Maitreya Calling Elects


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. The message of today is very simple: Come out of Babylon The Great, which is the same as, Be still and see the power of God.

Indeed we are in the period after the opening of the Seven Seals in The Revelation. As clearly can be seen in the Holy Book of God, in The Revelation, nothing much happens after the opening of the Seven Seals until Babylon The Great falls, and that fall will be great.

We can see the cracking and the sound of Babylon The Great falling apart. We can see that the coming of great tribulation is at hand. This is the time for those who are godly, the people of God, and those who are the Elects to come out of this world and recognize that they belong to God. They will work on themselves to see this Vision clearly and realize that this is the only way out of this mess that ego has created on earth. They should create the Communities of Light based on God and His Revelations and Will.

Humanity will start recognizing little by little that they have to think like God, the way that He wants His creation to be, to recognize and realize the Essence of everything that God has created and therefore follow the Dharma or the Essence, or the innate nature of everything that is on earth. They need to recognize from the very childhood that they have been created to be(come) Divine, to meditate, close their eyes, go within, see God, and shatter any narrowness of the mind and recognize that God has been guiding the history and humanity. He has created the creation for a purpose, and that purpose now is clearly given to humanity. They have no choice but to realize that their opinions and ideas have to be the same as the reason anything has been created, otherwise it is an intellectual understanding, and the human has not considered God.

That is happening very much at this time. Humanity has put God out in all levels of their lives, and that is the reason for what is happening now on earth.

The religions, nations, and people with different ideas and dogmas are fighting one another but God clearly says that His Kingdom will come, and it will not come before the Seventh Seal is open. Now it has been opened.

This is the only Revelation and teaching that will bring humanity out of their problems and dead ends that they have dug themselves into. Those who are in this Mission and have seen this Vision have to work on themselves and not take sides. They should become still and become one with God and His Purpose, come together, create Communities of Light, and show humanity how to come out of this world and tribulation by recognizing that every human has the Essence of God in them. They have to come, get along, and reach to space for the resources. Therefore they will not scratch each other’s faces because of that and will bring the peace on earth.

The way has been given. There is no other religion or revelation that has the authority or was created to unify humanity. Those who differ in this are mistaken.

Every religion is a part of this great Truth, and they should all realize that more and more of humanity needs to reach out to each other and give this good news to as many as they can. They can bring great numbers to this realization. The number, indeed, is the hand of God. As our numbers increase, it will reach a point that humanity will be educated more and more, and they will come out of their narrow interpretation of God and dogmas and eventually create peace on earth.

It has been prophesied that when this Revelation comes, like a stone that hits the statue in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, that statue will be broken to pieces and will be no more. Egoistical systems, religions, and anything that has been created on earth have made this situation, and if you take part in any side you are taking part in ego. This is the time to become still, learn the teaching, learn the Mission, learn the realization that has come to you, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth by concentrating on God and His Revelation instead of concentrating on what is happening on earth.

What is happening on earth clearly was prophesied. God said that one third of humanity will be destroyed. Although it seems so cruel and none of us would really like to see the things that are happening right now, but they have been foretold, not because God has done it but because the human has gone against His Will. Now that this Revelation has come, they still are not listening to it, not coming, not joining, and not getting on with the work. God is justified to awaken and shake humanity to recognize that He exists, He is in charge, He has a purpose for this creation, and humanity has to succumb to His Will if they want to return back home.

This creation is a sickness in the Body of God. It has gone astray; it has gone awry. The purpose is to turn around, be baptized, and go to God. That is why God created this creation. It is not to come here and be attached to this external world, to the material things and do everything else that is a delusion of separation from God and Maya, and then expect that nothing is going to happen. There is nothing unholy in this universe but the feeling of separation from God or ego. All unholiness comes because of the presence of ego.

This is the message for all to come out of Babylon The Great, recognize that you are the Children of God, do not take sides and do not become upset with what you see (although it is hard not to) but concentrate on the Mission, concentrate on this Revelation, come together, and become brothers and sisters no matter what part of the world you are in, so that you can become eventually one in God. Know one another to become one.

That is the purpose and the reason for this creation and for this Mission, to create a New Heaven and a New Earth. The New Heaven is this new Revelation, and the New Earth is the coming of the Kingdom. Be still and see the power of God that will bring this earth back to His fold. Those who resist that will be a part of Babylon The Great. They are following their egos. They are unable to go beyond their small visions, and they will be a part of that body, or Babylon The Great.

abood_279: “Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevelam,” what does that mean?

Maitreya: It means, “The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine; That Divinity, or God, is Everything.”

The base of our teaching is the Eternal Divine Path. That means that we awaken our spiritual forces. We meditate, we chant, we practice spiritual dancing (kirtan, like the Sufis and some Hindus), we do all the practices that have been given to humanity to awaken their spiritual forces that are related to the Mystical Paths, which includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity or Saints, and any teaching that says, “Know thyself to know God. You have to have an experience with God.”

abood_279: What language?

Maitreya: I see. You want to know what language it is. It is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the closest language to the language of God. Sanskrit was the language brought by the Aryans to Persia and eventually to Iraq. It was mixed with the African language, and the Semantic language was influenced by the African languages and others, and also by Sanskrit. Eventually, Arabic influenced the Persian language. Sanskrit is the very base of many languages on earth. That is why you can see many words still are similar in Latin, Hindu, Persian, and even in the Arabic languages. It was the closest language to the purest form of sound in the universe.

Of course, the purest form of sound cannot even be uttered in the external world. That is why many teachers, gurus, and people who were in India formulated some words together that affect the energy centers in humanity and they called them, Mantras.

A mantra consists of a few words that put together affect different levels of human consciousness. It usually has some characteristics, for example, it makes the person breathe deeper. It usually has a sound vibration. It usually has a great meaning behind it. “Haree Om Shrii Hung” is the latest and the greatest Universal Mantra that has been given to humanity.

It is Sanskrit and it means, “The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.” As you can hear, I paused between “be” and “come” because there are two philosophies. One says that we are already Divine so we do not need to become Divine, which is true. Our Essence is Divine but our lower natures do not let us to become that Essence. Therefore, although we have the Divinity within ourselves, we have to work and meditate, overcome, and eventually become that Essence that is the same as God, or what in the Hindu religion is called Atman and atman. Or in Persian they say, Hod and Hoda. They are very similar. If you know thyself, you know God. The goal is to know that Essence, to realize that indeed you are a part of God.

That does not mean that you create a big ego and say, “I am God, and no one else is God. I know better than everyone else.” That is still ego that is trying to feel superior to others. If you truly understand the Essence of God within you then you see the Essence of God in everyone and you recognize that not only are you a part of God, also everyone else is a part of God. Indeed, you become humble. That is why Christ said that whoever is the humblest is the greatest in Heaven and God’s Plan.

We can see that you are Divine, but you have to work on it to be(come) Divine. That is why, “The Goal Of The Life Is To Be Divine,” if you could, or “Be(Come) Divine”. That Divinity, that Divine Essence, is God, which is everything.

God was not like us that He could go to the 7-11 store and buy something they needed, or any convenience store outside us. He had to use His own Body and whatever it was in the creation to create this manifestation so we can meditate and become a part of God. We can see that the goal is to have an experience with God. If you have not had an experience with God, you have religion, you have dogmas, and you have misunderstanding. That is why the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to recognize that Essence and become one with God.

Our universal mantra is the gentler mantra than The Word that has been given to everyone to meditate on. The Word also has been revealed to humanity, which is much more powerful and is the only Name of God that cannot be pronounced or uttered. That is the very powerful Name, or The Word. We do not recommend people to try to meditate on The Word, because it comes with a commitment. You cannot use The Word and stay lukewarm. You have to dedicate yourself completely to God and the Mission if you want to use The Word.

The “Haree Om Shrii Hung” is the mantra that has been given to humanity to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

abood_279: Hindus do not worship one god. They have many gods, the same as Buddhism.

Maitreya: As we said, God is everything. The Buddhists and the Hindus, especially the Hindus, knew that. Little by little those who could not reach the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God started saying, “Well, if everything is God, I can worship this tree as a part of God, or this statue, or this or that.” After a while they broke down “God is Everything” to “God is this statue, God is this person, God is my guru, God is this and God is that, and nothing else is God.”

That was the understanding of the Kali Age, the age of ignorance. Even in Hinduism the highest realization of God is Atman or Self that is within you and is the same as God. In a higher level, Hinduism indeed believes in One God that is your Essence.

When Buddha came he was just sick of so many gods that the Hindus were following, and he said, “Do not worry about them, just meditate, and go to Nirvana.” Some Buddhists said that Buddha said there is no God. He never said there is no God. He just said, “Do not worry about them. You are not here to be attached to this god, or this statue, or tree, or animal, or this and that but to know thyself, to see the Essence that is the same as the Essence in the universe, which is called Nirvana.” They translated it to mean “nothingness.”

As Buddhism spread, it eventually went to Tibet. Many of the yellow race have come from the American continent. They already had kachinas. That is why when Buddhism came to Tibet and China and those areas, they incorporated those kachinas into their beliefs and now we have so many Gods also in Buddhism. In truth, Buddha was very opposed to anything that is not within you, is not Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. If you look at the kachinas in Native American dolls and compare them with the paintings in Buddhism, especially the Mahayana or Tibetan Buddhism, you will see the similarities between them.

In truth Buddha was opposed to any manifestation as God, as we are. We are saying that God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Anything, even the sound that you might use as the Name of God, cannot be the ultimate, the highest, the One God that we preach.

At the same time we say God is everything. You can look at the tree and say, “Well, this is God.” You are right, there is God in the tree. That is a part of God but that is not the highest. It is not in Pure Consciousness.

We can see that in the higher level in Hinduism there is only One God and anything that is not that experience with Atman is the lower level of the understanding of the human. Humans have a hard time to recognize a God that is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is easier for a lot of people to have a name for It, to have a shape for It, and therefore, after a while the very high teaching of the teachers or the revealers become dogmas and fragmented to the lower nature of those who interpret the teaching wrongly. We can see that indeed all the Mystical Paths, Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists, Saints, Sufis, and all those that truly close their eyes to experience God, believe only in the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God

Who knows, maybe in a couple of hundred years people in the Mission will say, “The name of God is FINE.” It is not. It is just an abbreviation for Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. This time we wrote these things down, we published them, we talked about them many times, and we have tapes, videos, and audios about them and explained them so many times, so hopefully this will not happen.

Also it is the coming of the Golden Age. Humanity eventually will put their dogmas away, will go to the higher Seal, and will recognize that God is within them and that is the only place where they can find Him. The temple that is their body is always with them. They will purify the temple and clean it, sweep it, take all their dogmatic and ungodly thoughts out of it, and eventually that temple will become a pure channel for greater realization for themselves and others.

abood_279: Did God fool us when he said in the Koran (Al Ahzab verse 40) that Muhammad is the last prophet for the humanity? Explain this point please. I would be thankful.

Maitreya: Thanks to God for all the explanation we give here. Indeed this Revelation is the one that explains everything.

The Koran was revealed with no vowels in it. It was written down without vowels and if you know, I am sure you do, in Arabic the vowels are not written as in English but they are signs that you put at the top, or the bottom, or the way that makes you go up or down when you pronounce a word. There has been a great debate, “Did God reveal the word Khatem,” which means the last, “or Khatam,” which means the seal, the very top of the ring. There has been a great debate, which one is correct. Is it Khatem, the last Prophet, or Khatam, the seal of the Prophets, which is the meaning of that word? Indeed the very difference between the Moslems and Baha’is is that the Baha’is believe it was Khatam, not Khatem. They do not accept that it was Khatem at all.

In our explanation we say that both are correct. That is why it was revealed without vowels, and the confusion is no longer. If you look at The Greatest Sign, you see the sign of Islam is at the very top of the ring, or the seal, and it is Khatam. Also Islam brought the highest spiritual realization, which means being surrendered and submitted to the Will of God. It means to see His Way of thinking, creating, and creation. He brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity, which means surrendering and submitting to the Will of God instead of our intellectual interpretation of God. He was the last Prophet in the sense of bringing the highest spiritual realization.

Again we are the only Revelation that brings peace and unity between these two groups that were discussing it in different ways, and we reveal the meaning of Khatem and Khatam. Prophet Muhammad was not lying. The Koran was not lying.

The Koran might have changed because when they tried to put the Koran together there were many versions of it because Prophet Muhammad never wrote it down. There were people who were around him who had memorized the words that came to him. Later on they recited it to other people and it spread.

When Othman tried to bring them together as one version of the Koran, it was realized that there were many versions and the words were pronounced a little differently between the different groups. They had to eventually come up with a version that now is the official Koran for the Moslems.

They tried to bring all the verses that they thought were revealed back to the Koran but even after the official version was accepted, there were people who would come forward and say, “This verse is not included. I remember such and such a person said that Prophet Muhammad revealed this part in this verse with this meaning.” So a lot of those verses were not included.

We can see that even the Koran does not completely contain everything that Prophet Muhammad revealed. It makes sense because if someone came to the people for thirteen years and revealed a revelation, the Koran probably should be many times larger than it is. There is a possibility that not all the verses are included. And also there were many versions of the Koran. That makes sense because again the whole truth had to come at this time.

That is why THOTH, or The Holiest Of The Holies has been written by the Prophet. It has been corrected and the latest version of THOTH is in our website and has been updated to this point that no one can bring any other version and say, “This is better than the other version.” We can see again in this aspect that THOTH is the pure Word of God, and It is complete. If you read THOTH and compare It with the Koran and other revelations, you will see that THOTH is one hundred times more inclusive and explains many things that many other religions did not.

We believe in the Koran but we accept the Koran as not a complete revelation. As Prophet Muhammad himself said, he did not reveal everything and his revelation is a part of the whole Tablet, not the whole thing.

We say ours is the whole Tablet and therefore It is more complete than any other revelation before It. That makes sense because God said no other revelation would be complete until the Seventh Angel or the Seventh Revelation. This is the Seventh.

As Moslems take the Bible with a grain of salt and say it has been changed, we also take the Koran with a grain of salt because there were many versions and many verses were not included. And, according to God’s Revelation, none of them would be complete until this Revelation which has completed and unified all the revelations before It.

They did not have the typewriter. They did not have the computer. They did not have the Internet. They did not have the facilities that God has given to us to make this perfect and available to all of humanity at the same time.

We can see that all these things have to be recognized by the Moslems, as it has to be recognized by the Christians, Jews, and Hindus, and they all have to come out of where they are and accept the Word of God.

abood_279: Can you read Arabic?

Maitreya: I was born in Tehran, Persia. So 75% of the Persian language is Arabic. I did study Arabic some in school. I know it is a beautiful and powerful language. I probably can read it but I do not understand it 100%. I know enough to understand how it works and how it is constructed. Also it is not necessary because God said this Revelation would come in another language and it did not have to be Arabic.

English has Arabic words in it because the Arabic language came to Spain, and Spain was under the influence of the Arabs for two hundred years. So Spanish is very much influenced with Arabic. They even have some Arabic names in South America like Mansour, or other Arabic names.

Even Our Lady of Fatima, Fatima is an Arabic name. She was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. It was eventually transferred to Christianity as the Lady of Fatima. There is no such word or name in Latin. It very much is the name of the daughter of Prophet Muhammad transferred as a Saint in Christianity later on.

The Spanish language influenced French very deeply, and the French eventually took over England for 200 years and they influenced English with the French language.

We can see that Arabic influenced Spanish, Spanish influenced French, and French influenced English. We can see that the Arabic language eventually influenced them, and their very base was the Latin and Indo-European language. Also English has been influenced with the Indo-European language. It is the most universal language at this time.

That is why this Revelation came in this language. It did not come in my language, Persian. It did not come in any other language but the language that God has chosen as the universal language. You can see that many people speak English. Even if you go to a country that has different languages, if you go to any hotel, you can find someone who knows English. So it has become a universal language.

It does not mean that it has to stay rigid. It has already been influenced with many words like Darma, Karma, reincarnation or even Jahad, words that are becoming a part of the English language and are influencing it and expanding it to a more universal and international language.

We can see that God did chose very well this language and brought it to this point that this Revelation can come to this language that many people know. This Revelation did not have to come in Arabic, and I did not have to know Arabic as my first language. I was exposed to it enough to know enough of it to see how it works. So I do not speak Arabic. But I do speak Persian, which 75% of it is Arabic.

This Revelation came to me when I came to the United States. It did not come to me when I was in Persia. It did not come to me when I would have gone to an Arabic country and learned the language. I came here, I learned this language, and then God gave me this Revelation. It makes sense because English is indeed the universal language.

As time goes on, more words will come to English, and at the end it will become a universal, international language that might not even look the same as it looks now. That is the Plan.

You can see all these things makes sense. All this Revelation has come from God. Indeed God has prophesied that this Revelation would come, that there would be a Seventh Seal and Seven Revelations. And the Revealer of the Seventh Seal will be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It means coming from King David and Solomon.

Prophet Muhammad was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He was from Ishmael. Although all of them have Abraham as their father or originator of this Plan of God, we can see that Prophet Muhammad was a great Prophet, and he brought a great revelation to humanity. He had to deal with very unpleasant situations and God had to bring him the concepts that later on were misunderstood, like Jahad that should be declared with a pure person like Prophet Muhammad himself. That is a struggle. Jahad means struggle, a struggle personally, a struggle environmentally, and a struggle socially in all levels to make everything Godly.

Prophet Muhammad was attacked by the people in Mecca, and therefore he had to fight back. Now Jahad is becoming a word that some people use for their own personal reasons. We can see always in religions there are people who use the teaching of the Prophet or the Revealer for their own reasons.

As we can see in history in Europe when the Catholic Church was running the whole of Europe and had their own ideas, they kept the masses from knowing the words in the Bible. Only the priests were allowed to know Latin and the Bible could not be translated. Ignorance completely enveloped that continent. Eventually people had to change it and come to the conclusion that everyone has the right to know what God said.

Now in our teaching everyone is encouraged to go, search, study, and see the Revelation, and eventually convert themselves.

I am not here to convert you. I am here to just give you the Message, give you this Truth and reveal to you what God has revealed to me. I give what I have received. I am just a channel, a Messenger of God to you, a point of rallying around and becoming One.

It is God indeed that has Revealed this all to humanity, and no man can really know all this truth without the Mind of God behind him. We can see many things point to the coming of this Revelation, and Moslems, like Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Jews have to recognize that, come out of their misunderstanding of God, and listen to God, what God has to say, not what are their opinions and ideas.

Timothy has a question. Go ahead Timothy.

Timothy: Sal-OM everyone. Sal-OM Maitreya. I have a question about a discussion of a topic that came up last week in the Paltalk room. I guess a guest had come and asked if it is written anywhere in THOTH that it says that THOTH is the Word of God. I wondered if you could talk about the Word of God and the multiple meanings of the Word of God?

Maitreya: As I heard it, the discussion was that some brother in Islam came and said that Prophet Muhammad in the Koran says that this is the Word of God and no place in THOTH can we find that we say this is the Word of God.

I think that we have said that it is the Word of God many times in our Satsangs. Also when someone fulfills the prophecies, genealogy, genetic trees, etc., it points to: He is chosen by God to bring the Word of God, and what he brings to humanity is the Word of God.

It is implied that yes, this is the Word of God. Now maybe I have been shy to directly say it is the Word of God, but it is. How could it not be if it fulfills the prophecies and it is according to the Scriptures? Therefore it is the Word of God. God said this would come, and it has. This is the last Revelation of God to humanity. It is perfected. It is complete. There will not be any revelation like it after this or was before this. We can see that it is the Word of God. The Word of God is interpreted according to the level of consciousness of the people who are receiving it.

It is just like the law of perception. If you do not want to see a situation or something that you do not want to perceive, as is a well-known law in psychology, you ignore it. You do not want to see it, therefore you do not see it unless someone brings it to your face and says, “You have to look at it, and you have to see it.”

That is exactly what God is doing to humanity. The perception of humanity is that they are OK where they are, in their nation, in their culture, in their religion, in their way that they have been brought up. Suddenly this Revelation comes and says, “No, there is more to it. Each of you is a part of a greater truth. What you have is dogmas, it is not the last Word of God.” Still humanity says, “No, I cannot see it. I do not see it. It is wrong. It does not have anything new,” any excuses they can bring not to see that this is indeed from God, it is the last Revelation, and it is their salvation. They have to come out of Babylon The Great and start creating the Communities of Light.

So we have to push it in their faces. God has to bring humanity to the point that they say, “Well, our system is not working. Our way is not working.” All the people are not going to become Christian. All the people are not going to become Moslem. All the people are not going to become Jews or Hindus or Buddhists. This Revelation says, “If you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Moslem, you are a part of God already. You have a part of the truth but bring them and put them in the puzzle and see that all are from One God, and each is a part of a greater truth.” Humanity is not yet ready for that.

So when it comes to humanity, every person interprets it according to where they are. It is just like the teaching of Tantra. Tantra is a great teaching of overcoming by meditating or going through the experience and seeing the worthlessness of our desires. Now those who are in their lower natures say it is the philosophy of sex, “You have to have a lot of sex because Tantra is my path.” Originally it was not. The level of consciousness is low therefore they just see that part. They do not go beyond that to overcome something that they should. Instead they sensationalize it more and fall to the lower nature in a greater degree.

The Word of God is the same thing. When I give Satsang, not everyone receives it the same way. Some people receive it, observe it, love it, see it, take it, and go for it. Some people receive it, see part of the truth, take the part they like, and reject the part they do not like. Some people even get furious that, why does a person come and say he is from God and brings this Revelation for humanity? They become rude and unhappy for what happens. It is the same wording, the same Revelation. Each person receives it differently. And even they interpret it differently. I say something, and they see what they want to see according to their psychological, cultural, and background set-up.

The Word can be interpreted in many, many levels. Basically it can be interpreted in seven levels, which are the seven psychic centers. Even in every psychic center there are many levels. It almost infinitely can be interpreted. And the Word of God has infinite meanings for infinite people.

That is why we do not recommend anyone to listen to the people in the Mission, or the disciples, if they want to be called that, but go to the Source. If you want to know Islam, go to the Koran and read their history. If you want to know Christianity, go to the New Testament and read their history. Do not listen to the preachers. Or, go and read THOTH to know what they all meant in the first place.

The Word of God has many meanings to different people. The best way is to get as close to the Source as possible. That is why we recommend everyone to go to the website, go to THOTH, read the Scripture, read the teachings, read the Supplements, see the videos and listen to the audios, and eventually, maybe, little–by-little they will receive the purest form possible for them. Still I do not believe that everyone can get the purest form without filtering it through what they want to see.

If we can find some people like that, then that is great. They are the ones who will become teachers. They are the ones who will become preachers of this teaching to other people. Still even after the preachers and teachers tell you something, check it out. Check it with the website, check it with our search engine to see, did they say the truth?

That is because we did have some people who wrote the prophecies and later on some people came and objected to some parts of it. We corrected it. So even those who have seen the Vision can see it a little wrongly, or not completely purely.

If you want to know the Koran, do not listen to people that talk about the Koran, go read the Koran. If you want to know the Old Testament, go read the Old Testament, or New Testament, etc. Of course, after you read all of them, go read THOTH to see which parts of the Bible have been changed.

The Moslems come to our room and say, “The Bible has been changed.” Yes, it is changed. But there is still enough truth left by God that we could see a lot of truth in it. It is not completely lost or completely changed. There have been changes in the Bible. It has been translated twenty-seven times or more. Every translation loses some words in it. Again, they have some truth but not the whole truth.

“You cannot just throw out the baby with the bath water.” You have to see this teaching to recognize what part they are. That is how the Word of God has more than one meaning. The best meaning comes from the Revealer, or the Prophet who has been chosen by God. And probably he has been chosen many lifetimes to bring the Message of God to humanity. He tries to bring it to humanity as purely as possible. That is why maybe the Prophets are being rejected because they say the truth and the background and the psyche of humanity does not want the truth. That is why humanity fell in the first place.

We are looking for the people who have been meditating for the last 12,000 years, and they do want the truth. They see this Vision, they see it clearly, and their interpretation is not completely off too much from the truth that is revealed to them.

Indeed these are the Words of God. It has come from God to humanity. It is the last Revelation. It is the opening of the Seven Seals. It is the salvation of man. This is the time of tribulation that is coming.

We can see what is happening again in the Middle East. Is it the one that is going to start the great tribulation? Maybe, maybe not. But what we know is that it will happen. The confrontation has been set up. There will be great confrontations between different forces on earth that are impure and do not know the whole truth. They will fight to death, and they will kill each other.

This is the time for us to stay back and give this to everyone, to preach, to call them to come and join us. Eventually at the end, even those who kill one another will see that their way is not going to work. We are not against anyone at all. We will eventually come to the truth.

Someone told me that we have the last piece of the puzzle. Then put the puzzle together. We have the last Word. We have the last piece of the puzzle, but they do not have the whole puzzle. That is why they all tried and never succeeded.

I leave you all to God. Again the Message for us is to understand this teaching. Go beyond our nationality, religion, race, and gender, and recognize that there is only One God for all of humanity and do not let what is happening and what is coming affect us. That is because it will be awful.

We have to recognize that God said that this thing would come to humanity, therefore, stay still and see the Power of God. He sends the Revelation first and then He gives humanity a chance to progress and change to His Ways. If they do not, He has no choice but to bring a situation that those who will not follow the Will of creation will be eliminated until the next creation.

See the Power of God. Recognize that God exists. He sent this Revelation and this is the Call to the Elects to come forward and take their places in this great time that we live in.

Sal-OM everyone.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).