, Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission. As you have noticed, we will have this monthly gathering together in this room because now this room is a premium PalTalk room. That means that the people in the website also can come to this room without any software from PalTalk and join us in our daily programs, or come for this Satsang. They can just go there and go to our live chat, and be with us. It is going to make it much easier to reach out to everyone who comes to the website, or comes to PalTalk.

If we could have filled up the whole world with this new Revelation and Good News in every corner of the world so humanity would know that there is a way out, the new Revelation of God has come to them, and their salvation is here, we would have reached out to every corner on earth. But we accept Gods Will for us and whatever He gives us we use for this purpose, for this task, and for this Mission.

From now on we will have our gathering here in this room. If you know someone who is going to the old room, you can always let them know that it is not going to be there anymore but it is going to be in this room.

Also in the news, we do have a Russian website now. Many pages have been translated to the Russian language. That means that millions of people can now hear at least the base of our teachings in that language. They can know that they are also included, and indeed there is a God. The Communist ideology puts God out. Of course, it did not work. Anyone who puts God out of their system, their family, their life, their religion, their nation, or from the earth will not succeed because there is a reason, there is a purpose in this creation, and that purpose is to be(come) Divine.

The time is up for humanity who has been given a chance for 12,000 years to make it by themselves. They did not succeed. God is coming back to take over this earth and show humanity the way of the Spirit. And the way of the Spirit is the Eternal Divine Path.

Also we have a contact now in Moscow, in Russia. That will be helpful for those who are in that part of the earth. That does not mean only Russia, but all the satellites they had in the cold war. Most of them know how to speak Russian, and that will also help them to hear the Word of God. Indeed, they need it so bad because they put God out for so many years. Now they have to recognize that this is the way to go, and turn around from a philosophy that is not based on Spirit. Therefore, the Mission is reaching out.

We have talked a lot about the creation and history, how we have come to this point, how God has explained to humanity who He promised to and what He promised to them, and how He fulfilled the promises to this point. Now is the time for us to turn the Mission to rejoicing and to the understanding of all of us that we have to be joyful and rejoicing because we will be the victor at the end. We have to concentrate and focus on the goal, and not be pulled down by what is happening on this earth but concentrate to understand the Will of God, this Revelation, and be joyful that we have been included.

Indeed, we are one of the first people who have been called to come forward and see this Revelation. Christ was correct; the seeds are put out. Some of them fall on the fertile ground and give many fruit. Some fall on stone and wither away.

This Mission is like the first fire. The fire is out there and has been given to humanity. Sometimes it lands on a tinderbox and the person who hears it, reads it, understands it, sees the Vision, comes forward and says, I want to translate this website to Turkish, to Russian, to whatever other languages that it has been translated to. They are on fire because they see this is the way out. So they become great disciples, great followers, and have a great understanding of the Mission and the teaching. Other people are like wet matches. No matter how much fire you put on the wet match, it does not light up.

We have to recognize and realize that our job is to have the torch, to carry it around, and to bring it to everyone. When we find the tinderboxes, the people who are dry wood and are ready to be flamed into this new Revelation, then we have found the people who are ready for this Mission and this Revelation.

Therefore, do not worry if the fire you put out is not setting flame to those who are not catching the fire. Concentrate to take the flame around and deep in every corner on earth, and in any way you can reach to those who will see this Vision so clearly and realize that they are a part of it. Everyone is a part of it. From the most holy to the most sinner, the chance has been given to turn around, to recognize God.

It is not that hard a Mission. You are accepted with any effort you offer to accomplish Gods Will, and in any progress you make, we rejoice. That is because some have the ability to go to the highest and progress very fast, and others will struggle. As long as you stay with it and you keep going and not give up, indeed, you will succeed. He who stays to the end will be His son.

Let us rejoice. Let us be joyful in this truth and Revelation that has been given to humanity. Read the Satsangs. Every time you read them you will see a new Light and teaching. We are reading some of the old Satsangs and correcting them. Anytime you read them you see that so much truth has come to humanity and to you. It is all the guiding Light that has come from God to lighten up mans consciousness and for them to recognize that they are one humanity. There is no separation between them, and anything that separates any part of humanity or the universe is just plain ego.

The ego is the one that brings the destruction, separation, and disunity. We have to teach humanity to realize and recognize this. By doing that they will also realize that there is only One God for all, and everyone should come together and bring justice and unity to humanity.

This is the Message that we have been giving to everyone. We are not going to concentrate on the destruction, disunity, and wars anymore. We will concentrate on rejoicing that we are the chosen children of God and we are the people who have been called to give this Message to everyone else and make them realize that indeed it is the time for God to be brought back so we can have peace and unity on earth.

We should learn our lessons from the last 12,000 years of history, after the flood of Noah, and recognize that humanity fell before the flood of Noah. It is time to learn that lesson: Not to misuse our powers, our intellect, and spiritual powers but bring them together to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore, the Mission is shifting toward implementation, reaching out. As I said, if God gives me the slightest opportunity and resources, I will reach out in a much greater degree to humanity.

This room is now a premium PalTalk room. It has made it a little easier to reach out, to attract people who come to the website, to come to this room directly without explaining how to download the software, how to install it, how to come and find our room. No, it does not need that anymore. They can just come here, click on a couple of URLs, or links, and they will be with us. The whole idea is to make it as simple and as deep as possible to give this Revelation.

This room is a room that is open to everyone to come here and ask their questions. If you know our teaching, you will be able to take the mic. If you do not then you are required to type in the text. Come to our website, come to this room, and ask your questions.

Basically this Revelation is the Revelation of the unification of all religions. The Call is to come and see the unity of all religions together. It is a prophesied Revelation that God said would come at the end time. Indeed, we are at the end time. The Old Age, Kali Yuga, is approaching its end, and humanity has to realize the truth and overcome the ignorance that has been prevailing for the last 12,000 years.

Now it is showing humanity that there is only One God. He has sent all the religions. We are all His Children. The Chosen Ones are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path. And all religions are included. There is no separation between them, and if you separate them they are dogmas that have been created by man. There is no other way to explain and expand human consciousness but the Will and the Way of God.

There are some other people who claim to be Maitreya all over the earth, and their numbers are increasing every day. Some of them call themselves Maitreya and receive teachings or instructions from the people from space. The question is: Who made those people who came from space? We have all the time to go one step behind those claims that are not based on the Scriptures, are not based on the fulfillment of the prophecies.

Always ask them, What kind of prophecies did you fulfill? Where did this teaching and your ideas come from? Where did this realization come from? Did God say this all would come, or are they just man-made ideas? Also are you preaching the Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal, or still you are connecting me with a physical body, something that is touchable, smellable, and appeals to my senses?

The Path is narrow, and you have to be very aware and alert to all the pulls and ego trips that are out there. Remember, the goal is to be(come) Divine, and God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Anything that has shape, has smell, and has attributes of the senses, is not the ultimate. And tell them, I am going to the Ultimate. I am going to the God that is within me. You cannot divert my attention from that Goal, which is the Goal Of Life, toward something that is physical. You cannot connect me to something that is an obstacle in my Path to the Ultimate.

We have to teach those that have fallen and are listening to the false prophets, and also teach this to the false prophets themselves, and guide them to question and ask these deep understandings. Therefore, they will not fall for such people that they themselves need guidance instead of believing that they really have something for humanity when God said, I am Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

I am more concerned about the Souls of such people that they are misguided and they do not recognize the depth of Gods Revelation and Ways, and they become connected to something that they have imagined or they have made up, or whatever it is. If it is not Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, it is not the Ultimate. You are not going to the Ultimate Realization.

You have to be discerning and ask questions about who is really representing the Spirit, and you have to ask for their revelations or teachings. Are they the Words of God? Did God say it in the Scriptures that that is what He is going to do? Did He say that He is going to send someone from the stars and tell them to follow them? Or did God say, You will come to Me in Spirit. I am in Spirit one with you.

There are also other people coming from gurus and other traditions that really truly believe they are who they claim to be. If they recognize the depth of Gods Revelation and also the necessity for fulfilling all the prophecies and all of that, then the hope is that they eventually will overcome their problems, and they will come and join us.

I would love to have all these people to eventually recognize that they are not the Messiah. They might be Elects. They might be very high Souls. They might have something. But they eventually have to submit whatever something they have to the overall picture of Gods Revelation, which is the Eternal Divine Path.

The calling is not just for those who have seen this Vision but for those who have not seen the Vision, or could not understand the depth of Gods Revelation. This Revelation is based on the Word of God. It does fulfill the prophecies. It has come at the right time, and indeed it is already steering the earth to a new direction.

Many forces have been released. Many things that were given in the past are taken away. And many things that have not been given are given to those who did not have. So the playing field has been leveled. It is now for humanity to recognize that they either go through the destruction, wars, and many sufferings, or they recognize that there is indeed a God. There is a Being. There is an Intelligence in this universe. It was not created by chance.

Now God has sent this Revelation and shows what He was doing for the last 12,000 years, who He promised that He would bring great Prophets through them, how He fulfilled those promises, how He promised to nations and people that He would bless them. And He did bless them. It has all been His doing. Of course, He left a part of the history to humanity to decide, and they decided to separate themselves, bring destruction, and destroy themselves.

This explanation brings a system based on the type of human that exists, and explains why each of them is good and necessary, and why each of them also eventually has to be changed to the next level. He is giving a system to bring the Kingdom of God on earth based on the Communities of Light, sharing, and understanding that only in community will you receive the truth and the satisfaction of living together.

We are open here to everyone to come and ask questions. If you do not know our teachings, there is no point to discuss anything because if we know everything about other religions and you do not know about this teaching, there is no way we can really discuss. You have to know the topic and then we can compare what we have with what you want to discuss with us. Otherwise if you do not know what we teach, it is unequal footing. We know what you teach but you do not know what we teach.

That is why the requirement to have the mic is to know the teaching. Otherwise you can type in text and ask whatever you want to know about the teaching, and we will explain it to you.

Andrewdrew: How can the artist lead the way on the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: In our teaching, artists are listed as a class by themselves. Artists are those who are deeper, and they are more sensitive than regular people. They are much more in tune with the society and where that society is. Therefore, they have a greater responsibility to implement, or to bring the state of the society into their art, into their painting, into their music, into their scultures. Anything they do as art should be reflecting the state of society.

They can teach humanity to take the next step or the next phase in human progress. They have the responsibility to use their sensitivity and abilities to manifest artistic expression that puts a lasting effect on others to teach them, guide them, and bring them the realization of what is the next step in the progress of the society.

For example, right now the business values are prevalent on earth, and everyone is seeking the almighty dollar. Indeed the dollar, or whatever money is in any place of the world, is their god. That is where the human society has gone wrong. Other values and greater values are sacrificed so you can make it in this Mayaistic environment.

Therefore the artist should use this state and bring humanity more aware to higher thoughts, Gods Revelation, Gods Way of thinking, bring the Eternal Divine Path to humanity, compose poems about the Eternal Divine Path, make music that spreads the new Revelation, and makes humanity aware that there is a new way of thinking that has come to man, etc. Artists have many, many ways to understand these things and to help to disseminate this new understanding to humanity.

For example, when Maharashi Mahesh Yogi was discovered by the Beatles, the Beatles put some of his teaching into music. And because the Beatles were becoming very famous, so did the guru. Artists can use their art to reach out to man. Of course, that was not by chance. That was also done by God so that the Eastern Philosophies would come to the West.

When I came to this country, the gurus from India and their Eastern Philosophies were coming to the West from right and left. Everyone was either in TM, or guru Maharashi, or other gurus that were coming from the East. And who made them famous? The Beatles did. They really reached out, and everyone started thinking about Eastern Philosophies.

So artists can promote and reach out to humanity and let them know there is a new Revelation, there is a new teaching, and there is a new way of coming together. They can look at the state of society and make humanity recognize that, where they are, they should go back to God, to the higher level of understanding. They can teach humanity how the cyclical movements will work.

We are now in the cycle of business. Eventually many people are going to be disgusted from everything becoming business. Everything will become crueler, more calculative, and the human spirit is going to die.

Many people will come to the conclusion that this is not the way we want to be. We want to have a greater realization of deeper things. As explained in our teachings, that is the time that people will come together and change it to a greater closeness of the Spirit.

Our teaching is good material for an artist to use, to recognize, to see, and to eventually reach out and help other people to also recognize these things in a greater degree. Artists have a great responsibility. They should not sell their artistic ability for cheap commercial purposes. Therefore they can help many people to progress.

Truthseeker_36: Are we still under the curse as stated in Deuteronomy 28:15? But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:..

Maitreya: If you are talking about the Ten Commandments, now we have Fifteen Commandments that cover the Ten Commandments. Those Commandments are still in force, and God still wants humanity to recognize that there is only One God: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Any image we create for Him on earth is not the highest. God does not even have a name that you can pronounce.

Those Commandments still are in effect. Gods Commandments are forever and eternal, therefore, no one can come and say, No. They are not in effect anymore, and because of this and this dogma we believe the Laws are no longer applicable. We are saved by Grace. We do not need the Law.

As we have explained many times, when you have The Grace, you follow the Law. Grace and Law are the same. If you say you have The Grace and you cannot follow the Law, then you really do not have The Grace. You are in the delusion that you have The Grace. The Grace indeed is the Law. Whoever has The Grace will follow the Law. He will not fornicate. He will not covet his neighbors property, and all the Ten Commandments. He will love his neighbor as himself, etc.

The very belief that Because we are saved by Grace, we do not need the Law, is incorrect. That is because if you have The Grace, you will follow the Law. You do not just read the Ten Commandments; the Commandments indeed have been sketched from out of your Soul. They are in your heart, and you know you cannot break them. You know that if you break them, you will break yourself against them. You cannot break the Laws of God.

Those who believe that, We have The Grace and we do not need the Law, have watered down their religion again, and they are trying to think that they are saved only by Grace (they do not have to follow the Law). Then they break the Law, but they do not have The Grace. Very Simple!

So the answer to that question again is that The Grace and the Law are the same. If you have The Grace, you follow the Law. If you are not following the Law, you are in the delusion of having The Grace. In truth they are the same thing.

God does not change His Mind. God wants humanity to turn around, be baptized, and recognize and realize that they are here for a reason. God has created the whole universe. He created the giant stars to bind elements and bring the heavy material so He can create this universe.

He created the galaxies, stars, and planets so He can create humans that can think, reason, meditate, and connect themselves to God. He has done all these things so man will not waste his time and be attached to this external world. This external world is temporary. We have to seek the permanence.

Even the space brothers are temporary. They are not the ultimate. Therefore we have to go for the ultimate.

God has created the history so that man could understand the last 12,000 years. They could have made this earth a heaven. They did not succeed. They brought wars, destruction, and suffering. Now God sent all the Prophets, He promised many things to them and to many nations, and He fulfilled them.

Now this has come to humanity and told them, You messed up. You could not do it by yourself. You need God and His Guidance, His Prophets, Revelation, and the Light.

It is the Light for humanity to come, create Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to the Will of God, shatter all narrowness of the mind, become universalists, and recognize that they belong to the universe, the universe is a part of them and they are a part of the universe, become a Paravipra, recognize and realize that there is a calling for them. With this Revelation they are called to teach these things to other people, to come and create the Communities of Light, overcome their own wishes and wants, and to see what God wants.

God created this universe and there is a goal for it. The goal is to be(come) Divine, to turn around and become Godly. The more you come together, share, be concerned for everyone in the community, create an environment that is safe for everyone, and be aware that it is true for everyone in the community so they will be safe and are taken care of, then they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. They would know why they have been created. Then each would know what their abilities are that they can help the community with, etc.

God is telling humanity that these are the things that are needed to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, the peace and unity on earth. If you do not meditate, if you do not awaken your spiritual forces, if you do not know who you are, then you do not know God. You cannot be the same as God and manifest His Qualities.

If you cannot be a part of the Communities of Light and the community, it means that you cannot progress as fast as you could.

If you cannot sacrifice and you are selfish and self-centered, it is not going to work. This will not create the Communities of Light.

If you are not able to surrender and submit to the Will of God and your will is greater than the Will of God, again there is a separation. As we said, some people are willing to accept the Will of God 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, and 50%. The highest level is when you accept Gods Will 100%.

Everyone belongs to this Mission. We do not expect everyone to have their will submitted to God 100% but that is the goal. We go with the subjective approach with the objective adjustment. That means we really want to be 100% dedicated to God. If we are only 10% dedicated, fine. We do not run away. We say, I am only 10% dedicated. I will just stay with it at 10%, then make it 15%, maybe make it 17%, 20%, and inch by inch get closer to the 100%.

As the Mission progresses and more abilities will join, and we will have more people, it will become much easier for everyone to be a part of it. That is the goal: The goal is to have our will and Gods Will the same.

And shatter all the narrowness of the mind. Shatter the separation that humanity has created on earth: nationality, race, gender, political systems, and whatever there is that separates us from each other.

Then you indeed are a new man that we are trying to create, a man that can now go and teach humanity. And they can also see that you are different. You have shattered everything that binds man on earth and brings this disunity, separation, destruction, and suffering that we can see all over the earth, and is getting worse.

So this is the teaching. This is the salvation of man. Of course, we have many other writings that answer many questions that go into more detail. But if you get an overall picture, you meditate, and connect yourself with the stillness within, then you know the answers to all the questions that I have already answered. The answers to the questions and the Spirit within you become one, and you will know as I do. Then we will have more people who are connected to God and therefore easily we can bring God to humanity.

Truthseeker_36: In one of the Satsangs you stated that Christ came as Saint Francis of Assisi. Were there other reincarnations of him that we did not recognize?

Maitreya: Anyone who is the founder, or the father of any nation, any movement that created a new way of looking at a teaching that helped humanity, either a new revelation or great religion that has come to earth has been done by God, by Christ. His Spirit has been influencing that situation.

There are many, many parts of history that we think are man-made. If we truly know that the Spirit of God was behind it, we recognize that, Yes, indeed it was Christ that came and accomplished that. This is true not only for great historical movements that help humanity, but also for events that we sometimes do not understand the reasons behind. They sometimes might even seem awful, but if it was foretold it was going to happen and it happened, it is because it was necessary to burn the karma of the people who were involved in the path and because they would not learn their lesson. Therefore, disaster happened to them to wake them up and to make them more compassionate and to understand God.

There are many, many incarnations and many events that happened that God had His hand in when He wanted to guide humanity toward this point of recognizing this Revelation and putting them all together. God has been guiding man behind the scenes.

But, of course, man was left to make many other decisions, like wars, destruction, disunity, dogmas, religious misunderstandings, and the upheavals all made by the human. The Spirit has always been influencing the human history but also man had the ability to make decisions that they made in a way that brought destruction to humanity.

Therefore there were two parallel historical events that were happening on earth: Whatever great things happened that humanity did not have much control over was done by God, was done by Christ, was done by the Spirit that was sent to humanity to guide them. Whatever happened that were the decisions of man always ended up in wars, disunity, and destruction.

Gods Faith is unifying. Gods Spirit is Light and Guidance. Gods Spirit is here to bring unity and take the suffering and destruction away from man.

Mans ego wants to do it his/her way. Their way, of course, is disunity. Their way is separation. Their way is dogmas. Their way is not the way of Light. And that is why we are trying to change it.

That is why God has been sending the Prophets and Revelations. They are the guidance, they are the Light to man to read, to recognize, to meditate on, to know the stillness within them, and eventually recognize that there is only one God. There is only one universe; He has created it. There is no separation between us. We are all the children of the same Creator; therefore, we have to recognize that anything that separates us, we made. This destruction is going to go on if we do not stop and realize these things and find another way, a better way, to deal with each other.

The better way is the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities of Light, the recognizing that the people in every nation on earth want peace, they want unity, and they want to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Even the soldiers who fight wars are for peace. They do not want to be there and shot at, or shoot someone they even do not know and that are innocent probably, and kill them. No one wants that.

They have been put in a situation that they have no choice; they have to do something that probably they hate to do. If they like it then they are psychologically sick. No one wants to kill another person for no great reason.

We can see really the wish of most of humanity at least is to bring peace on earth. We cannot do it if we go with the human way, My religion, my country, my gender, my nation, my culture, my way, and my things that I believe in.

How about Gods Way, Gods Nation, Gods Holy Days, Gods reason for creating this creation? If we all agree that we want to do Gods Will instead of our will, then things are going to be much easier and much more unified. If everyone pulls the rug in different directions, the rug might just fall apart. Never are we going to have a rug that we can all sit on and enjoy.

If we all agree, Lets listen to the person who is the most wise among us, which is God, where to put the rug, then we can put it in some nice place, we can all sit on it, and enjoy it. That is what we are saying to humanity, Stop your own ideas. Listen to the Revelations.

God sent all the Revelations, including this one, to man. They were separated, We created dogmas. We thought we knew what God said. God said clearly that no one knows the answer until the Seventh Angel or Revelation comes. Now it has.

It is time for us to recognize what God said, what God did, why we are here, why all religions have been sent by God and now we can come together, put the rug on a good beautiful porch with a nice view, bring peace to everyone, enjoy this earth and the universe, and come together under One God, One Religion, One Savior, One Earth.

That is the message to humanity that we are going to repeat over and over, and also use all our resources to put the ads on bulletin boards, TV, radio, and in the whole earth and cover it with this message: All religions have been sent by One God, and we are brothers and sisters.

It is time for us to stop anything that separates us from each other and listen to God. Well, you do not have to, and they do not have to. Therefore, see the consequence of not listening to the Call of God. It will be wars and destruction. As we said, the playing field has been leveled and those who used to win will see themselves in a situation that is not going to work anymore. Those who think they will win also will lose.

That is why we have to rejoice that we have this Revelation. We truly have to thank God that he chose us to receive this Revelation. We have to turn around. We have to recognize that we have to follow the Eternal Divine Path and put away our selfishness, our self-centeredness, dogmas, and anything that makes us go away from Godliness, and little by little become more dedicated to God.

It does not have to happen overnight. Do not become frustrated if some of the things in the Mission seem too hard, or you cannot follow and it is too much for you. But that is the goal. Little by little get rid of the things that take you away from this Call and become more one with the Call of God.

This is the salvation of humanity. This is the Call that was given to me first and I said, Yes. That is the only thing that makes sense. I will do it. I will reach out. I will do whatever I can to give this message to the rest of you.

I am the first flame. I need other flames, other torches, that will find the tinderboxes and the ones that they can even light a little.

Reach out. Give the Message. Let humanity know, indeed it is the beginning of the new era. The Golden Age is approaching. And God will succeed no matter what.

Who do we want to be with, with the destruction and suffering or with the team that will succeed? I want to be with the team that will succeed.

I will leave the decision to you. Again it seems our time is up. Thanks for coming. Be with God and thank God for guiding you to this Light. Know that indeed God is the Way.

Sal-OM everyone!

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