Maitreya, "Calling Elects"



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Calling Elects room to discuss the Mission. I hope you all used your month to go to the website, study our teaching, and become more familiar with this new Revelation.

One month makes so much difference. We have seen that in one month the great war in the Middle East continues, and the lines are indeed drawn in the sand. Everything that God said would come true is coming true. Humanity is on the verge of the promises that all religions have prophesied to come.

This is the voice of the last Revelation of God to humanity calling them to turn around and start listening to God instead of following their own wills, whims, and understandings. God is One, and He has been sending all the revelations up to this point to humanity. He has promised that this Revelation also will come to humanity for them to see that He has been in control, is in control, and He is doing what He promised would happen. It is not that God left man alone and did not warn them of the coming of the events that are now coming to them. He has shown the way through His Prophets to succumb, come around, and bring His Kingdom on earth.

The role of the Messenger or the Prophet is to give the Message to humanity with the clear revelation. It is not up to him to convert them or to make them see. It does not make any difference if they listen or not. The most important thing is that the message has been given.

With the Internet, this technology, and the way that God has prepared the way for this Revelation, all men can see it, hear it, and receive it no matter where they are. We are receiving e-mails every day, or at least often, from people that we have never heard from, or never were in touch with, professing that they have heard the Message, seen the Vision, and are amazed at the truth that God has sent to humanity through this Vessel, and how phenomenal this Revelation and the unity of all religions is.

It confirms and reconfirms that there is a Compassionate God that has sent all religions, and there is no confusion between them. Any confusion, any separation, and any idea that separates man from man is not from God. It is man-made, is a misunderstanding, and is having a part of the truth but not having the whole truth that is now revealed.

The website has been upgraded. All things that were extra, and all that has made the website not compatible, hard to navigate, and slow, have been taken off. The whole navigation system has been based on the text. It is now efficient. It is more compatible with more software. It is easy to use, and it is fast. No more excuses of applets not working, or the pages are not loading fast enough, or it is not compatible. It is now much easier for more people to go to the website, study the Revelation (which is huge) and has been revealed for the last twenty-some years. There is so much information and truth that has been given that it takes lifetimes to fathom it. But it is there.

It has been provided free to humanity. With a couple of mouse clicks you can access the Promise God gave that the Revelation of the Seventh Seal will come to humanity.

After this Revelation (if you study the Scriptures there is no mention of great events going to happen in Gods coming of the Kingdom until the Seventh Angel brings the Revelation), there will be a quiet period, and then Babylon the Great will fall. Therefore after the Revelation of the Seventh Angel there is going to be a period of quietness. The people who have received it are going through personal progress, overcoming, seeing the Vision, reaching out, and educating other people, and making this Revelation to spread more and more. Since this Revelation is way ahead of humanity, they are not ready for it.

We can see that we are talking of the unity, coming together, the coming of the Kingdom, and seeing each other as brothers and sisters all throughout the earth. Instead what we have are wars, destruction, disunity, political maneuvering, and misunderstandings that have come from thousands of years of hatred and separation.

Humanity is not ready for this Revelation. But our duty and responsibility is to reach out in any way possible, spread this Message, and reach as many as we can, in any way we can, then leave them to God and see what they will manifest. The more people hear it, see it, and understand it, and realize that there is no other way for humanity but to listen to God, the faster it will manifest. They have to stop listening to their own selves, their dogmas, and to their religions that are full of misunderstandings, misinformation, and based on only one seventh of the truth. They have to come and realize that God sent all these revelations.

There is no separation between man and man, and religions. We have all come from the same Source and Essence. The Essence of each man is a part of God.

We cannot separate ourselves artificially by gender, nationality, race, and with whatever else humanity thinks they can separate themselves from each other. We are all the children of the same God, and He has been sending the same Spirit, which is His Sprit, as the Messengers of God to humanity with clear messages. He foretold the coming of all these revelations and religions, and He fulfilled them.

Clearly God exists. He has a Plan. He has a Vision, or a Will, to bring His Kingdom on earth with those that have turned around, been baptized, and now have no desire but to be a part of Gods Plan.

If you have the will to be one of those, and you have been meditating for thousands of years, you will see this Vision clearly and will come, join, and will see that indeed, God is a Compassionate God who has created the whole creation for one purpose: To make the part of the creation that has gone away from It to turn around and go Home.

The more humanity understands the reason for being born and being here, and they succumb to the will of the universe, the more they will live their lives in such a way that they are directed to encourage that Will. Anything that discourages that Will or diverts the attention from that Will is from the lower nature, or what many religions call, the "devil."

If God is everything, where is the devil? It cannot be anywhere. The only reason the devil exists is because we follow our lower natures, impulses, desires, and do not create an environment that is directed toward that Will. Therefore, we have to see the history. We have to understand the Revelations of God. We have to see the religions that He sent to this point, and then recognize that that is the goal of the life. That is the reason this creation has been created. We are here for a reason.

The creation has a goal. When that goal becomes each mans goal, each individuals goal, when people put their relationships based on that goal, when they create environments and societies that encourage and direct the children and people toward that goal, little by little we can create the Kingdom of God on earth that is solely directed to create an environment that children, from the very childhood, recognize that they are here and they have been born to meditate, to close their eyes, and to listen to the still Voice within and recognize that Will even in a greater degree. They will not find their information from newspapers, radio, television, and everything outside of themselves to tell them what is the truth, when the Voice within is smothered with all the information that comes from outside.

Of course, not all the information that comes from outside is bad. But eventual verification of the truth should come from God, or from within you.

This is the goal and the Vision that this Revelation is bringing to humanity. It is calling for them to understand this Revelation, see the work of God through the history, through His Revelation, through His Prophets, come together, and recognize that they have to put the instruments of war and destruction away, and realize, as Mahatma Ghandi said, that there is enough for everyones need but not for everyones greed.

Therefore, this Message clearly has been communicated to humanity for the last twenty years and more. There is no doubt of the clarity of the Message and the way it has been given.

Now, when the Messenger gives the Message, he is done. He is not attached to the result but will wait for those who will see this Vision to step forward, to come, join, to become a part of the facilitating body, those who indeed will map out the way to reach out in a greater degree with the great technology and the knowledge of man of management and ability to create organized tasks and efforts to spread this Message to all corners of the world. Then we will sit back and wait for the world to eventually either realize this and recognize that this is the only way, or eventually the system and the world that is made by man and is based on ego will crumble. As it will, because that is the phenomena about ego and how unreliable it is. No matter what is egoistical, eventually it will not result in a great fulfillment of expectations.

Indeed, this world is based on ego. It is based on man-made ideas. We have to come together and see what are Gods ideas. That is what humanity has to come to realize and learn.

In the Message and the teachings it is clearly explained how God promised many things. He promised to Abraham. He promised to Christ. He promised to Prophet Muhammad. He promised to Moses. He promised to many people, and in many ways to humanity directly, that many things were going to happen, and they did. He has promised that His Kingdom will come, and that this Revelation will come.

This Revelation clearly explains how the Kingdom will come, from the very mundane actions in life, to the creation of a system that brings God and His Spirit in the system. If you look at the sign of Solomon, the triangle upward is the symbol of the system, and the triangle downward is the Spirit of God.

The problem with the worldly systems is that they do not have the triangle downward. They have the system but they do not have the Spirit of God in it. They have put God out. Of course by God we do not mean the Christian dogma, or the Jewish dogma, or the Islamic dogma, or the Hindu dogma, or the Buddhist dogma. We mean the truth of the Spirit, which no one knows until the Seventh Angel, or the Revelation of the Seven Seals, will come. Now that Revelation has come, therefore, we can bring the Spirit of God with full strength into our lives, into our systems, into our communities, and manifest His Will.

This is the call to humanity. This is the call to those who have been chosen, have meditated, have progressed, and now this Vision becomes life itself for them. They recognize and realize there is nothing, nothing whatsoever, more important than to come, help, and manifest It.

Of course, this what I say is what God has requested for humanity, to step forward. Those who step forward and do the Will of God will do it for God, and they will do it for their own Souls. Those who will come will receive great Grace of God, and that will be their reward.

We will be here, and we will continue to reach out and be available to those who want to do this Mission and recognize that they are a part of it, until we create the Facilitating Body. Eventually we will start reaching out to humanity in a greater degree, in an organized way, that we can show humanity that there is another way. There is a better way. There is a unifying way. There is a way of Peace and Unity and Godliness. That, they do not have now.

Each religion claims they are the only one, the best one, the last one, and the chosen one. None of them are the Seventh Revelation. None of them can claim that they have opened the Seven Seals. None of them can explain how God chose them as a religion, and how God fulfilled all the promises He had given to all the Prophets and people on earth. Now we know.

Now we should let everyone know that we can bring God and His Plan to humanity. This is the only way that can unify man. The unity of God has been confirmed, and the explanation of His Will and Work has been given. The only thing that is left for all of us is to recognize it and come forward to become a part of it.

This room is for those who are Elects and are called to step forward. And the Call is great. The struggle is great since we are swimming against the tide. We are swimming against the flow of the world.

The flow of the world is hate, destruction, war, and disunity. We are preaching unity. We are preaching the Word of God that explains everything as His Work. Therefore, it is no surprise that you might find that the Revelation is great. You have received it with great Joy. Then when you reached out you realized that people are not ready to hear it, accept it, become it, and dedicate themselves to it. It calls for action. It calls for dedication. It calls for great courage and purification.

In the age of instant coffee and instant gratification, it is too much to ask. That easy way of doing things and not putting effort to discipline ourselves is a part of Babylon the Great, is a part of ego that does not want to progress to the higher level but accepts the easy way out. That way has been given to humanity to show them The Grace of God, how those who God gives His Grace to can prosper and progress in a greater degree. The realization should be that it was The Grace of God, and therefore we should keep God in our lives and recognize and realize His Will. Therefore The Grace continues.

This is a time of struggle, and the time of the great promise of the coming of the tribulation is here, is upon us. We can ignore it. We can, not accept it. We can argue about it. But the truth is that all the signs say that we are there.

storm912: Please use me to manifest His realm. Guide me, please. Step forward and do the will of God. How will I know the proper course of action? Should I remain in this marriage? Should I take the job out of town? Where will I fulfill my mission?

Maitreya: We do not go into the details of peoples lives. We do not try to tell them what to do in every aspect in their lives. In general the way has been given. The way is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. The way is the creation of the Communities of Light. The way is the way of dedication.

As we have explained many times, there are three kinds of dedicated people in the Mission: The leaders, the teachers, and the supporters. Those who have leadership ability, those who can motivate and guide others to come together and create an environment that they can work in an organized way to manifest the Mission, are the leaders. Those who are the teachers, who study the teaching, have come to our room, have learned it, read in our room, teach in our room, and reach out to the people who have questions that they can answer, are the teachers.

Those who do not want to be leaders, or they are not leaders, and who cannot teach, or do not want to teach, become supporters in any way they can, anywhere they are.

The question really is what you have to recognize under the umbrella of the Missions teachings and realize how much you can do to manifest this Revelation. The highest level of those who come to the Mission, at this point, are those who come close to the Mission, are dedicated, are intelligent, do not have psychological, physical, or similar situations that are not working correctly, and therefore, they are intelligent and effective people who come and dedicate their lives so we can eventually create the Facilitating Body of twelve, or twenty-four, people who will be chosen as those who will sit around the round table. We do have a round table that eventually will manifest itself as the Elects, or the Facilitating Body, that will facilitate this Revelation to be reached to humanity.

In general we give you the idea. We give you the way. The way is the Eternal Divine Path. The way is awakening of your spiritual forces, directing that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrificing for the Communities of Light, surrendering and submitting to the Will of God, shattering all narrowness of the mind, and becoming a universalist. Then you indeed will be an Elect.

If you come close to the Mission, we know you, and we see who you are, what you can do, and how we can help you to see yourself in a greater degree. We will help you as much as we could. Still, even then, you have to listen to the Words and the Guiding Light that comes to you.

The whole creation has been created to turn those around who did not listen to God at one point, and the darkness became a part of the universe. Those who do not want to listen, even in this stage, cannot be helped. Simple!

It is very simple! You have the free will. Your free will takes you where you want to go. But the only free will you really have is to choose God or not to choose God. If you choose God, your free will, will be submitted to His Will. Although you have the free will (in a lower level and mundanity) how to conduct your life, but in general under the umbrella of the Will of God.

The free will of man is surrendered to the Will of God freely. It cannot be imposed. It cannot be forced on them. It cannot be, and should not be, a dogmatic way for a group to follow but freely is given to God.

I cannot interfere with your free will to choose God or not. But if you want to choose God, choosing anything else on earth besides this Revelation, religion, the unity and the Revelation of the last Prophet, is a wrong choice. You have not chosen wisely. You are surrendering your will to a religion or an idea that is not the highest. Therefore, the only thing I can recommend to you is, choose wisely. Choose the true Revelation of God. After you do that then find out what is the best way to follow His Will.

Gods Will is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. Gods Will is to create the Communities of Light. If you are willing to do that, the way will be shown to you, and you will be guided. It is not a picnic. It is not something that I promise you will be easy. As Christ said, the gate is open and the road is wide that leads to destruction. The way of God is narrow, full of discipline, understanding, and wanting to do it. But if you truly are baptized and turned around, it is not that hard.

Actually, it is a Joy after a while because you can see the folly of what humanity does, and how they are never going to be satisfied with what they follow, which is called Maya. You can see the emptiness of what they crave, desire, and follow. You see your happiness in smaller things, in simpler things, in a simpler life and the things that they cannot see. In the long run the Joy will be greater. But your commitment to that Joy has to be genuine. It should be pure. It should be real. It should not be fake. They have the joy of God because that is all they need.

Therefore, you can see the Path and the way has been given. You have been guided. Go to our website. Learn our teachings.

In small decisions in life you can find out, with knowing the umbrella or the greater Guiding Light that has been sent to you. When you see the Guiding Light, those small things will fall in their places correctly.

In general, make your life simpler. Make your life desire-less. Make your environment pure. Associate with those who also have greater ideals and ideas. Eventually learn how to go to that stillness within that has been given to humanity through this Mission, the meditation, The Word, or the Universal Mantra. In that stillness you know the answer.

I have given you the way to know the answer. No one knows the best answer for someones life than the person himself.

However, since the mind of the human, the mind of man, is very turbulent, he cannot see it clearly because the Will of God shatters to pieces in that turbulent mind. The mantra, the process you have been given, the ultimate realization of stillness within you, makes that shattered mind to come together and become a calm lake that God can reflect Itself through you and you know His Will. Therefore, the responsibility has been put on humanity to recognize the best thing in their lives.

In general, if you are in the bond of marriage, you should stay in it. You should work as hard as you could to make it work. It is a law that when a couple comes together, they are supposed to stay for life. That is the law. Therefore, you have to work together. You have to work it out. You do not just get divorced because somehow you do not like it.

Of course, if a being is in the way to the higher level of hierarchy, As we discussed many times, the hierarchy of beings in each persons life is four. First is God. That is where the goal of the life is to turn around and go. That is why we are here. No other relationship is more important than that.

The second is the true spiritual teacher, he who connects you to God, not to himself. If a spiritual teacher connects you to himself, that is a false teacher; he is on an ego trip. If you find some person and you say that he is your spiritual teacher and then he connects you to himself, run away. He is not going to take you to God.

The third people are your parents who brought you to this world and put so much effort to help you to progress in all levels. Of course, we are talking about true parents. They married, they stayed together, they loved their children, and they sacrificed any way possible to make the children grow and become Godly.

The fourth one is your spouse, your wife or husband, who is your partner, who is your friend, who is your person for life. You have to work it out. You have to talk it out. You have to sacrifice for each other. You have to recognize each others shortcomings and strengths and help the shortcomings to be overcome, and the strengths to be strengthened.

That is it. Those are the four beings that you have relationships with. Anyone else is not included in the hierarchy of beings, not your friends, not your children, not your acquaintances, or co-workers. It is God, spiritual teacher, parents, and your spouse.

If your spouse is in your way and disconnects you from your parents, then he or she is in the way. If you parents are not letting you go to the true spiritual teacher that connects you to God, they are in the way. And if your spiritual teacher is not taking you to God, your spiritual teacher is in the way.

If the situation with your spouse is that way, and he or she is not helping you to get to the higher level, then you have to work hard to teach that person to not be in the way. If it did not work, then you have no choice but to go to the higher level.

If you parents are in the way, love them, and help them, but you do not have to listen to them. Go to God. If your spiritual teacher is not taking you to God, drop him. Simple! He should show you how to go to God.

When you get to God you have accomplished the Goal of your life.

I hope this helped. We have another question.

aggamenonsdad: Is this room interested in Jesus Christ as a teacher?

Maitreya: Apparently the person who typed that question has left the room. The answer is that Christ was Christ. He was a Prophet. He was a Messiah. He was foretold to come. He was prophesied to come. He came, and he is accepted as the revealer of the Third Seal in this Revelation of the Seven Seals. His message was sacrifice, not being self-centered, the ability of sacrificing for the creation of the Communities of Light.

Therefore, there are Laws, there are regulations that God has set in motion for humanity to follow. When humanity breaks those Laws of nature, they will break themselves against them. It is not that I am putting a curse on someone, or some thing, or some nations, or some people. That is the way it works.

God has already created the universe. He has created and put the Laws of nature in it. The Laws of nature are automatic. They have been put in such a way that if you follow them you will receive The Grace. You will have a peaceful life. You will have a good community. You will have communities based on the married couples, and based on couples who stay together for life. Their egos will not get in the way.

There are cases that you have no choice. The relationship is so rocky and so impossible that you have to get out of it. We are not against people who have no choice but to get out of their relationship. But if the problem is just ego and small little differenceswe all have differences. We have different ideas, different opinions. Everyone wants to be right.

This is one of the biggest problems I have seen in the relationships. Everyone wants to be correct. Each person has his way of doing things.

That is why the creation of the Communities of Light is so hard because people do not want to accept other peoples ideas and opinions. They have to learn how to discuss things, how to compromise sometimes, and how to come to a point that they can meet with each other, especially between the couples.

Sometimes one in the couple is stronger than the other one. They take the initiative to create an environment that is more tolerable. If both people in the couple are strong, come together, discuss, and come to the conclusions that they can live with, then anyone can live with anyone. But there has to be some compromises, discussions, and coming to a point that can create a good family environment.

This will be easier as the Communities of Light are created and the strength between the families has been established. The children will grow up in an environment where compromises are made, an environment where people can get along together because they want to. They will stay in a relationship because they have to, because that is what God said. Divorce should occur very rarely, in very rare occasions that indeed the Elders of the community also agree with the couple.

That was the idea of the Elders and the people who can guide younger people to stay together because of the strength of the community. If you do not have the support of the community, it is much easier to divorce and let ego come through. And the couples divorce easily. That should not happen. The community and the Elders in the community help a lot. If the couples really trust some people in the community that they can help, they can go to them and be helped.

Of course, now we have marriage counselors, the counselors that usually have bad marriages and have a lot of problems, including drinking, and a lot of other things themselves. You cannot teach if you are not following what you teach.

That is called hypocrisy. When you teach but you do not follow what you teach, that is hypocrisy. That means, "I really do not believe in what I say. I cannot follow what I teach." In a community, Elders can help to bring the couples together and cement them in a greater degree to stay together.

Therefore, this Mission is a general Revelation of God, a Guiding Light for humanity. It shows how to meditate, eventually become still, calm the mind, see each situation clearly, and come to a decision that is based on the Will of God. In general, in a greater degree, we are looking for those who have been meditating for many lifetimes. They see this Vision clearly, and they are willing to teach this teaching to others because they see that this is the only way it is going to work.

At this point, many things that we say are not according to the society. It is not according to the world. It is not according to the many false teachers and prophets that teach us other ways and other things. Those things are called Babylon the Great. And God said she would fall. That is based on ego. It is not based on nature. It is not based on what this creation was created for.

It is not because I am saying it is going to happen that it is going to happen. It is because that is the nature of the universe. There are natural Laws. There is a natural way that God created things to be. If you go against those natural ways and the Laws, eventually you will pay for it. Simple! It is a very simple Law. The more humanity understands the Laws of God, the Ways of God, the ways of nature, and follows them, the more Godly those societies, people, and humanity will become. It is a Law.

It is not my Law. I did not create this Law. I just recognize this Law. This Law was revealed to me to give to you. That is why this teaching and Revelation is not a dogma. It is not a religion in a sense that if you do not believe in a couple of dogmas you will go to hell. It is based on the logic of God. It is based on why this creation has been created, what are the Laws of God, and how we can create the Kingdom of God on earth based on the Will of God.

It is not that: I am the last Prophet, therefore we are better than you, or, We are the only way so we are better than you, or, We are the chosen ones therefore we are better than you. These are just ego trips, "We are better than you." There is an ego present strongly that wants to be better than other people. That is what ego wants, to be better, to be number one, to dominate, to create an environment that each side feels they are better than the other side.

Now it has been corrected. Neither side is correct. Only God is correct and that is His Will and Revelation. Again, go to the website. It is going to be much easier to navigate. It is more compatible. We got rid of all the Java and many SPs and much baggage that had been put in the website and made it heavier and harder to get into. It is based on simplicity, compatibility, fastness, and is easy to navigate. So go and try it again. Hopefully more people will be able to reach to the depth of the website, which really has many layers and levels that you can reach.

Of course, the best part is The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. But there are videos, audios, and Satsangs that have been given all through the last twenty-some years. They are all the light of truth that God has sent to humanity to guide them for the coming of the Golden Age.

That is what we have to concentrate on, not on the tribulation and destruction but of the coming of the light at the end of the tunnel.

I leave you all to God. Be with God and do Gods Will. See you all next month.

Sal-OM everyone!

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