MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the "Calling Elects." I hope all of you had a wonderful month, have meditated, have studied our teaching in a greater degree, have watched the news in the world and what is happening, and looked at improving ourselves toward the Goal, which is to be(come) Divine, one with God, overcoming all tendencies of the lower nature, and realizing that thanksgiving is the first Law.

We have to be thankful for whatever Blessing God has given to us. Always realize that our situation is better than many other situations that we could have been put in.

Complaining about our situations when other people cannot help much is not a thanksgiving but is diverting the attention of other people from God. That is why we have to be thankful, and at the same time put effort to improve our situation and create an environment that is more comfortable for us, for others, and for the community. Therefore we can become a great part of the community, take the attention of the community toward the higher level, and teach them to also be thankful for the Blessing that God has given us.

We have to always realize that is the first Law: To thank God all the time for the situations and the things He has provided for us. And we need to become aware that our lower nature should not become a part of the diversion of the attention of humanity toward the higher level.

Within a month many things will happen and have been happening. We were giving these Satsangs weekly and usually not much happened in a week. If you listen to the news that is so easy to get these days (you can hear it from computers, from television, from radio), it is almost impossible not to know what is happening in the world. If you are aware of our teachings, the predictions of the Bible, and the Word of God, you can clearly see that the lines are being drawn, and exactly the way God said it would happen, it is happening on earth. You can see the prophecies and the coming of the Kingdom is forming itself.

There is no other revelation, there is no other teaching that can bring the Kingdom of God on earth, unify them, and stop the madness that we have created by these separative ideas, religious dogmas, and the things that have been on earth for the last 12,000 years. God indeed made it very clear that without Him, without His Revelation, without His Blessing and Grace, humanity can be so wrong. They can separate themselves for little reasons and dogmas and bring destruction to themselves.

God has created the universe and has gone through all the levels of evolution to bring humanity to this point so they can know there is a reason, there is a Goal, and there is a purpose in this creation. That has to be understood by everyone, and everyone has to go toward that Goal.

If God has created the galaxies, stars, and the entire universe, would He let us destroy what He has created on earth, which shows that the goal of the life is to reach Pure Consciousness? Therefore, He has created the history. He has closed the third eye, or spiritual eye, or the ability to have spiritual powers for the last 12,000 years. He created history to show us that we can be so self-centered, egoistical, separative, and create the destructive tendencies which leads to the destructions that we have brought to ourselves.

Look at the news. Look at the world. Since this Revelation has come to the earth, the destructive forces and the separative ideas, have manifested in a greater degree. Indeed it is the sword that has been set and sent to the world. The peace only will come when humanity will listen to this Revelation, the Word of God, see that God is the One who sent all the Prophets and religions, and now it is time for humanity to recognize that the only way out is the Way of God.

Those who still think their own human ideas can create the Peace, we tell them, "Good luck." The time of human ideas is over and the only thing that will work is Gods Ideas that have been on earth and have been sent to humanity from the foundation of creation and from the time of darkness that came to the universe.

Now all the creation, the reason for darkness, how the creation has been created, why it has been created from the Big Bang and the furnaces as giant stars (usually a thousand-times larger than our stars), to matter, to galaxies, to earth, to the creation of humanity, to the history that we have for the last 12,000 years (and especially the last 6,000 years), and how eventually all things will return to their basic elements for new creations and progress in black holes, have been explained. From the mundane in life to the highest level have been given to humanity and is the guiding Light for them to follow and create the Kingdom of God, unity, and peace on earth.

No religion, no revelation, can claim this. Even with the revelation that came 200 years ago, they had no idea about the scientific theories, understanding of the universe, and the explanation that has been given in this Mission. We can see that everything has come together at this point, and this is the turning point for humanity to eventually come to recognize that there is indeed a God; there is a Consciousness, a Universal Unifying Force, or unity that exists and has been guiding the earth and the universe toward its Goal.

The creation was not created by chance. There is a logical Mind behind it, and that logical Mind has created not just to have fun or as a play but as a very serious Goal, to turn the lost souls around, and their egos that have separated themselves from God back to Light, back to the original state of equilibrium and unity. This we have to understand. This we have to meditate on. This we have to teach our children. This should be the prime directive to create societies, families, and the whole earth.

Humanity eventually will be taught and brought up with the understanding that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine (Haree Om Shrii Hung); understanding and becoming that Divinity, or God, is everything (Om Nam Kevalam).

God cannot go to the corner store and buy material to create the universe. He has to use His own Body and also the darkness as the base of the creation. That can be looked at as another sacrifice by God, He used His own Body to create this temporary state of the universe. We can meditate, we can raise our lower consciousness, or kundalini, or realization of the higher things, come together, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and surrender and submit ourselves to the Will of God.

Surrendering and submitting ourselves to the Will of God means that we accept our situations, we accept where God put us, we accept our lot. It does not really mean that we stay there forever. Of course, a part of the teaching in the Mission is to improve our situation, to improve the community, to improve our family, to improve our nation, and to improve the earth.

The whole idea is to improve to make it easier for everyone to meditate more, and to awaken their spiritual forces in a greater degree. But we adjust ourselves in the time we are in: Subjective approach with objective adjustment.

Subjective means that we have a goal. We are trying to get to it.

Objective adjustment means that we adjust ourselves in this situation that we are in now. We accept it. We agree that that is where we can be. If we can be in a better place, sure go ahead. Go ahead in a better place. But if we cannot, complaining does not help at all, especially when other people really cannot help you. Otherwise the complaining itself is an attention diverting of others from God and the community, to us. We are craving attention. And craving is always from the lower nature.

So we surrender and submit to God and His Will. We understand our talents, abilities, and where God has put us, to be a part of His Plan.

Then we become universalists. We shatter all the narrowness of the mind, and we become a person who realizes that God is everything. There is no separation between any part of God and any other.

If our leaders and the people on earth understand these basic truths, they would not demonize one another therefore making it easy for us to kill others, or they make it easy to kill us. If all understand that hurting anyone, a child, a mother, a father, a son, anyone on earth, even trees and animals, with cruelty and without remorse of bringing suffering to them, is hurting God.

If we can understand that easily then we will come to the understanding that we are all from the same God, from the same Source. We are a part of Him, and we cannot create the situation that we have created on earth.

We come together, we discuss. Of course, by understanding and accepting this Mission, the ability to unify will be greatly accelerated. We will not be Christians, or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists but we will see that God sent them all. We are all a part of His Plan. We are His Children. Therefore we come together and become unified.

This is the Message that we have to take to humanity, and this is the Message that I have given to you. It is your responsibility to take it and spread it in anyway possible, anywhere you can. The more we can create the people that can see this Vision clearly, come together and become organized in the way of the Communities of Light, eventually the critical point will be reached and humanity will see the Way and the Light, and they will turn around from their lower nature.

Each person in the community, each person in the Mission, has to start from him or herself. They have to look at themselves squarely, clearly, and face themselves, which is the scariest thing for humans to do. That is when you can overcome your tendencies, your cravings, your misunderstandings, your lower nature, and you become effective, accepting, full of thanks from God, and have the ability to sacrifice. If a situation is a suffering situation, take it, bear it, deal with it, and improve it to a point that eventually it becomes more bearable.

The Goal is to reach a point that humanity does not have to struggle for their physiological and safety needs anymore. They will be provided with the minimum. Those who have the ability to participate and contribute to the society in a greater degree will receive more. Eventually we will reach a point that humanity does not have to be worried about their physiological and safety needs. As it was in the Garden of Eden, they neither had to toil nor suffer. They did not want that.

Ego came in and said, "Oh yes! Did God say that you should not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?" You mean God said do not bring your own human ideas and understandings (and probably misunderstandings), and try to replace Gods Understanding that created this universe?

It is just like the person who knows nothing about the engine of a car and tries to tell the mechanic how to fix the car. The mechanic knows how the car works, and he knows how to fix it. I go and say, "No, in my opinion you should put this wall here," instead of where it belongs.

That is what we do when we have opinions that are against Gods Revelation that has already said how it should be and how it will work. We are trying to tell Him what is right and what is wrong.

That is exactly what the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is. You become self-centered, falling from The Grace, falling from understanding God and His Ways. And now, again His Way has been given in a much greater degree.

It really does not matter if anyone comes to this Mission, does not come to this Mission, leaves, does not leave. That decision is made in heaven, and that is the direction he is going to go. It is going to manifest because God said many things in history; He promised, and He fulfilled them. It is really us that the responsibility is put on our shoulders to meditate on Gods Revelation and see how He has created the universe and the history to this point that He said it is going to come. And it is here. Now are we going to go and still fight for little ideas, little world, little desires, and little cravings, or will we realize what is happening on earth? Look at the news and you will see that indeed we are going toward that finality that humanity has been waiting for.

This room is for everyone to go to the website, come to our rooms, and study our teachings. Many answers have been given. We really would like people to go to the website, study our teachings, search the website, and get all the answers they need.

If still there are questions that are in the higher level and are related to the Mission, they can come here and ask those questions. But let us keep the questions in the higher level. Put an effort first to understand the teachings, to study, and to search. Then if you still have a question, you are very welcome to come here, and we will discuss things together.

We have a question.

michaelslight: Sal-OM Maitreya. Could you talk a bit about the history of the Ananda Marga religion, and why the Baba is the angel of the Sixth Seal (The Elects)?

Maitreya: Before this Revelation, I had never received answers to my questions about the religions. Eventually I concluded, "There is no God. All these religions have been made by man."

Many people come to our rooms and say the exact conclusion that I had reached. They come to our rooms and say, "No, all religions are man-made. It is the human who created God. God does not exist." A lot of atheists come to our rooms.

I eventually came here to the United States. If you study the lecture that has been given, How He Became Maitreya, it explains in detail what happened.

Baba was the only person I became very attracted to. He answered my questions. Therefore, he was the person that introduced me to the higher understanding of Spirit, religion, God, and all those things that for the first time started making sense.

When we accept that this is the Revelation that God has promised to come at the end, and Baba was the only person I was attracted to, he should be a pretty high personality, which he was. There are many stories about him, and he has fulfilled many prophecies of his coming. Actually, some of his followers believe that he was the reincarnation of Shiva.

His teaching is amazing. His way of putting things is so wonderful. It really gets your spirit pepped up to be better, to be good, and to do good. They have a lot of wonderful organizations that are helping humanity. All in all it has been a great revelation.

He is the person who also came up with the concept of Sadvipra, those who have the labor ability (Shudras), warrior ability (Ksattriyas), intellectual abilities (Vipras) and business abilities (Vaeshaes). He explained how different people have been taking over the society, and in each period they were the dominating force. This all made a lot of sense.

Before that no one had ever explained the PROUT, or the Progressive Utilization Theory, that he brought. He has brought a lot of truth and wonderful revelations that really will help humanity.

I was very happy with what I had found through him, his teaching, and his revelation. It was very satisfying, until I received this Revelation. Of course, not only his teaching (that is heavily influenced with the Hindu religion) was accepted into this Revelation as the Sixth Seal. The Sixth Seal includes his ideas that are very unorthodox from the Hindu religion perspective. He did not teach to just go meditate and you are going to be OK. His social implication of the spiritual understanding was revolutionary. However, it still it was very much colored with Hinduism.

Also he never explained the cyclical movements from the last 12,000 years. For the first time it is in this Revelation that it clearly shows how the Shudra or laborer era started, how the warrior class started, created empires, and eventually it came to the point of the intellectual revolution in the Renaissance, and eventually the businessmen took over and started the Industrial Revolution, etc.

We can see that Baba had a great revelation for humanity. He brought the concept of the Sixth Seal.

If you study the periods of revelation in history, you can see that almost every thousand years a revelation came. But for the last 200 years it has been accelerated.

In the Fifth Seal when the people in the Bab and Bahai Faith asked God when the kingdom will come, when are you going to bring the promises you have given, God clearly said, "In a short time." After Bab came Baba, and then a very short time after Baba came this Revelation. Therefore Gods promise indeed came true. Two-hundred years after Bab, this Revelation has been revealed to humanity.

With all this evidence, with these wonderful revelations that have come to humanity for the last 200 years, now all are put together. Without Baba, of course, we would not have the concept of Sadvipra that he brought.

We changed Sadvipra to Paravipra (which means going beyond the intellect), because we also explained the cyclical movements for the last 12,000 years. "Para" means beyond and "Vipra" means intellect. These are the people that are intuitive, are ready to do physical work if it is needed, are courageous, are fearless, have the warrior abilities, intellectually keep themselves exercised (study, listen, understand the latest scientific facts, or what is happening in the world), and are also keen and understand the business part of the human and societies. Therefore, they can be shrewd business people if it comes to it.

At the same time they are Godly, incorruptible, and they understand that there is a God. They understand this Revelation. They also will become a leader in the society. Therefore they become a part of the Elects. These are the people who will become the facilitating body. They meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and are willing to sacrifice and give of themselves to the community and divert the attention of the community to God, not to themselves.

They are willing to look at their own abilities and see what is the Will of God for them, "Why did God put me on this earth? Besides I have to become Divine, also He gave me abilities, He gave me the talents that I can use to work toward the creation of the Communities of Light."

No matter what it is, "I am just a good cook." That would be great, you can cook great food for everyone in the community. If I am very good in giving the teaching, that is fantastic. You can become one of the teachers. "I have the ability to create a rapport with other people and make them to come and create communities and improve them." You are a leader. "No. I can only go and work and financially support myself, my family, and help the community with financial needs." That would be fantastic.

We have to create such people. When they are given the finances to help the community, they use it for the community, they use it for the creation of the facilitating body, etc. They will surrender and submit to the Will of God for them. Then they shatter all narrowness of the mind and become universalists. These five steps, if everyone follows, if they also create those qualities of the Paravipras and they are leaders, they will become a part of the Mission, and we will eventually create the Round Table.

Indeed, we already have a table that is round. We can all sit together, divide the earth in 12 or 24 sections, create an organization that can reach to every corner on the earth, and preach this.

We really only have to wait. The Revelation has been given. The truth is here. We know the way to do it. The only thing we really need is people and resources.

God said, "Babylon the Great will fall." This earth is not going to be able to sustain the pressure that has been put on it, the way it has been put on it. Eventually humanity will realize that the way they are going, ungodliness and putting God out of the system, is not going to work. This human-made system will fall under its own pressure.

That is when we should have the facilitating body in place, the Communities of Light are created, and we have a viable and reliable Godly system for humanity to look at and say, "Well, our way did not work. Our idea did not pan out. Let us go with this idea that seems to be working."

It will work because it is Gods Idea. It is the Idea that was created from the very beginning by God Himself, going through the Eternal Divine Path and realizing that that is the only way we can create an environment that our physiological needs are taken care of, and the rest of the lives of everyone will be dedicated to higher things, a higher level, awakening of the spiritual forces and following of the Eternal Divine Path.

It is perfect! It is so perfect that it does not have any faults in it. I have been trying to find faults in it for the last twenty-five years. It does not have any. The only thing is to create humans that really want to face themselves squarely. That is the scariest part for humans, to really, really look at themselves.

They blame everyone else, including me. They do not want to squarely say, "That is my problem. If I have a problem, it does not belong to anyone else. I have to be man enough, I have to be woman enough, to turn around, face myself, and say, 'This is my problem.' I can go ahead for the rest of my life and many lives and blame everyone else because I really do not want to face myself."

That is the real challenge to everyone, to turn around and face yourself. Stop blaming the whole universe for what is within you, "Any problem I have is within me. I am the creator of my life. I am the creator of my environment. I am the creator of my problems. Therefore, I have to face them." That is really a masterful realization.

I can go ahead for the rest of my life and blame my parents, "They made me become who I am," or, I can blame my wife, or my child, or my neighbor, or Maitreya.

"No, I have to face myself." That is the challenge for individuals to face themselves. We can create the people who can overcome their problems and therefore now they can follow the Eternal Divine Path and become the Great Beings that God is intent to create. Indeed this Revelation and Mission is a challenge, a challenge sent to humanity. Individually, collectively, socially, politically, physically, and mentally it is challenging you.

Face yourself! Face the society. The answer to all the problems on earth have been given. It is not something that you have to face yourself. No. It has been given to meditate, to use The Word, and understand the Stillness within. If you do not go to the Stillness, you are going to be asking everyone else what you should be doing instead of finding it within.

It is shown to you how it is done. God did not keep anything back this time. It is absolutely given, from meditation, from creation, from the Name of God, all has been given to you. But it is up to you now to go to meditate, to see, to understand, to become a Paravipra, a Child of God, a Soldier of God, a person who has no fear because he knows that God is going to be taking care of him or her.

You cannot be taken care of if you stay away from the Communities of Light, are not following the Will of God, and still say, "God is going to take care of me." That is not the Will of God. The Will of God is to come together and to create the Communities of Light.

"I am not going to come to the Communities of Light. I am not going to come to help the Mission or Gods Revelation," and at the same time I expect God to take care of me? God has created this universe to this point and now He wants everyone to follow the Eternal Divine Path and create the Communities of Light. "I am Godly. I want to do the Will of God, but I am going to stay all by myself. I am not going to follow what God is calling me for. But God is going to take care of me."

No. You have to do the Will of God, and then you will see how He takes care of you. In a sense, for a lot of people it is going out on the limb, going against everything that the society has taught us, "Be afraid. Put a lot of money away for your retirement. Do this and do that. Take care of yourself. This and that."

"I trust in God. I will go out on the limb." That is what I did. I am an example for you. I went out on the limb. I am not saying it was a picnic but it was a great journey, and I would not change it for anything. And God took care of me. I am an example for you.

This Revelation, the whole teaching, also teaches you how to face yourself. It is not something that He said, "You have to face yourself, but I am not going to give you any tools." God has already given us all the tools we need. We are the people who have to take the steps. We have to look at ourselves, not always seeking the answers outside of ourselves. In that Stillness the answer will be given to you.

The tools have been given. All the things that you need, God has revealed to humanity. Again this is the time to turn around, face ourselves, and realize that we have to be thankful and recognize that thanksgiving is the first Law. We have to be thankful in every situation that we are in because we could be worse.

As we give thanks and come together, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, become universalists, indeed we become a spiritual force on earth that will not stop until we reach the goal.

The whole goal of the universe, the creation, coming to this state of being human is to be(come) Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path, by meditating, by understanding our meditation process, by knowing the Haree Om Shrii Hung and the Stillness between breathing in and breathing out, by reaching to a point that you are pure enough to approach The Word, get initiated, and use The Word.

Of course God does not demand that you are 100% pure but at least have the willingness to become pure. Then approach God, become initiated, and use The Word. You can even have a greater understanding of yourself, the Stillness, The Word of God, the Name of God, and therefore you can accelerate your progress.

The tools have been given. It is not something He said, "Go and do this. You are on your own."

There are a couple of questions here.

wooof_2: "Subjective approach with objective adjustment," what did you mean by that statement?

Maitreya: If you look at the sentence, subject is always, you want something to approach and become. Object is something now that you are at. Subjective is your goal. That is where you want to go. "I want to become Divine. I want to follow the Eternal Divine Path. I want to reach God. I want to turn back to the Godhead, to the Light." That is my Goal.

Am I there yet? No. I am here in this body. I have ego. I have a lot of desires, cravings, and attachments.

So objective is where you are. Subjective is your goal.

Subjective approach means that you strive to reach your goal. You go toward your subject, your goal, but you adjust yourself with where you are.

"Where I am at this point, I have all these desires, wants, and attachments. I cannot leave my parents. I cannot leave my work. I have all these things that are holding me down."

It is OK. Some people have been created to come here to take care of their parents, their children, and their things. If you are really called for a greater callingChrists disciple asked about the death of his father, and Christ said just let the dead bury the dead.

A lot of people do not like that sentence but that is exactly what Christ said. You are not here for that kind of life. You are here to do a great task that God has called you for.

Or you can see that you are in that situation, you can make some arrangements for your family, your parents, or your affairs so you can release yourself to higher things. That is where you are, whatever situation you are in. It is just an example. What situation you are in is the objective.

You want to come, join the Communities of Light, and follow the Eternal Divine Path. This is your subjective. Therefore, you adjust yourself with the situation you are in but you strive all the time toward the goal. That is why it is called the subjective approach with objective adjustment.

That is one of the revelations from Baba. That is what he brought to humanity, which is a great understanding. Of course, it is not the first time it has been said. The very word "meditation" in Sanskrit is called Sadhana, which means struggle. It means to improve yourself constantly.

Actually that is exactly what the meaning of Jahad is. Jahad means to struggle, to go towards something in a higher level, a struggle to better every situation that you are in. Work it out to improve yourself.

I hope that answered your question.

wooof_2: Are you saying you are holy now, a perfect being?

Maitreya: That is what you have to decide. If I say I am, you probably will not believe it. If I say I am not, I am lying. So it does not matter to you if I say who I am, or what I am. The most important is God surely is perfect, and He has indeed revealed this Revelation.

michaelslight: In one of your power point presentations, you stated that Diana (one of many names including Isis)was the Whore of Babylon. I found coin collectors that referred to this Diana on Roman coins as Diana Lucifera. Is there a lineage created from Lucifer, who is the tempter and destroyer, and one of the three forces of God?

Maitreya: In general there is no such thing as a being as Lucifer. In the highest level of God there is no such Being, but God. God is the Universal Mind and the Pure Consciousness behind it. Lucifer or devil or all the things related to the rebellious being that created separation between God and the rest of the universe is the lower nature, or ego, of man.

There have been people and beings in the history that follow their lower nature. They gain some spiritual powers and Siddhis, and they used them for selfish reasons.

That is why the top of the five-sided star (at the top of The Greatest Sign) is upward just like a human is praying to God, opening his heart to God. The very symbol of magic, magicians, and the people who misuse the power of the Spirit is the same five-sided star, upside down. Instead of praying to God they praise and pray to the world and worldly things.

Being Godly, and being a fallen angel, the border is really thin. You can be Godly all your life and suddenly at the end of your life you fall from The Grace and you use and misuse those powers; you become under the influence of the devil. Actually the devil also is known as Lucifer or the shinning star. If we say the devil is also one of the forces in the universe, the Tama Guna that created everything, if there wasnt any Tama Guna there would not be any creation. In a sense the Tama Guna is needed to create the universe so you can go through the struggle and the fall and lower nature to reach the Light. When the devil is recognized, it becomes a shinning star in your Path to return to the Light.

Now if you go to the teaching of the Egyptian Isis and all those things, they have also symbolic meanings. They use the teachings of Thoth, who was a very high being, connected highly, and eventually became the king.

Of course that Thoth is different than THOTH that means The Holiest Of The Holies in the Mission, and is our Scripture.

But Thoth was a very high spiritual being. He taught a lot of things in Egypt that later on fell, and the kings or the Pharaohs used for their selfish reasons, called themselves gods, and created an environment that they became untouchables. Untouchables, not as unclean in India, but the people who were in such a powerful position that no one could touch them, or reach them.

If we understand that the devil is not a being, then anyone else who is called "devil" is a being that is fallen to the lower nature. They use their spiritual powers to gain the world. We know that is not a good bargain because when you gain the world, you lose your Soul. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a person who is attached to this external world and gains it. They will become "devils."

So there is no genealogy, as we said there is no such being as the devil. If God is everything, where is the devil? But the Egyptian philosophy and Roman understanding of their gods (that they were human and all of that), eventually influenced the Roman Empire and they accepted a lot of things from Egypt and the Greeks and made it Roman. They gave a Roman flavor to them and changed their names. Therefore, there is a possibility that a transformation happened for Diana also from the Egyptian and Greek understanding to the Roman understanding. There is no such thing really as a genealogy or something that we can connect them together.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, I will give you a couple of seconds for follow-up.

I can see the text. It says:

michaelslight: The Whore of Babylon is another symbol of human following his or her lower nature?

Maitreya: Yes indeed it is. According to a story of the Bible and the other stories that have come to us, before the flood of Noah there were a lot of beings who had reached a point that they had gained some Spiritual powers and claimed themselves to be God, or the sons of God, etc.

Before that, God created the pure environment. There was unity. All the earth was one. They all lived in peace. There was a great golden age that was on earth at the time of the Atlanteans, the Lumerians, and all that. But they fell and eventually became self-centered. Disunity came among them and that is when God decided, "I had enough."

We can see in the time of Noah, God destroyed them and created a new man, which we are. He closed our third eyes and made us more intellectual than more Spiritual. The idea was to let this human, that was very helpless now, to go through the history until now, at this point that God reveals that we have been almost left alone. But He sent the Prophets to bring the Word of God to humanity.

Now is the time that we face ourselves. By ourselves without God, we will fall badly and we will create suffering. Just study the history. It is wars and destruction. The history of the human is full of suffering and destruction. Now God says, "This is the Way." That is what you all have to implement and follow. Humanity is not ready for it.

Those who are Elects are called to come and implement it. Humanity is going to go through the great suffering before eventually many people realize that their way is not going to work. But the story is that after the flood of Noah, again man fell.

Diana got pregnant after her husband died, after a couple of years. She said my son is conceived with my husband. He was God, and therefore my son is the son of God. We can see the story of having a person getting pregnant with no relationship has come from that kind of a story that has come from that place, and eventually influenced Christianity and even Zoroastrians.

Zoroastrians are waiting for Shah Bahram to come from a virgin. So it fell very well with all those stories before it. And the Romans were very strong followers of Mithra that was a part of the Zoroastrian religion.

The sun god that they had was changed to the Son of God. We can see that Christianity was greatly influenced with the Roman ideas. And there was a great split that happened between western Christians that wanted to follow the statues and the Roman ideas the way they were, and the eastern Christians that became the Eastern Orthodox that tried to shun statues (images) and all of that.

We can see that there are some stories that are not just symbolic but also have some meanings behind them. In the higher level, yes, they are symbolic.

There is no one person who is the devil. The devil is the power of the lower nature or man.

I will answer the last question from wooof.

wooof_2: Is there an end to this worldly life?

Maitreya: There has been an original energy that has been released to create this creation. When that energy is exhausted, the end of this universe will come.

Just look at the stars. They have been created with a great energy. They burn themselves up, eventually become super novas, and the cycle of their life is finished. By becoming super novas and by the use of the black holes, the matter is transformed to the original energy and basic elements to create the new galaxies and stars. Therefore the cycle goes on and on.

Eventually when the end of that original energy is reached, all will collapse on itself and will go to sleep. If we have not reached Pure Consciousness by then, there will be eons and billions of years of darkness that in the Hindu religions is called, "When God goes to sleep."

There is urgency to listen to this Revelation, come together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom so we can accelerate our progress so that we would not be here when that darkness comes.

I leave you all with God. Again, go to the website, understand our teachings, and realize that you should be thankful to God. Stop complaining, but start creating a better environment for yourself and others. Overcome the craving of getting attention and/or any craving that is from the lower nature. Create the Communities of Light, and let the Kingdom of God come.

Sal-OM everyone.

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