MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Missions monthly conversation.

We have started two very important projects in the Mission last month. One is the letter to the leaders and influential people in the world, and many others, that is now posted in the website. The base and the purpose of this letter is to let everyone who can influence the course of history and the coming of the events to become aware of a new Revelation and a Guiding Light for humanity to come, join, and put their efforts together.

If they listen to us, God does not have to go through the events that He has prophesied to come at the end time. If they do not, what God has put into motion, will not be stopped. The events will show everyone that indeed this Revelation is from God, we are at the end times, and He has promised all these things would happen. The only way to bring this peace and unity that humanity is longing for, is by listening to God and His Will.

Basically the letter informs them of the prophecies and the coming of this Revelation. Also it will make it very clear to them that it is God that has put these events into motion. We are educational, and spreading the Message of God. It is not us who are going to do anything radical, but we will wait for them to recognize that this is the Will of God and they have to come down from their way of thinking, which is the way of ego, and let God come through them.

We are aware of historical reactions of the leaders of the world to the letters that other Prophets sent to them, just like Prophet Muhammad and Bahaullah. Their warnings and calls were not heard. But it really does not matter to us.

The only thing the Prophet and God have to do at this time (that the Revelation is perfected almost to the point that not much is left) is to warn the people who can turn around and be a part of this process that will make it easier to implement it. If they listen, that will be great. We will unify them, and this will bring greater resources and power to manifest this Mission. If they do not, we will wait until everyone becomes aware of it.

For those who had the fear that this letter might create a negative energy toward the Mission: Again, the letter will be written in such a way that it will make it very clear that this is Gods Will. We are not going to do anything that creates such a negative energy. We are educational and spreading the Message of God.

The Call is to all of you. Go, read the letter. We have already asked many people to put their input into it. We listened to some of their constructive suggestions. Now we have a letter that has been written with the cooperation of many people. It is on the website. We are asking for your input also. Go read it, and if you have a suggestion or you know a better way to convince humanity to listen to God, we are open to your suggestions.

The final decision comes from God. Therefore, do not be attached to your suggestions, but suggest whatever you think might work.

Another concern was that many of the people that we are sending this letter to have others who usually open these types of letters for them, or e-mails, or whatever they receive. So they will not see it themselves.

That also is not a concern. It is a historical action that we have to take that we forewarn all the leaders and influential people, and many others, to come, to join, to turn around, and to see how they can unify humanity by recognizing that God has sent all the religions of the world, and God exists. He is in control. He has a Plan, and we all have to listen to that Plan because the creation has been created for a specific reason and purpose. It is not by chance. And it is not a game.

Even leaders have to recognize this purpose and reason and set their leadership and guidance of humanity toward that purpose, which is to turn around and go back home, reach Pure Consciousness. Any other activities, ideas, and leadership that is not reflecting the purpose of the creation will have a hard time to continue at this end time.

Our responsibility is to give the Message to them, to forewarn them, to ask them to come and join. If they see the Call, that is great. If they do not, it does not matter to us. If they felt negative about it or not, still it is their problem. We only represent Gods Will.

Also we try to make this Mission professionally managed with the great minds and the people who can bring their knowledge and understanding of the world into it. Therefore, we can reach people in their level in a more successful and greater degree.

That is where you come in. If you have the ability, if you have the talent of writing letters that are acceptable to the human mind and can suggest things that we can improve their understanding of what we are trying to accomplish, then we ask you to use your talent and let us make this letter a Call that reaches the leaders and makes them think twice, or even better, to turn around, to see the Vision and what is happening on earth as a part of Gods Revelation, and come, join, and help.

I truly believe that if humanity comes together and they unify and implement the Eternal Divine Path, we can divert the coming of the disasters that have been prophesied to come. The reason they will not answer the Call is the resistance of humanity to come and listen to this unifying religion or Revelation and become one. Because they are not going to do that, that is the reason they will not succeed, the peace will not come, and the destruction will come to them.

This letter is very important. It is historical. It is the warning to everyone that their efforts should be put behind this Mission, and anything else will not succeed.

Therefore, we are calling you to read this letter. See if you have suggestions and if you can help. We are open to them. There is an e-mail address that shows you where to send your e-mails for your suggestions (

The second project we call, Fulfillment. We are gathering all the prophecies from all the religions and all the expectations of these religions. We will gather them together and will study them. The prophecies that are reasonable and are based on the Scriptures, we will try to fulfill.

If someone expects us to go to Mecca, we will. If someone expects us to go to India, to the temples that they have erected for the coming of the Kalki Avatar, that will be accomplished.

If you know anything about any religion and any prophecies or anything that has to be fulfilled, send an e-mail to and we will forward it to the person who is coordinating this project. He is gathering all that information. We will eventually put them all together, and we will come to a point that we will choose the ones that are based on the Word of God, not man-made. They also will be fulfilled and that will be another strength to the Mission. In the future those who are expecting those things will see that all are fulfilled.

If you know of any prophecies, any expectations from different religions that their followers expect to happen, send them to us and we will gather them together and eventually make a decision as to which ones we are going to follow through. That also will strengthen the Revelation of God.

As we know, already the main prophecies and expectations of the coming of this Revelation are fulfilled. We really do not need to go further. The Revelation is done and we are here, therefore, why not? Let us make it even stronger and more powerful than it already is.

We are waiting for your knowledge and information that you have about this matter. If you know other people in other religions, you can ask them what are their expectations, what are they looking for to come to fulfill the prophecies, etc. Gather them together and send them to us. Again, send them to and we will forward them to the right places.

These are two projects that we think are really good for the Mission, and the time has reached that we can do them. We are not going to hurry it up. We are going to be studying them and brainstorming. Those who are close to the Mission will eventually come together, discuss it, and come up with the answers. So think about these two projects and see how much you can help.

This room is the room for the Mission of Maitreya. We come here every month, the first Saturday, at . We are open to your questions about the Mission.

This is the Revelation that has been hidden from the previous Prophets, such as Daniel, and even other major manifestations. They have received a part of this Revelation, and now each of them has a part of the truth. Their followers believe they have the whole truth, which is not the Word of God.

The Word of God clearly states that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel or the Revealer comes. At that time the whole truth will be revealed.

To this point some religions say, I do not need any Messiah. Just close your eyes, meditate, and reach Pure Consciousness by yourself. Those are the Mystical Paths that teach such teachings. It is not true. God clearly said that such people, He will spue out of His Mouth. He is not going to let such people come to Him.

As Buddha was Buddha 2,500 years ago, how many people became Buddha after him? Buddha also was very special in a sense that he was a Messenger of God to bring the message he brought to them. No one could fill his shoes after he left.

The Prophets and Major Manifestations are the unique individuals that bring such a huge truth to humanity. After them, the only thing humanity can hope for is to know the teachings and come as close to God as much as possible as a follower or teacher of those teachings that were brought by these Major Manifestations and Prophets. The door of knowledge is open to them so that they can bring this to humanity. The Mystical Paths have to recognize that, and know that God will not let them come in until they follow the Eternal Divine Path.

The next step in the Eternal Divine Path (after the meditation, closing your eyes, and following all those recommendations that awaken your spiritual forces) is the Communities of Light, which are based on the Old Testament and the teaching of the Hebrews. If people awaken their spiritual forces more and more, they will be connected to the Spirit and they will experience God. They will have an experience. They will not have religions.

Religion is a set of beliefs that have been imposed on us through our culture, our religion, our understanding. Experience is to have a direct awareness with the Spirit and God and you know the truth. That is why Spirit is in every religion. Hinduism and Buddhism strive to have that experience. Cabbala, or Saints in Christianity, and Sufis in Islam, all of them strive to have an experience with God. The next step, they say, is to reach God and Pure Consciousness.

The next step, instead of awakening your spiritual forces only, is to create Communities of Light, to create an environment where more people can close their eyes, more people can awaken their spiritual forces, and more people can strive to become Pure Consciousness.

Such an environment cannot be created unless there is sacrifice by all the members in the community. That is the message of Christ, how we can create the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are created only if the people in them sacrifice and give to the community more than they receive. That is what Christs message was.

This is the explanation of the base of our teaching. I see that there are many new people here that might benefit from the explanation. Then I will answer the questions after that.

Those who help to create the Communities of Light might become attached to the results of their actions. They either become elated that the action is giving fruit, or they become depressed because it is not giving any fruit.

The next step is surrendering and submission to God. That is the message Prophet Muhammad brought to humanity. It means that we do the action: We try to awaken our spiritual forces, we try to create the Communities of Light, we sacrifice, but we surrender and submit the result to God. We are not attached to it.

Therefore, we do not become elated or depressed. We are absolutely channels for His Actions. And that is exactly what surrendering and submission means.

We can easily see right now between the Shias and Sunnis in the Middle East that they need the next step, which is universalism, to recognize that religion, explanation, and historical effects on the religion is not the Essence of the teaching of the Prophet, but the Essence of God is in every human being. It is in Sunnis. It is in Shias. It is in Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus. It does not matter, they have that Essence in them, and we cannot separate each other with any ism or explanation. We are all the children of One God.

That is the Message of Bab and Bahaullah, universalism. Without it, separation will continue among humans. We can see right now that they need to understand the Essence of God is in every individual. You cannot separate them. Therefore we have to create the environment of respect, recognition of the rights of the individuals and people, and come together as brothers and sisters and share whatever is on earth so we can live in peace. These five steps are the steps that are the Eternal Divine Path.

People who follow these steps become the Elects of God. That is exactly what God has been sending to humanity and saying, The Elects are My Children. The Elects are the salt of the world. The Elects are the reason this creation is worth creating, the Revelation worth revealing, and the Prophet worth coming.

The Elect is not a Jew. Elect is not a Christian. Elect is not a Moslem. Elect is not a Hindu, or a Buddhist. An Elect is he who follows the Eternal Divine Path: Closes their eyes, awakens their spiritual forces, directs that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light (Old Testament), sacrifices to create such communities (New Testament), surrenders and submits the result to God (Koran), and shatters all the narrowness of the mind because he realizes that God is everything and the Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child: universalism. Such a person is an Elect.

Elect cannot be from a religion. It is not a philosophy. It is not a historical separation between people. It is a quality that an individual has. Such people are the true leaders of humanity and will come forward around the round table together and will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Now we will go to the questions of Oneness in Christ.

Oneness in Christ: What disaster is prophesied?

Maitreya: If you read The Revelation in the Bible, and also all through other parts of the Bible, the Koran, and other Scriptures, it has been prophesied that there will be an end time that great disasters will come to humanity. Also God prophesied that at the end time the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will open the book sealed with the Seven Seals and reveal the mystery of God, the mystery that has been hidden from humanity until this time.

This book is opened. It is called: The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. After this book is opened there will be a period of silence and then great disasters will come to the earth. The beginning of this disaster-period is very evident on earth right now: wars, rumors of wars, destruction, separation, struggle between different cultures, religions, and sects, the fear that humanity is experiencing, the paranoia that many people have succumbed to, and the environment that respects love, understanding, helpfulness, and sharing, has vanished for humanity. We can see that the beginning has already started.

Now this Revelation comes, unifies everyone, shows how each religion is a part of a greater truth, how the Essence of God is in every man and woman, we cannot separate ourselves by borders, cultures, religions, philosophies, human understanding, and opinions. God already gave to humanity His Opinion in His Revelations and Prophets.

God said, I have created this universe. I know how it works. There is a goal for this creation. It is to be(come) Divine. I am Everything; that Divinity (God) is Everything. The way is the Eternal Divine Path. And you can even know My Name if you study, purify yourself, and become initiated in The Word.

This Revelation has come with the Name of God. All the signs point to this Revelation as what has been prophesied to come, is the book sealed with the Seven Seals, and is the Revelation that has opened all the Revelations that humanity needs to know. We are at the time after the coming of the Seventh Angel and the Revelation of the book sealed with the Seven Seals. Indeed when the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, it was the only time that the whole universe rejoiced.

We are at that point. There is no doubt about it. There is no question that we are at the time after that prophecy. It is after that prophecy that the great tribulation will come to humanity. We can see that it has already started.

Now we are sending this letter out and telling everyone, This is what God wanted. This is what God said is going to happen. It happened. Now we are here. These things are going to happen unless you heed God, turn around, come back, come together, unify, and bring the peace on earth, by understanding this and teaching the Eternal Divine Path.

Our responsibility is to send this letter to them. Would they listen? Would they come? Would they see the letter? Would they not see the letter? Would they have a positive feeling, or a negative feeling? It does not make any difference whatsoever.

My responsibility was to reveal this Revelation to humanity. Sometimes it falls on a nice fertile ground and gives much fruit. Sometimes it falls on the stone, and it withers away and gives no fruit.

The responsibility of the Messenger, the responsibility of the Revealer, is to do what God wants him to do. How humanity reacts to it, is between him or her and God, or they and God.

Indeed, that is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to send this e-mail to everyone, to whomever we think can help. Anyone who has a good heart, a good understanding, will see this Revelation. Their egos will not come in but the truth will be revealed.

Hopefully some of them will come and join us, which will be great. Then we will have more resources to expand our outreach in a greater degree. More people will maybe see, Indeed, God said that this Revelation would come, and therefore they will come and join us.

emptyjoy: Isn't it necessary for us to be aware that we are not solely the body, to create Peace and Freedom for all?

Maitreya: No, it is not enough. That teaching has been on earth through Hinduism, through Buddhism, through Cabbala, through Saints and Sufis, and through many other religions and Mystical Paths that taught, We are all the Essence of God. The only way to God is an experience with God, not religion (dogmas).

Have we had Peace? Have we had Unity? Apparently it did not work. It did not work 12,000 years ago. It did not work before 12,000 years ago. The reason that the history was created, the reason that the third eye of man was closed and only the intellect was given to him, was because it did not work. They did not come together to unify under the understanding that the Spirit of God is within us alone.

That is why God made a Plan for the last 12,000 years. He took the Spiritual connection of man from them (closed the third eye) and made them intellectual beings that can figure out the universe. But they do not have the Spiritual understanding and connection to the Spirit directly as they had 12,000 years ago, so they cannot misuse the powers in the universe as they did before.

Then the history was created. God sent Seven Major Manifestations. Now the Major Manifestations and the Eternal Divine Path are showing the way of unification.

A Christian, or a Jew, or a Moslem is not open to become a Hindu, or a Buddhist. Some of them are but not the majority. They are not ready to just follow the Mystical Paths. Also God said that those who follow the Mystical Paths, and meditate only and come close to Me, I will spue them out of My Mouth. That is why so many Mystical people have some experience but they cannot go any further. They are sent back.

God sent the Old Testament. In the Old Testament God was trying to choose the Hebrews, the Chosen People, to follow Him and His Laws, and bring the community that is based on God.

The lesson of the second Revelation and the Manifestation is, It is not enough just to meditate and know that you are also Spirit, not body. After you recognize and realize the necessity of meditation, awakening of your Spiritual forces, it is to engage yourself into the community. Come together. Share. Understand that God wants you to be together. God wants you to share. God wants you to create an environment that Gods Way and Word are followed.

God choose, in the Old Testament, and they did not succeed. They fell again and again from following Gods Way.

Then he sent Christ, who was prophesied to come. He promised Abram and Abraham both that there were going to be Prophets coming from both Abram (that was Prophet Muhammad) and Abraham (that was Christ).

Christ came to fulfill the promise given to Abraham. And he showed the way of how you can create the Communities of Light, or sacrifice, by giving more into the community, into the unification, into the earth, than you take. If everyone in the community says, What is in it for me, what is in it for me, what is in it for me only? then you do not have the Communities of Light. You have the communities of selfishness, ego. It is not going to work. That is what God was saying through Christ to everyone; that is the third step.

God then sent Prophet Muhammad and showed that surrendering and submission is necessary so that we do not become attached to the results of our actions again so ego comes in and we fall. Being attached to the result of our actions itself is an ego trip, I have done this, I am great. Or, I have done so much, nothing is happening, discouragement. Prophet Muhammad fulfilled the promise given to Abram.

Even with being surrendered and submissive to God, there is a possibility that we separate ourselves as a unique religion rather than seeing the unification of all religions. That is why the next Prophet came as a universalist who taught that we all come from the same God. That is, of course, Bab and Bahaullah.

If what you say was enough that we just see that we are Spirit and we would unify, we would not have this mess that we have on earth right now.

Gods Plan is different than the realization of some Mystics that, If we can teach everyone that they are Spirit, they are going to be unified. No, they wont. The history, the creation before 12,000 years ago, all indicates that it is not possible. But with Gods Way, it is.

If Jews, Christians, Moslems, Bahais, Hindus, Buddhists, all the Mystical people, and all religions realize that God had a Plan and now this Revelation reveals what that Plan was, it is much easier for them to come and join us. Then they understand that the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to close your eyes and recognize that you are Spirit. You are not your body.

In order to do that, everyone in each religion has to realize that, come together, and create an environment where more people can meditate and recognize that they are Spirit. They create better Communities of Light as they realize more that they are Spirit, the better they surrender and submit themselves to God, and they recognize what is their talent to use for the community. As they realize they are Spirit, they see that Spirit is in everyone so they become in a greater degree, universalists.

We can see that the Eternal Divine Path accelerates itself in the process. As more people become involved, more people realize, more people recognize. Also no religion is rejected. It is not as if we are saying, Oh, if you are a Christian, you are no good. It is not from God. Follow the Spirit, and you are OK.

How about Christ? How about Christianity? How about all those historical events and history is behind them? You can see that they do not have to throw that away. The only thing they have to do is recognize it is a part of Gods Revelation.

Oneness in Christ: Does Christ come in the flesh?

Maitreya: Gods Way does not change. God always sent the Prophets in flesh from the womb of a mother, and he fulfills the prophecies of his coming. All the Prophets came from the flesh. There is no exception. That is the Way of God.

Christ did not come from the sky. Christ himself came from his mother, Mary. John the Baptist came from his mother, Elizabeth. Prophet Muhammad came from his mother, Amina. Moses, and all the Prophets, have come from the womb of a mother. So those who are expecting someone to come from the sky and say, Everything is OK, and it will be OK, are not following the Word of God and the Way of God. The Way of God does not change.

The Prophets come from the womb of the mother. They recognize their mission. They fulfill the prophecies. They bring a truth that will root and take hold. If they are false prophets, their teaching never will hold and will not manifest.

We can see that God has already shown His Way, and His Way is the Way this Mission has manifested itself. The Revealer came from the womb of a mother, grew up like a regular person with some exceptions, of course, and then recognized that none of these religions really had the answer. So he rejected all of them and said, They are all man-made.

It is just like many people come to our room and say, All religions are man-made. How can it be man-made? God said He was going to send all this Revelation, Revealers, Prophets, history, and all of that, and it happened. How can it be man-made?

There is a Truth, there is a basic Essence in the universe, which is God. That is not man-made.

Then when this Revelation came to me, it made sense. It is based on the prophecies and the Word of God. I had no choice but to accept, as a Messenger of God to humanity. That is exactly what we did, and do. This is the Message that all the religions of the world have been waiting to come, and it is now here.

Therefore, the Way of God does not change. And indeed, Christ comes in the flesh from the womb of a mother. But he fulfills the prophecies.

Oneness in Christ: How do we know when Christ is in the world?

Maitreya: As Christ said, When it is evening and the sun is red, we know that it is going to be a fair day. When we see that all the signs on earth are pointing that it is the end of the old era and the coming of the new era, the prophecies are fulfilled, all the revelations and the Major Manifestations have already come, the Seventh Seal is opened, the Seventh Angel is here, humanity is in strife and in a destructive mode, and many will experience this tribulation, then we know it is the time. It is the time of the Christ coming.

Now, we can wait for him to come from the sky and tell us that everything is OK and we do not have to do anything. Actually I like the quote from someone that said, Religious people are those who believe in a set of dogmas and are expecting someone to come and do it for them. But those who experience God will know that they are a channel for God and will do it themselves. That is a very good yardstick to understand who has religion (which is based on dogmas and what they believe whatever the preacher said), and those who understand that there was darkness, and even God was surprised that there was that darkness.

God had to go through it and recognize what that darkness was. And He could not change that darkness to light, but to go through it and guide them toward the Light. Then they recognize that darkness has the responsibility to turn around and go to the Light.

Some people say, If God is all powerful, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience, and all of that, why didnt He create the universe perfect? According to their religions, their dogmas, and their understanding, that is a very good question. That is one of the questions I had when I was growing up. However, the truth is different and now it is revealed clearly in our teachings.

That darkness could not be helped, even by God. It is because they are a part of God. They went astray. They choose not to be a part of the Light. The only way they can turn around is to recognize themselves that they have the responsibility to turn around, to close their eyes, to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces. They know the Name of God. They know The Word. They see that stillness within that is one with the Essence and God.

That is why God is not an explanation in our teachings. God is an experience. God is not a couple of dogmas and beliefs that religions have but it is a direct relationship with your Essence and God. He is going to give you the Guidance but it is you who follow the Guidance, experience God, and become Light, and a part of the Light.

Therefore, God could not create a perfect universe because the darkness was the one who diverted from the perfection and created that part that was not perfect. It was a disease in the Body of God. It was an anomaly, and it is.

This universe is not the ultimate Truth. It is a relative creation. The decay is a part of the creation because it is not the ultimate, and is striving to return to its Essence that is permanent. Anyone who is attached to this external world, attached to anything that is created, is attached to the temporary but not the permanent, which is God. Only God and the Essence is permanent. Everything else is temporary.

We can completely recognize that this teaching is showing humanity to turn around and be baptized. It shows the unification of all religions, and it shows the Path to follow back to God, to Pure Consciousness. It puts the responsibility on the shoulders of each individual. They are not waiting for a Messiah to come from the sky and say, Everything is going to be OK, and everything will.

It is not going to happen. That is not the Way of God. If God could have done that, He would have done it from the very beginning. Why would He wait all this time and suddenly, OK. Now I decided that everything is OK. Why? God has some psychological problem that He has to torture humanity and the universe? And, Now it is OK. I decided everything is OK. No.

It is up to every individual to recognize that they have to turn around and meditate on the Name of God and go back to Him. Therefore, those who are waiting for a Messiah to come from the sky and are religious people, we tell them, Good luck. You wait and we will wait, and let us see who is the truthful one.

Gods Way does not change. And all the Prophets have come in the flesh from a woman, a mother. They grew up. They fulfilled the prophecies. They brought the message to humanity. And that is how it works.

If you want the Truth, this is the Truth. But if we want to accept what the preacher says, to follow our culture, our religions, where we have been born, or something that appeals to us so we do not have to do anything and someone is going to come and do it for us, our conclusion is that it is not going to happen. And it wont.

The logic is very simple: If God could have done that, He would have done it in the beginning. He saw the darkness was in the deep. Why didnt He say, OK, I am just going to change the darkness to the Light. He did not do that.

He sent His Spirit into the darkness, went through the Eternal Divine Path, and recognized the way to do it. Then He created the creation, and later on the history, and the human that we are. And now He is again back to humanity and saying, This is the way it is. This creation is a relative truth. It is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence. That is how I send the Prophets. Do not wait for someone to come from the sky and do it for you but listen to the Way I always have done it.

Brahmamurti: Your explanation makes the most sense. Just to clarify, does it then mean that God is not omnipotent?

Maitreya: God is omnipotent in the sense that He created the creation, He knows how it has been created, and He can change it if He wants. He can help it to a point.

The individual choice is something that God does not have any power over. Each ego, each individual, has the choice to choose God or to go astray. Therefore, the only thing that cannot be overcome is the choice that humanity makes. He made it very clear, Yes, you have the choice not to choose God but you also bare the consequences of doing so. Your choice has consequences.

If you choose God, you turn around and go to the Light. You go out of the darkness. If you say, No, I am not going to choose God. I have the freedom of choice. I choose to not choose God, and I choose to go against His Laws, then you choose your path. You go to the darkness deeper and you will be a slave of your ego, desires, attachments, and you become attached to something that is not permanent, is temporary.

Therefore God is powerful. God can do a lot of things. God can create history. God can create tribulation not in a sense that He really creates but we create it by going against His Will.

That is why I believe if we go according to His Will, if the influential people and everyone else come together, if the leaders see this Revelation and unify, if they see that they cannot separate themselves with anything, then they have chosen God. They have turned around, and we can bring the peace. Now they have freedom not to choose what I am asking them to do. Therefore, they suffer the consequences.

God is indeed omniscient. He is always present. He knows exactly what is happening in every corner and cranny of the universe. He even knows about the smallest fish in the ocean. But the Essence of the universe has freedom of choice. That freedom is only two: you choose God, or you do not. And that decision has consequences.

I hope that answered your question.

I think we are out of time for this session. If there are no other questions, then we say Sal-OM to all of you.

Again, listen to these wonderful Words of Spirit that have come to humanity. Go to the website, read the letter, and send us your suggestions. Find out what each religion and people want to be fulfilled in these religions or understandings. Send them to us so that we can start these two projects moving.

The project of the New Jerusalem is still in effect. We are still waiting and looking for the people who want to start it. Of course, the land around here is increasing in price tremendously. Therefore, the more people wait, the harder it will be to obtain 200 acres of land, or whatever may help us to create the New Jerusalem.

All those projects are still in effect and hopefully more people will see this Vision clearly, come, join, and we can get these projects moving.

Be with God. Be good. Go to our website, study, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Sal-OM Everyone

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