Maitreya, Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission and our monthly Satsang, or Calling For Elects. As you all know, this is the new Revelation that we have brought to humanity to come and see.

We can see that all the indications and the signs on earth are supporting that the end of the last era is approaching fast. The lines are drawn in the sand. There are great upheavals and movements coming to humanity. Humanity is on the brink of a great conflict. We can see that even within one month, between each Satsang or Gathering, so many things have happened.

If you have the slightest sensitivity, or are close to the Spirit, you will see something happening on earth. It is time for humanity to recognize and realize that the old skins no longer can hold the wine of the old teachings. We need a new approach, a new understanding, and a new educational system that teaches compassion, mercy, love, closeness, and the realization that there is only One God for humanity, and that One God has sent all the religions.

Because humans did not listen 12,000 years ago, and before that, and because they misused their powers, it was necessary to give them a period of 12,000 years (that are well known as the Kali period in Indian Philosophy), for humanity to go through the history and learn the lessons that are coming to them now and coming to a point that they have to see, indeed, there is a God that created the universe. There is a Consciousness. There is the Infinite Eternal, forever been and forever will be, Being, or Consciousness that we also have, that has guided the universe to be created.

In the beginning the universe went out of balance, and therefore God had to start the creation. Now scientists call it the Big Bang. The truth is that God started and then He created the super nova to have the basic elements, heavy material, to create the stars and the galaxies. When the galaxies and a part of them is not working, He put them through the black holes and made them go back to the basic materials to create more opportunities to help the lost Souls to go back home. There is a beautiful Logic behind the creation. Those who can understand this process can see that there is a Logic, there is a God, and there is a Mind behind the creation.

God has created all these things to bring humanity to this point that they turn around and recognize that there IS a God. There are Laws, limitations, and the understanding that we can return and purify ourselves, follow the Eternal Divine Path, bring the Kingdom of God on earth so also we can accelerate the progress of humanity toward becoming Divine, returning to the Godhead, and returning home.

We can see indeed that all is logical from the very beginning of creation. The very creation itself, the galaxies, even the black holes, are processing centers to return matter to energy so God can use that energy back to matter and create new stars, galaxies, and planets like the earth that are livable. Therefore humans can come here and progress as fast as they can, back to Pure Consciousness.

If they lag behind, this star that we live in will become a super nova itself and that opportunity might be lost. Therefore we can see there is Logic behind the creation; there is Logic behind history. There is Logic behind the Scriptures. And they are all geared toward returning man back home.

True seekers who want to know the truth understand all these things and recognize that this is the most urgent goal in their lives, to turn around, to follow the Eternal Divine Path, to recognize that they have to become co-workers with God. They should become co-creators and help this process that God has created from eons and billions of years ago. Therefore we can all understand that we have a mission, as Gods Mission was to create all these things to bring us to this point.

God clearly sent the Scriptures through the Prophets. He prophesied many thousands of years before those Prophets came to humanity. When they came, they fulfilled the prophecies and God indeed backed them up to the complete recognition that this Prophet has been chosen by God to come to man and bring a message to humanity.

All the Prophets, of course, have brought the message. They completed it. They perfected it. They said, "I am done. It is perfected what I should have brought." And because they said, "It is perfected," man took it as if it means: They were the last one. They were the only Way. No other one can come.

God also, in His Scriptures and Revelations, clearly said that there are going to be Seven Angels, Seven Revelations, and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. He clearly said to the Prophets, especially Daniel, "Tell no one what is going to happen at the end time."

Now we know what is going to happen at the end time or at the end of this period. A Revelation will come and bring everything together and explain the place of each religion, and reveal everything from the most mundane thing in life to how the creation was created, how God brought humanity to this point, what galaxies mean, what the black hole does, how we are here to progress, and why all Prophets have come. Now you can clearly understand the Will and the Way of God and therefore come and realize the Goal of the Life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to reach Pure Consciousness. The fastest way to do that is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, meditate, contemplate, concentrate, know thyself, awaken your spiritual forces, understand who you are, your weaknesses, your strengths, your powers, your desires, your wants, and how you can become desireless, how you can overcome the forces in your subconscious mind, meditate on how to overcome the patterns in your life that are in your way, and eventually go beyond the subconscious mind to Pure Consciousness, or God.

God is not something that has form, that has name, that has touch. Whatever has touch, form, or appeals to our senses, is not the ultimate God.

God is everything. There is no doubt about that. But the ultimate recognition and realization of God is going beyond the mind, going beyond your subconscious mind to Pure Consciousness, to connect with God directly.

That is why we say God is not explainable. It can be experienced. One who has not experienced God, whatever they believe, or say, or explain, is not the ultimate and creates false religions. That is when the dogmas, misunderstandings, and separations from different religions come. That is why religions are split into branches, different ideas, and opinions, and they create such a mess that they have created on earth. Each person says, "I know what God meant," or, "How God feels," or "What is God," when they have not experienced God.

When you experience God, the knower knows the knower. Two people who have experienced God recognize each other. They do not have any dogmas but they realize that God has been, is, and will be forever.

You cannot explain what that means: Eternity. God has never been created. You can go forever and try to explain how it is possible but it is beyond mind. It is only when you experience It that you say, "Oh yes, that is possible." When you come back you cannot explain it to other people either.

True religious people, true chosen ones, experience God instead of explaining God and do not let the explanations, dogmas, and beliefs that are made by man and appeal to the emotions of people, to deter them from experiencing God. They do not go to the religious ceremonies that bring emotional uplifting to you for a while, but they experience God, which brings certainty and an ever-steady mind toward the recognizing and the realizing of the goal of the life.

With this explanation we can see how many religions and people who follow religions do not know God. That is why we have only 144,000 Elects that truly are seeking God, seeking this Revelation, seeking to "know thyself," seeking to overcome their lower natures, and recognize and realize God by experiencing It. 144,000 compared with six billion people who are on earth indeed is a "drop in the bucket." It is even smaller than that; it is a speck in the universe.

That is why we are here; we are here to call these Elects, to tell them to step forward, and see this Revelation, truth, and realization.

That does not mean it only belongs to 144,000. No. We need all kinds of people who see this Vision and help in any way they can, wherever they are, in whatever way they can help to make this Mission progress and reach out to humanity.

Those who indeed are Elects will step forward, will come, will join us, will create the facilitating body, and will come to completely dedicate themselves to this Mission 100%. There can be people who are 99%, 98%, 90%, 80%, 70%, whatever percent they are dedicated. Those who are Elects have been chosen for the last 12,000 years. They have been meditating. They might not be in Pure Consciousness completely yet but they are willing to come, join, meditate, go to God, and eventually reach Pure Consciousness.

Their willingness, their stubbornness to do this Mission, their Vision of seeing the teaching, knowing the teaching, spreading the teaching, confirming the teaching with me and eventually getting it right so that they can give it to other people rightly, and they are willing to learn, listen, progress, and therefore, they become great teachers themselves. They know this teaching back and forth. They do not bring their own ideas and opinions into it but they want to know the Will of God.

This Mission is for everyone. There is no one on earth that cannot benefit from this. There is no one who can see this Vision and not say, "Yes. This makes sense." This is the last Revelation. Anyone who is on earth eventually has to be exposed to this teaching and be called to see that what they have is great, they are from God, God sent It to them, but also God said that the last Revelation that comes at the end time with the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is the one that explains everything, puts them in order, and reveals the truth from the very mundane in life to the creation of the galaxies, the Will of God, and how you can create the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is very simple. As the Elects gather together we can create a powerful system and organization based on dedicated people. We can reach to every corner of the earth. We can re-educate humanity to understand they are all the Children of God and what they do to each other, the destruction, wars, and other actions that they do to each other without any remorse or feeling bad about it, is because they demonize each other and then say, "It is OK to do what we do."

This Revelation brings a new consciousness to humanity and calls them to recognize that they are all the Children of One God, and they all have to listen and learn. Indeed, humanity has to make a conscious decision that, "Yes, everyone is from God. All are the Children of God, and we all have to work toward peace on earth."

The Peace on earth comes by the creation of the Communities of Light. Humanity is made to live in communities, and the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path, which is a Path created in eternity, created before this creation was created. It has the eternal spiritual effect on man.

You meditate; you awaken your spiritual forces. You see yourself. You are willing to progress toward God and to be Godly. You recognize that freedom of choice is only two: You either choose God, or you do not. When you choose God, of course, you follow His Laws.

Gods Laws are given and sent to humanity as the Laws of God, and therefore you implement them in your life. When you choose God, God is your Master. You become Godly, and you follow His Will for you. You follow His Laws for humanity.

Then we can create the communities that people will follow these Laws and create an environment that is safe and is Godly. Children will have a wonderful place to grow up and live with the community. The old people will have a place to stay and become greater at the end of their lives because they would know they are the Children of God.

We can see all has been given. Now it is here and we have to accept this, recognize this, make it our own religion, and teach other people to also become Divine.

We have a question from Telekinetic Spirit. I will just call you Spirit.

Telekinetic Spirit: Sal-om Maitreya-ji. Is it not unjust that only "144,000" are Elects? Why destiny is molded in such a way that only a few will be selected and the rest will be destroyed in an atrocious way? I mean why are all the Souls of the universe not allowed in the New World? Is it not unfair?

Maitreya: Well, we never said that those who were not Elects would be destroyed. Actually if you look at the Bible, it says that there were millions and billions besides the 144,000 that also made it and were singing the new song, which is Haree Om Shrii Hung. They were rejoicing in their salvation.

Therefore, 144,000 are those that have been progressing in a greater degree and are selected because they have progressed, and they have seen the Vision. They are leaders. They are teachers. They are the people who are willing to give everything for God and His Revelation, come, join, help, dedicate their lives to this Revelation, and help other people.

Actually, they are the helpers. They are the true Paravipras. They are the true Bodhisattvas, true whatever any religion says. They are the Elects. These are the people who recognize and realize that they have been chosen to come to this life for a great purpose. They come and they fulfill it. They will not waiver. They will not get discouraged. They will continue because they know that the work will be hard in the beginning because it is a work of the pioneer, and pioneers are not having the easiest life when they start coming to a new area, or place to start from scratch.

This Mission is really a small bud, or a small flower in the middle of the strong weeds on earth. This Mission has to survive, thrive, and spread. Therefore, they are the ones who will take It, will spread It, and will make It to thrive and eventually become a strong flower that all can smell and enjoy.

So these are the Elects of God. They are close to the heart of God. They know the Will of God. They Love the Will of God, and they want to do the Will of God. But they are here to help other people. They are here to spread this Message. They are here to make other people turn around and become Godly. Those who turn around and try to help as much as they can, also are accepted as Godly, and they will also follow God, and will join the Communities of Light.

The Communities of Light are not comprised only of 144,000. Actually, the 144,000 are just the facilitating body to create these communities. It is in these communities that many people will reach Pure Consciousness.

When I joined Ananda Marga, they always talked about an area in their center. The yogis, Rishies, and Mahatmas have reached Pure Consciousness in those spots. They put a sign there that a person reached Pure Consciousness when they were meditating.

In the Communities of Light more and more people will reach Pure Consciousness. They will indeed experience God, and they will come back and an even greater help will be for other people to see how they can also experience God.

So these 144,000 are not only the people who will reach Pure Consciousness but eventually all the lost Souls will reach Pure Consciousness. If they accelerate their progress in this lifetime, come and join the Mission, follow the Eternal Divine Path, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God and His Will for them, become universalists, and become Elects eventually, they also will reach God.

Also, those who are lost Souls are not the entire universe. The great part of the universe is the pure energy, or Body of God. That Body is trying to help the lost Souls to turn around and go to God. The help is in the entire universe, and the goal is to take everyone back to God. Even if one spark of consciousness is lost, the universe will continue until that spark also turns around.

The problem is the energy that originally created this universe will not last forever. Eventually it is going to burn up, and this creation will fall back to sleep. It is going to go back to the state of darkness that was upon the earth.

In that darkness there is going to be gnashing of the teeth and destruction. If you do not make it by the end of the creation, even by the end of the super nova, which is coming to the sun eventually, you will be in that state of darkness for eons of years before creation eventually comes back and takes you into the Eternal Divine Path.

So everyone will reach Pure Consciousness but there is an urgency. There is a time limit of how long you can continue to say, "Oh, well, I will eventually get to it. Do not worry, if it did not happen to me in this first thousand years, maybe it is going to happen to me in the next thousand years, or maybe the next million years," how ever long this solar system or galaxy will last.

We know another galaxy is getting closer and closer to this galaxy (Andromeda). There will be a great collision between these two galaxies. It is not going to happen for millions or billions of years. Eventually there is going to be upheaval and destruction, and these two galaxies will try to merge with each other. When that happens amazing destruction will come to our galaxy and earth. We are not going to be here.

This is not forever. The universe is in flux. The universe is temporary. Nothing is permanent. The only permanency is Pure Consciousness, experiencing God, and returning to God.

If we are not aware that we have a time limit, we might think we can continue and not be worried about going to Pure Consciousness. There is an urgency. There is a reason that God sent the Prophets, religions, and sent this Revelation to mankind and said, "Turn around. Go home. Come back to Me. You are lost. Your consciousness is darkened by the lower nature." You bring all the excuses not to come to God and you get attached to religiosity, dogma, and the external world.

Now this Prophet comes and tells humanity that this is the goal of life. That is why you came here and why you have been created. You have to turn around.

There are people that have turned around already. There are people who want only God. They want to progress and become a part of God. They are called the Elects. They are the people who will dedicate their lives to also help others to go back to God.

Therefore, not only 144,000 will be saved. Many, many people, thousands and millions, even maybe billions, it depends on how many people will turn around, will also go to God before the next creation comes, or before the next era, or before the Kali, or Silver, or whatever period, age, will come.

Eventually everyone will reach Pure Consciousness. There is no doubt about that because that is why God created this universe in the first place. A part of it went off balance. That is why the Bible says, "There was darkness." God moved, went through the darkness, eventually created the Eternal Divine Path, and recognized that only through the Eternal Divine Path is returning to Light accelerated.

That Spirit returned to earth again and again and told the consciousnesses, "This is the Way to turn around. Do not seek powers. Do not seek any Spiritual boons that do not take you back to God." Anything that comes to you is a toy, is a ploy; it is a test, something that is trying to divert your attention from going to the goal, which is Pure Consciousness, Oneness, and Experience with God.

This last Revelation is the One that absolutely clears up all the truth and understanding of God for humanity, and it makes sense. It has revealed so much truth that it is amazing if anyone who knows this teaching and Revelation does not jump with Joy and say, "I am for it, and I am for it 100%."

Of course, humanity has to be able to see this Vision. And only those who have been progressing for the last 12,000 years will see It. Then we will have many workers who will come. They will create a great system that will reach to humanity. They will make humanity see their mundanity, their attachments to the small little things in life -- that is what they are; they are small things in life. The most important thing is to reach in a greater degree and for higher things. The little things in life will be taken care of by themselves.

When you create the Communities of Light, the small things in life become easier and easier as more people join, as more people share, as more people will help each other. Therefore life becomes easier and easier.

As each person says, "No, I am going to have only the things I want to the max," the more separation there will be among them, and more misery, more work, more stress, and more destruction will come to them.

There are two ways in life: The Way of God, and the way of ego. Which one you choose to follow makes the life Godly or ungodly. Those who follow ego might gain the world but they lose their Soul. And that is not a good bargain. Those who follow God might not have as much of the world as the one with ego has, but they keep their Souls. That is a better bargain.

Humanity has to meditate on these Words, on this Revelation, on the Words of God, what the Prophets have brought to them. It does not appeal to the ego what the Prophets have brought, but if they follow God and His Ways, little by little they can see that the Words of God and the Ways of God are better for them, they are better for the community, they are better for nature, they are better for the whole humanity, they are better for the universe, and eventually we will have communities where sharing, caring, loving, and following Gods Laws will be the norm and will be the way. They will follow, and it will become very easy to do it.

Then there will be Peace. There will be unity. There will be peace of mind. We will not have the situations that the children are abused. We will not have the situations that the old people will be left alone by themselves. We will have the situations that the young people have learned how to be responsible and take responsibility for their lives and work toward creating an environment that the children and old people will have what they need.

We can see that the Godly Ways and the ego ways are two opposite ways. Ego is destruction, suffering, and wars. Gods Ways are Light, Communities of Light, unity, Peace, and all that.

Spirit is saying, "Another important question."

Telekinetic Spirit: Is it possible to follow God 50% and ego 50%?

Maitreya: Everything is possible. But then you are going toward God 90 degrees instead of going 180 degrees, and that does not take you to God directly.

That is what the meaning of baptism is. The meaning of baptism is to turn around. To turn around, it means 180 degrees. Then you go to God.

When you turn around 50%, then you turn around 90 degrees. Does that take you to God? Well, you might glance once in a while towards God, which is on your side but you are not going to Him directly.

This does not mean to discourage you to be 50 - 50. 50% is better than 0 %. It is better, but it is not perfect. The perfect way is 180 degrees, or 100%. Read the Words of God. Read the Revelation. Read the Scriptures that God sent to humanity. See the Laws that have come to man. Read all the seven Scriptures and the supporting literature for any religion, and become proficient in knowing all of them. Then little by little see which one is the Word of God. Then decide.

It is a conscious decision really. You have to consciously decide to be a good person. You have to consciously decide that you want to follow God. You have to consciously decide you want to know about His Revelation.

Eventually in your meditation, when you have experience, you will see clearly that the Way of God is Peace, the Way of God is clear, clean, pure, and you want to follow the Way of God. Therefore, in that state, you will turn around 180 degrees. And you do not look back anymore because you know that what is behind you is destruction, ego, and will not completely satisfy the deepest longing you will have in life.

So everything is possible. You can follow God 20 - 80% if you want. You can follow God 5 - 95%. The question is, "Where are you going to go?" You are trying to get baptized. You are trying to turn around. If you do not turn around, you are not going to God.

That is why we said, "This Mission is for everyone." There are people that probably will just eventually be in the Mission because it is there and they have been born into it. But being born into a religion or a truth does not mean that you really know God.

We can see a billion people have been born into Islam, or Christianity. Do they all follow Christ 100%, or Prophet Mohammad? Probably not. Some of them do. Some of them even misunderstand it, create dogmas, and they think that they are better than other people. That creates destruction.

Are they Christians? Are they Moslems? They think they are. But they are not 100% following what their Prophet said, or what God sent to them.

Telekinetic Spirit: I always thought 100% God is to abandon my material life and go and meditate in the woods and forest and concentrate ONLY ON GOD and forget my studies, love life, family, etc... Is it like this?

Maitreya: Not at all. In this teaching you see God wherever you are, in any situation you are put in. Your study is indeed a part of God. You are bettering yourself to have a better life so you can help other people. Your family, your wife, your children, are a part of God. They have been given to you, for you to teach them to become great and Godly. And they teach you how to become patient and love them as God loves you.

Actually, if you leave your life and go to the mountains, you are following the Mystical Paths. That is escapism. It is not the Eternal Divine Path. The beauty of the teaching of the Eternal Divine Path is that you can follow It wherever you are. It really does not mean that you have to quit and go to the mountains.

Of course, it is recommended at least once in a while to get away from everything, if they are getting to you, and go somewhere for solitude and just download or defrag your consciousness, and get to a point that again you are all whole. That does not mean that you have to forget about your problems.

This teaching teaches you to face your problems face to face. Face yourself squarely. Face your problems, face the life squarely, and solve the problems that are there. If you do not, those problems are not going to go away.

If you go to the mountains and say, "Well, I am a yogi, or something in the mountains," are your problems going to go away? No. You have to eat. You have to have clothes. You have to have a warm place, this and that. We can see, still you have not really forgotten about your problems.

This is the Path of the brave, for those who really want to face themselves squarely and say, "What am I going to do in this situation? What is the Godly way to handle this situation? What is Gods way to handle this situation that I am in?"

You might make mistakes. You might not completely do a Godly Way in the beginning. As you progress and do more and more in a Godly Way, eventually you will learn more and more how God wants you to be.

As you meditate and eventually experience God, then you and your spirit is the same as God and His Will. So almost whatever you do, if you are connected at the time you are doing it, it is from God.

Not at all! Leaving family, leaving life, going up there, sitting there and thinking that you are a great yogi is not the way of God. It is not our way, and it is not our teaching at all.

But make them Godly. That is what the prime directive in the Mission is. The prime directive, what the Laws and the future of humanity should be is: To take actions that create an environment that is most Godly. Solve your problems in a way that brings God to your life, to your family life, to your community, and to everything that you touch.

If we have that prime directive, then our lives, our marriages, our children, our homes, our communities, our governments, and our earth, will become more and more Godly, and we will have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is why in this Mission we have not given too many Laws for every situation. As you can probably find in Islam, there are more laws about each situation. Although we accept those laws as the possibility of being the Laws of God, we also have given the prime directive to discuss, to understand, to look at those laws to see, Do they really bring the highest Godliness and purity in every situation, or some of them have been affected by man and their own understanding?

We can see that even Laws have been given in this Mission but again it has been left for humanity to meditate on each Law and implement the prime directive into that situation. Therefore come up with the best Laws that are just and Godly.

They have to have two characteristics. Not only should they be just, they also should be Godly. We also can say, "No. You should not leave where you are unless you want to come and join the Mission and help." That is a different story. Then you will be a part of Gods Work.

ALEPH YUD AYIN: Maitreya, can you transfer authority or knowledge and wisdom and understanding supernaturally with your mind or soul or spirit?

Maitreya: I am just a plain Messenger of God that brought a Message to humanity. The Message is the miracle of the Mission, as the Koran was the miracle of Prophet Muhammad. The Message in this Mission is the only miracle I will present to humanity. If anyone can bring any message as this one, they can claim to be the Prophet of God.

Of course, they should have also fulfilled the prophecies, genealogy, genetic make-up, opened the Seven Seals, be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and all the things that God has sent to prove that this being has been chosen to bring the last Revelation of God. Therefore, if you are looking for miracles, look at the Message. You will see that as the miracle of the Mission.

Even if I could do that, I would not do it because it is clearly proven that miracles, as you mentioned, even healing as Christ did and everything that Moses did, did not create better believers. Indeed, when Moses opened the Red Sea or Reed Sea as some people say, after they escaped the sword of the Pharaoh, everyone started murmuring and complaining why he took them from Egypt where they had food, warmth, houses, and all that. So opening even the Red Sea did not help for them to become better believers.

Christ did a lot of healing of many people from being blind, lame, and all that. That did not help either. They crucified him.

So miracles do not bring better believers. Those who are seeking the truth and the reality of this universe will see this Message, and they will surely say, "This indeed makes sense." Those are the people who we are looking for, not for those people who are asking for favors or looking for miracles. As Prophet Muhammad said, "Humanity never tires of asking for favors."

The miracle is the Message. If you want to see the miracle, refer to the Message, refer to the Revelation of God, refer to the prophecies, the genealogy, and all those things that make you understand that this is what God wants.

God wants you to understand the Message, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, know thyself squarely, face yourself, face the problems of life, face the problems of humanity squarely, and become a soldier of God. Go and try to start the Communities of Light. Bring like-minded people together to create these communities. Sacrifice to create such communities. Surrender and submit to the Will of God for you. Shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and become a universalist. Then you are indeed an instrument of God, an Elect, a person who understands these teachings, follows them, and will concentrate to become a Son of God, a Child of God.

Therefore, we can see that the miracles and all the favors humanity asks for are not a part of this Revelation. We do not even heal individuals because this Revelation heals the whole earth. It heals your mind. It heals your body. It heals your spirit. It brings healing in all levels of being, the consciousness, and earth. That is greater than healing one person.

We teach you how to heal yourself. As it is said, "It is better to teach a person how to fish, rather than to give him a fish." That is what we are doing. With meditation, with concentration, with contemplation, with The Reminder, with the Kirtan, with the food, and with the recommended environment, we will eventually have great yogis, great people who can heal themselves and who do not need me to heal them. They will study the website, and they will understand the teaching and the Message.

What good does is it if I transfer it with my mind to your mind, and tomorrow you forget what has been received? It is better to go, follow the Eternal Divine Path, experience God yourself directly, and then you will be with it forever.

All those things are the desires of man and man-made ideas. But God Ideas have been given in this Mission. God Ideas have been revealed in the website. That is why we recommend for you to go there.

When you go to our rooms they say, "Go to the website." That is where the original Revelation is. Everything is there for you to learn. Why do you need someone to put it in your mind?

All those who claim that they have a person, or Maitreya, doing that for them are not following the Eternal Divine Path. They follow the hierarchy, which is in their way to God. Anything that is in your way to God, is in the way.

I also am here to reveal a Revelation and direct you to go to God. I connect you to God. If anyone connects you to themselves, you are following a fallen angel, a false prophet, a false teacher. They want to be God. That was the problem from the very beginning when the darkness came. Darkness wanted to replace God with the truth that God has for them, and they fell.

You can see that the pitfalls are great, and many people have fallen into them but here the clarification comes. The truth is revealed and is Calling those who can see this very clearly. They do not have small desires. They do not want things for themselves. They want the truth.

They want to experience God. They want to go back to the Godhead, to the Light. And that is what the Call is. That is what the invitation is to humanity, to turn around toward the Light.

Those who turn around 180 degrees will surely make it as fast as possible. Those who turn around less than 180 degrees might eventually find it and go 180 degrees to God. There is also a possibility for them that 50 50 might become 60 40 and 70 30, and they might go away instead of going toward the Light.

The best way is to meditate on these Revelations, to go to the website, to understand the teachings, to realize that this is a healing for the whole of humanity, to understand that God has given a way for you to heal yourself, that there is a span in life. In that span you have the opportunity to accomplish this. There is a time limit even in creation that you have to do it before the destruction comes, and all will be returning to the state before the creation. You see the urgency, you see the Light, you see the Truth, and you turn around eventually, and you become baptized.

Even those who have seen this Vision 20% are better off than those who have not seen It. Those who have found this Revelation or have come to understand this Revelation even a little, are better than those who are hanging onto their religions and their dogmas and do not want to let go of them.

Everyone is better off by knowing this Revelation. Everyone is better off by realizing what is happening on earth. Everyone is better off and knows the latest news about God and His Will that will happen on earth instead of listening to the news and becoming upset about what is happening.

What is happening is temporary. What is happening is man-made. They eventually will reach the place that the destruction will be great and many people will cry for help to get out of the mess they have made.

Then we will be here. That is why we have to teach as much as we could, to reach out as far as we could, and prepare humanity that when that time comes they will see Gods alternative to mans mess that he has made.

The lessons of the last 12,000 years of history have to be learned by humanity. Humanity has to be re-educated that there is only one God, and that we are all His children. We should not kill one another. We should not have wars but create the Communities of Light, and bring peace and unity on earth.

They are not yet ready for it. We are far ahead of them. Eventually we have to recognize that there is a God who said this would come, and His Kingdom will come on earth. And it will.

I hope again that all of you will go to the website. Go to our teachings. Come to our rooms. Come here and help and become a part of the solution, which is this Revelation.

Sal-OM everyone!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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