace for 1,000 years as we enter in the New Age. Why only for 1,000 years? What will happen after? Will humanity get back to sufferings again?

Maitreya: Well, it has been my policy, or my calling, not to predict the future. The future is for God.

But from what has been revealed through me, the Scriptures, and the way we understand it, we know that the Elects are not in Pure Consciousness. They have been in the process of being created for the last 12,000 years. They have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces. They have recognized that the Communities of Light are necessary. They have sacrificed, surrendered to God, and they have shattered all narrowness of the mind and become universalists. Therefore, they are the Elects.

They have been here before the 12,000 years. They were with Noah and know the teachings of the Far East and Mystical Paths.

They were with the old Prophets of the Old Testament. Therefore they know the creation of communities and how God tried to choose a people, as Hebrews, to follow Him.

They were with Christ. They learned to sacrifice.

They were with Prophet Muhammad. They know the Will of God is to surrender and submit to His Will.

They were with Bab and Bahaullah, and probably they were murdered and martyred in that time.

Now they are on earth as well and know the Sixth Seal too, that we have to become Paravipras or Elects.

So they will come together behind this Revelation. Eventually, they will bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth. And for a thousand years they will bring the truth to humanity.

As The Revelation in the Bible clearly shows, after a thousand years, this teaching also will be diluted and maybe will fall again. We again shall come back with all the Elects together and for the last time they will help to restore the Kingdom. At this time they also will overcome and reach Pure Consciousness. They will become the sons and Children of God. What happens after that? The Bible clearly shows where these people go. They will go to heaven, they will go to Pure Consciousness, and they will become One with God.

Will the creation end at that time, or the Golden Age will dawn on humanity? That is what is left to know when the thousand years come. If still there are beings who have not reached Pure Consciousness but have the potential to reach Pure Consciousness, God might continue the creation and humanity might go through the same ages that have been predicted: The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Brass Age, and the Iron Age (or the Kali Yuga). That we will know in a thousand years.

The process of the coming of the Golden Age and the creation of the Kingdom has been revealed and as God promised, the Seventh Seal will be opened at the end time and the mystery of God will be finished. It is done! This is it!

This is the Revelation of the Seven Seals and the opening of the book sealed with the Seven Seals. Therefore, we are in the beginning of the end of the old age. Those who want to know what is going to happen from now on should read THOTH. They should read this Revelation. Then, of course, they have to come together and create the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are the communities that the people respect one another and they get along fine. They do not play games. They do not create an environment that is not kosher, or is not pure. They do not create an environment that is based on ego and darkness.

When these communities are created, humanity eventually will see that the way is the Communities of Light and the Eternal Divine Path. They will bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth and recognize and realize that we are the children of the same God.

This will happen! That is because God said many things would happen, and they have. So no matter how many obstacles come in front of these teachings and this movement or Revelation, no matter how few people we might think are in the Mission right now, we are way, way ahead of humanity.

Humanity is still separating themselves by nationalities, genders, opinions, understandings, religiosity, and narrowness of the mind. Therefore, this is too much for a lot of people. They cannot even fathom it or handle it. But they will. God will humble them.

God will put them through such a tribulation that they will recognize that there has to be a better way. And this is the better way.

That is the reason that phrase of 1,000 years has been used all through religions and Scriptures that, after the opening of the Seventh Seal, is the beginning of the coming of the Kingdom. And the Seventh Seal has been opened. Since the Seventh Seal has been opened, the only religion, the only Revelation, the only Truth on earth that everyone should come to is this Revelation. The religions and revelations before it all are abolished and are finished and done with.

All have to recognize that their religion is a part of a greater truth. If they hang onto their understanding of their religions, we will let them fight with each other, kill one another, and try to convert each other. But at the end they will recognize that none of them will succeed because the Will of God is unification now

Maitreya: Not necessarily, if there is a religion that unifies all the religions and shows how God sent all of them. God also promised that His Kingdom would come.

That unification is the Eternal Divine Path. It has been clearly explained many times.

This is the time for you all to go read, listen, study, and come to the same conclusion that I have: This is the only way. No other religion or way can explain the whole truth. They did not have the ability to type it, to put it in the computer, and to make it available on the Internet so that all can see it and can hear it.

This all is fulfilled! Therefore, any other way, any other philosophy, any other persuasion but this one is not the whole truth.

We are also looking for the people with great abilities that they can become larger than life. That is because life will pull you down. If you listen to the life, then you will be drowned into the mundanity. You will not manifest much.

I like one realization in Free Masons that each person is like a canvas. Some canvases are small, some bigger, some large, and some huge. Therefore, expand your canvas by understanding the Eternal Divine Path. I guess we can have the expression that one person can draw a circle around the other circle. It means this canvas, or ability, or thing greater than life is greater.

That is why everyone should stop complaining about his or her lives, but become larger than life. Therefore their canvas can circle all those who have the smaller canvases and can manifest a greater degree of manifestation of God, this teaching, and this Revelation.

So we can see that this Revelation is indeed the Call to humanity and is the last Revelation for the next thousand years. There is no religion or revelation that can claim all that is claimed in this Mission and backed with everything that God said would back it.

There is no doubt that this is the Revelation of God. This is the Call for all to come and see.

Hear God and His Call! Become larger than life. Stop complaining and stop being dragged down by the little things in life. Instead, reach for the stars and Pure Consciousness. Read THOTH, go to our website, listen to the previous Satsangs, Conversations, and Calling for Elects, and become a great instrument for God.

As we announced in the beginning, we will have these sessions once a month again. We will be here the first Saturday of every month. Meanwhile we encourage everyone to go to the website, study our teaching, and understand the depth, beauty, and the amazing God that has sent all the Revelations on earth. Now He is calling humanity to peace, unity, and brotherhood.

Sal-OM everyone.

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